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Posted By: Justin Hynes  |  11 Jun 2014   |  9:08 pm GMT  |  68 comments

The finale of last Sunday’s Canadian Grand Prix was without doubt one of the most dramatic race finishes F1 has witnessed in some time, with a five-car chase to the flag punctuated by bold overtaking moves, failing components, fading brakes and spectacular smashes.

The aftermath of the race saw all of those elements pulled apart in detail, with the whys and wherefores of the accident involving Sergio Perez and Felipe Massa analysed over and over again and the reasons behind Mercedes’ disintegrating race and the concomitant psychological effect Rosberg’s triumph might have on Lewis Hamilton were examined in full. In all of that forensic probing, Daniel Ricciardo’s landmark win has been somewhat overshadowed.

Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 20.56.01

The fact is that in claiming victory Ricciardo not only notched up his maiden grand prix win – a major milestone for any racer – but became just the sixth new grand prix winner in F1 since Lewis Hamilton took his first victory at the same venue seven years ago (the others being Robert Kubica, Heikki Kovalainen and Sebastian Vettel in 2008, Mark Webber in 2009, and Nico Rosberg and Pastor Maldonado in 2012).

Indeed, since 2009, just nine drivers have won the 101 grands prix contested, with just four racers, Sebastian Vettel (38), Lewis Hamilton (17), Jenson Button (14) and Fernando Alonso (11) winning 80 of those races. To enter that exclusive club is an achievement indeed for Ricciardo.

Naturally some will say that the Australian was simply in the right place at the right time and that Mercedes’ woes effectively handed it to the next in line in the next best car. That, however, would be disingenuous, as Ricciardo first had to put himself in the position of being next in line and than had to convert the opportunity, first by making his way past Sergio Perez and then Rosberg, both of which he achieved with aplomb. As Mark Webber told the press after watching his countryman’s performance, it was simply more evidence of how well Ricciardo has been performing since the start of the season.

“For Daniel to get his first win was incredible for him,” said Webber. “He hasn’t put a wheel wrong all year so far. There’s been testing regulations, wet qualifyings, and all sorts of stuff that’s been thrown at him. But for him to notch up his first win is a big step for him.”

Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 21.02.49

Adrian Newey, too, conceded that Ricciardo’s performances so far have fully justified the decision to install him as Vettel’s team-mate.“Daniel has been massively impressive this year,” he said. “He has certainly exceeded all our expectations.

“What I find amazing about him is how calm he is in the car. When he’s on the radio it’s like he’s sitting down with a cup of tea and driving one-handed. It’s quite remarkable. He’s very calm, collected, takes everything in his stride, and he’s really enjoying his job.”

It’s no surprise that Newey’s praise of Ricciardo’s mental capacity and nerve is almost exactly the same validation he has frequently offered over the years to explain Vettel’s qualities as a four-time champion.

Team Principal Christian Horner echoed the praise saying that the 24-year-old has “driven faultlessly this year”.

“The way Daniel has driven this season, the way he has made his passing moves, he has driven faultlessly,” he said. “He has grabbed his opportunity, and I am delighted for him.

“It is also a fantastic testament to the junior programme that we are discovering young driver talent on merit, like Sebastian and Daniel,” he added. “All credit to Red Bull and the job Helmut [Marko] has done in identifying these young drivers and giving them a chance.”

Ricciardo was not simply impressive in the final laps of the race. Passing his team-mate in the second stops was also a key moment, delivered with style. It was certainly aided by a poor run through pit stop window from Vettel and by traffic but Ricciardo capitalised superbly.

“Valtteri pitted to attempt the undercut,” said Ricciardo of the two-stoppers’ second visit to pit lane. “I would have responded on the next lap but Seb was in the lead car and so took that option and I came in one lap later. I think I had just had a very clean in-lap and got away well after the guys gave me a phenomenal stop. I think Seb must have come out in traffic and I was able to get it done.”

Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 20.56.23

The times bear out the argument. Vettel pitted on lap 36 of the race. On Vettel’s in-lap Ricciardo set a time of 1:19.412, almost a second quicker than Vettel’s previous tour. Ricciardo’s in-lap was then almost a second quicker than his team-mate’s. Ricciardo also spent just under a tenth of a second less in pit lane than his team-mate. Then, Vettel’s time on lap 37 was a 1:22.043, allowing Ricciardo to emerge well ahead. Even though Ricciardo’s time on lap 38 was a 1:21.285 compared with Vettel’s 1:19.437, The Australian was able to stay ahead and over the next seven laps he built a gap of 1.5s to the champion. It was an impressive cameo in an outstanding race for the Red Bull new boy.

As for the Australian himself, he admitted that for him the most pleasing aspect was the finish – getting a chance at victory and not letting it slip.

“[That’s] what I’m most pleased about really,” he told redbull.com. “We had an opportunity and we were able to take it. Mercedes have been so strong this year but they had an off day. Towards the end, I had glimpses of Rosberg whenever Pérez moved off line. I knew he was the leader, I knew there were only a few laps to go and… it was there for us. I’m incredibly pleased we took the most out of it. Once we got around Pérez, I knew we were going to win. I was simply convinced of it.’

The trick is now for Ricciardo to repeat the feat, something that will surely be difficult in a season when Mercedes off-days have to this point been few and far between. The likable Aussie, though, is hungry for more.

“At the end of the day it comes down to confidence,” he said. “I think I controlled the adrenaline pretty well today but the next time I’m in this position – hopefully soon – it should be easier to push that down. Unfortunately winning doesn’t really scratch the itch: it just makes you want more and more. I’m going to become greedy to do this again.”

And there are few now who would doubt his ability to do just that and thus stay at F1’s top table.

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On another note, what a smart move by Red Bull to keep Mr Newey on the books, He is one of the modern day engineering and design greats and I cant wait to see he’s new projects, look at what advancement he has given to the automotive industry over the years, imagine what new and exciting advancements he can explore and develop if given projects like, space craft or underwater vessels or even an America’s cup yacht. What a promoters dream, well done RB

PS. And still have Mr Newey there for the over all tick off on design for each years new RBRF1 car. RB will still be a force to recon with for many years to come.


Reading all these comments about Seb not coming to terms with the new generation car and PU…its got me thinking, And I’m a Ricciardo fan, maybe the guy has decided to chill out for a year, he has just won 4 WDC in a row and I think (James can correct me if I’m wrong) Seb and his partner had a child recently?? only human and i reckon if i was in his shoes, you could afford to chill out for a year while RB and Renault sort out the car. Just a thought. But also Daniel is driving extremely well in a under performing car compared to the mercs.


What I think will be interesting is what will the stance of red bull will be when vettell gets to grips with the car he is driving. when Daniel starts to come under constant pressure from vettell and red bull have to make the choice between letting them race and team orders what will they do. something tells me they wont follow the example of Mercedes. I think vettell has got too much power within the red bull team to be told on different occasions to yield or not to over take and even if that was requested would he actually do it.

kenneth chapman

i actually think that vettel has now come to understand how to drive the car and that he will menace ricciardo seriously from now until the end of the season. he will be attempting to call the call the shots and horner et al will be bending over. they have done that before. they have form and it remains to be seen just how this comes about. the last thing they need is for vettel to up stumps at this stage.

that said, where would he go? vettel will be in a quandary as there are very few options that would give him a better shot than RBR. i get the feeling that the status quo is about to undergo some radical changes if ricciardo keeps up the pressure. roll on……..


