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Monaco GP – Who was your driver of the day?
Posted By: James Allen  |  26 May 2014   |  12:09 am GMT  |  247 comments

There were some remarkable performances in the Monaco GP and some real hard luck stories, like Kimi Raikkonen, who lost a podium to a puncture and Jean Eric Vergne, who lost a potential sixth place as his team released him unsafely from his pit stop and he was penalized.

But who was your driver of the day?

Nico Rosberg

Team mate Lewis Hamilton questioned his hunger before the Monaco weekend, but Rosberg demonstrated he has it in spades. Set out to halt Hamliton’s championship momentum and took pole after a controversial incident in which his error meant Hamilton could not take pole from him. Race was almost perfect, except for one lock up, ironically at the same Mirabeau corner where he went wrong in qualifying.

Lewis Hamilton
Made no secret of his feeling that Rosberg deliberately make a mistake in the final run of qualifying to thwart him from taking pole. Got a good start, but not enough to challenge for the lead. Frustrated in Rosberg’s trail, his only other chance of jumping him, through strategy, was wrecked by the safety car.

Daniel Ricciardo
Second podium in a row for the Aussie, who once again out qualified team mate Vettel. A less than perfect start from third, dropped him to fifth, but he benefitted from problems for Vettel and Raikkonen to claim third at the end. Closed up to Hamilton in the final stages.

Nico Hulkenberg
Astonishing drive from the German, who started 11th and finished 5th. Great overtake on Magnussen and a flawless execution of a difficult strategy, starting on the medium tyre and then doing 50 laps on the supersoft. He managed to hold off the others when his tyres went off in the closing stages.

Jules Bianchi
Started on the back row of the grid and finished 9th (8th on the road, but 9th after a 5 second penalty was applied). Like Hulkenberg, Bianchi did a counter strategy, starting on the soft and then covering over 50 laps on supersoft. There was so much at stake for the team as it claimed its first F1 points and broke a five year duck.

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Stephen Taylor

Bianchi most definitely

Tornillo Amarillo

Yes, I was convinced by Bianchi as well.




Sorry it can't be Bianchi, good to see him and his team score points but the drove into the side of KOBAYASHI and ruined his race with the damage he caused this is F1 not touring cars.


Its good to see a back end team getting 2 points for the first time.

Horner congratulated Marussia for this. Kind of show how significant it is.

BTW, Chilton continues his record of "finishing last every race". HAHAHA...


Chilton is happy with the record. Anybody who can drive a car can easily achieve such a record. All you have to do is to let everything that has four wheel to pass. They can lap you as much as they want, since you will stop on the same lap the winner takes the chequered flag. Finishing every race in the last position is not a record to be proud of. Now that Marussia has got their first points I hope he releases that and push his car harder to be in a position to pick points if the opportunity occurs.


Bloody oath (sorry Dan).

Tom in Adelaide


Best story of the weekend.


+ 1

Quality drive

Ferrari could do worse than look at him for the future.


Driver of the Day might have challenged Hamilton for p2 but was taken out by the bizzarre 2nd driver of the Marussia team.

Others have been telling Ferrari, wrongly, that p4 or worse is the best possible.


Kimi drove well yesterday, but to be realistic the highest he could have achieved was 3rd as he couldn't have got close to Lewis and Ricciardo would have found it difficult to pass him considering the lack of overtake in Monaco.


Ya right, kimi should definetly get an award for that move on magnussen at hairpin lol.


Seriously, how do you manage to hit the guy ahead of you under a safety car?! I wish they'd shown a replay of that.

2 consecutive races now the sensitive samurai has been outclassed by Kimi. 1 was sabotaged by ferrari, the other by Chilton. This run of bad luck can't continue surely? Kimi hasn't even had a clean weekend yet.

Look out for more chatter from Alonso now as he moves into mind games mode.


@ Vivek

Have you watched the Monaco GP weekeend?

"2 consecutive races now the sensitive samurai has been outclassed by Kimi" - A complete load of drivel and tripe

Alonso clocked a 1:16:686 v/s Kimi's 1:17:389 that's 0.800 tenths slower. This is nothing but the gulf in class between Alonso and Kimi. Alonso out-qualified kimi 4-2 and Outraced kimi 6-0. Scored 61 pivotal points versus kimi's meager 17 points

Now tell me where Kimi has outclassed Alonso?

Kimi hit chilton i believe by mistake under SC and deserve the erratic luck because of such novice mistake. Not just that later in the race Kimi misjudged the passing move on a Mclaren

1 was sabotaged by Ferrari and other by chilton? What a complete charade. On both scenario kimi did not deserve anything he was slower than Alonso in spain and here in monaco it was kimi who hit chilton

Alonso have no need to play mind games he is up against a most vaunted pilot in the current F1 grid. who is even more poorer than a certain Felipe massa


"Kimi hit chilton i believe by mistake under SC and deserve the erratic luck because of such novice mistake."

Kimi hit Chilton, that's why Kimi's rear tire was flat and Chilton needed a new front wing?


Yeah, the only other time I can remember someone doing that was a driver named Sebastian something or other. He was obviously pretty hopeless ...

Although I partly agree; it's pretty unfortunate and I'm not trying to suggest Chilton is in Vettel's league.


you mean Vettel in 2007 in Japan, in the rain, when Lewis was playing games at the front, so much so that the penalty VET got for the next race was put aside?

Same exact circumstance.


I'm a huge Kimi fan but he was never going to bother Hamilton yesterday, and would've done well to keep Danny boy behind him.


He wouldn't have had hammy but it's basically impossible to pass unless you're 1.5- 2 seconds faster, so it's very likely Dan wouldn't have got passed.


German media calls Nico-Lewis situation Star Wars. I love it! Finally something original and not a "gate".


I agree, using 'gate' as a suffix was getting incredibly boring....

Tornillo Amarillo

it's a cagate...

Zachary's disease

I like 'Dumb and Dumber' but could settle for 'the good, the bad and the ugly'.....put Nico, Lewis and Niki where you feel is appropriate.


"Escape Roadgate"

Skulduggery at its finest. 🙂


Quite right, *Sebee*. Furthermore whomever says Lewis Hamilton had the pole position locked up is incorrect. Lewis was quicker in the first section of his lap but he would have had to been perfect in the remaining 2/3 of the lap. It is not CERTAIN this would have happened. Lewis may have slowed, made a mistake, or had difficulty with traffic. Lewis knows this, of course, and for him to spend the entire weekend acting as though he is 'entitled' to a Monaco victory is very enlightening/disappointing for the those of us watching.

What IS certain is that Rosberg did in fact drive a quicker qualifying lap, ultimately, than Lewis thereby earning the pole postion.

I also, for one, don't believe Lewis had a vision problem. I believe that was classic Lewis Hamilton letting his emotions get the best of him. He said that was the case over the team radio but as soon as Ricciardo caught him up miraculously the 'vision problem' went away.

More excuses I suspect from Lewis Hamilton. Just my guess. I could be wrong as I'm not infallible like some people. Thanks again, *Sebee* for bringing sanity to the conversation.


Lewis was a 10th plus up already against Nico's time in the first sector. Lewis advantage was much more in the second sector, so considering that he was up already and Nico was +0.124 down the possibility of him beating Nico's time was very high. But like Lewis said, "The weekend's done and dusted. We've got a one-two for the team. Let's just focus on moving forward"


Lewis, move on? Our Lewis or Jerry Lee Lewis said this?



Seeing the DotD results so far, has the actual race winner ever fared as badly as ROS is here? Under 9%?!?! I would imagine if he had taken pole cleanly, then withstood the pressure he did from Lewis, his score wouldn't be so abysmally low. Seriously, is that the worst ever DotD score for a race winner ever, or what?!


