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Hamilton squeezes out Rosberg for Spanish Pole As Vettel Is Sidelined Once Again
Posted By:   |  10 May 2014   |  3:46 pm GMT  |  303 comments

Lewis Hamilton claimed the upper hand in the on-going in-house Mercedes battle as he took pole position for the Spanish Grand Prix, heading team-mate Nico Rosberg by 0.2s with Red Bull’s Daniel Ricciardo third, a full second adrift of the Mercedes. Sebastian Vettel’s troubled weekend continued as he broke down in Q3 with no drive from his power unit.

Williams Valterri Bottas was a contender for driver of the day with an impressive fourth fastest time for Williams, with Lotus’ Romain Grosjean impressive in fifth for Lotus.

The pole time was 4.5 seconds slower than in 2013. This is mostly due to the cut in downforce on the cars, with this Barcelona track heavily dependent on high speed aerodynamics. The hybrid turbo power units have less to do with it; straight line speeds are up at 337 km/h (210mph) on a Barcelona straight which is not particularly long.

After dominating practice on Friday, Hamilton complained in Q1 that the changes made to the car had made it worse. Rosberg topped Q1 and Q2,but Hamilton dug deep to take the pole. He was a tenth and a half faster than his team mate in both sectors 1 and 2, but dropped a tenth in sector 3, coming out ahead overall.

It is the 35th pole of Hamilton’s career, his fourth of this season and maintains Mercedes’ 100% pole record in 2014. It was Mercedes’ fifth pole in a row, the first time they have done that.

Having set the pace throughout Free Practice, Hamilton had been the favourite to ease to another first place start, however after seeing Rosberg set the pace in Q1 and Hamilton responding with, “What have we done to this car? We’ve made it worse”. it seemed an upset was on the cards.

The same occurred in the second phase of qualifying, this time with use of the medium tyre as a 1.2s buffer to their challengers allowed just one run on the hard Pirelli, as Rosberg held the top spot and looked to take somewhat surprising pole given Hamilton’s Friday pace.

As the final 12 minutes began the Mercedes duo were the first on track, completing most of a flying lap before being forced in to the pits due to a red flag. Sebastian Vettel crawled out of the pits in his Red Bull RB10 and, as on Friday, pulled to the side of the track and to a standstill.

With the session re-started the battle was able to commence once more, but this time Hamilton showed his true pace. A banker lap for both on a set of used mediums was quickly beaten as a fresh set of Pirelli’s were strapped to the W05 Hybrid and Hamilton lead a reverse of last year’s Spanish Grand Prix qualifying, where Rosberg had beaten Hanilton.

“I was really happy on Friday and we changed a couple of small things overnight, just the tiniest of tweaks. But it was a real handful today because track conditions had changed,” said Hamilton. “Nico had a strong P3 and first two sessions of qualifying, so we were making small adjustments to the differential to try and make improvements to how the car was handling for Q3. On that final run, I really had to eke out everything and more from the car and myself to get pole and I’m so happy that I managed it.”

One second adrift of Hamilton was Ricciardo, the best of the rest. He was quicker than Vettel in the first two phases of qualifying before a late lap in the final moments took him to his third top three of the season. He will be looking to achieve his first Formula One podium tomorrow, and with a 0.4s gap to those behind he should be able to do so, reliability permitting.

Joining him on row two will be Valtteri Bottas, who delivered a stellar performance in taking his Williams to fourth place and giving arguably the performance on the day. Romain Grosjean will question that, however, as he gave Lotus something to cheer about with fifth place.

His team-mate, however, had a disastrous outing. Pastor Maldonado kept his foot in on the exit on the long turn three, lost traction and was pitched in to a spin then in to the wall.

Joining Grosjean on the third-row is former team-mate Kimi Raikkonen, who was able to get a better hold of his Ferrari F14 T and ahead of Fernando Alonso, who will start in seventh place.

McLaren’s promising start to this weekend on Friday morning proved not to be enough to challenge Williams and Ferrari, but nevertheless allowed Jenson Button to set the eighth fastest time, ahead of Felipe Massa and Vettel.

