Rosberg signs up for two more years alongside Hamilton at Mercedes
Posted By: James Allen  |  23 May 2014   |  7:53 am GMT  |  264 comments

Mercedes has signed a new deal with Nico Rosberg, according to reports on BBC Sport Online.

He may be giving second best to team mate Lewis Hamilton at the moment, but Nico Rosberg clearly has confidence that he can come back at the 29 year old, as he has signed a new deal for two years with Mercedes, the dominant team in F1 at the moment.

Rosberg won the opening round in Australia and led the championship until two weeks ago. This weekend in Monaco he aims to repeat his performance of last year, where he beat Hamilton to pole and in the race.

Despite the warm words from Dr Zetsche, of Mercedes’ parent company Daimler with regard to Fernando Alonso, the Rosberg deal puts paid to any thoughts the Spaniard may have had about getting into the dominant car in F1 at the moment.

The Mercedes driver pairing is well matched; Hamilton is paid more than Rosberg, but the German driver is important both to push Mercedes cars and to push Hamilton to the limit.

It is only May, but the drivers of the leading F1 teams look set already for 2015, with largely unchanged line ups from this year.

The possible exception is McLaren; Kevin Magnussen is establishing himself in F1, but will have pressure from Stoeffel Vandoorne, while Jenson Button is believed to be close to a new deal with the team, possibly a one year roll over, as Honda comes back into F1. Whether Honda has another driver in mind is not known yet.

There are a few question marks over whether Kimi Raikkonen will continue at Ferrari, but he has a two year deal and logic suggests that he has no reason not to fulfil it, even if this year has been a disappointment.

Alonso’s options look very limited, as he is believed not to want with McLaren’s Ron Dennis again, even if the veteran team boss has said repeatedly that he can imagine putting the acrimonious past behind them.

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Why should a team that has won every pole and every race this year- and come 1-2 in every race except one, in which they retired one car because of a lost cylinder- change anything, especially their driving lineup?

You can be assured that Hamilton and Rosberg are getting everything out of the car. Mercedes is not two seconds quicker than the other cars at full throttle, but these two managed to pull away by two seconds a lap in 10 laps at Bahrain. You”re not going to find any drivers out there who could do better than that. I seriously doubt that Alonso would overwhelm Rosberg on pace.

There is no reason to change anything.


Very interested in the dynamic within the team especially with those quotes from Lewis’ interview about Nico. I don’t really see why Lewis would stoke the flames now he is ahead in the championship and has beaten Nico in one on ones in the last few races.

Just like in McLaren when Jenson and Lewis were best buds, I can see these two at loggerheads at some point it just remains to see how ruthless Nico is. So far he has played the best pal No 2 and been gracious in defeat. How long will that last I wonder…


People having a go at Nico. He’s only 3 points adrift, and has finished two races hot on the tail of Lewis. He came second on both occasions, but he is pushing Lewis hard and driving well. Very deserving of the drive.


Rosberg’s a fantastic driver, but he’ll never get 2 shine alongside Lewis. The team will give him every chance but Lewis will always find that extra tenth. I hope I’m wrong but he’s in danger of becoming another Barrichello and driving his whole career as a number 2.


Let me see if I’ve got this straight:

Rosberg’s employer, while negotiating with Rosberg for a new contract, lauds a posible rival for Rosberg’s job. And, Rosberg signs the next day! Sounds like a successful negotiating strategy to me.

Torchwood Five

Interesting angle you bring to the table.


There is absolutely no reason for Mercedes to hire Alonso when they already have high quality drivers like Lewis and Nico in the team. Unless they want to turn successful team into ruins like Alonso has done with Ferrari.


It was Renault mate, not Ferrari.


Perfect teammate; smart and fast, technically astute, but overall not quite in Hamilton’s league. I think it’s a good move to sign him again.


I am quite surprised that so many people are actually brushing Nico aside this way.

Nico has been very close to Hamilton in the Poles, and if he can fix his starts, he and Lewis will be at each other’s necks in actual race time, more and more.

And why Wouldn’t Mercedes renew Nico?

He is German, he’s been a loyal part of the build up of the team, and he’s a very good driver, good enough to challenge for the title, and not be illogically be pushed aside like some think around here.


“He is German, he’s been a loyal part of the build up of the team, and he’s a very good driver, good enough to challenge for the title, and not be illogically be pushed aside like some think around here.”

I know the argument you were trying to make, but you just described Schumi as well.

Nevertheless I agree with you. Even if Rosberg comes second to Hamilton in every single race it’s usually going to be a very, very close second.