I can buy the Bianchi factor, but still. Being beaten by 3 other drivers as well (on another site it was 2, with Hulk close behind Rosberg). Rosberg gets no love!



Was the poll scientific? Did JAonF1 get German translation and get requests for participation of German fans via top German blog? Is this a pro-Lewis crowd and a somewhat German driver hostile environment as comment about Vettel barely squeaking out a handful of DOTD last 4 years notes?

I see you're really hard done by Nico taking this one. Do we need to recruit a bartender into JAonF1 Canadian Chapter as a member to soothe our pains? You worried about Lewis, me about state of F1? Which reminds me, our club needs a pair of B&Ws 800s plus two mono McIntosh amps to fix this engine sound mess. How is our club budget? Can we go ahead with the requisition?


Well, none of the polls prior have been scientific, so a fair comparison can be made. I would expect Rosberg to snag at least a quarter of the vote, and not be behind 3 other drivers in the polling. Vettel in the same position would've scored a lot higher. Rosberg just doesn't really arouse much emotion from anyone, it seems, apart from Hamilton. 🙂

He's just there. I think he's a very good driver, but he has little to no 'it' factor.

As for the club budget, we spent most of it in the doomed 'Stop the Double Points Madness' campaign. 🙁


Well I seem to remember back in 2011 Vettel failed to win a single DotD award on this site, often by some margin. Worse than Rosberg here? I don't know.

Keep in mind though that this win is a little overshadowed by the huge feel-good story that was Bianchi scoring points, even some lead figurs from front running teams were seen congratulating the Marussia team over this. The qualifying controversy probably dented Rosberg's tally here, but I would wager that Bianchi had a much bigger impact.


A scandal that's not a "gate"? Now that's a scandal! Let's call it "Gategate"!


Lewis for driving with vision impairment problems

& a dubious Q3 intervention from yellow flags which denied him pole & a consecutive Five Race Wins haul.

Honourable mention to Riccardo

& Alonso.

Kimi was unlucky & so was KMag.

John Wainwright

I'm not sure about Lewis being driver of the day for having impaired vision but hell he deserves a big honourable mention for being able to drive an F1 car 100 metres at race pace round Monaco. DOD for me was probably the young Aussie lad. Very mature drive from a novice at the front end of the grid.


Lewis "Toys out of the Pram" Hamilton was in no way the driver of the day. Could not beat Rosberg and could not cope. Game on.


If were sticking with the conspiracy theory then why don't we say "alleged vision impairment problems"

my guess is he faked it to give himself an excuse for not being able to overtake


How would he fake to drop almost 2 seconds in a lap? It was obvious he had a problem as you could see from the onscreen timing that the gap between him and Nico was increasing rapidly under a lap. You could also noticed that the gap between him and Nico later stabilized. Overtaking in Monaco is hard everyone knows it, so if there is any place Hamilton would fake anything to give himself a reason for not overtaking, that's definitely not Monaco. Besides Hamilton has nothing to prove to anyone when it comes to overtaking as he never shy away from any slightest gap to overtake.


It can only be Bianchi. What a stunning drive.


Bianchi. Not only a great drive to get 9th, but the financial implications for Marussia at the end of the season for those points could be immense.

David in Sydney

So sad the way Caterham is going... they weren't even in the hunt for a point in the day of all days for them...


Bianchi or Hulkenberg - I really can't decide - although Bianchis impact is greater for his team he also made a few mistakes which ruined his perfect showing - the Hulk's pass on Mag though - when was the last time we saw that? I guess the really fun drivers can MAKE overtaking happen...even at procession land on sea...



The Hulk and Bianchi performed heroics at Monaco, so I'll go along with your spot on analysis.

I still can't believe Hulky's audacity/skill/courage/commitment at Portier on MiniMag! I know I've posted it before, but the more replays I watch of it, the more unbelievable it is!

Know Merc F1 have decided to stay with the other Nico, it's upto Ron, Luca or Christian to give Hulky the chance of a top team.........having said that, do Macca qualify as a top team at the moment? No, but perhaps with Honda engines that situtation can be rectified....


Jules Bianchi , Kimi Raikkonen.

Yngwie Malmsteen

Kimi was so unlucky 🙁




Great to see Bianchi getting the lions share of the votes. F1 fans are a decent bunch who recognise a great drive and team performance. It's not just about the politics at the sharp end of the grid. Maybe some of the bigger teams should take note. It's all about the racing, man.!


Bianchi had no pressure on him and managed a good run, but Rosberg had enormous pressure, never faltered, and won. Rosberg is the only logical choice.


no pressure

He had the most pressure of all drivers in the race (after he got close to top ten).

C'mon just think about it, team's probably the only chance in past and maybe future 5 years to score any point, now try to imagine amount of pressure guy had in last 20-30 laps.

Started last to finished 8th on the road is pretty incredible and on top of that all of that was done in Marussia (not to mention penalties he got along the way).

If this was done in this years Merc it would be fet in it's own right, but in Marussia it is spectacular.

That was drive of the day by far.


D Vega, my thoughts exactly. Of the options he was the best driver of the day; I would still say Bianchi second (or at least tied with Hulkenberg), but in a race of attrition you're always going to get odd points finishers. Rosberg dealt with two safety cars and huge pressure for 3/4s of the race and didn't put a foot wrong.


James, whats the issue with Ricciodo's starts. Is it to do with weight?

He seems to tower over Hamilton and Rosburg, standing on the podium.

Alec Tronnick

Surely after 4 years of poor starts from Webber, and now the same from Dan, RBR could spend a few million on making a fail-safe launch procedure.

What they are doing now is not good enough.

kenneth chapman

right now i don't think that they care too much about ricci's starts. they are only interested in getting their 4 x WDC into the points on a regular basis....and in front of ricci.

they will be mighty concerned that vettel may just up stumps and then that would really look bad for the RB's.


I remember a team message going to Ricciardo just before race start about the start. Might have been an issue just in Monaco?


Daniel only weights 63 KG (UK 10 stone) so I don't think it's a weight issue. Sebastian weights about 58 KG (UK 9 stone) so there is probably only a tenth in weight correction between them.

For the record, the Incredible Hulk weights around 76 KG (UK 12 stone) - despite being a relatively big UK 2 stone heavier than Daniel it doesn't slow him down too much!


I hope it's not the pressure thing, like Webber

Not sure yet but worth keeping an eye on

Zachary's disease

What stuffs webbers and Dans starts is the handbrake that helmet marko could deploy via remote control. He calls it the TX 1000.....patent pending.


Conspiracy theory?


You are forgetting that Webber had had abysmal starts across his entire career, and Riciardo wasn't the best off the line during his Torro Rosso stint either.

Vettel used to fluff his starts on a fairly regular basis in his Torro Rosso days, and first couple of season at Red Bull.

Like James said, it's most likely pressure. Vettel sorted this out, time will tell whether Ricciardo can or not.


I'm afraid it is. Too much weight on the brake pedal.


what's the issue - maybe 80bhp


Am I the only one to notice a change in tone to James's posts?


The thing about Bianchi in this race is that the TV footage showed very little, if any of him. You could be forgiven for not knowing he was in the race.


Which could be an issue with the team who did the broadcast for this race. I hear this is the only race where FOM is not in control.


Delighted to see Bianchi leading the poll at the moment.

ROS, not really the driver of Sunday; good start and managed 78 laps without misjudging the braking into Mirabeau.

HAM, for someone who is supposed to playing mind games is playing badly. (a) He should have said Rosberg cracked in quali 3 and the lucky so-and-so ended up ruining my lap, instead of saying crediting him with knowing what he was doing. (b) Really needs to learn not to use the car-pits radio to bitch at the team. Drove pretty well with one eye.

RIC Poor start but deserves some luck and two who passed him hit problems.

