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Hamilton on top in title race after holding off Rosberg for Mercedes One-Two in Spain
Posted By:   |  11 May 2014   |  3:35 pm GMT  |  927 comments

Lewis Hamilton has taken the Formula One World Championship lead after his fourth consecutive Grand Prix victory to head home Nico Rosberg in a close Mercedes one-two, with Daniel Ricciardo taking what he hopes will be a first F1 podium he can keep at the Spanish Grand Prix.

It is the 26th victory of Hamilton’s career and his first at the Spanish Grand Prix.

It was the fourth Mercedes 1-2 in a row this season, an almost unprecedent run of domination in modern F1. Even in the Schumacher/Barrichello Ferrari years such consistency was rare. Ferrari did five 1-2s in a row at the end of 2002, but there are few other similar examples.

Barcelona showed that Mercedes has increased its lead over its rivals and now the prospect is very real that the battle between Hamilton and Rosberg will be the championship story, with prospects receding for any other drivers to get in on the act.

Hamilton made a good start – and Rosberg another poor one – to take a racing line in to the first corner, quickly establishing a comfortable two-second lead over his team-mate in the opening laps as the Silver Arrows stretched away from their pursuers.

As has been the case this season the Brackley team opted to give Rosberg a different strategy, with the German taking a set of the slower hard tyre at his first stop whilst Hamilton remained with the faster option. It was then up to Rosberg to minimise the time lost in the middle stint and keep in touch with the race leader before Hamilton made the mandatory switch to the hard tyre for the final phase of the race.

At this stage Hamilton pitted two laps earlier, setting quick sectors and forcing Rosberg in to pits as the German did not want the gap to increase.

Rosberg made his final stop for a new set of mediums and emerged back on to the circuit four seconds behind his team-mate and set about ending Hamilton’s running streak with twenty laps remaining. Reducing the gap by one and a half seconds in two laps, Rosberg was in the hunt for his second victory of the season but had to be mindful of the twelve laps still to run.

With Rosberg scratching away at the lead he found himself within 0.5s as the lap board ticked to ‘two to go’. The German, though, was unable to find a way past his Championship rival and finished second to complete the fourth Mercedes one-two in succession.

Hamilton now takes the Championship lead by three points, whilst Mercedes hold a 113 point lead over Red Bull.

Behind the Mercedes pair and forty-eight seconds down the road was Ricciardo after a strong drive to his first Formula One podium, since being disqualified from second in Australia. He was jumped on the start line by the more powerful Williams at the hands of Valtteri Bottas and after being held up throughout the first stint of the race his Red Bull team opted to pit him early and under-cut the Finn. The move was a success, with Ricciardo having a twelve-second margin over the Williams following the stops.

It was almost the breakthrough result for Williams, whose race today was not against Ricciardo but instead to beat the Ferrari pair. Bottas was able to keep the Ferrari bay at bay with ease, finishing ten seconds ahead of them at the finish but his mirrors were filled by somewhat of a surprise. After dropping the ball a few times, the Grove squad almost got the kind of result the car’s potential merits.

Sebastian Vettel was a contender for driver of the day, having started fifteenth and spending the first stint sat behind thirteenth placed Jenson Button dived in to the pits the first of anyone, taking the hard tyre and setting himself up for a three-stop race in which he could push every lap, pass cars and emerge in fourth at the flag.

His second and third stops allowed him to make full use of the medium tyre, driving in a care free manner to stick his RB10 on the inside of anyone in his path. When Fernando Alonso, also on a three-stop race, pitted for the final time, Vettel swept around the outside of turn one to take seventh place from the home-favourite.

He then made little work of Kimi Raikkonen before reducing a seven second gap to fourth placed Bottas in four laps.

Vettel launched his move down the inside of Bottas in to the turn ten hairpin, completing the pass and a fantastic turnaround from his starting position.

With Bottas taking a strong fifth place, the next battle came between the Ferrari pair. Raikkonen held the intra-team battle lead over Alonso for the duration of the race, until the Spaniard made use of his fresher tyres and took sixth place with three laps remaining.

Romain Grosjean picked up Lotus’ first points of 2014 after a quiet drive to eighth place. The Frenchman held fifth place in the first phase of the race but was unable to keep the Ferrari pair and Vettel behind.

The points scoring positions were completed by the Force India duo, Sergio Perez and Nico Hulkenberg, who had a race long battle with the Mexican eventually coming out on top.

Spanish Grand Prix, Barcelona, Race, 66 Laps

1. Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 66 laps 1hr 41m 05.155s
2. Nico Rosberg Mercedes +00m 00.6s
3. Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull +00m 48.9s
4. Sebastian Vettel Red Bul +01m 16.5s
5. Valtteri Bottas Williams +01m 19.0s
6. Fernando Alonso Ferrari +01m 27.4s
7. Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari +1 lap
8. Romain Grosjean Lotus +1 lap
9. Sergio Perez Force India +1 lap
10. Nico Hulkenberg Force India +1 lap
11. Jenson Button McLaren +1 lap
12. Kevin Magnussen McLaren +1 lap
13. Felipe Massa Williams +1 lap
14. Daniil Kvyat Toro Rosso +1 lap
15. Pastor Maldonado Lotus +1 lap
16. Esteban Gutierrez Sauber +1 lap
17. Adrian Sutil Sauber +1 lap
18. Jules Bianchi Marussia +2 laps
19. Max Chilton Briton +2 laps
20. Marcus Ericsson Caterham +2 laps

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Rosberg is closer to Hamilton than I would expected and Kimi is getting close to Alonso. (I wonder why Alonso could make his first stop before Kimi?)It is unfortunate that there is no competition for Mercedes and only one challenger for Hamilton.


Nico's body language was very unhealthy today, he seemed to be putting himself under too much pressure, is the rivalry between these two guys going wrong, this is all unhealthy for Mercedes. I suppose we have to remember these guys are still young.


First stop before Kimi was to cover Massa, who had pitted a lap before. That was not the optimum thing to do because traffic, but he had to do it to stay ahead of Massa. I don't know why was it so close with Raikkonen, maybe he did tot a very good lap or the team did not a good pit stop. Certainly it shouldn't have been so close, given the time alonso lost in the last sector of the lap.


Its called the undercut for a reason.. The driver left out is loosing time on old tyres.Driver going in first gains track position because he gains time on fresh rubber.. Both drivers loose time pitting and exiting. The only diff is the 1 lap advantage he guy on fresher tyres gains- you understand or do just talk for talkings sake..


Yep seen it. Shows what most of the world already know- & some poor unfortunates here dont!


Don't treat me like an idiot just because you are disapointed for whatever reason (well actually we all know the reason). The undercut doesn't work if there is traffic in your out lap, it is plain simple. By your comments I'm sure I could teach you one or two things about analyzing race strategy and lap times. Hey, I don't even know why am I replying, next time I will not bother to replay to such a silly post.


I know it's really simple right, the couple of Alonso fans on here don't seem to understand it.


This track as never been a favourite of Hamiltons.

Drivers go better at some tracks than others.

When then are to Nicos liking like Bahrain and Barcelona Lewis is pipiping him, when they are to Lewis,s liking he is driving off into the distance, that's the difference between them.


Didn't Kimi two stop and Alonso do a three stop? That is why he came in earlier.


By one or two laps, I am not sure that make sense?


He is talking about First pit stops when Alonso, tried to undercut Kimi.

Both of them pitted within one lap of each you really think pitting within one lap of each other makes difference between two stops and three stops?


Well..if Kimi is ahead of Alonso, and Kimi doesn't want to stop until lap 16, Alonso has every right to request a pit on lap 15.


It is more worrying that on Rosberg's better tracks he is being beaten by Lewis. Nico got pole here last year and finished 6 positions ahead of Lewis so I expected him to win this race as well as China, but alas, he failed plain and simple. I give hike one more chance in Monaco to take the win and if he fails then its curtains. He got pole and the win last year so I expect him to run away with it coz Hamilton is just emense in Canada, Britain, Germany, Hungary, Belgium, Italy and then throw in the mix of new circuits like Austria and Russia. In fact the only track I feel Rosberg has a chance after Monaco is Brazil. Tough road ahead for him either way!


Oooh! Spot on Blackmamba. We are quickly approching Lewis' favorite tracks. Tracks that he has won several times and that he truely loves. It will be very difficult for Nico after Monaco. I can't wait for Canada!


And yet were Hamilton's car to break down in Abu Dhabi, Rosberg could finish second to Hamilton 7 times and still be in front. With nobody even remotely close to challenging the two Mrecs, I fear this championship could be decided by a breakdown.


A very valid point - any DNF in the final race would completely screw a record number of wins to seconds the likes of which not seen before (assuming of course such occurs) and would make a total and complete mockery of the championship the likes of which has only happened in motogp in recent years. And even there, it was nothing like as bad as the possible situation in F1.

I have a feeling the declining TV figures would go into overdrive and we have to just hope that like the reliability issues, it never happens.

How crazy is that!


That is my concern especially the ridiculous double points system for the last race. It is farcical. Anyone who wins because of the double points system can not really be regarded as the champion. Imagine Hamilton (or Rosberg) is 49 points ahead and with many more wins and then through no fault of his own has a DNF and his rival goes on to win it. I would find that hard to accept the WDC deserved it.


+1 You summed it up perfectly there.

Even Lewis had some bad luck in Singapore he is also mighty there.


those incidents only happened in the spanish grand prix and different incidents happen in different races.


I think the race results will be starting to demoralise Rosberg because even though Hamilton car set up and balance was some way off he still managed to retain the lead and finally win. It also demonstates how good Hamilton is by putting the slower car on pole. Had Hamilton's car been set up like Rosbergs then the gap would have been ever increasing with quite a different complexion to the result.


