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Austrian Grand Prix: Who was your driver of the day?
Posted By: James Allen  |  23 Jun 2014   |  12:08 am GMT  |  146 comments

There were some fantastic drives throughout the field in today’s Austrian Grand Prix, but it was a race where many of the outcomes were decided on strategy.

So who stood out for you? Who was your Driver of the Day?

Nico Rosberg
Started 3rd on the grid, had a go at passing Bottas on the opening lap then bided his time in the opening stint. Passed both the Williams drivers at the first stop using an aggressive undercut that Williams were reluctant to cover. Made a mistake, running off the road just before half distance but from then on managed a small brake problem to the finish for his third win of the season.

Lewis Hamilton
Made life hard for himself with a poor qualifying session where he made errors on both his laps in the final Q3 session. Starting 9th on the grid he made an amazing start and was fifth in the opening turns, then passed Alonso for fourth, leaving him right behind his team mate. Couldn’t mount a challenge though as his brake problem was highlighted by the team.

Valtteri Bottas
Breakthrough result for the Finn, who had recorded his best ever qualifying result the day before in 2nd. Looking at the strategy it’s conceivable that he should have finished second ahead of Hamilton. Instead Mercedes undercut him at the second stop and Williams chose not to react, as they were worried about the tyre lasting to the end. But Bottas’ tyres were in fine shape in the closing laps, so he may well have been able to keep Hamilton behind for the final stint if Williams had chanced it.

Felipe Massa
Took his first pole since 2008 on Saturday, but again suffered a reversal in the first stops, as in Canada, this time with a slower in lap and a much slower out lap than Bottas. He dropped from first to fourth where he finished.

Fernando Alonso
Alonso cleverly extended his middle stint, running in clear air in the lead of the race and knowing he wasn’t under threat from behind, with some very strong laps after the stop it allowed him to use the offset to get ahead of Perez and put Massa under pressure for P4. He got within 2 seconds or so of the Williams but didn’t have the pace in the car to pass.

Sergio Perez
The Mexican did a superb job on a counter strategy starting on the soft tyres, where most others started on the supersoft. He played himself into contention with a long first stintg in which he passed Button, who was on a similar plan. Hulkenberg let him through, which was important and from there he executed the plan perfectly to make up for some of the disappointment of Canada.

Other candidates
Kevin Magnussen outperformed Jenson Button this weekend, finishing four positions and 18 seconds ahead. He was seventh ahead of Ricciardo’s Red Bull. Jules Bianchi was the highest placed driver who made a one stop race work. He managed to extend the opening stint on soft tyres so that his first stop was on lap 40.

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Difficult one, but I think Bottas for taking it to the Mercs.


Worst drives of the day top 4

1 Raikkonen - 5 places behind Alonso

2 Button - thrashed by K-Mag on this occasion

3 Grosjean - Beaten by Maldonado- enough said

4. Chilton - slow as usual and behind Kobayashi


Yeah. Let's blame Kimi for the strategy error made by the team. And Ferrari gave him again a broken car to race with.


Kimi needs to provide better information during races to help strategic calls.


he told the he needed more power. did they give him the power he needed?


Were you part of the team on Ferrari's pitwall in planning and executing strategies?


Haha good call on your #3 worst drive of the day.


Kimi said in finnish media that he was asked to slow down after two laps because of overheated brakes.


Surely Alonso would not have finished that low even with those problems?


The two cars ran different parts, similar situation in Canada.


Did you perhaps notice that Grosjean started from pitlane?


Nico was fantastic but Mercedes is too powerful. Hamilton went from 9th to 4th because he had a superior car. Both Williams were strong this weekend so was the Ferrari. The drivers didn't do anything special.

My vote goes to Perez. He had a penalty he didn't deserve from the previous race. Definitely a podium contender otherwise. His start was brilliant and led the race holding off Nico lap after lap.


This should have been a separate comment. Has nothing to do with the previous post by Stephen. Apologies.

Tornillo Amarillo

BOTTAS..he did everything right, got a prize, podium, pictures, TV, champlagne, he beat Massa, got many points...