Spanish Grand Prix, Barcelona, Qualifying
1. Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1m25.232s
2. Nico Rosberg Mercedes 1m25.400s +0.168s
3. Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull 1m26.285s +1.053s
4. Valtteri Bottas William 1m26.632s +1.400s
5. Romain Grosjean Lotus 1m26.960s +1.728s
6. Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari 1m27.104s +1.872s
7. Fernando Alonso Ferrari 1m27.140s +1.908s
8. Jenson Button McLaren 1m27.335s +2.103s
9. Felipe Massa William 1m27.402s +2.170s
10. Sebastian Vettel Red Bull
11. Nico Hulkenberg Force India 1m27.685s +1.597s
12. Sergio Perez Force India 1m28.002s +1.914s
13. Daniil Kvyat Toro Rosso 1m28.039s +1.951s
14. Esteban Gutierrez Sauber 1m28.280s +2.192s
15. Kevin Magnussen McLaren
16. Jean-Eric Vergne Toro Rosso
17. Adrian Sutil Sauber 1m28.563s +1.799s
18. Max Chilton Marussia 1m29.586s +2.822s
19. Jules Bianchi Marussia 1m30.177s +3.413s
20. Marcus Ericsson Caterham 1m30.312s +3.548s
21. Kamui Kobayashi Caterham 1m30.375s +3.611s
22. Pastor Maldonado Lotus

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Ric was not faster than Vettel in Q1. Even though Ric made two attempts, on the harder tyre Vettel was faster by a tenth..

kenneth chapman

so what?


The article reads “One second adrift of Hamilton was Ricciardo, the best of the rest. He was quicker than Vettel in the first two phases of qualifying before a late lap in the final moments took him to his third top three of the season” which is incorrect.. That’s what..

kenneth chapman

@ john… a very minor mistake in reporting…so what? not really worth posting about.


What a gap! It’s even worse than RBR domination only it’s Lewis this time. I feel it will be a boring race.

Poor Nico, his body language says it all. Lewis will thrash Nico, no doubt about it.

Am just looking forward to the rest of the field fighting for points. This season seems done and dusted for me. And Lewis will be accused of winning the championship because of the fastest spaceship just like Vettel, but there’s truth to it.


I’m getting Fed up with F1 at the moment! After dull and utterly boring seasons like 2011 and the 2nd part of 2013, we were all eagerly waiting for 2014. It would throw up the formbook they said, it will produce exciting racing they said! The only Thing I like about F1 2014 is that we have another winner besides Vettel! Ok, it has altered the formbook a bit, but we are watching non races where one car is Miles faster than anyone, Jeez It’s depressing to see such a big advantage! The last 13 races have been won by 3 different drivers, how depressing is that? We want to see a competition, not a who’s the best of the rest show! No wonder the Americans hate it, it’s boring as hell!!! F1 has fallen deep in my humble opinion and I didn’t even mention the fact that most of the Cars are UGLY as hell, sound horrible and are WAY TOO SLOW!!! Yeah 2014, it’s a cracker, wait for it, letdown!!!!


hold your breath for 4 years before comparing mercedes’ dominance with that of redbull.


Vettel’s side of garage seems to be under tremendous pressure to deliver.That is 3 out of 5 races wherein Vettel’s car is having some issues or the other.They are trying too many changes, fiddling with the set-up which is not allowing him to get into his groove and is affecting his confidence.Brundle,Benson and other experts talk abt his struggle with low down force levels in the car.But I would like to point out that he qualified and raced well in Malaysia with the same car.

My take is that Red bull are still clueless about the troubling issues.Chassis change appears to be a blind shot to see if there are any improvements


Everyone always seems to bang on how good this driver and that driver is, at this level they are all top shelf.

Now what would be interesting stick them all in Lewis ‘s car and see who qualifies quickest then we would know who is the best qualifier.


Pastor’s Demolition Vehicle Spins Again?




Everyone is better off when he starts at the back.



Opps…have to change back to Sebee before I get used to this nick.