In fact if you recall, Rosberg copied hamilton's set up since saturday's FP3, but in the mean time some minor (software)upgrades were made on lewis' car. (which did not suit him very much) The team truely beleiving that it would improuve the cars performences. It probably did, but did not suit lewis' handling of the car (thus diff and understeer issues @ the end of the race).had they not tampered with his set up, Nico would not have been able to close the gap so easily. Keep in mind that he did get alot of help in doing so:

- two slow pit stops for Lewis

- backmarkers slowing his pace (lewis)

- an unbalanced car


Thanks for that info on the software. Power unit software really is the "dark art" for this year at least.


We have Toto Wolffs quote there:I think what we did was engineer the car away from the way he wanted the car to behave on Saturday.


Sounds too me it was not really Lewis own decission, therefore he sounded quite annoyed at Saturday & Sunday

The slow pit stops did also not help much, and the wing adjustment from 3 wholes made it waorse, too ( Hamilton wanted only 2)So when they suggested three [holes], I thought don't take three holes of front wing out of the car because I will have excessive understeer.

"And in hindsight they were not right because I had so much excessive understeer at the end through [tyre] graining.

"If they had taken another hole out I would have been really stuffed."

Looks like Mercedes did not the best job for Lewis the whole weekend


Yes well aware of the pitstop sluggishness, and other aspects, although Rosberg also had the back markers to contend with, but I don't buy the team improved the car as understeer and torque snatch is there regardless of style. What did change was track condition!? The team always change things in the hope of improvement, but that is not always the case as Hamilton is well aware. I was not aware it was simply a software change but that would explain the torque snatch, but not the understeer which is a suspension set up condition. It strikes me that his engineers need to get a bit smarter rather than ultimately rely on Lewis saving the day.


but who is setting up the car? You make it sound as if Hamilton is being held from making any set up change that he wants. It is up to Ham for how he will set up his car


There are two sides to the garage obviously. Hamilton's engineers using Hamilton's feedback and all the other data they have from running the car, provide the set up instructions to the mechanics who alter the car. The car was fine on Friday and they mucked it up jointly on Saturday by additional tweaks. It certainly is not a straight forward process as simply Hamilton telling them what he wants, and of course he then has to live with the consequences on track.


I suspect Red Bull could take the fight to Merc but its upto those cheese eating slightly behind the times Parisian monkeys to provide Dan and Seb with the ammunition to put them on equal terms torque wise.......

The torque of that Merc engine is incredible, notice how Daniel could close up to Bottas Williams, but the Brixworth V6 powered car just rocketed away on acceleration.

It will be interesting to compare the respective torque curves of the Merc and Regie engines: I suspect the Merc has a more "meaty" and "fatter" torque curve that doesn't require the driver to rev its head off, where as by the sound of the onboards, the Renault sounds quite harsh on acceleration and has to be thrashed to within the last cc of its life to extract the maximum acceleration it will permit.

Whatever, being 80 lb of torque down on the Merc engine is no joke - and that's a conservative estimation: Gary Anderson and Autosport have mentioned it could be as much as 90 to 100 Lb ft of torque difference.

That's a lot of twisting force!


Having had my own nationality at the sharp end of Gaz's wit I can attest to him being an equal opportunity insulter.

However, the lad knows his GP racing.

Jonathan Clare

I agree with the derogatory post. It is not PC gone mad to criticise people using the term 'monkey'. It is completely wrong to use that term. It adds nothing. Just takes away from credibility. I live in Australia, and whenever the term is used it is justifiably condemned, and rightly so. Just to make it clear. We are all humans and as such do not need to be categorised in anyway; whether based on race or any other stupid group.

Let's all just have our opinions without being demeaning to anyone, for whatever reason.


+1 Jonathan, that comment was totally uncalled for.


It's undeniable that Mercedes have a clear edge. However, I don't think the Renault Power unit is worse than Ferrari's at this stage: Both RB, and now Lotus, are at least on par with Ferrari, while Sauber is really struggling. Hard to tell as no two engines are in the same chassis, of course, but Renault seems to have made a quite a bit of progress since the end of pre-season testing.

I don't think anyone not named Hamilton or Rosberg has a chance at being champion this season, but I'm pretty sure if there is a non-Mercedes win, it will come from a Renault-powered car.


Gaz, I like your knowledge as a poster but you just lost my respect after that disparaging remark about the French. Is there really a need to use this language to make an intellegent point in a racing forum? In a racing forum.

This is how they talk at Ask Equin0x.

Please not at jaonf1.


can it not be removed?


Agreed. It slipped through the net on a busy day.

Please don't use insulting language again on this site -Mod


I noticed during qualifying, Rosberg hit 316 km/h on the front straight, and didn't bother with 8th gear.


Agreed with Rockman that the first paragraph of this post is inappropriate. Surprised to see it went past moderation.

Gaz Boy,

Re your astonishment at the Merc engine's torque assisting Bottas in accelerating away from Daniel. Two cars with the same horsepower and different torques (say with a 100lb-ft of torque differnece) will accelerate at the same rate if other factors such as weight, gearing, etc. are held constant. In other words, it is horsepower, not torque, that dictates acceleration at any given RPM. It'll of course be easier to accelerate at the same rate with an engine that has more torque but it won't be possible to pull away from the other car on the basis of extra torque - you need more horsepower.



How does something so derogatory go past moderation?


Why is it Renault gets all the blame when Redbull doesn't win but zero praise during the last 4 years domination?


Gaz gets a little excited at times.

The reason Newey gets more credit than Renault is because for at least the last few years they have been down on power. This year they are really down and even RBR can't completely overcome that.


Because this is an England-based blog and the recipients are French . . .

History has a long arm . . . and . . .

Fanboys tend to use derogatory or florid language.


Because it was never about pure power the last 4 years, it was about the chassis and the aero and perfection of the blown diffuser, plus torque maps and the like.

Red Bull was always slower in the traps, their top speed was always lower than Merc and Ferrari. It was the chassis and the aero that kept the Red Bull stuck to the ground and pure magic through the corners that gave them the edge.

Thats why Renault never really got much praise.


I think we need to lighten up just a bit - the whole world has gone PC mad, if anyone out there is English, Welsh, Scots, or Irish then we've all been the butt of decades of ribbing in jokes - get over it. Renault have been largely recognised as 'the' motor package since Ferrari domination came to an end but the aero brilliance of the team under AN has been what made the difference and separated Red Bull from the other Renault powered teams. Similarly at this moment in time it isn't all just Mercedes power (although it's a massive chunk of it) as the gap to the other Mercedes powered teams are proving - it's the complete package and right now the Petronas boys have the best power pack coupled with a great chassis and ok aero... Red Bull have clearly the best chassis out there (as Merc boys have admitted) but the Parisians have dropped the ball on the power pack technology front and it's costing (thankfully) Red Bull a lot....for now.... Renault are blame worthy at this point in time, simple as - @ Gaz Boy is spot on, not that he needs me to say it for him.


RE Rockman:

Eh?????????????????????????? Derogatory?????????????

It's a well known accepted fact that the Renault V6 is down on torque, power and drive-ability compared to the Merc. How is it derogatory that pointing out the Renault engine isn't as advanced and developed as its Mercedes rival?????????


On the derision sensitivity meter Gaz' post would seem to rate fairly low.

At the tail end of the V8 era it was conventional wisdom that performance differences amongst the three engines were negligible.

Bring back V12's !!!

Derogatory? He was making a joke mate relax. Are you one of those people that was also offended by Jeremy Clarkson's remarks of late? Lighten up aye this life is too short for political correctness.

As for the race, pretty boring and processional really. There were a few moments where I thought Nico might catch Hamilton but in a car like that and with Hamilton's insane skill I don't think anyone is in any doubt as to where this WDC (and even the WCC) is heading.


Exactly! When RBR kept winning it was all thanks to RBR brilliant job. Even then Horner kept whining about Renault's lack of power. No words for that special engine mapping that allowed for the off throttle exhaust blowing, the driveability or fuel efficiency.

RBR are 1 second clear of any non Mercedes car and if the Brackley team hadn't done such a great job, we'd be having another year of RB domination


+100 Rockman

Renault has been the most dominant engine for a decade, and one short period of below par performance and they are lepers. Short memories.

3 engine manufacturers, with major changes - there was always going to be 1 that was better. Merc had significantly more budget & resources to turn around their previous mediocrity - they were bound to hit the pay dirt eventually.


I second this. We shouldn't be getting racist terms on here for any reasons.



As a cheese eating monkey myself i agree with rockman. It is unfortunately true not only from Gaz boy ( he does that kind of "humour" to all sorts of "not like him" categories of people) but also from the redbull team communication. when things go right it's a reluctant "thank you" to Renault and religious praise to Adrian Newey and "the boys back at the factory"...when things go wrong it's Renault's fault lacking power or unreliability.

aren't they supposed to be a "win together lose together" energy drinking brotherhood of young and beautiful people ?


The past 4 years has seen a more aerodynamic battle. Hence the praise of Adrian Newey and RB.


Consider than Rosberg gained some time in both of his pitstops, at least a couple seconds. It is well that Hamilton prevailed, otherwise there may have been some speculation as to whether Mercedes was trying to get Rosberg the win with much slower pitstops for Hamilton.


I agree with you on this, not to mention that Lewis had a good setup on Friday which Merc then screwed up for Quali and the Race, whlist perfecting Nico's.


Those stops were weird. The mechanics looked like they were in barbecue mode, tinkering with the neighbour's car while having a beer, not maximizing every split second in the few moments of action they're required and trained to undertake during a race. More of that and they will indeed be under more intense scrutiny.