Not ROSBERG, it was not so difficult for him.

Not HAMILTON, he was beaten by his teammate again.

Not for PEREZ, he did not get a podium position today (buy I like his driving).


That is a cool way of looking at it.

I don't agree with this "Not ROSBERG, it was not so difficult for him." I think having lewis Hamilton right behind you, chasing you in the same car it would be very difficult. lol.


Said it before with Rosberg's last win in Monaco ... he just doesn't get any love. He doesn't move the needle, so to speak.

When was the last time a race winner was so far down (5th and 6.38%) in the DotD standings?!?! And three of those ahead of him each garnered around 300% more votes?

Rosberg is a very solid driver, and has been since he entered F1. But he's still largely anonymous ... just "there". There's a PhD dissertation paper to be had there, in trying to explain this phenomenon.


I actually cant agree with you... Rosberg have kept LH behind him almost all the times... so... that cant be that hard.




I'm going to say Bottas, although I think Rosberg also did an excellent job.

Is it just me or does it look like someone Photoshopped Barrichello into the interview photo with Massa?


Not a photoshop, that's actually him. He interviews drivers for TV Globo's F1 coverage in Brazil.


Nope, Rubens is working in TV Globo from Brazil, he's doing grid walk and he participate on the transmission on of the races.


You know Rubens, he dislikes it when the No.1 driver gets all the attention and plaudits.......ha ha.


PS Mark was one BBC F1 this weekend (as well as doing the podium interviews), and he'll be at Silverstone too.

If you or anybody from the world's biggest island is coming to visit the Mother Country to watch the GP, why not pop into the pubs of a small village called Aston Clinton, Bucks, not far from Silverstone. The owner of a grand house in that village is none other than Mr M.A. Webber..............

I'm sure Markl won't mind if you join for him for a pint of beer (lager?) and a packet of pork scratchings (that's not a pig with fleas, but a rather eccentric UK snack sold at pubs to keep the punters thirsty to they buy more booze.....)


What no Kimi?????

Elie will be furious......

H.Guderian (ALO Fan)


P.S: And Valentino and Sami


Not sure if Kimi has a contract for next year with Ferrari, but he needs to go.

If he performed at the same level last year, then Lotus did a cracking job with that car. Alonso would've easily won in the Lotus.


Three more races, and - if it's still just explanations-on-top-of-explanations - return the 2015 contract to Ferrari voluntarily, so they can retain someone who can better copy Fernando's uncanny ability to always squeeze the best out of the car no matter its limitations. Somehow Lotus succeeded in providing a car with finger-tip control, with near-perfect front/rear balance no matter what the track, that must have best matched Kimi's memories of rally like control on dirt roads in winter in Finland.


This season's performance by Kimi could be adversely affecting Grosjean's chances for the future.


Hahaha....nice one


Really hard to call, due to the number of outstanding performances.

I'd say Bottas because he outperformed his vastly more-experienced teammate, qualified really well and kept the Mercs honest throughout the race. Who knows, a slightly less conservative strategy from the pit crew might have seen him finish even higher. A very deserved podium, this.

Honourable mentions to Perez for one of the best damage-control exercises in recent history (and genuine pace to boot), and to Hamilton for one of the best first-laps in recent memory.

Also worth pointing out that the new circuit might be narrow but has and interesting flow of corners that allow drivers to line up for overtaking at several spots.


Very hard to pick between Hamilton and Bottas, but I had to pick Lewis because from 9 to a certain win but for pit stop failures. His first lap was epic.

Perez ought to be pleased with himself for a top drive too. It also shows that Hulkenberg is very beatable.


"It also shows that Hulkenberg is very beatable."

Curious how you come to this conclusion. Perez has been beaten in most races this season by Hulk, and like previous seasons (2012 in Sauber) Perez tends to benefit from not being quick enough to qualify in the top ten so he can start the race on the harder tyre and alternative strategy which clearly is more suited to the force india car. Perhaps Hulk should slow down and qualify at Perez's level and start on the alternative strategy from now on too?!