Well the aussie karma have just started for vettel this season and i hope the current pattern continues throughout 2014 and even for 2015 / 2016

Ricciardo is a real deal and there is no way back for vettel unless RBR help him with something else, Ricciardo is faster than vettel easily plain and simple. In a way Daniel have started to achieve what webber had failed to do in his time with RBR. I like webber yet he should have done lot better

Unlike many here i do not point or like to hear excuses in favour of vettel. He tried to play the coolboy image on the podium in canada and did played it perfectly

I hope to see some more wins for Ricciardo before the season Denouement. This will totally fester vettel and we will know more about him

Tough luck vettel


@ Gaz Boy

Lol speaking of the old boy Rubens, wouldn’t be surprised to see him at the World Cup cheering on the national team.


@ Gaz Boy

Hahaha speaking of the old boy Rubens, wouldn’t be surprised to see him at the World Cup cheering on the national team.


So glad DR has shown his full potential, I was always very confident of his abilities but even I was just hoping that he would keep Vettel honest during his first season in the Red Bull team, after all, Vettel won 4 WDC with them, but the badger has certainly shown the speed, tenacity and aggression of his mascot!

However I can’t help thinking back a few months to when he was first announced as Webber’s replacement and all the people saying that he wasn’t chosen on merit, only because of his red bull background, and how so many people were either expecting him to fail or at least to be mediocre, i’m sure that those people are now eating their words…

kenneth chapman

@ lockster….yes, of course you are right. so many people simply looked at ricciardo’s elevation as a political justification for the junior teams existence.

to think that RB would entertain a critical move such as this without having all the data upon which to deliberate was not only ignorant but totally naive. they chose wisely and, to date, they have been vindicated, in making an excellent choice. it was always going to be a testing time for both team and driver but i think ricciardo has come through all this with very high marks.

the common thread in comments from the team seems to be that he is a very ‘cool’guy in the car. he appears to have excellent mind control and does not appear to get flustered or over emotional, two elements which affect the ability to make critical decisions quickly and with the minimum of fuss. as i have said earlier, one win is fine and he was rewarded for a superb drive. he needs to press home the advantage he now has within the team to ensure that he finishes the year with more points than vettel. can he do it? who knows, when so many factors have to align on the day. the one thing that i am absolutely sure of though is that he will give it his best shot.

kenneth chapman

when watching ricciardo i am quite enthralled at his ability to conjure up a result. i have always believed in him as a result of watching his performance, when the FOM cameras allowed us, driving the TR’s. he did get everything there was to be got out of them and to see him battling with the alonso’s et al at times was a hint of his possibilities. it was this aspect that convinced marko and horner to give him the drive. i did hear that newey was also instrumental in making the final decision.

the fact is that of a long and arduous climb as one win is not necessarily going to propel him to a WDC overnight, as a lot of people are promoting. rather it is the beginning and it remains to be seen whether or not he can maintain this momentum for the rest of the season. obviously red bull will be doing all that they can to maximise vettel’s score rate as it is vital that they keep him happy. just how they do this will be interesting to watch.

as i have alluded to in the past there are a few drivers who pulled off a trip to the top step but it was singular event, never to be repeated. this is why i

am somewhat nervous about just where DR will finish up. hopefully his maturity and instinct will see him right. we now know just how good he is given the tools of his trade to play with. roll on red bull ring.


He will have to deal with anxiety Im sure this season as there will be few opportunities of repeat Merc failures. Next year he will have the chance to unleash when Renault improves their PU. Hes still in a team that knows how to win and what theyve done since testing is almost miraculous. Im in awe of that chasis and Daniel is really making it flow beautifully..lets hope they find just that little bit more in coming races


Dan RB career has been mighty impressive so far and esp in Montreal.

Also impressive was Seb’s move on Perez to ensure a podium. Seb is surely sorting out his troubles with the hybrid. I would like Dan to win this battle of the team mates, but I think Seb will clinch it by season’s end.

Unlike Ferrari, RB can and will improve from here.


