Lewis Hamilton Takes Dominant Pole In Wet Shanghai Qualifying
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Lewis Hamilton has put himself in the box-seat for a hat-trick of race victories by mastering the wet conditions in Shanghai to take pole position for the Chinese Grand Prix, heading Daniel Ricciardo and Sebastian Vettel.

The 34th pole of the Briton’s career, his third of 2014, was thoroughly dominant, as he topped each phase of qualifying with a margin over the Red Bull pair and the sister Mercedes of Nico Rosberg.

However, come the top ten shoot-out and Hamilton stepped up a gear, initially holding provisional pole by 6/10ths of a second over the pack as the intermediate tyre reluctantly began to offer some grip. With the gap closed first by Vettel and then Ricciardo, an improvement of 4/10ths saw Hamilton hold off his pursuers with a 0.6s margin.

It set a new British record for pole positions,

“This weekend started out with some troubles in P1 (practice 1),” said Hamilton, referring to the almost 30 minutes of track time lost to suspension issues. “We made changes overnight, in anticipation of a dry day today. I love this track in the wet anyway. Our car is great, there is a long straight down the back which helps us relative to the others.”

A wet final free practice session this morning had been expected to carry on through the afternoon, meaning in little running during practice and the field unsure of the pacesetters heading in to qualifying.

Mercedes, Red Bull and the Ferrari of Fernando Alonso rose to the top.

Last time out in Bahrain Hamilton made an error on his final qualifying lap and was unable to challenge Rosberg’s pole time, but today it was Rosberg’s turn to make an error, locking up in to the penultimate corner and losing a time which would have given him a front-row start. He had been 4/10ths up on Hamilton’s benchmark at the time.

The German will therefore join Vettel on the second row and look to use his power advantage to out-drag his countryman into the first turn.

For Alonso, who has been on the pace for the duration of the weekend in dry conditions, the appearance of rain proved to be a small disadvantage but nevertheless kept the Spaniard within touching distance of the cars ahead. In front of his new team boss, Alonso will be in favour, more so than Kimi Raikkonen who could only manage eleventh place.

The third wet qualifying session in the four races of 2014 will not have pleased Williams prior to the session. Their wet pace has not been as competitive as in the dry, but a sixth and seventh place start for tomorrow’s race, with Felipe Massa beating Valtteri Bottas, gives the team a chance to gain points on Force India and McLaren.

Force India had a mixed day, with Nico Hulkenberg taking eighth place in another strong display a Sergio Perez found himself down in sixteenth. They currently sit second in the Constructors’ Championship, a position which they could likely lose this weekend to Red Bull but will feel it is important to maintain their lead over McLaren.

The Woking squad had a poor day with Jenson Button and Kevin Magnussen unable to improve on the intermediate tyre in Q2 as the rain increased and ended the day in twelfth and fifteenth respectively.

A surprise appearance in Q3 was made by Romain Grosjean, the Frenchman having his strongest qualifying of 2014 to take tenth place, whilst Pastor Maldonado did not take part in the session due to power-unit issues.

Meanwhile it escaped the notice of no-one that this was the third time in four races that Daniel Ricciardo had out qualified his four time world champion team mate Sebastian Vettel.

“It was really good,” said an ecstatic Ricciardo. “Only the last set of tyres in Q3 I managed to pull something out. The rest of the session I wasn’t particular comfortable. That last lap I put it all out there and got the lap.

“In the dry we still have good pace, the Mercedes are quicker, but I’ll keep my head down on the straight and try to catch up. The long runs look promising but whether it’s good enough (to challenge Mercedes) I don’t know.”

