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“I was racing myself”: Hat-trick Hamilton Cruises to Shanghai win
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Lewis Hamilton has completed the first hat-trick of race victories in his Formula One career, driving untroubled to head a Mercedes one-two at the Chinese Grand Prix and closing in on Nico Rosberg’s Championship lead, whilst Fernando Alonso completed the podium.

In a bizarre footnote, due to a chequered flag marshalling error, the race rest was declared officially after 54 of the 56 laps.

The 25th win of Hamilton’s career sees him join Mercedes team boss, Niki Lauda and two-time World Champion Briton Jim Clark at eighth in all-time Grand Prix victories.

Nico Rosberg still leads the championship, but his lead is down to just four points after the four long haul fly-away races.

The other main talking point of the race was Sebastian Vettel’s refusal to obey a team order from Red Bull management to let his team mate Daniel Ricciardo through. Unlike Bahrain, where the Australian was on the faster tyre compound, here they were on a similar plan, albeit Vettel’s tyres were four laps older. Ricciardo was simply faster and after Vettel had said it was “Tough Luck” on Ricciardo as he had no intention of moving over, the Australian passed him anyway, Vettel and the team saying that the German yielded the place to his team mate eventually. Ricciardo said he wasn’t sure whether he was being given the place or not, but had more speed.

Unlike Bahrain, this weekend’s race in Shanghai was dominated from qualifying to finish line by Hamilton. A perfect start from pole, as the cars behind battled and came together saw him establish a three second lead in as many laps, increasing that to ten seconds before the first set of pit stops and eventually taking victory by 19 seconds. This came despite a difficult practice day on Friday when Hamilton appeared very unhappy with the car’s handling.

“I was racing myself,” said Hamilton on the podium.

“After Practice 2 I had to make a lot of changes to the car in anticipation of today,” said Hamilton. “I was able to look after the tyres. I went quite a lot longer than I’d planned. I’m really happy.

“This team is on a roll. We are going to keep pushing and keep moving forwards, developing the engine and the car. I hope it continues.”

On the subject of equalling Lauda and Clark today he said, ” I come from Stevenage and my Dad and my family did so much to get me here. Now I’m with the greats; I hope my Dad is proud and my family is proud.”

Behind, though, was a race of attrition that initially looked to see a split between two and three stops. However, with the medium tyre offering a life-span of around twenty laps much of the field was able to complete the race in two stops.

From the start, a trio of quick starts from Sebastian Vettel, Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa saw a bottleneck in to the long first corner, with last year’s Ferrari team-mates having a heavy clash of wheels and lucky to escape any damage.

With Nico Rosberg making a slow start, the German was in amongst the pack as the long left-hander approached 380 metres after the start line. As the Alonso/Massa tangle happened in front, there was a similar incident between Valtteri Bottas and Rosberg with remarkably no damage between the four drivers. Rosberg dropped to sixth at the end of Lap 1.

The first set of pit-stops – where most runners went to the medium compound tyres – turned the race on its head, as the early stopping Alonso, then in third position, was able to take second place from Vettel with a strategy undercut; the German pitted a lap later. Behind, Ricciardo and Rosberg opted to stay out later, with Rosberg’s stop a lap later resulting in a 8.6s gap to the cars ahead.

Ricciardo, meanwhile, looked to stretch out his first stint and allow for a two-stop race, pitting four laps after Alonso.

Hamilton, too, managed a long first stint, running until the eighteenth lap, seven longer than Alonso, before the switch to the medium tyre. He returned to the circuit with a decreased but still substantial lead of four seconds and from there re-established a ten second lead in nine laps.

The action, though, came from behind as Vettel dropped back from Alonso and in to the clutches of the quickly approaching Rosberg. From over eight seconds behind, Rosberg caught his compatriot at a second a lap, before using the DRS-zone to make a late move up the inside at the hairpin penultimate corner.

Vettel’s poor stint on the medium tyres was then compounded as Ricciardo approached. The ‘team leader’ was then told, for the second time in as many races, to “let Daniel through.” However, unlike Bahrain where Vettel moved swiftly to the outside of the track, he questioned Ricciardo’s strategy and upon learning they were both on the medium tyre, Vettel responded: “Tough luck.”

A lap later and Ricciardo made the move in to turn one, Vettel apparently succumbing to the managements orders.

Ahead, Rosberg had now set about catching Alonso for third place and after closing to within half a second, the Spaniard pitted for his second and final stop. With Rosberg following suit four laps later, the Ferrari had made use of its new tyres and opened a four second lead to the Mercedes.

But that buffer was quickly diminished as Rosberg set about taking two seconds on the race’s previous fastest lap and cruising past Alonso on the long run down to the penultimate corner.

From there the third Mercedes one-two of the season was untroubled, only that of Rosberg’s Championship lead was. The gap between the two is now four points – still in favour of Rosberg – but Hamilton’s form is ominous.

As the Formula One paddock enters the European leg of the season, Mercedes hold a 97 point lead over Red Bull in the Constructors’ Championship. Red Bull boss Christian Horner said after the race that they would push hard to close the gap, but admitted that they cannot allow the Mercedes to gain much more ground or it will be too late to rescue the championship.

With Ricciardo closing on Alonso but unable to trouble him, the Ferrari driver earned his best result of the season, pleasing Luce Di Montezemolo and Marco Mattiaci.

The Red Bull battle was therefore won by Ricciardo, heading Vettel home by 24 seconds and dealing another hammer blow to his four-time World Champion team-mate, who admitted that he wasn’t fast enough today.

“There was no point holding him back further. He was quite a lot quicker,” said Vettel. “At that stage we were on different strategies and once I was told that I decided to let him go and anyway I could not hold him back any more.”

Nico Hulkenberg drove a quiet race to another impressive sixth place, battling until the last lap with Bottas for Williams. The Grove squad had looked set for a Sunday afternoon with more fortune as Massa made a strong start to sit sixth in the opening stint, only for a slow pit-stop, caused first by a lack of rear tyres at the ready and then with a sticking rear-left tyre caused by the collision with Alonso on the opening lap.

The Brazilian lost thirty seconds and from there could only manage fifteenth place.

Chinese Grand Prix, Shanghai, Race, 56 Laps

1. Lewis Hamilton Mercedes 1h36m52.810s
2. Nico Rosberg Mercedes +18.686s
3. Fernando Alonso Ferrari +25.765s
4. Daniel Ricciardo Red Bull +26.978s
5. Sebastian Vettel Red Bull +51.012s
6. Nico Hulkenberg Force India +57.581s
7. Valtteri Bottas Williams +58.145s
8. Kimi Raikkonen Ferrari +1m23.990s
9. Sergio Perez Force India +1m26.489s
10. Daniil Kvyat Toro Rosso +1 lap
11. Jenson Button McLaren +1 lap
12. Jean-Eric Vergne Toro Rosso +1 lap
13. Kevin Magnussen McLaren +1 lap
14. Pastor Maldonado Lotus +1 lap
15. Felipe Massa Williams +1 lap
16. Esteban Gutierrez Sauber +1 lap
17. Kamui Kobayashi Caterham +1 lap
18. Jules Bianchi Marussia +1 lap
19. Max Chilton Marussia +2 laps
20. Marcus Ericsson Caterham +2 laps

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Seb - Kobayashi is faster than you. Sorry mate..... lol


Did anyone else find It odd that the guy (VET) that was supposedly on a three stopper at the time, was slower than his teammate on a two stop strategy? Surely he should have been quicker and burning up his extra set of rubber as he would lose another twenty odd seconds with the additional stop if that was the case.

Not many doubters of RIC out there now.


Vet was on a two stopper as well, though. That's why he didn't burn the rubber.


He was passed fair and square by Ricciardo and al this ' I let him through' is just trying to save face. Never has a multi world champion been so overrated!


I'm of the same opinion, Vets a very good driver whos had the fastest car for the past 4 years. I can't remember what year it was but Hamiltons car failed at least 5 times a few years ago in one season I think his team mate Buttons car failed at most tice in the same year. But for the first race of this seasons failure to finish, we'd be looking at Hamilton winning every race this season with Rosberg being 28 points behind. I feel for the rest of the f1 drivers as we now have the fastet driver in the fastet car. Look at the race craft Ham showed Rosberg in Barhain even though Rosbergs car was running faster.


Sorry Blackmamba, but Vettel is not overrated driver. The guy has phenomenal skills and he has nothing to prove despite a poor start this year. I think if Lewis keep his focus in just racing, for sure he will be 2014 champion because the package fits together for obvious reasons and I hope so. Go Lewis.


Must be that the good words following the last race which made it appear as if maturity was taking hold ('if he's faster I'll have to accept it') came from the publicist and not the driver in question. the 'tough luck' comment and then trying to save face only confirms how disingenuous the personality is.


I am not a fan of Vettel exactly but let's be fair, how many drivers have four titles and how many won four in a row.

Lewis for the first time in his career just won 3 RACES in a row. He looks set to win the title this year, but Lewis has had his ordinary moments too.

I get the feeling that Vettel is suffering a little from having had a great car for too long.

Webber was no slouch and he rarely even finished 2nd to Vettel in races or title races.


Seb's call was the right one in my opinion. There I said Seb did something right!! In the last race he showed massive maturity and humility by obeying his team. In this race he was on the same tyre as his team mate and had every right to race him in my opinion. Maturity shown on both occasions for me. This year could be great for Seb, a humbling year (much like those HAM suffered) should do him the world of good both in terms of his own development as a driver and his image with fans.

I still utterly refuse to believe that VET is as good as ALO and HAM, but he could be after this year!


I agree, Red Bull need to let the drivers race, if Daniel has an advantage he should be fine to pass anyway! Seb needs to up the aggression out on track, he looks like he couldn't care less at the moment, until he's firing on all cylinders, I'm going to reserve judgement on Daniels performances.


Some key facts:

1. Race was very boring, we even talked with my brother that after the first 3 laps we could easily go to sleep

2. Happy that Alonso was 3rd

3. Strange to see team orders at Red Bull still....I enjoy watching Ricciardo doing a very good job, but touh luck, Vettel had a better start

4. What else was there today?

Total domination of Merc as expected. Rosberg for some reason doesn't want to undersnad that he was gifted a victory by Hamilton's DNF.

