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Chilton fastest on day one of Barcelona test
Scuderia Ferrari
Posted By: Justin Hynes  |  13 May 2014   |  6:12 pm GMT  |  81 comments

Max Chilton topped the timesheet on the opening day of the second in-season test of the current campaign, the Marussia driver setting a lap of 1:26.434 on Pirelli’s supersoft tyre to give a slightly skewed look to the times on a day when bad weather and red flags complicated matters at Barcelona’s Circuit de Catalunya.

The morning session was conducted in wet conditions as persistent rain fell across the track and it was, rather predictably, Mercedes who led the way, with Lewis Hamilton setting the pace with a time of 1:44.291 on the intermediate Pirelli tyre.

Felipe Massa was second fastest in the morning, followed by Red Bull Racing Test and Reserve driver Sébastien Buemi, who was getting his first taste of the team’s RB10.

The morning session was made more difficult by a number of red flags. Kimi Raikkonen suffered a power unit problem on his first run that kept him out action for the morning and Chilton stopped at Turn 5 after an hour. Jean-Eric Vergne had two early stoppages too, bringing out the red flags on his first lap out when he pulled over between Turns 9 and 10 and he then also stopped on his second lap out. He too failed to set a time in the morning session.

With the afternoon forecast to be drier, the lunch break was brought forward to midday and the second session extended until 6pm to try to give the team’s dry running.

Buemi’s afternoon ended well before that marker, however, the Swiss driver sidelined by a gearbox problem midway through. With the team focusing on correlation work with their simulator, Buemi did, however, manage 54 laps of the circuit, which is more than Raikkonen put in.

After failing to set a time in the morning the Finn completed just 18 laps in the afternoon before he stopped again at Turn 4 once again bringing out the red flags. Raikkonen ended the day with the fourth fastest time, however.

Ahead of him were Hamilton, who spent much of the afternoon in P1, Lotus tester Charles Pic, who set a time of 1:216.661 on the soft tyre and pace setter Chilton, whose supersoft lap was set in the final 10 minutes of the session.

Behind Raikkonen, Vergne was fifth-fastest in front of Force India’s Nico Hulkenberg and Felipe Massa was seventh ahead of Jenson Button. Eighth place went to Caterham’s Kamui Kobayashi who ended his session with a big off that saw him hit the barriers hard ship considerable damage to the front end of his CT05.

He was followed on the timesheet by Buemi and finally Sauber tester Giedo van der Garde, who amassed the day’s biggest total of laps with 86.

Barcelona Test – Day One Times
1. Max Chilton Marussia 1:26.434 60 laps
2. Charles Pic Lotus1:26.661 70 laps
3. Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1:26.674 79 laps
4. Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari 1:26.965 20 laps
5. Jean-Eric Vergne Toro Rosso 1:27.724 52 laps
6. Nico Hulkenberg Force India 1:27.727 53 laps
7. Felipe Massa Williams 1:27.756 55 laps
8. Jenson Button McLaren1:28.333 74 laps
9. Kamui Kobayashi Caterham 1:30.101 72 laps
10. Sebastien Buemi Red Bull Racing 1:31.440 54 laps
11. Giedo Van der Garde Sauber 1:31.783 86 laps


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Behind the Scenes at the track
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An Englishman is fastest man on track.....and he's not driving a Silver machine!!!!

Seriously, well done Max, at least you and your team have been fastest in at least one session...........

I'm not knocking Max or Marussia, all the teams work 18 hours a day, 7 days a week just to sweat blood, tears and all to get 2 cars ready for a grand prix. However, of course, life is not equal, not as we know it: in life - and F1 - there are the rich and the poor. Champagne with a Heston Blumenthal lunch.........or eggs on toast and a mug of tea (actually I would prefer the latter myself....).

Actually, speaking of finances, if you read a certain Venezuelans Wiki page, it states Pastor is a committed socialist. I find that a bit odd - isn't being a communist in the dog eat dog world of F1 something of a social, sporting and political conflict of interest?????

There is many things you can accuse Mr E of being, but I don't think you could ever accuse him of being a communist - or any of the teams come to think of it..............


Well, the Venezuelan government which calls itself socialist dependents in a big percentage of selling oil to US which is called in Venezuela an evil capitalism empire, so, there is not too much coherence over there, even PDVSA the oil company also has a division to import milk, fish and other food, take your own conclusions about that. Regarding F1 is nice too see that Marussia in front so they could have a bigger exposure for a couple of minutes.


'it states Pastor is a committed socialist. I find that a bit odd – isn’t being a communist in the dog eat dog world of F1 something of a social, sporting and political conflict of interest?????'

