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Chinese GP: Who was your driver of the day?
Posted By: James Allen  |  20 Apr 2014   |  9:00 pm GMT  |  245 comments

The Chinese Grand Prix was not as thrilling as the Bahrain Grand Prix which preceded it, but there were nevertheless some strong performances up and down the field.

So who was your Driver of the Day?

Lewis Hamilton
The Briton took his third consecutive win (a first in his career) and led every lap of the race after securing a strong pole position on Saturday. He had to bounce back from handling issues on Friday, but got the car just how he wanted it and got the most from it.

Nico Rosberg
Outperformed by Hamilton in qualifying, Rosberg had quite a few problems to overcome on Sunday to come through to finish second. His telemetry wasn’t working all race, so he had to manually feed back fuel information to the team. His start was poor, then he collided heavily with Bottas in Turn 1. He dropped to sixth place. But through strategy and pushing hard he came through to second.

Fernando Alonso
One of the Spaniard’s really strong performances, in a Ferrari which was improved but still some way short of the pace. A great start (despite heavy contact with Massa) launched him up to third place, an undercut at the first stop took him past Vettel and he managed to stay ahead of the Red Bulls to the finish for his first podium of the year.

Daniel Ricciardo
Another strong qualifying, made it 3-1 versus team mate Vettel this season. A poor start cost him second place, but he had better tyre management than Vettel and managed to come through him, again the team asking the four time champion to let him through. Tried to catch Alonso but ran out of laps at the end.

Other contenders

Nico Hulkenberg (6th) had another strong weekend, despite the Force India struggling on the front limited circuit. The McLaren didn’t work well either and they didn’t get any kind of result. Valterri Bottas had a big bang with Rosberg on the opening lap, but managed to keep going for 7th place, while Kimi Raikkonen went from 11th on the grid to 8th at the end, but he was over 50 seconds behind his team mate.

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I expect loads of comments saying "I would vote for Lewis but he actually doesn't deserve to be the DOTD as he was driving such a dominant car..."

Well, honestly I don't expect it.

Tornillo Amarillo

Matched drivers does not exist, you can win a championship for 1 point, and you will live the rest of your life as a Champion! -said Ali-


Ought to be Fernando on this one. Where was Kimi? (And where has he been all season?!!)


Kimi has been made to look quite average so far this season.


yes it has always been the norm, whether it was M.Schumacher dominating years back, or most recent S.Vettel, if you've got the best car, we all are guilty by saying 'if so & so would have been driving that it would have been a different story', Ricciardo in a Mercedes hmmm, now that would be interesting,


If you call 13 sec right behind!..

Also you have to remember they only have 5 PU this year compared to 8. Every chance they get they must back off..

Go ask your mother/ she will tell you



Brings up another point to me why are these points scoring teams even trying once they know a car is out of the points. Like Ricciardo did in race 2 where he called it a day and thus used less of his unit.

It seems to me disincentive to run in order to perseve PUs will at some point shine through.


Go ask your mother/ she will tell you...

Thank you for that, it made me laugh out loud 🙂


I think you are flattering Nico there. Lewis has beat him by near 20 seconds. And the late safety car at the last race has caused the only time the two have raced wheel to wheel, and Nico could not beat him with superior tyres.

Whatever you think of Webber there was no time in his partnership with Vettel when he was beaten anywhere near as badly as Lewis is whipping poor Nico right now.

That said, I excuse Nico some as it appears that the car designed around Lewis' driving style is simply suiting Lewis a lot better thus far.


dont make the mistake of writing off Nico too soon. he was driving with no telemetry which affected his start and i am sure it would have other effect on a drivers race. His fastest lap was nearly 8 tenths quicker than the field set within a couple of laps of Hamilton's fastest. If Hamilton thinks he has nico's measure it will be to his own detriment.Dont be surprised if the tables turn in europe.


I think driver of the day should be

1st Alonso, 2nd Ricardo and 3rd Hamilton.

I know Ham did nothing wrong the whole week but due to the machinery they have the above two has done more job than him.


Just going to point out to you that Vettel led home more than a dozen RBR 1-2s.

Let us also remember that this MB put 2s per lap on the field in Bahrain. A little hard to not have 1-2s when the V6 MB features hyper drive from the future.

Just want to point that out before what you say becomes fact.


You'll see, sebee, this year will be great for your boy. He'll suffer a bit and build character and skill that he hasn't needed much over the last four years (it worked fro HAM). I still maintain he's no ALO or HAM but I reckon he is faster inherently than RIC and will show it soon.

