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Maldonado fastest for Lotus on final day of Barcelona test
Posted By: Justin Hynes  |  14 May 2014   |  6:12 pm GMT  |  193 comments

Pastor Maldonado signed off a productive test for Lotus with the fastest time of the final day of testing in Barcelona, the Venezuelan recording a lap of 1:24.871 on the supersoft tyre to finish just under a second ahead of Mercedes Nico Rosberg, who set his time on medium tyres. In the morning the German also trialled Mercedes’ ‘megaphone’ exhaust, designed to increase noise.

After Lotus test driver Charles Pic put in 70 laps yesterday for the second fastest time, Maldonado enjoyed an even more solid run today, logging 102 laps of the Circuit de Catalunya and claiming the fastest time late in the session with a run on the supersoft tyre.

He finished 0.934s ahead of Rosberg, who also passed a century of laps. The German began his day’s work testing Mercedes’ much anticipated and rather aesthetically challenging ‘megaphone’ exhaust but without notable success, with a number of trackside sources saying  that the noise emitted from Nico Rosberg’s car was not significantly louder. Indeed it is believed that the device is just 3db louder than the normal exhaust.

The results of the test will be analysed by the FIA and discussed with the sport’s teams before a decision is made on whether to adopt the solution.

Rosberg was followed on the timesheet by Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen, who enjoyed a much better day at the wheel of the F14 T than yesterday. Thanks to an engine problem and an off the Finn completed just 20 laps yesterday but today he powered through 93 laps for a best time of 1:26.480, almost half a second clear of Esteban Gutierrez. The Sauber driver was involved in an incident in the morning when a fire briefly broke out at the back of his car in the pit lane. It was quickly extinguished and the Mexican was soon back on track for an eventual tally of 84 laps.

Elsewhere, Williams Development Driver Susie Wolff took over from Felipe Massa at the wheel of the Williams FW36, for a full day of testing, her first since driving the team’s 2013 car at last year’s Young Driver Test at Silverstone. This latest test is an advance of her scheduled appearance in Friday practice at this year’s British and German Grands Prix.

After an early spin Wolff completed 27 laps in the morning session. She improved again in the afternoon, eventually claiming the day’s fifth-fastest time with a lap of 1:27.280, set on the soft tyre. In total she completed 55 laps.

Behind her Jules Bianchi finished sixth but was confined to the garage for most of the afernoon with a technical problem. The team managed, however, to get him out on track again in the final minutes of the session.

Seventh place went to Sebastian Vettel. After losing time yesterday when a gearbox problem cut short their running, Red Bull Racing again missed out this morning, with repairs dragging on well into the first part of the session. Vettel eventually emerged some three hours into the action, and completed a couple of runs before lunch. The afternoon was more productive for the German and he had completed 72 laps by the time the flag fell.

“The problems of yesterday made a bit late out this morning but the afternoon was productive and we did a lot of laps, which considering the time we had it was good,” said Vettel. “We used the tyres used last weekend as we want to try to understand the car more and in terms of that I think we have learned a lot, so I would say it was a useful, if not perfect, day.”

Behind the four-time champion came Force India tester Daniel Juncadella and, getting a first F1 outing, McLaren’s Stoffel Vandoorne. Both were conducting tyre testing for Pirelli and afterwards Vandoorne said he was pleased with his first day in F1.

“This has been a fantastic day for me: my first experience in a Formula One car, and a really great opportunity to get plenty of laps under my belt,” he said after racking up the day’s largest total – 136 laps. “I want to say a big thank you to the team – everyone has been incredibly helpful and positive. It’s also great to have been able to contribute to the test programme: 136 laps today was a fantastic achievement, and it’s great that it’s earned me my Formula One Superlicence.”

Daniil Kvyat was ninth for Toro Rosso. The Russian brought out the red flags twice in the morning and then spent most of the afternoon in the garage. Caterham, meanwhile, did not run at all, with the team announcing in the morning that damage caused by Kamui Kobayashi’s accident yesterday was severe enough to prevent the team taking part.

Barcelona Test – Day 2 Times
1 Pastor Maldonado Lotus 1m24.871s 102 laps
2 Nico Rosberg Mercedes 1m25.805s 102 laps
3 Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari 1m26.480s 94 laps
4 Esteban Gutierrez Sauber 1m26.972s 85 laps
5 Susie Wolff Williams 1m27.280s 55 laps
6 Jules Bianchi Marussia 1m27.718s 55 laps
7 Sebastian Vettel Red Bull Racing 1m27.973s 72 laps
8 Daniel Juncadella Force India 1m28.278s 91 laps
9 Stoffel Vandoorne McLaren 1m28.441s 136 laps
10 Daniil Kvyat Toro Rosso 1m28.910s 21 laps


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Hoover and Anteater noses, Trumpets on the exhausts....

This sport is turning into a farce.


I really don't get all the fuss over the look of F1. There have been some real ugly ducklings over the decades, it isn't a feature unique to modern F1!



Infact there's some which make todays car's look downright beautiful!


And the RB10 is just a gorgeous piece of machinery full stop compared to any year.

John Wainwright

Jesus Christ you should have put a GRAPHIC WARNING before some of those links dude!!

Although I still think the golden Arrows A2 is absolutely gorgeous...to my eyes anyhow! Very unique and aeroplane style body. Shame it had an aversion to corners.


I will say that megaphones appear to have no purpose apart from being a crowd pleaser - this is a little more troubling.


FIA should hire this guy to work on the exhaust...seems like he has low cost solutions.


Otherwise, we can use the method at home.



try this exhaust mod next


Absolutely great! Had great fun watching


A farce? Why do you say that?

The noses may be unattractive to some, but are designed to extract maximum performance from a given set of rules - the very essence of F1. There have been ugly solutions to technical problems since the inception of Grand Prix racing. If pure aesthetics is the goal, then touring car racing is the what you seek (cars designed for the road and therefore with aesthetics as one of the primary goals).

Some may share your view, others may feel the farce began when they started plastering sponsor logos all over the cars, or the introduction of wings in the 60's, the ugly airboxes of the 70's or the narrowing of the cars in the 90's. Others may feel that each era of F1 is unique and we should celebrate the constantly evolving marvel that is Formula One!


You make a good point Trent. They don't set out to design pretty F1 cars, just ones that are as fast as possible within the rules (or an interpretation of them)

Quite often the cars do wind up looking good, and we quickly get used to the 'new' look when the rules change 🙂

Next year the 2014 cars will be 'classic'


You're right about those airboxes in the mid 70s being ugly - and lethal too! James Hunt nearly had his head sliced off by an errant airbox flying off someone's car and nearly decapitating the following Mr Hunt!

