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Canadian Grand Prix: Who was your driver of the day?
Posted By: James Allen  |  09 Jun 2014   |  2:11 am GMT  |  86 comments

The Canadian Grand Prix was another classic race, with some great drives, high drama, strategy intrigues and good and bad luck for various drivers. But who stood out for you?

Who was your Driver of the Day?
Daniel Ricciardo
From 6th on the grid, the Aussie held position in the opening stint, behind Vettel and Bottas. When the Finn stopped on lap 35 and Vettel a lap later, Ricciardo went another lap longer and got ahead of both. This brought him up behind the one stopping Perez and he was eventually able to pass him, to set himself up for the challenge on Rosberg when the Mercedes hit trouble. A very popular maiden win.
Nico Rosberg
Losing a win with three laps to go counts as a disappointment on one level, but the fact that Rosberg was able to finish at all, let alone second, is down to some cool headed management of an ailing car. The ERS on both Mercedes went haywire, leading to overheating of the rear brakes and Rosberg managed that and fuel saving while maintaining enough pace to make the podium. He was fortunate not to be penalised for cutting the chicane when defending from Hamilton, as he broke the DRS by doing so.
Jenson Button
Button got a very strong result from a very unpromising weekend. After Friday McLaren didn’t look strong on race pace and qualifying was a bit uneven with Button 9th and Magnussen 12th. Button lost a place at the start, then pitted relatively early for the first stop. He trailed Raikkonen for the second stint, pitting one lap earlier and making the undercut. With 12 laps to go he was 9th; he was 8th with three laps to go and then with the chaos of the final laps he passed Alonso and Hulkenberg to steal 4th.
Nico Hulkenberg
Another strong drive from the German; from 11th on the grid to 5th at the finish. Force India had set the car up for the race, rather than qualifying, knowing that they had the straight-line speed and the tyre management to mount a challenge with a one stop strategy. Hulkenberg started on the soft tyre and managed to get 41 laps out of it, at a good pace. Retirements of Perez and Massa boosted his finishing position, but he was there to pick up the pieces.
Felipe Massa
A vintage performance from the Brazilian who led the race on lap 48 and was challenging for a podium thanks to a strategy which gave him fresher tyres for a late race attack. It didn’t look promising after losing four seconds in his first stop, which cost him two places to Alonso and Vergne. But he fought his way back up. It all went badly wrong when he crashed with Perez and suffered a 32g impact into the tyre barriers. But the stewards said he was blameless and it was good to see Massa back on form, even if his day did end in the hospital.

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I wouldn’t expose myself to well-deserved ridicule by trying to blag up Jenson as DotD, but he was a cheeky chappy to grab 4th at the last moment wasn’t he? And those 12 points have put McLaren level with Williams, which is amazing considering that the Mac has been consistently winning the Even Worse Value For Money Than Ferrari prize for well over a year now.


I understand having a DOD is a good talking point and under normal circumstances I would be chomping at the bit to give my DOD and the reasons why. but lets be honest how can we even consider having a driver of the day lets take ricciardo the man who over took a car that was almost broken to the point it could not go any slower and he achived this monumental feat on the penultimate lap because he did not have the skill to do it earlier or was it because he was been held up by a car that had no rear breaks. Now there is rosberg who only achieved getting his really broken very slow car to the end of the race because he was been coached and guided by his team on the pit wall without whom he most probably would of missed another chicane and ended the race with his car in pieces. Now lets talk about perez who drove not a bad race until the end who’s only claim for DOD is he drove a car without any rear brakes quite well for a number of laps without cutting a chicane. we wont talk about vettel beacause nobody has even mentioned him for DOD so that leaves massa who needs a crash course in elementary maths to establish 2 into1 does not go. forgive me I have forgotten jenson well that in itself tells a story you cant really seriously consider jenson as a legitimate DOD because until the last couple of laps we all had forgotten he was actually in the race. the real driver of the day if there has to be one is Fernando Alonso for driving the single worst f1 car Ferrari has ever produced. and he manage to do this for 70 laps and resist the overwhelming urge to dump it in the river what a man what a driver


I like Ricciardo and i’m happy for his victory. But I wouldn’t put him as DOD because I thought he took longer time to clear Perez who without his DRS and older lyres.