Communism is not Socialism and no there would be no serious conflicted with F1 and Socialism.

Yes good on Chilton I would like to see him and his team do better.


RE John H and Wade Parmino: You may well be right - although I do remember Russia used to be called the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and also called itself a communist alternative to free-market capitalism (as did the Eastern Bloc countries including Hungary) - but whatever you call the red flag ideology there is a serious irony about a so called socialist taking a huge chunk of money from his country for self-interest, self-publicity and self-indulgence! Not to mention self-made accidents...........


Socialism and communism are not the same thing. Much like the difference between hard rock and death metal.

Regarding Chilton, he should enjoy this because it will be the highlight of his career.


Someone should have told him the race was on Sunday


Well it depends on your particular favour of communism - a brutal dictatorship that claims it's in favour of everyone but keeps the spoils for an autocratic ruling class while it's lower comrades go starving sounds a bit like communism in some guises and the system Bernie and the richer teams have set up for themselves 😉


Yes, you're right.....

Mr E has certainly got the divide and conquer strategy perfectly worked out. Although it has to be said it may - may! - have cost him either his freedom or a big chunk of cash........but we'll have to wait until September.


Being a socialist isnt the same of being communist


A Socialist is just a Communist with patience.

David in Sydney

I don't know of any Western Government that doesn't have some Socialist policy in its law books.


PS Slightly off topic, but sort of related, but I think the amount of testing days should have been extended this year to allow for the complexity of the new Formula.

Also, for the young, up and coming drivers, mileage knowledge is driving power, and where as the likes of Lewis, Jenson, Fernando et al had plenty of in season testing to help them learn their respective cars, the new generation of stars are severely restricted when it comes to trying to "bed in" with their machines.

I'm not proposing a return to unlimited testing throughout the European season, but a sensible solution could be struck to have some more crucial days for the teams and drivers to learn more about their (hybrid) steeds.

Just saying.


Hi GazBoy

Congratulations, I take my hat off to you! Have you seen the post below from Jean-Luc?

You recently characterised an entire nation as 'cheese eating monkeys' and yet, one of that countries citizens (judging by his name) is praising you!!!!

What can I say? That has to be applauded 🙂

Regarding the cost of GP tickets, I completely agree with you, they are ridiculously expensive. I only mentioned the bit about buying tickets for the GP, as an F1 engineer would be unlikely to be buying general admittance tickets. On that note, you might be interested in this little titbit; one of my clients works in R&D for an F1 team and I happened to be speaking to his wife the other day and the conversation turned to the subject of F1 - to be accurate, I turned the subject to F1 - and she told me that he/they rarely watch the races live but tend to record them and watch on fast forward! So he/they don't watch the race like fans at all, it's just a dry analysis of performance and not entertainment. That feels kinda' sad to me 🙁

kenneth chapman

@ gaz boy...in another thread i asked you a question relating to your intimate knowledge of F1 engineering. i asked if you were actually an F1 engineer and if not what do you do in your everyday employment?

you seem to imply that you have many ideas re F1 engineering solutions to the problems that some teams are experiencing. could you please come back to me with some response. i find it quite interesting...



Gaz boy same sort of expert as the rest of us? No! He seems to know more than most of us can only begin to imagine. I have been a secret admirer of his for some time. The way he explains complicated F1 stuffs is very good for someone with some basic background. Olééé Gaz boy!

kenneth chapman

@ gaz boy...thanks for the all the engineering solutions that you have just posted! that wasn't what i asked?

i am still in the dark as to what you actually do for a living but i do expect that you are unwilling to answer that as it may be invading your privacy. the reason i asked was that lots of people post about things that they have absolutely no idea about and bear no resemblance to what the real issues are. how could they? they are not qualified nor are they team members.


RE C63:

On the subject of silly prices for grandstand tickets at Silverstone - over UK £400 at the likes of Club corner! - read this and weep: in 1971 you could buy a ticket to watch the likes of Stewart, Ickx, Regga, Peterson et al for blasting around the old flat out Woodcote for....UK £1.20.

Yes, that is right, a ticket for a grand prix for UK £1.20. I think inflation adjusted, that is today about UK £15.00.....In 1974 a ticket for the British GP (at Brands Hatch) to watch the likes of Lauda, Fittipaldi, Hunt, Scheckter et al cost............yours for UK £2.50 sir. Inflation adjusted, that is a bargain basement UK £23.00.............yes, the mind boggles, doesn't it?