David in Sydney

I must say it sounds better (at least on YouTube) but it is a sign of F1 being more style than substance...


You mean the kimi video? 😛


Don't forget, Nick, that most racing cars and motorcycles used meggaphone exhausts years ago because they increased power output, and length and dimentions aultered the shape of the torque curve to suit the gearing or circuit charactoristics. But then along came the greenys and we all had to fit mufflers instead! And I must admit that I prefer it that way! (Because I started to get ear problems). And regarding F1 noise, I never enjoyed the V12, V10, or the V8s because they just screamed and there was no "character" to the noise. But I have heard some great sounding V6s and sprint car (speedway) V8s are awesome!



V12's and V10's had no character? Ok then...


But these arent about improving importance, it's soley about increasing the decibel level to provide a better sound.

I really dont have a problem with the sound of these new cars, if the racing is still good...the sound shouldn't really matter that much. That being said, Im a TV watcher so I never experienced the sound in person....but from perspective.

I just see bolting on exhaust trumpets as ridiculous and really unnecessary.


Yeah, Nick, I see what you mean and I agree they're unnecessary! I suppose I was refering to your comment about the look of them. I can see they might seem funny to those who've never seen them before, but to the oldies who grew up with them, they don't look so funny in fact they bring back memories!



Agree especially if its only giving 3db. Im sure as the cars become more efficient they can crank up the revs. Perhaps duel exhausts next year would be a good. I like the V6 but the 2005 V10 was special


Farce is a bit strong, but I do sympathise with your concerns.


When half the field looks like somebody glued a dildo to the nose as a prank and the Wile E Coyote is apparently manufacturing exhaust pipes, farce is exactly the word that's needed.


The real killer is that those phallic protrusions aren't even the most efficient shape, as Mercedes and Red Bull are ably proving.


Farce is exactly what it is becoming. That exhaust pipe is nothing short of laughable … the sort of thing I put on my tricycle as a kid … together with brmm brmm noises through pursed lips. It HAS to be a joke!?!


OK, I'm convinced. It's a farce!


When I was a kid we used to put a cloths peg and a playing card in back spokes of our bikes. To make them sound like motorbikes. Maybe they will try that next......


What do you call those neon lights pimps put under their cars? Would F-1 night races be more exciting those pimp lights? I've always been partial to gun racks too. Is there a low drag way to work them in?


Next step, really big chrome rims........


Awesome idea with the pimp lights, it would work well with Bernies Gold medals (and chains) idea.


Great display by Susie. Would love to see her get at least one race in F1


Let her husband make Hamilton sit out in Abu Dhabi as he would have won the WDC before that.


Hey, let me wisper into a megaphone. There, is it louder for you? Can't fix the sound on this engine - end of story.

2014 F1 engine is to a 2013 F1 engine, what an elderly gentleman breathing on you is to a blow dryer.

Self reflection Angel: Let it go Sebee, let it go. You sound like a scratched CD.

Self reflection Devil: Did you just get your wings little Angel? Have you heard a V10 or a V8 live? Has God kept you away from Monza last decade?

David in Sydney

Filipe, Bottas is louder than you, please confirm you understand...


Botas AND Fernando!


Pastor set to dominate, not Max.

Paul Dalgarno

Pit to car radio : Sebastien, Susie is faster than you, let her through.


apparently...vettel had even named his RB10 "suzie" at the start of the season


Yikes...thanks Wiki. How lazy of me not to check before I went off. Daughter born in January. Daddy rides in a purple car, daughter has a "light light purple" stroller I bet! Awesome. Now I guess he has to win a WDC for his little girl.


102 laps without crashes or engine failures? PDVSA Money is paying off!


Wait till you watch the next crash in the next weekend


Well done to Pastor, but going back to my previous post about Pastor being a committed socialist (check out his Wikipedia page - it turns out he was a personal friend of the late Hugo Chavez): considering Pastor is being state funded by a benelovent oil company to the tune of UK £30 million - per year! - does he really have the right credentials for the cause of socialism? Seems a but hypocritical to me.


But it's the peoples money! He is not driving for personal fame and fortune but for the glory of Venezuela. Maybe hitting all those cars is a spit in the eye at the capitalist dogma of all these western imperial powers. Or maybe he just takes the sponsor package he can get. I'm amazed a lot of countries fight to get a regional race but don't fund a few young drivers with bags of cash. It'd make more sense for China's image (for example) to have one or two super funded drivers getting to the big leagues - and let's face it in a country that big there's got to be at least two prospects who can drive as well as the lower or midfield drivers.


Yep but they cant drive a road car let alone an F1 car


and a rather startling death toll if one can believe Wikipedia:


68000 per annum ... that's like seeing a Boeing 707 crash every day.

China is second only to India which is roughly double that.


@Querfeldein- I know all that. I worked for global shpping company which had made these projecions 10 years ago!

But like I said it does not mean they produce good drivers


Welcome to the 21st century!

Total annual car sales in China (2013): 21.98 million

Total number of new car registrations in the UK (2012): 2.04 million

China's automobile market is already 10x larger than the British. In fact, by number of cars sold, it is the largest automobile market in the world. There are already far more drivers in China than in Britain.


Your comments make a lot of sense, and I think you're right. I suspect the Russians and Mexicans (even though they are free market capitalist countries) have had gone down this route as some of their young drivers have good sponsorship connections - I do believe Checo Perez is sponsored by the world's wealthiest man, Mr Carlos Slim!


Russia is a bit odd, as it likes to do most of it's funding through capitalist corporation fronts (even if it is one of Putin's pet projects funneled through an apparent Russian success story) - but given the ever-changing political machinations over there, the sponsorship seems to ebb and flow and I think Putin is particularly upset that throwing the most expensive ever Winter Olympics didn't get him the plaudits he expected. Which is why we see Russian drivers coming in only for their multi-billionaire backers vanish off into the ether at the first wind of change. Obviously if they were up front about it - having a properly funded Russian driver will do more for their national image than the Sochi race event (already chaotic long before Ukraine blew up) - look at Kvyat - definitely helping the cause - and if the money had come through at Sauber, we'd probably have had two russian drivers out there now.

Yes Checo has some of the Slim money, though I think that's more via the younger Slim than the elder (I think it's his son who is the racing fanatic?)


You underestimate China. I'm sure if all their effort in sport or to field 2 top drivers they'd probably beat the world technical sport is what they excel at just look at the olympics.


I don't underestimate them at all. I'm saying if they started NOW, they could find two drivers of appropriate age and could shower them with cash to get them up to formula 1 in a year or two.