His window of opportunity came when Perez had a braking problem, which he immediately corrected within next 2 laps

Had he done it sooner, Red bull would have probably ended up with a 1-2, with Vettel also getting a chance to pass Rosberg and maybe attack Ricciardo as well.


Wow, what a tough crowd. Regardless of how long it took to pass Perez, Ricciardo got his first win, and is my DOD.


^ Vettel fan?

Had Perez not crashed into Massa, I’m not entirely sure Vettel would have even made it onto the podium?

Vettel quite possibly would have lost out to Massa.

Vettel only managed to pass Perez on Lap 69 of 70 (3 laps later than RIC) because as you mentioned Perez’s tyres, brakes and failed DRS which by then were even worse.

Don’t forget, Vettel lost track position to Ricciardo’s superior ‘In Lap’ during his final pit stop on Lap 39.

So who exactly was you DOD……………Vettel?


If Massa couldnt get past Vettel earlier, i doubt he was going to do that in the last lap of the race.If you notice Perez’s comments, you’d see that he corrected his brake problems with some setting adjustments soon after the overtake by Ricciardo, which explains why Vettel took another couple of laps to get past Perez.

As for Vettel losing track position to Ricicardo. I believe James have explained sufficiently in the further articles, the reason for the same.

The DOD for me was Rosberg, who still managed to finish 2nd with failed MGU-H


Perez was found guilty by the ruling body by his fault or not.

The FIA have far more information to hand then the viewers. I dont mind Checo and appreciate a solid drive he pulled off.

But id also stand by his conviction.


great race craft, was patient with his tires and energy. Used the tools to hand well, as he worked with race engineers to find the best passing point on Perez and customize his power use around it.

He used his tires well, nursing the wear and pulling the trigger against Vettel on his in lap. Phenomenal drive.

An honourable mention to JB, patience prevailing.

Massa drove well, but I think his greed to succeed got the best of him.

Id love to see heart rate monitors on these guys. Would be interesting to observe during battles.



Danny boy for me. Shame for both Massa and Perez. Perez’ punishment was harsh in my view, but I want to watch footage again, so please correct me if I’m wrong. Great car management from Rosberg to salvage 2nd. Good run from Hulkenberg on the super softs at the end. And Button’s drive into 4th just amazing being there to take every opportunity available in a sub par car.


no question its Smiling Dan. Even before the season started, besides the Silver Arrows(namely Lewis), I was rooting for Ricciardo, more to outshine Vettel(whi he has been doing), but also to get his first win. So glad he got it this early and he’s pretty much put a stamp on his F1 talent with this victory.

Again, he stood above his 4x champion teammate in the standings, but this time on the top step of the podium! Cheers to him and its just the first of many in his young career. Gotta give props to Vettel for being so gracious in the shadow of his young teammate. I didn’t think he had it in him to be so humbled. That was as jaw dropping to me as Danny’s victory over the Silver Arrows!


The most marked thing this year is how you can hear the crowd gasp when something occurs. Why does this new and improved site not work very well, it keeps telling me I’m posting comments too fast, whatever that means. I’m only adding this bit to take time then maybe my comment will be accepted.


James, what’s your take on the accident between Massa and Perez??… You excluded Perez from your list because of his penalty, but the real question is if the penalty is fair or not…

By the way, Perez couldn’t pass Rosberg because his DRS was stuck, and then the problem with the breaks prevent him from putting a good defense against the Red Bull’s, Ricciardo only managed to pass him when Perez was troubleshooting his breaks… after the problem was solve, Perez was still faster even without DRS…




Dan for a good race and being there ready to take the advantage of the Merc failure.

Nico for bringing a broken car home with big points.

Seb for putting the second bull on the podium.

Nico just lost out, I can imagine how hard it was for him in the ending stages to get the Merc home and that shouldn’t be forgotten.

But being an Aussie and Dan’s first F1 he deserved it but just 🙂


Hamilton or Ricciardo.


I watched online via the new BBC live page and chose your/Alan’s commentary. Which I still find better than DC/Ben.