Chinese Grand Prix, Shanghai, Qualifying

1. Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1m53.860s
2. Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull 1m54.455s +0.595s
3. Sebastian Vettel Red Bull 1m54.960s +1.100s
4. Nico Rosberg Mercedes 1m55.143s +1.283s
5. Fernando Alonso Ferrari 1m55.637s +1.777s
6. Felipe Massa Williams 1m56.147s +2.287s
7. Valtteri Bottas Williams 1m56.282s +2.422s
8. Nico Hulkenberg Force India 1m56.366s +2.506s
9. Jean-Eric Vergne Toro Rosso 1m56.773s +2.913s
10. Romain Grosjean Lotus 1m57.079s +3.219s
11. Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari 1m56.860s +2.831s*
12. Jenson Button McLaren 1m56.963s +2.934s*
13. Daniil Kvyat Toro Rosso 1m57.289s +3.260s*
14. Adrian Sutil Saube 1m57.393s +3.364s*
15. Kevin Magnussen McLaren 1m57.675s +3.646s*
16. Sergio Perez Force India 1m58.264s +4.235s*
17. Esteban Gutierrez Sauber 1m58.988s +3.472s**
18. Kamui Kobayashi Caterham 1m59.260s +3.744s**
19. Jules Bianchi Marussia 1m59.326s +3.810s**
20. Marcus Ericsson Caterham 2m00.646s +5.130s**
21. Max Chilton Marussia 2m00.865s +5.349s**
22. Pastor Maldonado Lotus

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Brilliant driving from Lewis, totally outclassed Rosberg. I think Nico needs to do what Jenson did and just concentrate on delivering the best quali lap he can, rather than obssesing with beating Lewis. Nico was clearly overdriving today in a vain attempt to catch Hamilton, and the result is 4th instead of 2nd. There will always be days when Lewis is unbeatable, when that happens it would be best to make sure he finishes as close as possible to the front rather than risk getting beaten by the Red bulls.

The Lewis bashers seem to have it in their heads that Nico was about to snatch pole when he spun at the last corner, total nonsense, he wasn’t even close.


We’ll Said…..


I’m sure if he were a Kiwi you’d be only too happy to apply the epithet ‘Australasian’, as the Aussie media often do. But in the week of Anzac Day, let’s stick together again. I know I, and a lot of others on this side of the Tasman, are looking forward to Ricciardo’s first win just as motor sport minded Aussies have celebrated Scott Dixon’s successes. And just maybe an Australasian pairing will win Le Mans in a Porsche this year?


Can’t wait to watch Webber at Le Mans this year.


McLaren are in a downward spiral and Hamilton is vindicated once again for abandoning that sinking ship when he did. Honda power on the horizon won’t be making a huge difference. Brawn needed a Mercedes engine to turn the Honda chassis into a world champion. McLaren’s problems are much deeper.

It seems obvious that Button has had too much influence on the team. Button seems happy if he is close to or beating his team mate, regardless of the team’s standing.

Alexander Supertramp

Button needs a team mate that can realy push him, basically someone who is faster. Perez was not able to do that on a regular basis and Kevin doesn’t seem ready. I don’t believe for a second that JB has been consistenly on top of his game in the past year.


i agree,button seems like he doesnt care when he’s poor in quali,he lacks passion imo,good driver tho.he doesnt make things happen tho.he waits for things to happen,and trys to make the most of it.mclaren have gone backwards since lewis left.

Mike from Colombia

Doubt Button has any influence on Ron whatsoever.

They need him in the team for now and also possibly next year.


Very true. The only driver who ever had influence on Ron was Senna.


Fastest drivers of the day: Hamilton and Alonso. Hamilton an incredible performance in an incredible car. Alonso an incredible performance in an awful and unbalanced car. Comparing Alonso’s driving today with Raikkonen’s, it is amazing to see what a difference pure talent can do. Alonso is the best driver in the rain I have ever seen (not seen Senna, I was too young). Probably the best of all times. To whoever has interest, re watch Hungary 2006.

Then it comes Ricciardo (however he did not maximize all his potential performance).

Then the rest, MILES away.

Sometimes F1 is very sad. Why can’t we see a battle between Hamilton and Alonso, the most talented drivers (by miles) of te grid? This Alonso thing and the cars he is given to drive is getting really sad.

Final word on Rosberg: wow, what a bad bad drive. So many errors. It is clear this guy is good, but not great.


Best driver in the wet was Schumi. By Far. Spain 96, Spa 98, Spa 92.


So.. what you’re saying is Ricciardo could have been higher than P2 if he could have just ‘maximised his potential’?!

Come on, he beat Vettel who is definitely not a push over. I think he did what he could.

Anyway, I’m no a Ric fan but applause to him, he is very consistent.


Ricciardo did a very good job but… he didn’t maximize his potential. He did a super fast sector two in his second lap (he did two fast laps in his last try in Q3), but he did loose a bit of time in the other two sectors due to tyre wear. Had he done that middle sector in his firs lap, he would have been pretty close to Hamilton. So he did not maximize his potential. That tells you how much faster than Vettel he was. Impressive stuff.