HUL On another day would have deserved DotD , however

Bianchi didn't just luck into the first points for one of "new" teams. Back of the grid to points at Monaco is a result a front running team would celebrate

Alec Tronnick

b) never thought I'd be saying it, but Ham needs to take a lesson from Seb on sucking up your frustration instead of give the team a tirade over the radio.



The same "Seb" who said in an irritated tone "Come on guys!" yesterday? The guy who most races this year so far, when the ERS or something else has not been working, has sounded very frustrated.

Vettel has sounded every bit as frustrated as he is. He hasn't sucked up much of it,if any, at all.


The same “Seb” who said in an irritated tone “Come on guys!” yesterday?


Yes, and who then said, "I know you guys are doing everything you can."

Considering the level of frustration he was feeling, combined with the level of adrenaline and focus needed to be totally on it (which he was) in an F1 car at Monaco, yeah, very mature adjustment in the moment.

kenneth chapman

there were a few DOD's for various reasons. bianchi was one who should get a mention. secondly i give ricciardo another nod for his stunning fightback against hamilton who allegedly had something in his eye![how convenient] it was the highlight of the race which was not as great as i have hoped for. ricciardo was also able to keep alonso at bay quite comfortably.

rosberg should also get a mention as he was on top of his game all the way. there is no way hamilton could have challenged him nevertheless the threat was there and rosberg turned it to his advantage. well done rosberg


Let's not forget Hamilton stuck with Rosberg for most of the race in his dirty air, Daniel was lapping 1.5 seconds a lap faster than Hamilton and couldn't get by so it suggests Rosberg won the moment he locked up in Q3.


He still had to win the start. Go watch Monaco 99 on youtube.


Respect to Dan but he & Alonso got a driving lesson from Raikkonnen before he got his puncture.


True, and Kimi got a driving lesson from Vettel until his car broke, also true


@ Elie

Alonso 61 points kimi 17 points

Alonso out-qualified kimi 4-2

Alonso out-raced kimi 6-0

Alonso clocked a 1:16:686 v/s Kimi's 1:17:389 in Monte carlo

Now tell me what lesson did kimi teach Alonso? How to crash into a back-marker under SC and punt a Mclaren when the passing move was not possible

I believe you watch a different 2014 season in terms of kimi v/s Alonso than most other readers out here.


I dont reply you @krischar

Zachary's disease

I'm sure the lesson wasn't how to overtake............he's wrecked Sutils, Perez's and now Magnussons race at Monaco over the years.

Also elie in 2001 heidfeld out scored Kimi 12 to 9 when they were at Sauber.....

kenneth chapman

kimi did get a great start but if his first few laps was anything to go by he wouldn't have lasted the distance. if i recall correctly ricciardo was hauling him back in as raikonnen's tyres were taking a hammering.

IMO he was over enthusiastically punishing his tyres, i do detect a degree of desperation in raikonnen's driving and this is not what he needs to do. his ill timed amateur attempt to pass magnussen was a point to ponder.


Who wouldnt be desperate after and easy 3rd place and fightig your way back to 8 from 14?That drive in itself was phenominal on its own. Whilst it was a poor by Kimis standards He only missed the slot on Magnussen by a few cm on tyres 30odd laps old and they were both able to continue


What did Rai do that gave alonso a lesson? He got a good start but so did alonso who had to lift behind Daniel. Shame kimi felt asleep in the second half of the race.


What? He postet fastest race lap.


Dotd most definitely is bianchi

James, what on earth is wrong with vettels car? It seems like every race something breaks in his car. From ers, drs, mgu k, to his gearbox. It seems like all the good fortune from the last four years is coming back to bite him. Lol

With each mechanical failure that the has, i feel it is pushing him away from red bull. Which brings me to my second question, is there any truth to the ron dennis sebastian vettel rumors or the ferrari vettel rumors? I mean the macca hondas could be a real monster in 2016.


Vettel hasn`t been lucky for the past 4 years, he`s had about the same amount of mechanical problems as Webber had.

But he has been lucky in one aspect, he has not lost several Championships due to misfortune. In a perfect world he misht have had a shot in 2009 too if not for mechanical failures but that was always a long shot.

If Vettel had lost the Chamionships in 2010 and 2012 due to his problems back then he would have been seen as a very unfortunate driver now. But he won both and that changes the perception of his "luck".

In a strange way you might say that Vettel is lucky this year too. If he ever was to have a nightmare season reliability-wise 2014 is the perfect season to pick. He`s allready a 4-times Champion with bucketloads of wins to his credit. Hè doe`sn`t really care about third places anyway and Mercedes is totally dominant. Even if Vettel had perfect reliability this season the Mercs have been too fast to be challenged. Perfect timing for an "off-season".


Interesting statement.


"It seems like all the good fortune from the last four years is coming back to bite him."

The power of the press to misinform people is something to behold. He did not have "good fortune" the last four years. During their time together at Red Bull Vettel and Webber had nearly identical amounts of car problems.


Vettel didnt really have great reliability in the past 4 years either. His car broke and/or gave problems many times and he lost at least 5 certain wins.

It's true, Webber had bad luck too. But Vettel's car was hardly the paragon of reliability.

kenneth chapman

sorry to double dip here but i forgot to mention a glaring ommission by horner. in his after race comments he not once mentioned what a great job ricciardo did? something tells me that all may not be well within the red bull camp.

previously he was effusive regarding daniel's racing and whilst not needing to necessarily maintain this attitude he at least could've acknowledged that ricciardo didn't put a foot wrong and he was relentless in his pursuit of those in front. to me ricciardo had a terrific race. yes he did benefit by some of those who had misfortune but it is always swings and roundabouts.


Its all going well for ricciardo at the moment. I think hes potentially a great talent, however...... he is currently enjoying driving the best car he has ever had with no pressure or expectation on him. Hopefully he can join the elite in future but right now its all going well for him so the litmus test will come when he first wins something and second IF he ever challenges for a wdc. Jury is still out for me on ricciardo. ... like yesterday he has had it quite easy so far. Cant help but like the guy but how many top wdcs have been nice guys. DOTD for me..... BIANCHI

kenneth chapman

yes, it is early days for ricciardo and only time will tell whether or not he can go all the way. to date he has put it all on the table and he has certainly exceeded all my expectations

i did not foresee the vettel problems at all. granted, he has bad luck but that is F1 SWINGS AND ROUNDABOUTS. nothing new there. on the few occasions when they have actually raced each other dan has more than held his own but at times he has beaten vettel fairly and squarely.

German Samurai

Wow, that's a stunning omission if Horner didn't praise Ricciardo.

He managed the race superbly. Even as a Vettel admirer, frankly I don't see how Vettel could have done a better job than Ricciardo had he stayed in the race.


Maybe Vettel could have finished 2 due to Ham's eye problem.


Bianchi, just loved the way he nerfed Koby out of the way, I know Koby didn't appreciate it but at Monaco you gotta do it or go nowhere.


I know everyone moaning about Lewis but he deservse some credit for doing several laps with one eye, Still think Nico didn't try to avoid his "off" as hard as he might have.


I give it to the Hulk. That move earnt him DOTD for me. Executed the strategy well.

Ros and Ham I wont even consider for DOTD

Another stella performance from RIC again, but I cant help but feel he had the webber curse with his starts. That 2 in a row that have lost him places

BIA was gifted a points finish with all the crashes and failures. But a good drive none the less


Agree, the Incredible Hulk is an overtaking specialist par excellence!


Probably the best in the field.


Some really good drives I thought. Feel good story is Bianchi and Marussia. Hulkenberg produces another consistent finish, yet he seems to get very little recognition.

thought Button put a few good moves on too.