Some cold stats:

Quali, HUL 6, PER 2

Races, HUL 5, PER 3, (PER 1Dns, 1Dnf (contact with BUT), 1 #11(crash with MAS)

Races where both finished (or started) PER 3, HUL 2

I am not saying who is better, Elie and you are entitled to your own opinion, personally I think both are good and would do well in better rides, but trend shows HUL to be the better qualifier and the more consistent finisher, but when PER manages to finish, he has passed HUL on track, regardless of tyre strategy


Yes, Hulk was hurt by getting into Q3. Perhaps there should be a rule wherein anyone not in the top 5 can return an extra set of option tires (so the freebie Q3 ones, plus another set), and be able to start on the primes.

The point was to get 10 cars out there for the Q3 shootout, but for some cars it's just not worth it.

kenneth chapman

@ elie.....hamilton, from 9th to 4th in a very quick time was ,in your words, 'epic'. how many of those five cars that he passed were mercedes engined?


It was epic how 100hp can make a difference.....


Ken, I guess it's easy to pooh-pooh any overtake, if you want to. To answer your question, it was just Magnussen. Kvyat had a bad start, so did Kimi, so he was past them within the first 50 metres. Ricciardo was pushed out wide on the outside of Turn 1, so there was another easy one. He got Magnussen down to Turn 2, which was a nice pass, then Alonso with the pick of the bunch, down into Turn 8.

I'm not sure Nico could've pulled off those 5 passes on the first lap, in a similar position. 3 sure, maybe 4, getting Magnussen, but not the Alonso pass. Our only comparison is the Chinese GP, when Rosberg started out of position (though only just), in 4th, with two non-Mercedes-engined (NME) cars ahead of him (VET and RIC). What happened there? Well, on the first lap he went from 4th to 6th, passed by the NME Ferrari of Alonso and Massa's Williams, and was lucky not to be passed by Bottas' Williams (Bottas was ahead of him into Turn 1, they touched, and Bottas came off worse). So instead of being +2 in terms of catching and passing NME cars on lap 1, as you contend should have been easy for him, he was -1 on that count.

It actually took Rosberg until lap 22 in China to pass an NME car, which was Vettel's slow 2nd-stint RB10. He only got Alonso finally on lap 42 (of 56)!

It was a very good first lap from Hamilton; silly to say otherwise. If the thought never crossed your mind while watching, after he was less than a second back from Nico at the end of lap 1, that Hamilton might win this race, then I would suggest you're in possession of a time machine, and already knew the final outcome. A victory from 9th sure would've been sweet, as the lowest he's won from is 4th (2x). Not to be. I'd like to hear more about Lewis' ERS problems during the race. Apparently he wasn't getting full ERS boost each lap, whereas Nico was.


the truth is powerful.


Has to be Bottas and Perez for mine.

Bottas really took it to the Silver Arrows and Perez could have challenge for a podium if it was not for the 5 spot grid penalty.

James if you take Mercedes out of the race, then it would have been a cracking racing.


Massa got the least votes... All his whining after canadian gp hasn't got him any votes despite finishing 4th in Red Bull(forgot to bring their horns) ring....


Webber - nice first podium interview.



A close one this, 2 or 3 drivers could easily merit Driver Of The Day, but it's Bottas for me.


Bottas for me.

Fantastic track and great first half of the race.


Bottas. He was on the pace all weekend and kept the Mercs very honest for most of the race. I keep having to remind myself it was only his 27th grand prix - that's rapid progress by any standards.

kenneth chapman

i gave bottas the nod here. it is always great to see a new young driver get his first podium and get it on merit as well. he certainly showed just how much potential he has given the right machinery. a close second was rosberg. that win looked easy at times but it wasn't a walk in the park as i predicted. just the slightest mistake and he was well and truly in the 'merde' as they say on the left bank.

i would also pay tribute to the ricciardo for the 'pass of the day'. his move on hulkenberg was epic and one for the record book. IMO of course.


Definitely between BOT & HAM, but I went Lewis as you can't let the first podium novelty affect the results. But well done to both.