I can remember Alonso blaming aquaplaning for crashing out in Japan 07 with the best car on the grid, a race which his team mate won in the same machinery.

Alonso is good but Lewis is superior in the wet in my view from the evidence I’ve seen over the years.


massa next to alsonso in 3rd row could be a critical start for both of them. i reckon massa will not give an inch to alonso.


Good quali session, so many twitching cars trying to stay on the track. Should make a good dry race knowing Hamilton will pull a huge gap and if Rosberg passes Vettel……

Ric’s been very sturdy for his quail and may Alonso jump a few positions with his rocket start although his spaceship is not that almighty. Am looking forward to the race.


Well done Hamilton and Ricciardo. Hamilton has seemed to put his focus into F1 this season. I’m glad to see that. Dan is driving incredibly well. He is great fun to watch. Surprised so many are writing Vettel off as if he was given championships by divine intervention. I believe he deserves some respect and lets be patient before we run him out on a rail as if he was no better than an Andrea De Cesaris.

What on earth is happening to McLaren? Melbourne seemed so promising and now the project has seemed to go sideways! Come on boys.

Great job for Vergne too! He shouldn’t be overlooked as he is doing a pretty good job.

I hope the race will be half as exciting as Bahrain.

Mike from Colombia

Agree. Vettel deserves some more respect here.

If the haters think Vettel is so poor….well what does that say about Mark Webber?

Seems to be simply uncomfortable with the car and finding his feet. The confidence from 4 world championships will allow him to rise again…maybe not to the top, but certainly better than he appears to be performing at the moment.


I was amused when former F1 driver Christian Danner stated on ‘RTL’ that Ricciardo is faster than Vettel because Daniel came from a weaker team (Torro Rosso) and had a worse car than now, whereas Vettel used to drive a better car. LOL! Why don’t people simply accept the fact that someone is just better?


looks like vettel is only “4 times red bull champion ” nothing else


So what? Many good drivers only won their titles in the same team, including Ascari, Clark, Stewart, Senna, Mansell, Hakkinen, Alonso, Hamilton and Raikkonen amongst others. In other words, Fittipaldi has won titles in 2 teams, does that make him a better driver than Clark who won only in 1 team? Think about it.


Which teams belong those 2 slow grey cars ? are MCLAREN to ashamed to put their logo on their cars ??? seems odd to me ,they are the only cars a non f1 car fan could not tell what brand they are , not on tv anyway

Alexander Supertramp

Sure, having the best car helps. But Lewis was all over the place and in total command. Nothing to take away from his performance, hopes he manages the hattrick tomorrow. Rosberg has not been able to achieve a front row in all three wet qualifyings. If Red Bull closes the gap to Mercedes, I can’t see Rosberg winning the championship against Ricciardo/Vettel.

Also, honorable mention for Vergne. That guy is always in the mix in wet conditions. However, this could be his last year in F1 if he doesn’t find a new team. You can’t be in a junior driver program for ever.

Magnussen is really struggling, it’s looking more and more likely that his graduation came too early. Lewis had thousands of miles of experience by his first GP, so naturally Kevin would need 1 or 2 full seasons to achieve a similar level of experience. But I can’t see him beat Jenson in the near future. Btw, Mclaren’s overall performance was again very poor. I wonder what Ron was thinking, seeing Lewis clinch yet another pole while his team was out in Q2..


Button has brought Mclaren down to his level of mediocrity… Mp4-28 was hailed by button as the best Mclaren he had ever driven. Their mp4-29’s double podium in Oz was gifted after hamilton and vettel suffered Dnf’s together with ricciardo’s exclusion. Mclaren need to sign Alonso so he can lead the team before they become the new Williams


At the end of the day, we talking about “mclaren” not a midfield team. However, on th very same token we have ferrari, who have arguably the best driver on grid(alonso)who can develop a car and mighty personnel in terms of engineers and practically an unlimited budget so the big question is, what has caused the mighty to have fallen this hard?



How come McLaren suddenly become so bad after Lewis left?

Either their drivers are not driving the car to its full potential or that Button can’t develop a car.

McLaren might not be the best car , but they have not been this bad in recent memories.