Alonso is really wasting his time here, but then again....where to go?

I know that people explain the the new F1 is good, helps the environment, but can you really like this sound? Man....it is so not F1.

There was nothing else to show or comment except for how good some teams and drivers are at saving fuel. Well......honestly....think about it.


For Lewis fans, it's exciting. His car and luck tends to let go, so until he crosses the finish line, no rest. Too bad for others, find your own positives.



I'm DELIGHTED to see Hamilton finally enjoying the dominance that by rights should've been his after 2007-2008.


I just figured out how to fix the sound problem. Drivers should eat beans 2 days before the race and FIA should install microphones in drivers seats.... I think the sound will be better then what we have now


Now that's not very environmentally friendly, is it?


I stayed up to watch the race. Lights out was 2:30 am for me.

I was in bed by 3:15.

Another snooze fest dominated by a car that even pastor Maldonado could have got a podium with.

Alomso will do well again in Spain and then fade back to his rightful place. I can't get too excited about a result after last years early domination on severe front limited tracks.

Great drive by Ricciardo!

Well played by Seb I understand him not wanting to give in to team orders but in the end he did the right thing.


What time zone are you in?

Race started on the hour in most parts of the world.


Has to be Venezuela, as they're the only ones that are UTC -4:30.


probably Venezuela, they are half hour ahead/behind nieghbours

Tornillo Amarillo

I agree 100%, and yes it's "Formula Boredom", but I'M NOT COMPLAINING!



The sound is not the biggest problem. The boring racing certainly is, though.


Lets all remember those exhillerating dry chinese grand prix of the past.....errr.....


Bernie needs to give Pastor a good talking to about spicing up the show.


Just watched the "race",

and i am trying to convince myself that

any of these completed more than 1 lap:


Force Indias,





At least Kobayashi got his team a mention!!

Very difficult to call that a race!!

Anyone see BTCC ??


I hated the man when he was FIA president but I have to agree with Max Mosley here. This ongoing sound criticism is complete nonsense. With all the technology involved, the great achievements in terms of fuel savings, engine power and reliability (only 5 engines per drivers for the entire season) at the beginning a new era, people are talking about noise? Time has changed, things evolve. This is a new formula and I for one like it.


Completely agree on Rosberg's inability to acknowledge the obvious that he has not earned his championship lead on merit. He come across unsportsmanlikepost-race as opposed to even arguably the most arrogant characters on the grid Alonso and Vettel who still acknowledge when they have under performed to some degree.

How his Merc survived that shunt with Bottas I do not know, I have a horrible feeling he will win this years championship by luck somehow.


Fully agree with you. Rosberg should just say...guys, I am leading but only because Lewis was unfortunate and not because I did a better job. This is what strong people would say



comment of the weekend. bravo.


Agree with you. I did switch off after first pit stops. Happy for Alonso on podium. Happy exposure of Vettel continues. Unhappy with Merc domination. Don't want season 1992.


At least it's two drivers from Merc other than a single driver in Vettel from RBR doing it this year.


or 2002, 2004, 2011, 2013


Or season 2004?


Ok, 1 is not a fact (let alone a 'key fact') it's your opinion. My opinion is that no F1 race is boring, there's always plenty going on to watch and analyse and talk about. It might not have been as entertaining as last time out but that does not make this race boring.

I do agree with your take on ROS, I'm amazed that no-one is talking about what the score would be had HAM not retired in the first race through no fault of his own. Take 25 points from ROS to even up the opportunity to score and that would be a more accurate reflection of their performances this season.


Good shout, there's no boring races! It's fascinating to see how things develop over the weekend. Nico, clearly rattled from Bahrain, loses it in qualifying and starts from the dirty side of the grid and behind a Red Bull. This puts him in the pack in the first corner and it took him 40 something laps to make up for his mistakes. The car advantage merc have clearly benefits the driver that makes the most errors because it doesn't cost them as much. In a tighter race, Nico could easily have been battling it out with Vettel and Hulkenburg for 5th place. Alonso putting together a result by sheer force of will because that Ferrari is not the 2nd best car by any stretch. Daniel and Red Bull making things difficult for themselves because he has spent the last 3 races finishing behind cars which he was quicker than, and not matching his qualy position in race trim. McLaren becoming increasingly blighted by 'warm up issues'... A feature of Jenson's whole career really that when he leads development, the car doesn't work too well.

There's a million things going on in F1 and not all of it requires balls out racing to be interesting!


+1 Spot on

"A feature of Jenson’s whole career really that when he leads development, the car doesn’t work too well."

You hit a home run there!Brilliant comment.


Given Lewis'results so far, I think deleting 32 points from Nico would reflect the retirement adjusted score more accurately.

Lewis probably would have won in Melbourne too, which would have given him 25 more points and reduced Nico's first race points tally to 18.

Mike from Colombia

Don't say that...you'll upset the journos...most who have been looking very sheepish after their pre-season anti-Hamilton pyschological onslaught.


I think it just shows that Rosberg is a cheap guy...he should just acknowledge and say to the public that Ham is doing a better job and the reason why Rosberg is leading is because he was very unfortunate. Rosberg should raise about it


You mean he should do a Vettel and accept that his team mate is faster?


This race was dull. Questioning why I watch the races when I prefer to read this site so much more.

1. Give hamilton the dam title already. talk about forgone conclusion.

2. Alonso is easy to like.

3. It is hardly a talking point (red bull politics), just a boring race. Vettel is a champion.

4.Why do Mclaren even bother any more? lessons on how to ruin a legacy.

Agree fully on the sound. It is rubbish.


1. Hamilton definitely would deserve to win his 2nd championship, but Rosberg is not out of the fight yet, though he needs to improve, otherwise Lewis will be cruising to championship

2.Never liked Alonso and never will, but respect him as one of the best drivers out there.

3.Well in such boring race, the only highlight was Red Bull politics

4.Mclaren's new era wont start until next season when they change to Honda engines....but surely expected more from them after the first race, but it seems they are just going downhill.


Alex. You do realise that the engine is not McLaren's weakness right? You do also realise they have the best engine, but are the slowest of all the teams that have a Mercedes engine?

What McLaren do best is PR!

Ah mean you still believe their rubbish excuses that they keep spewing every week. Ron promised 1/2 second upgrade; something never seen in F1 (most teams don't even get that in a season) but no journalist question him.

I have said this since Lewis left. If you don't have a driver with the qualifying speed you have to have a superior machine.

At the moment they have neither!

McLaren has shown over the years that they rarely produce the BEST car. So they need an epic qualifier. In allowing politics to trump common sense they are reaping the benefits of allowing that "epic" qualifier to leave.

Where's the title sponsor now?

The irony is the sponsors do not wish to pay enough for that title (according to Ron), but the man who won them their last championship in over ten years was offered less money than his teammate, but his presence would have brought the kind of top dollar sponsorship you crave.

You couldn't write it if you tried. I see no way but down for them. Sorry Kevin:-(


I don't watch anymore, I just come here when its done. Heard I missed a hell of a race two weeks ago. Pity. I'll watch the highlights. What F1 seems to need ala NASCAR is a guy like Maldonaldo to punt some back marker into the stratosphere 20 laps before the end and bring out the safety car LOL. Kinda bunch the field back up and set all strategies on a tear. That'll prevent people going to sleep at three am! My wife thinks it sounds like her Hoover LOL how can someone pay to listen to such a tuneless sound as that? As much as I love Lewis and as much as he's got the best chance to get another WDC this year the direction of F1 has fizzled in my opinion. If it wasn't for this site I wouldn't know what is going on. Thanks James.


I don't understand. You have no interest in watching boring races but like to read about boring races. That's weird. I wish all the nay sayers would disappear and let those of us who like the sport enjoy it.



Although I enjoy the 'engineering competition' of F1 it's not worth getting/staying up in the middle of the night to watch any more.


About the boring race, completely agree, on tv at least a total snooze fest.


Said this before the season started,"Sorry Lewis you haven't won the world championship, you used too much fuel. Ladies and Gentlemen- the 2014 world champion- Max Chilton-the most environmentaly friendly driver!"


I was at the bar, and fell asleep for 20 minutes!


James, how much time did Ricciardo lose behind Vettel?

Would this have cost him a podium?


I don't think it did personally. Firstly, the start was crucial; if he'd stayed ahead of Alonso at the start then he'd have probably finished ahead of him but as it was he fell behind and was therefore always facing an uphill task. Secondly, the gap at the end looked artificially small because Alonso eased off in the final two laps (gap shrunk from 3.5s to 1.2s). Now maybe Alonso was reaching 'the cliff' at this point but I think he'd have had a bit in reserve if he'd needed it.


If he was pushed in the last few laps with tyres on the limit, you just don't know what could happen.


Pretty sure Dan made a little mistake on previous lap when he rapidly closed in on SV. He was within a second and while with onboard camera, you could here the car bog down badly in a slow corner. Don't know if they can miss a gear these days, but there was definitely a hiccup. He came out of the corner more than 1.5 sec behind SV. So don't think SV cost him anything, and IMO SV didn't give him the position. SV made a mistake into Turn 1.


To be honest, what did cost him a shot at a podium was his start. If he could stick to his 2nd place, he would have a better chance. So even though I do not like Vettel, I do not tihink he should let Riacciardo go past him. Race is a race. Ricciardo needs to work on his start next time.


I except his start was not great, however laps 21, 22 and 23 he lapped over a 1 second per lap better than Vettel. When he passed Vettel he extended his lead by 3 seconds by lap 30.


But he disobeyed Team orders, Vettel has been the beneficiary of the same such orders so he needs to except team rules.


Why are you guys crying for team orders all the time? Don't you think good results should be gained and not gifted?


He said he obeyed them once he knew the situation, which is fair enough IMO. Whether the team lied to him or not about the stops situation to get him out of the way is another issue, which would be done to death had it been Webber.....


Possibly... But I think the order was given a lap or two too soon, they should have waited til RIC was right on Seb's tail.

And AlexD is right... RIC stuffed up his start and that effected his race more than Vettel did.