Wear it with pride Lewee 🙂


Happy to see Kimi doing better after that awful race in China. After the latest upgrades to the car, Kimi has reportedly better feeling of the front end of the car and he is now able to feel the available grip of the track the way he wants.


schumacher (best wishes) legged it from ferrari when he heard that raikkonen was joining ferrari. the guy is super fast!


Great to see Romain Grosjean mixing it at the top end again – and a tiny hurrah for Jenson Button and McLaren, who seem to have really started crawling forward too.


Mclaren will need the luck of australia to see another podium this year.


Really? McLaren pace is worth celebrating?


I thought 8th in Q3 was a bit of progress, yes. The race didn’t agree :-}


Holy…That’s a gap.


I could only imagine what Alonso or Raikkonen would do in Williams.


Love Lewis no nonsense stance in the photo shoot above.


James,is it true that Caterham has fired Mark Smith?


He has gone, yes


I see Eddie Jordan is one of those who think Nico is a more intelligent driver than Hamilton.

Has he been watching the last 3 races, Lewis using less fuel and making his tyres last well.

The track is very abrassive so maybe Eddie knows something I don’t as he seemed to be tipping Nico for the win.

He did say there is no one on the grid to touch Hamilton over one lap.


I don’t get the point of this Nico is smarter debate, what relevance has it to the racing?

If anybody can tell me what advantage “being smarter” brings to the race then maybe the debate has merit. Clearly the strategy requires a bit of brain power and some clever software but that is not done by the drivers. The main items for the driver seems to be looking after the tyres while maintaining a reasonable lap pace. Clearly Lewis has enough smarts to master that aspect. Perhaps Nico is not as fast because he is over thinking it. How ironic the supposed advantage is actually his weakness… 🙂


That’s going really well for him then…


“He did say there is no one on the grid to touch Hamilton over one lap.”

Yes, the same were saying all these guys about vetted these past few years. For the moment, in the two dry qualis, Rosberg has been faster in average. I am not saying Hamilton is not super fast, I just say that it is very easy to do such statements about a driver who is in a dominant car.


if you add 66 one laps together you will get a race distance so what is all this nonsense about being untouchable over one lap? hamilton is the best driver to have stepped foot in the sport and we will not see another as good in our lifetime. I don’t know what it is that prevent people from seeing that. he has demonstrated time and time again that he can overtake better than any driver in the history of the sport, prompting the introduction of kers and drs. he has demonstrated that he can defend his position better than any driver has ever done and can put his car on pole better than anyone in the history of the sport. i notice some people nearly saying what they see but opt out for untruths. nor matter what they say, hamilton is as good as he is and will drive as well as he does.

rosberg knows just how good hamilton is and he says so here. he is only pretending i be upset to finish behind hamilton.


let’s assume you’re right. name a driver who is capable of defending better than hamilton, name one who can overtake as well as hamilton, name one who can out qualify hamilton. we all saw how alonso coped with the rookie hamilton in 2007.

i have heard people refer to fangio as the greatest ever. i have also heard people, including murray walker, refer to senna and schumacher as the greatest ever. as soon as hamilton gets on the scene oh no ‘we cannot compare drivers of different eras.’ sings the song. i hope you enjoy the rest of the season because the best driver to have stepped foot in the history of the sport will feature, all season long! we will never see another in our life time.

kenneth chapman

@ aveli….tosh


It’s been common consensus amongst all in F1 for a few years, that Lewis is the fastest driver in F1 on raw pace, especially over one lap.


@justafan, uh, and he’s had the best car for the last four years! Plus he had a very good car in 2009, and is in the 2nd best car this year. A little more context than just comparing absolute numbers is needed.

Lewis gets the outright best car for the first time in his career, and he’s making the best use of it. He might even pass Vettel’s pole count (45) this year, and will definitely pass him for front rows, in his first season with the outright best car (versus SV’s four seasons).

Going up against the Red Bulls in the last 5 seasons, Lewis still managed to get the 2nd most poles and front rows. So far, in 2014, Vettel trails Ricciardo in front row starts, 2-1. So first things first, Vettel needs to beat Ricciardo.