As I much love watching the likes of Fernando and Lewis attacking the mega fast swoops of Becketts, Copse, Abbey Stowe et al I would rather sit on the grass and take the cheap option rather than enrich Mr E and FOM (and CVC) by forking out 400 quid and keeping the Ecclestone daughters in champagne and cavair!


I have no idea what GazBoy does for a living, however I am pretty sure he isn't an F1 engineer. He was posting the other day about the cost of his 3 day Silverstone ticket and bemoaning that he will only be sitting on the grass and not a grandstand. I think you will find he is just the same sort of expert as the rest of us - more the armchair variety 🙂


RE Kenneth - no, unfortunately I'm not an F1 engineer! I'm not qualified to F1 level, and anyhow it is a very competitive profession with a lot of stress and agitation involved in you don't get things right!

When I was at school/college I did basic level aerodynamic and mechanical studies, but I must stress it was an extremely basic level.

Bizarrely enough, I feel that the current crop of F1 engineers and aerodynamicists sometimes probably confuse themselves with being a bit too clever for their own good, and sometimes keeping things basic and using common sense is probably the right way to go.

It's worth pointing out when I studied basic level aero and mechanical engineering there was no hybrid technology involved, and electrical systems were also quite basic. I haven't got a clue about electro-dynamics, it's a part of F1 that has me baffled, and I suspect Mercedes has invested heavily in electro-dynamics and thermal-dynamics in order to perfect their power unit.

With regards to Mercedes, my opinion is that they have clever electrics that can inform the engine which direction the steering is being turned, which of course can greatly increase corner entry speed! I also suspect Mercedes are using a very clever engine map that allows a sequence of clyinders to cut, usually at part throttle. Similar to traction control? Possibly...........having said that, it's upto the driver to adjust his technique for the clever mapping.

My understanding of F1 aerodynamics and mechanical aspects is basic at best...........and yet, as I have said, I do think certain teams, McLaren in particular try to be too clever for their own good and end up confusing themselves!


?testing days were extended from last year. And some have already said they are a waste of money :-O

I saw a picture of the megaphone exhaust, oh dear. I like the sound as it is, and the farty exhaust tube doesn't look good and has deprived the car of it's simian pew


Re the new exhaust - oh dear indeed!

You know what will happen if it's adopted - the folk who were moaning about the sound will start on about how awful it looks instead. 😉


gazboy - f1 doesn't do sensible solutions.


Yes, sadly you are right, until the whole FIA is reformed - for example swapping the rather dictatorial presidential system of the FIA for a more consensus based parliamentary democracy style one, then it looks like F1 will be at the whim of some crazy bloke and his hair brain ideas.

Double points, last race - I rest my case.

James Clayton

"I think the amount of testing days should have been extended this year to allow for the complexity of the new Formula"

Um they have... there was no in season testing before this year.


What tyre did Raikkonen do that time on??


Did Merc test the megaphone?


Have you seen the megaphone? Obviously a prototype but not real attractive. Kinda like a school kid made it in metalwork.


They can't seriously think that what they've produced here can actually go on to a finished Formula 1 car. Fitting cars with funnels on the exhaust to artificially make them louder will be more damaging than the noise issue that people have complained about! (which I personally don't mind)

Why does Formula 1 still make these knee jerk reactions? I didn't hear anyone complaining about the noise in Spain as they've already got used to it. Find a fix for the weight issue. Find a fix for the cost cap. Stop wasting time making the pinnacle of motorsport look like something a you see a clown drive at the circus and fix the real issues with the sport!


Do you think that this may be a distraction technique? Cost cap - naah, let's talk about the 'real' issues...how do we get more people watching? At least 5 people have said they don't like the noise, let's concentrate on that instead and keep the rich teams the fastest.


Marussia closing the gap to Mercedes


Hi James, what is the time difference in the tyres. As looking at Chiltons qualifying lap the difference is over 3 seconds from supersoft to medium. Many thanks


Just goes to show that a lot of the time lost to last year is down to the tyres and not the cars.


Exactement! Soft-Med's this year would have been more like the Med-Hard's of last year, for Barcelona.


Holy sweet moses a maurussia on top!!!


Well Done Chilton. So glad you didn't put the car in the sand again. Must be great for Marrussia to be up there on the leader board. Ukrainian Cavier all round for the team...err sorry its Russian Cavier now isn't it?;-)


Go Max! Print it out and frame it! 🙂


are the constant red flags really necessary? how about double waved yellow flags and a low speed restriction in that sector.


Two Questions James:

How did the megaphone exhaust test turn out; and

Any chance of an article on the potential for a Russian GP at Sochi?

Thanks much !


Megaphone gets tested tomorrow. Apparently Lewis was practicing starts, to help Nico! Not sure what that's about, but that's what it said.