When LH has a good weekend he wins by a mile, but even more importantly, when he has a bad weekend relative to his team mate he's still managing to scrape wins. Must be doing Nico's head in.


Rosberg was closer to Hamilton because he was on the medium rubber and Hamilton was on the hard. It was the same scenario in Bahrain and Lewis still held him off. The medium tire was 8/10's quicker than the hard tire per lap. It's no wonder Rosberg closed the gap so quickly. He had more than enough time to pass Lewis and win this race.


I think the med was not performing paul hembry was quoted as sating track temps hotter leading to overheating etc, I dint think there was much difference between compounds in the race, I think Lewis was mainly struggling with balance, think he went wrong direction before qually


Not sure. Rosberg on hards was faster than Ham on mediums. Where do you get the 0,8 sec per lap from?


On the live timing link. Hamilton was also having problems with his car notably over steering. But, he did say Nico was faster. All things being equal I still think Hamilton is quicker than Rosberg.


So Alonso beats Kimi pulling out all the tools in the bag with the help of Ferrari...

1) preferential treatment during the first pit stops...

2) Better strategy...

And all of this to finish 6th...

Ferrari just screwed Kimi today...


I think you are a bit harsh, here.

Alonso drove a great race.

Some times there are communications issues, like Lewis losing a couple seconds in the pits to Rosberg; it happens; so it happens at Ferrari, and since Alonso arrived there, it's followed a similar pattern.

Kimi knew what he was doing when he went back to Ferrari; he knows what he is doing.

The Ferrari packages were pretty much on par; that is already a huge deficit made up by car number 7.

Let's wait and see how the next race goes?


Dean blind freddy could see that Kimi was shafted for Sandtander & Spain..


Amen bro.You may have seen a post or two on the development side of why I think Raikkonen adds value to Ferrari. No surprise that every car Alonso, Button,Massa goes one step forward and 2 steps back over many years not just one. With Raikkonen when the team listen to what he says it goes from decent to ballistic. Lotus last 2 years were perfect eg . Even when the team took to the long wheelbase E21 last year with added aero benefits on long circuits - it had negative impact on handling (understeer) - he had the courage to push back to the short wheel base and made it 1/2 sec faster at Abu Dhabi.

Hamilton too was always able to get the Mclaren moving forward every year closer to the tail of the invincible RB7-9. Naturally gifted drivers have that feel in a car dont they!. Of course they are not engineers & they dont build cars but teams have enough resources to really translate this feel to improving a car. I Iistened to James Allisons recent Ferrari wrap of its drivers and it was evident that he focused on Kimis excellent work with the engineers & unsurprisingly how it would "very soon" deliver results on track. Barcelona is just the start and already FA garage are turning up the wick on the PU because anyone with sense knows Raikkonen only goes forward once he works out a car.


Yep.. Thats Mercedes trying to improve the show I'm guessing & Lewis winning by 30sec +is not good for the sport. I wont be surprised if theres a loose wheelnut in Monaco to help calm the german fans


Hey, and what do you think of the hold/slow on Lewy in the pits? in comparison...




As you may recall, we see eye-to-eye on quite a few things here.

But you seem to miss the point here, and I know such as you can well understand it.

The reason, one way or another, is NOT relevant; either it was, or it wasn't.

But in either case, Kimi knew what he was getting in to. He must have understood the complexion of how the Red corporation/family works; he knows Ferrari. He knows much more about the argy-bargy there, than you and I.


So, it's like, I know you can get over it, having this positive reinforcement of what you already know, he knew what he was getting into; no point in getting upset about it, while he's trying to get the car modified to something he can work with.

Hey is it just me ,or do you suspect that Alonso, like Button (I think), just may not be all that strong, on the development side of F1 driver skills?

Chew on that one, and let me know what you think, if/when you are feeling like it.

Michael Spitale

I think the main thing to keep focus on was the fact that Alonso pitted first. That is the coveted spot usually for the driver in the lead on a team. Stopping first would have even given Kimi a chance to cover Grosjean instead of having to pass him on track.

As soon as I saw Alonso pit first I was sure they were looking to get him by Kimi and they probably would have if he had not hit traffic on his out lap.

Great qualy and race by Kimi... Looks as if he is getting this car down finally.


Looks like Kimi was sacrificed to please Santader and Barcelona fans.


That is how I see it. Kimi had the better of Alonso all weekend. With all of that Santander money flowing in and the race being in Spain, Alonso was going to "get" the better of him in the race one way or another.


I believe that the Ferrari strategy team has now reserved themselves a place in hell.


I think it is Kimi who is currently in driver hell....with his best pal Stefano gone, he may have no one watching his back in the Italian team.

In 2009/2010, Ferrari forced Kimi to move over to make way for Fernando. Now, they are both in the same team, it will be pretty much the same.

The only problem is, Kimi won't receive $25 million to move out of the way.


Sense of proportion, much?


After last year's skirmishes between Alonso and LDM, love is in the air in the Ferrari again. LDM blaming Ferrari for not giving Alonso a car to compete with Mercedes and RB, which is of course true, but just make sure he is not beaten by his team mate in front of a home crowd, they screwed Kimi. Now Alonso is happy, LDM also because it is not him and Alonso making mistakes, but Ferrari and Kimi.


Ferrari replace Kimi with FA, then bring back Kimi coincident issues with FA, now they give preference to FA on pit stop. Dysfunctional? Now if they'd only replace Stefano....


> "Now if they’d only replace Stefano…."

Brilliant. You really had me going there.

Bert Puttocks

Yep, Kimi got screwed, we all know it.


I know there's nothing funny about screwing your own driver, but just imagine if this was Webber [remember him from last year RBR?] in Kimi's place. We'd never have heard the end of it 🙂 🙂

At least Kimi will put this to one side and get on with his next race and I'm putting a hundred bucks on him thrashing the mate.

H.Guderian (ALO fan)



On the other hand, sometimes your favorite driver is slower than the other guy


Everyone including Webber have moved on, don't you think it's time you did?


I laughed so hard after the first round of pit stops when Alonso, despite the underhandedness, ended up behind Kimi.

Then the 2nd round made it clear what was going on. Kimi was forced into a 2 stop to make things look above board. No way was he going to hold on to his lead with the gap as it was at that stage.

Even more frustrating for me were Brundle and Croft on sky constantly yammering on about Rosberg and Hamilton when at that point the action was happening elsewhere. Vettel was about to unleash the Bull and Ferrari was busy throwing its last world champion under the bus. Again.

H.Guderian (ALO fan)

Same BS as the days with Massa.

Alonso *is* the number 1 driver.

He has 41 points (3rd place)

Kimi has 11 points (12th place - BEHIND MASSA!!!)

See driver standings on the right side.

Why did you expect something different from Ferrari. Number one status in gained on track. Kimi has a lot to do. He didn't show anything yet.


Alonso has no chance in the championship. Wake up.

H.Guderian (ALO fan)

If it's that way, why they (all except Merc) go to the races??? Why expend millions of dollars if you know in advance you don't have any chance???


Ferrari (Alonso - Kimi is *so* far behind with only five races) is fighting to end in 3rd place. They are fighting to beat RBR.

Wake up!!!

"Alonso has no chance in the championship". Yes. What about Kimi???

Alo: 3rd place - 49 points.

Kim: 11th place - 17 points.



Regarding Alonso top speed and the anomalies encountered in power delivery, it scapes my knowledge and how far I can go verifying facts. I know the same as you and Ted Kravitz, which is this circular about the FIA notticing something wrong. As the FIA didn't take any further action, I assume it was not a major issue, and it was not having an effect on performance. But as I say, I can't go further on this.


I have spoken to senior engineers from several other teams on this and they see nothing untoward. if ALO MGI-K was out of whack it would have been by a small fraction, rather than some 60hp home advantage boost!
That stuff belongs in the 1970s! Don't forget FIA monitors everything via common ECU


What championship are you talking about?

Ferrari are 2 second a lap slower than Mercedes and they can't even beat Red Bulls.

If you are thinking that Alonso has a chance in the championships then you are delusional to say the least...


@H.Guderian (ALO fan)

So Far:

1) Lewis Hamilton 1st place - 100 points

2) Nico Rosberg 2nd Place - 97 points

With Ferrari 2 sec a lap slower than Mercedes you think ALonso will beat Mercedes pair? Keep dreaming.

Also, Ricciardo was disqualified from AUS GP, and Vettel suffered a non finish in AUS GP.

H.Guderian (ALO fan)

So far:

Alo: 3rd place – 49 points.

Vet: 4th place - 45 points.

Ric: 5th place - 39 points.

What are you talking about???


The status is as the race position on the track, not the WDC table.


It was a particularly poor strategy because it has zero upside, only risk. He wouldn't have beaten Bottas who was on the strategy and in a faster car and the top 3 were too far.

It would have been safest for Kimi to follow the same strategy as the guys behind him. Even for the first stop, Alonso was given preference.

I have suspicion it was done especially because the race was in Spain.


It was the expected political decision from Ferrari, Alonso was home and please remember one of their main sponsors is Santander, also spanish.

It's nothing close to a signal that Ferrari ditched Kimi to a second driver position, as some may think, just a cold business choice.


Proper screwed. Kimi did well to almost hang on with much older tyres


Before Alonso did his second stop, he reduced the distance to Kimi from near something like 2.7 seconds to 1.6 seconds. That is colled managing the tyres and gap to he car in front. Kimi was not pulling away by any means. Some of you are completely blind.