Alexander Supertramp

The thing that baffles me the most with the situation at Mclaren is that they supposedly turned their focus on the 2014 challenger pretty early. I don’t know whether it’s the drivers, engineers or other staff,but their level of quality is below par for a team with those resources. It’s just not right, it’s been going on for over a year. They are battling teams which have half their budget. You might be right in considering that the Australian podium was a fluke.


Wouldn’t expect someone with a name like yours to be commenting on an F1 forum?!?!?

I actually agree with what you say about Rosberg, he isn’t all that great in the wet. Schumacher often had the beating of him when the rain came down.

Alexander Supertramp

Yeah, Michael had good pace in 2012 in general.

Btw, the name is from the movie ‘Into the Wild’. Must see if you haven’t yet!


Michael did indeed, reliability plus the odd error in judgement cost him the points to beat Nico.

I have seen Into the Wild, it’s just I thought it wasn’t really a film a lot of F1 fans would like, with Chris being quite anti society he probably wouldn’t have approved of F1. That will teach me for being stereotypical to F1 fans.


I have to say James you do seem to have a little preference for Nico which comes across in your writing, in the same sentence as summing up his qualifying you reference how he beat Hamilton in Bahrain and insinuate he would have done so had he not run wide. In reality Hamiltons final time would still have been 2/10s quicker and you don’t mention Rosberg’s second attempt and second subsequent mistake where he spun the car.

Not having a pop at all mind but I often wonder how anybody can be completely impartial about a sport they love 🙂

And also this is the best F1 site on the net bar none so again, please don’t take my comments as having a dig, just giving an opinion.

Mike from Colombia

Have to agree here


plus both ham and ric had to pull out of thier final flying laps because of nico’s spin.ric was actually going faster than nico on that lap,and lewis was even quicker than ric.so nico wouldnt have got pole,,,no way….plus in bahrain,lewis had a brake leak in quali,thats why he locked up.


Agree the writing is a bit vague on this point but I highly doubt it was deliberate.


An interesting grid it seems. Let’s see if either or both RBs can keep Rosberg behind them.

Riccardo is really showing something, doesn’t he? Vettel will surely be annoyed to be in the position he is in. I would not write him off just yet though. I believe, the fact that he is being pushed by his teammate will actually help him in the long run.

Hamilton bare any misfortune, has that one in the bag, so lets hope for plenty good battles for the nine remaining point finishes.

I am glad to see Grosjean up there. Seeing where Lotus started this season, it is quite an achievement. I don’t expect much from them tomorrow and hope to be surprised as I really like Grosjean.

I am not the biggest fan of Hamilton but it has to be said that he is making the most of was he was given. That being said I hope he won’t walk this season all on his own. Looking, as usual, forward to the race. Marc




CheesyPoof69 keep taking your Lithium 😀


The Vettel bashing and Hamilton praising by British fans seems to know no bounds.

Yes Ricciardo has outqualified Vettel 2-1 (on even terms, not count Aus as Vettel had engine issues) but in my opinion this does equal dominating. If come summer break he is up 7-1 then yes we can all jump on the “Vettel only won because of his car” bandwagon.

Similarly all the Hamilton is “amazing” praise – Rosberg look set to take pole away but made a mistake so by no means is Hamilton untouchable. Credit where credit is due though Hamilton’s defense again Rosberg in Bahrain was great! Still too early to claim one better than the other though.

As I said yesterday though – glad one Lotus is now finally getting in the mix. Hopefully it’ll just be up and up from here. Had a rocky start to F1 but I really like Grosjean 🙂


You are wrong I think. Rosberg was not set to take pole because he was up on Lewis’ provisional pole by around 0.4 secs and not his final lap time. He would have got second without the error.

Anyway, if’s and but’s are meaningless.


It’s a shame… you appear pretty balanced in your feedback of Vettel, which I quite agree with.

But Rosberg only ever look set to take away Hamilton’s provisional pole – Hamilton then went on to beat his own time by another 0.6 tenths.


There was no time Lewis’s pole position was under any threat because he was going even quicker than any driver who was up on his provisional pole time in the same lap. The best Nico could have achieved without the mistake was beating the two Red Bulls because Hamilton had him covered in the same lap.


Come on then Seb. Right now is your chance to cement your Legacy as a truly great driver. Not when the RB’s development catches up and you drive off into the distance. Although the way you are struggling to match Dan, then that might not be a given either.


