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Monaco GP – Who was your driver of the day?
Posted By: James Allen  |  26 May 2014   |  12:09 am GMT  |  247 comments

There were some remarkable performances in the Monaco GP and some real hard luck stories, like Kimi Raikkonen, who lost a podium to a puncture and Jean Eric Vergne, who lost a potential sixth place as his team released him unsafely from his pit stop and he was penalized.

But who was your driver of the day?

Nico Rosberg

Team mate Lewis Hamilton questioned his hunger before the Monaco weekend, but Rosberg demonstrated he has it in spades. Set out to halt Hamliton’s championship momentum and took pole after a controversial incident in which his error meant Hamilton could not take pole from him. Race was almost perfect, except for one lock up, ironically at the same Mirabeau corner where he went wrong in qualifying.

Lewis Hamilton
Made no secret of his feeling that Rosberg deliberately make a mistake in the final run of qualifying to thwart him from taking pole. Got a good start, but not enough to challenge for the lead. Frustrated in Rosberg’s trail, his only other chance of jumping him, through strategy, was wrecked by the safety car.

Daniel Ricciardo
Second podium in a row for the Aussie, who once again out qualified team mate Vettel. A less than perfect start from third, dropped him to fifth, but he benefitted from problems for Vettel and Raikkonen to claim third at the end. Closed up to Hamilton in the final stages.

Nico Hulkenberg
Astonishing drive from the German, who started 11th and finished 5th. Great overtake on Magnussen and a flawless execution of a difficult strategy, starting on the medium tyre and then doing 50 laps on the supersoft. He managed to hold off the others when his tyres went off in the closing stages.

Jules Bianchi
Started on the back row of the grid and finished 9th (8th on the road, but 9th after a 5 second penalty was applied). Like Hulkenberg, Bianchi did a counter strategy, starting on the soft and then covering over 50 laps on supersoft. There was so much at stake for the team as it claimed its first F1 points and broke a five year duck.

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kenneth chapman

i still cannot understand the level of support that hulkenberg garnishes. he, like others, gained track position benefits at the expense of others as a result of attrition.

yes, he made one stunning pass, but that of itself does not IMO qualify him for DOTD. that accolade surely goes to the driver who did exceptionally well over the entire race. there are others far more deserving.

in my own personal summary of each and every race i tend to look at a total performance, factoring in all those things that complete the picture. then of course i let my bias run riot hahaha


I think I can see why so many votes have gone to Bianchi, but he only got into the points through the demise of various others. Rosberg drove a flawless race but he gets forgotten away at the front. Hamilton needs to grow up and stop throwing his toys out of the pram. Hulkenberg is the only one to deserve DOTD on his own merit.


“[Bianchi] only got into the points through the demise of various others.”

Yeah, and so ? HE didn’t crash, HIS car/engine didn’t break. So he deserves to be there most than those who demised.

(sorry for the english, french fanboy here :D)


Sorry, Bianchi crashed into the side of KOBAYASHI while passing him damaging his car so he was unable to race after that, good drive but if you damage someone’s car when overtaking it hardly makes you driver of the day.


If you watch it you will see that Bianchi lost control of his car when he came out of the corner so the only way he was able to complete the move was by going into the side of Kobayashi which then ruined Kobayashi race, we have seen drive troughs for a lot less all I am saying is I can’t see how he could be driver of the day when you have lost control of your car and hit someone else.


c’mon, it was not a clean overtaking, but a legit one, everyone recognized that. You have to go for it in Monaco. And seriously, Koba didn’t give Bianchi any space to overtake, so it’s his fault if his car was damaged. He went wild on the turn, and then closed the door, well to bad for him…


On a separate note Raikkonen is just about to equal Prosts fastest race laps 41.

Not that anyone would know or care- probably not even Kimi! Lol


Still a long way to go to equal Schumi. Can he do it?


No way. He will struggle to get 1 more in this heap F14T let alone 25odd more to MS..


Im leaning slightly toward Hamilton. Hes only a 4 behind Seb but hes in a better car now


Pity. Maybe someone else can do it. Vettel?


Lewis of course.

Was on track to set fastest lap in quali.

Collected good points in the race to ensure he’s favourite for WDC.

Was not unethical.


No, he wasn’t. His time until he reached the yellow flag area was slower than Rosberg’s.


He 2/10s up Rosberg, please double check your sources.


Check out sector times on the official website.


Got to be Bianchi for me.

kenneth chapman

@ james…. definitely OT but could you possibly look at bringing us all up to date on the ‘fuel flow meters fiasco’.

the topic drew a massive amount of comment/interest and it has completely dropped off the radar and i would love to know just what developments have taken place since the australian GP.

thank you in advance….hint hint.


Kvyat. Seems to be the real deal.


I would like to lift my hat to James Allen who takes part in these crazy discussions.

For a season many are calling boring, there sure is a lot of emotion in these discussions. My theory is that the excitement this year comes from rivalries between team-mates. We have 3 great ones going on at Merc, Red Bull and Ferrari.


bianchi wins, hands down.


“Second podium in a row for the Aussie, who once again out qualified team mate Vettel.”

