Fernando Alonso suddenly centre of attention as senior figures heap praise
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Posted By: James Allen  |  22 May 2014   |  12:19 pm GMT  |  231 comments

Fernando Alonso said yesterday in Monaco, in response to glowing praise from Daimler boss Dr Zetsche, that it would be nice if some of the people closer to him would voice such kind words from time to time.

The Italian media took this as a jibe at Ferrari president Luca Montezemolo, whose ‘ear tweak’ rebuke last summer – when Alonso said he’d like “another car” as a birthday present, having earlier engaged in conversation with Red Bull – still stings the Spaniard, apparently.

Today, at a road car event in Maranello, Montezemolo heaped praise on his lead driver, with quotes that were reproduced quickly on the official Ferrari website.

“Fernando is the best driver in the world, who always gives 200 per cent in the races,” he said. “He knows how much I count on him, even away from the race track, in terms of his contribution and the impetus he gives to the team.

“I think it’s incredible that there are still some so-called experts who don’t understand that and are always looking for a polemical situation that simply doesn’t exist.

“The truth is that he and Kimi, another incredible driver, need a competitive Ferrari and giving them that is our sole objective.”

Earlier in the week, Dieter Zetsche, the chairman of Daimler, parent company of Mercedes, said, “Alonso is perhaps the best driver on the grid, demonstrating it even in a slightly less competitive car.”

Zetsche (below left) was got a close-up look Alonso’s abilities in the tumultuous 2007 season when the Spaniard raced a Mercedes-powered McLaren, narrowly missing out on the world championship to Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen. It is the only time in Alonso’s F1 career that he has worked with Mercedes.

At the same time, Ron Dennis has again reiterated that he holds no grudge against Alonso for the rancorous end to their relationship in 2007 and that he would welcome him back. But he acknowledged in an interview in the Italian press today that McLaren need a competitive package to attract drivers of Alonso’s calibre.

“With the 2015 Honda car we hope to have just that,” he said.

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Alo in merc would be the best line up in ages


Based on what?


James, I’m guessing that these Alonso articles and the predictable responses they provoke must be amusing rather than tedious ….

There seems to be a small contingent of Alonso faithful who are diligent in rounding on any criticism.

Can it possibly be that all five of them are different aliases of one and the same poster??


the big issue is the lack of competitive teams for great drivers like alonso. it’s such a waste of talent. the spectators are also big losers because they don’t get to see their heroes go head to head.


Exactly a year ago, the rumors were Alonso was going to be destroyed by Raikkonen in a super top Ferrari.

I can see why Alonso is disappointed at those two fails.

Also, those who think Alonso feels he is only trolled by his team need a new pair of reading glasses.

kenneth chapman

i do find it interesting that according to one report that domenicali, upon getting the news of his demise, chose to ring three people…the third one was vettel?

when asked why he did that he declined to say anything apart from ,’why not ask vettel?’


do you have a link?


It was an article on grand prix.com about 5 days ago or so.

kenneth chapman

@ HP….no. the article was just one in the ‘newsnow’ overall scan of sites. if you login to that site you can follow the lead….i think!.


Oh please, please, please.

Please let Alonso make a move to McLaren next year. Ferrari played away their chances. It is time to move on.

James, what do you make of all this??


The comments related to Alonso on this site are often rather comical. I’m pretty sure that if an angel came to earth and proclaimed for all that God him/herself has decreed Alonso to be the best driver in all the world there would be people in this forum (and many others) that would argue and make claims as if they had some knowledge or expertise that even the omniscient didn’t.

I guess that is what these forums are for…


Does God have a Walrus moustache? 🙂


I don’t see any way out for Alonso, and that sucks. Mercedes won’t get rid of Rosberg any time soon and why should they!? If he’s not in the lead he’s a perfect number two. no complaints just enjoys the ride, complies, gets the job done and keeps a smile on his face (and he’s German!). Alonso has helped cost McLaren the same value as it would take to buy a small country in fines. I don’t think that Ron would easily forget that, even if he seems outwardly different in his words. Red Bull is out of the question while Vettel is there and anyways their Torro Rosso new talent farming policy is getting cheap results as Ricciardo is proving more than competent in making it work. Where else does Alonso have to go? Ferrari can just sit pretty sucking their sponsors dry while throwing out mediocre results as they have done for the last several years.