Last time I checked Vettel had more poles than Hamilton. And fastest laps too. And wins as well. And titles as well. And podiums as well. And first row starts as well. And all that from less races as well.


No it’s not. The consensus was that Vettel was the fastest. People, even so called experts, tend to get too carried away by results. This is, the driver with the most pole positions is the fastest, which is not true. Normally he is just the one in the fastest car for the longer time. Yes, Vettel was faster than his teammate, so?

kenneth chapman

i do think that that is open to other interpretations.


Tough times for Nico, he really needs to beat Hamilton on merit soon or he is going to start losing faith in his own ability. The Merc advantage is magnifying the fight between the pair as it is effectively Mano V Mano with no chance of anyone else putting themselves between them.


Its like having a fight with someone in a cage where no one can stop the fight if your behind is getting your behind whopped…lol. Lol this kind of reminds me of the battle between Barrichello and Button at Brawn GP. I hope Ros will not retire from the sports this year too.


Vettel= The New Webber


Stop that Bull… everything is just coincidence.



Mercedes=The old Red Bull


No, Much much better


Hey fellas if you see that Kenneth Chapman fellow – if all goes well tomorrow for Kimi – please tell him Thompson told you so……. Thanks

kenneth chapman

hey ‘fellas’ if you see that thompson fellow, please ask him what it was he was going to tell me……very many thanks.

kenneth chapman

@ thompson…. you can tell me yourself, i’m still here.


Its the return of the Romain empire! Great lap from the young Swiss-Franco driver……….probably the lap of the year so far. Still, its the race that counts.

Also, well done Jenson for wrestling the Macca to 8th on the grid – probably a few places higher than it deserves to be.

Sebastian – what a difference a year makes?????

Anyone noticed that when Luca turns up for a race Ferrari are average, at best? Stay away Luca!


Button is 8th because Massa had problems on his final lap and Vettel retired.


I could be wrong but I think Massa’s problems were self inflicted.


Martin Whitmarsh will be proud


True, still a good effort from the Frome Flyer.


Grosjean’s was not the lap of the year. He was consistently on amazing times in S2. He and his car had the pace, and he delivered. That’s it.

For me the best laps to date have been:

Rosberg’s pole lap in Bahrein.

Hamilton’s pole lap in China.

Alonso’s forth position lap in Malaysia.

Vettel’s second position lap in Malaysia.

Ricciardo’s second position lap in China.


Fair comments, but I still think Romain’s effort today was supreme considering that Lotus has been nothing short of dogs dinner for most of this season!


Yes, I agree he did very good. Maldonado was being very quick also through the weekend, but he did what he did…


Bit of context here:

Lewis Hamilton achieves pole position with a 1m25.2.

Last year Charles Pic, qualified rock bottom in 22nd place, with a time of 1m25.0. Last year’s slowest time would have been enough to better this years pole lap!! How about that!

And just for further reference, Rosberg’s pole lap from last year was a 1m20.7, so almost 5 seconds faster than Lewis’s pole lap of this afternoon.


These cars take serious driving. If you had experienced such you might have an idea. This is how it should be. Driving with more power than grip.

Your comments are making a mockery of racers like senna or Mansel etc.

Its a pointless comparison given the (far better this year in my opinion) power to grip ratio and if you think GP2/3 drivers are ‘better’ drivers – your being silly.

This less aero trickery combined with more power is always the way to sort the real racers.

Go watch 250 gearbox racing compared to the usual fixed drive – or as I suspect from your arm chair – YouTube it – you will start to understand – particularly if you watch some short circuit stuff.

And yes they are doing in excess of 160mph on many of the tracks. No they do not have seat belts. Yes they do have similar cornering forces to F1 and yes they do stop faster even then F1… Think about that…

Then think about your comments.

Hashtag – former 250 champ!


Flippin’ heck Doc! No need to give it to me so full on!

Where on earth did I criticise anything? I was merely highlighting the disparity and extremities between this years cars and last years cars. It really doesn’t take that much from my comment to realise that was all I was getting at.

Dear oh dear oh dear!