This year will do wonders for his public image as well, a bit of humility and all that as he showed in the last but one race. And I think her made the right and mature call in China too by not letting his team mate past.


Hamilton drove a great race-- If you asked driver of the weekend, I'd say Hamilton for the qualifying performance he put on. Hard to say about the race, we rarely saw him, except for the one unforced error late on his first stint.

For the actual race, it's really close between Rosberg, Alonso and Ricciardo.


I see Rosberg as essentially doing a Riccardo Patrese 1992 season...


Average driver (I rate Rosberg higher) in the class of the field car. Outdriven by superior team-mate, but lucks into a win due to team-mate retiring. Finishes second in the championship while far better drivers struggle in uncompetitive cars.



Help me out please

My memory i short


Not so fast! I personally wouldn't rule out Rosberg essentially doing a Nelson Piquet 1987 season; Hamilton may have won three races in a row, but Rosberg still leads the championship!




I understand that in 2010, Webber was not exactly "nowhere to be seen". If I remember correctly, Mark started the last GP ahead of Vettel in the WDC...

You know, not too bad for a #2 driver...


Far out... I'm a Webber fan and I'm done with people constantly going back and arguing over the history.

Mark had a wonderful career and was oh so close to glory in 2010. Whether or not Red Bull compromised him intentionally that year or not, it's over .. it's done.

I feel Mark got the rough end of the stick over the years, but at the end of it all Vettel walked away with 4 consecutive drivers championships. They're in the record books.

It seems that any post on this otherwise fantastic forum that hints at Vettel or Redbull or Riccardio invariably ends up in these stupid debates about the past.

Move on ... Mark has.


Number of points is the only useful measure of how good or bad a driver is. Seb won the championship by 250 to 240 (roughly) over Mark so was a 10 point better driver. All the "bad luck" and "not my fault failures" even out and/or we can't tell if they really weren't the drivers fault.

Unfortunately for Mark the combination of Redbull + Pirelli didn't work for him so well after the change of tyre suppliers. He just wasn't able to adapt. So he got worse relatively speaking in the subsequent years.

We'll have to see if Seb can figure out how to make the new Redbull work for him. Or is he going off to race Porsches in 5 years time...


Andrew M

Webber was the king of the DNF, so much so there are conspiracy theories about how RB sabotaged his car to help Wunderkind. Webber was better than he got credit for.


Because Vettel lost three wins through mechanical failures that were no fault of his own; if you take those into account Vettel was comfortably the better driver of the two, even taking into account all the other silly mistakes that he made.


Now Red Bull has a great driver plus an even faster, younger one.

Mercedes with their closely matched drivers will give much joy and competition this year, I hope, while Ferrari has not changed much and still seems a one driver team.

Fernando was definitely the driver of the day.


Yes ALO was certainly driver of the day in my opinion. It was a fantastic performance.

But I don't believe that RIC is inherently faster than VET, the car is more to RIC's liking and what is lacking in VET is the ability to drive around issues that ALO and HAM have both demonstrated. I expect VET to be faster than RIC soon, though.


Has to be Fernando, not only beacuse he made the podium becoming the "best of the rest" ahead of faster Red Bulls, but also for the insulting difference between him and his champion teammate. Faultless all weekend and is 3rd in the championship with the 4th-5th best car on average. Alonso style.


I concur! The truly great drivers outperform their machinery. And Alonso has consistently shown that he can do this. However, before anyone moans I am not a Hamilton hater and rate him highly (It's just that he has the best car at the moment by a significant margin).


I agree that Fernando drove a great race, and was a minute up on his DWC teammate. I'd like to see the percentage that Alonso racks up, and compare it to what Hamilton received after the 2012 Canadian GP where he won and lapped his DWC teammate. Would be interesting I think.


Yes from this Shanghai race it has to go to Alonso, but the guy I think that we'll see shine this (year) is Ricciardo. f1worldtour


Well Alonso's third place was attained by a very good start, and clever pit stop timing giving him the undercut. Alonso is a relentless beast, but had it not been for the undercut he would not have made the podium.


But he did, let's give him the credit he deserves. He is a relentless racer. It was obvious that Ferrari was not the best of the rest, yet Alonso made it look like that in China and that is not the first time.


Well it's a team effect with pit stop timings, but yes Alonso is a very canny racer and can often get a car on the podium when it shouldn't be.


And just when I thought Ferrari would go podiumless this season...boom, he drags it onto the podium.