Well both times he didn't pass him even benefiting from the undercut with Kimi on worn tyres. Kimi should have been on the same strategy as the cars behind and he would have finished ahead deservedly. Did you not see his interview? He also thinks his strategy was rubbish and he is a lot more experienced than you.

Ferrari just pleasing Santander in Spain, if you cannot see this then perhaps you should visit specsavers


And think this, if the three stopper was better, why didn't Rosberg do the same, for example?


@ Alex again,

Ferrari simulations said that a two stopper was 7 seconds faster for them than three stopper. I know it thanks to De la Rosa, who is actively involved in race strategy preparation, as he is the simulator driver.

And exactly, as I am sure James will tell tomorrow, Vettel was compromised by track position and he did a three stopper just to do different than the guys in front and be able to run more time in clean air, so he could unleash his speed. But the faster strategy was Ricciardo's, at least on paper.


Because Mercedes don't have a degradation problem as Ferrari clearly has, and also he had just one car in front, Vettel 3rd stop was planned to make him able to pass cars in the middle of the race, different positions, different strategies, Ferrari same stupid calls.


Because they have better tyre management and also because Rosberg knows he has to try imaginative strategies to beat Lewis


Sorry, I feel very little sympathy for a driver that let an actual rival go without fight only 9 laps from the end just so he could battle his team mate who was coming up just as quickly from behind.

I used to enjoy Kimi as a driver but that stunt right there put him in the petulant child camp right with Massa, who also used to defend as hard as he could on the rare occassion he found himself ahead of Alonso. The goal should have been to beat Vettel, NOT his bloody teammate.


That is called intelligent driving. If you time is running out to the end of the race and you know you can't hold the driver attacking you at the moment, but you could with a little bit of luck hold the next one (or make it across the line just before he gets his chance), then you don't waste any time fighting the inevitable, because it would just slow you down.


Actually, Ferrari told Kimi to not waste time with Vettel as he was too fast for them. And by the way, that also contradicts with what some said above about Ferrari boxing Alonso to protect both from Vettel as it seems they were aware Ferrari was no match for RedBull.

By the way, I respect both drivers, and I understand Ferrari for giving preference to Alonso as he is ahead in points. I just wished, as a Formula 1 fan if they given both a fair chance to race each other for fans sake.


Exactly, the tatget was keeping Vettel behind, something all this people don't give a s.... They only care about his hero beating Fernando, something that is not going to happen.


How much further was Vettel to both of them at the end of the race on the mediums ( Kimi on used older Hards).. Someone is petulant chimp but its not any of the drivers...


Ferrari should understood that!but they didn't.

Kimi's engineer asked Kimi not to race Vettel, because Vettel was on fresh tyres!!

Ferrari sucks to say the least.


Are you kidding. Kimi had NO chance against the red bull which was going 2 seconds a lap faster. Of course he wasn't going to be able to fight vettel. Alonso is the one who cares about beating his teammate. After quality yesterday kimi didn't care that he beat alonso, he was just unhappy that he wasn't winning


Please, analyze the race properly. Kimi had the slight edge over Alonso in quali due to that last sector, as we agreed yesterday. But in the race, Alonso was faster, both with the softs and (specially and by quite a margin) with the hards. Kimi's strategy was the best one, the two stopper was better. Alonso won the battle because he was considerably faster with the hards. This was expected seeing their times in qualifying with the hards, and also because Alonso is always very fast with the harder compound. Also don't forget (if you knew it) that Alonso was carrying less wing, as his speed trap speeds in qualifying showed, which was a compromise for qualifying but better for the race.

Regarding the first stop, Alonso pitted earlier to cover Massa, and that in principle was never going to be a threat to Kimi because traffic. And Kimi was clearly holding off Alonso that first stint. Some other teams would have given preference to the faster driver, as we have already seen (with Red Bull for example), but Ferrari actually didn't.

That was a fantastic and fair fight, my advice is enjoy it instead of looking for ghost when it is clear there aren't any.

H.Guderian (ALO fan)

Yago, great post!!!

But don't waist your time.

It's useless to use *facts* with Kimi fans.

H.Guderian (ALO fan)


Kimi used an extra set of tyres on Q3, otherwise he wouldn't be able to reach Q2.

He has beaten Alo on Q3 but fail on the race for the lack of new tyres.


*None in Q1 sorry.


@ James Allen and Alex

Technically Raikkonen set of Hards was used, BUT it had just an out lap. It was due to a red flag by Maldonado in Q1, it cought Kimi out on track but he did not start his flying lap. Later, for his timed lap, he used the other set of hards. So the set was practically new, with no fast lap on it (how much is worth an out lap, maybe 2 hundreds?...).

This is the reason why I said check things yourself. Apologies if it was a bit harsh, but I was a bit tired of clarifying things.

Regarding Hamilton, I think you made a mistake James. He used a set of hards in Q1, so he had only one set of new hards for the race. His new set of softs was because he used only one set of softs in Q2, and none in Q3.



Thanks for your comment, and for make me see there is people like you reading with common sense and tons of knowledge of F1.

I read the entry in your blog, and I have to say I share exactly the same view on driver greatness and talent, the relative weight of driver input and car factor, and the effect of the car on how a driver is perceived.


Who told me that? the F1, the Live Timimg App was showing Kimi on used tyres while Alonso in new ones, also the guys from Fox Sports said he was on used tyres. Now go yourself and make some research before offending the others, maybe they know more than you and your magical believing about Alonso.


Kimi had Medium Used, Medium Used, Hard Used

Alo had MU, MU, HN, MU

Ferrari had poor quail pace in Spain and used up a lot of tyres getting through.

In contrast HAM had 2 sets of new Hards and one set of new Meds for the race


@yago. Maybe check your facts about Alonso having less wing in qualifying, assumed from having higher top speeds in the traps.

It couldn't have possibly been down to his KERS producing over the maximum allowed output, which is why Ferrari had to adjust it on his car on not on Kimi's car. Look at Ted Kravitz notebook


NickH, most of the top runners made two stops, so it would be reasonable to assume that Ferrari thought that was the optimum strategy. Alonso was using up his tires too quickly so he asked to be put on a 3-stop strategy. At that point in the race the team probably thought it was sub-optimal so they didn't change both cars to that strategy. Given the Ferrari's degradation, that turned out to be wrong. I don't think any of it happened on purpose though.


@ Alex

How comes that both Kimi and Fernando used the same number of hard tyres during qualifying (one set in Q1), but magically Kimi's hards in the race were used while Fernando's not? hahaha That's indeed funny, I don't know who told you that. Check things yourself.


Kimi's third stint was on used hard Tyres, Alonso had new hard tyres, there you have got the three laps at the end. And that cover excuse for Massa? nonsense, then they should cover Kimi in the first place, I don't know why you insist in defend the strategy of Ferrari, they obviously favor Alonso no matter if he was faster or slower.


Of course Kimi was slower on the hards, how obvious! He was going to the end and he didn't know Ferrari would put the driver behind (Alonso) on the faster strategy. Alonso knew he could take much more life out of them. I thought you claim to be the 'guru' of reading races?


Kimi was pulling away in the 2nd stint so I don't really know what you're taking about. Judging from all the comments you are the minority here as most people disagree with you.

What is your opinion on the story that Alonso's car was illegal?!


You dont have a clue what your talking about - Kimi was 2 + sec faster in the first stint and more in the second stint.. Kimi was slower only when he was left out.

& Hansb if Fernando stayed out he would have to do 31 laps on those tyres - what do you think his last 7 laps would have looked like??- he would have been passed by Massa and Raikkonen and his tyres gone!

Ferrari swapped driver because Kimi is behind on points.. This weekend Kimi was quicker and its only just turned the corner!


Yes, Kimi was slower on hards and he lost the battle in that. However, if Kimi suspects he is being not given good treatment, then expect Ferrari to languish at the bottom of the table unlike RBR and Mercedes who treat their drivers better.


Glad to read sensible analysis on Alonso & Kimi.


You can't compare the hard tire stints, since Kimi had to nurture the tires more than Alonso. Alonso was able to push them much harder.


For what it is worth and if the moderators allows it, here are some more thoughts on the subject of Driver vs. Driver or rather the issues that Vettel and Raikkonen are having to deal with in the early part of this season.

Is It The Driver Or The Car???



finally someone with a clear head on the matter. I was about to lay it out for all the fans that have an issue with alonso and need to always as someone else pointed out on this subject find an excuse to explain away the spaniards skill set. but you have done it for me. with out any derogatory bias towrad either diver.

thank you for that.

this simple fact is as of right now and utill Raikkonen can find a way to driver this new formula race car, he is just not as fast as Alonso. period. in qually the tally is 3-2 but in race conditions Alonso has comprehensively out raced Raikkonen everywhere...

will this change as Raikkonen finds a way to get comfortable? More than likely, but until then he is not as fast or as consistent and if this irked the fans that thought Raikkonen was going to come in and get the better of Alonso they have been mistaken.

this to me looks like the subtext in the comments about who pitted first and if the strategy with favoring one diver or the other.


Thanks for this good analysis !

The pace on the hard compound really made the difference.

If Alonso hadn't try to cover Vettel at his 2nd stop and ran a few more laps on the medium before switching to the hard tyre, he would have made it to the finish without his 3rd stop. And the gap to Kimi would even be bigger then.

People can be very emotional but Alonso was faster today and in my opinion Ferrari did not screw Kimi's race.


No, Kimi was ahead, he should have got the optimum strategy call. Literally the only team that let's the driver behind go for the undercut. Why do you think Kimi was so pissed off after the race? It doesn't take a genius...