Apologies for the rant but after a multitude of posters making similar comments I thought I had returned to an earlier poster with a far more critical and frankly silly set of comments.

Pressed the wrong reply that’s all – nothing meant by it other than wondering what some posters are actually watching…


I hope someone is counselling Rosberg to avoid the almost inevitable emotional reaction to the loss of pole.

The frustration and hubris he must feel after a week of telling anyone who would listen how he was faster than Hamilton in the dry – like Bahrain – must be mind blowing.

The pressure on drivers is immense and it exaggerates the emotions and that can easily lead to poor judgement. Hamilton has been there and done that in the past, Rosberg did it in the wet qualifying only a few weeks ago.

Anger, frustration, feeling the prize slip away, the pressure on your own self perception leads to trying too hard, losing perspective and being susceptible to a severe touch of Maldonadonitis.

Crashing into Hamilton will not enhance Rosberg’s reputation nor his career.


You think that’s what it’s leading to? I think the last thing Rosberg would want is to be DQ’d from the season b/c of deliberately colliding with his main challenger. I don’t think it’s possible to get away with stuff like Prost-Senna ’89, Senna-Prost ’90, Schumi-Hill ’94, or Schumi-J.Villeneuve ’97 anymore (obviously MSC didn’t get away with it in the last example).

See also Keke Rosberg’s reaction to Schumi parking it at Rascasse in ’06, and I don’t see how Rosberg crosses that line. Who knows, anything’s possible I guess. I don’t think it’s in his makeup to play dirty. Hard, but fair. As it should be.


Wow, 5 sec’s down from last year. So I guess any aero-intensive track will see the 2014 cars lag behind.

Charles Pic, 22nd on the grid last year, would be on pole today with his 2013 time! (1:25.070).

As the teams get better in terms of fuel consumption with the cars, perhaps we should be adding more downforce back onto the cars, mainly with the rear wing. Drag will increase, but the benefit should outweigh the cost.


I was thinking about that when I applied for tickets for Silverstone this year a few weeks ago. Bear in mind Silverstone is all mega fast corners heavily dependent on high speed stability via good aero balance and aero efficiency (i.e if set too much wing for high downforce at Silverstone you’ll compromise straight line speed on the long straights) are the cars going to be substantially slower?

Also, are the cars going to sound loud enough going through the mighty Woodcote, Copse, Becketts/Maggots, Abbey et al? Anyone who has stood on the grass banks at Maggots/Becketts during qualifying to hear the wailing engine at full song will know what I mean.



Have you tried Santa Pod? They have a meet over the Whitsun weekend. If loud and impressive is what you want a top fuel dragster will give you that in spades; 0-100 in less than a second, 0-300 in around 4 seconds 🙂

With regards to the current cars appearing slower – they are around 5% down on last years times (at Barcelona). If you translate that margin to speed (although their top speed is actually up, it’s the corners where the time is lost)that translates to 10mph at 200mph. So if you think a car flashing by, where you are standing, travelling at £190mph will visibly appear slower to you than one which was travelling at £200mph then I would say you have a problem. Personally, I would defy anyone to tell the difference unless the two cars were side by side.


oops, where did the £ signs come from? Was it me or my Renault developed keyboard.

Me, I suspect 🙂


Some statistics (if I am right):

This is the first time in 10 years that Alonso has been beaten by a teammate in qualifying in Montmelo. Amazing job Kimi!! 😉


I believe you are. Though in 2007 Hamilton did beat him in Q2, the true low-fuel qualifying session back then. In Q3 Lewis was fuelled for two laps longer than Alonso, though Alonso still beat Lewis by 0.334s … even fuel-corrected, he probably still beat him in Q3.


Yes, fuel for two laps accounts for approximately half the difference I would say. If I remember well Hamilton was loosing time to Alonso mainly in the first sector. Each time I remember it, it amazes me how close were Hamilton and Alonso that year on pure quali pace! We should be gifted by a real fight between these two in the same car. Maybe Rosberg leaving after being beaten fair and square this year?


@justafan, do you know that for certain? I’ve seen speculation re: his contract, but nothing definitive.


Rosberg has a contract for 2015.