How was Mark's comments on the podium. "So Lewis mate, I'm a bit worried about the positioning during the pit stops". Translation, Wtf happened mate? You would have won that race if not for bogus pit stop.


Maybe Lewis should be talking to Mark to see how he got into Britney's head? Of course, Webber is like a movie-western movie star, with the 5 o'clock shadow and the chiseled jaw, so it's no wonder why he might be intimidating to 'runway waifs' like Rosberg.


webber was out of order, accusing hamilton of not positioning his car right during pitstops.


Got to be Alonso. This season really is the proof that he is the best driver.

Maldonado had a good race,no car issues for once, thrashed Grosjean all weekend, 0.6 better in qualy, 0.7 better fastest race lap, and probably more importantly, kept his nose clean.


Rosberg for showing every race he is not just some number 2 driver. Hamilton for his start. Alonso for being Alonso. He lead the race for a few laps. I think it was the first time this year he had a chance to lead. Massa and Bottas for doing a good job fighting the Mercedes cars.


Bottas for me. A great job all weekend. The Mercedes is the faster car (they just didn't nail the setup like Williams), and we'll see Merc dominate at Silverstone again. To get a podium just behind those two was a really good effort by Bottas, unlike Massa he clung on to the Mercs when switching to the harder tyres.

I think tactically Williams missed a trick, they could have had one car mirror Nico's stops and the other mirror Lewis's stops. As it was, I think staying out too long in both stints really cost them a shot at P2, I think Rosberg probably had the pace to win the race whatever Williams did.


Lewis was simply sublime in this race.

Those few seconds lost at the PITS proved to quite costly, as things were tight upfront.


no he didn't need those seconds, all he needed was maximum energy from his electric motor and just like he had at the start of the race and he would've overtaken rosberg.


I really don't see how anyone can vote for Hamilton, his petulant antics during the race and childish podium snubbing of Rosberg more than negate any plus points he may have gained for that start manoeuvre, in my book anyway.

Much as I like Massa and enjoy seeing him doing well, his failure to convert a pole position into at least a podium means he can't have my vote. Definitely has to go to Bottas.


"his petulant antics during the race"



I take it you didn't listen to any of the team radio during the race then?

I haven't been able to see the full transcripts yet but to sum it up with a little paraphrasing: "please help me get past Bottas", "please reassure me Rosberg isn't being given an advantage" (repeat several times), "please tell me how I can be faster than him", etc.

In addition to him ignoring his team's instructions about cooling the brakes and saving fuel - to me it sounded and looked (see flaming brakes) like he was actually very lucky to finish the race.


Ah, that's the problem - I heard what they actually said and you've "paraphrased" a driver asking for information on how they can improve their position in the race as "petulant".

And not that it matters, but both drivers were given exactly the same information about engine modes/using overtake at exactly the same time, they've done the same all season long.


Rosberg for getting the job done; winning the Austrian GP. The objective, after all, is to win, not put forth excuses why a driver/team fails to do so. Nice to finally see Nico Rosberg with a decent race car after all the years spent with sub-par machinery show what he's capable of.

*as a side note please show us more Rubens Barrichello photos


He would also have learned more and matured in those years. Work paying dividends.


The top four finishers had the car to finish in that position so in my opnion anything less would be not acceptable. If Hamilton would have won, he might be my DOTD as he did some good overtakings recovering from a bad qualifying. But he didn't win.

So first one in the line is Alonso, showing again he is extracting everything from an average car.

Last year (almost) everyone was expecting a big fight with Raikkonen but this year so far has showed us Alonso is by no means a bad qualifier. And a d*mn good racer


i think hamilton drove brilliantly from ninth to finish second. he was 4th after 2 corners and pushing rosberg very hard in the end even with slower pit stops.

again james, driver of the day is about the race and you have spent more time writing about hamilton's mistakes in qualifying, no mention of any other driver making mistakes on saturday. did rosberg make a mistake in qualifying?

he did drive brilliantly overtaking alonso on turn 8, i don't remember any other driver attempting to overtake there.


I forgot to add that by the end of the first lap, hamilton was fourth behind rosberg who hadn't gained a single position. a clear demonstration of driving superiority.