However I must ask this….did the BBC fire all it’s sound engineers? I have noticed the mixing is now seemingly amateur at best, with different sound levels from different mics. Some mic channels left open, blasting engine noise after a piece has finished, some silence. This is falling technical standard is noticeable throughout BBC tv. Fortunately Luscious Louise has now given up her search for the noisiest place in the pits or paddock. It was nice that the entire Sky team came into shot during the forum, we also noticed Ted K earlier during the race.

So if you can, would you let them know that they need to send proper sound engineers like we used to have. If in fact, t it is mixed back in the UK then they are even more guilty. Quality of production falling, fortunately commentary standards are not.


Off the topic slightly, but how bizarre is it that both Mercedes developed the exact same problem almost simultaneously? Never seen anything like that before.

On the subject… big fan of Ricciardo (who isn’t? :D) and sure enough he showed Vettel the way again – in-lap before his 2nd stop was blistering and the move on Perez was bold and opportunistic. However…

I know I’ve been a bit biased against Hamilton in the past, but I think it’s fair to say he had the legs on Nico, especially in the second stint. It was very unlucky that his brakes failed, in hindsight I dare say he would have ducked out of Nico’s tow every now and then to cool the car a bit.

That being said, Nico’s final stint was outstanding. Absolutely metronomic consistency (lap times within hundredths of each other) and bringing a crippled car, 160bhp down, home in 2nd place. It’s drives like that that win championships. Reminiscent of Michael Schumacher at his peak. Has to be DotD for me based on that.


Not sure who should be the driver of the day….there wasn’t one person standing above the rest.

But, I want to comment on Hamilton vs Rosberg.

I think Hamilton is going to lose the title this year. Part of it is reliability of the car. As the season progresses, reliability will be less of a concern. Cars will be more reliable. I would not count on Rosberg having DNF.

Rosberg got me thinking. Hamilton came to F1 as the biggest and most natural talent and he started believing it. His weakness was consistency and the lack of ability to see the season as a marathon. Rosberg doesn’t have the talent of Hamilton, but he was working on his weakness every year and it seems that by now he is more complete than Hamilton. I really see Rosberg having an upper hand. He is constantly improving whereas Hamilton has ups and downs and continues to be very irrational, emotional and inconsistent.

Sorry Hamilton fans, but I do not think he will win the title and that is the only thing that matters.


You could very well be right. I’m still sticking to what I’ve said since the start … if the DNF’s are close (just plus/minus 1, either way), then I think Hamilton will win out.

Rosberg is doing very well … 7 podiums in a row, 16 point finishes in a row. I think Hamilton has driven better than him through the season so far, but the DNF’s are quite debilitating when you and your main competitor are in cars that are always fighting for the win.

Lewis has spotted him 43 pts now … surely that’s enough for the season? Lewis has to get back in the groove, bang out the poles, and then drive away. He’s been quicker in the race at both Monaco and Canada, but was held back by track position.


@KRB I totally agree with you. but I think lewis is suffering from the data sharing policy Mercedes have. rosberg is benefiting far more from Lewis’s data than lewis is his. through no fault of his own lewis is teaching rosberg how to drive a car faster than he could of ever imagined I bet rosberg cant believe his luck he driving one the best cars ever produced and he has got one of the fastest drivers in history showing him how to drive it


I’m actually pleased to hear you say that Alex.

After all, there’s plenty of Hamilton fans who say that Rosberg won’t win the title, so if Hamilton won’t win the title and Rosberg won’t win the title then that leaves it open for Ricciardo 😀

Being serious now, both Hamilton and Rosberg have their strengths and weaknesses and that is what makes their championship fight so interesting. I do think one of them will win it but I’m not too fussed who it is except to say that Hamilton already has a WDC and Rosberg hasn’t so I’m kind of going for Rosberg.


i will find out come november, i’ve noticed that you have already found out the outcome.

rosberg has certainly improved tremendously with the arrival of hamilton. he even moved his seating position higher, like hamilton has his. things are certainly looking good for rosberg, he has lost so much weight that his facial bones are exposed. i think he drove incredibly well to hold on to that second place finish. I hope he keeps putting in performances like this and the championship will be a lot more exciting to watch.


Of course I have to say Ricciardo, but I also have to give credit to Rosberg and Vettel – Rosberg for a good result despite the problems he had with the car and Vettel for his genuine celebration of Ricciardo’s victory.