The Olympics they were planning for a minimum of 8 years - more like 12 in some cases - taking children who showed even the vaguest promise at a sport and drilling them daily into world-class machines (possibly some sports they also used their production of cutting edge drugs to help though I suspect that's nothing like the whole story).

So yes - if China really wanted to, they would create driver academies and take very young kids and develop thousands of them, picking those with most promise and funding them for world domination.


If F1 adopts the "megaphone" exhaust, then I'm afraid it may really have "jumped the Shark".


Easy there Gary, easy. Have you forgotten about the noses already?

Megaphone rear means for purely safety reasons, the noses can be "absorbed" by the megaphone in case of a collision.


Uh oh, that might give Bernie an idea for "in-flight refuelling"...

Convert the old 2-seater car into an F1 tanker, and have the 'megaphone' snake out on a flexible hose to refuel the car behind...

Put that in the same file as sprinklers to wet the track. Testing to be done on Thursday at Monaco?

H.Guderian (ALO fan)

"in-flight refuelling"???




FP1 and 2 always take place on thursday at Monte Carlo, I'm speaking under correction but friday is a 'rest day'...


Oh dear it's such a shame we are having to try to introduce such tactics (whether Lo-Tech like a megaphone, or any future Hi-Tech 'solutions') just to 'undo' the advances in efficiency with the by-product of reduced noise.

James, have you done a survey to show what % of F1 followers really 'HAVE' to have the bigger noise level? I for one am quite happy with the noise reduction, but sad I may be in a minority.


I think you are not in the minority, just that the Media chose to make news out of it. Higher percentage of F1 fans follow the sports through TV and there is no much different from the TV sound. I would rather say that the quieter engines have made the racing more interesting as you can hear the fans cheer, hear tyer lock up, hear the team radio clearly etc.

We got used to stepped nose, got used to finger nose, got used to folk nose (Lotus), we can get use to the noise if we give it time. I have already got used to it. So give it a chance and you will get used to it too.


Looks like you've got a few in that minority with you 😉

The sound of the crowd when Ricciardo took provisional pole in Melbourne was spine-tingling. Although to be fair I have heard that kind of thing before in 2011 when Alonso took the lead at the start in Barcelona.


At the beginning of the season I was surprised at how docile the cars sounded. It took me a bit to adjust as I paid attention to all of the other interesting elements of the new formula. Now I find the combinations of sounds to be enjoyable. The tire squeal under lockup, the modulation of throttle as the cars storm out of the corners and the electrical whine under braking and deceleration is fun to listen too.

The main thing for me this year is how fun it is watching the drivers actually having to drive the cars again. I love the sound and the new formula.


Well there's no need for a survey all thats needed is to keep Hamilton at the front, if Mercedes was at Ferrari or Lotus's level right now then these cars would be a farce, complete joke regulations and sound but as things are what they are now these new cars and sound are best things since sliced bread. Imagine if Rosberg beats Hamilton this year even though it won't happen, but if it did Merc would be destroyed in the media and it'd be down to anyhing but the golden boy's fault, monaco will be interesting as ever watching the lap times in the mid 1:20's.


Well said. Let's have some subtlety.


We are hearing lots of people quoting THE FANS say its too quiet, with no-one quoting numbers or percentages, myself and 5 friends went to Melbourne for the first race and only 1 complained about the noise, 5 of us enjoyed the opportunity to hear the tyres squeel of locked brakes, the flare of Revs as they spun the back tyres accelerating out of the corners, and the opportunity to talk to each other while the race was on, All this Too quiet talk is another storm in a teacup,

Me-thinks this is another Vocal Minority, and Silent Majority, .... now if i can just get a survey to prove my point.


Agreed. I was at Melbourne.

Leaving the grand stands it was easy to pick the F1 Fanatics with there team shirts, hats, earphones etc. They were following the racing and strategies. I didnt hear a whine from them leaving the circuit.

It was the nay sayers and temporary supporters complaining about the lack of noise. Merely because they weren't following the race..

simon mawdsley

I wasn't at Melbourne, and i'd consider myself more than a casual observer of F1, but the one thing that left me absolutely dumbstruck after Barcelona last year was the noise. You can't follow a race live like you can on tv, sad as that sounds. so for me, the main reason i would want to go back to watch a GP is so that i can walk away with my ears bleeding. If you don't have that, then i think i'd rather go to le mans....at least there i can have a decent BBQ and get p*ssed too.


There are obviously some people, I'm assuming race attendees (occasional or consistent) who seem very upset. As I watch the majority of races on tv it doesn't make any difference to me. I know the majority of track owners flagged it up as it seemed like a good excuse to get a better deal off Bernie - but frankly the major off put for most people going to F1 races is exhorbitant cost. Cut the prices and more people would likely attend.

And as for the 'wow' factor - I don't deny that quieter races probably don't have the sheer impact on new race goers - but this is a global televised sport - 99% of 'new' viewers will come to it through TV, not live at a race track. So in purely business terms - the show needs to get to more people on screens - be it cheaper pay walls, free to air or internet streaming.

If the sport dies we won't hear any engines and then everyone can agree that the noise really has gone!


Sky did a survey at the start of the season and it was pretty much an even split (if memory serves ). I have to say i really like the fact I can hear other sounds apart from the engines , eg tyres screeching, crowd cheers etc .


I'm in it with you. I don't see the attraction in having my ears blown off.


I'm with you all the way Dave.

So we're in a minority of two it would seem.


I for one agree with you - I couldn't care less about the noise. I only wish they were shouting louder about the efficiency and technology.


A huge majority of F1 followers do not attend live events, so the noise volume is completely not an issue for them.

The new sound as it is heard on TV is much more interesting than the previous high pitched swarm of angry bees; and being able to hear the crowd roar over the engines is great too.


I noticed that my housemates are not complaining anymore when I am watching F1. Last year I had to turn down the volume of the TV because of the annoying high pitched sound of the "angry bees". This year I can finally hear the commentator's voice.


First Chilton now Maldonado. What is this sorcery?


It's called not needing to comply with weight regulations. Also...here boys, give these SS tires a try.

Suddenly Pastor is dipping .5s under Hamilton's pole and you all begin to question if Lewis "still has it". 🙂

Maybe that's the solution? Mercedes "quietly" gets allocated 1 step harder tires for each GP to handycap their Flux Capacitor equipped W05?


Flux capacitor - LOL!


It wasn't a joke.

That thing time travels. For the W05 90s equals 88s. Have you ever seen that 88 number anywhere else? Exactly.



Its easy to see that the small team's take this opportunity to be at the top. Light fuel loads and soft tyres.

Whilst the bigger teams are concentrating on high fuel load runs, tyre wear and strategy.

test times mean nothing


I'd only just got off the floor after seeing the news from yesterday!