There should be no team orders. Ricciardo should start better


No, would have been tight, but I think he would have struggled to pass Alonso at the end on straight line speed etc.


James you are probably right, but would you agree Vettel cost him any chance at all (however slim)?


Imagine the uproar had Dan passed Alonso on the final lap, but then the race was shortened by two laps.


Who was it that waved the chequered a lap early?!? Was it a Chinese celebrity, or an actual FIA official? Either way, total amateur hour and not acceptable at this level. Imagine if it had actually affected the race results?!


@alexd & Sue. Today the clean side if the grid was worth about 20 - 30 metres by the looks of things. Any race where 1st, 3rd and 5th enter the first corner as the top 3 you know the clean side is very important. Makes Massas start all that more impressive!


Ricciardo's poor start was due oil on his grid spot. Horner said the FIA tried to clean it up but it looked like the didn't get it all.

Wayne you are very correct.


Let's not forget Dan caused the issue by messing up his start. He's hugely impressive so far so let's not blame his failure to get third entirely on Vettel.


Wayne, I fully agree with you. Why nobody is saying that Ricciardo lost his chance due to his poor start? Give a break people, blame his own start, not Vettel


Hang on a minute, RIC was behind VET fair and square. I don't subscribe to the idea that VET cost RIC anything at all. They were on the same track on the same tyres and it was down to RIC to pass his team mate (and no I am definitely not a VET fan-boy or apologist).


2 laps would certainly help if nothing he would be on his tail and with Alonso's older tire's who knows Dani might have grabbed the spot...


Given that the race was shortened by 2 laps due to chequered flag being waved too early, it looks unlikely anyway.

On the other hand, people criticise Ferrari because it gives team orders knowing Alonso is their only chance of winning the title.

Now, people criticise Vettel for not obeying team orders while it seems very unlikely Ricciardo has any chance of winning the title.


I'd have to analyse it

Which I will..


That wasn't the most entertaining race but I enjoyed it..certainly a lot of little things to take in.

Firstly, Nico still leading the title and he did well today given his issues, but I wonder how strong he is mentally. He knows he needs to beat Lewis when they both finish and I look forward to seeing him fight back.

Secondly, Alonso completely destroyed Kimi this weekend and I'm surprised by how big the gap is. Alonso just seems so adaptable and it was great to see Ferrari comeback with a podium, but still, Kimi needs to step up.

Secondly, Vettel vs Ricciardo...loved it. So surprised to see Daniel so much faster and better with the tyres. And the caterham going past Vettel is already a season highlight, just for that epic team radio.

Oh. And GET IN Kamui! Great move right at the end.


It was a good move by Kobayashi ... a shame that it won't count now that they've reduced the race to 54 laps.


Agree, what is happening with Kimi. Wonder whether he will be able to keep with Alonso's pace.


How is this for a conspiracy theory: FA was the last person in Kimi's car at Bahrain practice. Now the car is all messed up. It would not even run in the first practice. Odd, isn’t it...? Does Ferrari not know FA's history...? What was FA doing testing in Kimi's car...? Why did Ferrari allow this...? What was Domenicali thinking of...?


Funny no mention that Alonso actually hit Massa at the start, as he carried on going right when Massa was alongside. Alonso seems to have the attitude at the start 'I'm coming through get out of the way or we'll have an accident'


Senna-like mindset.


It was Ferrari who destroyed Kimi this weekend. Do you really believe that the gap between Kimi and Fernando is what it is because Fernando is that much better driver?


Well It wasnt just one thing this weekend.

First of all Kimi lost the first practice session entirely because something was broken with his car, then he could catch up the lost time when 3rd practice session was turd, thanks to the weather.

Then like Kimi said it's been hard for him to get the tyres warm in certain conditions like they were in China...if its cold or wet Kimi seems to be always in trouble.

Anyways If anyone truly thinks that this is the gab between Alonso and Kimi, they are in for reality check in Barcelona...unless its cold and wet there too. This weekend Alonso did as good job as he could with that car while for Kimi it all went to hell from the very beginning. Partly because of his driving style, partly because of the technical diffculties with his car.


Taking any Will Buxton reporting with a grain of salt there was some discussion that Kimi's cornering style was not charging the batteries completely. Not sure hi this is true or even possible.


I think Kimi is struggling with the new rules. Vettel too it seams.


Kimi has said he is struggling with car. He has a narrower operating window than Alonso and it will take time for him to get adjusted. That said he did have some fuel issues today apparently.


He isn't a rookie, he should be able to adapt to the car quicker than he has. He was approx 1 minute behind Alonso at the finish!


Well, he said his driving style was to blame


So how did FerrRi destroyed Kimis race?


By giving him an undriveable car 😉 Seriously speaking, I wrote that comment before I read Kimi's comments about his driving style and must admit that my previous comment isn't valid anymore.


I can't believe no one sustained any damage at the start. I've seen contact like Bottas' on Rosberg easily break a front suspension.

Hard to believe it's taken this long for Lewis to win 3 races on the bounce. Just goes to show what I've always said, that he never had the benefit of the outright best car (before this season, of course!).

Were there any hugs between Lewis and Nico after the race? I didn't see any ... looked pretty cold between them.

Anyone else see the 3 Union Jack's on the monitors as they started the anthems? It quickly changed to the correct flags, and I see they've made them 'ripple' in the virtual wind now.

Both McLarens lapped? Oh boy, Ron cannot be happy.

The race wasn't a classic, but I'm glad with the result. Hopefully the Reds can do the job and win at Norwich. Just as I write this Sterling's just put in a beauty. A win for LFC, and I can do the tax returns with a smile. 🙂


After the Bahrain Pastor moment, teams probably bad no choice but to stiffen up their cars to avoid the likely accidents from Pastor.


Hamilton needs a fast reliable car and he@ll dominate all the other drivers.



Don't forget to file for JAonF1 - Canadian Chapter. I'm sending you all my F1 related expenses. Remember, JAonF1 - Canadian Chapter is a charity, be sure 95% of donations is properly allocated to our salaries and administrative costs.


Indeed ... I was treasurer, right? I mean, I am the treasurer.

Sebee, I'm blaming you for that crazy and insanely miserable winter that we've just suffered through!!! 😉

It was relentless!


Oh, you support liverpool too. After years of Lewis and liverpool toiling now they are delivering the great performances I was always sure they were capable of . Now wether they win the championship is another matter but all I care for is maximum effort and Lewis is looking on it every race weekend so far. To top it off the intra team battles are bubbling up nicely; Vettel vs Ricciardo, Alonso vs Raikkonen, Rosberg vs Hamilton and Hulkenberg vs Perez. And some people on this forum have the cheek to say this season is boring. The only person I feel sorry for is Grosjean coz I think he should be among these other guys fighting it out.


Yes, LFC supporter since before their last top-flight league title. Seeing as the teams I cheer for have met with little success (*cough*, Maple Leafs *cough*), it's been infrequent highs in between a usual diet of lows. Now LFC could still conspire to throw this away (e.g. lose to Chelsea next week, then to Man City on GD), but it's in their hands and you can't ask for more than that. Gerrard w/o a league title to his name would, to me, be an affront against natural law. Just as it would've been had Shearer not won with Blackburn.

It has been pleasing the way they've gone about it too ... really great attacking football. Hard to believe that Owen never scored 20+ in the league, in any season. Now they have two this season! Hope Suarez breaks the 38-game season record.


I agree not the most exciting, bahrain was always going to be a little hard to follow! Nico definitely did do well and the Kobayashi and Vettel moment was quite funny.

Daniel has definitely gone up in my estimate. It appears vettel is really struggling to get the max out of the car now it is missing the blown diffuser. He appeared to be the blown diffuser master.


Well done Lewis eeeaaaassssyyy!!!

Where are Macca again, Drivers appear to be complaining about lack of downforce, The rear end of the car differs significantly to the rest of the grid with the suspension - perhaps this is actually hurting them


Here you go! Let us not complain F1 brothers and sisters. We've had nice 4 years, 2 close WDCs. Some enjoyed it. Some "suffered".

We need to come together and raise above the bickering and support our Lewis fans in their moment of joy. They have waited patiently. The machine is here, Lewis is using the tools. You can resist it and have a miserable 2014 or find the positives in it, go with it and enjoy it.


Well said Sebee 🙂


Its only fitting Lewis is killing it. Over the last 4 years it was only ever Lewis Hamilton that took it to Seb in terms of outright speed.It was only Lewis that matched Fernando in his rookie year (& Kimi won it 🙂 ) and its only Lewis that is now a comfortable 20'sec faster each race than his team mate in the same car

I hope you watched this race Mr Whitmarsh. For me this is beautiful karma for 2012 when he did everything right and got nothing for it. This is beautiful karma for 2011 when everyone supported his idiotic team mate even opposition through some ridiculous calls ( canada) ) monaco. This is beautiful karma for the anti Lewis brigade when they mocked him for signing to Mercedes- when I was saying he should go there in early 2012.

Now we just need him to win 10 more in a row .lol maybe not that many.I think Red Bull and Seb will bounce back. I'm pretty certain they will be challenging come November.


@Sebee you might yawn at the track but the bulk of viewers on tv arent really hearing that much of a difference to any other year..Also less people are yawning now because 2 mercedes drivers are driving reliable / equal cars and are permitted to race..and boy are they racing !

The most amusing thing Im taking out of this year is your name sake being told to "dont hold Daniel up".. & mock up tweets from Mark Webber- suggesting "tough luck" I cant tell how many jokes Ive received this week about this..Beautiful!




Sorry for grammatical mistakes there, English is my is not my first lingo, Plus it 2 o'clock in the morning. By British drivers I meant to say British F1 fans.



I think Button is as solid driver as Webber, Good drivers but don't have outright pace of A-class drivers like Vet, Alonso and Ham and Kimi. They are suitable teammates to A class drivers.

Ros and Ric are also A-class driver in training, They are a terrible teammates to A-class drivers.

Yes Vet and Kimi are still A-class despite problems they are facing right now, Things will get back to normal soon and they will return to their normal thrones. I know Vet hasn't proven himself yet but the way he won his 2012 Brazilian GP with a car that was not the fastest that year (Mclaren was), Earned him A-class status.