Merc have made a very sensible and wise choice in re-signing Rosberg. Who is a much better pilot than many of you are willing to give him credit for.

Frankly I’m surprised McLaren have not approached him – he may not have the ability to set a car up is his only weakness, too much talk of him ‘studying’ Hamilton’s data from my observations.

He is better than Hulkenburg who in recent races is getting worked over by Perez or has no one noticed.

He is better than Alonso at this moment in time and can lose with grace. (look at Alonso’s history with team mates from Trulli uptill present) – watch his drives. I’ve said it a couple times now but if not for Hamilton the German dominance of F1 would continue with him. He is driving really well

Hamilton is delivering on the promise he showed when he 1st stepped up to F1 – but Rosberg his more than upto the task of living with him without having to resort to disruption/politics etc.

Vettel currently has his hands full at RB – but frankly there is no one better than Rosberg att.

Both he and Lewis are blowing away the field right now, when was the last time you could say that in F1 – dominate car or not.

Good move Merc and may the best man win.

German Samurai

Something just occurred to me.

Why would you suddenly re-sign Rosberg? He’s not going anywhere.

Two things.

A) Keep Hamilton in line. If Rosberg was for instance a teammate with Button he’d probably have 5/5 wins. It’s sending a message that we think Rosberg is nearly as good as you Lewis and capable enough to win a championship if you aren’t in the team.

Stops any prima donna behaviour like rocking up late for P1 in its tracks.


B) They re-negotiated the terms of the contract making him an effective number two that must obey all team instructions.

He’ll get his chance to win races if he can out qualify the rock star and get to the first corner in the lead, but it seems doubtful.

I hope it’s A.


Could possibly be both, but neither really makes sense to me.

If it’s A then why would Hamilton care who they sign? He’s already beating Rosberg so while Mercedes might feel like they’ll want to fire him for whatever reason it’s unlikely that they would. Don’t forget that while Mercedes are currently blowing away the rest of the field it might not be that way in 2015 and then maybe they’ll find that Hamilton’s current edge will come in handy in securing the 2015 titles.

Besides, Mercedes knew who he was when they signed him – If they think he’s a prima donna then it’s not like he became one overnight.

If it’s B then that’s basically what Rosberg is doing already. He’s challenging Hamilton and keeping him honest but he’s not being a fool about it and they’re getting both cars home. I think telling Rosberg explicitly that he is the #2 driver might actually make things worse.

Personally I think it’s actually the opposite of B:

Sign Rosberg early to remove any doubt that he’ll be replaced so he can go out and do what he does best without any extra pressure.


The drama of today’s once-top motor racing competition is that you do not only have to be a great driver, but you’ve got to be lucky. Lucky to be on the seat that gets the blessing and light “sotto-tavola” blessing from the owners of the spectacle. Alonso is an spectacular driver, but, has made wrong choices. Must be a thing of the Spaniards. The exact same thing happened to Carlos Sainz in WRC.

In the old days you could have a car that was slightly off the pace but with good hands you would take it to P1. Today it is all about money. One team finishes 5th and the next season they eat everyone else alive with constant P1-P2s, i.e. GP Brawn (what a joke). One company starts sponsoring 80% of the FIA championships and they get all the help they need to make sure they win one after another. If the tyres have to be changed in the middle of the season, so be it. If we make yellow flags look green so be it. Mercedes threatens to leave the competition and they get an extra illegal stint of testing no one else does. What happens the next year? P1-P2 all the way. Of course they are intelligent enough not to make it so clear (except maybe Brawn GP).

Is there anyone out there that genuinely believes this competition is not manipulated?

Alonso will win again if he stays with Ferrari and it is turn again for the Italians to win, i.e. when all the political and financial stars align. This may or may not be while he is still a racing driver, so we will see.

If Bernie believes it makes show for the circus to have William win he will make it happen, even if you put one of his daughters behind the wheel.

James Clayton

“In the old days you could have a car that was slightly off the pace but with good hands you would take it to P1.”

You still can. There’s just not any cars right now that are just ‘slightly off the pace’.

Bert Puttocks

Is Rosberg doing good job, he really should be 5 nil down to Lewis this season?

He is only in the picture because of a DNF, Rosberg is not Lewis’s biggest threat it is another DNF.


As it stands Rosberg is not only Hamilton’s biggest threat, he’s also his only threat.

Hamilton has the edge right now, but don’t discount Rosberg just yet.

Mind you, if Hamilton beats him in his home town that might do the trick 😉



As much as I agree to the fact that Michael had a huge role to play in Ferrari’s resurgence and then domination, aren’t we talking about 2 different eras in F1?