Or a simple way to show that all the other cars were just too far on performance.


Well, it was quite hard between Bottas and Perez.

Bottas scored his maiden podium and beat Massa on the way, with a little help from the team could even try to hold his grid position.

Perez made it nine places up and was also superb defending from guys on fresher tyres (until his own tyres gave up).

Finally, I do not remember Bottas having a chance for DOTD before, so it's for him this time.


why did perez start from 16th?


15th after Grosjean moved to pit lane. 11th in quali then 5 place penalty from Canada crash


oh so perez also had issues before the race which compromised his race but weren't mentioned.


Maldonado for DOTD. I saw someone pass him into turn 3 and there was no contact, unbelievable.


Tell me about it. And stealthily moving his way up the pack towards the points with that soft-soft-supersoft strategy. I know he ended up 12th, but it's still Pastor in Quietly Solid Job shocker!


Rubbish joke time.

What's Maldonado's favourite Beatles song?

Come Together (preferably with the barrier or Mexicans).


JA, how bad did Merc say Hamilton's brake problem was? And do you know from which lap it became a definite problem? In the race, on the FOM feed, they played HAM pit radio on lap 44:

HAM: "Brakes are ok, yeah?"

BON: "Yeah, brakes are under control now, plenty safe at the moment, so just keep managing them."

DC mentioned that Hamilton had been told that the brakes are on the limit ... that was during lap 58 of the BBC/FOM feed. Then he was losing time at Turns 2 & 3.

I missed a few pit radio excerpts, b/c my broadcaster (TSN) thought it better to go to commercial at the worst times possible!! (around pit stops, etc.).

If Hamilton is running underweight to Rosberg b/c of better fuel consumption, then they should add back some brake disc weight for him, at least for the rears. It cost him a lot of performance in the last stint of the race.


I think most cars had problems in Austria - Vergne etc retired due to it

Not big enough brake ducts to cool brakes, basically


it's incredible how hamilton cruised up to rosberg after a single lap and sat there for the rest of the race without passing him. hamilton said after tha race that something weird was going on because he was losing power and rosberg wasn't. looks like some people are not being fair with their work. also read that lauder told off some engineers for keeping some data secret. i hope they put a stop to this.


I think this was also due to the track, if the straights had been a tad longer he probably could have had more advantage with the DRS and created more of a challenge. Check out the tracks with the really long straights like Bahrain, Barcelona and Canada and we see the Mercs being able to get side by side with each other. Look how long it took Rosberg to overtake Perez on old tyres. Plus, when the Williams were in front the Mercs didn't look like the powerhouse they have been all year. The only on track pass Hamilton did on the top 4 was with a snoozing Massa out of the pits.


how long did it take hamilton to overtake massa as he came out of the pits?


"it’s incredible how hamilton cruised up to rosberg after a single lap and sat there for the rest of the race without passing him."

Dirty air affects car handling in corners, which in turn affect tyres and make them blister with the car sliding about as a result of a loss of downforce from driving it the dirty air.


was there no dirty air on all the other tracks or is it only in austria because of the hills?


this is the funniest i have read all day! if that was the case why do they bother to race? did you not see hamilton overtake massa as he came out of the pits? where was the dirty air then? the engineers had to tell bottas to brake much later into the same corner to avoid hamilton overtaking him. if your dirty air theory was correct, they could've just asked bottas to blow more dirty air at hamilton.

Kristiane Cyrus

I have followed F1 for quite a time so I know what I'm talking about, not that I'm going to bother to explain the lot to you, but your reply is definitely more amusing to me that the funniness you find in my comment.


Where'd you read the bit about Lauda? Link please.


you can find that on yahoo f1. why don't you read around to find out what's going on and keep asking for links?


I figured you had it, so you could save me the time. But noooooo, gotta make me work for it, eh? From now on, when I provide links, you're not allowed to click on them, ok? 🙂


Hard to choose between Bottas, Rosberg & alonso.

I'll say Bottas.


Put the three of them together and vote for AlBotsberg.


