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Rosberg claims Monaco pole despite dramatic error on final flyer
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Posted By: Justin Hynes  |  24 May 2014   |  2:22 pm GMT  |  391 comments

Nico Rosberg will start the Monaco Grand Prix from pole for the second year in a row, despite a final run mistake that saw him forced to take an escape road. The error brought out yellow flags, effectively ending any threat from team-mate Lewis Hamilton, who was forced to abandon his final run. Daniel Ricciardo claimed third place.

Hamilton had set his best first sector time but whether the Briton would have been able to find more in the final sectors will remain an unknown as ahead Rosberg momentarily lost control under braking for Mirabeau and was forced to take the escape road bringing out the yellows.

While Rosberg jumped out of his car and pumped his fist in the air in celebration, Hamilton was left stoney-faced by the incident.

“I just locked up, the outside front, I think it was, or the inside, I’m not sure, and that put me off line,” said Rosberg of the incident. “I was still trying to make it but in the last moment I had to turn out because I was going to hit the tyre wall. It was close but I managed to go into the escape road.

“I thought it was over once that happened, because I thought the track would ramp up and somebody else could beat the time but no, of course, in the end I’m really, really happy that it worked out in the end. To be on pole is fantastic, at home; couldn’t be better,” he added.

Rosberg then admitted that the incident had disadvantaged Hamilton but “that’s the way it is”.

“Of course I’m sorry for Lewis,” he said. “I didn’t know exactly where he was but once I was reversing I did see he was coming up. Of course that’s not great, but that’s the way it is.”

A clearly disgruntled Hamilton had little to say after the session, simply saying that didn’t have an answer when Rosberg admitted the incident had been a disadvantage for the Briton.

“It is ironic. But it’s OK. I was up a couple tenths so it’s OK,” he murmured.

Ricciardo claimed third, three tenths back, with team-mate Sebastian Vettel in fourth place, just under two tenths behind his team-mate.

The Australian too was displeased with how the session had panned out, saying that a late mistake had cost him.

“I think all three of us don’t seem to be too pleased with ourselves,” he said. “I think we left a bit on the table. We fought the car pretty hard in qualifying and trying to find a bit more from it. I thought I was getting around it OK but coming up to Turn 8 I just lost the rear completely on exit and pretty much the lap was gone after that. Frustrated, I think we could have been much closer. So a little bit disappointed.”

Unlike at other circuits, Q1 got off to a frantic start. Rosberg led the way out of pit lane and the German was soon followed by the bulk of the field, with only the Red Bulls choosing to sit out the opening skirmishes.

Rosberg set the early pace too with a time of 1:17.938, eight tenths quicker than Hamilton’s opener, and then lowered his own benchmark by three tenths. Hamilton soon closed the gap getting to within two tenths of his team-mate.

The Red Bulls eventually joined the fray after six minutes and both were quickly in the mix, with Ricciardo slotting into third and Vettel fifth.

Eleven minutes in, Toro Rosso rookie Daniil Kvyat, driving his first Monaco qualifying session in any series, lost control at the tunnel exit and hit the barriers, splintering his front wing and nose cone. He headed back for replacements and was soon circling again.

As the clock ticked down, Hulkenberg moved to the Supersofts, triggering a general move to the option, with only the Mercedes, Red Bulls and Fernando Alonso remaining on the prime tyre. The Spaniard though would eventually move to the red-banded tyre in securing fourth.

In the final moments of the session, Marcus Ericsson miscalculated, trying to pass Felipe Massa down the inside but the Swede only succeeded in pitching both into the barriers. Massa had already set a lap good enough for 10th on the end-of-segment timesheet but the incident meant he would eventually slide to 16th on the grid as he wasn’t able to take part in Q2.

When the flag fell it was the supersoft-shod Jean-Eric Vergne who topped the timesheet with a lap of 1:17.557, just over a tenth clear of Rosberg’s soft-tyre time of 1:17.678. Hamilton was third ahead of Alonso, Button and Ricciardo.

The eliminations, meanwhile, had a familiar cast to them, with 17th-placed Esteban Gutierrez ruled out of Q2, along with (P18-22) Adrian Sutil, Jules Bianchi, Max Chilton, Kamui Kobayashi and the hapless Ericsson.

Q2 saw everyone use the Supersofts and again it was Rosberg who set the pace ahead of Hamilton, Ricciardo and Vettel. Hamilton eventually moved ahead, putting in a lap of 1:16.354 to claim top spot, just over a tenth quicker than his team-mate.

The Mercedes pair also stretched away from their rivals, with Rosberg’s time six tenths clear of third-placed Vettel, who sealed the spot despite reporting and ERS problem. Alonso was fourth ahead of Ricciardo.

Elsewhere, Jean-Eric Vergne’s last-ditch effort was good enough to vault him to ninth but the Frenchman’s lap wasn’t as impressive as his rookie team-mate’s. After losing his front wing in Q1, Kvyat recovered to put in some impressive times in the second session, eventually finishing with a lap of 1:17.594, which was good enough for seventh behind Kimi Raikkonen and just in front of Kevin Magnussen. With Vergne ninth, the final Q3 place was claimed by Sergio Perez. Out, though, went Nico Hulkenberg, Jenson Button, Valtteri Bottas, Romain Grosjean and Massa.

The first runs in Q3 saw Rosberg steal back P1, the German becoming the first man to break the 1:16 barrier with a time of 1:15.989. Again, though hardly anything separated him from his team-mate, with Hamilton just five hundredths adrift. They were followed by Ricciardo and Vettel, the Australian three tenths behind Hamilton.

The final runs should have been the cue for another titanic battle between the Mercedes pairing but when Rosberg hit the brakes at Mirabeau he also unfortunately put the brakes on the drama – at least until the post-session analysis began.



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Real lack of class from Nico in celebrating the Pole, given the circumstances. Think this will have finally ruined any relationship with Lewis


This is an extract from 'this is F1'; Fourteen years on, little has changed between Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg, according to their former karting boss.

In 2000, the pair were teammates at mbm.com, the kart team sponsored by Mercedes-Benz and McLaren.

It was run by Dino Chiesa, who told Germany’s Bild am Sonntag newspaper on Sunday: “On his fast lap, Lewis was always a little faster than Nico. He knew it well and he knows it today.

“But Rosberg has always worked harder. He (Rosberg) has always done the dirty work — the setup, working with the mechanics and the engineers.

“Lewis has never worked as hard as Nico behind the scenes,” said Chiesa, when asked about the past in the context of the pair’s massive falling-out as they battle for the world championship in 2014 as Mercedes teammates.

“One of them has the talent, the other is fast but is more of a thinker. And then Lewis cuts a piece of Nico’s cake and sells it as his own.”

Chiesa said Briton Hamilton and German Rosberg also got up to their ‘psychological games’ in karts all those years ago.

“Yes, but of course on a different scale,” he revealed. “At the time I was the team manager, but I was also like a counsellor or a father.

“I remember some angry phone calls from the hotel reception. Sometimes they had destroyed the room. It started with a thrown cushion, then a blanket, then the mattress was out on the street.

“It was all fun except that I always paid the bill at the end,” he laughed.

Chiesa said Monaco 2014, however, was slightly different.

“Lewis behaved a bit like a young, angry Italian,” he surmised. “Nothing is ever his fault. He always thinks others are out to hurt him.

“But you have to understand this is a German team with a German driver who has been there for three years already. It feels to Lewis as if the team is a bit more friendly to Nico. It’s normal.”

Chiesa said he still talks regularly to Rosberg, but not to Hamilton.

“It is difficult to get to him,” he said. “His management is not very helpful. It may be good for a Hollywood star, but not for a formula one driver. These people give the impression of him being a superstar.

“But a motor sport race is not a show, it’s hard work. So I think it’s right that Niki Lauda brought him back down to earth,” said Chiesa, perhaps referring to Hamilton’s smaller entourage and apparently clearer focus in 2014.

Meanwhile, former F1 driver Alex Zanardi has tipped Hamilton to beat Rosberg to the title this year.

“I only want to say one thing about their rivalry,” the Italian is quoted by La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“Nico is a very strong driver, but Lewis is a champion.” (GMM)

David in Sydney

Celebration was a little overdone. But I think the error was genuine. It's just one race in the year. Ho hum.


Yep agree. Hopefully this will be forgotten by silverstone


Hamilton is seriously a child.

He needs to grow up and maybe bank his laps earlier.

Grown men dont respond how Hamilton did in the post qualy interview.


I am always the one first to jump on Hamilton he is childish.

But you are completely wrong about Hamilton here. He had EVERY right to be pissed off and act like that.

What Rosberg did is unsportsmanlike. Celebrating a pole when he cemented his pole position through an error. Whether it was real or not is beyond the scope of my post. Lets assume it was a genuine error.

Then why wasn't Rosberg the sportsman like Webber when he would take pole when Vettel clearly had a problem with his car? Webber would flat out say its a hollow pole position.

And one of Rosbergs victories let us all not forget is when two of the three current greats of the sport failed mechanically (Hamilton and Vettel). I want Hamilton to decimate him now. Its war.


Sorry John S, I think you're looking at it wrong. Rosberg's celebration is an important achievement for him and his side of the garage against "Team LH" (please!) who have had a pretty good run. I certainly don't think he deliberately ran off the track, and he has been fast all weekend, so why shouldn't he celebrate and get in HAM's head?