With some 12 laps to go Massa was on fresher tyres and about one second per lap quicker than those in front of him. What did he make out of that? Nothing!

Massa DOTD? Come on, must be a joke!!!


Vacillating between DR and NR with an honorable mention to JB.

But when push comes to shove, I have to give it to NR for nursing home a severely wounded car to the finish line by adjusting his driving style and coping extremely well with the challenges this represented. Ok, he was lucky he had a mobile chicane behind him in the form of SP holding up the pack, but similarly, had the AMG-MB not failed, DR would not have had the opportunity to take advantage of the opportunity presented to him with a healthy, albeit underpowered Infinity, make that Renault powered Red Bull


Very tough to pick a winner in such an eventful race.But I would give it to Daniel Ricciardo for his tenacity and consistency. If we thought Mark Webber was AussieGrit..’I think Dan has just as much !. That RB10 was sadly disadvantaged in a straight line and what I really liked is he never gave up to make a move stick – he had to work twice as hard to get by FI but he did so with real class- Well done Dan very well deserved first win & you’ve surprised me this year!

Jenson Button :- as usual the coverage was focused at the front and we missed what must have been a great last 3 laps!. That MP4-29 must be the real “jekle and hyde” of the paddock- it looked like going nowhere early on- it must be very sensitive to temp and set up. It was a geat call by the team to undercut Kimi on the 2nd stop- I dont know what the hell happened to Ferrari- went to sleep there again!

Nico Hulkenberg was out driven by Perez until his incident with Massa. I dislike Perez very much but I beginning to think Hulk- whos likeable and talented is starting to become the most over rated driver in the paddock after Alonso.Sorry but its true – Ive always like the guy but its becoming habitual in the press now.

Finally, sorry James but Felipe Massa does not deserve to be here today. Plainly he did not finish the race- be it his fault or not. Many times drivers have driven outstandingly and not got a mentilon when they did not finish. What goes on in that crazy head of Perez !!- I was absolutely filthy last year with Perez & the Stewards for not reacting when he a) Blindly moved left on Raikkonen in China & b) Desperate dive at Monaco rear ending Kimi.! This incident with Massa was very similar as the China incident last year- in fact last years was worse because Kimi was alongside his floor only Great reflexes and car control from Kimi saved a massive spin that day. Felipe did not jump on the brakes- if he did , it certainly didn’t show. Whilst Im glad as anything Perez has Finally been served a penalty I believe this was as much Felipes fault as his. Felipe still had a cars width on the inside and Felipe was behind before Perez moved over. For me sorry it was a case of dumb & dumber and im just glad noone was seriously hurt.

Im really becoming disenchanted with the Stewards because they have been very inconsistent with their rulings. Had Perez been penalised last year maybe he would not be doing similar stuff this year. Further I cannot for the life of me understand how a Mercedes can plainly lead foot it in the run off zone and not get at least caution. Seems to me they are reacting to “effect” on the show rather than the “cause” as stated in the rule book. Classic last race at Monaco when Kimi was before the stewards for the Magnussen incident and not turning up for the drivers parade. Yet not a single person raised the Chilton colliding into his rear tyre that effectively cost him a podium- its getting beyond ridiculous and something needs to be resolved immediately !


@ Elie

You are so right about the malaise with A) Ferrari , and B) FIA stewards.

I’m fearing very much that something could be done to fix B, but A looks to be terminal.

After so many races, they decide to provide Kimi with an “assistant engineer” who can understand english!!

There seems to be every possible glitch in KR’s car, including unpredictable power surges which can occur in the middle of turning and put the car out of control. remember they took several races to detect a cracked chassis. I reckon they should do what Vettel did and build a brand new car from scratch, and bin this one in the local municipal dump where it belongs …. along with half the crew on Kimi’s side of the garage.

In a bit of a bad mood, forgive. 🙂



who else?

honourables to Massa for spice does perez get the flack for this one??


I think you’re confusing Richie with Rick 😉



the driver is Ritchie Ardo

Rickardo is an impostor

Andrea stella let the cat out the bag


Ricciardo took his opportunity and made his passes count, great drive. Even better was the genuine joy that Vettel displayed for him in parc ferme getting out of the car.