Also it seems Fernando qualified, and then presumably raced with an illegal car according to Ted Kravitz, but nothing will come of it


Did you see the post race interview with Kimi? He mumbled a half answer about whether he should have had first dibs on the pit stop as he was in the lead. He then walked away in mid question from the interviewer.

Not a happy bunny.


Didn't see this, but have also read on Autosport website that he said something on the radio after the race, and this is what I find intriguing. Raikkonen doesn't DO public outbursts, so the fact that this was one (sort of) suggests he seriously wasn't happy, and potentially speaks volumes. Will be interesting to see the analysis; Alonso was probs faster overall but tbf I was impressed with Kimi's fighting spirit today, and think he had closed the gap.


Next thing you know, he'll be tweeting telemetry from his car from qualifying.


People just admit it, Kimi is taking one hell of a beating. This is race 5 now and you can't keep trying to scrap up excuses for him. Kimi, Fernando is faster than you!


Kimi out qualified and out raced Alonso who was apparently using an illegal car. He needed the team to screw Kimi and give him the best strategy just so he could get 6th. How pathetic


He beat Fernando on Sat - he was beating him on sund. The only way Fernando could finish ahead is withe help from the team- hes a looser and so are you

H.Guderian (ALO fan)


Well said


Hahahahah A long season ahead for you I fear... I'm going to have fun for sure.


Five races isn't much to get comfortable with a new car & team, now real in-car testing is so limited - Just look at Lewis last year, struggling to get comfotable with different brand of brakes and many other components different in Merc vs Mclaren - not to mention team working methods etc.

I think we'll see things closer as the year progresses, but the difference between 98% perfect and 99% perfect only shows up in the rare mistakes of the best drivers.

KING Arthur 2 U

Ooooooooh Kimi not happy with the team tactics there but hey what can you do Ferarri can only back one driver really just like RBR

Michael Givens

If that is the case then Mercedes should back only one driver too and we know who that should be.


How do you know it wasnt Kimi's preference for only 2 stops?


Kimi was asking his engineer who is making strategy calls....that makes it very clear.

In the past Kimi's 2 strategy have backfired (like China 2012/India 2013) but then Kimi has accepted responsibility for it. But here he was unhappy and asking questions..which clearly suggest that he wasn't happy to be on 2 stopper.


Alonso said after the race that he was asking his engineer when can they soon as possible. Has Kimi done that, or waited for his team to tell him what to do. Maybe he did, and if he asked to change tyres and they didn't bring him in, that is a very good point that Kimi needs to sort with Ferrari.

But to me it looks like Alonso telling his engineer he has no grip and would like to pit as soon as possible...therefore putting him on the 3 stopper strategy.


he asked the team on the radio after the race, who was making these calls.


waiting until after the race is a bit late, dn't you think? He should've come with suggestions and telling the team he would like a different way.

Asking questions after he is overtaken by Alonso is not gonna help. If Alonso would've ended up 30 sec behind Kimi, would he still be quering the strategy?

Maybe Alonso was on the same strategy as Kimi, but asked the team to change it and worked for him.

Either way, Ferrari and Kimi's engineer need to up their game.


YYEP!!- utterly disgraceful. He was understandably annoyed but said nothing after the race


False, Ferrari used Fernando to cover Seb, even when changing to a 3 stopper was worse in that moment. Alonso showed to be faster than Kimi at every moment, so no surprises he found a way to pass him in the end. With a natural 2 stopper nad kimi not holding him, he could have been even ahead of Vettel in the end.


to Mocho_Pikuain

Very fun!

Alonso was faster all the time and was behind Kimi! LOL


Kimi outqualified him,Kimi was 2+sec ahead at first stop. After Fernando undercut him- Kimi was 3 sec ahead. So how was Fernando faster- in your dreams only!


Again a mistake. When Fernando did his second stop, he was 1.6 seconds behind Kimi...


So Ferrari first feel the need to cover Alonso for Massa and then they feel the need to cover Alonso for Vettel, but they didn't feel the need to cover Kimi for either of them.

If that is not preferential treatment then I don't know what it is.


which of course, explains why alonso got the better draw at the first round of pitstops, right?


It sounds like Alonso requested the change to a 3-stopper. With more stops you obviously make your first stop earlier.


"With a natural 2 stopper had kimi not hold him back..."


Ferrari dissapoints me... Learn clean racing... there was no need to change raikkonen to 2 stop strategy cause there was no way he could have got bottas who also was on a similar strategy and way way ahead... truly alonso was not better today...


I dislike having to resort to cliches, but watching Kimi and Fernando fighting was the metaphorical two bald men squabbling over a comb.

Both drivers finished over 66 seconds behind on a 66 lap race. That doesn't take much working out! I don't know what the Italian for faeces is but the Maranello brigade are certainly in it at the moment.


RE Elie: my criticism was more aimed at Ferrari.......yes it is a shame to see Fernando at the peak of his powers driving for an organisation that cannot supply him with a machine worthy of his ability.....Kimi too


Dont agree-if most in F1 vote Alonso as one of the best drivers in F1 then hes not bald yet is he.. Neither is the guy whose 2 years his "senior" & outpaced him


They were both 2 stopping until Ferrari tried to cover Seb's 3 stopper to protect both drivers. Unfortunately they pitted Alonso a lap too late which cost both him and Kimi points.


Don't bother, it's clear they are not going to understand it. Had Kimi switched to a three stopper Alonso would have beaten him as well, and all these people would be crying Ferrari screwed Kimi strategy even lowder than now...


ferrari if they really wanted to 2 stop would not have pitted as early as they did... usually teams never commit both drivers to same strategy when they are racing others as well.. the mercedes can do so since they are racing themselves...

if as per ur great thinking they were both 2 stopping then htey must have pitted even later that when they actually did.. so ur assumption and furiousness that they pitted alonso late by one lap is not justified as they must have pitted even more late on a 2 stop strategy..


Ted Kravitz on Sky showed an FIA document that says Ferrari were asked to adjust the KERS unit on Fernando's car after qually to make its power output in line with the rules. Suggests Ferrari had done something iffy to give Fernando, and only Fernando, more horsepower during qually (and presumably the race too, if the FIA hadn't noticed). The track scrutineers missed it, apparently because they only tested four cars after qually (Hamilton's and three others).


Actually Alonso pitted first so he could cover the much faster Massa. It's worth noting that kimi was much slower than Alonso in the first stint but thankfully he had track position.

That said, Ferrar were completely asleep at the end. The whole world knew that Vettel was 3 stopping; why didn't they bring Alonso in 1 or 2 laps earlier?! They would have covered Seb easily. Diabolical.

Better race from Kimi but his pace in the first stint was poor. Hope he sorts it out in Monaco.


Thats why Kimi was 2+seconds ahead.. in the first stint


@Yago/ Anil- Alonso could push all the way knowing he was udercutting then later 3 stopping. Raikkonen did not have that - which is why he was angry he was not given that opportunity. You guys need some common sense to understand what a driver does on 3 stops compared to having to defend a 2 stop. Raikkonen was always faster than Alonso till pit stop time- then FA closed the gap a little but not enough to pass- but dont you think if Kimi was switched to 3 stop - he could attack every lap even harder and increase the gap.
The whole point of Sunday was the second driver given an opportunity to pass the lead driver without being told of the strategy change before hand. Stop with your pointless "watch the app" - I watch every race with it and have an analytical numbers mind calculating to 000 quicker than you can use a calc.- thats my career !. But numbers wont tell you that a spanish driver sponsored by Santander in 4th place with all of Spain tipping a spaniard ahead was going to get pref over a driver in 12th even when he was ahead.
It doesnt matter how you analyse now - because you have be able to analyse what Raikkonen OR any driver would have done given the same strategy call..[mod]


Find the sector times for the race (should be available onlne somewhere). Alonso was within a second for many laps and then backed off to save the tyres. Daniel Ricciardo also did the same thing vs Bottas early on ('Daniel, drop back to 2 seconds'- Lap 8). Alonso tend maintained the gap. The fact he (and DR vs Bottas) got to within a second of the car in front says it all.

I'd HIGHLY recommend watching the live timing alongside the race, Elie. They've put it behind a paywall this year but it's absolutely fantastic.


All I can say is... rewatch the race. Kimi WAS NOT 2+ seconds ahead. Alonso was in DRS zone for almost the whole stint, which in Barcelona means been considerably faster. You are just showing you don't have the level at reading races other people have here.


if alonso was faster then he shuld have overtaken kimi. unfortunately like before he could not beg his team to do that for him


You shouldn't watch F1 if you don't understand why a faster can't overtake, especially on a track like Spain. It's not rallying, it's a race. You can be 4-5 tenths a lap faster than the guy ahead of you and not overtake. In fact unless you're close to a second (as we saw yesterday when people on FRESH tyres overtook those on OLD tyres).

There are hundreds of examples of this over the last few years. Another great example is Rosberg vs Lewis yesterday and at Bahrain. You can be 'faster' (most drivers will tell you that if you can get to within a second of the guy infront, that's proof you're faster) but unless you're significantly faster/on new tyres, you can't overtake.

I'm saying this as a big Kimi fan btw.


So you are suggesting that Ferrari felt the need to cover Alonso first from Massa and then from Vettel, but they never felt the same need to cover Kimi from Massa and vettel, especially when Kimi was 2-3 seconds ahead of Alonso...

It only indicates preferential treatment towards Alonso, and that's exactly what I said.


Kimi was ahead of Alonso before the stops, hence the need to pit him second to cover him (Kimi) from Massa. That's what they did and it worked; they kept BOTH ferrari drivers ahead of Massa at the end of the first stint. If Kimi had come in first, massa would have easily leapfrogged Alonso (when Alonso came in early they came out very close, so another fast lap for Massa would have made it a done deal.