Dimitris Mimis

The time of Maldonado is quicker about half a second than the pole lap of Hamilton 3 days ago.Is the super soft so much difference ...Any comments


Comments all weekend said Pirelli choice at the race weekend was too conservative (too hard)


That looks more like an ear trumpet than a megaphone!


Exhaust looks more like a vuvuzela from the last world cup, perhaps well see them in Brazil this summer


f1 has really jumped the shark with that exhaust…


I really think this is worth analyzing. It's just a little test, but at +3db is hardly worth the effort. I also bet you the +3db was gained by focusing the sound wave direction, which also means that there is likely -3db for a fan who's sitting in a different spot where the sound waves don't reach him as directly.

But, has F1 Jumped the Shark? And if so, at what point did F1 Jump the Shark? Is 2014 the moment?

To me it honestly isn't the nose or the trumpet test. To me it's the engine that would make me vote that F1 has jumped.

Reason is simple, it's not an F1 trademark sound, it's slower, and if we were given all the info about the batteries I think we would find out it's not at all green. But in the end I'm unfocused. I've said many times F1 is but a marketing effort, and if 4 out of 5 dentist agree, it must be true - F1 is greener and better than ever and I'm just some old fart who is too nostalgic about what are now the good old V8 days.


Sebee you are spot on with your comments, I feel exactly the same way about the sound of F1. It was a connection between the fan and the sport that was unique to F1.

I’ve noticed that many of the F1 fans who post on this site aren’t opposed to the new quieter F1, rather they say they appreciate and embrace the new technology and it’s not important. To me this seems disproportionate to the amount of people complaining in the ‘real world’.

I’d bet my bottom dollar that the majority of the people on here who approve the quiet engines are forum geeks and arm chair fans who haven’t heard the new cars in the flesh.

I’ve been to 25 Gp’s to date in 3 different countries and up untill this year, every time I was to hear the cars for Friday practise I'd get goose bumps. The signature sound of F1 has been lost and this is a major problem!

I love the new technology and remember to last turbo era which had a different but satisfying sound. F1 needs it’s signature sound track back asap, anyone who disagrees is not a true fan, period…

No doubt the new hybrid technology is a step forward, now lets get the F1 sound back, the pinicacle of motor sport is missing it’s balls!!


Agree whole heartidly, miss the noise of the V8 and V12s these new cars sound like trucks. They just don't sound good at all and increasing volume probably wouldn't help anyway.


Bavman the more recent high pitched scream 'signature sound' has been similar from 1989 to 2013. The Cosworth DFV was the F1 sound of the 70's.

My point is most fans of F1 love engines and the connection between sight and sound.

The power units now aren't so much a bad sounding engine but the lack of noise leaves the F1 experience blunted.


Disagree and F1 fan since the early 80's Signature sound would be a Cosworth DFV dominated F1 for almost 20 years.

Its just different, I like it, some people just dont like change.


Seebee it depends on your vintage, what the trademark F1 sound is. if your a really old fart we may be able to both get excited about the sound of the Matra. 🙂


Lol, I can imagine you and Seebee….will be hilarious, but it's fine as your entitled to what you like more. I've given up on the sound problem, technically it's done and dusted. I know races have been not been all that fantastic but it's still races.


I'm all Mantra now.

Basically for 90m+ I'm forced to keep repeating wroom to myself in prayer to F1 Gods.

Need to invite the guy who made this video during a GP. We can either wait for FIA to fix the problem or we can take matters into our own hands.



Heaven in a block. Someone tweaked me a youtube link a few months back


Heaven in a block


Its not the engines that are slower, the engines are faster.

For years people have been saying they want less aero-dominated f1, and now you have it. That is what is slowing them down.

And seriously, if a sport relies on gimmicks like cheer leaders, or bright lights or loud noises to make fans happy, maybe it is not a sport. Maybe they are not fans of the sport. Just fans of a spectacle.


Have you been to a GP? F1 sound was far from a gimmick. It was the main thing that touched the fans and conveyed the sheer power. It said this isn't a joke. This is nearly uncontrolled power.

It is what had fans travel to races to experience it each season because there was nothing like it.

Now, there are plenty of motor sports that are just like it. Nascar sounds way better based on all I've heard.

David in Sydney

Cheerleaders attached to every pit crew used to guide a driver into the correct pit box...



The trumpet thing looks silly.

Why don't they just put an amplifier on the back and play the Ferrari V12 audio from 1994?


Good idea; there's plenty of onboard electrical power to run the amplifier.


Don't be silly wanting the F1 trademark engine sound. People love the sound of tires spinning, turbo sucking, wind moving over the wings.

Personally, my favorite sound to hear during a GP is when a bumblebee hits Pastor in the visor at 300km/h.


Lovely sound............but it was normally aspirated.

No, in keeping with the turbocharged theme, they should play the audio from the Honda or Renault bi-turbo 1.5 litre V6 from the mid 80s.......check out Nakajima or Dumfries onboard the Lotus on Youtube..........


Susie Wolff 127.3

Massa qualifying 127.4

Not a fair comparison as susie was on soft tyre. But good effort considering her first run in a 14 car


That's bloody quick from Suzie.

How about Lotus? Looking good to cause a massive upset at Monaco? Or will Mercedes still have the advantage due to better traction out of slow corners?


Felipe, Susie is faster than you, confirm you understood the message .... Lol


She is slow. This proves it.


It probably does the opposite. It opens up more questions. Since the race drivers have had quite a few weekends and practice miles to get used to the new torque heavy/aero reduced cars - Susie even setting a barely representative time is pretty decent.

The one thing the testing doesn't do is prove anything - other than that a woman can actually drive the car at times close to many of the men. Saying she's slow is just a pointless statement. If it was a male driver making his debut in the 2014 cars we wouldn't say that. While I don't think Suzie or any female driver should get 'special' treatment, I also think she shouldn't be held to some insanely ridiculous higher standard. It's not like the first female driver has to be Senna re-incarnated for it to be okay.


Then why did she say, and I quote, "I am going to be the fastest F1 driver since Senna".

David in Sydney

You don't think she was under instructions to give feedback and drive slower in order to not crash lest it sets back women in racing another 10 years... she did well.


If she's quick enough, she's good enough.......

Toto will be chuffed.


This cone thing was never going to work. The noise is born of the fact theres a load of turbo gubbins in the exhaust system and the engines are only being run to about 10,500rpm.

Want more noise? Increase the RPM. Simple.

Short of abandoning the turbo and associated ERS system, thats the only thing you can do.


In my opinion, F1 went in completely the wrong direction in attaching an ERS system to the turbo.