Can’t agree with Massa being back on form – fresher tyres and best engine, but forgets DRS and can’t pass lower cars in front at the end. Thought the crash looked like a racing incident and harsh onPerez to get penalised


It has to be Rosberg surely? I say this despite being a Hamilton fan! I thought he was lucky not to get a penalty for naughtily cutting the chicane…

But the 2nd half of the race Nico was so much slower on the straights, and to come 2nd with such a power deficit, driving around serious (dangerous?) brake problems deserves credit.


Nice comment.

Agreed. I think Rosberg was amazing with no rear brakes and 160 hp down. I was really cheering for Rosberg today to hang in there. What a race.

If it wasn’t for Rosberg I would love to say Ricciardo but I think its mostly because its his first win. I say this as an Aussie.


Give it to the young aussie, rosberg no way,3 mistakes misses his breaking point at the start, and only thanks to his teamate there was no collision, coming out of pits on cold tyres makes a rookie mistake and nearly puts it in the wall, totally outbreaks himself cuts the chicane and breaks drs, destroys all his teamates good work, and bringing the car home, thats down to the merc pitwall, having peres the mobile chicane behind another slice of luck, means he can hang onto 2nd, anyway rant over, im becoming a paranoid lewis fan, this sport just gets to you..


“m becoming a paranoid lewis fan”

Is there any other sort?

Harshad Pavagi

Rosberg gets my vote!

I don’t think it was any easy for him to drive a car which was down on power and down on brakes!

Still to finish P2 was a great effort, and might be crucial for the championship.


There wasn’t just one out standing driver at this GP, but it has to go to Daniel because he did drive a good race, handled the pressure from Vettel and earned the win in the end passing Rosberg.

BUT I WOULD LIKE TO ADD…….Director of the Day, was not the TV director, what a complete [mod]..!! What race was he watching? because he missed the pass with Hamilton and Rosberg and we only just managed to see the final part of the pass from Daniel to take the race win, seriously whoever was directing that race wants a good talking to, and on a final note what the hell was it with panning to the crowd??? And holding that shot longer than was needed!!!

“O look, it looks like there is some juicy overtaking”, think I will pan a little and see a car flash pass and then we can show the crowds reaction to what they have just seen, BUT NOT THE PEOPLE WATCHING THE TV………..!!!!!


Agreed, I was shouting at the tv several times over that.

I have no issue with showing the crowd from time to time but the specific moments that critical passes are happening on the track is not the time to do a “happy crowd” shot.


A great performance from Ricciardo, he did a great job to capitalise on the problems that Mercedes experience – it shows that they are not unbeatable but the fact that Rosberg was still able to hold on to 2nd even though they lost the hybrid part of their power unit shows the performance advantage that they still have.

Also an amazing job by Button to steal 4th place right at the end – he does run well at Montreal!

It was unfortunate for both Perez and Massa that they came together because they were both doing a very good job, I have not properly seen the footage but the stewards found Perez at fault but it shows what small margins they are working to.

I am looking forward to the technical article on the problems that Mercedes experienced. I am guessing that the extreme heat at Montreal was the cause and that Mercedes went for straight line speed and sacrificed on cooling…. The title race is now wide open but I would not count against Hamilton clawing back the advantage that Rosberg now has. Will the double points come into save Hamilton at the end? It would be a shame that Hamilton loses the WDC due to DNF’s. Will it even out? Is it because Hamilton drives the car harder?!?


I like Dan so much that he is the DOTD. Taking the win when given the opportunity.

Compare that to Perez, The lead was just in front of him waiting for him to grab it and he was busy “saving tyres”.

Nico also showed an outstanding achievement! He dare to put the gauntlet down and challenge Lewis on his favourite track. He then manage to hang on to the lead as much as possible, albeit cutting the chicane big time and got a warning off it. Finally, he manage to nurse the car till the end while Lewis only manage to destroy his brakes.

Psychological win Nico 1, Lewis 0. LOL…

This is what Prost had said, intelligent driver will have advantage.


Perez was not busy saving tyres he did a great job on a one stop strategy moving from 13th to 2nd. He then lost position to the quicker red bulls on fresher tyres mainly because of brake problems. Personally i think his punishment was harsh as you could see how early he was braking when he was passed by Ricciardo.If it was anyone other than Massa then there wouldnt have been a crash

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