Some here suggests Alonso could go to Mercedes alongside Hamilton. Why on earth would merc put a newly crowned world champion (assuming ham wins it) driving a world beating car in danger of losing his rag with Alonso (and the press in tow) stirring up trouble?? They have the perfect team now. Romberg tries and tries, keeps Hamilton on his toes but at the same time is never going to do silly things or throw his toys out the pram. Seriously if anyone think paddy or lauda would be that stupid.

Alonso is unfortunately I say a bit f****** he can go to McLaren now Ron keeps opening the door wide open but is Honda as engine really going to make the difference next year? I doubt it. Small chance Alonso has is that Vettel goes mclaren (for a ‘new project’ as sport folk like to call getting paid more these days) and he can drive a Newey car for once (as by then the focus will be back on downforce and not on hp).


I really think Alonso needs to stay put at ferrari, and not make a move after ferrari are still making changes. With a strong no.2 sriver in Kimi, he will have a much better time to get his 3rd wdc.

I really believe if kimi was partnering alonso in 2010 and 2012 he would of taken of some points from vettel and potentially helped slonso win. But the shumi model didnt work with massa as as soon as he noticed he was clearly outclassed by alonso he couldnt string 10 laps together.

A bit of karma there for Alonso.


Kimi hasn’t joined Ferrari to help Alonso’s ego boost. He’s joined Ferrari to help the team come to a stage where the car can be at the front.

Once that happens, Kimi has joined Ferrari to beat everyone, including Alonso. Since Alonso has failed to win WDC with No.1 support for 5 years, what makes you think Kimi or Ferrari has any obligation to continue with this failed tactic.

Wait till the car is set straight with Kimi’s feedback, he already beat Alonso in Spain within 5 races of joining a new team. I have no doubt that Alonso will feel the winter coming in the next races.


@ Vin S

“Kimi has joined Ferrari to beat everyone, including Alonso” – Wow Hilarious and delusional at best

Have you watched the first 5 races of the season?

Kimi has joined the help the team? Which team? All i can see is he did not get his pay cheque from lotus team and he has decided to receive a fat pay cheque from Ferrari for the rest of his career at Ferrari? Great move

Massa has humbled him and Grosjean proved to be faster than him as well. Yet a wonderland view here state he is out there in Ferrari to beat Alonso? You must be kidding yourself

Wait till the car is set with kimi’s feedback? yes we can wait till brasil 2014 where kimi will have the setup to his liking and he can overcome Alonso there


When apparently Alonso’s manager met Red Bull, he said he did so not to discuss Alonso but Carlos Sainz (I reckon). James, it seems as if all of you, commentators, journalist and other insiders don’t buy the storie. Why?

I’m a bit curious about what sighs give away the true; what are the clues. Or does it come from some deep throat inside the paddock? Cheers,


It came from one of the people involved in the conversation!


“The best driver” “The most complete driver” blabla. These are the only things FA wins before retiring soon. The guy has won his last championship 8 years ago, and he was beaten by a rookie a year later.


all the drivers race to win bragging rights and it’s been a long time since alonso won the championship so he needs praise to keep him motivated. he wants to be recognised as the best that is why he was willing to destroy all at mclaren in 2007 where he was beaten by a rookie.


I always cringe when people state more than 100% in those terms.

It makes me lose trust in their ability to do what ever they do if they can’t work that out. Especially if it’s a technical area of work.


Ferrari should care less how Alonso feels and focus more on fixing the car. They should try to give also Kimi the car he wants and one that at least has one clear weekend. If they keep building the whole team around Alonso they will not get anywhere.


yes yes if they start to build the team around Kimi, Maybe Ferrari can expect another flukey WDC like the one they had in 2007. NOt just that they can invite massa back to the team and replace Alonso with him. So that Kimi will get a real pretender as per his status and will be chastened by massa once again 2015

Come on ferrari build the team around Kimi and get in massa which presents a chance to see the medicore competition once again in the team. Becuase at the moment Alonso has wiped the floor with kimi which is not liked by his fans out here


Alonso screwed up two championships in 2010 and 2012 and traumatized his team by doing that, so it’s no wonder that he isn’t getting cheered by his team.