No conspiracy theory, sorry. Neither driver is bigger than the team. End of. If Ferrari wanted Alonso ahead they would have told Kimi to move over in the first stint, or the second..


RedBull is just faster. Even if Alonso had pitted earlier, he would have been overtaken on the track by Vettel.


ALO might use all the tools in the bag, strategy tricks, favouritism, but it seems he also qualified with an illegal car according to Ted Kravitz.

Well, he can't do that again. Game's up for him, and Kimi's not up to speed yet!!


??? Please Explain?


There was report that Alonso's car was using more than the prescribed amount of power from the MGU-K in qualifying. Charlie brought it to their attention and told them not to do it again.


We will analyse the Ferrari strategy battle in the UBS Race Strategy Report on Tuesday


There is not much analysis needed even for a sofa expert like me.

Ferrari screwed Kimi today by concentrating more on Alonso thereby indicating their bias.

Alonso beating Kimi is the superficial issue and not the actual talking point. We want a fair fight. That did not happen.

Alonso was given his best chance. Kimi was left hanging out to dry without committing to a two stop (in which case he should have stayed out 3-4 laps longer on each stint) or committing to a three stop (in which case he should have pitted first being the lead driver).

I hope Kimi at least calls Ferrari strategy guys out on this nonsense.


I thought Kimi was stoping before Alonso. Normal procedure when team mates positions are so close. To my disbilief ALO went in first! One, two laps… Oh my God,I thought, there’s the call. And that was it. One have to consider ALO was probably racing VET. Kimi was racing Alonso, therefore I still don’t understand what was thinking the strategist at Ferrari. For sure ALO saved some fresh rubber since Saturday and a 3 stopper was obvious. But Ferrari must have read better what Vettel was trying. They decided to stop Kimi just twice, and from that moment they just thought about covering Grosjean, that is position range 6th to 8th or 9th. Ferrari isn’t just bad at designing good cars and power units, but also crappy at using strategy to overcome the very low potential of the F14 T. Bad day for the Tiffosi, but even worse for Kimi fans.


Dont beat yourself over it!

Alonso not only beat Kimi again today but was clearly faster than him throughout the whole race (as always).

But there is no point trying to argue who gets 6th or 7th place. It's sad. Ferrari is barely the 4th fastest car out there.

Luis Pastilla

@ Mix

Dont fret, they will not succeed. I can see Kimi is overcoming car issues. Alonso will be lucky to be this close again.

I hope it was consoling for him in front of his home fans after being second to Kimi all weekend. But he had to throw everything at it!!!


I think the new guy will. You can already see the effect he has had on making sure Kimi's car was closer to equal.


+10 Ferrari have shown their true colours! They want kimi as no.2 to alonso. This is SICKENING!


Can't help feel Ferrari cost themselves 4th today with the strategies used for Kimi.


analyse?! is that all you have to say James?! part of being a journalist is that you are UNbiased!

This interview says it all!


It just says that the iceman is melting into worse-than-Massa right before our eyes.

How come he just let Vettel pass him when he was a direct rival? Because he was trying to save time to fight his teammate.

If the three stopper was a better strategy, please explain why others didn't use it.


This is Kimi we're talking about. He's always speechless. If it's not 'I don't know', it's 'We'll have to wait and see'.

All the team got out of him after he won the first race of the 2013 season, putting him (briefly) in the lead in the championship was, 'I told you, the car is good.'

What did you expect?


Please do, and without any bias towards either driver. The first & only question is why Alonso got preferred 1st stop even though he was behind Kimi and doing no better. After Pitstop, Kimi easily had his number with 2 Seconds gap.

But then, Ferrari sold out to Santander haha.


Its going to be one of the most interesting, in my opinion.


Yes, can't wait for the report James.


Vettel the Driver of the day, from 15th to 4th with lots of bold overtaking moves.

Excellent drive by the champion.


There is only a few champions (maybe only one) in past years that can equal Vettel's drive on Sunday. I do not like Vettel, but I have to take my hat off for his drive. No challenger for driver of the day in my opinion.


It was a good drive, but I remember Hamilton's drive in Spain 2012: started 24th, finished 8th, and beat his teammate, who started 10th. So 16 places made up, and got ahead of his teammate 14 places ahead. Didn't go overboard about it.


Tough call between Vettel, who put in a solid performance, with some fast laps, and Hamilton, who drove a car that clearly had some issues, and managed to keep Rosberg behind him anyway.


Issues are relative, if he was losing time to Ferrari/RBR rather than the second Merc I would have more sympathy!

It was a good drive.


It kills me to say it, I agree.


Actually, With Vettel's penalty - his car was optimized for race pace whereas the rest of the cars were in parc ferme. This would have played a significant part in his race pace. However, credit is due here to Vettel for the way he drove.


Vettel's car was also in parc ferme. If it wasn't, he would have started from the pit lane like in Abu Dhabi 2012.


no, Vettel's car was in parc ferme as well. If they changed the set up, he would have needed to start from the pit lane after everyone already started.

He even needed to start on the tires that he got into Q3 on per the regs.


+1 cant argue with that!!!


A good sign from Vettel, after all he is a champion and he will fight to prove he isn't just a lucky driver, that he has the drive and abilities to be in the leading pack on the grid. I hope he does, it would make for a better show all around.



First time he has looked comfortable this year. Until Renault can equal their power unit to MB, everyone will be fighting for third place.

In terms of spectacle, worse than last year where MW made things more interesting..


Yeah fastest lap as well over 1sec faster Ricciardo's best lap all this with limited running with this dodgy new/old chassis this whole weekend. I'm sure Dan will be a match for Seb at Monaco but the conservative race pace of Ricciardo was on show again today, needs to do better if Dan is to become a world class driver and a title challenger.


2 stop vs 3 stop. 3 stopper has more tyres to play with.


Also didn't Dan do one less pit stop so he would not have had the tires to push (not that he had anything to gain by pushing for a fast lap time). A bit meaningless comparing the two given their relative start positions and the fact that beating MB was never realistically on the table.

Both did well today.


Daniel switched from a 3 stopper to a 2 stopper. This required some tactical tyre management. Which he achieved. No ones posti f record laps when your in tyre management mode.

kenneth chapman

@ daveC....that's a load of old garbanzos. ricciardo drove a sensible and mature race. why would he, or the team, stress the engine/PU any more than necessary. he had a comfortable buffer over vettel of some 29 secs or so.

there are no WDC/WCC points for fastest laps and i would've thought a conservative approach was the order of the day.


Very optimistic, the only title contenders are the Mercedes drivers.

He needs to just keep finishing races ahead of his team mate.

Although the new car Vettel drove seems to be fast.


Dan just needed to cruise and did.


lol Ricciardo didn't need to go for the fastest lap, all he had to do was drive strategically as he was never gonna catch the Mercs. the only reason Vettel got the fastest lap was because he ad to drive fast to overtake other drivers. Not taking anything away from him though, brilliant drive from 15th to 4th.


That is exactly how it went down HP. 3rd was always the best Dan could have achieved. Whether he finished 5 seconds or 50 seconds behind 2nd place made no difference to the points earned. He needed to do enough to finish in front of the guy behind is all. Seb was driving his race from 15th and naturally had to go balls-out to make up valuable places and points. Seb drove beautifully and deserved every place and point he achieved as did Dan. Under the circumstances this was a great result for all RBR.


Bold overtaking is a void claim when DRS does all the work...

Without DRS, Vettel would not be able to overtake a donkey cart...


They all have drs. Even field.


LOL - they all have DRS... but never at the same time...

DRS is just a gimmick to help top constructors get their cars more TV time when they drive by a slower car with a better driver.

DRS is an anti-skill device.


I remember him doing several over takes without DRS. He was doing it in a place no one else was over taking. The speed deficit the red bull (Renault) have means that DRS isn't very effective

Emanuel Martin

You did watch the race right? DRS wasn't much of a factor in Seb's charge. The RBR still lacks straight line speed.


Barely any of his overtakes were DRS assisted...


His overtakes of Raikkonen and Bottas were both DRS-assisted down into Turn 10.

Horner claims they're only 0.5s/lap down on Mercedes. After the first round of stops, after he'd jumped BOT, RIC was 20.854s behind HAM on lap 22. He finished 49.014s back, so he lost another 28.16s over 44 laps, which works out to 0.64s/lap. Not far off what Horner was saying then.


in a car which was fast enough to set the fastest lap.


Actually Grosjean had the best drive today coz that Lotus should be nowhere near the top 10. Red Bull is the 2nd fastest car on the grid so that was expected from Vettel. Same as we saw from Rosberg in China when he dropped to 6th. He is expected to come through in a superior package. Now if he takes pole or a win from Merc or just comprehensively beat Daniel THEN and only then can he be regarded as an exceptional talent. We have seen this kind of drive before from the likes of Perez and Grosjean and no one is lining up to lay the red carpet for them!


When was the last time Perez and Grosjean made up 11 places in a race? My memory fails me...


You miss the point. The point is that Vettel could only have gotten as high as 4th, which he did. Yet for some mystifying reason you expect him to have beaten Ricciardo, who started 12 places ahead of him. Why are you so desperate to dismiss anything that Vettel does well?


I did some digging and in Canada 2012 Perez went from 15 to 3rd, 12 spots, and in Monza from 12 to 2nd, 10 spots

All that in a Sauber, mind you


Just last race in China Perez started 16th and ended 9th, 7 spots ahead

I am sure if he was driving an RB instead of an FI he would have made 4 more


Surely they've started from the back of the grid and made it to 11th at some point in time 🙂


Have we got a surprise for you.