If it were me, I would have put an ERS system on the front axle in addition to the one on the back axle. Or even better, have an ERS system on each wheel. Effectively making the cars 4 wheel drive.

Surely this is more relevant to road cars? All road cars will have a front and rear axle in future? Not all will have turbos?

We could then have kept the V8's, keeping the costs down, but restricted the rev's to say 15,000rpm, so we still got the noise.

From a fuel efficiency perspective, the technology already exists to shut off 2 or even 4 cylinders in an engine, so the teams could have done this.

Having a 100kg limit on a 1.6 litre engine is a complete joke. The teams were well inside this limit within 3 races. Surely 100kg fuel through a bigger capacity engine is more of an achievement?

All things considered, I think going the above route, everyone would have won.


Or: remove the reciprocating engine, make the turbo a compound turbine charging the battery driving all 4 wheels through MGUs, fare-in the wheels (don't cover) [cure weight limit, efficiency and drag] and add fighter screens and 0/0 ejection for driver protection.

I guess they didn't ask us for our designs for a reason. Is this the right page for fantasy-F1??


Fantasy F1? Not a chance!

All of the technology mentioned is already in existence, proven, and quite simply, adds up to a sensible and more cost effective means of achieving a better end.

Its that simple.

I don't suggest for a second that F1 engineers and teams are not aware of these technologies. What I do suggest, is that when teams come up with 2 million as a cost-cutting figure to the FIA, the engineers are not the ones making these decisions in the sport.


Oh, thats a shame, I was quite enjoying our little debate.

Oh well, I won't waste too much of my time on rounding this discussion up then.

The issues and objectives are set forth in the regs, so we do know what they are.

The engineers dont come up with the rules.

And Audi, Toyota and Porsche have shown with their Le Mans cars what the ERS systems can do and are doing, and what efficient, fuel efficient and road relevant motor racing cars are all about.

F1 has this info as its base point, as an absolute minimum, and yet, it has fallen so far short.

So yes, it is very easy to stand on the side and come up with alternatives, simply because better alternatives already exist and are so easily and obviously available.

It is therefore in no way, pointless, misinformed or deluded to even just have the discussion. To want and strive for better.

Or put another way;

"You don't have to win every fight to make a difference."



my point was, we can think up alternative formulas, but we don't really know 1% of the issues and objectives they have been set. The engineers in the business have come up with a set of rules which, to their mind, best fulfils the technical brief whilst preserving the competitive element of the formula. It's very easy to stand on the side and come up with alternatives, but it is, in my opinion, pointless, misinformed and deluded.

Love the one your with.

reply if you want, I won't read it


ERS-H is the new exciting bit that hasn't really existed in road cars; that, and the battery technology is where the main benefits for road cars are going to come from. Whereas KERS has been around for quite a while now, and the 4WD hybrid system you describe has already been well proven by Audi at LeMans.

Probably nearly all cars will have turbos as that seems the best way of combining power and efficiency; it's already true of diesels. And these petrol F1 power units are now more efficient than a typical diesel engine.


I meant to say in my original post that a Mercedes AMG SLS road car already exists with a battery/ERS system on each wheel aswell :).

I think it depends on where you see the future of the road car going...

Personally, if the ERS systems on these f1 cars are outputting 160bhp already, on the back of some development, that'll be more than enough for a typical family in a few years time. If there was an ERS system on the front and rear axles or one on each wheel, I see no need for a combustion engine anymore? And therefore no turbo.

If a 4kj capacity battery/energy store were to be stowed in the floor of a road car, where only a maximum of 3kj could be charged or discharged at any one time via the ERS systems, you would have the remaining 1kj as a "fail safe" so the electricity never runs out.


Haha :), in saying "battery/energy store" I assumed it was obvious these would need to be recharged at some point :).

When I say "fail safe," what I mean is, the MGUK can only return 2MJ to the energy store per lap, although it can take 4MJ per lap.

If you allowed the full 4MJ in a road car, you could always sit 2MJ of power aside in a separate cell, as a "fail safe," that effectively runs the car while the ERS systems continue to top it up.

Or hopefully put more simply, you charge half the energy store from the plug (2KJ), and the remaining half from the ERS systems (2KJ).

The half that charges the car, would house the "fail safe," effectively acting as a fuel warning light.

Anyone who has ever run out of power using a battery drill, will know it just starts to die with no warning at all. This is what the "fail safe" would avoid.

Hope that all makes sense? :).

Dave Emberton

Congratulations you've just invented the perpetual motion machine. I suggest you patent it 😉

ERS is energy recovery. Something has to supply energy in the first place.


Yes this is my thoughts exactly, follow the Toyota TS040 way, they have far less revs than F1 V8's and they sound great so a 2.4 V8 @ 15-16k rpm with the front axle electric system and keep the 100kg race fuel would have been great, close to 900hp, better sound and cheaper as well but no we have this farce.


Ha ha ha that looks like the pipe I put on my Austin 1800 when I was 17. I new I was ahead of the times


When I was a kid we used to peg some cardboard to the bike frame through the spokes. It made the bike sound like a motorcycle. Maybe this would help.


Excellent idea and it would look better than that trumpet too 🙂


Be honest with me Random, am I too negative on this whole new F1 and sound thing?

I don't know...maybe I'm just having a crisis. I want to be on board. I want to like it. But my body is rejecting the transplant.

Maybe I just need a break from F1 to recharge. I can't believe I just typed that middle of May, season barely on the way.

Between this 2s per domination, all these green claims that are making me gag, the quiet engines...it's just giving me gas and making me cranky.

I'm not even contributing much, just cranky comments trying to be funny because in the end there is nothing to say, nothing to do. This is the new F1 we have, take it or leave it are the only choices. I don't want to be dramatic, but I may have to do the latter.

Maybe on Sundays I can just play on the PS3 to get my retro F1 fix? Which makes me wonder...you think the F1 game makers will "fake" the sound on the new game so it doesn't sound like you're driving a saloon? ...oh stop it Sebee. Just take a break already, come back in 2015.

Enjoy your summer everybody!


It's not perfect, but I think it's just a matter of what you expect.

The sound is different and for the die hard old school fans who love the sound of the old engines it's never going to be up to par and I can understand that, but as people have mentioned there are benefits to having quieter engines. You don't need ear-plugs, you can hear all the associated sounds like the tyres that you never could before, plus you're not waking up the neighbors 😉

I'm not sure about the games, but have you noticed lately that when you visit F1.com and you get that engine sound after the countdown / loading phase it's not the same - in fact it's bloody awful. I don't mind the actual sound on the TV, but somehow they've managed to take the worst of it and then through some tricky sound mixing they managed to make it worse again so in this particular case yes, I do miss the old sound.