Also, I wouldn't hold Webber up as a virtue of sportsmanship. He threw more public tanties - and couldn't back them up with performances - than anyone I can remember.



Very childish.


True, very unsportsmanlike. Lost all my respect for Nico with that disgusting display.

German Samurai

Rosberg was happy. It's the most important pole of the year.

Hamilton's made his share of errors at the death in qualifying, but at most tracks you can just plant it on the asphalt run off and try again on the next lap.

You don't have the option at Monaco. That's why it's so important to bank the quickest time at the start of Q3. That's why it's so important to start your final qualifying run ahead on the track of the guy on provisional pole.


Sounds like a lot of sour grapes from HAM fans who live in self denial and can't accept the fact that he is not God.

According to some here, ROS isn't supposed to celebrate when he takes a pole - he should have sulked and told HAM he didn't deserve the pole.

Get real, he will do whatever possible to get into HAM's head as he is doing to ROS!

HAM was P2 at the time ROS made the mistake - if he would have been ahead as usual, it wouldn't have mattered. Suggesting ROS made the mistake on purpose is pure speculation.

Talk about throwing toys out of the pram - HAM evidently thinks he is entitled to pole by birthright judging from his sour look after qualy.

Now that the pressure has increased, at least at this time, it will be interesting to see if HAM can keep his cool or will become unglued thinking ROS is just a back-up driver who should yield to him.


Don't sulk, but also don't celebrate it like the biggest achievement of your career. Lewis, Seb, and Alonso would not have celebrate like that, I'm sure.

It's like in tennis when you get the benefit of a ball hitting the net, then dropping over. You take the point, but signal to your opponent that it was hard luck for them.


Why not, it was by no means a given that LH would beat him. Was it wrong for panics to celebrate when he won the Monaco gp? Is it wrong for Lewis to celebrate any win because he has a car 1 second faster than any other?


He's simply polished and upgraded the dark art of parking to impede that Schumacher introduced at Rascasse corner in 2006.


That was a mistake. How many times must I say it...no one is perfect, not even Schumi. They took it away from him because of whiney Alonso and the fact that Schumi normally hit lines to within 3mm margin of error. But even Schumi can make a mistake, as he did that day. I was there, saw it with my own eyes.


Saw that too, surely he knew he ruined everyone's quali at that stage. Why would he celebrate like that instead of apologising to the 9 other people who couldn't complete their lap because of him?

Guarantee you though; all we will hear about is how subdued and sulky Lewis was, as if he doesn't have a right to be lol

If i was him i would be majorly pisseddddddddd




Perhaps he is just learning how to get Lewis' back up? I get the sense that most things these two do and say regarding each other is now well thought out.

Mike from Colombia

Nico Rosberg has never really won a proper race in his career.

He has inherited fortune.....something that seems to be a recurring theme in his life.


That's not true, he won in China fair and square, and Monaco last year.

Mike from Colombia

China was a real one off.

He only wins if Hamilton has a problem. That is the proof.

a) China 2012: one-off win, Mercedes set up perfect

b) Monaco 2013: Hamilton problems

c) Silverstone 2013: inherits win after Hamilton blow out and Vettel retirement

d) Australia 2014: Hamilton mechanical failure

e) Monaco 2014: ruined Hamilton's pole lap

What more proof do you want?


back up your statement. if he can qualify faster than Lewis, surely he's capable of winning against lewis. Last year monaco is a perfect example


Harsh but true!




Totally ... a true winner doesn't celebrate that pole like that. You take it, but you realize that it wasn't a straight fight.


Yeah. Reminds me to Alonso celebrating at the Nurburgring after Kimi's flat spot in 2005. I hate people celebrating inherited victories as though they've just cured cancer. Massa did the same in France in 2008.


@ KRB Exactly. Tomorrow's race is the perfect time for Nico to get that DNF. Lewis already had his in Australia.


No further action on Rosberg incident, just came through.

Think the FIA got that one wrong.


If Rosberg didn't reverse back up the escape road to get back on the track,the yellow flags wouldn't have been shown. He would have known that he would have been unable to get round the track and start a new lap, thus no advantage to him. Thus it was a deliberate act to nullify those on fast laps behind him.


Good start for Dany Kvyat! Hope to see him in top 10 on finish!



Excellent lap from the "other" Daniel.


Ham not good enough this weekend...Maybe Rosberg did not have a breakfast and got hungry?

Yellow flag, yes....but still...should have been faster on the first flyer.

I think Rosberg will have this one in the pocket.


Everyone knows the Lewis leaves it all to the last lap to do his finest. Guess we'll never know if he was good enough or not.


hamilton won this from p3 in 2008. it's all possible.



As Nico admitted reversing out with the track still live, is he due a penalty?


Cars have the right to rejoin the track


I didn't see the reverse on TV so am asking genuinely.

How far did ROS reverse? Did he make it onto the track in front of other cars? Was it only HAM that was impeded?

If so it seems pretty straightforward. He impeded the progress of a competitor and will be awarded a grid penalty. There are rules in regard to leaving the circuit and rejoining in a safe manner also.

Not a HAM fan, more inclined to support ROS but I would like to understand the facts a little better before judging either guy.



If you look at the replay, you can see two marshall getting their yellow flags out the second Rosberg entered the escape road. One right on the corner of where Rosberg just missed the tyre wall (1.08), and then when looking up the hill (1.17).

So the yellow flags was not for reversing.


Thank you sir.

H.Guderian (ALO fan)

That's the way you want for Ham take that pole???


Someone cheated


If the car leading the qualifying, has any 'type' of 'driver error' which causes a yellow flag, with time remaining, it should be an automatic five grid-place demotion penalty.

No exemptions nor exceptions.

I think Johnny Herbert got it right.

Only someone deluded with extreme narcissistic disorder would just pull it off on the side, and say it was 'mechanical failure'.

Nico is clever enough to see that it must be into a grey area.

The only way to prevent this is to institute a rule based on the opening paragraph of this comment, a five grid-place demotion, no exceptions.

But good for Nico, anyways, either it was some kind of a fix, or a real botched job; it doesn't seem to matter.

It shouldn't be an insurmountable challenge if Lewis is as good as all of the Brit-o-centric maniacs froth at the mouth full about.

I tend to agree with them.

Let's face it, this is make or break for Nico, and if Lewis can win this race, Rosberg should be understandably deeply demoralized and of lost confidence.

If Nico does in fact, hang on for the win, then it will, rightly or wrongly, be shrouded in this admittedly, anaemic controversy.

I'm still looking for an extremely strong race from Vettel, but when the chips were down, the Mercedes were again in a different category.

Go Lewy, go!

This is your chance to close the door, at this early stage of the season.


Dean, I dont agree with your auto 5 grid penalty given there was no one near Nico to be impeded.

There was a huge question I think about how far back Nico reversed back but he must not have returned onto the track enough as the marshals let it pass.

Lewis was the soap opera queen yesterday- it was plain ridiculous how he carried on. It was very unfortunate incident which Nico milked with his rather unsporting celebration. Then our own JA rather pointedly asks " how did you feel about Nico's spin" almost suggesting there was something in it.. It was a very hyped up session as one would expect from Monaco--but I think Lewis rather stupid comments about "Hunger" made the whole incident more "in his face"

As you know I rate Lewis as the fastest in F1 bar none-- but his hollywood behaviour lost me as a fan over a year ago and unfortunately he still hasnt grown out of it. I still think he can/ will beat Nico tomorrow. He just must learn to tone down the lip service off track and keep doing what hes doing on track- hes a far better driver than Nico & there are many more races he will beat him too!.


Well said! Lewis is a great racer! But as a character one of the most immature out there..he needs to grow up


how could he know he is still on pole?

someone could set already a better time!

did he know were Hamilton was? or his time on the first sector?

if he really planned this He is the best driver out there!


Nico was the first out - he knew damn well that Hamilton was behind him and the only one really with a chance of beating him. Sad to hear you think a driver who would plan something like this is consider to be "the best".

Zachary's disease

Peter, You can say the same about Schumacher....."the best" who resorted to driving hill into the wall in 94, same to JV in 97...the list is huge but I hope you get my point


He only needed to impede Lewis and he knew that he was behind him




"Rosberg claims Monaco pole despite dramatic error on final flyer."

I'm sure some people may think that should read: Rosberg claims Monaco pole "because of" dramatic error on final flyer.


No there is no evidence LH would have beaten his time


Well, except for their sector times. If you go through the sector times, which I just did for all 3 quali sessions, you'll see that Ros had Ham in sector 1, but Ham was faster than Ros in sector 2, and they were about even in sector 3. It was pretty consistent throughout the session. To save time, here is their best laps in quali 3:

Ros: 19.826, 35.241, 20.922

Ham: 19.973, 35.140, 20.935 (Gap: +0.059)

On the final run, Ros already blew his sector 1 time, at 19.950, so the likelihood of him making up that last tenth in the last two sectors to better his time was very low. On his last flyer, Ham bettered his sector 1 time to 19.906. If he stayed true to form and performed as he had on prior laps, those 7 hundredths of a second would have covered the 0.059 gap, as he had his best sector ahead of him. Now, of course, there was no guarantee that he would have, but based on past performances Ham usually shows up on that last flyer. The only exception this year was Bahrain. Either way, as a fan it was disappointing not to see the attempt and the blame for that goes to Ros.