Why would he want more praise? Why is he bothered about all this, especially when he is doing the business on the track! The way Luca responds, shows that there are bigger problems in the relationship that Ferrari are trying to hide perhaps. I don’t know!

But really? Why would Alonso be bothered about anything like this?!


It seems simple to me.

– Alonso’s chats with RBR last year po’d Monty

– Monty bringing back Kimi po’d Alonso

– Kimi not doing so well to start this season

– Newey again rejects Ferrari’s advances

– Alonso is in the power position at the moment, so Luca must pay fealty

But things can change again fairly fast.


I like your thinking 🙂


A shame he is not British, probably would be 10 times WDC, at least 3 with Macca and he did not have problems at all with “last man standing” on the track in qualy 2007 with Dennis (silenced by English press) “fair treatment”. It’s not a surprise the Macca interest of the Spanniard, Ron know him very well, he beat them all (an entire team against him & English Media lobby). Better to have the best marketing, a big smile like Ricciardo but among of everything, dont annoy a Bristish star. F1 & FOM & Rights & Media are ruled bey English people. Not criticism at all, they deserved and I thank them. These are the rules of the world…..of F1.


What a load!


So what? How many titles won Schumacher? It didn’t stop him not being British.


He didn’t beat them

He was the one who threw his toys out of the pram when he wasn’t given number one status and was had to compete with his team mate.

So he blackmailed Ron Dennis saying make me No1 or I am going to the FIA.

Mind you he was quite happy to take a race win from his team mate driving into a wall to cause a safety car.

Yeah probably would make a good politician!!!


You have two options: to believe (official English & Ron Version) or to think for youself.

You have a great team in a good shape (McLaren) and the best possible driver (Alonso) and you decide put the biggest English F1 promess alongside the Spaniard, the “Schumacher succesor”. The home guy, the long term investment. What I say now I wrote it in a Forum on pre-season 2007 guessing everything that would happen. Your risk is very, very high, your bet a non sense, but not if you have plans or “counter mesures” (fair treatment). The first to open fire, the first COMPLAINT AGAINST THE SACRED TEAM, in front of the world was Lewis Hamilton at Monaco Press conference accussing them to let them as a N2. The man who finds “perfection”, the showman, Mr. F***, the son of Hamilton Sr. (very helpful that season alongside local press). After that, Ron Dennis changed the rules tacitly admiting his team was not fair. The risk to burn his Biggest Star, his “adopted son” after let him the privilege to begin in a front team was so high that he changed all team rules for him, at the same time all English Press they did not accused Hamilton as a “whiner”, instead of that (logically) they begun the bad press of Alonso as a bad guy or the evil man. Dennis decided to have one turn per GP to have the last lap in qualy, but they did not acomplished with Alonso (with the silence of the Press & the attacking). Even FOM was really ON over the Spaniard in replays (the opposissite of Englishman). Alonso was ALONE and he decided to acomplished the “fair & square pact” (makes me laugh) and he did what you know in Hungary. Alonso never said anything, and the “official version” is what you think, but from this point, Dennis supported Hamilton very openly against Alonso. End of the story. ¿Do you think would be the same if Alonso would be English?


Exactly! He was mad that Lewis and he were afforded equal status. I’m sure if Alonso was 20 pts up on Lewis at Hungary that Lewis would’ve been put into a support role. But the thing is that he couldn’t do that, so it would’ve been unsporting of McLaren to not keep up the equal treatment. If anything, Alonso should’ve been put into the support role after going 12 pts down after Japan. His position as DWC negated that happening. McLaren blew it for Lewis anyways.



Just a thought, it is a popular theme on this thread that McLaren will do better with the Honda engine at the back. Don’t they have the best engine currently in F1 at the moment? Do we really think Honda will come out of the box with a race winning set up? Just a thought.


Why not. How about Mercedes this year…..


You’re not supposed to notice that 😉




It seems worth pointing out, as Mercedes did, that Dr Zitsche was talking to the King of Spain at the time, and therefore some of his praise may have been exaggerated due to politeness.