Great drive from Fernando considering the start with Massa. Am I the only one who thinks Massa should have been investigated by the stewards. His driving and cutting across the track was almost identical to the "first lap nutcase" incident at Spa with Grosjean. Massa didn't cause a crash this time but he can't keep driving like that


I would call it a racing incident, I also think Alo moved not Mas, but I'm thinking maybe he didn't see him as he did initially come across pretty quickly and from nowhere. Could have been a big mess though considering how much of the field was behind them.


What camera angle were you looking at? ALO moved over when MAS was already there.


Having also watched the replay, was it not Massa who overtook Rosberg with 2 wheels outside of the track and then veer back to the centre of the track??


It's weird the way different views gave different stories.

Overhead view of the start, you clearly saw a red car go miles (well, metres) to its left to hit the white car of Massa.

View from Massa's car cam shows Alonso coming over to smack him.

View from Alonso's car cam appears as if Massa has come over to hit him!

Really, the overhead shot is the only one that can be trusted, and it clearly shows Alonso at fault rather than the other way around.


It was actually Alo that cut across and yeah it should have been a penalty.


I've watched the start incident back multiple times, and it is clear to me that it was Alonso who drifted into Massa. You can't just drift across the track like that and hope there is nobody there, but that is exactly what Alonso did.

But drifted is the key word there - there was no "first lap nutcase" swerve or anything, just the cars bunching up together. If anyone is to blame then it is Alonso, but it was really just one of the racing incidents.

That said it isn't the first time Alonso has done something like this - he barged past Grosjean at Monaco a couple of years back, which led to a pretty messy first corner incident then.


have a look at the video from overhead , alonso clearly turned into massa who was driving in a straight line

if it hadn't been on the first lap where the FIA forgive errors alonso would have got a penalty


I agree wholeheartedly, Fernando's ability to make that donkey dance this weekend has been amazing. I am not particularly a fan but his performance in underwhelming machinery boggles the mind.


Second place to Ricciardo the smiling assassin, he is really getting under Vettel's skin now.


Totally agree.


I reckon anyone who could have finished that far ahead of Vettel in the same car any time in the lasst 4 years would be in with a shout of Drive of the Year. Daniel is doing a fantastic job, and gets my vote.


When vettel realized he couldn't catch RIC, he clearly backed off to save the PU and still cover off Hulk. I think the obvious strategy call flatters RIC's margin of victory.


Huge Hamilton fan here, but I gave it to Ricci. The fact that he keeps on beating a 4x WDC in the same car is reason enough. Delighted that Lewis finally has the machinery to win, but even I will admit that that thers really only 1 driver that can beat him, and that is himself. Perhaps Nico will have his day, but right now Lewis seems to have that killer instinct that he hasn't had since 08.


Perfectly said.

Only reliability and Lewis himself can beat Lewis this season.


+ SC 🙂


Killer instinct to be true. The most dominant car in a decade sure helps


Agree JF.


Last season RB won the last 9 GP's!!!!!!


Well the earth has turned and the world changed since the Red Bull glory days!

Stuart Harrison

+1 Agree with every word 🙂


I don't see how it can be anyone other than alonso. at best, the third fastest car on the grid. made a very difficult 2 stopper work on a longer stint after undercutting vettel on the first stop. Saved time by not fighting with rosberg, only to pip ricciardo at the line. As will buxton put it, "punching above his weight class". brilliant drive.


wasnt alonso quickest in fp1 and second in fp2,when it was dry.maybe that ferrari isnt as bad as you think.we'll see in 3 weeks.


It'll be quickest of the rest in Spain. Another front limited track. Last year the Ferrari was the fastest car at Shanghai and Barcelona.


Drivers don't much matter if the teams can't get on top of the merc. It's a. Fantastic machine


Remembering that DR started the race on a patch of oil from a supporting race I thing he did a magnificent job.


I thought Ricciardo had a stellar drive as well despite the poor start. 20 odd seconds ahead of the LEGENDARY 4 time champ is no mean feat!


very true. ricciardo is opening a lot of eyes. but it was not the perfect start to finish race like alonso's was. that getaway at the start....


Got to be Alonso today, great drive.


It has to be Alonso I don't think anyone would have predicted a Ferrari on the podium before the weekend started, he drove flawlessly and has really got on top the new car compared to Kimi


Not before the weekend started, but certainly on Friday evening I think it was clear that Ferrari had the best of the rest in terms of pace.