That’s a breathtaking degree of dishonesty. He once again befitted from the fact that his teammates car suffered ERS issues in qualifying, and then benefited again in the race from Vettel’s engine failure. Of the two RB drivers, Vettel has been the more impressive this season. If the cars were equally reliable he’d be crushing Ricciardo.

kenneth chapman

@ steve S….’crushing ricciardo’ heavy duty. any evidence to support that theory? did you actually see the last ten laps of bahrein?


Or how ’bout every lap in China? They’ve each had 4 race finishes. Vettel’s had some bad luck, Daniel’s had some (AUS, MAL, which then affected BHN). Neither of them is anywhere near JEV country! That guy can’t catch a break!


What is JEV country


There is nothing great about 2014 season. I have not missed a single race since 2000 and yet I missed Malaysia, Spain and almost Monaco. The reason is as follows:

1. Kimi Raikkonen’s Struggles (mistake for him to join Ferrari)

2. Engine sounds specially that high pitch continuous squeak gets on my nerves, sounds like an orchestra of mice.

3. Mecerdes domination is even worse than Schumachar era’s Ferrari domination and Vetel’s Red bull domination era.

Simply don’t really care about F1 2014… and as a true F1 fan I have to resort to You tube for those pre 2014 races.

So I await the next year and hope 2015 would bring better days back to F1.


Absolutely no doubt Bianchi getting any racing points in a Lada is quite an achievment!

Carlos Marques

I voted for Rosberg, just because he managed to get Lewis to start twitching like Chief Inspector Dreyfus in the Pink Panther in the last few laps of the race…priceless…


Bianchi is DOTD without a doubt for me. Why? Simply because of the (positive) implications to the team.

Why not ROS/HAM? They kept it off the barriers, barring weather or freak accident, 1-2 was inevitable.

Why not RIC? He’s been showing this form since the start of the season.

Why not the HULK? What was he doing down in P11 in the first place?

Why JULES? Because of the best and only chance in the last couple of years to score points for his lowly squad he didn’t stuff it. MARUSSIA scored POINTS, yes plural, POINTS!!!! I know anything can happen at Monaco, but this is Marussia.


I voted for Ricciardo.

Rosberg doesn’t deserve to get a single vote. He is a cheater and lier! Amazing how he wasn’t penalized. In North America he would have been automatically stripped of pole.


Please give evidence to support your claim. Brundle said it’s not in him to cheat.


Driver of the day was Max Chilton – he’s contact with Kimi gave a new podium (direct impact on the race outcome) + put pressure on Kobayashi (who were well in the race ahead of Bianchi) by Kimi’s attempts which eventually allowed the cheeky move from BIA at Rascasse + put pressure on GUT (same place mistake under Kimi’s pressure) + put Kimi in another driving style mode to recover places (ending up in his attempt on MAG) – all these are better arguments than getting a points finishing position by eluding a 5 sec stop&go and adding 5 sec instead of 30 which might have been during race (not SC because would bring delays from blue flags too)

Alastair Purves

Thought it was just me who felt “the eye” was questionable. Hamilton’s starting to remind me of Mansell, and not in a good way. Who remembers the amazing disappearing limp and the fainting and the whinging? Ah,nostalgia!


Watched post-race interviews on Sky:

Lewis – “We are not friends, just colleagues”

Nico – “We’re always friends”

First Sutil, now Rosberg.

Lewis, is it “friendship of convenience”?!

Bianchi for DOTD.


Lewis Hamilton. First he had to deal with that mean mean mean man who ruined his chance at the pole. And he did it on purpose too …………. WAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!. Then he HAD NO BRAKES right from the beginning of the race………… WAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!. Yet he kept up a good pace without any brakes at all. Then he had to deal with those mean mean mean team tacticians who failed to call him into the pits ahead of his mean mean mean teammate who was leading. They did it on purpose too …………….. WAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!. Then he LOST HIS VISION and had to drive the last third of the race with one eye closed. WAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!.


james, question for you… I over heard a commentator say that the RedBull car had a stuttering sound coming out of the corners, and as his opinion it also sounded like some form of Traction Control…. (at Monaco race 2014) can you give us your expert opinion, certainly it isn’t the first time for RedBull to bend the rules.


Hi James, Hamilton kept referring to some data he saw (and said something like he wishes we could see it). Any clue what data he is referring to?


Really enjoyed watching Bianchi yesterday, a brilliant drive.


Jules Bianchi, no question. Amazing drive.

Hulkenberg is in second for me. That overtake reminded me of Kimi’s on Webber in 2006.

Honourable mention to Kimi. At the start of the race the Sky commentators were speaking of a possible win for him (if the Lewis and Nico collided), but then he lost an almost definite podium due to a pay-driver who always finishes last (whilst his team-mate gets a points finsih in the same car)


For me it was Raikonnen. He created his progress with some super moves. Just a pity he had that unfortunate extra pit stop.

kenneth chapman

@ mohamed C….yes we saw those super moves especially the one on magnussen which earned him a reprimand.


Off track question about the podium

Could the Monaco podium be a touch more fun?

I kind of think the ceremony is always a bit joyless in that shady little doorway.

So many sunny scenic happy spots wherever you turn with sea view and what have you

Whats wrong with doing it on board a yacht moored opposite the chicane? you could have a gangway with lots of razzmataz

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