I don’t think Hamilton was that dominant. There’s an aura of sensationalism around British drivers when they win, nor necessarily here but virtually everywhere and it’s a bit ridiculous. Personally I don’t think Hamilton was that amazing, Rosberg was faster than him on first lap before mistake so he wasn’t untouchable.

Speaking of sensationalism, Vettel, the greatest thing since sliced bread apparently everywhere, touted as a godsend. I can find dozens of articles proclaiming him as an all time great, looks ordinary next to Ricciardo who himself never looked outstanding until now. If he gets beaten by his team mate is this guy now the greatest also? Blah. Hoping for a good race… and by race I mean everyone else other than Mercedes of course. Go Williams!@#


Hamilton was good when it mattered, Rosberg wasn’t!


Rosberg was faster yes but lewis final pole lap was quicker again and rosberg was nowhere in Q2

Alexander Supertramp

At which point was Rosberg quicker?


In the imagination of the many people who really don’t like Lewis and are having a hard time coming to terms with his success.


Was referring to post above ie nico was slightly quicker than lewis 1st Q3 run until he made a mistake, however Lewis would of beat him anyway as the second Q3 run was quicker again so its a null point


Your statistics are of course, far better.

Why bother watching.

Let alone commenting.

Anyone qualifying in the wet with any kind of success is actually doing an amazing job.

Go past a lorry on a bike or in a car in the wet and come back and make such comments…


Yes Cheesypoof69

Vettel is just a average pilot who was flattered by the quickest package and subdued team-mate for the last 4 seasons. I simply do not rate vettel not even in my top 10. Daniel clearly will fluster him soon and we are lot closer to another race like turkey 2010

Given the speed and consistency which Daniel Ricciardo possess, vettel cannot put the smiley face all the time as the season progress like he does now in front of the media

4X WDC mere stats, nothing else period.


I don’t think Vettel is slow, remember he’s got more titles than Alonso.


Vettel out-qualified Ricciardo by 1 second in Malaysia in similar conditions. Then Ricciardo was unable to keep up with him in the race (though didn’t get blown away).

In 2009, 2010 and early 2012 Webber would have weekends where he’d dominate Vettel.

If we’re going to discredit Vettel because a teammate beat him, then we should do the same for Hamilton who got outscored by Button in 2011 and Rosberg has been able to often dominate Hamilton on race weekends.

We should do the same for Alonso who was barely able to out-qualify his bunny of his teammate last year, got beaten by his rookie teammate in 2007 and beaten by teammate Trulli in 2004.

Schumacher of course was never beaten by a teammate (except when he tried to comeback as a 41 year old after sitting at home for 3 years).


“Schumacher had all the advantages like no.1 status at Ferrari, special tyres. Schumacher if he were young today would be no different to any other top driver. – Unless you have a fast car forget it.”

Michelin was the superior tyre from 2003. I don’t think anyone will argue that.

Michelin was getting test data from three top teams (McLaren, Williams, Renault), while Bridgestone was only getting test data from one top team (Ferrari). That was a huge advantage for Michelin in terms of development. 3x the testing miles for the tyres.

Schumacher blew away every teammate. Number one status had nothing to do with it. I know you’ll bring up Austria 2002, but at the time Schumacher had 44 points and Barrichello could only manage 6, plus Ferrari had missed out in the final race of 97, 98 and 99, so they were taking no chances.

No different to Schumacher moving over for Irvine in 99, Massa moving over for Kimi in 2007 and Massa moving over for Alonso in 2010.

Mike from Colombia

Even then, he appeared faster than Rosberg towards the end.


Schumacher had all the advantages like no.1 status at Ferrari, special tyres. Schumacher if he were young today would be no different to any other top driver. – Unless you have a fast car forget it.


Hi James, I’m sitting at the first corner in Shanghai and was interested to watch the wakes from the cars today. It appeared to me as though the wake off the Red Bull was noticeably different to the other cars. It seemed to angle of the rear and converge closer to the rear wing whereas the others was straighter and converged further back. Is this an indication of anything significant in aerodynamics?


Nice one Lewis new british UK pole record

Good to see new boy ricciardo show vet up, really impressed with the Ozzy

What happened to nico!! Lost the edge!