I feel quite sure that if we'd had a dry qualifying we'd have seen Merc x2, Alonso then RBR x2. Which is exactly how it played out in the race.

This years title race will be all about numbers of race wins and car failures. What we saw this weekend was that even on a messy weekend for Rosberg that Mercedes has enough pace for him to pick up P2. If you're team mate is always following you home you need to hope your car never fails, as Lewis has proven, one car failure can take a long time to catch up.

Overall another dull GP though, much like Malaysia - and that's why I wasn't sticking the foot in on Luca DM when he was suggesting there were issues pre Bahrain.




Perez and Maldonado had great races Alonso for me just sneaks it though. Class !!!


Thought Grosjean had a great weekend being in and around the top 10 with the below par Lotus.


Hso as always gets the best out of his equipment. The best bar none


Who? I didn't realise we had any Chinese drivers in the race.


Come on, there is only one driver that fits with the description.

Hints: He was on the podium and wasnt driving a Mercedes.


a) You've completely missed the joke, well done.

b) Who says andy was on about Alonso?


Hands down Lewis Hamilton. Legendary, Masterful, Flawless are keywords here. Grand Slam again!!

Strike 3


.....driving a car 1-2 seconds faster than anybody else.....your knowledge is astounding for a fanboy!!!


Go Lewis!!


If by Grand Slam you mean a Grand Chelem, then no. Rosberg set the fastest lap.


A Grand Chelem or Grand Slam. Both are good. I forgot about Rosberg. Thanks for pointing it out.


It wasn't a grand slam because Rosberg had the fastest lap time. However it's still impressive


Thanks for pointing it out. Cheers!


Alonso, Hamilton, Ricciardo. Honorable mention Kobashashy. That move on Vettel,who would´ve thought?


Alonso, of course.

But surely the real congratulations has to go the invisible boffins responsible for hijacking one of the world's premier racing formulas and turning it into the world's most expensive economy run. And having all but destroyed any sense of drivers driving on the edge and lost the thrill that comes with that I wonder what's next … bonus points for solving impromptu puzzles at different spots on the track? or maybe a driver's 'eye spy with my little eye' style of competition? - the quality of comm's would support this, surely…. I can already hear the commentators whipping themselves into a lather over who which driver is quickest on the trivial pursuit rounds.

What a sad day when TV commentators are left to try and stir interest in how many extra grams of fuel one car has left over another - and basically from race start…. when drivers are left to talk about the challenge of "extending the braking zone for as long as possible". Good grief.

And in the end, even race officials seemed to have had enough and waved the chequers a lap early…. ooh the intrigue, the mystery, the excitement.


You are dreaming! Did you watch Bahrain? Fuel saving is no more prominent than the previous formula, and the cars are now more powerful. If it had not been for reduced aero they would be faster!


Ha! I can't recall a driver being stripped of a podium finish because his car was allegedly using fuel too quickly, prior to this year.


The FIA communicated with Red Bull during the race "because his car was allegedly using fuel too quickly".

But that was not why he was disqualified.

You clearly know how to use the internet. Search up the articles and news stories, along with the FIA statements to learn why the car was disqualified.


He was stripped because of contravening the rules. Red Bull had the opportunity to turn it down, but chose not to and ultimately ended up losing more points than just a lost position.


RBR broke the rules.

The rules are the rules if you can't accept that go and live in France!


Perhaps you need better commentators?


That would be shooting the messenger. But for the record, I have always enjoyed DC's commentary because he simply tells what he knows (which is substantial) without carrying on like some 2-bit crowd warmer. Ben,on the otherhand …. does he EVER get it right? I doubt it…. corner after corner he gets all frothy about someone about to pass someone else only in the very next breath and next camera angle to retract. By his commentary he declares time and time again that he simply doesn't understand what is involved in driving a race car. Infuriating. I for one do not appreciate his role (however that is perceived by his employers) and how he does it.


What about DC's "split rubber" comments when talking about Hamiltons spark plug issue in Melbourse. - Quality.


Exactly! Isn't that the job of Formula E?




wow! quite a lot to hold your attention right to the end.


you heard it here first if it takes off! 🙂


Everyone has the right to say what they choose to, but seriously, just go watch something else dude.


So true.


Alonso, without shadow of doubt it,with a car that is 2/3 of a second in the rears per lap of the Merec he is a real stuff that champions are made of,interesting to observe Hamiltons speed was acquired on the strights.Alonso matched Mercs in and out of bends, on a very solid information that Ferrari have inherited a tyers problem that Mercedes had at the begining of last season and adding Ferrari V6 engine devlops some 30 bhp more then Mercedes but where Ferrari lags is in their ERS,whereby Mercedes ERS is spot on and as the result the Merceedes power unit over all develops some 25 odd bhp more then Ferrari,result a stright line speed so evendent,

Perhaps Mr Allen would coment?.