Let me also say that this does give credence to Ros pushing harder causing a lock-up in the second sector into Mirabeau. Although in the Benson's BBC article a lot of drivers off the record up and down the paddock were stating they thought it was done intentionally based on his steering wheel inputs.

To be honest, I hope he did it on purpose. To this point I've felt that he's been too much the nice guy, and you've got to be a little ruthless to win the world championship. Ham has won or performed well in Canada, the UK and Hungary, that's 3 out of the next 5 races. Austria is a bit of a wild card. This win effectively keeps the WDC even.

Mike from Colombia

My thoughts exactly!


G'day James,

Thank you for your pre-race views on Channel 10 in Oz. Your perspective on Frosty and Freeze is keenly awaited 😉




I trust the stewards to get it right. They have unbelievable amounts of data and equipment to look at it from every angle- far more than media or fans, obviously

Derek Warwick is the driver on the panel and he is a man of integrity. We'll go with what they say. Without seeing the data, it's impossible to say from the outside


James I was following live commentary on planetsport and in Q2 they posted this:

"14:27 Rosberg backs out of his first flying lap which has forced Hamilton to back out of his."


Or how about the driver who has made a mistake being out from that point while the others continue after the clock is restarted.


Did you see this? It sounded like an obstruction but was not picked up by the stewards. Monaco is so susceptible to a leading driver inhibiting drivers behind them it seems that a rethink of the rules is in order. If Rosberg wins it potentially sets a strategic president that other's may try to follow to set themselves up for a win. How about a clock stop for each flag, with a warm up lap before the clock is started again, along with an automatic penalty for a driver who makes 2 mistakes.


Measured words. I agree. Beter to wait and see before to judge



Ted Kravitz said some other team principals had been unanimous in stating they thought it underhand. Any follow up on this?


Red Bull for one is known to like messing with the heads of other teams. Anything that could result in one or both of the Mercedes not being at the front of the race is a good thing for other teams to get a podium or even a win.


Ted's dead Baby. Ted's dead.

Or did I mix him up with Zed?


What's his mobile number?


Had it been a genuine mistake he wouldn't have been pumping his fists as he got out the car back in the pits. The celebration was too forced. Gave the game away. Would've looked more convincing if he'd at least bumped the car's nose too.

1) Ruins LH's lap, 2)last minutes of Q3, 3)doesn't scratch his own car, 4) reverses back towards the track to make sure of the yellow, 5) 'celebrates' wildly with his body, but weakly with his face, 6) in the press conference, scratches his nose while denying any intent, 6) is German (cf MSC).

'Nuff said. Guilty. Three race ban.


RE: 4) reverses back towards the track to make sure of the yellow.

Not really, as soon as someone is on the escape road, yellows are waived anyway.


Give this man a cookie...


Mr Allen, please Schumacher done the similar thing to protect his pole,stewards saw diferently he started from the back of the grid, no if or buts the same should apply to Rosberg


David, the result is the same. No perspective required.

David in Sydney

SCH blocked the track. ROS ran into a side road. Perspective man


By the way, no one can say 100% that even Schumi did it on purpose.


If they find he did it deliberately then the precedent is set, isn't it?


Ok, but you're talking about 'was it deliberate or not?'. But what about him reversing towards the track? I can't imagine the marshals or his engineer advising him to do that. Obviously his lap was lost, and there was not enough time for another, and there were 8 drivers coming along behind him. Would seem to me pretty easy to realize that the best course of action was to stay further up the escape road, then reverse out once all cars behind had cleared.

What we don't want is a precedent set such that we see similar things in future qualifying sessions, b/c 1) it's unsporting, and 2) it seriously detracts from the sports entertainment value. Maybe it's time for a sequential final quali lap (i.e. each car has the track to itself, go out in reverse order of initial free-for-all period)?


Absolutely. But you also don't want a precedent can be set in another way; that a driver's times from qualifying is deleted and him sent to the back of the grid (if we are talking about a Schumacher-type penalty) simply for making a mistake whilst on the limit.

In terms of the running wide mistake on its own, I'm inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt because both guys are absolutely pushing the limit and we've seen mistakes from them in Q3 before (Rosberg in China; Hamilton in Bahrain) which has cost them pole. It's just that at Monaco there's no margin for error. However, it did look suspicious and I'm glad the stewards chose to look into it and subject it to all the requisite data analysis.


hamilton doesn't need to reduce to this level. he should take it on the chin and try to win the race tomorrow. i know as a fact that hamilton is suspicious of the officials trying to fix things in favour of rosberg because he has experienced it while they were teammates in lower series. he is older than rosberg and outdrove him at every level and yet rosberg was given the opportunity to progress into gp2 and f1 ahead of hamilton despite their age. at one stage Ron Dennis told the media that rosberg progressed ahead because of his age, indicating rosberg was older. i hope hamilton stays focused and allow nature to take its course rather than trying to do anything silly which may tarnish his reputation. keep it real hamilton, monza, canada and hungary are around the corner.


Sub-zero atmosphere in the press conference too, James!

Thank you Dan for actually saying something and covering for the Grumpy One.

If that was deliberate, it was beautifully done. I don think it was deliberate, but I'm not British.


Ha true!

I'm Aussie so I've had my go at conspiracy theories. It's interesting to see it from the outside, now I see why everyone thought we were ridiculous 😉

David in Sydney

I was starting to be impressed by how HAM had matured and then he sulks for the media conference. HAM just doesn't appear to want to win, he wants everyone to kowtow to him and stroke his ego. Boys.


He deserved to this time. Its a case of the boy who cried wolf here unfortunately.




the more I think of it the more suspicious i get because the sound was turned off during the press conference so that the fans at the race couldn't hear what was being said. the sound was then turned back on as soon as the interview was over. what was all that about?


Like Hamilton eloquently stated, although certainly not pleased, and as well he shouldn't have been happy with such a staged fiasco--"A very ironic situation...."


I think it was initially a mistake from Rosberg, but I have to question why he was reversing back onto the circuit during the final minute of qualifying. You could see that he was doing so from Lewis's onboard camera, and he also admitted as such during the post-qualy interview.

If he was playing fair, he should've stayed at the far end of the escape road until the session was over. These cars are able to tick over on a few cylinders without overheating, I don't see that it would have been a problem.


I'm afraid a driver is not required to wait until the end of the session before he/she can rejoin the track. According to motor racing rules, a car that has gone off can rejoin when traffic is clear. However, if there's traffic or if traffic is approaching, he/she has no right to rejoin track. He/she has to wait, because he/she will have no right of passage under the circumstances.

This also applies in a race situation. Assuming an 'ahead' car with, say, a 5-second lead makes a mistake (either goes off or spins or whatever). Once the car's lost racing speed and is recovering, he/she has lost all rights to his/her position, and will get a penalty (or should) if he/she tries to recover by blocking the racing line or trying to defend against a fast approaching car from behind.

I didn't see when and how Rosberg backed up and re-entered track, but as long as he wasn't backing up all the way on a live track, he should be fine. It's yellows whether he stays put or turns around.

Lewis did lose the opportunity to better his lap because of the yellows. Under the rules, he's got to lift. Unfortunate for him, but given his stature, he should've nailed that lap the first time around.

Rosberg may or may not have been naughty in Q3. See it this way - he was on provisional pole by a hair length, so he had to produce a flier to stay in contention, which meant he had to push. And, if he got it wrong, he would've brought out those yellows to save him anyway - very cunning. More cunning than Lewis' mind game about whose hungrier. Being the local kid, 1-0 to Rosberg on that one lol.

I don't blame Rosberg for this, and I like Hamilton (as long as he keeps his talking on the track). The problem is the redundant yellow flag. Definitely bring them out in potentially dangerous areas; just not everywhere. Or, get another flag (white?) for harmless cases like this (where whichever driver has gone off is required by the rules to stay put) until traffic is fully clear at qualifying and/or racing speed.


I agree with most of your post. On the flags there are levels of yellow flags, stationary, single waved, double waved (with or without SC). With modern safety standards, if there is a car in a run off area without marshals attending to it then that is stationary yellow. Drivers have to slow down as if they go off they could hit the car in the run-off area. We shouldn't assume the case was harmless. It could have been that Rosberg locked up on fluid that was dropped on the track and not detected by the marshals (no red and yellow striped flag). Hamilton comes along, and in his way, brakes a metre than Rosberg and sails up the escape road and hits the other car. I don't know the full story to the marshal that died in Canada, but we shouldn't assume they situations are harmless. At Monaco there is a greater level of assumed risk and in some places the speed on the straights is faster than it is has ever been.


I have to agree with you in the end. There's always that chance of another car losing control and going straight for the already troubled car on the runoff. Safety above everything. That's the way it is. It was just unfortunate that other drivers couldn't get a lap in, but that's the way it is as Rosberg said. Thanks for the info.


Natural reaction every driver would do that


Every driver would reverse into the path of other drivers in a qualifying session, knowing that there was no more time to do another lap himself and all he was doing was getting in the way?