So after seeing ricciardo qualify 6th and the race being shown 2:30am in th morning here in aus i was really shocked to see that he had won in the morning.. what a race to miss 🙁 ah shows sometimes anything can happen in f1 !!! Congratulations on dan on the win always been a big fan since junior days he must surely now have gained everyones attention. I still remember frank williams comment about him a few yrs ago.. looks like old franky was right this guy has serious talent !


Funny how everyone is suddenly in love with Ricciardo and appreciate the talent. He has driven in F1 since 2011 and most of F1 fans had never told a good thing about him. He was supposedly going to be another Helmut Marko’s no 2 driver when he signed for RBR in 2013. So happy Helmut Marko was the only one guy at RBR who wanted to give him a chance (Horner and Newey wanted Kimi LOL ).


Raikkonen won 7 out of 15 races in a Newey designed Mclaren MP4-20. Before you start mocking him and Newey wait for Dan to win 1 race on merit. Red Bull chose Ricciardo because it made sense for the many years ahead not just ’14/15.


Elie, have you ever watched motor racing at all? F1 has ALWAYS been about being at the right place at the right time and hasn’t always been the fastest car and/or driver winning. Even Championships have been decided by drivers being in the right place at the right time. Cars breakdown, drivers crash etc etc.

Dan definitely won that race on merit. He drove quick when he needed to (his in lap during the second round of stops which allowed him to undercut Vettel) and you can’t tell me his overtake on Perez wasn’t worthy of the result at the end? His ‘merit’ was getting his car from 6th on the grid to a position to capitalise on the Merc’s problems. That win was no less deserving than any other this season.

Alastair Purves

In what way didn’t DR win on merit? The Red Bull isn’t currently fast enough to beat the Mercs. Dan had done enough to benefit from MB’s problems by extracting the maximum from the machinery at his disposal. What is your definition of merit?


Merc failing. Still great effort to be there


I think it’s fair to say he’s stepped up his performances this year. He’s always looked promising, but he never looked quite as good as he has been in 2014. Maybe that’s doing him a disservice, or maybe he had more issues that weren’t his fault in Toro Rosso than anybody realised.

Lots of people last year were hoping to hear of Adrian Newey stepping back from F1 to end the Red Bull/Vettel domination, and also hoping that Ricciardo would be a match for Vettel – somewhat unrealistically I felt. They must all be delighted.

Guybrush Threepwood

I don’t think we know who wanted who. I imagine that Horner and co. discovered a lot more about Riciardo v Vettel’s ability from the Silverstone YDT last year and knew what to expect as far as pure pace goes.

I do think there are two things where Ricciardo could improve though:

1) While his start at Montreal was good, the few before that were fairly average so he needs to make sure he is getting consistently decent starts.

2) The last 2 races he has failed to reach his potential on his last flying lap in Q3, which says something about how quick he is if he still was only half a tenth off Vettel. In Monaco I have a feeling Dan thought pole may have been a possibility…but I guess we’ll never know.

Apart from that Dan cannot be faulted IMO.


good fortune (hasn’t had a DNF race)????

Except Malaysia…

Also had a DSQ in Australia. Not sure either of them could be classed as good fortune.


@ TJ

Aah, totally forgot about Malaysia.



Meanwhile, if Ricciardo can finish ahead of Vettel this season this would give him a good spring board for 2015 as this would mean Ricciardo would be the team leader.

As we have seen in the past, it’s very difficult for a number 2 driver to beat the number 1 driver to the title >>> Prost and Senna being the exceptions in 1988/1989.


Indeed – ask Rubino circa 2000 to 2004!


Without doubt talented people like Ricciardo join the sport every once in a blue moon for what makes Ricciardo’s achievements that much more special is the fact that he has come to grips with the new formula much better than his teammate who also happens to be the defending world champion.

Yes, all the ingredients to be a future champion Ricciardo seems to possess including qualifying speed, race craft, killer instinct, calm head and good fortune (hasn’t had a DNF race)

For sure, the Ricciardo problem has provided a future moral delimena for the team for with the new recruit doing much better than expected, will the team let them race and risk losing points or issue multi 21s.