Considering the Williams was a good car this weekend, I'm going to go for Perez. Sounds reverse logic but I always tend to think the driver of the day was the driver who most notably outperformed his car.

But on a separate note, I was thoroughly bored watching the highlights on the BBC. I flicked over from the football and within about 10mins found myself fighting falling asleep on the sofa. I watched it to the end as I'm a loyal racing fan determined to stick with F1 and hope it comes out the other end, but I fear this is a battle I'm going to lose. There was just no atmosphere about the cars. They have no spunk. There's none of that, and I'm loathed to use the term here, X-Factor, that makes the 5 year old sit up inside you and go, WOW! And then when you hear the words "managing" and "saving" less than 10 laps in, well, if I wrote my true feelings on this, this post wouldn't make it past moderation.

F1 seems to have forgotten its a sprint racing series.

And even more than that, it seems to have forgotten it's about fun.

Put it another way, the new FIA series Formula E. How many of you will be watching this? And how many of you do you think will be sticking with it for that long? I'm guessing not many. Why? Because efficiency doesn't get racing fans excited.

F1 just has to make itself fun, and simple, and accessible again. Then all of these discussions about costs and the lack of a spectacle go away. Unfortunately, whilst corporate influence rules the roost, this is not the way it will be.

As I've always said, and will continue to say, motor racing is at it's best, when it's kept simple.


surprised by perez beating hulk again, do we need to reassess hulks quality?

bottas driver of the day.

kenneth chapman

hulkenberg has always been over rated[IMO] if he was as good as lot of posters think then why hasn't he been snapped up by a top team, and don't give me all the 'overweight' blather either.


hulkinberg smashed nearly all of hamilton's records in the lower series. he is incredibly fast but just doesn't drive with as much flair as hamilton and perez.


no. but possibly Perez's.


Bottas has to be driver of the day given how close he was to the Mercedes. With a better strategy on pit stops I think he would have been a lot closer. Also special mention to the William pit crew for Bottas 2.1 second stop!!

A close second I would give to Alonso. I know everyone keeps saying it, but how he manages to drag an under powered, over weight Ferrari to points consistently is amazing. I just wish he had a competitive car.


Hamilton for his brilliant first lap

kenneth chapman

there over 70 laps in this race and you give it to hamilton for just one?


i understand, hamilton performed better in that single lap than all the other drivers did over all of those 71 laps.


Vettel for his "mega" overtaking attempt.


Tough call between Bottas massa and Alonso

Alonso for me, Williams had the pace to challenge Mercedes at least on SS for victory. Yet niether pilots have not won the race. Yes williams were poor with the strategy yet it's been a collective failure.

I have never fancied massa yet kudos to him. His lap on saturday was special and he was let down by williams and their strategy

Rosberg struggled to pass williams while lewis made a uncharacteristic error on saturday which costed him the victory

Alonso drove a fantastic race and scored pivotal points for the team


Tough choice between Alonso and Bottas for me.


My DOTD is Webber for his podium interview 😉

Great to see him around F1 again.

Despite my dislike for Hamilton I'll give him the award, his race off the grid was great to ignore.

His move on Massa was good too, although I do feel Massa was caught napping.

I do like Rosberg though, I really like his work ethic & his technical aptitude.

I think Vettel was quite reckless, first causing Ricciardo to run off track & then later running straight into the back of Gutierrez, really seemed like rookie errors.

Can't wait for Silverstone, I just hope the gap to Mercedes is even closer or we at least get a race long battle between Rosberg & Hamilton.


i understood it was Magnussen who ran off Ricciardo.


i must also mention that i was impressed with Sebastien's

post-race interview when he said "I only hope Daniel can

score some good points". You don't hear that a lot between

team-mates, and that on the back of Seb's very sportsman-like

behaviour over Dan's first win. there are a few teams that

could learn a little about sportsman-ship, IMO.


why can you not believe what vettel says? why must he be lying? his teammates first victory pleased him and he said so. vettel won the drivers championship 4 times and see no reason to be fuming over his teammate's single victory.