Yes that is correct. Trulli was the last driver to do so 10 years ago


Wasn’t Trulli one of the drivers who out qualified Alonso? Hamilton too?


I don’t feel any sympathy for Rosberg. He’s been talking too much and believing his own hype ever since he won in Australia. He needs to be quiet and just drive. He looked like he lost his dog at the photo-op. Maybe, he needs to see that sports psychologist Merc just hired.


I can only agree. He talks way too much,i first noticed it when schumacher was still his teammate. Im glad he s getting a whooping from hamilton now: though i hope he will come back otherwise this season is realy over.


I haven’t warmed to Rosberg ever since his first season with Schumacher were every single post race interview featured ‘well I’m beating my teammate so that’s great’. He is a stuck record and is unsportsmanlike and clearly quite insecure otherwise he would not feel the need to mention it quite so much. Also his lack of acknowledgement at any point that Lewis has had a DNF is very immature.


I liked Vettel domination more.

At least he had competition. 🙂


@Sebee I think you just want to provoke response. Vettel had competition only with himself. As Red Bull did less to support Webber.

I know you already know this but just trying to find out if we still recognized you as bias Vettel fan.


I’m asking this through genuinely not knowing but has there ever been a multiple world champion called into question more than vettel?



It’s because he’s not liked, no other reason. Which is a silly reason.


I don’t find intra team battle exciting. I am used to Schumi, Alonso, Vettel. Eventually a team makes a call, end of story.

Alonso was hounding Vettel like a bad smell last 4 years. This year it’s a whole new level of domination. Seriously.


Wow! You’re one deluded fan, he had 0 competition! At least Hamilton has to battle his teammate, RB always made sure Webber had no chance.


The great thing is we don’t have to see him waving his finger in the air anymore!!

He and we will learn alot about mettle this season.

One can often learn more from adversity than victory.



The great thing is we don’t have to see him waving his finger in the air anymore!!..

Also, no more ‘faaaaaaantastic drive Seb’ at the end of every bloody race.


From who?

Especially in 2013.

Hamilton and Nico are only a few points apart even if things stay as they are in how they finish it’ll take 6 races before Hamilton can relax.

1 dnf in favour of Rosberg and it’s time for Hamilton to start all over again.

Best season in ages…… I actually prefer Hamilton chasing rather than leading.


Yes Nico could be thoroughly beaten and still win WDC.


Intermittent competition, but never enough to really threaten him.

In those last 9 races last year, he had none. Only the Japanese GP was anything resembling close.

I don’t like that Mercedes looks to have increased the gap. I want it to be closer than it is. I don’t want Merc to win every race, and I don’t expect them to, but it could be much later in the season, a Merc double-DNF notwithstanding.


I don’t like that Mercedes looks to have increased the gap – I do.

I want it to be closer than it is – I don’t.

I don’t want Merc to win every race – I do.

Think about it. What a magnificent achievement that would be, although I doubt they will.

So long as Mercedes allow their two drivers to race one another (as McLaren did with Prost and Senna)then I don’t have a problem with single team domination. The problems come when you have a Schumacher/Ferrari or Red Bull/Vettel scenario. That’s when, for me at least, things get boring.


Agree Sebee. It’s getting very old, very quick now. Everyone enjoyed Seb’s domination. The crowds even turned to booing the 2 place getters on the podiums for daring to share Seb’s limelight. I can only imagine how many fans turned off their TV’s today when Seb’s car broke down. I was personally in tears. Seb must be beside himself right now.


I’m trying to enjoy it, but it’s tough.

Look, on any weekend there was a chance Vettel could be beaten. There was risk and pressure. There is no chance this Mercedes can be beaten. And it’s only misfortune that will stop Lewis as many here note. That just ain’t gonna happen.

Am I just seeing it wrong? This is the most certain year since 2002.

It comes down to many things that are rubbing me the wrong way. 2s per lap domination, silence, billions spent for little value, GP2 car lap speeds. Maybe I’m just too negative. Let me watch myself tomorrow to see if I enjoy the show. I’m trying, seriously.