Ros can as fast as Lewis sometimes, that earns him A-class in training status (still need to be rounded by developing overtaking skills that Alonso, Lewis and Vet has). Button was never close but for some reason, British drivers force him up the ranks, Yes he won a championship because he was competing against grand Pa Barichello.

Why Kimi you ask? He was the only one challenging Alonso and/or Schumacher during his time at McLaren. Wait until Ferrari sort his car issue. I hope team orders will not stop him from getting back to the top.


Now that is a beautiful comment.

+1 and a half again!

Ay-men to the dig at the haters and journos who were guffawing into their beer about how Jenson had kicked Lewis out of his own party at McLaren - those parties are notably absent now!


@Frique. Brother not sister


Amen sister!!!!!!!

Preach on!!


However, I just want to be clear on one point, at least when Vettel was racking'em up, it sounded like F1. If you didn't like the visuals, you could still enjoy the sounds. I know...yawn on this point.

Just think of it this way...many people are falling asleep to the silent humming of Lewis domination. Vettel kept them up with the screaming engine on way to P1 by 20s. 🙂


I have resisted the "+1"s thus far, but what the hell...plus one. 🙂


Exactly, Mclaren are nowhere. They have the best engine and still can't get into the points. What going on there? I bet Whitmarsh is having a chuckle watching them struggle mind you... Looking like last year again


Don't see why he'd be laughing when the car was mostly designed under his leadership.


recently they claimed Mercedes was within the reach.


Yes when the Maccas were about to get lapped, can't get any closer than that.


Well that dog was built under his management. Further proof that the guy needed to go


+1. This year, I suspect is a write off .....again.


Lewis won, but Vettel is still the GREATEST F1 driver ever. He will bounce back.



Your art is still weak. You don't sense it coming at you yet, only going out. 🙂


No he isn't. He has achieved nothing near what Michael did, who went to a team in big trouble and brought them back from the ashes against Newey cars. Championships won in Newey cars are not as impressive as championships in non Newey cars. The only guy that could consistently fight against Newey cars was Michael


Vettel's not even the greatest driver in the Red Bull garage.


The greats of F1 adapted to there environments, machine, team mates, tyres, rules/regs....at present Seb is looking ordinary in all departments....


And think about the superiority of the car Vettel had the past 4 years. Now imagine had Dan been driving it..... really not bad for a no. 2 driver.


Sorry Kev...

But in my view Hamilton had the 2nd fastest car in 08 after the Ferrari/Massa and still won the title.


At least Sebs start was good. Hes a 4x WDC, it does take something more than the car to accomplish that.

Every time i see english speakers applause LH i wonder what ppl on the german media would say about LH, Seb vs nico. LH get a car like what seb had last yr, which is at least more than 1 sec quicker than the rest, i would be surprised if he didnt achieve what hes done so far. Lewis is no god but just doing his job. A great driver, true champion should alike senna, MS n mika, that won the title not with the quickest car.


This years battle between Seb and Daniel is a lot like last years battle between Daniel and Jean-Eric. Makes you wonder whether Jean-Eric could be a 4 time WDC.


Is this irony or you really think that way?


Ha ha ha. Vettel even not greatest with earnings.

May be in new Ferrari he may shine again with contract of 1st pilot with authority to slow down 2nd pilot, but it's questined.


Greatest earnings doesn't automatically mean best driver ever. From what I heard Kimi holds the all-time earnings record, yet would anyone place him on the Schumacher level?


Forgotten about Michael Schumacher already, have you?

One of the things that cemented him as the best for me, was that after consecutive titles, the FIA were changing rules and regulations to stymie him on an annual basis, but several times, Schumacher overcame them.

This year, with Vettel's first significant rule change to stop Red Bull's dominance, your GREATEST F1 driver appears to be toast.

If he wants to keep the GREATEST title long term, he should be trying to cope with the new changes with a bit more aplomb; less of the hissy fits.

That said, I can't actually recall Michael's moods from race to race, so maybe Vettel is on the right road.

Still seven time champion beats four time champion, in my book.


Agreed. Vettel has a long road to march before he can be placed on Michael's level.


errr, no, he is definitely not the greatest driver ever. Were I a VET fan I would actually be excited about the impact this year could have on him. A bit of fire and suffering to season him and forge him into a truly great racing driver.


Vettel was overtaken by a Caterham, a team that has scored 0 points in the entirity of their F1 career. Your argument is so invalid...


Then why was Kobi getting a blue flag at the time. I guess I need to go watch the timing and scoring app.


LOL... Vettel's true pace and skills are on display now... he, along with Marko, are the villans of F1.

Good for a laugh, but have nothing in the racing department.

I no longer drink Red Bull, thanks to Vettel.


Finally, you're coming around to reality.


Brother, you actually mean I've finally come round to the art of sarcasm.

kenneth chapman

dreams, nothing but dreams.


I know they haven't had the best few years, but considering their result in Australia, I have been really surprised by McLaren's lack of pace. It's kind of sad.


Much work to do to improve the spectacle of a Formula 1 race


New rules always bring about a large field spread (98, 2005, 2009) which results in some boring races. The field will get closer though and the races will therefore get better.


They had it with the tyres, but plenty complained, then they hardened the compounds. Reap what you sew.


.....Seriously? just a few days ago everyone was praising the F1 show and already it's terrible again. Come on, wake up!


Sorry, I was asleep as the race....boring


I wasn't I noticed the race for what it was. One dominated by Merc and only close due to a safety car.


Last year we had 3 different teams winning after 4 races. Now just one. Certainly not an improvement.


"If he faster than me, I have to accept it" - fails to accept that he's faster than him, oh how I love our current four-time World Champion.


Not a Vettel fan. I think he is an average Formula 1 driver who lucked into the best car and a non competitive teammate for 4 seasons. Of course, an average Formula 1 driver is an amazing athlete, but I still don't put him in the same category as the true greats of Formula One.

Arguably Daniel is supporting that viewpoint with the race by race defeats he is inflicting upon Sebastian this season.

Having said that, they were both on 2 stop strategies, and should have been allowed to race. To quote Eddie Irvine after his Japan GP race incident with Ayrton, "if you're so quick, then why couldn't you pass me?".

Let the guys race. They should be able to earn their positions.


Agree about letting them race.

Still, this showed the true face of Vettel. The kid needs a taste of his own medicine.


To be honest, I don't why Red Bull even bothered with that message. It was reasonably clear Ricciardo was going to get past. All that it has done is create more friction in the team. Let them race like merc did in Bahrain!


When two drivers are in separate race to the others, letting them race is fine as the time lost doesn't put them in danger of losing spots to other teams. It would have been difficult for Ricciardo to get Alonso, but being held up can remove that chance.


RE Aveli: I think when Martin is talking about "a separate race" he means metaphorically speaking.

A metaphor is usually an analogy that is not to be taken literally - perhaps you didn't understand the nuances and subtext of Martin's correct analysis.

PS Martin, you're right, if Sebastian had been a bit more co-operative perhaps Daniel could have nibbled Fernando, but ultimately now we'll never know.

Fernando and Ferrari always seem to shine on front limited understeer inducing tracks such as China, Barcelona, Silverstone and Spa, but I think they are lacking on rear-limited "traction zones" oversteer tracks such as Monaco and Hungary.

We'll see.


how could they have been in separate races? did they not start on the same grid and finish on the same finishing line? were they classified in different categories? your logic may have drifted into your toes mate.


Then, he should start better


Agree with you.


@ Martin,

I couldn't put it better myself.


Noting that some of the posted comments are hardly profound thoughts, a team is not able to control everything. From Red Bull's perspective getting the best possible result from the cars is the aim. As with trying to get a Williams driver ahead of Button in Malaysia, the team would rather a 3rd and 5th than 4th and 5th. If driver A makes a better start but doesn't have as good a set up as driver B then it can compromise the race. The team is thinking about the constructors championship as that is where the money is. The drivers are contracted employees, but they are who most fans pay attention to.

In Mercedes' case, the cars have such an advantage that having the drivers race each other does not stop them getting first and second. The others are not in that situation.


Good job by Lewis and great P3 for Alonso. Nico also made a fantastic job despite a poor start and the telemetry problems. I feel for Ricciardo.He deserves a podium as well.


Yes, he deserves a podium in Australia, but not today...Alonso was better


No he doesn't deserve a podium in Oz because his car was illegal


No, he didn't deserve the podium in Melbourne. His team cheated, effectively putting 0.3-0.4 seconds per lap of extra pace into his car over the race distance.

Good drive today, but Fernando had his measure this time. I hope the poor starting bugbear of Webber isn't going to start being a regular thing with his fellow Aussie.

Hoping for one better in Spain.


Of course Alonso was and is better.But If Ricciardo would´ve ended in the podium. I think it would been fair as well.

Alexander Supertramp

I don't think Ricciardo deserved it that much. Started P2 on the grid and finished behind Fernando without racing him. He overtook Vettel, but that's it really.


Then he should have started better


A very average race in terms of excitement and thrill, but I'm really looking forward to seeing Vettel's reaction to being dominated over the next races. What a difference 1 year can make and I think this season will perhaps finally tell the tale on Vettel's temperament.

Bring it on!


I think you mean what a diference a car and a better team mate can make.

I think they need to let Rosberg & Alonso swap cars, then we'd see some action in every race.

My Dad's Harder Than Yours

Well done Lewis a class above the rest again today


A class above Rossberg you mean? They have a vastly superior car.


Rosberg IS the rest. ..


Ricciardo actually beat Vettel by 24 seconds rather than 22. If he hadn't lost those few seconds following Vettel instead of being let past, he may well have had a real shot at passing Alonso and getting Red Bull a podium. I wonder if Red Bull will consider that.


First of all, RBR should consider their pitstop strategy. They lost the 3rd place on strategy. Alonso is a canny racer, he's not giving back such gifts.


What a boring race. This season is the worst I have ever seen. Bring back the tire war. Bring back in season testing. Bring back V8's or V10's. Bring back refueling. Tried of F1 trying to be green or road car related. F1 is for real racing fans, not green peace. Don't really care if my car has any features of an F1 car, just care if it gets me from A to B so I can watch exciting racing.