Michael Givens

Please tell them because people have short memory and forget easily. No need to praise Vettel for what was expected from him and like you said they have the second fastest car so we should expect nothing else. plain and simple


If Vettel wins, itz coz, he has got the fastest car. If Vettel scores 3/4th, itz coz he's got the second fastest car. If vettel scores 5/6th he has got 3rd fastest car. How more biased can u guys be????

Now you want him to prove himself by winning against a car that is 2 seconds quicker than rest of the field and has better reliability than other??

Some of the overtakes that he did yesterday was splendid. And to come up through the field in a track where it is traditionally difficult to overtake, with absolutely no running in free practice and a terrible qualifying session is nothing short of a champion drive.

If Hamilton or Alonso had done it, you guys would be chirping away for rest of the year.

Learn to respect the talent and give the credit where it is due, whether it is Alonso, Hamilton, Raikkonen,Ricciardo or Vettel


Yes, a spirited performance from the reigning WDC. How long before he has to surrender his crown?


Well before the end of the season. Merc will have this one tied up early.

The others need to start considering 2014 as a test session for 2015.


It's part of Mercedes contribution to cost-savings... With both championships tied up by the summer break, everyone can focus on next year's car. 🙂


...and he still lost out to his teammate by 27 seconds.


If Vettel had started within a few grid slots of Ricciardo, Vettel would have beaten him comfortably today. When Ricciardo was on mediums, Vettel was on hards, 2 laps older, but lapping equal to or within a few tenths of Ricciardo.

Considering the lack of running Vettel had over the weekend, his race performance was top notch. Something has changed and he is back on it.


Oh, c'mon. Vettel had one pit stop more, spend entire first stint in traffic, had to do a lot of overtaking. Ricciardo spent most of the afternoon in clean air. He drove well and deserved podium, but give Vettel some credit when due.


@ Kenneth Chapman : Ricciardo had some help with safety car which cut the lead of the front runners in that race


@Miha And he still could have had a third stop and been in front of Vettel and with the newer tyres from a third stop still pulled away like Seb did in latter stages.

So in short Dan had Seb covered.



kenneth chapman

did you give ricciardo the same accolade when he ran from 13th to 4th a couple of races back? and don't forget ricci is no 4 x WDC either. just having his first 5drives in a decent car, or not so decent at the moment!


I agree 100%


What a drive by Vettel!!! Undoubtedly the best of today.

Kimi got a raw deal from Ferrari..He was the leading car and he got a poor call on the strategy to deliberately put Alonso ahead


It was to cover Massa. Pitting Kimi first would have let Massa take Alonso. Thankfully they were able to use Alonso as a buffer. Such a shame they didn't cover Vettel though; they really blew the final stint. Why they didn't pit Alonso 2 or 3 laps earlier is beyond me.


Anil, ALO was undercuting RAI not MAS.


You've missed my point..go back and read the live timings. Alonso dropped back from Kimi from around lap12 onwards to look after the tyres; that meant Massa was ready to undercut him. As the Williams was faster than the Ferrari on the options they had to pit Alonso. Alonso could not have undercut kimi in the 1st round of pitstops as he dropped back to 2s.


That was Alonso's fault for qualifying behind Kimi. Tough luck. Kimi should have got Alonso's strategy, not the other way round.


Keep telling yourself that- noone believes you


@Anil - you think only you have the app


Elie I'd highly recommend buying the live timing app. It'll explain the Massa thing pretty clearly. Remember, the massa-alo gap was smaller than the Kimi-Alo gap as alonso had backed down to get the 2s gap just as DR did to bottas.


I might be mistaken. But you say they pitted Alonso to cover Mass.But the gap between Kimi and Alonso wasnt that big when they pitted ( less than a second I believe )

My question is why Ferrari didnt feel the need to cover Massa against Raikkonen. Massa could have been a threat to Raikkonen as well.

I think the call to switch Kimi to a 2 stopper was made after Alonso failed to undercut him after 1st round of pit stops.

2 stopper was not an effective strategy for Ferrari as they seems to be harder on tyres this year.If they had made proper calls, I believe Raikkonen could have been ahead of Vettel or atleast put up a better fight


Alonso dropped back to Raikonnen at the end of the stint (presumably to save his tyres). According to the live timing, he had DRS on Kimi for much of the stint, before dropping back. In fact I think the Massa-Alo gap was closer than the Kimi-Alo gap just before the stops, hence the need to pit Alonso first.

If Ferrari decided to pit Kimi first, Alonso would have got leapfrogged by Massa and we would have lost points.

That said, you're right about the 2 stopper thing. Ferrari should have chose to pit both drivers; with fresh tyres we could have kept Seb behind.


This was an important win for Hamilton. It's the difference between going into Monaco 4-1 up in wins, or just 3-2. Also, the 4 wins on the trot is important, as anyone who's won 4 consecutive races in a season has gone on to win the DWC. Some of the three-in-a-row winners lost out in the end (Alan Jones in '79; Senna in '89; Prost in '90; Mansell in '91; Hill in '93 & '94; Schumi in '98 & '06), but no 4x winner has. Of course, there were less races in most of those seasons, so a 4-race win streak was worth relatively more then.

Total race time was almost 2 minutes slower than 2013, when Alonso won while 4-stopping.

Did anyone see the 'Winner' graphic come up on the FOM feed, when Rosberg was leading after Lewis' first stop? Was supposed to show him in the #1 spot, not as the Winner. Thought that was funny.

Brownie points to Lewis for bee-lining right to Dieter Zetsche after the race, whereas Rosberg it seemed was in too much of a haze afterwards to remember.

Great race for both Ricciardo and Vettel, and Bottas as well.


Yes, Lewis Hamilton did the smart thing after the race.

Perhaps his enthusiastic behaviour towards Dr. Zetsche shows that he still has some doubts over whether Mercedes might give their German driver preferential treatment. However, if he continues to drive like he does at the moment, and if he remains as positive in his interviews and his whole behaviour off the track as he is right now, he has nothing to worry about.

I don't think Daimler could ask for a better winner.


I still think if Mercedes were to favour either driver it would be the one they pay 10 times as much for. I get the whole German angle pressure for a home win but Lewis is the bigger cash investment and as a cold business decision it makes more sense.

Hopefully they just let them race to the end though. If nothing else that is doing wonders for their PR.


Where did you get the drivers salaries from KRB? According to Lauda, Brawn and Ron Dennis, they are paying Hamilton a lot more than that - and it's significantly more than Nico.

But I agree, they will know from their data who the best 'bet' is for a championship and unless Hamilton goes into another 2011 funk and starts crashing again (unlikely as that looked to mostly be frustration and outside events) then he's always going to be the better bet than Nico.

Still I think Mercedes have made a PR decision to let them race as it makes them look good and keeps the drivers from throwing the toys out of the pram when the pressure mounts.


It's not 10x more. Nico is on 11m euros, Lewis somewhere north of 20m euros.

I think if Merc were wondering which driver they'd back, if they had to choose, those last 10 laps in Bahrain removed any doubt. They don't need to favour either one this year, but looking forward to a time where other teams are on par with Merc, they know which one is capable of making the difference between winning or coming second.


I had the feeling Mercedes was slowing down Lewis deliberately, to "Spice up" the show. It started after fRiday as it looked like a walk in the park for Hamilton. IMO Mercedes wants to keeps the WDC as long as possible open, the races , too. At Friday Lewis would have finished 30 sec ahead of Rosberg in the race. That would not have been in their interest. The pit stops looked like deliberately nor really fast on Lewis side, too.

I think they wanted to give Rosberg a boost with a chance to beat Lewis in Barcelona


Actually the TV drama thing might hold some merit. There were several people at SKY who mentioned to me that Infinity/Renault were unhappy at the track FOM TV directors general lack of screen time for Sebastian Vettel since a lot of the time he was out on his own with no action.

It might have come to Mercedes attention that the plaudits they got for allowing their drivers to race in Bahrain was worth serious goodwill in image. Let's face it, every pundit on TV is giving props to Wolff and Lowe for not calling the fight off. They clearly have a slightly better head for racing media than Red Bull do (who's PR is mostly based around youth-orientated extreme sports and doesn't seem to have quite the iron-grip over the F1 side). It can't have escaped their attention that winning races by over 60 seconds from their nearest rivals is often going to lead to TV directors desperately looking around for on track action.

Of course they might just have a genuine split down the engineering lines, and Mercedes want to keep both sides happy, and at least stop the sort of open warfare that often leapt up at Red Bull (where some of Mark's mechanics often complained in private on their drivers' behalf).


Yes, it hardly makes sense to pay one driver way more and then not throw your resources behind that investment. You know, Rosberg is such a Mercedes man, I wonder if that situation will come to a head at some point. Like in this GP, it felt a little bit as if Mercedes "wanted" Rosberg to have a go. Not sure if it was to liven up the finish, or to beat Lewis, or to simply give us a show and get the TV director to give their cars some attention at the end, but it felt intentional and it was always going to be at Lewis' expense.

I don't like Ferrari showing their "colors" on the Kimi/Alonso bit, but I half expected it. Let's be honest, Alonso brings huge Santander money and keeps that sponsor happy. As a team, you're going to always appreciate that revenue. Not to mention Alonso gets the big bucks on that team as well.

Hard thing to explain to your sponsors why their golden boy is getting whipped. But in case of Mercedes, it's the same sponsor backing both, and it will eventually come down to...are you ready for my theory...which one of the two drivers test better with audience in China, it's the only market Mercedes is having issues with, and it is the one they need to win to be #1 brand (currently #3 behind BMW and Audi).


I expect both Red Bull packages to be very good by Monaco.