I would have thought if the intention was to help Nico, the team would not allow Lewis to practice anything - he already seems to have got the hang of things;-)


Chilton fastest -I'm sure this is one of the four signs of the apocalypse.


Hmmm almost 3sec's faster than his quali time? Something's amiss here did he cut the corner?


Super sorts... Said on autosport


Supersoft vs. medium tires.

Alexander Supertramp

still, 3 seconds is a lot!


So Marussia was sandbagging all season so far !! 🙂


If Luca keeps his menace over Alonso going to Marussia, Alonso doesn't need to worry anymore.


😀 yep Sandbagging big time 😀


Marussia have been sandbagging all season, I knew it! Chilton's the new Hamilton yo'...


Never thought I'd see the day.


Sure it was a bit mixed up, but after all the stick some of us have given him it's only fair now to say well done Max 🙂


Didn't you say awhile back that there were three signs of the Apocalypse? I forget what the other two were, but surely that headline is the 3rd. ;–)


I think it's the Four Horsemen.......


Yep I definitely do recall that.

Try as I might I couldn't find mine, but I did find this:

http://www.jamesallenonf1.com/2013/11/analysis-of-key-indicators-and-trends-from-united-states-grand-prix/#comment-846126" rel="nofollow">Comment


Well at least he can put "fastest in a session" on his C.V. for future reference.


He's actually out qualified Bianchi on merit this season. I never thought I'd say that either. Perhaps super polite Max finally bloomed 😉


You're right - he did, credit where it's due.


I think Marussia bought a Flux Capacitor from a second hand Deloren (one owner, alot of milage across the space time continuum.Full service history. Please note Note:

Flux Capacitor... May need a local weather anomaly for maximum performance:D

That is why it was raining on track.

Think the F.I.A need to scrutinise the car:-)


Any comments on Mercedes exhaust trumpet ? Were they trialled today or scheduled for later in the week ?




It's today (Wednesday) apparently.

kenneth chapman

have just listened to it and it definitely sounds louder and more appropriate but still different. only time will tell


Good stuff. It doesn't really bother me on TV anymore - but I guess if it helps with race attendance it's a minor tweak that could be good.


"Chilton will not break me" says Jules Bianchi, as team mate dominates....


Here's a new rule idea;

Teams are given more testing time the further down the constructors points list they are. Maybe an additional 20% for each place back, up to 100%. So Merc may be allowed a maximum of 80 laps over two days, RBR gets 96, etc. to a max of 160 for the lower teams. (I don't know if these numbers are realistic, but just to illustrate my idea.)


The only problem is that the slower teams are the poorer teams (well, except for McLaren...); how do they pay for the extra testing?


Makes you wonder just how mucher harder this year's tyres are and how much they are contributed to the much slower qualifying times we saw on the weekend compared to last year (the GP2 pole sitter would have been faster than several F1 car's qualifying times).

Tornillo Amarillo

HAHAHAHAH!!!!! CHILTON faster, I read the article's title!!!

Is it true...?

Tornillo Amarillo

This time I didn't see the Driver-of-the-Day post... HAMILTON!

Next time, HAMILTON!!!

So it's OK.


How was Max three seconds quicker than in quali? Is that ALL coming from the tyre?

Craig in Manila

So Chilton (supersoft tyres) was 2tenths faster than Pic (soft tyres) and Hamilton (tyres unstated).

Is it fair to assume that :

1. Chilton was the only person to use a set of supersofts ?

2. Hamilton was not on the same tyres as Pic ?

On the chart detailing the times, would it be possible to add-in something to indicate the tyres that they were running so that we can try to get a (slightly) better indication of what was going on ?


Well done Max and Marussia. They deserve celebration don't they? No seriously and don't get me wrong, I am not having a laugh at Max and his team. For all the work and sacrifices they put in, I believe it is good for teams with limited resources to top the timesheet from time to time even when it seems to not really matter.

Go Max! go Marussia!

David in Sydney

Can't wait to hear the Mercedes Kazoo exhaust... ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz...... it's sound GREAT in the Monaco tunnel...


Chuck the fastest time. But James, do you see Marussia making any inroads into the gap to Sauber? Sauber did not seem too far ahead of them anyways. So, will this translate into anything during races?


So the Marussia had been maxed out!! Keep that car under wraps boys, merc, red bull and ferrari will be upto dirty tricks to get the low down on it!!


All we need now is a stereo hooked up to the "trumpet" and some ACDC playing then F1 can really rock

German Samurai

Pops might fund another year of racing for young Maxy with that performance!

I bet the old man is proud!

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