I guess the yellows may have continued to have been waved even if he stayed at the far end of the escape road, so perhaps it's a moot point anyway.


no, he would stand there one minute with the engine running (they like that a lot)and drive slwoly back to the pit.every driver goes back to the track as fast as posible.for how long you are watching Formula 1? they all don´t about other driver at least as long as they are in the car. some even when they get out. and did he reverse in the path of a other driver? i didn´t see it jet. or you just made that up?


Looks like Michael Schumacher taught him one thing. how to use the rules to rig qualy and ruin the integrity of racing by getting fastest lap, then preventing everyone else from being able to drive fast by drawing a little too convenient yellow.


Keke called Schumacher a 'Drecksack' in 2006. Just for the sake of consistency he should say the same about his son.


He should get a 'kicking' from 'keke'


Please,let's not drag this honorable man into this.I am Hamilton fan,but respect Keke a lot.


Erm, its his own son that's dragged him into this...


Good point - Keke was extremely vocal back in 2006... Hopefully someone gets a microphone in front of him again this weekend!

Mike from Colombia



Here go the conspiracy theories.....!


(Nico under investigation...)


Dude, there would be yellow anyway.

Any car going off at the same place would end up in Rosberg's car.

Mike from Colombia

Cheating by one person is not a conspiracy.


He wasn't cheating by the british media (and Sky) will try to tell you something else 😉


under investigation for reversing on the track, no conspiracy theories, reversing has never been allowed in F1.


Reversing has never been allowed in f1? Lol! Are u sure u have been watching f1?!


Anil and HP, you are allowed to use your mandatory reverse gear to move your car from a dangerous position, but the rule about reversing against the flow of traffic and back onto the track is as old as F1.


reversing isn't allowed in the pitlane..no rules about it being on track 🙂


Smells of Schumacher "stalling" the car a few years back. It seems Nico needs dirty tactics and dossiers to beat Lewis. At least Lewis is fighting physiologically with him, not with dirty tactics out on track. It must hurt Nico to know that the only reason hes even close in points is that Lewis had a DNF.


It's rather the Stevenage thing that got into Nico's head.


may be he's hungrier than hamilton.


I do not think this was deliberate in a way that he deliberately made an error. But with your challenger behind you and the fastest time in the pocket Nico for sure wasn't hesitating to go maximum risk, no matter the consequences.


"I do not think this was deliberate in a way that he deliberately made an error"

So why do you think he dangerously reversed back towards the track while other cars were still coming down the hill? Do you really think NR is so dumb that he'd do that under normal circumstances, rather than park the car and get out?


So why you think the Stewards said Rosberg wasn't cheating?

Maybe because the yellow flags would have been out no matter how deep he would have been in the emergency exit?


Looks like it will be on like Donkey Kong tomorrow night between Nico and Lewis .. bring it on. My tip - Dan to come through for a first win!


hamilton can easily take them boy out at the first corner and still keep his 3 point lead but i hope he doesn't. he can only rise above it and try to win it fair and square.


I think you maybe right. Apparently Lewis said he would take a leaf out of Senna's book - expect a coming together at the first corner , I would 🙂


Evidence suggests ROS did it on purpose. If he is fair, he will have gone deep in to the escape zone and stay away from the pack.

Instead of that, he admitted that he was trying to REVERSE back onto the track!!!

What does reversing help in a quali? Is there another lap he can do? NOOO! he just wanna make sure yellow stays on!


I kinda have to agree with this. A driver of Nico's experience would know that with just seconds remaining in a qualifying session, to just leave it parked and let everyone get in their last flyer. Nico even admitted that he was thinking about the possibility of someone behind being able to beat his pole time, as the track was ramping up.


What a bizarre, even surreal qualifying! First there was Felippe making a rather ham-fisted attempt at moving out the way for Ericcson who promptly thanked the Brazilian by headbutting the Caterham into the Williams........weird.

And it gets weirder............Rosberg Junior on his last flying lap locks his front axle going into (the newly resurfaced) Mirrbeau which brought the out yellow flags and stopped Lewis from beating Nico's time! I don't think I've ever seen a Monaco pole sitter go fleeing down the escape road in the very last minute!!!

Bizarre conclusion.........is this a foretaste of what is to come tomorrow? Another weird and slightly surreal Monaco GP like 1982, 1996, 2004 or 2008?

By the way, away from the rather predictable Top 6, big shouts out to the Mini Bulls, or Toro Rosso's - and young Kyvat deserves an honourable mention too. The mini Bulls look decent - in sharp contrast to the Lotus which looks horrible on turn in, traction and mid corner stability.

Also, what happened to Williams on pure pace? Floundering, that's what.

Like I said, bizarre...........


good post


Massa left enough room to get a bus through, no ham-fisting going on (sounds like a euphemism) 🙂


Wasn't Rosberg talking on Thursday about learning from Schumacher? Hmm.

Could anyone see Rosberg's onboard, to see if it showed he was down on his previous time?

Some advice for Rosberg: when you win pole like that, don't celebrate it like you did. You've just caused a bunch of drivers to miss out on their last lap. Secondly, go back to the black gloves, or even the neon yellow ones. Teal-coloured gloves look horrible.

The word that I keep coming to, when I think of that last lap incident, is simply 'cheap'.


He was down in the first sector +0.124.

Like James said, the FIA hads every data to make their judgement, so lets wait before concluding, but if you can't wait, watch the below video and decide yourself..



I saw this live while watching qualifying, which had the exact same footage. It looked like a mistake when I first saw it. After looking at it over and over again, my best non-conspiracy theory is that he found himself on the middle of the track at turning point on that corner, which isn't the ideal line. He then tried to make the corner, but backed out at the last minute when the front right locked beyond recovery to make it. He was on two minds up until he did take the escape route.

The question is why he was on the middle of the track on the way to that corner. The short straight that leads to that corner is quite bumpy, which is why drivers veer right when they enter that straight and get back left to make the upcoming corner fighting macro an mini bumps all the way. Rosberg found himself in a half awkward situation there, which is why he was fighting the steering (which could have broke too).

Having said that, I won't rule out foul play. It does look like he did it deliberately if go in thinking that's what's happened. Over to the stewards. It's their call.

Mike from Colombia

Typo on your last word...you hit the p key by accident.

Mike Martin(HAM fan)

It's a shame to see Nico Rosberg resort to tactics like this to end the humiliation.

I hope the FIA hits him with a 5 place grid penalty.

How is Schumacher doing anyway? Kinda crossed my mind. Don't know why.

H.Guderian (ALO fan)

Are you 100% sure Ros did that on purpose???


Are you 100% sure Schumi did it on purpose?


It's safe to say this is now the start of a massive inter-te am war in the Merc garage! Lewis technically threw the first grenade by declaring he's hungrier and Nico is a spoilt brat.

Nico responded with en error in Q3 that will be debated forever and ever... Whether you think it's suspicious or not, it's up to you to decide. Interesting to note it is under review by the stewards so more to come there.

Again great job by RB boys but Vettel had issues with his MGUk?

Alonso about 8 tenths quicker than Kimi... Thats quite a big gap if you ask me. Almost all the top teams gap between teammates are in the 3 tenths region. Is there anymore excuses left really in this battle?

Also quite clear order now of pecking order between teams. Mercedes > RB > Ferrari. The others are sort of up and down depending on track.


Alonso was on new tyres for the first runs while Kimi was on a scrubbed set. I'm not certain but assume they both set their best times on their first run, so the tyres will explain at least half that time difference.


Wrong. They did their best times in the second run.

H.Guderian (ALO fan)


The track was too hot for Kimi.

You know, Kimi doesn't like hot things.


Whoa... intense qualifying session thankfully which didn't see a Red flag on such a tight circuit.

Another fine display from the Mercedes team with another 1-2 all this on a track they were supposed to be weaker.

However, was disappointed Rosberg made a mistake as most drivers didn't get a second run which could have changed a couple of positions.

Impressive stuff from Riccardo once again especially considering the fact Monaco is a driver's track that favours courage and skills.

Alonso still has the upper hand against Kimi with a performance that saw him edge the iceman.

Good effort by the Torro Rosso boys likewise Mclaren's Minimag and Force India's Perez did well especially for making it through Q2 >>> hopefully the stewards won't be too harsh to Perez, Kvyat when they're investigated for impending in Q1.

On the other side, was surprised by Williams and Lotus' lack of pace especially, probably the tyre heating issues caught them out.


With paranoia finally creeping in, the fight between Lewis and Rosberg up front is becoming enticing Lol...


Excrement happens when pushing the limits as NR obviously was. This is not the first time final runs have been destroyed by yellow flags, it's called a racing incident. Surely YOU have the stats to confirm this.

Good job by DR, but by no means stellar considering he had a fully functioning car. He should've been about 4 tenths faster (according to CH) over a lap than SV given the lack of electrical power because the MGU-K unit had packed it in. Why was this issue largely ignored by the British press? Answer: Selective memory to make "our guys" look better? Say it isn't so!

Special mention to DK, a Monaco rookie in any class no less for making it into the top 10!


I'm also a bit surprised that Williams seem to be bog slow on pure pace too.

Perhaps the reason could be lack of suspension compliance and an inconsistent ride height. If you look at photos, the front wishbones have quite a lot of angle on from where they join the front of the chassis, which possibly is affecting the suppleness and ability to ride kerbs and bumps. Possibly.