Obviously Bianchi. He drove excellently. Rosberg, Hamilton - it was easy for them considering the pace of their car. Riccardo good for him to recover, but he doesn't deserve it for he lost it in the start, only to profit from Rai and Vet misfortune.

Stephen Taylor

Don't forget Kimi's puncture.


To me the driver of the day was Jules Bianchi. It is a huge performance to drag a car that is not capable to make it to the second part of qualifying to the ninth place. What a great performance!!

Why are Hamilton and Rosberg on the list!? These two guys are driving in a rocket and the only thing they has to do is bring the car home while. Nothing special!!


Agree. When Hamilton wins the WDC (which I'm sure he will) I wonder how many of the LH fans who said that Button only won his because he was in the best car will concede that the same applies to Lewis and this year's Mercedes?

I'm not doubting Lewis's ability at all, by the way. He's having a fantastic season and I hope it continues, though I hope it stays close enough with Nico to keep the season exciting tii the end.


I hope Hulk didn't start on a set of mediums =)


Last race Hamilton won and there was no dotd.

Rosberg won and is back.


I dont think so.


lol. Now it's out, JA on secret commission from MB.


None really Monaco is that type of circuit that doesn't inspire great drives, everyone on the list benefitted from others problems.The hulk had a train of cars behind him for 30% of the race,

Matthew Cheshire



James Ive always said Bianci should be driving for Ferrari.

Last night just reiinforced that.

Great drive by Dan but was shown how to race by Kimi- I'm sure he will learn from that otherwise it would've been hard to pick between the Jules and Dan.

Raikkonen was robbed of a 3rd place at least and for 2 races now has shown who is the faster racer at Ferrari. "Can you hear the drums Fernando..."

kenneth chapman

@ elie.... i don't think raikonnen gave anyone a lesson. yes, he got off the line like a rocket but that was all he did.

had ricciardo not suffered some start problems raikonnen would never have taken the position that he did. he benefited by someone elses mistake. just like others who have dissed on ricci's excellent result for the very self same thing!.


@Kenneth Chapman - you can disagree all you like but the fact he opened up 4.5 sec on Dan till just before the stop ( when tyres gone off)When we all know the Bulls are faster cars and better on their tyres.Sat proved that.

Im not discrediting Dan - I think he did a very good job even if - by his own admission he was slightly disappointed.

What Im really trying to highlight to some people is that. Despite half of every race weekends Raikkonen has sat in the garage watching mechanics fix technical problems. Not unlike Vettel actually.Incl gearbox probs for Kimi 2nd half of FP2 @ Monaco) & the first time he starts getting any kind of track time he finds himself 3-7 or more seconds on his supposedly unbeatable/ best in F1 team mate whose had the first call support from his team. Interestingly & Unsurprisingly Kimi was not even advised of Chilton unlapping himself at a blind hairpin--shows you where Ferraris attn is.


ouch!!! that must have hurt 🙂 here Elie trying to argue that kimi is quicker than alonso,

while james's reply suggests kimi is replaceable and alonso is better ouch!! . And btw alonso destroyed kimi in quali and was .8 tenth's faster, i did not expect that big gap in monaco!! and alonso was down on power at the start of the race.


Raikkonen was faster than everyone bar the Mercs- that included Ricciardo who out qualified Alonso.

So yes Kimi had a sh$& run in quali in Sat. But on Sund he was the man that took it to the Mercs before Chilton ran into him- such a shame. Evidence was how well he managed several sec gap to Dan till his tyres went . As for Alonso.., pfft hes just Ferraris money bag & you a/ kissers

2 races in a row now that Kimis been faster than Alonso. Unfortunately Ferrari will still make strategy calls if FA stays close because he might walk... Good riddens I say get Hulk. , get Bianci.. I really dont care if Kimj stays or leaves.. Hes better than Ferrari & Alonso- always was - always will be..


That is twisting things around a bit! You should be a tabloid journo!


i should probably pursue that path then 😉


How about the 0.7s difference between Alonso and Kimi in qualy? Just because Kimi got to 3rd at the start, doesn't mean he was faster than Alonso. Alonso got stuck behind Daniel and lost out..but he was way faster than Kimi.

Kimi's seen the back of Alonso's car all season so far. Check the facts.


"Can you hear the drums Fernando...."


@Zacharys Disease -If a company is broke and it cannot pay you - what can you do about it???..he quit early in November anyway and made his point. His not short of a quid unlike us folk wasting time answering stupid questions. 🙂 Which other top team had a seat available- Red Bull went with their junior programe (rightly so) and Merc were full.?? So at the end of the day it was the best seat available and one can do worse, cant they ...Most people dream of driving for Ferrari once but very few get the opportunity to drive twice-- which should tell you something about Raikkonens standing in F1!.Also it showed the world what they did the first time was a lie

& something Ldm had to personally apologies for.

Raikkonen was on USD 51Million ( roughly €30) a year in 2009 - the highest paid driver in the paddock. Look it up. They paid out 1 year 2010. There was a suggestion he "only" got €22 because Mclaren offered him 8!but he turned it down because he was used to the "big money" before the global financial crisis struck & his Ferrari contract took into account offers he received for an alternate drive.

€= Euro for those that dont know and USD stands for United States Dollars.

If theres anything else you want to know just ask.But dont embarass yourself in the process..

Zachary's disease

Like Kimi, your missing the point. Give me one world champion......actually any established driver that would race for free or come back to a team that humiliated him once before by paying him to stay away.

30million you reckon......what was he on then? About 7 million a year. Plus the E23 million. E stands for Elie money!


@SillySmurf- Your wrong again! Midway through last year Raikkonen said he wasnt paid a single euro. Long before he signed for Ferrari.But if your a multi millionaire and love racing - money is a secondary thing isnt it.

He accepted early termination of Ferrari in 2009 with more than €30m- thats about 10times more money than Grosjean & Bianci earn right now.. And maybe more than you count in your wildest dreams-- So your point is ....pointless again..

Kimi doesnt care where he is in the pecking order- the Ferrari will improve & he will probably finish top 6 even after a rotten start. But he doesnt give a damn what you, I, or anyone else thinks of where he is in the pecking order-- hes not an insecure,Immature little numbscull like you. Hes amongst the greatest drivers of all time and much loved by people all over the world.

Zachary's disease

Yeah Elie your driver drives a year for free, doesn't say anything, signs with the team that sacked him.......then opens his mouth about racing for free.

Where does Kimi see himself in the pecking order? Somewhat higher than Grosjean but not as high as high as Bianchi?


Wow you just regurgitated a whole lot of hullabaloo. You would be insane to think that in 2003-2007 that kimi was rated higher than Alonso or Schumacher. He was simply third. It's nice that you try running all sorts of excuses for Kimi but are you really so daft as to not realize Alonso has more than enough excuses too? You can't string an argument along paragraph after paragraph only representing one side. Your rationale is bordering on pathetic. You sound as if your tossing out pearls of wisdoms but it's nothing new, the majority of true f1 fans have heard these all before. One simply has to look at peer reviews which overwhelmingly show the higher rated driver. Who cares what you say behind your keyboard compared to that? You haven't won anything in what you've said, your just tossing out one sided suppositions disguised as fact. All I can say is, congratulations on finding your own tail, and I look forward to watching you chase it in circles.


@Snarfsnarf Your are now painting yourself a picture. Now all you have to do is open the curtains and see the results of your drawings.
2003-2007 Raikkonen was widely recognised as the fastest driver on earth bar none. What he did at Monaco/Spa/ Suzuka to Alonso, MS was evident the guy was a far more talented driver than anyone & it was the reason Ferrari signed him to replace Michael- they did not sign Fernando did they?.. & Kimi delivered immediately!
2010-11- he left F1 because of santander and its money
2012-14 - he put Lotus into a top 4 car & was often best or 2nd best driver out there. So your point is rather mute. Everyone including Alonso lol.. has been going on about how quick and unbeatable he is when the reality since Barcelona is that Raikkonen is already quicker even though hes only 4 races new to the team & not 4 years with the pick of the best engineers strategy - (& kimis wc engineers at that !).