Brett we have had 4 races with the new rules at tracks that have rarely produced exciting dry races even with v10s refuelling tyre wars etc. Give the sport a chance, we haven't been to Silverstone, Spa or Suzuka yet. Take off your rose tinted specs and remember the dull races that have occurred in every season of F1 so far. I don't see much difference between this or any of the other seasons I have watched over the last 30 odd years, we have had 2 average races, 1 dull one and one exciting grand prix, not bad going really and far too early to write off 2014.


Sport moves on, get over it. Those halcyon days of F1 also cost the lives of a lot of great drivers, thankfully we innovate and move on. Embrace the new technology and appreciate the fact that these cars are probably harder to drive on the limit than in the last few years and more relevant to the car industry which without F1 would not exist!


I agree Brett, to an extent


I agree the race was rather dull...Given the speed of the Mercedes so far this season, the championship for this year is a bit of a forgone conclusion. The sport has become so locked down by engine rules, kers, drs, and laps to recharge batteries, that its all become a bit to artificial for my liking. Will I keep watching? If I'm home and have free time maybe. Will I make an effort? Probably not, as I can log on to James' website for the results...

Alexander Supertramp

Yell out 'bring back the v8/10's' as much as you want, they are obsolete! I think you should be more open-minded about the V6, it's a wonderful piece of technology and it's only going to get better!Annnd, I have a feeling the sound will be much better next year.


Brett is the man! Completely agree! This is not F-1, it is some kind of bastard technology demonstrator. Bring back the REAL F-1!


4 races into a season that has seen the competitive order flipped on it's head and offered some truly memorable inter-team battles is the most boring season you have ever seen?

Have you ever watched F1 before 2014 then?


when they go to train in the gym does vettel do all his training with the aim of helping his teammate or with the aim of beating his teammate? don't cut your toenails too closely.

David in Sydney

Are you joking?

Then engines are amazing (although as Radio Le Mans stated yesterday the Porsche 1.4 litre turbo 4s use less fuel, sound better and a more powerful than current F1 engines).

I don't miss the noise (surprisingly) but I do agree a tyre war would be good for the sport and, perhaps, a further reduction in aero - perhaps it's time to feature a spec chassis with multiple engine suppliers?


Come on! No spare chassis. I like the fact that we have great designers like Adrian Newey who can draw a masterpiece, or Aldo Costa who can redeem himself and prove that Ferrari were wrong to fire him. I love innovations like the double diffuser, the exhaust blown diffuser, f-duct etc.

I might support a return of a tyre war although I'd be pissed if some crapy car won just because it had the better tyres

David in Sydney

I'm much more interested in engine innovation, transmission innovation, race strategy and driver skill than I am double diffusers, F ducts, DRS, front wing elements and... a spec chassis would eliminate a lot of the cost of the teams to focus on hybrid and battery tech - a lot more relevant for most car manufacturers.


F1 Gods are taking a pee on us, and telling us it's rain.


Either put on a rain coat or start believing in another god..


I believed in the Eff One and only God. But they keep changing the faith each year. We seem to be >< that close to ERS equipped green spaceship with green Martians coming to pick us up and needing to drink the koolaid before they arrive. I fear Eff One God has turned to a potential cult and I can't get out.


They did bring back in season testing.


Perhaps you should consider that the new Formula 1 is not for you?

None of those things are coming back.

And many, many of us are quite enjoying the show.


Hear hear.....



Guys you got to move on, this is a new era of F1 so u better start enjoying it or simply switch to other sports.


+1 I wish they would, and then we'd be spared the diatribe which would make these forums less tedious to wade through.


And many, many of us are not enjoying at all, it sounds terrible and is very boring


Then why are you bothering to watch ? I don't understand why anyone is watching a sport that they are not enjoying ..


You obviously went missing during the last race man.


Interesting race because it's starting to confirm a few points.


No excuses, he is currently the fastest and making use of the car he has with him. He's in a very good place mentally which is associated with his relationship with Nicole. The only thing that will stop Lewis from the WC is unreliability.


He cannot match Lewis on pace, strategy, tyre saving etc. He's still in denial stage but the only reason he won is due to Lewis unreliability. He got 2nd place today which is unexpected, his only real competition is in first place pulling away.


The only problem with Alonso is that he is unbelievably consistent. He performs with whatever he has rain or shine. People get so used to it, when he pulls rabbit out of the hat it doesn't seem that special anymore. Kimi was brought in the team as a measure of Alonso's performance. And right now, up to this point. Alonso is making Kimi look like Massa. While Alonso is up there fighting for podium, Kimi is fighting for 8th or 9th. Now when will Fernando get his chance like Lewis this year? Hopefully sooner than later, hus talent warrants more than 2 WDC. He's just at the wrong place at the wrong time since 2007.


Well he's certainly showing Seb he's not intimitated whether they are on same or different strategy. At the current guise, no doubt he is faster than Vettel. Whether Redbull does something to the car to improve for Seb we'll see. Maybe they are quite happy letting Daniel run away with it? He is after all a Marko protegè, so its still a win win situation.


Well what can he do? He's certainly trying at the moment but Daniel is just that much faster than him right now. It will be true test of character. I didn't see an issue with him disobeying team order today, he was entitled to. He did ask regarding the strategy which he considered first. But he really needs to find a way to step up or else the team will start wrapping themselves around Daniel.

Part of being an F1 driver is adapting to new cars. All of the drivers are in the same boat so no one can use that excuse. Saying a car is built to someones preference is rubbish IMO. The teams only target is to earn as much points for the team so they will not shoot themselves in the foot by developing only for one driver, specially if the other driver is getting paid millions and millions.

The cream does rise to the top.


You've said it all. Brilliant! 🙂


"Part of being an F1 driver is adapting to new cars. All of the drivers are in the same boat so no one can use that excuse. Saying a car is built to someones preference is rubbish IMO."

Exactly. I am glad there is people here that can see it.

One point though. I think Nico has already been faster than Lewis, it was in Bahrein. In Australia we don't know. Let's see, I think he can match Lewis peace here and there, but he is not the complete package as Lewis, not even close.


I'm prepared to give the driver a few races to "adapt to the new cars" or "work with the engineers to adapt the cars to their own driving style".

It's now 4 races into the season. Very soon these "reasons" will sound like excuses.

That said - Kimi does suffer from not being able to get temperature into his tyres (even during his time at Lotus). But over the course of a season we will soon be able to tell if these are just excuses.

Some have also suggested that Vettel needs sometime to adjust to the non-exhaust nlown diffuser cars. He's had 4 races now, so in a few more races we will see the true story.

Vettel's sector times and lap times in the second half of the race were consistently a few tenths here and there slower than Ricciardo. In the end it added up to 20 seconds.

There were no other cars in the way to influence the lap times.


You are right, but if driver A needs 6 more races than driver B to adapt, then he has been beaten six times in a row, and it is clear he is a worst driver in a very important department: adaptability. Every year drivers have to adapt, even as the season goes on (and even from corner to corner, as the conditions change!!). The best driver takes one day to extract the maximum out of a new and completely different car (Alonso, who was near a second faster than Kimi since Jerez test), the second best takes several sessions (Hamilton), and the rest it depends if the new car suit their style more or less, so they take more or less time to adapt, or even do never entirely extract the best out of the car.

Adaptability is the signature of a great driver, because it is the signature of talent. You can already say, without worrying you could be wrong, that Alonso is a better driver than Kimi.


Great comment.

Regarding the ferrari driver battle, I guess this year we got Felipe Raikonen on the wheel!!


Ricciardo is a man! Vettel is a boy with finger. But who is Webber then?


+1 with these comments Rockman, it was a tad boring but happy with the result, hard to believe Lewis is STILL behind Nico and it does appear that the only thing stopping Lewis at the moment is reliability.

Lewis made it look easy today and fully deserves to be leading the WC for me, roll on Europe.


What do you mean "… hard to believe Lewis is STILL behind Nico…"

Chris, It's Maths: only if Nico had finished 4th WOULD Lewis be leading the WDC.

25+18+18+ 12 = 73

But he finished 2nd, therefore 25+18+18+18 = more than 0+25+25+25.

Assuming that both cars complete all laps in Barcelona, Lewis will need start on pole and be the FIRST to take the chequered flag for him to lead the Driver's Championship. And, if there are any unfortunately circumstances - he will NEED to FINISH with a points scoring position that overcomes the deficit to Nico.

As a Lewis fan - I can wait for him to get another title. I've waited long enough for him to provided with the car to get the job done. My wish is that he encounters the bare minimum of retirements throughout the 2014 season; and, certainly no problems that force any errors by him to the detriment of a second title. And, I want Mercedes to continue to develop and win the Constructors because, based on what they have managed to accomplish so far - they deserve it.

As for Nico inheriting the win in AUS, we must consider the fact that although he's driving the fastest combination he could easily have been carrying the unknown/undiagnosed problem, so we should commend his ability to stay with it to the end and WIN.



he could easily have been carrying the unknown/undiagnosed problem....

I may have misunderstood your post, if I dd I apologise. The problem with Lewis engine that caused a retirement in Australia was a cracked insulating sleeve on one of the spark plugs - at least that's what they said on Sky, they made a joke about a €1.50 part causing a failure on an engine that cost millions to develop.


"Saying a car is built to someones preference is rubbish IMO." Only one small mistake in this comment. This years Ferrari and McLaren are made with loads of input from Alonso and Button.

+1 Nice comment and fun to read.


I should've made it clearer but I thought my comment was going too long.

The designers and engineers are the ones responsible for coming up with fresh ideas on which direction they head into. The drivers do provide feedback, but all they really do is drive in the simulator and races and let the team know how the car feels. Whether it needs more downforce, more speed etc. Alonso or Button did not design the front wing or any part of the car for that matter. They see the car when its built, drove it around and let their engineers know how it goes.

During pre-season, there is no other cars to compare with so its nigh on impossible to know your relative performance. Maybe the car felt ok to Alonso and Button but unfortunately other teams built the car better from the start.