As mentioned, as a first time winner, Ricciardo’s next challenge is to score another win preferably pretty quickly for as seen in the sport, the longer it takes, the harder it becomes.

Overall, the emergence of the honey badger is excellent for this means all the top teams now have top teammates and all we need to have a great time is slightly equally matched cars.


No wonder Newey & Co are amazed by Ricciardo’s calm team radios for they had gotten used to Vettel Lol…


Red Bull will favour whichever driver has the best chance of a high finish. It seems unlikely to me that there will be a repeat of the Webber/Vettel collisions, as it’s much easier to move over when you are only racing for 3rd place.


I think the most extreme change between “TV” and in-race radio is JB…he is so smooth in interviews and sounds so weird and excited during the race


@ Darth_patate

Hahaha yes Jenson sounds funny on the team radio, you could think he was in a cave.


It’s true he’s had no DNFs but he has had other problems to deal with which amount to the same.

I think he or anyone else not driving a Mercedes will be lucky to take another win from them for the rest of the year, but hopefully in 2015 Renault and Ferrari will be at least close to on par with Mercedes and then we might see something like a repeat of 2010 / 2012.

Fingers crossed 🙂

p.s. James – I’m not sure about anyone else, but I do seem to be getting the “You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.” message more often with the new layout which is a bit strange.


@ Random 79

I believe the reason why 2010 and 2012 were close is because people were profiting from other people’s reliability woes.


True – that was a factor – but the cars were on more equal terms and personally that is what I believe makes for a truly great championship.


Which browser are you using?


Firefox, same as always.


Don’t want to burst any optimistic bubbles…………but the difference is in 2010 and 2012 the V8’s were the F1 brigade were using were relatively simple, standardised blocks that were relatively easy and simple to engineer.

These new 1.6 litre V6’s on the other hand…………….I get the impression that Renault and Ferrari have completely mis-underestimated how to harness the potential of these new power plants. The superiority of the Merc’s mid range torque is incredible!

Honda on the other hand, is an interesting one in regards to its performance relative to Merc……………how Honda will go is anyone’s guess………………


That’s all true, but you have to admit that having a more level playing field might add some variety 🙂


I just have to add that now Daniel is in the main Redbull team, tensions are now high in my house hold because my wife is German and a avid Vettle fan and I have always followed Dan, now that they are in the same team….it has now made for some interesting Sunday nights watching F1 with my wife. She is starting to sound like a Webber fan…..the conspiracy theories are starting to come out. like Daniel should have had the test chassis and the new one to Seb…great sunday nights at my place guys.


You know the golden rule,your wife is always right.


Very true my friend, nothing wrong with a bit of friendly rivalry tho.


Can we film you both watching a race? !


haha really?? I would have to ask her, I will get back to you mate.


My chat name says it all guys…haha. James loving the new website mate.


Hi James,

Is there a possibility that he might take beta blockers to remain calm and collected? Or any other driver for that matter?

(Unless this is a banned substance of course.)


The answer is no. Beta blockers suppress adrenaline production, which will result in slower reactions. No racing driver would want that.


I expect there’s a ban but many people suffer exhaustion, dizziness and lowered sensory perception on beta blockers so I imagine those are things most racing drivers wouldn’t want to risk…


That’s golfers that take beta blockers. I would think race car drivers would want adderal.

Matthew Cheshire

Dan’s success is amazing.

It has echos for me of Mick Doohan. Wayne Gardner was Australia’s hard toiling champion in 500cc but bowed out after 1 championship win. Leaving behind some scruffy young bloke called Doohan in the same team. Doohan won his first race in his second? season. And Five world championships in a row after that.

Doohan had a couple of messy seasons with a bad leg injury before he became champion- I’m hoping Dan can just go straight to the WDCx5 without doing that!