H.Guderian (ALO Fan)

@kenneth chapman



Yea very sportsmanlike attitude from Seb but you never know which side of the mouth he is speaking from when he spins all the PR stuff do youu?

kenneth chapman

@! tim clarke ..... don't be naive. that's simply for the cameras and public consumption. deep down he is fuming. by posing as a good natured team mate he is attempting to deflect criticism of his own ineptness. PR management 101.


Rewatch it, SV ran Dan off when he rejoined the race after rebooting his car's computers.


Great credit for lewis for one of the best opening laps in recent years, but after that finished were he should have, got to give it to perez, now again he puts in drives were you can see the maccas took a punt on him, just needs more consistent in qually..


Hi James i have a question, after Hamilton's 1st Q3 time was disallowed why didn't the team make him do a 2nd flying lap before bringing him in? do you think it was a error on their side?


I doubt he had enough fuel on board.


If I remember right he did try to do a second run but bodged it. After that by the time he would have got back to the finish line he would have been out of time (and probably too low on fuel as well).


Didn't do another lap during the Q3 first run ... came in right after.


Yep, my mistake.


For that first Lap, Hamilton. Very close shout for Bottas. If Williams had been bolder who knows what might have been, as it was: a brilliant Saturday for them made 3rd and 4th look like a disappointment. When Bottas took his second place back from Rosberg I thought we might see a Williams victory but there seems to be a bit of self belief lacking there.

Amazed by the number of votes for Alonso,


Alonso DOTD for me, that 2nd stint where he was lapping faster and actually pressuring williams was brilliant. On a track where apparently if you don't have mercedes power, you are nothing, alonso finished 5th. cracking job.


If you ignore Saturday then Hamilton, but he did screw up his Q3 with big mistakes in each run when it counted the most. Otherwise probably Bottas, but I think he was lucky on the strategy relative to Massa who should have had the advantage from pitting one lap earlier.


I'm giving it to Lewis Hamilton for a superb first lap and an excellent recovery. It's easy to be critical but these guy's are always on the limit, and I think he was just a little unlucky not to get pole. I think a combination of things rather than just driver error caused Hamilton not to set a time. As Toto Wolff said he was just a little unlucky to be braking and changing gear as he hit the bump in the tarmac. I have to say it looked liked torque snap to me, but I guess Mercedes will know when the data is analised. If he had got pole on his second run the likelyhood would have been by about half a second, but now we will never know. I think Mercedes need to improve cooling on their brakes as when the competition gets stiffer they do not want to be stymied by managing the brakes, and it prevented Hamilton from mounting a serious challenge to Rosberg in the second half of the race. - So more work needed by Mercedes


Valtteri was the man of the day and honorable mention to Felipe. He kept Alonso behind who should have done better in the end. Maybe Alonso gave up again.


@sami ".....honorable mention to Felipe. He kept Alonso behind who should have done better in the end. Maybe Alonso gave up again."

this part is a joke, right?


No. Look at the lap times.

H.Guderian (ALO Fan)

Look at the final standings (Kimi???)



Even when the Ferrari can keep up, lap wise, it still can't overtake because it's way too slow on a straight line, even with the DRS on.

Without major tire differences, the Ferrari just can't pass anyone, much less so someone with a Mercedes engine.


I'm not sure Alonso knows what gave up means. Although admittedly he looked subdued a few times last year, but not so far this time around despite being even worse off.

My driver of the day was Bottas, a cool performance. I really think if Williams had been more aggressive, he or Massa could have won, especially as Mercedes seemed to have their cooling issues for the second consecutive race.


"Give up" is not in Alonso's dictionary, I reckon if his performances were subdue, it's more to the car than him. As Martin Brundle said in the race, Alonso is always somewhere around.


Yes it is.

Korea 2011.


Williams has botched up few races this year with their strategies so maybe they decided to play little safer this time. I'm afraid Mercs will again vanish over the horizon from Williams and other teams in Silverstone.

Torchwood Five

I wonder if since Massa showed he would have no truck with William's strategy calls, and the public controversy it caused the last time they tried one, the team have knocked them on the head as far as 2014 is concerned.

They will provide the cars, change the tyres, but otherwise let their drivers go out, and hope they bring in some points.