Fernando seems to have natural talent to become a very popular politician in the future.


Not an alonso fan, but that is a very harsh insult 🙂


Alonso, the ‘secret’ king of Spain!


Go to Mercedes. Ferrari is going nowhere even if they do well at Monaco or another 1 off race its not going to win him a championship anytime soon. Rosberg to Redbull and Vettel to Ferrari.

Valentino from montreal

The ” best ” driver in the world who lost out 4 straight years to Vettel ! Just saying ‘ …


@ Val from montreal

So called 4X WDC champ Seb vettel who is constantly humbled by Dan ricciardo in the first races of this season so far.

The current trend is a clear evidence. Seb vettel 4X WDC’S was a heirloom presented to him by newey and RBR. Had Dan ricciardo drove instead of webber he could have been 4X WDC by now.

Who is vettel? A average pilot who is chastened by Dan Ricciaro at the moment and long the aussie roll may continue.


i dont like Vettel but, he never led the championship until the last race in 2010. in 2012, alonso was leading until the half way point in the season.

and yes ricciardo seems to be doing better than vettel this year.

so think before you comment! its like saying- Schumi only won 5 wdc titles because of ross brawn & rory byrn et al, so anyone could of won those 5 titles! give vettel some credit


Everyone lost to Vettel in 4 years, its Math, incase you aren’t familiar Val. But Vettel didn’t win all the paddock polls each year so it’s called context. I guess it’s like when Alonso whipped Schumacher in a smaller Renault team 2 years in a row, without a dominant car. Our when Rosberg beat Schumacher again and again. Does context not matter? Now Vettel is getting beaten by his new team mate. How’s that all feel Val? Like the other poster said, stay hidden. .

Valentino from montreal

You mean the same Alonso who won his 1st title against a paper-fragile McLaren and VS a Ferrari with flawed Bridgestones ? A Ferrari that was only good enough to manage 3rd in 2005 WDC standings thanks to Schumacher ?!? Where did Barichello classify in 2005 , in 7th place ??

Same Alonso who won by luck and only luck in 2006 ? It’s easy besting the other guy when the other guy suffers an engine blow up and a flat tire in the last 2 Grand Prix’s .. The championship was lost in Suzuka , and in MY WORLD Schumacher won his 8 title in China 06 , remember him making a fool out of both Renault drivers in the wet with less grippy Bridgestones tires ? I do : ))

And who can forget Nando’d little trantrum towards his team after the GP ?

You continue living in your make belief world , I’ll stay in the one that’s called REALITY ..


ahh 2006 was a really good season, miss good old days.


Val, You don’t mention the FIA assisted Ferrari with rule changes midway to slow down Renault? Its nice that you come here and only mention your side of the argument, but don’t pretend to be a fair fan. You feel of favoritism and your facts are little more than fanboy fanaticism.

You blabber on about Alonso supposedly throwing tantrums yet you bark like a loyal dog that you are over Schumacher, a man who is a certified cheat on numerous occasions in his career. Many would rather support a temper over a certified, proven cheat. I state facts here, Schumacher is an admitted cheater, and not just in youth but in parking his car in Monaco qualifying to block Alonso. No one cares who should have won a WDC in your mind; your mind as shown by your words is a lopsided and dim place full of nothing but the rants of a categorically bigoted fan.


Smaller team? whipped? Maybe you should watch the 2005 and 2006 season again.. If val should hide the he better make room for you so you can hide with him.


Ya smaller Renault team that was functioning on a fraction of the budget that Ferrari and Mclaren were. Go look it up if you don’t have the memory or brains to remember. Once you look it up and confirm what I said let’s see if you have the decency to admit it. When as smaller team functioning to a fraction of a dominant spender wins, it can’t be considered significant? Congrats on being a sheep.


Don’t recall Alonso being told to move over…..because your team mate is faster than you…..twice……just saying….

H.Guderian (ALO fan)


I was about to post a reply but saw yours.

Val, keep hidden as you did for the previuos five races.


Would Alonso obey such an order?


Even who don’t like Alonso character must agree he’s the best driver in the grid. And he’s the only one able to give more than 100%…ore even 200% 😀


I can see Hamilton back to McLaren say in 2016?

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