Also the Williams front wing and nose could be having issues with low speed air separation problems, and also that rather blunt, square nose design could make the airflow attachment much more problematic. This may also cause the underbody airflow to stall, leading to a loss of downforce.

Perhaps Williams, for the aforementioned reasons, are having problems with generating consistent downforce allied to a lack of compliance in the suspension. I suspect Lotus are having similar problems.

Of course I could be talking nonsense, but it does seem Williams do struggle on tight twiddly corners instead of the faster swoops.

We'll see!

PS Great performance from Kyvat, first time at Monaco in an F1 car to qualify Top 10 is nothing to be ashamed of.


@ Gaz Boy

Lol... In Kvyat, it would appear Red Bull have found Vettel's future replacement


I'll second that goferet.

It's actually a positive endorsement of Red Bull's "staircase of talent." First they discovered Sebastian, the wooly haired Honey Badger is going great guns now he is in front running car/team and Kyvat may be young but he's quick and switched on (great save at the tunnel!).

In my opinion, if a driver is quick enough, he's old enough for F1. Age is but a number......it's performance and mental agility that count.


Yes, Nico's "mistake" did prevent a couple of positions from changing, one being his own. 🙂


@ Robb

Lol... Quite right.

Tom in adelaide



Hmmm... Shades of Schumi in that one methinks...



Deliberate no.

Faster yes.

Lewis Hamilton is a seriously grumpy dissatisfied soul.

Perhaps the most successful miserable man in world motorsport...


Lewy is clearly an overly-pampered and coddled teenager-manling.

Get used to it; it takes this kind of twisted indoctrination and training to become one of these top-four elites (I know some would claim he is in an even more elite group, but few will disagree that he is in the top four).

Lewis is definitely in the top four, and right now, he's on top.

While his reaction is understandable, I hope that he can grow up a bit on this one, recognize the opportunity he has to demolish Nico (if he can), and go from there.

Graciousness and wry humour would have made his PR people a lot happier!


@ deancassady Hamilton pampered? And what was Rosberg? He grew up in Monaco of all places!!


Lewis was faster in all paractice sessins and q2.


Unfortunately we will always get guys like you who only see one side.

Agree with James there, put yourself in Lewis's shoes and tell me you would be cheerful about this lol

*shakes head*

Lewis, most unlucky driver on the grid


Hang on, he's entitled to be disappointed that he didn't have a chance to compete - his lap was faster and he didn't have the chance to finish it because of a mistake by Rosberg

Put yourself in his shoes and ask yourself how you would feel

If you cannot do that, then you have no idea what it is to be a competitor


"Hang on, he’s entitled to be disappointed that he didn’t have a chance to compete"

James I would like you to remember this comment for future reference.




But when VET acts like HAM he gets crucified by many here. Let's be consistent!


There is no doubt in my mind that this was deliberate. Rosberg was down +0.124 in the 1st sector and there was no way he was going to make up that time. On the other hand Hamilton was up by a couple tenths. It's really a shame because I really like Nico. Hopefully, he learns from this. There is no satisfaction in victory if everybody thinks u are cheating. The term "hollow victory" comes to mind.


James, put the bias to one side. You are right he's entitled to be disappointed.

So, the old saying is win with humility, lose with grace.

Hamilton finally takes the lead in the world championship and then starts a working class hero dig at Rosberg's parentage and up bringing. No humility whatsoever.

Rosberg then pushes yo go quicker, makes a (genuine) mistake which turns out to benefit him and disadvantage Hamilton. That's the roller coaster of the unfair life Hamilton was talking about. So Hamilton gets out of his car and, without time to speak to Rosberg or analyse any data, decides Rosberg has "cheated"him. No grace whatsoever.

As I wrote in a previous post, Hamilton is undoubtedly talented but has a seriously flawed character /personality. Maybe it's because his parents divorced or he grew up in Stevenage, not that that's happened to anyone else, of course!


Thank you James, you don't often come down off the fence - to be hosting this site, how can you - but you are right on this one. Lewis had every right to feel aggrieved , Nico quote clearly gained an advantage from his 'mistake' . TWOFT.


It would be the same the other way around if ROS had been disadvantaged


Well said James.

Real shame it ended up that way because this will never go away regardless.

Frankly I feel sorry for Ric - even he was fed up


I think he is right to be disappointed, but not sure he has the right to judge Rosberg. What if Rosberg has not done anything else just missed his brakeing point? these things happen, now Lewis can state he would have been faster and surely on pole, but who knows? Lewis left it to the last minute and got unlucky, and of story, in my opinion. IF Rosberg did it on purpose, that is unsporty, but I Just do not know.


not just the competitors, how did the spectators and television viewers feel? have they all be robbed of a better finish to quali?


That's unfair.

His attitude afterwards was poor especially his insinuation of a deliberate foul, this without any time to properly study the data and takesometime to collect his thoughts properly. As a big star on a global stage he could have managed this better. He's still leading the championship and starting at the front. Why be so miserable.


You indeed do not know what it is to be a true competitor i you keep saying it. You will never understand. Senna was far more outspoken...


That's a joke James because he hasn't been fastwr d sky analysis showed Rosberg was ahead


JA he is entitled to be disappointed. But he is a celebrity & the whole world is watching. People criticise Justin Bieber, Mylie Cyrus, Nicholas Anelka's Quenelle & others for there behaviour in public, public that make these people celebrities. Suggesting that Rosberg did it on purpose, not answering questions in press conference, negative body language in front of the whole world. I don't know if you are defending him or not JA. But yes, I put myself in his shoes & I am not rude, I am frustrated. Some opinions are better kept in house.


@ formula zero

+ 1

Torchwood Five

Formula Zero, LH refused to say that Rosberg did that deliberately.

His emotions were clear, but he remained tight-lipped in front of the media, pretty much repeating their own words back to them.


What did he say exactly?

when was he rude to anyone?

if anyone deserves a slagging, it s Rosberg, celebrating the way he did even after he knew he compromised up to 9 cars behind him and they wouldn't finish their laps. Now that right there is classless!


Oh come on. This isn't anything like Bieber and Cyrus acting like total idiots just to stay on the front page of the tabloids. This was a guy in a very high pressure situation showing an emotion he was totally justified in having.

F1 is much more interesting when we get to see genuine emotions, rather than drivers toeing the corporate line, and speaking the PR speak.


Atleast I don't watch F1 to watch a performance from a drama team - I want to see a race, a cut-throat race.

Emotions run very high and they are the face of racers, not a masked face of a clown. LH is entitled to react the way he did, given the circumstances. I hate when drivers given the rehearsed lines during interviews.




Tough time in the post qualifying interview today James. Congrats to Nico, Hamilton should at least be happy that Nico is charging hard and pushing him all the way.


I'm sure he is over the moon!


The whole rosberg locking up under brakes and into the runoff looks very fishy to me! He was on a completely different line to the lap before and was strangely moving the wheel left to right, like he was faking being out of control. Put simply he took a page out of Schumachers book, he did it on purpose!


Don't mess with Professor Rosberg.


For the record, I predict the stewards will penalise Rosberg, but not as harshly as Schumi; probably a 5 place grid penalty.


Oh well...


Cue the huge "was it on purpose" debate.

Shock horror... the majority of sky's UK viewers thought it was =/


maybe it was, maybe it wasn't I don't know and neither do you. The reversing back on to the track was clearly deliberate though.


Exactly - only Rosberg himself will ever know whether or not his initial excursion onto the escape road was done to hinder Lewis. However, the second manoeuvre to reverse back onto the track, whilst being fully aware that there were cars still on their final flying laps, is clear for all to see.

During the post-quali interviews, Nico conceded that he was fully aware that Lewis was still completing his final flying lap, therefore his decision to reverse back towards the track is at best an extremely poor and potentially dangerous lapse in judgement, and at worse a cynical attempt to manipulate the results of qualifying by preventing his only realistic competitor from setting a faster time than his own.

Either way, I don't see how it's possible for him to escape punishment for this aberration - deliberate or not!

H.Guderian (ALO fan)

He has every right to do so.


Well that was Dodgy from Nico....

I personally don't know what to think, but it is a bit of a hollow pole.

i think the friendship is officially over though, if there was a friendship to start with lol

Torchwood Five

Didn't look deliberate to my amateur eyes, though the subsequent celebrations on the car left a taste in the mouth.

Watching others' observations, such as Nico's reversing back towards the track after, and the move perhaps deliberately locking out Lewis' usage of Sector 2 (as shown on Anthony Davidson's Skypad), and developments, with interest.


Did Rosberg need to reverse out? If he had waited 30 seconds then the other drivers would have completed their laps at full speed. I feel cheated.

H.Guderian (ALO fan)

Is there anything IN THE RULES saying a driver can't do that???


Im a Hamilton fan but I feel he shouldve shut up about his 'hungrier' comments etc. He's setting himself up for massive dissapointment on days like this when rosberg beats him. The fact that rosberg has been quicker than him all weekend will irritate him hugely. To sum up, I reckon the results will be:

1 Rosberg

2 Riccardo

3 Hamilton


Rosberg was faster on Sunday in two of the races Hamilton won. As long as Hamilton's been able to stay in front, I don't think that speed differential has bothered him too much.

