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Some positive news about Michael Schumacher
Posted By: James Allen  |  04 Apr 2014   |  11:46 am GMT  |  57 comments

Michael Schumacher is starting to “show signs of consciousness and awakening”, according to a statement from his manager, Sabine Kehm.

The 45-year-old seven-times world F1 champion has been in a coma since a skiing accident on December 29th 2013 in Meribel, France. Doctors have been trying to wake him for the past few weeks and there were discouraging rumours last week that the attempts were having little success.

However, rumours is all they appear to be. Kehm has insisted all along that fans and members of the public should not believe any stories which do not emanate from her office.

“Michael is making progress on his way. He shows moments of consciousness and awakening. We are on his side during his long and difficult fight, together with the team of the hospital in Grenoble, and we remain confident,” Kehm said in this morning’s statement.

Schumacher has been breathing without the aid of machines for several weeks and this latest bulletin would not have been issued if the family did not believe that there was something behind it. They would not want to create false hope.

Organisers of this weekend’s Bahrain Grand Prix have named the first corner after Schumacher and the message “Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Michael” is emblazoned on the armco barriers.

“When we started out in 2004, if I could choose one name that everyone started picking up, it was Michael Schumacher, ” Bahrain circuit CEO Shaikh Salman told JA on F1, “If you go in to town and say his name then everyone knows him. He also had an input on the first corner when we were designing it, where he had an impact of making it tighter and more challenging because that’s where everything happens.

“There is a lot that he added and in our history he has been the number one driver, so for us that was the reason to do it – he has helped build the culture of Formula One in this region.”

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So happy with this news about Michael, I do also hope he is breathing on his own, surely he must be? Anyway I know it’s a very long and tough road ahead for Michael, but with the love of his family, friends and fans I’m sure he can do it. Thank you to the medical staff who have done so much to keep our Schumi with us, they are amazing people.


Good to hear thanks James. This follows the remarkable news here in Aus of young Liam Knight walking into court only a year after being speared through the head with a steel bar.

Hopefully Michael comes round soon & says when I get my hands on that damn snowman Im gunna flog him for cutting off at the pass

Laura Lee Randall

Schumi you are going to win this race… My thoughts and prayers are with you! The love of your wife and family and friends is healing you..


One of the things I distinctly am looking forward to is when he wakes up… to discover Mercedes are dominating the F1 World championship….

Then he will wonder: “They are now a second faster than anyone?!? How long have I been asleep?” :p


Schumacher is my inspiration when it comes to anything competitive. His determination to win, unrelenting pressure and devotion to his team are the qualities that I value the most.

Whilst I will always be an F1 fan, it’s just not the same without your presence Michael…

Keep fighting, thoughts and prayers are with you…


Pleased to hear continued signs of improvement. Thoughts with you Michael.


Saw a great Louis Theoroux documentary the other night and one guy made a miracle recovery from a head injury which none of the doctors thought was possible.

It gives you hope and I continue to prey for Schumi.

God bless.


We want pictures of him right now. We are entitled to them. He has been part of our lifes for 20 years. They didn’t mind when making millions, to be in the new everyday, so now we are entitled to know how he is. [mod]


Vile comment. James would agree with me.



I don’t agree. I don’t want to see any photos, period.

Respect to his family, just because he was such a universal figure, it doesn’t give the public a right to demand anything except what the family would like to release when and if they are ready.


Fair enough. Everybody is entitled to his opinion.

I wish him to recover. He needs a miracle though.

I understand its a emotional moment for some fans. They feel schumi is like a member of their families. He was in the dinning room for 20 years. This happened to me in 1982, when Gilles died. But its all an ilusion.

He had an accident, it was his mistake, and he was to a good sport when driving. He just happened to be the one with the best record.

I repeat. The fans want to see some pictures. Bild are you listening?


Entitled?? Grow up!!

What a disrespectful comment to make, as if you are owed anything from anyone, try losing your sense of “entitlement”, you’ll enjoy a better life…


Just goes to show you should not believe rumors, as they are mostly lies and half truths made out by people who are just trying to get attention. This is really encouraging news about Michael and I hope Sabine keeps us up to date as much as possible. I’ve been praying for the 7 time world champion for many many weeks now and I will continue to do so. Keep fighting Michael, you will always be my hero.


Hopefully we will receive some more good news in the days ahead. Stay strong and get better, please God.


Thank you, James, for respecting the wishes of the family and Kehm by not participating in the rumor mill. Other members of “the media” could do well by not attempting to scoop everyone else and staying out of everyone’s face with their cameras and mic’s.

Very much appreciated.


We’re all behind you champ.


James, when did the news that Michael is breathing unaided come out and who was the source of the information, please?


it’s not normal for a conscious person’s respiration to be carried out by a machine.

Robert in San Diego

Strange….. Just yesterday I was thinking about Michael. I spent a fair amount of time in hospital last year and I am only now recovering my physical shape. I was thinking that we need to hear something positive about Michael soon, because the road to recovery only becomes longer.

I never was a great Michael fan,as a racer, but I respect him and his achievements greatly. I really hope this is as positive as it sounds. Keep surging Michael!!


Forza Schumi ! Remember, millions across the world are holding that “PUSH” sign for you, and push you must and you will to overcome the greatest challenge of your life. As Mika Hakkinen said, this is one race where you don’t have to beat the time, take it slow, be strong and keep fighting !


Michael, I was not a fan during your career, but I am now. Please get well soon mate.


Good news though perhaps Bahrain would do better not to talk about Michael’s ‘impact’ on anything.


Heard that they were replaying him radio communications from his F1 days…

wonder if they also making him listen to some v8, v12 and v10 sounds… the v12 he only tested once at Ferrari i believe.


Yes V12 and v10. Because if you put the new v6 sound, hell come back into a coma, and won’t want ever to come back.


Thanks for your post, James.

One question. You write: “Schumacher has been breathing without the aid of machines for several weeks”

What is your source of this information? I have not encountered any news of autonomic respiration. Please clarify.


how many conscious people do you know on artificial respirators?


he will make a full recovery! just a matter of time.


Great news. Come on Michael!


I pray for Michael and his family everyday.
The news of him breathing on his own is good news
And that’s what his family needs.

Brian Morrison

Where is the official statement that MS is no longer being ventilated? I have not seen anything of that nature that isn’t speculative.


I don’t think there is anything official, although James seems to have closer sources based on his earler posting on the subject…

Equally, there has been no official confiration that he IS still being ventilated either.

It is tough to keep hopes in check. And, of course coming out of the coma is just one milestone, and there remains great concern about the prognosis beyond that.

However, all prayer and hope to Michael!


Good to hear 🙂


It is. Get well Michael. If it takes a long time for Michael to pull through, so be it. Better to be steady than sorry.

Credit to the medical team around Michael too.

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