The engine dominance of Mercedes may be somewhat neutralized in the town.

I think it will end the Mercedes 1-2 finishes, at the very least.



I think the winner graphic was for fastest lap, but either way the TV director had a shocker today, can't remember the last time coverage was that bad. Good race by the final quarter though, and a nail biter for us Ham fans!


don't forget there is still the double points in the last race to factor in also. I hope the title is done by Austin so it doesn't matter


Yeah but Lewis will have the championship long before that.


Hmm, unless Rosberg suffers an equal number of DNF's (or more) as Lewis, I don't see how this doesn't go down to at least the last three races, if not the last race.

This is not like 2011 where Vettel rattled off six wins from the first eight races, but more importantly, it was usually different people coming in 2nd each time. Of those six wins, Alonso and Lewis came 2nd twice, and Webber and Button once each. That way, Vettel was able to carve out a 77 pt lead over the first eight races. After race 5, he was 41 pts up.

After five races this year, Lewis leads by 3.


I saw it on lap 20. I thought conspiracy, the script is already written. 🙂


for - mal - i - ty

- a thing that is done simply to comply with requirements

- 2014 Formula 1 season, henceforth renamed Formula Mercedes AMG

- an inevitability.

Did Lewis and Nico break a sweat?   With slower times the forces and loads driver is subjected to are significantly lower this year.  This was literally a stroll in the park. C63 experienced same forces when his woman sent him out to fetch coffee and a baguettes in his AMG before the GP! 🙂

Did you see the 17s gap to P3 by lap 11?  2s per lap preserved for Euro season.   Mercedes is the F1 car.  All others on the grid are GP2 cars. No need to run multiple classes in one race as Random suggests.


The drivers are having to work far harder than ever to drive these cars.

Did you hear Damon Hill on Sky today, he said he drove a recent Red Bull and couldn't believe how on rails the car was in the corners.

Hes glad the cars cornering ability is now back in the hands of the drivers instead of the aerodynamicists.


So sliding in the corner is making it more comfortable for there necks.!!

Thats a new one on me. LOL!!

The reduction in G due to a slightly reduced cornering speed is minuscule.

Anybody can be trained to withstand a fantastic G loading if they don’t have to do anything.

The better drivers are already coping with the slides……. that’s the whole point of taking the downforce off.

Whats wrong with that.



I haven't noticed that G-Force graphic we used to see? Is it still around, or replaced by the heat camera? I must admit, I do like that thermal image, very RoboCop/Terminator like. People in the grandstands look so "cold" through it.


So sliding in the corner is making it more comfortable for there necks.!!

Thats a new one on me. LOL!!

The reduction in G due to a slightly reduced cornering speed is minuscule.

Anybody can be trained to withstand a fantastic G loading if they don't have to do anything.

The better drivers are already coping with the slides....... that's the whole point of taking the downforce off.

Whats wrong with that.


If you mean the drivers are working harder for traction, I won't argue at all.

Exactly what is necessary to control traction? Lift a foot? Slight turn of steering?

Remember that there is essentially ABS for braking. As they are slower, they carry less force, less speed, less energy. Hence less Gs. Also, as they slide, the slide takes away from the forces their neck is subjected to, along with rest of body.

I understand that cars are a bit more of a handful and we never had a reference on F1 forces anyway. But no doubt the drivers are not subjected to same G forces we used to see on acceleration, braking, and due to slides absorbing energy also less forces in cornering. And one more thing...these guys are pros. Eventually they are able to use the slide to their benefit I am sure. No one is spinning out much, are they?


Wow--sadly true however. Merc only needs to run at 75% (I previously was thinking closer to 90%) to crush the rest. It could take years for the other teams to find the magic mix-- but thats formula1-- dynasties come and go-- just ask Mclaren, Williams, Ferrari and now Red Bull.


Yes..this is true. Mercedes is likely to dominate for a few years.

This is what hurts a bit. Hope was that this new formula would make it close. Having come from 4 years of "domination", prospects of 4 more are not fun. Would have been nice if what happened after Schumi happened again.


Darn it...clearing cache now. Back to Sebee.


Nice one Sebee 🙂 You had me fooled for a minute. I thought we gained another HAM fan.


The moment when Martin Brundle had to shut his mouth up when Vettel overtook Magnussen was simply amazing!!!


Correction - This happened on lap 10 when he overtook Gutierrez.


I take it Brundle is not a fan of Vettel and maybe some of the reason so much Vettel hate even before Multi 21 last year.

David in Sydney

I think it was Vettel's growing arrogance that rubbed him up the wrong way... in any event, Vettel was awesome today - I don't think he'd have challenged the Mercs.


Brundle used to talk Vettel up endlessly, mocking the idea that he couldn't overtake etc. He does seem to have cooled towards him recently though.


Brundle has been annoyed on twitter about Vettel talking down F1. He has never disliked his driving, I think he just suggests world champions should promote the sport as an ambassador.

282 the end of race he did say driver of the day has to be Vettel..though begrudgingly.


Is it me or did commentators try to make that GP more exciting than it was with voice tone?

Question that has been directed at women from time to time...did they fake it? Commentators I mean...


I think that's their job though right? If a commentator just said, 'this race is dull you best cancel your subscription and watch paint dry' every five minutes I think their contracts would be up pretty quick!


You are right of course. It's just weird to have someone scream in ecstasy when nothing exciting is going on.


Lol Exactky


DC fails dismally at it all season. His voice goes up when someone overtakes then realises oassed car comes out of the pits and then reverts to his monotone. Drivers of past eras "cant fake it" - Im sure they can see " tip toe through the tulips".. But in fairness tyres choice f/ up this weekend.. Good job Pirelli messed up last and over compensated this year

kenneth chapman

in a nutshell...yes they did. a great dose of fakery.


Oh yeah.

the talk up was painful.

there are two formulas going on, the winning manufacturer can only lose if the drivers take one another out.


They are trying very hard. Kind of like Golf or curling commentators. Have to make the most out of what us becoming a slow patient sport.


I think the team radio made it seem closer than it was, as they endlessly highlighted Hamilton's "problems" while making Nico's relentless march to victory seem almost inevitable. I also think the commentators downplayed how difficult it is to pass at Barca still, most of the passes we saw (Vettel on Bottas/Kimi, Alonso on Kimi) were due to very different strategies and tyres 10-odd laps apart.


were the mercedes pair on the same tyres at the end of the race?

Was the result known before the winner crossed the line?

Not so exciting if it wasn't the result you hoped for.


Why what was he saying? I always watch BBC coverage whenever they're showing it live.


He was saying something like "4-time world champion is used to driving a car" and then before he could finish his sentence Vettel made his move and overtook..he didn't complete his earlier sentence..timing was perfect.


Funny how team dependant the classification is, only Massa is out of order. Mercedes is scary dominant, maybe Red Bull with rain might win this year.


And Maldonadon't


Where was the second Caterham?


KOB retired because of a technical issue.


Sebastian Vettel, that boy can't overtake.....


I am a Hamilton fan, but I was dlighted to see Vettel drive such a good race, its good for the whole sport in my opinion.

A very classy performance by Vettel, especially considering the really tough start he has had to his season.

Looking forward to more great races up and down the field.


I wondered (as Alonso mused out loud) with not much chance of a win whether Vettel would trundle round and take 9th or 10th, or if he would drag the car up near the sharp end. He made some decent moves (and lacking straight line speed he couldn't DRS past into turn one). He was miles behind the winner, and off the podium but he drove better today than in most of his victories.


more to come, just you wait!



Too funny


DRS overtakes are not really overtakes in the traditional sense...


Credit were credits due, driver of the day


Was that reputation built before or after DRS?

Remember, even overtakes that to not take place in the DRS zone may still have been assisted/ made possible by DRS especially for a car with so much corner speed as the Redbull.

Overtaking is no longer an art these days. Anyone with a faster car or better tyres can do it as Kobayashi proved in China, overtaking none other than Vettel.


"Was that reputation built before or after DRS?"

Depends on what you imagine his "reputation" was. Vettel started 17th and finished fourth in the 2007 Chinese GP. That's pre-DRS, if you had forgotten. He started 15th and finished 4th in Brazil 2009, also pre-DRS. The "can't overtake" stuff was always simply bizarre.


@Tealeaf, Vettel w/o mistakes could've won in 2009. He made far too many. I remember him going wheel-to-wheel with Kubica in AUS ...chaos would be a good word for it. Vettel didn't give Kubica any room, tried to wedge him out when he was already alongside.

Vettel was at fault for Turkey 2010. He turned into Webber!!


Anil am I missing something? What accidents did Seb commit that was so bad in 2009? The only bad one was 2010 Spa against Button even Turkey was partly Webber's fault. How many times did Hamilton cock up in 2011, 2012 and so many other times? Yet he's the overtaking king yeah?


There were two incidents with Webber and Button that may have contributed to this reputation. The Button one especially was very bizarre and amateurish. But he always gets the job done when needed, something that Webber couldn't be counted on doing.


It was built on the accidents he kept getting into into in 09-10. Even in 2012 he got into more penalties/incidents than Alonso and Kimi combined.


My favourite one was the one he did to Felipe in turn six I think it was. But i would like to point that he overtook cars that were at least half a second per lap slower, and sometimes with fresher tyres. Its true that Red Bull had no top speed at the end of the main straight, but their traction, braking and aero are class of the field, making the second DRS zone and the previous corners the perfect spot for him to overtake.


Traction are you sure? Have you seen Merc and Williams traction? Yhey're far greater than Redbulls. Also aero? How comes Merc was quicker in every sector? especially on a aero circuit???


I know, tragic isn't it?