As for Santander- they are are targeting Spanish / Latin american investors. Uhhm - Fernando is the only Spanish driver !!-- clingg!!!- thats the penny dropping- (no need to pick it up). Of course all of Spain is behind him = all spanish fans= Santander publicity.- its a no brainer. Besides Ferrari is the most established brand in F1! So its an easy choice..Its all about exposure, national pride, and target market-- very little to do with anything else. Otherwise why dont they pic Hamilton and the leading mercedes.. [mod]

So as you rightly but accidently suggested its about exposure, money, fan base. Sure you have to be somewhere near the front but then Ferrari has not won anything since Santander / Fernando came on board- which I find hilariousAND just shows you its not about results its all those other things..



Unfortunately for you Elie Alonso can drive and has outclassed Kimi in driving for virtually every year bar 2007. You'll have to make a whole lot of excuses for Kimi. And no one will care because it's obvious who the better driver is.

It's nice that you bark like a rabid dog about Santander and Alonso; before Alonso there was no F1 following in Spain. He earned all of it including being good enough for a company like Santander to come running. Kimi banked on a hair commercial. At the end of the day the smart money goes to the most deserving. Maybe you should write a stunning expose on this to Santander though, instead of trying to convince us... I'm sure they'll listen 😛 Banks do operate on logic.


I will grant Alonso one thing :- wait for it........

He is the best pay driver in F1 history.

Ferrari Pay him what ? About €25 and Santander pay Ferrari something like €50m each year in Sponsorship. So who wouldnt take Fernando?? Even if he couldnt drive at all

Zachary's disease

At least my driver would have the sense of self worth and not race a year for free......or go back to the team that paid him to stay away.


No I guess the 3+ sec to Ricciado and 4 more to Alonso meant nothing either. Kimi f'd up quali & he'd be the first to admit unlike f/wit Alonso& you


Hes quoted on the Ferrari website that ... "We are doing things well and scored 12 points more than my teammate".. Seriously, class act Alonso -not!!-but then hes not going to say "we would have a podium for the team but for the unfortunate incident to my team mate " like any other driver would !- would he


@Elie Where exactly did he say such a thing? I saw news articles about him expressing pride for Bianchi, and sadness for Schumacher this week, but you choose and pick your own quotes on here don't you? What about his ERS problem, instead you pathetically claim Kimi taught someone a lesson. You sound like a bitter fool, and your tacky, dim-witted nicknames you throw into your biased commentary expose what a loutish 'fan' you are.


@stupidsmurf/ - but Alonso always is talking himself. Post Monaco saying he finished well ahead of his team mate ( true) without mentioning Kimis incident. Guys a tosser who knows Kimi is already quicker than him


If you qualify 0.6 seconds slower than your team mate, does anyone have to admit anything?? Alonso would never be in that position against Kimi. Now your bringing up the time difference at the start of the race despite the ERS issue? What's next, Dan and Alonso didn't make a foolish move and recieve a penalty... Another point for the Kimster! Maybe instead of reaching for impotent arguments you should reach for your meds first 🙂 wah wah...waaaah.


Elie I guess your true colours are coming out in calling Alonso an f/wit. At least you can't ramble on here under the guise of being intelligent. Daniel and Alonso can maintain gaps to the car infront during the race rather than burn up tyres riding behind them. Daniel closed up to Kimi at will later. Your the real f/wit in this conversation, except unlike Alonso your not a millionaire and he isn't wasting his time Barking like a fanboy about Kimi.


You mean Barcelona where Kimi held Alonso for 2 stints?

You mean Monaco, where Kimi just got a good start? Is that what you call fast?

That's funny, tell us another one! 🙂

Louise Waamilton

Kimi qualified 0.6 seconds slower than Alonso, benefited by Alonso being blocked by the Bulls at the start which is the only reason he was ahead and later attempted a foolish move and got penalised. Ya he really was the fastest huh? What a joke.


It's too early for Bianchi at Ferrari. I'm not convinced yet
If you were to lose Raikkonen, Hulkenberg would be the obvious guy - scores lots of points, hard and fair, would push Alonso but Alonso would have the edge. Seems ideal to me.

Zachary's disease

Surely Kimi can't get sacked twice by Ferrari....


If you're not sure about Bianchi then I would love to know your true thoughts on Chilton. Predictably limping home in last place to yet more plaudits for his "outstanding" finishing record.


"Lose Raikkonen" James did I hear that correct?

Would that be your advice to them? I find that hard to believe.

Yes he had a terrible start, but as Elie says, he is showing now that he can outperform Alonso.


No, I'd keep him, he's a champion

But if he leaves for whatever reason I'd take Hulk, that was my point


PS who got a podium for F.Ind? Not Hulk


Hulkenburg's overtake was simply breathtaking..hope to see him in a top car soon!


agree, he was my drive of the day,


James, I'm going to throw a spanner in the works, so to speak, but perhaps the Hulk is edging towards Woking with its Honda power in the not too distant future? If not next year, then 2016?????


We'll find out later this year James......but even if McLaren retain their drivers for 2015, I would imagine they will only offer them a 1 year contract - keep them on their toes as such.

That's a point, I understand Hulk has signed a multi-year deal with F.I. Presumably Macca would have to provide a fiscal compensation package to the Silverstone based team if they take the Hulk onboard?


Why would they lose Raikkonen? And where would Raikkonen go in that case?


Thats a fair call James I like Hulkenberg too. I would have had no issue with him having Kimis seat this year at Ferrari. My only issue is where would Kimi go- I wish he had a chance at Merc ( impossible) or Mclaren. I think Ron would have seen significant improvement in the MP4-29 had he been there. Kimi has incredible feel for a car and look how much he/ Ferrari improved in just 4 races.

Raikkonen and Hamilton are incredibly rare talents - its an absolute trajedy that these 2 arent in the same team for so many reasons. It would be the "odd couple" capt Hollywood meets I dont give a s%^*.


Wasn't Kimi who was arriving last and leaving first the circuits in the past? Isn't he known as not giving a sh#t about engineers and the feedback they wanted? Coulhard and another F1 guy said that about 2 years ago.

I almost burst into laughing when reading "Kimi has incredible feel for a car and look how much he/ Ferrari improved in just 4 races."

We must be watching 2 different drivers. Isn't Kimi the one who can't adapt to different cars? He needs tailor made power steering and stuff like that...

Stephen Taylor

What about if they lost Alonso?


Rosberg for putting foot-in-mouth Hamilton in his place! Props to Bianchi as well.


Hard to pick IMO.

It was the usual dull Monaco procession,good thing the mid field including this polls winner spiced things up.

Beautiful scenery & history aside,its actually quite a rubbish circuit 🙁


Bianchi for sure. Great pass on KK too.

Scuderia McLaren

Nico Rosberg gets my vote.

Taking all that silly Hamilton talk over the last few days, using it as motivation, delivering a strong weekend with Pole and the Win and shoving it back down his throat.

Message: "Keep talking HAM, only makes me stronger!"

Bet HAM is a quiet little bunny in Canada.


Rosberg won by [mod]! Only the naive believe otherwise. - This time he got away with it, but he could just have easily been disqualified. Poor sportsman!

Scuderia McLaren

I disagree...

Can we still be friends? 😉


Well that would assume we were friends in the first place but unlike Hamilton and Rosberg we have no prior relationship, but we can agree to differ. I just think you are misguided and naive! - Remember there's a lot at stake with the car they have.