H.Guderian (ALO fan)

Just perfect!!!


It's RICCIARDO not Riccardo

And the 'i" must be pronounced

I cannot believe not a single commentator (apart from the spanish/italian ones) can pronounce the guy's name correctly.

And most can't even spell it

Imagine Hamilton being called Hamillon by everyone


All the commentators used to pronounce the the middle ( I ) part as in Ricc i' ardo' . Until Ricciardo told them the Italian ( which is his family background ) pronunciation is Rich'ardo. The commentators should be getting credit for using the way his family and friends do and not following the natural spelling. I guess he could change the spelling of his last name if it would make easier for you but until then don't blame the commentators.


To be fair, Daniel himself prefers to be referred as 'Riccardo', leaving the 'i' silent. According to him it's how it's pronounced colloquially in his hometown of Perth.


trouble is he pronounces it Riccardo and it's his name.


You're right, alx. But the man himself prefers the "Riccardo" pronunciation - that's how he's usually called in Australia. In Brazil (where I live) similar things sometimes happens - I've a friend named 'Ricci', but everybody calls him 'Rissi'.


Give me a break - it was a quick comment via smart phone with no spell check. I'm a huge Hamilton fan so I'm hoping he destroys rosberg in the race. Oops for lower case 'r'!!!


Rosberg is always quicker when it doesnt matter and usually loses pole on last stint in Q3, the one ham didnt finish. But yeah, didnt like the hunger jibe, i think it awoke the fight in Rosberg.


Would you all relax. I'm a Hamilton fan. I said that in my original point. I want him to beat Rosberg. My point was why p*** Rosberg off before the race and potentially make him annoyed and therefore hungrier and a bigger challenge. Keep him happy and full of praise then just keep beating him. That would be my method.


Yes because rosberg would buy all that! Nice method!! *smh*


Lewis was faster then Nico in every practice session but nice try.


In qualy he wasn't!


We will never know, will we? How convenient. ..


Hey Rockie, nice to hear from you. How did Vettel get on ?

I would have thought a 4 x WDC would be fairing better against a relative rookie. What's your take on the SV/DR intra team battle?


Yes he was, Nico quicker in q1 and Lewis quicker in q2. Did you even watch the session?


Agreed, but not faster all weekend as OP stated, just the session that matters most. Roll on tomorrow.


For sure, the Monaco track doesn't love Lewis back because whenever he looks capable of pole something always happens e.g. Perez's shunt on track in 2011.

But I was thinking, is it possible that Lewis' fortunes are somehow interwoven with GP2 Brit racer Jolyon Palmer???

Yes not only is Palmer a January baby but with his GP2 sprint race win, he achieved his 5th consecutive podium of 2014.

Also Palmer's win was his second Monaco victory, and second win of 2014 >>> the first being at Bahrain.


let's see how the race goes tomorrow.

danny almonte

It was obviously a suspicious incident that was worthy of investigation. Aspersions will be cast regardless of the stewards decision.


As a ham fan its looks like he would have got pole, but personally this is the best thing for f1 this season, if the merc stays the dominant car, then we really need massive needle between the 2, but without brawn on the pitwall merc could south implode, lauda will love it , but wolf and co , I dont personally think thet will be able to handle the fallout..


Apparently all the paddock say it was deliberate, except Brundle who says it isn't in Rosberg to do it.

Let's go with Brundle. I think the stewards will.


Not true - opinion much more divided than Schumacher 2006 incident


I would like to know which "four current drivers, from leading teams", also believe it was deliberate, as Andrew Benson claimed.


i couldn't see rosberg in that light either. looking at all the evidence, i first thought he did it on purpose but now i some how believe rosberg's version of events. what will he gain from doing such a thing? another win in monaco? and then what? get beaten for the rest of the season?

i think it was a mistake by rosberg and hamilton knows rosberg well enough to believe it wasn't done on purpose. hamilton on the other side, with his movie star ambitions, is playing to the cameras, pretending to be upset about it. i saw hamilton with clenched fist in celebration as he got out of the car. a victory on sunday for hamilton will only boost his shares.


Well if there is one qualifying I shouldn't have fallen asleep during, it was this one. I'll have to be glued to the pre race coverage on channel 10 to see what went on.

Hard to imagine Rosberg doing this on purpose, but I never believed that Schumacher was guilty either.


I'm wondering if an apology for an earlier "bias" remark is called for James, that is a lot more factually objective.

I daresay almost all the British think it deliberate, the Germans think it an accident - and the Italians / Spanish laughing themselves stupid at the British letting Johnny Englander out in public again.


Shouldn't you change the headings of this post and replace "despite" with "thanks to"


No because James ia not biased like you


Nico is being investigated!!


Fire in the hole!!!!

Torchwood Five

I cannot think of a more apt atatement.


Err, yeah well done Nico! I thought the fist pumping celebrations were a bit rich as all he had done was crack under the pressure and flukily ruined his team mates lap. Still we will see what happens tomorrow, I think lewis might be a bit pumped up for this one!


James, I have to say I think Rosberg's behaviour overall didn't impress me. Even giving him the benefit of the doubt that his mistake wasn't deliberate, why did he then reverse back towards the track with the session still in progress??

Also, celebrating when he got back like he'd won pole in a straight fight is far from classy.

I've watched with great interest thus far as a neutral view but from this moment onwards, I'm rooting for Hamilton.

What is your opinion?


you got be joking Dave. Rosberg's behaviour didn't impress you??? Rosberg's??? I guess you didn't watch Hamilton's post race interview with JA. Lewis seems to forget that the whole world is watching him TV. He clearly suggested that it was deliberate. Please watch the Sky Sports video of the incident again & also listen to the commentary. You don't have to be Fan to understand the situation, but you surely have to be blind to support Hamilton in any shape of form.


You could do with copy pasting that reply on many other people's comments 😛


How is it any different to Webber after Silverstone quali in 2010, when he smacked the glass against the table?

I want genuine people and genuine emotion. If Hamilton came out all fine with what happened, when he was on track to secure pole, I'd begin to worry.


You make it sound as if screwing your teammate over is more admirable than showing your unhappiness at being screwed over by your teammate.



I would love to see some of these charlatans, and how they'd react if they thought they'd been cheated. Seems like we're blessed here with a whackload of neo-Ghandi's.




I spoke to both - not just in press conference as moderator but afterwards.

Rosberg assured me it wasn't on purpose. Hamilton's body language and few words leads everyone to the conclusion that he thinks Rosberg did do it on purpose. I asked LH if this would change the dynamic between them from now on and he said "Potentially"

As for did he or didn't he, the tools available to the stewards are better than when Schumacher did what he did here in 2006. They are the only ones who are qualified with all that kit to judge if he did or not. Opinion is split here far more than in 2006, where 99% of people thought it was deliberate.

One thing is clear, Hamilton intends to use this to his advantage.


@ James No offense James but I doubt very much Rosberg would tell u the truth about his indiscretion. Like it or not Nico has opened up Pandora's Box. Every misstep now will be looked on cynically.


James the only thing this shows me is what a sourpuss Hamilton is. This guy is living his dream being in F1, he has the fastest car, he misses a chance at pole but he didn't beat Nico at the start of q3,he didn't bother to get out first, he risked going out later. Anyone could have touched and ruined his chance. Do you not agree? I think it's fair if he's sad but at the coherence he just seemed to lack class, Rosberg apologised and there was zero recognition from in my opinion a man who responded more like a brat. These guys are supposed to be friends from long ago, we've no history of Nico cheating. Hamilton should count his blessings and get over it. I wonder where all the fans who point fingers at other drivers on behaviour are now.


How do you think Lewis can use this to his advantage James?


Someone of Hamilton's character (Hungary 2007, Australia 2009?, getting Dave Ryan sacked, duping Trulli out of third, the list goes on) questioning someone else's character?! People in glass houses.......


It's interesting how Rosberg doesn't acknowledge that the only reason the championship is this close is because Lewis had a DNF in the first race, something Rosberg did not acknowledge post-race by praising the reliability. I didn't watch quali this morning, but I understand his over the top celebrations lacked class. Lewis in contrast looked genuinely chagrined on the podium in Malaysia last year. Nico goes on claiming that he was faster and he needs a clean weekend...ironically, he needed an error today, Lewis looked like he was 2.5 tenths up with his best sector to come. Lewis needs to stay cool and let his driving do the talking, since this won't happen every race. In Monaco pole is almost equal to the win unless there is strategic disruption...rain, safety cars etc


Casting doubt on Rosberg's character of course


Even if nothing comes of the investigation (my first impression is that he'll get a 5-place penalty for reversing back towards the track, when he should've waited for the 8 drivers behind him to pass), I don't see how this helps Rosberg long-term. Surely this is not the type of press that Mercedes wants, wondering whether one of their drivers deliberately crashed (i.e. cheated) or not.

Great for the general F1 press though!!!


A genuine mistake from Rosberg.

Hamilton's behaviour at the press conference and "top 3" photo revealed his true character (again).

If anything, Hamilton should take some comfort in the fact that under pressure, Rosberg is susceptible to errors - China an obvious recent example.

Instead, when things don't go Hamilton's way, he sulks.