Schumacher was in an era when they could test continuously throughout the year. Schumacher literally used live out of his garage and help build the car by testing it tirelessly. By the time Fernando reached his peak, testing ban had already tied the hands of drivers. It has been the age of simulators since, something Ferrari has failed to muster.


Could it be that the timing of this announcement is driven by the stir that was unintentionally caused by the clumsy statements of Zetsche as if Alonso were to be perhaps the best driver in F1? Maybe the team wants to avoid that ROS goes all or nothing already at this stage of the season?


A wise move by Mercedes, but a peculiar one from Rosberg. He has relegated himself to a number two driver for two more years. By now it should be obvious to him that he is inferior to Hamilton. He couldn’t even beat on weekends that he was suppossedly quicker than lewis. Nico has severely over estimated his worth.


Peculiar why? What better option did he have?


yes alonso is a mug cos they lost the title in the last race a few times by a few points. they seem to have fallen back the last few years but how it that his fault.

i dont recall alonso saying anything about mercedes or leaving or missing out on the drive.

i guess in the high speed news world the punters have to race forward with imagined events.

As for the mercedes thing . it makes perfect sense that you sign a driver that will win the race if his team mate falters.


Rosberg is a good driver maybe not great but deserves the contract extension…. Let’s not forget he won more races than Hamilton last year.

In reference to Alonso I’m hopeful Ferrari will replace with him Hulkenberg…… Id love to see 27 back on the Ferrari.


Keep Rosberg to keep Hamilton happy and(relatively) stable.

Putting Alonso or Hulkenberg there would risk destabilising him to the point of bring his bull dog to races again.

I’d rather watch Alonso wrestle a sub par Ferrari as he has the past few seasons than to have dominates in a Red Bull or Merc.

It is a shame that he’ll likely not win another title though. That his peers and most expert pundits to a man recognize him as the best driver of his generation will count for much when history look back at his record.

I can’t believe that Mclaren would not take him back over Button if the chance presented itself, or that Alonso would refuse the chance of a Honda Mclaren seat over risking another fruitless year at Ferrari.

(His fast lap in FP2 yesterday was just stunning to watch.)


I’m OK with that.

1. He won his 2 against Schumi.

2. It’s all he deserves in my view. P1 trophy in his pad for Singapore 2008 – bookend for WDCs.

Funny…after getting 2 up on the greatest F1 German, either another German or a German engine comes between Alonso and a WDC. Alonso being stopped is one positive in this Mercedes domination.


– Rosberg should be happy. Established & respected in team. It is now upto him to delivery & win + he does not have any alternative top team spots available

– Merc perspective – pairing doing well with stability. No reason to break the current set-up, bring another top driver and invite potential trouble

– This could however change if suddenly Hamilton wins everything and Nico bites the dust. We may seen a trailer of this with 4 consecutive wins for Hamilton


Anyone in Monaco this weekend for at least a second time?

Is it awesomely insane, tame, or lame? The sound I mean of course. What spot were you watching from?

How does it compare to GP2 cars if you’ve stayed for the sessions?


The cars sound fine – watched FP1 on sky – maybe it’s the barriers the fact it’s a street circuit but the sound on Tv sounds fine. The onboard sounds pretty racey actually.



you know when one of your friends finds out their partner is cheating? Of course, at first, you try to be supportive but after a while you get a bit bored by their constant moaning and going on about it. Then eventually you want to scream “shut the #@8k up” – be honest, you must have felt like that. Well……


No need to scream C63.

With these quiet new power units all you have to do is raise your voice a little 🙂


I guess someone screamed “shut the #@8k up” to F1 and these F1 engines, because they sound pathetic.

Vettel, last champion of real F1.


I’ve never been to Monte Carlo for the GP but my neighbour has.

I asked him what his over-riding memory was – he was sitting in the grandstands by Tabac – and he said the humidity and mugginess. He said the circuit felt virtually air-less and he could only admire how the drivers coped 78 odd laps with very little fresh air in their lungs. He said even for the spectators it feels like you’re breathing air the thickness of porridge!

DC has mentioned this on the BBC – the lack of fresh air at Monte Carlo for the cars, drivers and team personnel. Monaco is almost as tight, constricted and airless as DC’s white jeans….


Been twice. Never had an issue with air quality, even with all the air sucking fans.

Tell me to recall Monaco and first thing I’ll tell you is THX, Dolby Digital Surround – it was nothing compared to being at Monaco under F1’s assault from the front, front the sides, from behind, from below. These new cars sound like a GSXR600 in regular traffic if it stays in first gear, if that.