A couple of thoughts. The way Rosberg was able to keep in front of the other Mercedes engined cars, on the straights, after his energy recovery system broke, surely must make them wonder if they are actually being supplied with exactly the same power plant. I don’t know, but the engine in the Mercedes seems to have quite a bit more straight line speed than the other Mercedes engined cars. Clearly the mechanical engine was turned up to maximum power, after the ERS system when down. Secondly, a number of people have mentioned that Ricciardo was in the right place at the right time. History is littered with GP winners being in the right place at the right time. GP champions have been won and lost by being in the right place at the right time. GP racing, is always about being in the right place at the right time. It’s all about maximising your equipment and your opportunities.


Check it out James


At 768 vertical resolution, majority of your visitors are seeing 1/2 of your main story banner and nothing below it without needing to scroll. Today probably the last thing they see at the bottom of their browser is “Calm’ Ricciardo hungry for” and not even the end of that, depending if they have a toolbar on top.


James, I think the top banner (‘Title race comes alive…etc) should go. It adds no value and cannot be clicked. It takes up way too much screen realestate and I run a large monitor.

The advertisements are a bit in-your-face – UBS and Tag. Were they sponsoring this new format?

Request – swap the white with the grey – ie grey background and white foreground – this is especially useful in the commenting section. I have felt very little urge to make comments in this new format because it is just too “all over the place”.

Also check your web stats (views + comments) since you introduced your new format. Your new format might not be conducive to more views and audience participation.

I understand the need for website to be more mobile friendly – but please take into consideration your users’ feedback.


Thanks for your comments

JA on F1 has always had a top banner like that with a race relevant message, since its inception in 2009. It is one of the site’s signatures. The one on the old site was deeper i.e. took up more space than this one – i.e. this one is shallower!

The comments, analytics and interaction are in line with the time around Spanish GP last month; Monaco engagement was higher due to the controversy there, I imagine.

We will iterate with some of the users’ suggestions once we’ve all lived with it for a while. Thanks



You site redesign is fantasitc. A better mobile experience and more suitable for the higher resolution monitors that people tend to run these days.

I think your site redesign will be akin to the new F1 hybrid power units – Lots of fuss at the start until people get used to it. Following that thread… does this mean that you will have site testing periods where ugly trumpet like devices will be attached all over the site? 🙂


If you’ve only got 768px of height, you’d be pretty used to scrolling. No big deal.


Not sure why that would be for you – currently I am running at 768 V-res and I got the entire “‘Calm’ Ricciardo hungry for greater success ” headline, and that’s with toolbar, address bar, the works.

Maybe your font-size or zoom level is off?


Thanks. We’re taking all views on board.

We’re very happy with the redesign and so are many users. We have lots of exciting things planned with the new format.


I love the new design. I suspect it is wordpress. Whatever it is I like it. I see you guys have been working out the mobile parts as well.

Thanks for the update I know how much work and money it cost.


I like the new design, but just like the old (and so many blog sites) the comments section is in a narrow column using roughly 1/4 of the width of my screen. Which is somewhat annoying.


http://www.woorank.com/ is another great analyzing tool for your website.

I am having issues posting a comment on your website when I am having your website open on two different browsers (Safari and Chrome). Your website tells me that I am posting my comments too quickly. My comments don’t get published.


Well this one did

It’s being looked at. Thanks for your patience



Just to voice an opposing opinion. I found the old site much more user friendly. Not a fan of the new layout at all.

Still love the content though which is why I come back.




I agree. The news section should be the main page. It is why we are browsing to James Allen. If I want to dig deeper I am prepared to take the extra effort/click to explore the site a bit further.

You now have to do an extra click to watch the other news stories. This is confusing as James often posts more than one story on the same day.

Why not having:

James Allen today, with all the new stories of the day on the main page?


James Allen this week, with all the stories of the week on the main page?