As for the green benefits I'm dubious about that too. For almost every "green" technology there always seems to be a little pollution generating gremlin hiding in the shadows and battery powered motors are no exception.

Arguably the worst part is< the Merc domination, but if you can live with that for one year (and frankly for doing the best job they deserve at least one year in the sun before Red Bull start kicking their proverbial again), then hopefully Renault and Ferrari will get their stuff together and we can have a better fight at the top in 2015.

So try to stick with it and keep up the comments - even if they are cranky they're still funny 🙂


+1 certainly made my bike go faster.


Stupid phone!

I'm shocked by the difference between the tyre compounds this year. I still think that teams should be allowed to choose which 2 of the 4 compounds they wish to run at an event, but they must inform Pirelli 14days before the 1st practice of each event. I think it would be really interesting as the more powerful and faster cars would obviously wear the softer tyres out quicker forcing more stops but faster lap times. So you may get a Marussia on pole but making 5 stops where as a car on harder tyres may only make 2 or 3 stops. It could be a lot of fun.


I third that, damned stupid phone


+1 fantastic idea


I second that.

Give it a try FIA - It's a far better idea than that double points nonsense and really, what's the worst that could happen? 🙂


Lap record 121.67, Kimi

Susie 127.3

Massa 127.4

The 14 formula sounds anemic, is atrocious looking, and slower. I wonder how quick a Porsche GT2RS would cover that track. And you could listen to Led Zeppelin.


"aesthetically challenging"

Yes indeed.

Strange nose solutions I can get used to, but that exhaust just looks wrong 🙁


After 20 years of avid watching I've had enough. I've watched 1 race this season and doubt I'll watch another. F1 died for me the moment they shoved that ridiculous trumpet up the backside of an f1 car.

Saying that. Did someone mention sharks? And neon? Maybe add some cow bell and shortcuts and maybe some red and green turtle shells that the drivers can fire at each other? Now that sounds like entertainment!


I haven't watched any races since the first one. Listened to James and Allan on BBC radio though (for Bahrain) using a proxy.

Too many silly rules for me.

Get rid of DRS! Let teams choose any tyre company! Bring back engine developments! Allow in season testing!

We want F1 to be the best it can be, not artificial.


I don't know what im more impressed with, Lotus's resurgence or that fact that Maldonado made it around 108 times without parking it into the wall


Will throw a quick tenner on Pastor for Monaco. If i lose it, the crashes will compensate 😀


In fairness to Pastor, the track officials had a very long briefing session with the circuits corners, walls and pit lane entrance. The officials encouraged each of the tracks elements to behave for Pastor, remain out of his way and to try not to pull any fast ones on the temperamental driver. Thankfully, all of the tracks components behaved and stayed in line allowing Pastor to have an event free day.


Once he worked out he wasnt racing anyone he was just fine


Lol, I'm sure we'll be debating that one for years 🙂


That pipe looks like one of those old gramophones. Seriously, I wouldn't be surprised to hear the ice cream truck music coming out the back of the Mercedes because they are cruising around that much easier. Hammo would probably have one remixed by Jay-Z or Pharrell though.

Dean of Glasgow

100-odd laps for the bold Pastor and no mishaps?

The cynical side of me thought it was Romain wearing Maldonados' helmet....


Yes, and it was really Romain in the 2012 race too.

Oh hang on, it couldn't have been because he finished 4th in the Lotus.


Conversation at Williams HQ:

"Hey I've got this great person for our development driver, they're 31, haven't driven open wheelers in 8 years and their carreer highlight is a few 7th positions in DTM".

Of course the pay driver thing has existed for ever. Even Schumacher had to pay for his first test drive. Susie Wolff is thoroughly undeserving of this position. There is zero prospect of her making it to F1, even if she does set good times in FP1, given her age and lack of racing results. There is also no way her technical feedback is going to be better than that of the existing race drivers. Positive PR from having a fast competitive car > positive PR from putting a women with connections in the car.


Ever thought that the exhaust trumpet was done this way to give negative feedback

Mercedes is already on record saying they are against it.

So who trials it for FIA , Mercedes looks like crap doesn't make any real sound difference. outcome no change who is happy Mercedes.

kenneth chapman

a small impeller placed in the centre of the exhaust that would produce a high pitched whine would add some element of excitement. i have always liked the sound of a jet engine starting up and powering down where one hears the 'whine'. this sound would be in keeping with the image of new technology.

kept small enough the impeller shouldn't create any substantial back pressure.

would love to hear it for no other reason than to know if it would work. it may not be too much louder,if at all, but it would be different.


There is a small impeller in the centre of the exhaust that produces a "whine" its called a turbo!! The exhaust consists of waste heat and sound, the turbo removes some of this waste energy and puts it back into the engine, this inherently makes the engine quieter. I'm not sure if you can actually hear it on an F1 car, I think the whine you hear is the ERS system.

The noise doesn't bother me (I didn't like the sound of the V8s) they don't sound that different to F1 cars from the 80s, just a bit quieter. Of course the difference between now and the 80s is the cars were bigger, spat flames and sparks out the back, were brutally powerful so lots of oversteer and wheel spin, not to mention manual gearboxes so far more entertaining sounds when changing gear. Everything looked bumpy so the driver looked like he was getting shaken half to death (that may be due to camera technology rather than the car I feel).

The cars now a days I think are generally quite boring to watch, boring is perhaps the wrong word, uneventful would be better, it looks too easy, the drivers just seem to sit and steer, of course this is far from the reality of it. But if you looked at a Marrusia's quali lap and a Mercedes one without the stop watch I doubt you could tell the difference on just "looking quicker" back then the likes of Senna on a balls out pole lap with 1300bhp just looked fast. The car squirmed under power, snaked and jinked under braking and required copious amounts of steering input to get it round a corner. I am aware that I am waffling as usual but the point I think I am trying to make is it's not just the engines that are reducing "the spectacle" they are just another thing.

I did notice at the weekend the cars seemed a bit louder, perhaps they have turned up the cars in the audio mix a bit, doesn't help the punters at the track but for the other 99% of people who are watching the race on TV its a lot better. Fake "excitment" producing things like the trumpet exhaust, metal undertrays that spark etc etc that have been mooted are just fake. In the past all those things were used because they made the car faster which is fine but not now.