Everything you say is true, but the trick is to more or less ignore those two little silver cars and concentrate on the rest of the field 🙂



I’m with you, even in 2011 and 2013 which were Red Bulls most dominating years, qualifying and the race was always interesting. If Red Bull wasn’t on pole, then it was always a genuine and true race.

2014 put Mercedes anywhere in the top 6 and they would still finish 1-2.


Nicely done again Glenn 🙂


“The crowds even turned to booing the 2 place getters on the podiums for daring to share Seb’s limelight.”

That was soooooo funny. lmaorotf. 🙂


As you used to be so fond of telling us. It’s up to the others to raise their game.

Maybe Red Bull and Vettel should spend less time dipping their balls in the pool 🙂


I’m not complaining about domination. Simply excessive domination. And FYI, Mercedes is peeing into everyone’s pool with the rocket ships they have.

I think something is flexing on that car. Time to test!


Yeah he had until the Red Bullying started and the tires were changed 🙂 Sorry, I could not stop myself….

Already responded for you.

(but but, the tire were changed because on safe…bla bla.)

P.S Oh Well, at least Vettel does not have to move aside tomorrow for Daniel San


I hated the tire change. Anyone here will tell you, I wad super against it.

That is true….Seb won’t have to move over for his team mate. Actually, perhaps when he’s shown blue flags.


I thought Rosberg looked a tad sulky whilst he was waiting for Hamilton and Ricciardo to join him for the ‘top three’ photo – I would imagine he would be used to losing out to Hamilton by now. What did he think was going to happen? Somehow this weekend it would be different? They say he is some kind of a brainbox and speaks six languages, I only speak one and I knew it was going to happen. Maybe he isn’t as clever as they say 😉

German Samurai

Hamilton was sulky and non-communicative after Rosberg beat him for pole in Bahrain.

Hamilton is expected to beat Rosberg. That’s why he’s paid significantly more money.

Hamilton was panicking on the radio in Q1. All the pressure is on Hamilton since this car is unbeatable and his only challenge is from his driver who is the number two driver (Malaysia 2013 the team forbade Rosberg from passing the much slower Hamilton).

If Hamilton’s wins the championship it proves nothing we didn’t know about him — that’s he fundamentally quicker than Rosberg.

If Hamilton fails to win the championship his legacy is tarnished forever.

A Rosberg second place today means he’s only 3 points behind Hamilton. One qualifying lap is not indicative of long run pace either.

Ricciardo might get off the line well and take the challenge to Hamilton in the first corner and Hamilton loses a wing, gets a puncture or is forced out of the race. All of sudden Rosberg is 29 points up in the championship.

It’s going to be a long 6 months for Hamilton since simply a little bad luck in 2 or 3 races can completely derail his championship.


@German Samurai

Malaysia 2013 the team forbade Rosberg from passing the much slower Hamilton..

Remind me, did Rosberg manage to make any of his passes on the ‘much slower’ Hamilton stick? Hamilton had already re-passed Rosberg when Brawn came on the radio and asked the drivers to hold station. Bearing on mind what happened at Bahrain this year, I am not so sure what the outcome would have been had Brawn allowed the two of them to race.

However, with regard to your point about the pressure being on Hamilton, I wouldn’t disagree. But it does beg the question as to why Rosberg looked so grumpy. Everyone knows Hamilton is the greater talent – Rosberg isn’t stupid so he must know it as well, so why the sour puss?

On a different note, how are you getting on with your list of the ‘many drivers’ on the grid who would have won 3/4 of the first races if they were in Hamiltons position?

I’ve still not heard back from you 😉


rosberg is only acting. he know hamilton very well, he said so himself on the official f1 site.


They don’t disappoint, do they, these Mercedes drivers in their non-taxi hybrid cars.


Remember the outrage against tires last year when cars were claimed to be a little bit slower? When in fact that was not the case?

4.5s slower quali time and surely significantly slower race time tomorrow and everyone thinks these drivers are on a limit?

FYI…the super budget GP2 cars were 4s slower than the mighty F1 cars. Where can I place an order for 2 GP2 cars to have fun with?