Nico made far too many mistakes under pressure from lewis in quali

Kudos to lewis that was stunner in Q3 and when it comes to the ultimate pace showdown in F1. Lewis is certainly one of the best in the history of F1

Lewis for the WIn and WDC in 2014, Go lewis

Alexander Supertramp

Hope there is F1 in paradise! Imagine all the greats at the peak of their abilities dicing it out. A GP with the biggest names ever in equal cars. Senna, Fangio, Clark, Stewart, Alonso, Vettel (?), Lauda, Prost, Moss, Hamilton, Raikkonen, Button, Fittipaldi, Schumacher, Hakkinen, Piquet Sr., Gilles Villeneuve, Graham Hill, Mansell,Hunt,Ascari and Brabham make it 22. Best grid ever?


Wow where has Ricardo been hiding since 2012! All he needed was a good car to prove himself ….Also since he gets only 2.5M compared to Vettels 16M he seems to be good value too 🙂


Absolutely. Brilliant idea to promote Ricciardo. Btw that Kvyat guy seems fast too.


I thought he proved he had the goods when he consistently qualified a piece of rubbish Torro Rosso in the top 10, often being 10 places or so in front of Vergne. I don’t think he needed a good car to prove his ability which is why Red Bull signed him up.

Alexander Supertramp

Vergne is not the best in qualy mode, but he managed to snatch some saturday victories from Ricciardo, especially in wet conditions. Today he was p9 in his TR, I’ll bet you he could have done what Ricciardo did today! But yes, Ricciardo is the better driver overall.

Alexander Supertramp

Wow, 2.5M. that’s a pretty raise in comparison to the TR days! Can you believe those guys, best job in the world (I would do it for free) and they get paid millions to do it, rockstars!


The scary thing is that Lewis actually could have improved his lap, as there were a few corners where he entered a little hot.

Nevertheless, Lewis was untouchable today. He seems for the first time in his career to have his head clear and to be very focused and methodical, and he has delievered some absolutely masterclass performances so far this year. If he makes it three wins in a row, his train will be a very hard one to stop.

And speaking of the only one who can stop it, Nico clearly cracked today. He got beat handidly in Q1 and Q2 and in the first run of Q3, and he made some really desperate attempts to gain time on the final set of inters. He is lucky that he didn’t do something to endanger the car with that prayer of a corner entry at the end of his final lap in Q3. This overly eager approach probably cost him the front row. Rather than desperately trying to beat Lewis, he would have been better off getting a clean lap, getting on the front row, and then having a go at Lewis in the dry tomorrow with the advantage of having run more laps.

Ricciardo just continues to impress. Any questions as to whether or not he can be a top level driver in the sport are now out the window. He’s outqualified his 4X World Champion teammate in 3 of the first 4 races. It’s still early, of course, and Vettel will be back with a vengeance. But Ricciardo has the goods..


Agree, Ricciardo is the only driver I have seen since Lewis arrived that can really shake up the grid.





According to Rosberg on the F1 site he had a problem with breaking and also a problem with timing on his steering wheel. This told him he was two tenths down when he was half a second up so he pushed like crazy when he needn’t have and spun. James, what were the sector times comparing Hamilton’s and Riccardo’s lap? I am interested to see if Hamilton is gaining time on the straight and the red bull chassis is better through the infield. Also the comparison between Hamilton and Rosberg’s 1st and 2nd sectors?


Rosberg was only up on Lewis provisional pole time. At best Rosberg would have beaten only the two Red Bulls if he had completed his best lap without that incident. Hamilton bettered his own provisional pole time and was up on Rosberg’s time before his incident.


He was half second up on lewis 1st timed lap, lewis was 6ths up on rosberg on that lap, rosberg would have been2nd at best, a mminimum of half a second away from lewis, hams day today


Was Hamilton 6ths up on Rosberg or his previous best, of which rosberg was up half a second on? This would have put him 1ths ahead. You may well be right though because I haven’t actually seen the sector times I am just going on what Rosberg said. Can’t deny it was Hamilton’s day, but I don’t think it will be like Malaysia in the race, if Rosberg has a good start it will be interesting to compare race pace. The question is Rosbergs mindset though, if he is as stressed out as he looks could he end up in an accident trying to make up to much time like Hungary last year?


Sorry I mean 1 tenth not 1 tenths

Glory Kodzo Dzramedo

Well done Lewis. Stay focused and determined.

Keep up the good work and keep getting better and better

Glorz Kodzo Dzramedo

Well done Lewis. Stay focused and determined.

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