Button and Magnussen wigged out ahead of Monaco Grand Prix
Posted By: James Allen  |  21 May 2014   |  1:09 pm GMT  |  36 comments

Former Monaco GP winner Jenson Button and his McLaren team mate Kevin Magnussen have sportingly taken part in a charity initiative raising money for children with cancer, involving the wearing of wigs.

Wig Wednesday, which is today, is an initiative from CLIC Sargent, cancer care for Chlidren (of which James Allen is proud to be a Patron) and the charity is inviting thousands of people across the UK to put on a wig for the day to raise money and show support for children and young people, who may lose their hair through treatment for cancer.

Every day in the UK 10 families lives will be turned upside down as they learn that their child has cancer. CLIC does fantastic work in supporting those families, who often have to travel many miles to get treatment. BBC’s Eddie Jordan is also a Patron and has raised hundreds of thousands of pounds for the charity with his wife Marie.

Button, who also does a lot of work for Make A Wish foundation, looks worringly rather too at home in his wig in the photo above. Please leave your suggestions for what the caption to this image might be in the comments section below…

The 34 year old said of the CLIC initiative, “The Wig Wednesday look definitely beats helmet hair – but, much more important, I’m happy to support Wig Wednesday 2014.

“CLIC Sargent does a fantastic job helping children and young people with cancer, and Wig Wednesday is a fun and simple way for people to show their support and raise money for this wonderful charity.”

For more information on CLIC Sargent go to http://www.clicsargent.org.uk

If you want to join Jenson and Kevin and get involved, you can donate online or text ‘WIGS82 £3′ to 70070.

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“…. and McLaren has gone purple in the Sassoon sector…”


Sad… hope people are not put off from helping a good cause.


Once again its great to see JB and KM first in the que doing a good turn for a fantastic cause….. well done gentlemen.


“McLaren unveils surprising aero upgrade in the build-up to Monaco.”


Hello Sailor


JB: Just call me Jane Honda, sweety!


If EJ takes his off I’ll donate a €100 too


With all F1’s seriousness its good to see a reality check like this. There should be more of it.


Mmmmmm, Im not sure what colour lip stick goes with my hair.


When you aren’t even close to winning anymore like Jenson you can afford to do more charity work


Has Bruce Forsythe been a secret contributer?


Shaven heads chaps! Every thousandth of a second counts.


Kevin looks stoned lol..


It’s funny no one talks about Magnussen anymore. Australia feels like a year ago. Those Hamilton comparisons have gone right out the window.


Jenson. “There is a life after Formula 1”


Not sure about these new padded helmets…

Andrew Cumbria

Apologies for the bad taste (literally)…….

I would suggest that Jenson’s wig should be green, and he is saying to Kevin hmmm I wonder if anyone’s looking and should I eat it or not ?



everyone is saying, Jenson has a soft touch! 🙂


Im not sure whats worse the wigs and the expressions or the fact they have their arms around each ! Caption should read..

“I wonder if his father knows what a naughty little boy hes been..”!

James, good on you for supporting such a great cause and lightening the mood in such a cut thrust sport.. Cheers!


Another one :-

“Wonder if Max Mosley is coming to town”


How on earth did Ron Dennis allow this?.. he is a changed man, indeed.


Maybe they let him wear one too? 🙂


Very noble cause.

For a bloke in his mid 30s whose been in F1 for 15 odd years with all the stress and grief that grand prix entails, not to mention the emotional distress of loosing his dearly beloved dad, Jenson does look remarkably good. He doesn’t seem to have aged much. What’s the secret Jenson?????

It’s such a shame that Jenson, like Fernando, is stuck with a car and team that is doing him no credit what so ever. Both Fernando and Jenson are in that golden mid 30s zone when drivers are at their peak and yet can’t demonstrate their peaks through no fault on their own – when they signed for their respective teams they wern’t too know both Macca and Ferrari would be heading for a mild decline into technical mire.

If you’re wondering about the mid 30s peak, here’s some examples – Stewart 33/34 in 1973, Jonsey 33/34 in 1980, Lauda 35 in 1984, Senna 33 in 1993 – Brazil and Donington anyone?, Michael 35 in 2004…………


Totally agree mid thirties is the very best part of one’s life, still got a full compliment of marbles,at your physical strongest,full of wisdom and experience and still virile. It’s all downhill from there! All this fifty is the new thirty is just so much bull, wait ’till you get there, the mind may still want to be thirty but stuff starts to hurt and weight is harder to loose and lets not mention Viagra eh, ‘cos no one I know in their fifties needs to use it.


Jenson looks like he’s part of the Bird Cage backing singers. Kevin looks like a disgruntled member of an ABBA reunion.

And Eddie Jordan wears a wig for charity eh? Now we know why he insists on that petrified squirrel year round 😉


That is so weird… it looks too authentic. Like I could go to the cafe and they would fit right in.


I don’t ever want to go to the cafe you go to…


all it takes is the winning driver to give up their earnings from monaco.


Or FOM/Mr E……….


mr e has enough on his plate at the moment. he can be charitable once the clouds have blown over i guess.

Kenneth M'Boy

“Still waiting for McLaren’s purple patch.”


Done well 🙂


Very nice!


Good Cause 🙂

Nice to see Kmag wigging it up. Jenson looks asif he rather likes his new hair.

They look like characters of Gerry Andersons T.V. series U.F.O or the Terrahawks 😀

Well Done….but wheres yours Mr.Allen ? 😉

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