Where did you find that the Ferrari engine develops 30 more bhp than Mercedes? Just curious.


I think it can't be anyone but Alonso. A great drive by Hamilton,good recovery by Rosberg after the start and his telemetry issues, and a very good drive by Ricciardo but in all honesty, who here actually believed that Ferrari would finish third.


I did...right around lap 54 😉


You must be clairvoyant . . .

I delayed believing for two hours after the race just in case ‘irregularities’ were discovered.


Ah, but the point is believing that he could finish the race third, not whether or not they'd let him keep the result 😉

Seriously, it's rubbish that anyone has to wonder if the order the drivers cross the finish line is the order they'll still be in by the end of the day.


After such a boring race, anything like Koby's last move in last corner of last lap is enough to make him my DOTD. The other moves from other racers were straight forward. Maybe Vettel's fight with R'berg was ok I guess. Not really clear on who DOTD should be here. No excitement from anyone.


Well the race was called after 54 laps because of the flag error so, in the context of the official Grand Prix results, you'd essentially be voting Kobayashi DotD for a move that never happened! Good commitment by the two drivers though and was hoping that the TV cameras would pick up more of the battle with Bianchi.


i was dull, dull, dull.


After the chequered flag is waved, aren't drivers meant to slow down and head for the pits? Shouldn't the entire field be disqualified, after racing on for the final 2 laps? Maybe they didn't all see the flag, but Lewis certainly did, as he mentioned it over the radio. So perhaps he should be disqualified. Ferrari and Red Bull should consider an appeal. I'm sure Red Bull would love to get one over Mercedes, following the recent Appeal hearing regarding Ricciardo!!!


Because of the controversy over Vettel's doughnuts last year, I am better able to answer your query.

Once the race ends, as long as the cars eventually return to parc ferme with a litre of fuel for testing, I don't think anyone gives a sith.


Even if anyone did give a sith they could get out of it by using the force majeure.


There was several blue flag snafu's too. Pretty sure Alonso was shown a bluey at one time 🙂 I assume a 10 place grid penalty next time out...


Great reply.


Dreams are free...dream on little brother!!


We know that now, but it was such an odd one that I don't think anyone knew what they were supposed to do - and who wants to be the odd one out that heads for the pits early? 😉


No, but apparently the race ended on lap 54, since the flag was waved prematurely.

Should the end-of-race signal be given early for whatever reason, the race will be judged to have ended at the end of the last lap the leader completed (Paraphrased from sporting reg 43.2).

Think of it as several very hot cooldown laps. 😉


It does take nearly as much skill to drive the car that is WAY faster then everything else to victory (especially when your teammate botches the start). It takes great skill to make a less competitive car look competitive...and Alonso did that.


Hard to lose in a merc at the moment. Fernando was stellar. But for vettel holding up Ric RBR would have bagged 3rd in all probability. My pick Fernando for a solid drive, even though I'm a Ric fan.


Yes, likewise a Ric fan but being fair minded about it the vote goes to Fernando on account of the better start and race result...


Yep, same here. I dont think RIC would have passed ALO anyway. Catch, yes. Pass hmmmm,


Alonso and Ricciardo, but I voted for Alonso just because of a personal preference. Both did a great job.


Gotta be Kobayashi for the sheer audacity to pass Vettel, can only hope he gets a better car next season in place of some liabilites(Maldonado, Sutil). Ericsson is going to get the beating of a lifetime this season. Not that we'll know of course because the cameras are never on them, but still.


the dummie was thrown out of the pram. surely the best bit of the race. was kob saying tough luck?


Alonso, may not be winning races but he is showing everyone just how good he is.


hamilton has amassed as much explosives as he can to let rip of that record book.


I don't think Hamilton is focused on records.

I imagine he (like Alonso before him) came into the sport with one eye on Schumachers records, but after the last 4 years I think he fancies a different legacy. Perhaps winning a championships with three different teams; or maybe heading off to America after he's bagged (if he bags) another couple of F1 championships.


what he does this season will be unheard of. i am so sorry but I can't control your imagination.




Oh my god, I am a forgery. This changes everything, not least of all my value.


If someone had said to me on Thursday that Alonso would finish 3rd in China my response would have been a very polite "no chance".