I didn't notice Nico do anything of note on Sunday at all. Do enlighten me.

I suspect you'll find in Canada HAM can let his driving do the talking.

ROS won Monaco in 2013 and was second in 2012 (in 2012 he put his Merc ahead of HAM's McLaren in China [which he won], Bahrain, Spain, and Monaco, but HAM won in Canada. Last year HAM, had the better of China (ROS retired), and Bahrain, but ROS still did better in Spain and won Monaco. But Canada was the biggest margin between the two of them of all season (in HAM's favour). This year HAM has had the better of every race except Monaco.

There's been silly reporting of what he's said (e.g. his 'Nico had a more privileged childhood than I did' comment was in response to being asked "The German press say Nico is too soft to be champion what do you think", when he'd just got back from the Caribbean and written a piece for the BBC about how poor his father's family were.) , and then you have his radio calls about the pitstops which he shouldn't have broadcast to the world [the BBC have assembled them into a masterclass of when not to use the radio] and from his demeanour after the race was of someone who knew he should button his lip.

Lewis would have won in Oz but for the spark plug lead problem and only didn't win Monaco because Nico got pole, and he thinks Nico got the pole thanks to going off (No one can say what time HAM would have done, and IF Nico decided to go off on purpose, was sure it would bring out yellow flags, and managed to fool everyone that it wasn't deliberate only he knows, but it's a mighty IF). But in Lewis' head he should have 32 more points, and Nico 14 fewer. If he didn't think that then he shouldn't be racing: sport would be very dull if people didn't vent those kinds of thoughts

Scuderia McLaren

There are some points I take on board. There are also many if's, which can't be debated so I won't bother. But maybe my replies to the other posters just above and just below night help clarify my overall point on Hamilton and why I felt Nico deserved a nod as DotD. I still think Hamilton will be a quiet bunny in Canada, but I have no doubt that he will be a fast bunny too.

Cheers, SM


@ Scuderia McLaren I don't know about that. Canada is one of Hamilton's favorite tracks. Barring no Mechanical problems he should win this race quite easily. All u need to do is check the bookkeeper odds for Canada.

Scuderia McLaren

True Hamilton is a superstar at Canada. I know that. He is mesmerizing there, like Schumacher was at Suzuka or Spa. The style is a match for the circuit.

My comment was more about his mouth. He won't be running it as much I think. Head down, bum up. Get on with it. Because we saw all his rhetoric back fire big time in Monaco didn't we? That's my only point really, a nod to Nico for absorbing it and delivering.

I still think Hamilton will be a quiet bunny in Canada. His back and forth, depressed then jubilant MO, will likely result in being more quiet and shut off now that nessecary. That boy just needs to find some sort of mental balance.


Dear me! LEWIS has had rosberg in his pocket so far this season. He has drove impeccably. 1 second place and suddenly rosberg has got the measure of him? Must hurt seeing maclarens best driver of the last 2 decades being so successful with another team whilst witnessing the demise of your "scuderia woking". This is F1! Not a popularity contest.

Scuderia McLaren

"LEWIS has had rosberg in his pocket so far this season."

-Not quite. Drawing a bit of a long bow there. Rosberg is leading the title, for whatever reason, so he can hardly be categorised as being 'in Lewis's pocket' ala Vettel / Webber.

"He has drove impeccably"

-I agree 100%, Hamilton (up until Monaco) has driven impeccably. In Monaco however he didn't push Rosberg anything like Rosberg has been pushing Hamilton, Malaysia notwithstanding of course where Rosberg got smashed. In Monaco however, eventually Hamilton just trailed off and was truly and soundly beaten. The eye thing funnily went away as the helmet came off so let's not be disingenuous. He was beaten.

"Must hurt seeing maclarens best driver of the last 2 decades being so successful with another team"

-I'd say Hakkinen was McLarens best driver of the past two decades. Both in pure pace and race craft, not to mention actual results ala world championships.

"whilst witnessing the demise of your “scuderia woking”."

-Demise? I think not. Definitely a lull, as big teams go through from time to time. Incidentally, McLaren had two drivers come equal pts runner up in 2007, a driver win the 2008 title, a driver mathematically able to win the 2010 title, a driver come runner up in the 2011 title and the fastest car in 2012. Demise? Nah... Off their high standards? Yep. But so are Ferrari, Williams and Enstone.

"This is F1! Not a popularity contest."

- Yes I am aware of that, thanks. However F1 is all about context too. My comment about Nico being DotD is based on the context that Hamilton decide prior to the GP to ramp up the games and silly rhetoric. Then maintained that level of stupidity throughout. So Nico delivering, for me, was worth DotD as he landed a blow back to talky boy.

Like I said, I bet Hamilton is a quiet bunny in Canada.


Only HAM can ruin HAM's chances in Canada. ROS has no chance..unless there's a badly timed safety car leading to a HAM sandwich.

Scuderia McLaren

So Rosberg can never actually win or beat Hamilton based on that. Hamilton can only lose because of himself or saftey car (or something in his eye LOL)? Is that a Canada specific philosophy or does that apply to Hamilton's whole career?


yes, it's hard to talk when your lower lip is flapping down around your belt buckle ..


Hulk for me, best overtake at Portier, sharp and smooth. Despite his height and weight issues he should be at a top team I feel strongly.


Bianchi gets the gong for me... His overtake on Kobi at rascasse was my favourite pass of the day. Barged his way in and then gave the old flick kick with the tail on the way thru!

Not to take away from Hulk, who made a great move on Mag as well, but Bianchi's performance was just spectacular.

The Marussia was Toleman-esque!!!


Bianchi gets it, although his overtake on Kobayasi was a long way short of clean!

Kenneth M'Boy

Bianchi. Hulkenberg next and then Rosberg who didn't put a foot wrong with Hamilton breathing down his neck for most of the race. If Dan overtook Hammo he would have been Dotd. I love it how Brundle is calling him Danny Ric, makes him sound like a good ole boy, yeehah!


Bianchi ofcourse. Although an honourable mention to Raikkonen. Had a great start and was on his way to get a podium, as I don't think anyone could have gone past him despite Ricciardo being much faster. Then unfortunately he (once again) experienced bad luck when pay-driver Chilton actually managed to touch him when he had to overtake him during the SC. What a joke he is actually in F1. Anyway, hats off to Bianchi!


James, completely outside of the program,

I could've sworn I saw TV photage of Frank Williams standing up - do you know if Williams have invested their tech know-how in a exo-skeleton for the old knight?


No, he has a frame to hold him upright for a few hours each day


The best gentleman in F1.Keep going,Sir Frank.


James, i may be wrong, i did watch the whole after race show on tv but didnt see an official press conference? Of all the press conferences to miss! this would have been a good one!

Got to be Bianchi for drive of the day. Theyre alowly becoming my favourite team after merc ( i loved brawn)

ps, off topic, but this whole hamilton rosberg thing in my humble opinion, is all about him reversing back up the track. I watched it live, and as a hamilton supporter i was thinking immediately this would cause a yellow, the team should and could have been on the radio asap to tell him to drive as far left as possible, this is where i believe hamiltons frustrations lie. if i seen it immedietly then surely the ones that are paid to see these things would have too. he didnt conduct himself very well i think, theres a certain way to act in public. really only meant to ask the one question! sorry!




Yes it was very interesting. Lasted over 30 minutes. Check out for the transcript


Actually I liked the race, but on a scale of 10 I would have given it 6 or 7.

And I am not even sure why.

As a result no driver of the day for me today.

If Lewis was indeed struggling with his sight because of something in the eyes (well, let's say I might have some doubts on this), then it surely deserves praise - I can't think of any other track, where it is so crucial.


Easily Bianchi.