He may well be the best driver on the track, but I find it difficult to follow him with any enthusiasm.

Yes, pole is critical at Monaco and qualifying circumstances were not perfect, but that is racing.

Rosberg was the beneficiary of putting in a better, and crucially, earlier lap time.



This isn't the first time this season HAM has acted like a child.

Don't remember which race it was, but he made a boo-boo in Q3 and ROS won the pole.

Afterwards, he pouted and acted as if it was someone else's fault.

He's fine when things are going smooth but when under pressure it's a different story.


He didn't pout after Bahrain Q3 ... he put his hand up, said it was his fault.

I have to question your perception of events, and your motives, if you think he acted like a child in Bahrain.


Hamilton is a great driver but time and again its the same: if hes winning hes the most charming guy as soon as he is not he comes across childish.

I am not a fan of either but I think Rosberg made a mistake and his celebrating was more to do with the fact that he had a great lap the previous lap. I don't think he knew at that stage whether Hamilton was on a better lap or not.


Doesn't seem to fit in with general sporting ethos that someone can benefit, and disadvantage others, by their own mistake, does it??


True character? He's not a Vulcan or cyborg.

James Allen Reply:

May 24th, 2014 at 4:17 pm

Hang on, he’s entitled to be disappointed that he didn’t have a chance to compete – his lap was faster and he didn’t have the chance to finish it because of a mistake by Rosberg.Put yourself in his shoes and ask yourself how you would feel. If you cannot do that, then you have no idea what it is to be a competitor


I'm not sure he was sulking tbh. I think he was annoyed but at the same time could see that despite being on pole (currently) Rosberg cracked. Either he did it deliberately which shows the pressure or he made a mistake which shows the same thing!


Of the two drivers (and again, I am not a Hamilton fan) he is clearly calmer under pressure and more consistent. Hamilton should recognise that he has Rosberg's measure and if he can pressure Rosberg tomorrow, he is likely to force an error.

It gives me no pleasure in lauding Hamilton's brilliance - his behaviour and attitude detract immensely for me.

And to slag off another driver for being brought up privileged and therefore not being hungry ... a cheap shot. Especially for a man who commutes to each race on a private jet that he OWNS!!!


I guess we have a clearer picture now! Neither driver wanting to make advances towards the other one. I don't know the context of Lewis's quotes i.e. was he asked about their different upbringings and the effect it has had on their approach to racing? Selective quotations often paint a picture that wasn't the intention of the individual. Mind you, if Lewis is guilty of one thing, it's being naive as far as the media go.


So there was nothing wrong with Rosberg reversing back on the track instead of staying where he was to minimize the yellow flag time and then celebrating the pole knowing fully well he compromised everyone's else run?!!


As for Lewis, why shouldn't he be subdued after that false. His last lap which was by the way faster was compromised after all. i don't understand what he has to be cheerful about...


You said it.

I have little issue with a mistake but the reverse move (ensuring waved yellows) when you know everyone is behind you is really pushing it.

Add to that running around trying to find someone to celebrate with simply was not cool.

And James - I have seen competitors fall out of cars and act injured to get such. In fact I very nearly lost a championship to such a stunt.

The rarefied air of F1 does not preclude such tactics and even you would have to admit history suggests such.

You state the stewards data will ensure all is fair - that is absolutely no warranty against a well thought out tactic and again history proves such.

It is not beyond the wit of man to ensure you keep the speed up, make all the 'as if I was going to' moves, lock up and ensure no one can put in better by reversing 'in the heat of the moment' and to suggest otherwise - well you need to cover some club racing.

I am pretty sure NR did not think this through but let's face it - such things have happened and NR needs to make sure he cuts an apologetic figure.

Not running around with a big grin.

After all even Ric lost his usual mega watt smile....


No where does it say that the last lap must be the fastest.

Especially at a circuit like Monaco, that is the risk teams take by leaving it to ride on the last lap. Red flags, crashes, traffic, debris on the track ... all unpredictable but part of the game.

Clearly, Q3 was not perfect or remotely ideal ... but that is racing.

Rosberg got a better time in earlier - there was nothing stopping Hamilton from doing the same.


Because doing that at La Rascasse would have been fat too obvious.


The margin between Alo and Rai is a big surprise for me. I thought Rai would be way much closer to Alo. I wonder if there is something on technical side on Rai's car or Alo is that much faster here?


would have been less because kimi was on new tyres but rosberg incident meant he couldnt go any faster


Other thoughts ... what the hell was Ericsson doing?!? Very tough on Massa there, though I guess Bottas didn't qualify all that high. Still want to have the chance, rather than have it taken from you by someone else's reckless driving.

Secondly, I think we have to term JEV a Monaco specialist. I heard that he is over the weight limit (i.e. over the 692kg min weight), so he's giving away time to Kvyat every lap. But he beat him today, and beat Ricciardo last year.

Love Ricciardo's quote after the quali photo: "I thought I'd be the miserable one in the presser ... it was a bit awkward." Guy is gold.

I see now that Rosberg is being investigated. Heard that he reversed from where he was, and went closer to the track. I think Rosberg made his initial "error" look believable, but reversing back towards the track from the escape road is more likely to draw a penalty. First, it required the yellow flags to keep flying, whereas if he had driven further down, the yellows would've stopped. Reversing there, with other cars coming, is obviously not the best thing to be doing. I think he's in danger of a breach of Art. 30.13 or 30.14 of the Sporting Reg's.


Rosberg showing Schumi how he *should* have done it, hahaha.


Best comment so far.


PS Does the rule that in qualifying if you can't make it back to the pits "under your own steam/power" you can't proceed to the next leg of quali need amending?

What happened to Felipe was a bit cack-handed on his part, but it meant a driver who legitimately qualified in the Top 10 wasn't able to take part in the last shoot out session because of extenuating circumstances.

Perhaps the stewards can use their discretion if there are extenuating circumstances - in their opinion of course - and allow a driver to continue in the last part of qualifying?

I not saying the rule should be amended per se, I'm just open to ideas about modifying it in special circumstances - a dispensation rule in exceptional circumstances if you like.


Shades of Schumacher stopping on track at Monaco in 2006 after taking pole, just in time to stop Alonso's final pole lap????



Joseph Harris

One thing is 'for sure', the season is tee'd up nicely now whatever the stewards outcome. Battle commence.

Was it necessary for Rosberg to reverse out? Surely he would of been informed on the radio that Lewis was down the road.


I wish Schumi Jr.....er Rosberg all the best tomorrow.


Rosberg must have read his countryman's book...Shades of Schumacher "losing control" and stopping on track after taking pole at Monaco in 2006, halting final quali and Alonso on his final pole lap???

Kenneth M'Boy

Does anyone know why Ten or One HD didn't show qualifying live? I think they did this last year too. Very disappointing.


Was live in Bris.


It was live on 1HD in Sydney. Pre show started at 9.30pm, Q1 at 10.00 pm. Cant speak for other areas mate.


They did on One.


My question is,why did he reverse knowing well there were other cars behind him?

. To bring out the yellow flags.Clever fellow.


Lewis needs to take a page from Ayrton's Suzuka 1990 play book. If Nico is in front heading in to St. Devote, Lewis needs to put the hammer down and go for the gap, whether it is realistic or not!


Deliberately crash? Don't be silly. Plus 2nd here is on the outside of the corner, so you can't do a Senna-Prost Suzuka '90.

If Rosberg keeps pole, Hamilton can still clearly win.


If Lewis takes them both out, he still leads 🙂


and will start at the back of the next race!

Rick Albright

Seriously ? Advocating taking someone off ? Senna's move at Suzuka was sheer desperation. And Lewis has just said out loud that's what he'll do. Not very smart. At least Senna had the brains not to admit it until the following year.


Gotta take my hat off to Kvyat. Amazing stuff!


Very disappointed in Rosberg,first he shouldnt be celebrating like just conquered mount everest,2nd he should have sportingly apologize to Lewis,instead he was like robbing it in his Lewis face.
Im not 100% sure if it was deliberate but,reading the media ,Allain Prost comments included,they all think that Rosberg cant beat Lewis,but to do so there needs to be an event to unsettle Lewis,and GOAD HIM into a mistake,and thereby break his momentun.

This is the same strategy Button used on Lewis when he couldnt beat him fair and sqaure.When lewis won the 1st race in 2011 by passing Button on the outside of a corner,he was then advise to stick his elbow out on Lewis by a very prominent F1 commentator,the same one today who thinks that it was all innocent,the same one who thinks its a thinking DRIver championship.The result was Button deliberately pushing Lewis in the wall in Canada,offcouse Daddy Witmarsh and the media covered it up .

[mod] The truth is Lewis is mentally one of the strongest Drivers,and his pole record and qually stats proves that.
This meme was started by Mclaren,when they were trying to get Button to beat him.They would sabotage his races...then plant stories in the media that he choke and is a soar looser.Spa 2012 was a great injustice which got lost in the whole tweeting,which was offcourse Witmarsh strategy.smoke and mirrors

This seems to be text book on how to unsettle Lewis,some one who is not traditionally favored by the sTEWARDS and the media.the idea is to inflict injustice against him,when it stands he over reacts and makes a mistake.And Viola the media have the narrative they want lewis is a chocker,not calm easily rattled,less intelligent bla bla bla and the real injustice like ....Turkey 2011,Spa 2012,canada 2011 are all swept under the carpet.