Ferrari and Mclaren are the issue, they don't have much ideas. They're not pushing the boundaries enough and possibly playing it too safe with their design. Other teams have better leadership which leads to better direction for development. Hopefully the arrival of Mattiaci in Ferrari will help them but maybe too late for this year. Still wonder what Mclaren is planning in regards to leadership when Honda arrives next year.


You did not have made yourself more clear. What you stated was easy to understand. Yet I still not agree with you about this matter. A car has certain characteristics. This might be under steer, very nosy or over steer. The balance of the car is also a great factor when a car is designed. A engineer knows certain features a driver truly dislikes. Even the drivers length and weight are counted in before starting to design. Magnussen is talented but will have more input in the 2015 car. Same goes for Raikonnen.


Excellent post.


+1....love the part about adapting in total agreement....




Honourable mention goes to Alonso great result.

Funny moment Vettel throwing his toys out the pram & not letting Daniel pass 😀

Vettel must have an issue with The Lads From Down Under 😀

Firstly Mark Webber & now Daniel Riccardo 😀

I suppose he's now in a Vegimite Sandwich 😀


Well done Lewis.

You have finally blossomed into the mature, disciplined, down to earth and refined driver I always knew you could be. Your personal life is settled, your in a team that you adore - and they adore you, you seem to be a peace with yourself, and your in that late 20s/early 30s time-zone when a driver is at his peak in my opinion.

Hang on a minute, I've noticed something!

Lewis is 29, he's English/British, he's driving a car made in Brackley, he has a Mercedes engine behind him, he's driving in a season with radical new regulations, his car has the most refined approach to the regs on the F1 grid, and he is outqualifying and outracing his more experienced team-mate in this early part of the season.

Is it a coincidence, but aren't there similarities to Jenson and Brawn 2009? Jenson was 29, driving a car made in Brackley, Mercedes engine, radical regs.........?????

By the way, what is going wrong at Macca? 11th and 13th? I think its a good judgement to say Lewis is glad he's not driving for Scuderia Woking this season!

Still, now that the long haul early season races are over, the cars and personnel are heading back to UK, Italy and Switzerland, and now begins the crucial stage of the championship - the all important development war during the European season.

PS I hope after this race the drivers will go to down town Shanghai and get stuck into some chicken fried rice, curry sauce and chips. Don't worry lads - you've got 3 weeks to the next race, go a bit mad on the gastronomic front. Tell you what, have double amounts - or the Montoya portion size. Looking at the likes of Jenson, Sutil, the Hulk, even Daniel to a certain extent they could do with a good feed.


What is going wrong at Macca. Good question. They have a Merc lump and yet they are way off Force India and Williams who operate on a way smaller budget. What are you doing Ron


I think McLaren's poor recent form is directly attributable to Jenson's struggles to get heat into his tires. This is reminiscent of Jenson in 2012 when he struggled with exactly the same issue for 5 races (from Spain to the British GP). This ended up hurting Mclaren not just due to Jenson's lost points, but also because it hindered their development since the team had to follow a separate development path for Jenson. I remember that for the Canadian GP the team had intended to use a Montreal-specific rear suspension, but they had to abandon it for Jenson because he was afraid that adding this variable would further confuse his car setup. Flash forward to 2014, and I believe that Jenson's inability to "switch on" these more durable tires is leading Mclaren down another development and setup cul-de-sac, and Magnussen, as a rookie, is simply powerless to help the situation.


I suspect you're right.

Jenson is very, very sensitive with tyre pressures and tyre temperatures, and he does appear to limit himself to a very narrow operating window.

Mind you, what's happened to Mini Mag in the last few races?


It may be a gross oversimplification, but I'd suggest that Magnussen's recent form is a consequence of his own inexperience combined with Jenson's struggle to "read" the Pirelli tires. Since it's Kevin's first season in F1, he clearly won't have a confident grasp of his car's technical capabilities, therefore it stands to reason that he will be inclined to "follow the leader" (i.e. rely on the team to make key decisions on his setup). In turn, the team needs a benchmark to guide their decision on defining a base setup for both cars, and for this they will implicitly trust their senior driver's feedback. Therefore if Jenson is lost on setup, then so must be Kevin -- the blind leading the blind, you might say.


Perhaps the comparison about the more experienced team mate is a bit of a stretch, as Nico has only one more year than Lewis? Jenson vs Rubens was a different story as the brazilian had way more experience.

By the way, yes what's up with McLaren? Ferrari got a load of bashing these days, but the Maccas should get an equal amount of slack, in few days is Ayrton's anniversary, and is a reminder of how much they used to be dominant. Now they look pretty hopeless.


McLaren seem to have built a front limited car like the Mercedes of past few years.


What happened to Vettel after the first round of pit stops?

He was driving really well and was even chasing Alonso initially after the first round of pit stops when he came behind.

It's really surprising to see him down 20s on Ricciardo


He was told to drop back and preserve tyres.


It did seem to be rather a stroll in the park for Hamilton. A second a lap quicker quite easily, but only 25 seconds up the road from Alonso at the end.

I'll be interested in seeing quite how Raikkonen ended up 58 seconds behind Alonso. After the last pitstops they set their fastest laps - Kimi's was faster, but quickly dropped off. Looking at the gaps, it didn't seem as though Raikkonen had traffic for much of the race.

It will be interesting to see what stories come out of Red Bull. 25 seconds is a big gap in a race. Not a bad as Raikkonen, but Vettel had even less to worry about in terms of traffic.

Hulkenberg seems to have restored normal order at Force India. Bahrain being a power dominated circuit may have played to Perez's weight advantage.


Yes the last half of the race there was very little traffic affecting the race and the sector times showed Ricciardo a few tenths here and there faster than SV. It all added up to >20 seconds. Showing that Ricciardo was just consistently that bit faster.

The only time SV lost a chunk of time and perhaps his tyres was when he fought off Rosberg so aggressively.

In contrast to Alonso who had a more mature reaction, preserved his tyres and did not defend against Rosberg as aggressively.

I think Alonso had Ricciardo covered and the gap came down from 5 seconds to 1+ second only in the last few laps. We've seen this from Alonso many times before.


China 2014 - a reality check for many.

Congrats to Ham/Merc, Alo and Ric.

Sweet 😉


Vettel v Ricciardo, love it, love it, love it.

I was waiting for Vettel to throw the toys out of the pram.


Worst TV producer I have ever witnessed. Do we want to see Rosberg/Hamilton waving to the crowd for 10-20 seconds or do we want to see the KOB and BIA squabble on the last 2-3 laps? It's an easy pick for me at least...

And that was just one example. Every overtake was shown in replay instead of live since the producer missed it (with 1 or 2 exceptions). How hard can it be?? They have the real time gap between the cars, USE it to show us the battles...

"- Let's see here, we have two cars within a second of each other and one closing fast. Hmm... no, nothing is going to happen there, lets just show the top 5 cars even though there's a gap of 5-8 seconds between them..."


That might actually get taken onboard by someone.

Good job for putting it out there.


that's what happens when friends employ friends. nature isn't that easily beaten.

David in Sydney

The director can only show footage he actually has - I think the camera work wasn't the best this race.


I think at Silverstone Ben and DC are in direct communication with the producers so they can ask "can we look at Alonso please Mr director?" for example, and therefore the producer can switch to what DC and Ben think is exciting.

I agree than the standard of production varies hugely. In the past the worst production team were in Mexico, Imola, Spain, Hungary and Portugal - they would usually miss the exciting action out on the track, much to the annoyance of James Hunt and dear Murray.

Rubinho's Keyfob

Both Sky and the BBC (and presumably, the entire world :)) get the FOM feed. They can cut to their own cameras at any time, but for the on-track action everyone gets the same. It would be way too expensive for every broadcaster to bring enough kit to cover the race proper.

I guess they can switch to alternative FOM feeds (such as the in-car views that are available on the red button) if they want. Not sure about that - their contract might not let them.

On that note, I do find these new "corner analysis" segments interesting in the FP sessions (where they show two cars "ghosted" over each other to show the difference in line and how it affects the entry and exit speeds and hence overall speed through the corner). The fact that these views are with a moving camera that sweeps through the corner means that most of the standard camera angles that we see throughout the race must be robotic/automated (otherwise there's no way the background would remain in perfect sync when the shots were overlaid).

Interesting technology in F1 just on the broadcast side (also, I notice we now have graphics overlaid on the start/finish line that moves realistically as the camera pans but doesn't exist in real life).


Agreed, the coverage did make the race seem even more dull than needed, most or the overtakes were missed and had to be shown on replay.


Ricciardo should be on 42 points and 3rd in the championship. He's smashing vettel!


Ricciardo would be on 40+ points but for team errors:

(1) he could have finished 5th (10 points) in Melbourne slowing down for fuel; and

(2) 10 points in Malaysia but for the poor pitstop.

But I don't think Ricciardo needs these arguments. His excellent performance is plain for all to see.

He and Alonso suffer from the same problem this year - no matter how well they drive and set up their cars - Hamilton will be quicker.


Are you including the race he came 2nd in an illegal car? A car that was not capable of finishing 2nd without ignoring FIA orders


If we have to have dominant teams and cars, then I'm glad to see the good fortune finally spread around a bit. 2011 aside Hamilton's been stellar for most of his career and deserves a season like this - kudos to him for taking full advantage of it. I just wish Alonso gets a competitive car again before it's too late...

As for Vettel... We're seeing Silverstone 2011/first half of 2012 playing out once again. The real test of Ricciardo will be when Newey sorts out a way to increase rear down force on the Red Bull, but he's certainly making a better fist of it so far than Webber was able to manage for the last few seasons.


Not much can be said about this race - Alonso did well to stay ahead of the rb.

But we cannot expect a classic every race.

Macca desperately need a 'fast' driver, Hulkingburg is one option and dare I say it Alonso has to be a consideration maybe even...... Vettel.

But the loss of the merc engine makes Macca a gamble

Kimi needs to put more time into the simulator and with his engineers to try and sort out whatever his issue's are with the car.

Ether that or quit his performance is unacceptable even though he got 8th he's not helping the team.