Just got on with the job, didn't make any mistakes, fought hard and fair and was happy and humble when the result came. Didn't drop his head when the penalties came either.

Well deserved result for him and the team.


What a weekend;

Karma* to Lewis.

Rosberg losing his innocence** at a dubious qualifying session

and Bianchi (DOTD) scoring the first Marussia points!

(*) What was that with the revs in Spain? Apparently Lewis was able to use more revs than Rosberg? He said sorry afterwards but he did bag the win … How come the (British) media is not reporting on this?

(**) I believe Rosberg did it deliberately. Especially in light of Lewis unfair advantage in Spain … it shows that both drivers - Rosberg AND Lewis - are under immense pressure to resort to tactics like Spain (Lewis) and Monaco (Rosberg).


Bianchi without doubt. Button deserves a mention too.


Raikkonen who is slowly, but surely getting close to Alonso.


Hulkenberg.... One word - Portier





I guess his weight is a two sided thing:

It makes him loosing time each round

on the other side

His weight prevented him from driving a Lotus



Lewis said "I wish you guys could have seen the data".

Have you seen this data and do you know what he means by this?

It could be interpreted as "there is something there which helped Nico, but the team are not saying what it is".


No one

Very bad lucky for Kimi...


Why the reference to Raikkonen losing a podium? Bit early in the race to be saying that considering the drop off in tyres through degradation. Even with passing at Monaco being difficult, I would have expected Ricciardo to mount a very strong challenge later in the race to Kimi.


I agree. Anyway Vettel would most probably have finished third and ahead of both Kimi and Daniel had his engine not malfunctioned.

German Samurai

Ricciardo because he was able to catch a Mercedes, which will go down as the most dominant car in history. Hamilton cooked his tyres. Ricciardo didn't.

I'm not sure about Hulkenberg. I suspect Perez would have beaten him had Button's front wheel not clipped Perez's back wheel.


You mean Perez would have overtaken the Hulk? In Monaco?


Easy. Jules Bianchi, of course.

Special mention to Hulkenberg, for his overtake in Portier.


I have to say Button deserved a mention as well. He did do awesome overtakes out of sight of the cameras. He also started just behind Hulkenberg and finished immediately behind him. Sutil also should deserve some sort of mention even if he did lose it coming into the chicane


Certainly not Rosberg I don't vote for [mod]! Anyone who thinks otherwise is being naive. The fact that the stewards could find no convention of the rules simply means Rosberg was clever in the execution of the runoff. - He did it for real therefore all the telemetry in the world would not show that up. The only place the fact can be found is in Rosberg's mind. - Win by fair means or foul! I think this time we have to give this to Bianchi for scoring Marussia's first points. - Well done to the Marussia team for the hard work.

kenneth chapman

@ richard... i don't quite know how you can be so sure that rosberg [mod]? 'he did it for real'. to make that assumption you need to provide evidence and sadly for you and all the other hamilton supporters there isn't any.

hamilton's veiled innuendo that he has 'seen' something that he can't share with anyone, including the stewards is a complete fabrication up until such time as 'it' is made public. time to move on. rosberg 1 hamilton 0 in the latest stakes.


Well if you look at the video of the runoff, the view looking forward over Rosbergs car you can see that the car is not out of control, he is merely sawing the wheel and rear is following. Rosberg has realized that Hamilton, all things, like set up etc, being equal is faster than he is when it counts. That being the case he has had to look at other means of stopping him, and in this case he did it quite cleverly. I have no doubt that Hamilton, being a top driver can tell the difference, and has most likely seen something that has eluded the stewards or is indeed not covered by regulation. I think it a case where the stewards are helpless, and so they gave him the benefit of the doubt. Ask the drivers though, they are under no elusions that Rosberg pulled off something in the Schumacher/Prost style when faced with superior speed.


Kenneth Chapman: I'm afraid your naivity is showing through rather more than initally was the case. No-one will say in front of a camera that Rosberg cheated, but yet most of them know it. As for the stewards it doesn't matter how much video/telemetry they look at, there is no APPARENT evidence. That's because Rosberg thought it out properly and made it appear just like a bona fide runoff. The two are almost identical and it takes a CURRENT top driver to spot it. There is no doubt in my mind that Rosberg could have made that corner if he had chosen to from the outset. As for the Mercedes team they simply want the points to ensure the constructors title. The problem with a cheat like this one would have to get into the mind of the individual concerned. Finally far from the score being Rosberg-1, Hamitlon-0, where they genuinely raced each other it is Hamilton-4, Rosberg-0 In other words Rosberg gained his wins out of the others misfortune. I'm afraid we will have to agree to disagree.

kenneth chapman

@ richard....yes, i have looked at the incident, maybe 6/7 times. it does seem, prima facie, to be unusual but i am certain that the stewards, who would've seen this footage as well would have seriously questioned it and have been given a satisfactory answer. ergo, no penalty.

it is always easy to make a decision from the armchair but the stewards would have far more data than you or i could imagine.bssed on that data they then determined that there was no basis to the claim that he cheated.

as for the other drivers and their determinations could you please provide a link to support your supposed 'facts'. according to your post you say that 'they' are under no illusions meaning that they are 'without doubt'.

now i am not saying that 'they' haven't said that rosberg cheated but i have watched many interviews and as yet i have not seen one driver who stated categorically that rosberg did cheat.

i have no problems with the outcome. i leave that to those who have actually seen the details and i defer to their expertise. i can only voice an opinion and we all know that a sample of one, is simply a crock of merde, in statistical terms.

it simply is not good enough for hamilton to state that he has 'evidence' then hides behind a wall of secrecy.if he has the goods then he must ante up or simply make a complete fool of himself.


James, do you believe Ricciardo would have been able to pass Hamilton given a couple more laps or is it the same issue Hamilton had with Rosberg earlier on, the limits of the track not allowing an overtake?


Rosberg, for "creating" his own luck.


Bianchi. Honorable mention The Hulk and Ricciardo





1) Bianchi

2) Dan Ric, Nico, Kimi, Hulk

Special mention to Lewis for being a total tool all weekend. And what's with the reference to Senna? With all due respect, Nico is no Prost, and mate, you're certainly no Senna.


You chose the right race to bring the poll back James.

With Bianchi putting in the drive he did it keeps it from becoming a huge argument over the Mercedes boys.


Kimi for me in the top gun category. Good to see him finally flying like the Fin should. Unfortunate with the puncture.

Hulkenburg in the reigning new blood category. Another impressive and consistent drive. Good recovery by Riccardo.

Bianchi for good overall drive and getting some much, much needed points for Marusia. Well controlled drive by Rosberg. Impressive drive by Hamilton given his sight problems. Best run of bad luck to Vettel. Runner-up to best run of bad luck to Kimi.

Bianchi for best drive in the end. Best spectator to yours truly. Best F1 journalist to JA. Most enthusiastic commenter on JA to all participating here. Best web browser to Opera. Best part of the circuit to Louis Chiron. Best weather to them sunny skies. Best babbler, if not the most insightful, to yours truly again.


Pastor Maldonado, most definitely. He did not start and thus made the race safe for everyone.

Because of THAT, the people who stood today on the podium, did.

Well driven, Maldonado! Ahem...


Off track question about the podium

Could the Monaco podium be a touch more fun?

I kind of think the ceremony is always a bit joyless in that shady little doorway.

So many sunny scenic happy spots wherever you turn with sea view and what have you

Whats wrong with doing it on board a yacht moored opposite the chicane? you could have a gangway with lots of razzmataz


For me it was Raikonnen. He created his progress with some super moves. Just a pity he had that unfortunate extra pit stop.

kenneth chapman

@ mohamed C....yes we saw those super moves especially the one on magnussen which earned him a reprimand.


Jules Bianchi, no question. Amazing drive.