Dig deep Lewis you survive the Mclaren onslaught,this is childs play...go get em


I like your rose coloured glasses 🙂


You're a Vettel fan trying to make Hamilton fans look bad right?


Interesting how Hamilton fans always bring Vettel into a discussion regarding Hamilton and Button.


Canada was Lewis' fault!


Canada was Lewis's fault. The boy simply drove into Button. Remember Button saying 'What is he doing'?


No he didn't. HAM had more speed and was coming up the inside of the straight during rain. BUTT left the door open and then pushed him into the wall. There was no corner or anything. All happened on the straight. SPACTUS, everything he said, is a hundred percent CORRECT. McLaren didn't bother with subtleties, it was open war. Http://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QtsTSSzrl8w. In case you didn't see, Lewis was on the left, his left side inches beside the white line bordering the track. If you can't call it what it is, you are one of them.


You might want to look at it again


You will also remember then that Button said sorry for his mistake for not seeing Lewis because of spray when he pushed an overtaking Hamilton into the pit wall.

Clearly Buttons mistake, take a look back and you will see.


Oh and look, here comes Elvis in a spaceship that he stole from Roswell.


This is sarcasm i hope? Your e not serious right?


I'm writing this ahead of the stewards investigation is concluded ; the way Rosberg was working the wheel implied an arranged mistake rather than an attempt to correct. It just looked plain wrong from a driver's perspective.


A lot of talk of 'mind games' over the past few days with Hamilton seemingly seeking to ramp up the pressure on Rosberg, but when it comes down to it, one very minor setback for him and Hamilton reverts to type by getting all sulky and miffed. I tend to think Hamilton is just too good for Rosberg over the course of a season, but equally I think Hamilton is much more likely to lose his head when something minor goes wrong or be distracted by the media or something outside the car.

Or maybe it's just that he wasn't hungry enough for pole this time...


You've got to "think" your way to pole!


I predict that tomorrow an angry Hamilton will push Rosberg into the armco and Ricciardo will steal victory.


I agree, I can't see Rosberg driving away from Hamilton and under the circumstances and I can't see Hamilton just following him till the finish. I predict Hamilton will 'lose control' and run into the side of Rosberg on the same corner as Rosberg ran off in qualy and say that he also 'lost control'. Potential for a staged prang at first corner as well. After all if both Mercs DNF Hamilton is still leading. With their dominance on the other circuits, there is a big enough points buffer to 3rd in WDC for this to happen. One thing for sure, it is going to be entertaining.


If Nico doesn't get a penalty I think that is very likely.


"I didn't know where Lewis was, but I saw him in my mirrors when I was reversin".....

Now why would you reverse back into oncoming traffic, when you knew, there was 9 other cars on the track, doing their final flying lap?......

Now let's see what the stewards say....


Ferrari gave again undrivable car to Kimi. Two Ferraris are like day and night in terms of drivability.

Zachary's disease

And kimis inability to speak Italian prevented him from asking for set up changes.......

That's right, both our statements are ridiculous!


I think you meant the 'drivers' are light and day in terms of driver ability. Never mind, it's an easy mistake to make.



It must be driver's fault if there is no front end grip in the car.


Kimi's lap was with used tyres. Anyway, Alonso was faster all the weekend even being certainly close to Vettel. The guy did a better job, though the difference without Rosberg's "mistake" would be smaller because in that lap Kimi had new tyres.


Seven tenth behind is still a lot. Especially on a driver circuit.


Obviously only Rosberg & his racing Simulator know the truth but I'm genuinely curious from a technical perspective and not implying anything, based on the skill level of an F1 driver how hard would it be to accurately simulate Rosberg's mistake and end up where he parked?


Hamilton really should try to be a little more gracious in defeat. He is coming across as arogant and spoilt. The exact opposite of Nico, who is, accoring to Lewis, supposed to be the spoilt one.

Mike from Colombia

He was not defeated. Rosberg made sure he could not put in a quicker lap.




Its not *defeat*, its being *cheated*, by a longtime childhood friend. Its more than just the loss of pole. You guys opine like you'd be all jolly if you found out your best mate nicked something valuable off you. Quit hating on a legitimately successful man.


Too what end? I am so tired of reading about how Hamilton should be all smiley and happy when he's beaten. I would have thought that's the last thing a top class sport person should be doing. I think all those drivers should be miffed when they are bettered by their team mate and it should spur them on to try harder.


I didn't say he should be smiley.

He basically accused Rosberg of cheating when he could have in no way known what had happened. Thats fine. But at least be man enough to say it straight.


true, hes always like that when things don't go his way


All drivers are like that. You only notice when Hamilton does it.


Half true, but lulu cries the most lol

Rick Albright



Congrats Rosberg ! I would have loved for rain and maybe a Red Bull or Ferrari on pole position for a change but at least we dont have to endure yet another spoilt brat pole (yes i mean Hamilton) who looked like he was choking on a sausage after Q3 and as usual was suffering from sudden eyesight trouble whenever things dont go his way.

Ricciardo again edged a little closer towards Merc pace and Vettel with another ERS glitch, so business as usual but they are getting there and either one of them could have put the RB on pole position if it had rained today.

Tommorow i expect an agitated Hamilton to do some "let me pass or we both gonna crash" moves, it was written all over his face today he is cooking up something. And if they do crash all bets are off in this championship because penalties usually follow. Whatever happens its clear there is something in the air in the Merc garage and it isnt love and sooner or later these things tend to blow up to release some pressure. Happened at Red Bull, at Ferrari or McLaren why should it be different this time ?


Let's not start about Alonso and how a team mate had to crash in the wall so he could win.


yea we have seen this movie before at Mclaren,sabotage lewis then people like you come and attack him saying he is sulking rather than look at he incident


@Spactus +1


Absolutely did it on purpose perhaps in response to recent quotes about him. He was sawing away at the wheel before the corner to destabilise the car.

Fantastic stuff this. Bring on tomorrow.


How will F1 get out of this?

The precedent was set in 2006. If you make a mistake on your lap, and it costs your rival the chance of completing his own lap, you get penalized.

Good luck F.I.A.


RIC brilliant again. HAM should have pole given sector time before yellows.

JEV embarrassed by teammate. JEV should start looking for a new series or career in 2015. Not good enough.


By JEV do you maybe mean RAI?


JEV beat his teammate.


Am I missing something? JEV beat Kvyat in Q3 by 0.5s! That is with giving away a weight disadvantage to Kvyat (Vergne is over the 692kg weight limit, I believe I heard by 6 kg).

JEV beat Ricciardo here last year. Overall, I think Ricciardo is quicker than JEV, but he obviously goes pretty well in Monaco.


Exactly my point. Kvyat hadn't even walked the Monaco track before Wednesday this week (never been there in any other car or even a road car) and gets within 0.5 of JEV who as you say is a Monaco specialist on arguable the hardest track to learn to drive quick (& following an earlier incident). Kvyat has been 0.5 secs quicker than JEV several times this year previously and he is a GP3 graduate rookie. JEV is simply not good enough for F1 & to even compare him to RIC is silly. JEV should be swamping Kvyat this season. STR would be better with Sainz in the seat next to Kvyat.


Embarrassed by team mate ? I agree Kvyat has been more impressive until today's session... but JEV was just much better in quali here. He's heavier and still manages to be 0.5s ahead of the nonetheless very skilled Russian lad.

He was also faster than Ricciardo on this very track last year. Definitely a Monaco specialist.

Valentino from montreal

Boring season ..Mercedes always win and anobody else .. Where's the competition ? The season is over already .. Reminds me of :










Mercedes are ruining the sport ...


all the other teams get together and agreed to build slower cars with the sole aim of ruining the sport!


Yeah, I hated those dull seasons in 2003, 2010 and 2012 when the title went down to the final race.


2010 huh...? When who was running away with it... The superior Red Bulls or the guy in the red car with superior skill? 2010 was close.. Not because of car competitiveness.


Then stay away and you won't be missed.I can bet on that.


What were Mercedes supposed to do? Build a slower car?


No. It's up to the rest to rise the game. This time both RBR and Ferrari are within a second of Mercedes. Clearly progress has been made.

Valentino from montreal

Exactly Robb ! What were Ferrari/Schumacher and Reb Bull/Vettel supposed to do :Build slower cars , drive slower too ??


I never complained about Schumacher or Vettel's dominance. Nobody should ever do anything other than try to win everything. That's why you can't blame Mercedes, it's up to the others to be better.


Yes 2000 01 02 03 04 when your beloved Michael was walking every season, im sure you were not moaning then as you do now..


"Hollow Pole for Rosberg!!" as Martin Brundle states.

Agree totally wuth that statement. Hope Lewis wins as Rosberg sgould not have reversed which brought the yellow flags out.

Rosberg should now be named "Shamberg" after that Q3 showing. Prevented 9 other cars from setting proper times instead of slowly for yellow flags. Indy cars take away poles dor this sort of behaviour. ..reckon this should happen in F1 too!



“Hollow Pole for Rosberg!!”...... That would be a tube then.


😀 how obsrevant of you Mr Yellowbelly 😀