Vettel - for maintaining his sense of humour in the face of adversity

kenneth chapman

@jock ulah.........was running into the back of the sauber some kind of joke? if it was it went right over my head.


+1 🙂

DOTD is Bottas.

Hamilton had a nice first lap. But made too many mistakes this weekend.


here, here.


Hamilton. That first lap recovery was more spectacular than anything anybody else did. We've come to expect that of him but man I don't think anyone else could have done that.


Can't wait for Monza, pretty much everyone is going to retire with brake failures, or an engine failure.

DOTD: Bottas, because P3 is "best of the rest" when Merc finish 1-2.


DotD Perez for me; a really good drive and he's turned the tables quite impressively on Nico Hulkenberg in the last few races, albeit that it didn't translate into points in Canada. Also want to give a shout to Alonso though; he managed to keep within reach of the podium (he was only 4.5sec off Bottas at one stage in the final stint) despite clearly being in inferior machinery. It's almost as if his task this year is to keep Ferrari relevant. Sometimes this season I've got to the end of races and gone "what happened to Ferrari in that race?! Were they even in the race?" But on Sunday Alonso made their presence very real, and not for the first time this season, even if he 'only' ended up 5th.

Felipe was a bit tentative in the race but I personally thought this was the right approach after what happened in Canada. Ultimately, it probably cost him a podium, but a cool head was required after Montreal and I'm glad he delivered. Onwards and upwards from here I hope, and maybe we'll see a repeat of that form he showed at the end of 2012.


Without a shadow of a doubt, it had to be Mark Webber. Managed to get on the podium, after bringing a healthy dose of his luck along as a gift for Vettel.

Dotd....Had to be Bottas today!

Fair move by RIC on the last lap too!


haha! was he seen tinkering in the garages perhaps!

agree with you on bottas too


Bottas DOTD for me - he can only continue to improve from here. I think Rosberg did a good job of resisting pressure from Hamilton to take the win. Hamilton's start and first lap were superb. Perez put in a great drive, and he seems to be improving with every race. Disappointed that Massa did not do better from pole, but there may be a win in him yet!


Wow. Alonso starts 4th and finishes 5th and nearly gets driver of the day. Amazing.

H.Guderian (ALO Fan)

In a ridiculous car... Yes.


Alonso would've started 5th had Hamilton not cocked up his Q3. In the race Hamilton just put his car back to where it should be which in turn affected the following order. Nothing wrong with Alonso being in 5th, still higher than Raikkonen's place.


Voted Bottas and congrats to him for his first podium, well deserved.

Wanted to vote Alonso but this was what he said,

"There's the respect from the drivers, team principals and fans for the job that you do, but I'd prefer to have no respect and win more trophies." Who could've blamed him for such a statement.


What's wrong with that? The drivers are there to win, not there just to drive around in circles. Driving around in circles not winning anything is almost like physical pain to them.


Has to be Perez, he recovered quite well from that penalty, in the first lap he was already in 11th. He did such a long stint with the softs and being in first place for 11 laps was impressive, it was funny that Massa couldn't pass him in two times, I guess he applied his new overtaking method: one, two...two and a half...hahaha.

I really think he could have fight for the podium if it wasn't for the penalty..

And It seems that Sergio lately is outshining his teammate, which is not something easy to do considering that most people says Hulk is one of the best drivers, so this makes me wonder why Checo is so underrated, when people talks about young drivers, everyone points out Hulk, Bottas, even Bianchi, and Sergio?

He is proving that McLaren did wrong in letting him go, you hear me Ron?. And if he can beat the Hulk then he is superb....one more thing he did the fastest lap: 1:12:142, good stuff, kudos for Force India, a team with less budget than McLaren and they're beating them


does anyone receive emails from james allen prompting replies to their posts?


why have we stopped counted the number places each driver has gained or lost from the start of races. the record has been kept until after the austrian race. any reason for the abortion?


We do. It's in each UBS Race Strategy Briefing. Next one Tuesday


oh yes!


Lewis Hamilton - as good a damage limitation as he could manage.

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