Hulkenberg is in second for me. That overtake reminded me of Kimi's on Webber in 2006.

Honourable mention to Kimi. At the start of the race the Sky commentators were speaking of a possible win for him (if the Lewis and Nico collided), but then he lost an almost definite podium due to a pay-driver who always finishes last (whilst his team-mate gets a points finsih in the same car)


Really enjoyed watching Bianchi yesterday, a brilliant drive.


Hi James, Hamilton kept referring to some data he saw (and said something like he wishes we could see it). Any clue what data he is referring to?


james, question for you... I over heard a commentator say that the RedBull car had a stuttering sound coming out of the corners, and as his opinion it also sounded like some form of Traction Control.... (at Monaco race 2014) can you give us your expert opinion, certainly it isn't the first time for RedBull to bend the rules.


Lewis Hamilton. First he had to deal with that mean mean mean man who ruined his chance at the pole. And he did it on purpose too ............. WAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!. Then he HAD NO BRAKES right from the beginning of the race............ WAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!. Yet he kept up a good pace without any brakes at all. Then he had to deal with those mean mean mean team tacticians who failed to call him into the pits ahead of his mean mean mean teammate who was leading. They did it on purpose too ................. WAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!. Then he LOST HIS VISION and had to drive the last third of the race with one eye closed. WAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!.


Watched post-race interviews on Sky:

Lewis - "We are not friends, just colleagues"

Nico - "We're always friends"

First Sutil, now Rosberg.

Lewis, is it "friendship of convenience"?!

Bianchi for DOTD.

Alastair Purves

Thought it was just me who felt "the eye" was questionable. Hamilton's starting to remind me of Mansell, and not in a good way. Who remembers the amazing disappearing limp and the fainting and the whinging? Ah,nostalgia!


Driver of the day was Max Chilton - he's contact with Kimi gave a new podium (direct impact on the race outcome) + put pressure on Kobayashi (who were well in the race ahead of Bianchi) by Kimi's attempts which eventually allowed the cheeky move from BIA at Rascasse + put pressure on GUT (same place mistake under Kimi's pressure) + put Kimi in another driving style mode to recover places (ending up in his attempt on MAG) - all these are better arguments than getting a points finishing position by eluding a 5 sec stop&go and adding 5 sec instead of 30 which might have been during race (not SC because would bring delays from blue flags too)


I voted for Ricciardo.

Rosberg doesn't deserve to get a single vote. He is a cheater and lier! Amazing how he wasn't penalized. In North America he would have been automatically stripped of pole.


Please give evidence to support your claim. Brundle said it's not in him to cheat.


Bianchi is DOTD without a doubt for me. Why? Simply because of the (positive) implications to the team.

Why not ROS/HAM? They kept it off the barriers, barring weather or freak accident, 1-2 was inevitable.

Why not RIC? He's been showing this form since the start of the season.

Why not the HULK? What was he doing down in P11 in the first place?

Why JULES? Because of the best and only chance in the last couple of years to score points for his lowly squad he didn't stuff it. MARUSSIA scored POINTS, yes plural, POINTS!!!! I know anything can happen at Monaco, but this is Marussia.

Carlos Marques

I voted for Rosberg, just because he managed to get Lewis to start twitching like Chief Inspector Dreyfus in the Pink Panther in the last few laps of the race...priceless...


Absolutely no doubt Bianchi getting any racing points in a Lada is quite an achievment!


There is nothing great about 2014 season. I have not missed a single race since 2000 and yet I missed Malaysia, Spain and almost Monaco. The reason is as follows:

1. Kimi Raikkonen's Struggles (mistake for him to join Ferrari)

2. Engine sounds specially that high pitch continuous squeak gets on my nerves, sounds like an orchestra of mice.

3. Mecerdes domination is even worse than Schumachar era's Ferrari domination and Vetel's Red bull domination era.

Simply don't really care about F1 2014... and as a true F1 fan I have to resort to You tube for those pre 2014 races.

So I await the next year and hope 2015 would bring better days back to F1.


"Second podium in a row for the Aussie, who once again out qualified team mate Vettel."

That's a breathtaking degree of dishonesty. He once again befitted from the fact that his teammates car suffered ERS issues in qualifying, and then benefited again in the race from Vettel's engine failure. Of the two RB drivers, Vettel has been the more impressive this season. If the cars were equally reliable he'd be crushing Ricciardo.

kenneth chapman

@ steve S....'crushing ricciardo' heavy duty. any evidence to support that theory? did you actually see the last ten laps of bahrein?


Or how 'bout every lap in China? They've each had 4 race finishes. Vettel's had some bad luck, Daniel's had some (AUS, MAL, which then affected BHN). Neither of them is anywhere near JEV country! That guy can't catch a break!


What is JEV country


bianchi wins, hands down.


I would like to lift my hat to James Allen who takes part in these crazy discussions.

For a season many are calling boring, there sure is a lot of emotion in these discussions. My theory is that the excitement this year comes from rivalries between team-mates. We have 3 great ones going on at Merc, Red Bull and Ferrari.


Kvyat. Seems to be the real deal.

kenneth chapman

@ james.... definitely OT but could you possibly look at bringing us all up to date on the 'fuel flow meters fiasco'.

the topic drew a massive amount of comment/interest and it has completely dropped off the radar and i would love to know just what developments have taken place since the australian GP.

thank you in advance....hint hint.


Got to be Bianchi for me.


Lewis of course.

Was on track to set fastest lap in quali.

Collected good points in the race to ensure he's favourite for WDC.

Was not unethical.


No, he wasn't. His time until he reached the yellow flag area was slower than Rosberg's.


He 2/10s up Rosberg, please double check your sources.


Check out sector times on the official website.


On a separate note Raikkonen is just about to equal Prosts fastest race laps 41.

Not that anyone would know or care- probably not even Kimi! Lol


Still a long way to go to equal Schumi. Can he do it?


No way. He will struggle to get 1 more in this heap F14T let alone 25odd more to MS..


Im leaning slightly toward Hamilton. Hes only a 4 behind Seb but hes in a better car now


Pity. Maybe someone else can do it. Vettel?


I think I can see why so many votes have gone to Bianchi, but he only got into the points through the demise of various others. Rosberg drove a flawless race but he gets forgotten away at the front. Hamilton needs to grow up and stop throwing his toys out of the pram. Hulkenberg is the only one to deserve DOTD on his own merit.


"[Bianchi] only got into the points through the demise of various others."

Yeah, and so ? HE didn't crash, HIS car/engine didn't break. So he deserves to be there most than those who demised.

(sorry for the english, french fanboy here :D)


Sorry, Bianchi crashed into the side of KOBAYASHI while passing him damaging his car so he was unable to race after that, good drive but if you damage someone's car when overtaking it hardly makes you driver of the day.


If you watch it you will see that Bianchi lost control of his car when he came out of the corner so the only way he was able to complete the move was by going into the side of Kobayashi which then ruined Kobayashi race, we have seen drive troughs for a lot less all I am saying is I can't see how he could be driver of the day when you have lost control of your car and hit someone else.


c'mon, it was not a clean overtaking, but a legit one, everyone recognized that. You have to go for it in Monaco. And seriously, Koba didn't give Bianchi any space to overtake, so it's his fault if his car was damaged. He went wild on the turn, and then closed the door, well to bad for him...

kenneth chapman

i still cannot understand the level of support that hulkenberg garnishes. he, like others, gained track position benefits at the expense of others as a result of attrition.

yes, he made one stunning pass, but that of itself does not IMO qualify him for DOTD. that accolade surely goes to the driver who did exceptionally well over the entire race. there are others far more deserving.

in my own personal summary of each and every race i tend to look at a total performance, factoring in all those things that complete the picture. then of course i let my bias run riot hahaha

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