You'd have to be a brave man to jump ship to McLaren. Even with clearly the fastest engine, they're languishing down in the midfield, fighting the Loutii(who look to be making steady progress in the *right* direction) and Torro Rosso, rather than Ferrari and Red Bull.

Next year they loose the most powerful engine on the grid and jump to an unknown quantity. The engine would have to be *mighty* impressive to pull that McLaren anywhere near the front.

It feels very sad for me to say it... I always loved the McLaren vs Ferrari vs Williams days... but I just get the feeling McLaren are going to take a few (more?) years of pain.


What on earth was up with the flag wavers today? Blue flags being shown to all the wrong drivers (not for the first time this season, either), then the chequered flag man deciding he fancied an early night and finishing the race a lap early... unacceptable at this level


a) they were hypnotized by the humming sounds

b) they were bored

c) the Ferrari vacuum sucked their will to live

d) Chinese government is working on new LTE based mind control software, still in beta.

e) all of the above


No . . .

It was that acid rain delivered by the F1 Gods –

mentioned by you above –

which stung the marshals’ eyes.


Agreed, we expect better of F1.


Funny in the cool down room it took Lewis ages to acknowledge Nico, and Nico throwing his gloves onto the chair. I reckon things are pretty frosty there. Merc are gonna have to do well to manage them or there will be a boil over.

Good drive Dan, shame about the start. We'll done though.

Fernando is just a freak. No other words for it. Drive of the day by a mile.


"Funny in the cool down room it took Lewis ages to acknowledge Nico"

Normal practice is that the others make the effort to acknowledge the winner. Did you notice Lewis praising Nico in the interview but I did not hear Nico reciprocate. I think the issue is with Nico.


+1, I agree. When Nico does a better job Lewis also heaps praise on his team mate but that is never reciprocated as you stated. Only question I have is why then, aren't people saying Nico is "arrogant" or "petulant" etc etc?


At least Nico is not showing the finger. Juggling a microphone gains fans while fingering the air shoves fans away.


It was the end of a race and the drivers are still in a certain zone and are reflecting on their performances. Emotions are still running high and their brains are just analyzing at WTF just happened.

Nico, naturally, acted out of frustration and Lewis understood this and let Nico be. He probably didn't want to rub salt on his teammate's fresh wounds. I think both acted graciously through triumph and defeat.

At the team photos, both were in a better mood and were seen celebrating.

I think we expect too much from drivers, on and off the track.


I agree, both we're quite gracious, but there is definite tension there. This is just another reason why I love F1. The soap opera. Fascinating stuff.



I think we expect too much from drivers, on and off the track.

You make a good point there. It's asking an awful lot from a driver, who has just been stuffed by their teammate, to be particularly happy about it. I remember DC mentioned once that he didn't enjoy the podium ceremony (unless he won) as he was effectively celebrating another's drivers success.


drivers only need management when they're within hundredths or thousandths of each other. they are managed by nature when they're more than a tenth apart on track.


Good point- but the only problem I can see here is with Nico- who isn't taking being humbled by Lewis very well (reminds me of Alonso in 2007 actually)


Oh no saint Alonso didn't like getting beat?


redbull blew the chance with Daniel, he was comfortably holding Rosberg behind and they let Mercedes do the undercut on him for no reason at all.


Yes, RBR strategy today was awful.


Why red bull? He should try and hold his starting position next time


What are you talking about?? He was comfortably holding Rosberg off and they needlessly let him stay out for 2 or 3 laps longer, anybody could see Nico was going to get the undercut.


Love how everyone complains and moans when Vettel wins all the races by a mile. Here we have Lewis doing the same thing today but alot of people are saying well done. Rosberg has to win the next race or that's it for the championship baring Lewis's car breaking down.


I love how when Vettel wins by a mile in a car that cant be matched he is considered a genius and living legend.

Can we upgrade Hamilton to that status yet ?


In other breaking news today; The football association. Is set to investigate the strange phenomenon of rival teams fans booing when their team lose.

A spokesman said they were bemused, 'even though the winning team often displayed a superior pattern of play, the rival fans don't appreciate this and still boo the better team'. The football association has pledged to get to the bottom off this matter 😉


It wont always be Lewis. I expect Nico to get a few more wins. The Merc is not bullet proof there will be some more DNF's even a chance they both have trouble in the same race. The other top teams will narrow the gap sufficiently so that opportunistic wins are possible. I do not think Merc will win every race this season as some are predicting.


It's a sport driven by fans, gearheads, techies, fanboys and haters. We all have our preferences.

The only ones who are bored are the fans whose driver is not winning. This also applies to last year and every year before it.

And if you're just an f1 fan, in general, and just enjoy the racing aspect, c'mon, it's always been this way. They just have less dnfs, crashes and personalities nowadays. There have always been dominant teams in f1.

I think, this year, in my humble opinion, is more exciting because of the record number of intra-team battles that are going on. Quality stuff.


hamilton = british

vettel = german

dont mention the war 😉


you just mentioned it ...


But I think he got away with it....


why are you more concerned about people say than what happens?


Agree. No difference to Vettel although others will say otherwise! Surprising it's taken Lewis this long to win 3 in a row! Too much about engines! The old engines were far more equal! They need to allow Renault and Ferrari to make changes to improve the show. 2 horse championship! Race was boring and sure there will be many more to come!!


In order to win 3 in a row it's almost required to have a dominant car. This is the first season Hammy has one.


"Too much about engines"

Which is why the top 3 were all using different engines, I suppose?


At least this year the marshals are cutting it short to spare us.

This Mercedes is going to crush not only the field but also our spirits for a season. What's sad is that most of the time this car is not at maximum. It's simply not passible.


Its not going to crush my spirits.

Lewis Hamilton finally has the car with which he can show his class and fulfill his potential.

I have been waiting for that for 6 years.

I don't think he will have it all his own way with a challenge from Rosberg and Red Bull forthcoming.

Its a refreshing change from last year so long as Rosberg actually does fight for the wins.


True. The aren't even stretching. May take a few years to get things going again


Maybe "everyone" thinks Lewis is better racer than Vettel and have no problems seeing him winning in a dominant car. This is at least my opinion, and I'm Alonso's fan.


Most of us have never doubted that he is faster. Oh and he schooled Alonso while he was still a rookie. Imagine what would he do to Alonso now. Alonso himself confessed that he is faster.


Me too.

Just think,imagine what Alonso,Button, Raikkonen, Di Resta or Kubica could have done if they were given the tools to fight with.

I have no problems with someone other than Vettel having a significant car advantage.

I also think Hamilton is a better racer than Vettel.


Count me in with "everyone".


Vettel was winning is an arguably illegal car.(flex wings, traction control, changeable ride height, engine mapping to name a few) That's why we were moaning back then. Hamilton's car is legal so far....


This sensorgate is a new story. You were talking about years prior.

I wrote a reply that your argument is against FIA. It is as I wrote it that I realized I argued against them plenty. On some penalties, on changing tires last year, on these rules, etc. So basically my point was mute in that by saying your argument against FIA not enforcing the rules as you see them fitiis wrong means my arguments against them are wrong.

Anyhow, I'm having am off weekend with this timezone mess. Oh, and if you think this Lewis domination has me suffering, you're wrong. I see the joy it brings to you guys and I say...why not? It can't all be my way all the time. Besides, I just play any race from last 4 years and once again all is right with the world. Reruns are good for Seinfeld, they are OK for F1. 🙂


It's not actually arguable.


FIA checked it and deemed it fit to race. Who are you arguing with?

Funny, I ask this knowing full well I and others here argue with FIA views regularly.


Jedi Sebee, I am trying to decode your message because I do not really understand it. I looks like you challenge your own words. First you say FIA is good and praise that they did not penalize RB in the past and now you say you doubt the FIA. It might be the humble pie you are eating or the bitter butt-hurt you are suffering from. You know exactly what points I am referring to. I explicitly said arguably(to avoid this can of worms).The points I stated are known facts. RB have changed certain(illegal) features and some could not be proven. Anyway, you pick a hell of a weak to try to proof RedBull integrity to the rest of us. You are free to believe what you want and so am I. RedBull have been cheating and are convicted as cheaters and there is nothing you will say to me that will change that. Ferrari has not been caught very often either, yet we all know they are cheaters just like Red bull, Mercedes and McLaren.

I go back to my Hamilton cheer-leading and I advise you to go back to your Vettel love letters. Jedi mind tricks will only work on the weak minded. You just do not have the force 🙂

I am not angry with you. I kinda like you. It's good you protect your idol/team and to be honest to see you suffer after a Lewis Win makes it all even sweeter.


Can you remind me please which GP the RBR raced wings failed the flex test or the revised flex test? Please tell me which of the WDC and WCC winning efforts were nullified by the FIA, who seem to know nothing about this or how to inspect the cars.


Sky's tv team mentioned during Free Practice all those matters in relation to RBR and that in spite of them, they had never had a car disqualified before Daniel in Australia.


Sebee, Tough luck you missed the word "arguably".


Do not worry....it is just 3 wins after 9 wins by Vettel...and it was 4 years in a row...so I think people will be tired as well if this continues


It will continue. Merc advantage is too big.


We'll start complaining after 4 years.

Alexander Supertramp

Well, not the most exciting race. Pretty amazing to have such a difference with Bahrain. How is that even possible? Is it because the China circuit is a little more aero dependent?

Easy win for Lewis, his train is rolling and it will be very hard to stop. The battle with Nico might appear close, but the numbers don't lie. Nico has only been able to beat Lewis once, that's during qualifying in Bahrain. If Nico doesn't find something, he will have to rely on reliability issues is Lewis' camp, which is not a nice way to become champion.

Amazing job by Fernando, who showed that the Ferrari has decent pace, but still he made it happen while Kimi could not. Fernando made the most of every opportunity and every weapon he has in his arsenal. He started yesterday with great qualy and today with a great start. His pace was very comparable to the RB, but being in front of them was vital as it would enable him to fend off their attacks and that's exactly what he did-great strategy by Ferrari.

Gutted for Massa/Williams. That start was out of this world, he was like a bullet! Williams seem to have fallen behind FI, which makes them 5th best car. The gap is small, so top results are still possible, but they need to find some performance. Drivers can really make the difference now.