Also rose tinted spectacles always make things look better, do you get rose tinted hearing aids??....

kenneth chapman

@ darren,

to start with...there is no impeller situated longitudinally in the centre of the exhaust, at least there wasn't last time i looked.there is however a circular disc with embedded turbine blades encased within the shrouding. a subtle difference, non?

without getting embroiled in your 'waffle' i would just add something to my suggestion which was the genesis of my comment. apart from my reference to jet engines on aircraft i was once a senior engineer in the both the british and south african merchant navies. one ship i sailed on was a south african dry cargo vessel that was powered by 15000SHP parsons and pametrada three stage turbines. in particular when under manoeuvres the HP turbine made a sublime high pitched 'whine' when given full steam either ahead or astern. that sound has stayed with me for a very long time.the very pitch sounded like something was moving very fast, and it was of course.

there are other examples but it is not necessary to state them. needless to say a similar 'turbine' sound coming from a 'new tech' F1 car would sound infinitely better than what we are hearing right now.


Ah I failed to grasp your concept, you may have a point. Although, I refer to my earlier comment where I said that adding things purely to make the sound better is silly and false, if it improves performance then yes but otherwise no. It's the playing card in the bike spokes again.


Junkers have some left from the Ju87 in their odds bin

and no I'm not xenophobic or anti-german, it's a lovely country and people


Seriously? You want them to install a "Kazoo" in the exhaust system?

Colin Chapman would not approve. Any relation?...

...I didn't think so.

kenneth chapman

@ gary...how perceptive of you.


Not a bad idea.

Kenneth, my posts on the likes of Ferrari and Macca and their poor performances are just opinions of mine, you are right, those two teams have very clever people much better than I am to find a solution. My musings are more based on frustration and sadness that two great teams are having a gentle decline into mediocrity and not able to fight the Mercs and Bulls on merit. I also find isad that Jenson, Fernando and Kimi, three great drivers have ended in their mid 30s peak years driving a car /cars that cannot enable to exploit their supreme ability, so my comments are more based on frustration at seeing 3 great drivers unable to fight for a championship when they all have championship pedigree.

kenneth chapman

@ gaz boy...the reason i asked you to comment on your qualifications et al was that when i read these posts i look for some clarification of racing consequences.

i have posted on many sites and always seem to find people who posit a professional analysis but in truth are simply not qualified whatsoever to analyse some of the most sophisticated engineering systems utilised in a totally complex manner.

you have not yet told us what your main employment is and as i said, you may not want to, however if you want to confirm your cred re technical expertise in matters F1 then it should be a given.

as for your 'sadness and frustration' it just perpetuates the truth that there is a time to stay and a time to go. button should go soon for no other reason than he is not producing the goods, albeit in a car that is less than good. i would far rather see another young driver with potential coming into the ranks. kimi is simply there for the $$$. his best is past him and comebacks rarely have a happy ending. alonso has still got his mojo and is still good value. IMO give him a good car and he will still make the grade, but time is also running out for him as well.

the big question for all of them is simply, when to go. a terribly hard decision for anyone but it is better to go on your own terms [as webber did] than wait for the pink slip.

Adrian Newey Jnr

Fair play to Williams for trying to promote a female driver, even if she is the team owner's wife.

But I honestly don't think this is the right time to use her. The team have a very strong car for the first time in years, but seem to be held back by a number of mistakes. So why not use this very limited testing period to get their **** together rather with their two main drivers than wasting it?


She is *a* team owners wife, but apart from a minority shareholding Toto isn't a team owner at Williams. Not that I think her personal connections haven't gotten her more attention than her talent perhaps deserves - but then how many drivers got into F1 purely on merit without nepotism or national/corporate pushing? How many drivers have had famous racing dads? Quite a few.

And Williams' two drivers seem to spend every race squabbling so maybe putting Suzie in the car kept Massa and Bottas from having another slapping match 😉


The first time I ever saw an F1 car (1994 Spanish GP) it was the sound that got me hooked - as the engine size decreased the screech got louder and more painful but it still sounded amazing (until Vettels farting RB). I have not seen teh turbos in the flesh - but my mate who did in Melbourne said they sounded sh..t.


Of course they sound s***, but the problem is they sound alot worse than the 80's turbos which is a bigger dissapointment for me.


Aw cmon the sound doesn't really matter. But yeah the 1994 Ferrari was a bruising fuel guzzler with a roar of a lion.

Best sound: Benetton from '86. In qualifying.

kenneth chapman

comments from an aquaintance at barca over the weekend said that the 'new' sound was simply awful. he's been following F1 as long as i have so he's heard them all.

he felt as though it was all wrong and didn't do justice to either F1 or the cars. one of his comments was that as he was in the pits he used to be able to hear the cars although they were not on the straight. this year he said that when there were no cars on the straight he couldn't even hear one and even when they were they were still largely inaudible until they were much closer.

sounds about right when taken with other reports.


Noticed that the Lotus time is the fastest of all the times including the pole time of the race itself last weekend. Admittedly on Super Soft tires, but still pretty fast.


That just looks ridiculous, it reminds me of some of the rice burners getting around here. I wonder what the data showed performance wise.


Looks like Pastor Maldonado's twin brother Imposter Maldonado turned up to do this test. I believe it's the same guy who took his place for the Spanish race in 2012...


How can Maldonados test time be faster than Hamilton's qualy time? Any ideas?!


Thanks Merc the 3dB extra Noise Pollution!


doesn't look like merc put in much of an effort to me?

it should have at least been the whole length of the pipe, and tapered for the whole length like they do on the moto gp bikes, not just tacked on the end of the other pipe, I think this was another "nikki lauder" stuff you i'll do what I want thing!

they wanted it to fail!


Some options they could try.

Put microphone on the engine and boost sound through tv feed.

Instead of overpriced megaphone exhausts on cars just sell 99p plastic megaphones to fans at the gate to put in ear.

Hire fbi profiler to figure out vitriolic hatred of maldonado and vitriolic hatred of any criticism of Raikkonen lol.


James whatever happened to the DOD post for the Spanish GP?

Did I miss it or is it missing?



There wasn't one, but if there had been who's your pick?



"Indeed it is believed that the device is just 3db louder than the normal exhaust."

That is actually twice as loud.


John Cleese "Now that's really silly!"


I say we all just forget about the noise (or lack of) issues and deal with it. The engines are what they are, if that's the noise they make then so be it. What is the point in trying to create artificial noise? Time to move on...


You can just see someone jamming a potato in that exhaust flute. Gees I can even see everyone taking shots at Mercedes from the grid spots! Then we can have a GP of whacky racers !


Anyone else notice the similarity between the trophies won on Sunday in Spain and the new trumpet exhausts??? Mercedes leading the way in cost-cutting?


That megaphone exhaust, I keep looking at my calendar and I can't believe it's not April 1st.


How about if F1 was sponsored by Halfords, they could provide speakers, nice woofer in the back too.