So well done Alonso, followed by Hamilton for another (almost) flawless victory, followed by Kobi solely for his pass on Vettel 🙂


Yep, I'll go along with that.

Fernando is showing us why he has apparently the biggest salary in F1 - because he performs race in race out above the potential of his car. For a chap who has been in F1 for nearly 15 years in some capacity, he still retains his motivation, determination and mental capacity.

Honourable mention to Pastor: he didn't hit anyone, and brought the car home! Well done him!


Interestingly, while I'm on the issue of salaries, I believe Fernando is the only one of the current crop of top F1 stars to actually live in his home nation.

The likes of Daniel, Jenson, Lewis and Felipe all live in an amusing little country called Monaco...........I wonder why? Oh that's right, great weather, good access.......

I'm not decrying drivers for living in Monte Carlo........Nigel Mansell used to live in Florida! Lucky he wasn't eaten by alligator or snake!


I doubt it would be convenient for Riciardo to live in Australia, might as well be in Monaco.



No, Alonso moved back to Spain, paying all taxes. The link below mentions that he did so "to love closer to his family and friends", but I recall him also mentioning that with Spain suffering economic problems he wanted to cotribute. Can't find a link, though.


You could be right James, perhaps he's got an "official" house in Switzerland as well as a residency in Spain.


He spends quite a bit of time in Spain, but isn't he still domiciled in Switzerland?

Guybrush Threepwood

How could Hamilton possibly be the driver of the day? He literally cruised around without anyone pressuring him the whole race. A monkey could have driven that to the chequered flag and won from pole.

Make no mistake, winning from the front is the easiest thing to do in F1... just ask Vettel.


Rosberg is slower than monkey, Why Rosberg can't do what monkey can do.


Would that be a three headed monkey, Guybrush?


You mean to say DOTD should go to Rosberg then? Funny!

David in Sydney

Why do some F1 fans claim to love F1 but then talk down a winner (or a Champion) because their car was better.

F1 is about designing the best car and then driving it better than any other.

Take one great car. Set up wrong and it's not a wining car. Drive poorly and it's not a winning car. Have a faster team mate and you're not going to win.

Car and driver are part of F1.

Hamilton has a quick car in his hands.

Put Alex Yoong into that same car and I doubt he'd win so easily if at all.

Hamilton deserved the win and made it look easy.


"Why do some F1 fans claim to love F1 but then talk down a winner (or a Champion) because their car was better."

Like you didn't do same with Vettel last year

David in Sydney

I don't think I was one of those people.

Like the years of SCH domination - was it boring? No.


How appropriate. You fight like a cow.


Note that Hamilton got many, many more laps out of his tires, and used less fuel than anyone else... Which could be argued as clean air, but really, with 10-15 second gaps, there was a lot of clean air available on the track.

But I doubt the monkey could have gotten a single lap out of the car without crashing, even if he'd been trained. The pedals are a bit far away.

Hamilton won the race in qualifying, and on lap one today.


I thought a lot of the cars had "monkey seats"?


He could reach the pedals, but then he couldn't see over the steering wheel.

The FIA needs to address this right away - monkeys have rights too.


"fitting in an F1 car might be difficult"

Beat me to it 🙂


I thought Jezza was a 6'5' Big Ape? He should be able to see over the steering wheel!

Mind you, he is nearly 18 stone, so actually fitting in an F1 car might be difficult.



Well if there's one person on the planet who would know what a monkey could do it's you 😉


Spot the odd one out on this list...then split the spoils amongst the rest...they who outperformed their teammates by a considerable margin, are the true drivers of the day.


Happy for Lewis, but Alonso has my vote. Ricciardo and Hulkenberg were stellar.



kenneth chapman

i gave it equally to ricci and alonso. both these guys drove a super race but apart from some mere glimpses of action the race was sub standard IMO.

after the bahrein 'second race', post the SC, it was always going to be a let down. that little effort was a one off.

the previous poster also made some pertinent comments which bear some thought. i might add that this race seemed almost totally muted and without the visuals it would be hard to know if a race was actually being held!!!


Agreed, it won't go down as the most exciting race in history.

Still the best bit for me was Kobi overtaking Vettel - classic 🙂

kenneth chapman

@ random79....hahahah yes, that went down a right royal treat. i could swear that i heard a 'WTF' or was i dreaming?


I think they call that telepathy 🙂


Well, Ricciardo seems to be right on it which is nice! Lewis cruising, pretty dreary race but at least now it's nice and quiet it was easy to go to sleep.