Hey Random, maths with Sebee episode 5. If F1 pole is 1:25.232 and slowest GP time was about 1s slower than Caterham, how many GP2 cars quali times were within 107% of F1 pole time?


If F1 and GP2 cars are so close now then I have an idea:

Correct me if I’m wrong, but in GT races they run several different classes in the same field and then determine the winner for each class.

I wonder what the reaction / result would be if they decided to run F1 and GP2 simultaneously?



Just relax, change your name to Lewy, slip on a silver jacket and enjoy the show.

In no time at all, you’ll have forgotten all about Red Bull 😉


Do you know what? I think you are just being deliberately contrary! Your real problem isn’t the new formula at all. It’s the fact that your wonder boy isn’t looking so wonderful anymore. Sour grapes, plain and simple.


100% it was. Vettel was the only exciting thing. Unless somehow someone here believed Rosberg would pass Lewis. I didn’t.



That race wasn’t exactly the formality that you predicted, was it 🙂


Is this what you really want?

Anyway, Lewis is the man. He will steam roll this field. I hope the waves thanks to Vettel as he laps him….on the 4th lap.

Now….back to our regular scheduled Sebee programming.

Hey, at least I’ll get solid 90 minutes of cardio in tomorrow. Regardless if the GP is just a formality.


A: Well first of Hamilton’s 1:25.232 in Q3 is irrelevant because only the fastest time from Q1 is taken into account when calculating the 107% rule which was Rosberg’s 1:26.764 which works out to 1:32.837 so if we take into account the GP2 quali times which ranged from 1:29.293 for Richelmi to 1:31.558 for Daly then it would seem that all of them would have comfortably been within 107% of Rosberg’s Q1 time 🙂

Not bad for a #2 mathematician eh?



You never cared about GP2 spec before and you don’t now. The only reason you are mentioning it at all, is because you believe it somehow validates your complaints about the new F1.

The FIA have always had to slow the cars down with changes to the regulations, in particular they slow the cornering speeds. If they didn’t do this the drivers would need G suits and, more to the point, if there was a mechanical failure or driver error then the consequences would likely be severe. No doubt GP 2 will have a regulation change that will peg their speed at some point.


Random…612hp 10,000rpm limit V8 GP2 engine is achieving F1 107% lap times.

Seriously…what is happening? I never cared about GP2 spec, but when GP2 cars can qualify for an F1 grid spot, I start to be very interested.


Excellent. But even worse for F1. I completely forgot about the Q1 time setting the 107%. Thanks for that reminder.

That’s right boys and girls, the entire GP2 grid is F1 ready! When has that EVER happened at same track that all GP2 cars were within 107%? Bet you they sounded better today too. Anyone at the track care to give feedback?


They were slower today because the 2013 cars were in their 5th year of development against the 2009 rules. On top of that the tyres are much slower this year.

When we come here next year I guarantee we’ll be a few seconds quicker.


No aero miracles coming I am afraid.


I say again, what’s more important the numbers and stats vs gp2 or the fact that we are watching drivers fighting the cars and not enjoying the benefits of being glued to the road by extreme downforce! I personally couldn’t care less what the gp2 times are, how about next year the engines all gain another 150hp and 200lbs ft and we take off even more downforce! Lap times will fall further but it will be phenomenal to watch!


Lol C63 🙂



Perhaps we should cut Sebee some slack, after all he is suffering the ignominy of being a Vettel fan 🙂


Right…so the point of this billion and noiseless engines is to make them squirm around the track in lack of traction vs. getting them round the track in F1 times?

Why not put these guys in GP2 cars I mentioned? Last I checked we would have epic battles and a close grid. Way cheaper too.


They are certainly on the limit in quali. The cars are moving around a lot, not easy to drive. Everyone had low grip today and the rear end stepping out.

It was quite something. The race tomorrow they won’t be on the limit much if at all


So you are saying we are more likely to see lap parity between GP2 and F1 race lap times?

At the end of the day James, what does it say about new F1 when 24 GP2 cars put in a lap time within 107%? On what was likely a colder track top.

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