Then could all go to Mcdonald's drive-thru afterwards and see who has the loudest.


The problem that F1 faces is that by taking environmental route with the new power plant, maximum efficiency means maximum boredom. What is the tv audience of one of the greatest races Le Mans? The spectacle of F1 is being eroded, it's far too complicated and even hardened fans are losing the plot. The other racing categories are looking far more exciting Indycar, WTCC, Motogp, WRC, WSBK and DTM to name few. These categories could really benefit. We are told that we must like this new category of formula 1 well we might not want to accept and we have plenty of other options that continue to be the racing spectacle that we desire.


I agree with F1 looking to be more "environmentally friendly" and "looking to be more relevant to road cars," but my problem is, the way they've gone about it is completely of detriment to the very point of F1 in the first place.

F1, inherently, is a sprint race, with a big song and noise and dance and show along the way. But when you hear Daniel Ricciardo's engineer coming on the radio 6 laps into the race to tell him, "overtake or drop back 2 seconds to preserve the tyres," that is wrong.

And this is the underlying problem.

F1 is now more of an endurance series than a sprint series.

Fortunately, all of this can be easily resolved.

F1 should focus more on mechanical grip than aerodynamic grip - as developing the whole drive train, braking systems, energy recovery, electrical systems etc etc are miles more relevant to the future of road cars, than a £200,000 front wing, that might not even work.

The powers that be should write a set of tidy, neat, concise and restrictive regulations with regards to aero and aero development, and instead, open up mechanical development.

I say this because, yes, developing the mechanics involved in these cars will be expensive, but a) this is the road companys own money therefore it is up to them how they spend it, and b) when you take into account that this technology will be installed in millions of road cars into the future that you and I will buy, the bottom line figure becomes much more respectable.

Reduced aero also allows the cars to follow more closely, reduces the affect on tyres behind, and gets the cars moving about which makes for a better spectacle for the viewers.

In short, more power + less aero = great racing.


If F1 is concerned about the environment then hold all races in Europe. Better still the uk! I don't want to see racing at empty tracks pointless, how much fuel was burned to get everything delivered to a track with no fans. Shocking waste of resources. The manufacturers are the tail wagging the dog. They want to show off the new technology to new markets in Asia etc. not interested in the opinions of the fans. I suggest that the damage done by a few V8s going round a track is far less than the road air and sea freight required to transport everything.


I couldn't agree with you more if I tried.


On the whole though, I am completely with you - if the powers that be change the very spirit of something, the fans will walk away.

And having said that, it's FA cup weekend, which is a perfect case in point.

Carlos Marques

This is me looking at the Mercedes megaphone- what were they thinking?


I can only assume someone at Mercedes has a kid and they bought this not too long ago:



Lol at Buscemi 🙂


A strumpet was only twice as loud.


From Motorsport.com:

"Formula one is not the loudest spectacle in Spain this weekend.

The feeder series GP2, still powered by naturally-aspirated V8 engines, is making more noise in Barcelona than the newly-quiet ‘hybrid’ Grand Prix machines.

Not only that, there are GP2 cars that are actually faster than their F1 counterparts this weekend.

Stephane Richelmi’s name may be almost unknown beyond the GP2 paddock, but this weekend at the Circuit de Catalunya, the Monagasque’s Mecachrome-powered DAMS ‘outqualified’ F1 stars Max Chilton, Jules Bianchi, Marcus Ericsson and Kamui Kobayashi.

Not only that, every car inside the top 13 in GP2 qualifying was faster than the Caterhams in Spain.

Force India’s Sergio Perez said earlier that the louder, faster GP2 – with budgets eight times smaller than F1 teams – is “embarrassing”.

“It’s down to the regulations and there’s nothing we can do,” said Marussia’s Graeme Lowdon.

“You couldn’t criticise fans for asking that sort of question, and it’s important people listen to it,” he is quoted by Sporting Life."

No real surprise that the back markers are slower than GP2 but I am surprised that GP2 cars manages that on a much smaller budget than F1. Maybe a severe budget cap would be a really good idea 😉


How about someone sets up a racing series exactly the same as GP2, but just gives the cars more power?

Call it GP1, rev limit the V8's to 15,000 and lets go racing on the best race tracks in the world :).

It'll be cheap, fast, great racing, uncomplicated, what more could you want? :).

Keep the aero to a minimum.

Do away with data engineers so the drivers set up the cars up with their mechanics based on what they can report back through the steering wheel.

Give them tyres to do the entire race so the battles stay out on track.

I'd watch that :).


Agree, GP2 gives true racing fans real exciting racing. Please don't change this formula to the Prius engines of F1.


Lol, good point. I will watch GP2 from now on if the commentators are ok.


I miss Formula 5000.


First experience with F1 many years ago was hearing the Matra V12 up close. Saw a few races in the early 70's. But I was hooked. Given that F1 coverage across the water was relegated to printed reports for many years or possibly one or two races televised the U.S. fans were largely left in the dark until Fox televised it. F1 seems to have lost the plot, "jumped the shark", screwed the pooch. I've yet to get through a full race without falling to sleep. Starting to look as though we're stuck with the pinnacle of motorsports taking a back seat to GP2.

The sound debate is raging on. I personally think it is pathetic this year. Tires squealing? I can get that with my personal vehicle. Hybrid technology, automakers seem to have that figured out. Aren't the batteries made from "rare earth" elements? Meaning it is a limited resource along with fossil fuel?

What are they thinking putting a 19th century hearing aid on the exhaust. They could put a stove pipe on it and the problem will remain. With an exhaust driven impeller, you have a muffler. We are stuck with the pitiful sound. If tv viewers aren't impressed by it, people spending copious amounts of money that are not impressed by the lack of sound and slower racing simply will no longer attend. That is the problem currently. For me its all about the quickest, fastest car built to perform better than the rest. We've seen domination in the past. Through the years the teams that dominate always have their domination ended by rule changes. In effect getting penalized because the others can't get it right. That holds true in all racing. Not winning? Then its time to up your game.


How many people did he clean up on the fastest lap? I'd imagine it looked like something from mario kart...




Pastor Maldonado signed off a productive test for Lotus with the fastest time of the final day of testing in Barcelona, the Venezuelan recording a lap of 1:24.871 on the supersoft tyre to finish just under a second ahead of Mercedes Nico Rosberg, who set his time on medium tyres. In the morning the German also trialled Mercedes’ ‘megaphone’ exhaust, designed to increase noise.

After Lotus test driver Charles Pic put in 70 laps yesterday for the second fastest time, Maldonado enjoyed an even more solid run today, logging 102 laps of the Circuit de Catalunya and claiming the fastest time late in the session with a run on the supersoft tyre.

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