Or That?

I can hear the marbles coming off the tires, the birds, the generator on the yacht. It’s wonderful!


I’m not going to comment on the sound because you know my position on that already, but as I was watching the first video I was thinking that the race director should use some shots like that.

It really shows the acceleration of the cars which is something that is difficult to convey on TV.


It breaks my heart to say this Random.

GP2 is better than F1.

It sounds better and for 2s a lap in Monaco, I’ll take the closer racing that doesn’t pretend to be something it isn’t.

I need to refresh my GP2 knowledge. Is there DRS? KERS? Or is it a nice V8 “standard” no gimmicks car? Sounds good. Looks good. Doesn’t blow sunshine in my tail pipe. Does this site have a GP2 section I can upgrade to?


I just saw Thursday GP2 2014 video after the F1 2014 Monaco video…oh me, oh my…how unfortunate. GP2 cars at lower RPM sound better to me. I wonder if the entire GP2 grid will be within 107% of F1 Q1 in Monaco as well.


From the videos I’ve seen so far it sounds like regular daily Monaco traffic sounds same or better – considering what usually drives around those streets. You know…F40s, F50s, Enzos, Lambos, etc.


Hulk to Ferrari and Kimi back at Mclaren…..hmmmmmm


I like it.

Where does Alonso go?


You, sir, just spoke my mind! McLaren is the team for Kimi to be with and suits his image well IMO.


Jenson to stay on at Mclaren?

This has to end. I am a JB fan, but either he is too comfortable, or just not up to scratch any more.

The team needs a change, and perhaps the Hulk -experianced, but hungry enough.


Quite right… I can’t stand Button on any level… he is a rolling disaster for MacLaren…

If doesn’t go, MacLaren are in for a world of hurt.


Pilots like Alonso don’t need X worldchampionships to he prove their incredible talent. Look at pilots like Villeneuve, Peterson, Moss,…they are never forgottten in the rankings of the best ever with zero worldchampionship under the belt. On the other hand, think of Vettel with his 4 championships, Button in 2009 with Brawn GP..they deserved it but it’s a completely different perception. Time will tell indeed, but I am convinced that it’s not only the won worldchampionships that count. It’s also the circumstances in which you did (or didn’t..). For Alonso also his period at Ferrari will contribute enormously in the perception of his enormous talent and achievements.


But he just said (look one of the previous post on this blog) that he likes people to say how good driver he is. Also it is said (although I cannot confirmed it) that his dream is to have 3 WDC, we all know he is a good driver, but it seem that he needs something else, you can see it easily when he talks.


That is a boy with nice teeth!


Nice of you to notice I guess…

topo dipericolo

It feels like fair reward for being a good team player. As others have said Rosberg is perhaps not quite in Hamilton’s league in terms of real pace but he may have one advantage…

Hamilton should be on a huge confidence high but after Barca looked fairly ragged in the post race interviews. He then appeared to ruminate on Rosberg’s superior mental strength which was surprising.

On the other hand Rosberg appeared calm and vaguely amused when that point was put to him despite having been beaten.

Whilst Hamilton unquestionably has the edge so on the track it will be interesting to see if Rosberg can push him mentally and Hamilton has essentially invited him to do it. Furthermore the scoring system favours consistency and double points at the end carry their own pressure.

Conventional wisdom says Hamilton now goes on to win the WDC having won all the races he has started. He will, however, need to keep it together if Rosberg can apply enough pressure. Frankly that is the main interest for the rest of this season and one wishes Nico luck therefore.


It is Lewis pushing Rosberg off the cliff in the mental stakes. Everything Lewis says is calculated for mental havoc.

Rosberg has already spun when just a few metres from the finish line in quali and its only bound to get worse as the season goes by.

I’m happy that all the pre-season “Lewis is stupid” myths have been blown to the back of beyond; instead, Lewis demonstrably understands the car much better than Rosberg.

it shows in his greater speed, while consuming less fuel; Rosberg having to study Lewis data to improve his speed; and most tellingly, at the last tests, Lewis was helping Mercedes to understand Rosberg’s start issues.

You are number two when you are paid less and when your teammate is effectively teaching you how to drive.



I had forgotten about the last test with Lewis trying to help Rosberg understand his start issues. What was that all about?


I think it was Mercedes beginning to ease Nico out of the farcical “rivalry” that the press has conjured up. No statement can be more emphatic than asking one “rival”to show another the ropes.

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