You could still have an archive (James Allen this month, this year). Like now it looks like the ‘news’ button in the header is the same as ‘archive’? You risk to miss out on recent stories that got pushed off the main page too quickly.

kenneth chapman

first things first. james, i do like the new format but it does need some tweaking around the ‘edges’. a bit like the current crop of PU’s.

as a affirmed follower of DR i welcome the latest thread and the sound analysis that james has delivered. ricciardo is, to me, a breath of fresh air. he has no affectations that are obvious and his demeanour hides an awesome talent and dedication to giving the very best that he has in his armory. i think the ‘honey badger’ tag is eminently correct.

it was unfortunate that the hamilton/ rosberg imbroglio and the perez/massa shambles has garnered so much comment and taken away a lot of the focus on ricciardo’s achievement. seen in the light of james historical breakdown of winners it was by no means an easy feat. ‘carpe diem’.

it remains to be seen if the mercedes falter again, i do somehow doubt it, but it could happen. even so it will be very hard for ricciardo to double up and the odds are against him. it is a shame that his seat at the top table has co incided with the emergence of one team which dominate so successfully. it is almost impossible for anyone else to get anything more substantial than the crumbs left on the tablecloth!

so far this year ricciardo has pulled off some sterling drives and one can only hope that he can continue to entertain us with his very controlled but ‘racy’ drives. hopefully kvyat and magnussen can also contribute as there is nothing more i like than seeing some great new young talent strutting their stuff on the world stage.


Very well put mate.


Dan is amazing at the way he has performed this year! He made it look so easy. Look at other drivers joining a new team like Kimi, Kevin, Danni, Marcus, Massa. They all performed lesser than the experienced teammate.

Dan really made Vettel look so average and I am a big Vettel fan.

For sure, it will be a while before the weak Renault engine gets improved. The Renault powered cars are easily up to 30km/h slower. Which is really pathetic!

When the injured Mercedes was limping to finish the race, there was Perez, Ricciardo, Vettel, Massa all closing in to grab the win. Perez approach was to save tyre and skip a pitstop… heh! That’s never gonna work even if he didn’t have the crash.

Ricciardo, Vettel, and Massa all pushed hard in a scramble to grab the win. Dan was wisest to keep the tyres really fresh and wait for the opportunity to pounce. Vettel tried to pass but wasted too much time doing so, my guess is his tyres are kind of old too.

Finally, Massa have no skills in overtaking, thinking that kamikaze will work. Pfft! This is not a GTA game, mate.

Its true that Dan smiles a lot and people don’t realise how much talent he really is behind that smile. It is not a coincidence that he performed so well. Watch out, Vettel, Alonso, Hamilton, there is a new Kid on the block.


Those other drivers arent driving an RB10 are they or for a team that has won 4 years in a row- that might be something to think about


30 kmh slower? you need to look at the speed traps more carefully


I think personally any non-Mercedes success will be down to the Brackley brigade making errors of judgement and unreliability………….having said that, as the above essay says it’s upto the driver immediately following behind the Mercs to pick up the pieces if the Silver Arrows falters.

I dunno, the jury is still out on Red Bull in terms of whether they can catch and leap-frog Merc F1 in terms of pure pace. Not taking anything away from the Smiling Assassin and Bulls, but Montreal is always a bit of a wild-card race.

What I’m saying is: will Montreal be a one off or the shape of things to come for Bulls? Stay tuned this summer folks!


No one will go near the Mercs this year. They’ll finish the year with at least a 0.5 sec advantage.

I don;t think RBR will repeat this feat in Monza, the track that is most similar to Montreal I believe.

Renault and Ferrari will need to catch up during the winter break once the given the opportunity to make the changes they can’t implement whilst the regulations are frozen up until the last race.


The jury is out? It’s extremely unlikely Mercedes will be caught on pace. The only good chance if Mercedes go backwards on development. Of course, they could just stop by August. As should Red Bull and Ferrari. Probably McLaren too.

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