Losers of the day are Mclaren. Horrible, just horrible pace/tyre management. Fighting TR's and Grosjean's Lotus.. Hope they can improve as the teams go back to Europe. The R&D war will be lighting up, I expect massive strides by RB, let's hope it just brings the field closer. And after today, there is definitely hope for Ferrari/Alonso!


It's all merc. Fantastic car. Hamilton will make the most of it. Easy champ this year. Next year may be better.


3rd place finish was just the alonso factor lol.... Given a car worthy of his talent, he's atleast a 5 time wdc.


My best guess on the Bahrain track is that it places a lot of emphasis on traction and as the tyres go away that creates opportunities for those following. Also the long front straight ends in a slow corner that is followed by another long straight. Turn 2 at Bahrain requires the right line, so if a driver is wide at turn 1 the following driver can hold tight to get a run. At Bahrain the downforce of the Red Bulls helped them look after the tyres in the traction zones, without having many fast corners to damage the tyres with high downforce. The Ferraris were reliant on new tyres for traction, so they sank to the back of the top ten as they didn't have the straight line speed.

In China a driver can run a bit wide in turn 14, hold the inside into the last turn and then defend the inside into turn 1 and that's it for the lap. The lower importance of traction also put Alonso out of reach of the Force Indias and Wiliams.

Alexander Supertramp

Sounds good, thanks!


"The battle with Nico might appear close, but the numbers don’t lie. Nico has only been able to beat Lewis once, that’s during qualifying in Bahrain. If Nico doesn’t find something, he will have to rely on reliability issues is Lewis’ camp, which is not a nice way to become champion."

Last year in races where both drivers, Rosberg beat Hamilton 8-7.

In actual fact, Rosberg beat Hamilton 9-6 because Rosberg was ordered by Ross Brawn to stay behind Hamilton in Malaysia despite being much faster.

Rosberg had a bad weekend where a lot of things went wrong, but lost the minimum to Hamilton.

Observing body language after the race, how Hamilton would barely acknowledge Rosberg (except when he made Rosberg hold the winners trophy on the podium LOL), things have got very cold between Rosberg and Hamilton.

Rosberg is in a tough position because Hamilton wants nothing more than a feud since Hamilton knows (and Rosberg knows) that the team will ultimately choose to keep Hamilton over Rosberg. If things blow up, they'll keep Hamilton and choose a driver that will not get in Hamilton's way and will be subservient to him and team.

So Rosberg has to either get angry, play with Hamilton's head, make Hamilton fear him, risk it all to win the championship this year, or resign himself to spending the next several years at Mercedes being a well paid second driver, winning a race here and there and winning constructors championships.

There's always the possibility of Hamilton blowing up from the pressure if Rosberg just plays it calm and doesn't rise to Hamilton's passive-aggressive bait.

IMO it will end in tears for Rosberg at Mercedes.


"In actual fact, Rosberg beat Hamilton 9-6 because Rosberg was ordered by Ross Brawn to stay behind Hamilton in Malaysia despite being much faster."


Nico passed Lewis, but kept losing the place. Just like the NINE times he passed Lewis in Bahrain.

Agreed though, would have been nice for the two to continue fighting it out in Malaysia 2013.


'Passive aggressive bait' hahaha 🙂

You are hilarious


Wow - if you think Ros won against Ham last year - you really are completely nuts!

The issue was tyres and without such Ros would have been even further embarrassed

That of course is ignoring any of the statistics where Ham out qualified and out pointed his team mate in his first year in a car that was clearly not setup to work with his style of driving to the extent, he was unable to use his preferred braking system.

If you suggest that is nothing. Well you never have raced anything.

Aros is a good racer - but he is not Hamilton and won't be for somewhere around another 20 race wins.

In fewer F1 races I might add....


A lot of talk about Hamilton's dominance over Rossberg and up until now it's true. But the season isn't over so don't bury NR yet else you jinx Hamilton. All is takes is a couple of DNFs etc. or mistakes which Hamilton has been known to make and things could get dicey.


Last year was Ham's debut year at Merc. It always takes the new driver a year to bed in - just look at Kimi at Ferrari this year (and don't quote RIC at me, he's Helmet's boy, STR are RBR's development squad, and VET appears to be struggling with the loss of blown floor more than any other driver - no surprise as he had a lot more of it than anybody else.)

This year at Merc we're seeing the real intra-team battle. Four races in and I think Ros is already in tears.


I won't quote Ricciardo - but Hulkenberg is another glaring exception to your statement.


Agree. Nico should pay zero attention to Lewis political/media war, just focus on the driving side and let the result speak. Lewis even made the political master Alonso fail so playing at his level wud be self-destructing.

Go Nico dont let lewis double face ruin your career.

Lewis thinks he is the most talented driver out there, this confidence will get him one or two WDC titles but wont give him consecutive titles like Michael n seb.

Im no seb/nico fan. Just dont like lewis arrogance.


Well Kevin

Of course Lewis Hamilton is the only arrogant driver in the history of F1.

Next you will telling me you don't like his earrings.

For your information Lewis does not work in the media and probably wouldn't interact with the press at all if it was his own choice.


Kevin.. That's one bitter pill you swallowed ^_^


Nico IS letting the results speak...


What a load of Bull,
Hamilton is not nor has he ever been a political player. [Mod] any negativity in the drivers room was clearly coming from Nico, throwing his gloves and sulking in the corner, how dare Hamilton drive a better race than him, he's leading the championship.
Malaysia was one race, let it go for heavens sake. If you actually cared in the facts you would know Hamilton had Rosberg covered in that race. It was RB who told Hamilton to pressure the Bulls, (clearly heard on the radio), and that is why Lewis ended up with less fuel and worn tyres, and that is why RB had Nico hold station, nothing to do with No 1 driver or any other crap, just an acknowledgement that Lewis had done as requested and his predicament was not of his own making. Rosberg was not robbed of third position because if not for the call to chase the Red Bulls Lewis had him well and truly beat.

Alexander Supertramp

You conveniently forget that Lewis was leading Rosberg every time he retired. Remember Silverstone? Lewis was leading (comfortably) when his tyre exploded. Then Vettel was leading and had a mechanical failure. Nico might have won that race, but it was not because of his amazing pace. I'm not even going to bother checking the actual race results as there is probably no way of having a reasonable debate with you. I can't believe you are even suggesting Lewis wants a feud with Nico.


Lewis is clearly a much faster driver than Rosberg, who keeps saying 'I don't like finishing 2nd'. Well we're going to hear that an awful lot this year


I'm talking races where both drivers finished.

In 2013 Rosberg beat Hamilton 9-6 in races where both drivers finished.

This championship is far from over.


Fascinating stuff.

Rosberg is a wounded warrior after Bahrein. No matter how perfect his race weekend, he ends up second. After Lewis.

He really needs to turn the tide in Europe. And he knows it.

I advice him to spend the weekend with Daniel Ricciardo. A genuinely positive mindset and attitude can unsettle a World Champion …


Who's to say Dan won't upset Nico a little more just to stir some s*** in the Merc camp?


In a few of those races in which Rosberg beat him last year, Hamilton was driving with a suspension failure. (At the end of the year.) Furthermore, Hamilton was leading Nick in a few races in which he dropped out. Then there was Silverstone. It was also Hamilton's first year to adapt to a new car and braking system, which he is known to have struggled with this year.

In any event, this year is a straight fight, and Lewis has had him covered performance wise. If not for the dropped cylinder, Hamilton would be leading the points, possibly by a whole race if he had won it. Rosberg has to find more pace and very fast if he wants to stay in this. And he certainly can't blow opportunities like Bahrain, where he was quicker and nonetheless got beat on the start and beat in the race. Because outside of a car failure, it will be nearly impossible to beat Hamilton when he is quicker and has the car setup dialled in.


I suspect a lot of it will come down to on track performances. Hamilton is a lot happier in this year's car in the wet than the 2013 one, for whatever reason.

Rosberg had the pace but not the racecraft to win in Bahrain, and that may happen again, but will it be often enough?

The driver market will be interesting. Rosberg is in his 5th year with Mercedes. The 10 kg increase in weight for next year will bring Hulkenberg to the mix for more top teams, and he's German.

Vergne is in an interesting place. Ricciardo is currently looking pretty secure at Red Bull, and a fourth season at Toro Rosso doesn't really fit Marko's history. So unless Vettel moves, he is likely to be looking for a seat. His race pace was generally similar to Ricciardo, but he didn't qualify as well. He may be powerless if he doesn't have money though. But if Hulkenberg was to take Rosberg's seat then Force India is the kind of team that would consider Vergne.

It will be interesting to see which teams would consider Rosberg at the moment? The manager ratings in the last few years had him in the top ten, but which teams would pay him to drive?


You are forgetting something... If Rosberg leaves, we could see something really special: Alonso vs Hamilton with the same exact car... I think that is a real possibility.

Alexander Supertramp

I'm pretty sure Ham/Ros are driving the Mercedes W06 in 2015. Unless the miss out on the WCC due to poor driver's performance, which is very very unlikely.


like massa, they should take him for 2015 instead of Rosberg. massa is very use to being submissive as was barrichello who was at williams too (not to mention ferrari!) and Brawn Gp (merc!) so many parallels its fate! massa the new barichello, would be very good for lewis I think. much more settled and v little friction as result Id say, massa is past his best days, nearly dying gives you that perspective that "its not worth it putting it in the wall for an extra position or two". Rosberg isnt WC material, too moody and nice and not nearly consistent enough, solid racer though, and like webber occasionally has his day in the sun (again like barrichello and massa)


Rosberg is much better than Massa. And in terms of the WCC, has always finished just behind Lewis which is just what the team needs.

Alexander Supertramp

also, every car had a lot of fuel left. Paddy Lowe was right when saying that the 100kg limit was no issue and that you could challenge teams by reducing the limit to 90kg. Lewis ended the race with almost 10kg to spare, I think only Dan got over 95kg. There's no cab driving here, even Ferrari is doing great in that department.


Wow - excellent point.

Exposes LdM's taxi driver comments as political rubbish.


Massa brought his starts from Ferrari. If there were points for starts he'd finally be a champion!