I'm going to with Kobayashi on this one.... An everlasting moment of f1 history winding up a 4 times WDC like he managed to lol


Alonso for me, even though Friday practice showed he had the second fastest car and was my pick for a podium.


F1 desperately needs Alonso with Hamilton in that Mercedes


Correction: F1 desperatley needs Alonso,Hamilton,Vettel,Kimi,Rosberg, Button Magnussen and Ricciardo in their respective cars pretty much at the same level so we can have close battles and different winners every race.


It's impossible to have cars in the same level in F1. The only way that can be achieved is through one constructor. Like in GP2/GP3


Congratulations to Lewis and his fans - with his skills it was an easy (and predictable) victory, but my vote goes to Alonso for a surprising podium. Those two are really something special.



I thought Nico drove pretty well considering the telemetry issues, he was down in 6th at one point in memory.


Alonso in his red taxi was unbelievable today! How, oh how?

We know Alonso is this good, but is Kimi really this bad?


No, he's not, it's the car that doesn't suit him at all. China has been his lowest point so far (in terms of not being able to get the most out of the car).

Yeah, Fernando's red taxi was incredible


Something needs to be done to bring Renault up to spec. This is just boring. Reminds me of mclaren days in the 80s. You can't have one car having 20% more power then the opposition. It is just ridiculous.


No more ridiculous than a red bull having more downforce than every one else in the previous seasons, some of these comments are ridiculous, this is f1, merc have a great car, while its so domaint, were going to get races like this, the big problum for a lot of posters on here is that it happens to be lewis driven the car and winning, which for some reason seems to ruin there weekend, they only seem to get any enjoyment from the race if lewis makes a mistake or rosbeg beats him(its amazing how many rosberg fans there are since lewis joined Mercedes) any how dotd alonso, have a great easter monday


100%, very well put.


I would say Alonso except for the fact that he got a ticket of leave for lack of awareness when moving over on Massa (he was far enough up to be out of the blindspot). Massa was dead straight and had position.

Felippe! Felippe! You know you aren't allowed to be so much better at starts than everyone else? Yep he moved over quickly but it was perfectly judged, then he was perfectly straight and had position.

If you don't want him moving forward and across like that so perfectly you don't want racing. He knew what he was doing, but it is all too scary for the stewards. Like for old men for whom it all happened too fast and they are still their own references.

As for Bundle? Incident comments by his personal ranking of the driver rather than what he should have seen with his eyes is what you always expect of him by now. As for the others? They can't even identify the cars. Calling the wrong car continuously starting from the off and making up little stories in their heads and telling it as it isn't. None of them are up to calling it as the world sees it.


Clear as mud on the replay Alonso moved right and collided with Massa. Ric had a bad start. As did Rosberg. Ironic that Hamiltons little off track was actually due to his tyre management skill in making these softs last 18 laps, (Button the tyre whisperer pitted after 9). McLaren are all at sea and the ship is sinking.

Vettel had another nightmare but at least provided some entertainment for all the wrong reasons. Was Kimi in this race?


Then must be we were watching different start sequence or you are just to much on the console racing " Fast and Furious" ? If anything or anyone Massa was the only one out of control at the start. Yes he had a very inspiring and better start then Rosberg but everything what he did afterwards was plain silly. He was driving all over the track as if he lost the steering. And yes did anyone tell him that no race was won at the first corner.


Can I suggest you use this thing called a DVR where you can watch Alonso turn into Massa over and over again.


FA.....could you see it any other way




Didn't 't have to watch last third of the race for sure. Really miss the 90's nail biters.


Heaps of races in the 90s were uneventful too.


Strong performances from Hamilton, Rosberg, Alonso and Ricciardo, but it's hard to look past Hamilton for the win. Crushingly dominant performance even if the car is the best. Alonso definitely a close second in DOTD.


Fernando, then Ricciardo. Lewis was Driver of the Last 2 Days, as his qualifying drive is what won him the race today.


Have to give the DOTD to Alonso.

Man, if Lewis pulls away at this rate I'm just thinking when will he wrap the WDC up. In fact I hope he can win all the races and set more new records for 2014 since he's got the best car and being a top driver, why not watch him make history and he deserves it too.

Race was not really exciting, but i don't think there'll be a repeat of Bahrain maybe not at all, coming too soon from the other tracks.

Don't expect any surprises from the other teams and Rosberg has to get use to Lewis beating him, I like Rosberg but sorry to say it's going to be very tough to catch Lewis.

Vettel is taking the thrashing from Ric very well, but when he gets into the groove of the new rules he will surely be up there.

Seems like there's no difference in the runaway team like Red Bull did except it's Merc this time. It can be boring overall and once again drop in fans viewership.


Well I absolutely can't stand Alonso but even I gave him DOTD.

FIA should have penalized him for causing a collision but hey it's the FIA And they only do things like that to other teams.


It was Massa's fault clearly. Just watch the onboard cameras and you will see he is the one turning the steering wheel.


I think you guys need to watch the replays on your DVR again looking down the straight Alonso is the one that turns into Masa


How was Alonso moving to the right then?


Yes massa was at clear fault for the incident

Even few experts from BBC have given the verdict on the race start incident, I cannot understand why drivers like massa are still in F1. He did not had any sense and moved / weaved across to his right and collected Alonso in the process. Luckily Fernando did not had any damage. Massa should have been punished by the stewards.


Well said!!!


What collision?, do you actually know the meaning of that word...


Hamilton, by a longshot. He made a brave move from the then faster macca team to a mid-ranking outfit and has dragged them to the front of the grid. His excellent quali performance in China made his race seem much easier than it was.

His comments after the race complementing the team for such an excellent car were honest and modest and underplayed his fantastic drive over the weekend.

Alonso, nope. He has underperformed embarassinlgy at Ferrari specially last season so although he had a good race yesterday I wouldn't give him driver of the day, his car had improved a lot this weekend, whereas RB are clearly still struggling. Despite this, Ricciardo would have had him were it not for Vettels petulance.

I would give Alo the start of the day however.

Ricciardo is another Hammy in my book. The two best drivers out there.

Id be delighted to see Lewis up against any driver in an equal car, esp Vettel, Alonso, but more so Ricciardo.

Ricciardo is another Hammy in my book. The two best drivers out there.


"He has underperformed embarrassingly at Ferrari specially last season so although he had a good race yesterday I wouldn’t give him driver of the day"


The F138 underperformed. If you're willing to go back that far, go a little further and look at what he did in 2012.

And he did have a good race yesterday - a very good race - so I'm just wondering if you fully understand the concept of driver of the *day*.


If we are judging drivers on the day's performance only and with no reference to previous endeavor, well I think that is not really possible without bringing in a little bias.

But specifically yesterday, we do not know for certain what the true potential of the Ferrari is.

Its just that Kimi was so poor. That's the only true reference point, but I don't think it is a good comparison - Kimi needs time to settle in Ferrari where Alonso has been the number one driver for eons.

However, as I said above I would give Alo the START of the day - it was superb.


"If we are judging drivers on the day’s performance only and with no reference to previous endeavor, well I think that is not really possible without bringing in a little bias"

You're right there, but a little bit of bias is not a bad thing 🙂

The Ferrari situation right now is weird; Alonso is making it look a lot better than it probably is, but on the other hand Kimi is making it look worse than it probably is, so I don't think even Ferrari knows where they're actually at.

You're right about Alonso's start too - even his most dedicated detractors would have to admit he rarely gets that bit wrong 🙂


Spot on! I think the attitude and maturity of DR is quite refreshing. His positive demeanour continuing even after hearing Vettel's "tough luck" comment and not overreacting but quietly with that huge smile positively building Vettel up - this boy has wisdom in abundance and I can see a great future ahead.


Sorry to ask some question, as English is not my 1st language.

I really want to know the true menaning of "Tough luck", can someone explain to me what it really mean.


Fernando Alonso fantastic drive. Hate to say it. He made the most of whatever developments Ferrari made.

Congrats to Lewis Hamilton for becoming the foremost British GP winner. There are plenty more to come !


Fernando undoubtedly had the best drive. Not taking anything from Lewis, but you could put Maldonado in the W05 and he would win. (No comments about Maldonado please-totally off topic)

But Fernando is once again clearly carrying a car that is down on pace, as he's done EVERY YEAR since his return to Renault in 2008. But unlike Piquet Jr & Massa, I think we can all agree Kimi is absolutely NO slouch of a driver (albeit I am perplexed by Kimi at present), but just as he did when the aforementioned were his teammates, he exhibits sublime race pace compared to whoever is in the other car. The proof is in the results and the gaps to the other side of the garage at the checkered flag: an obvious point, but still makes the case.

I don't know how he does it, but somehow Fernando will find a way to wring the neck of that Ferrari and through sheer willpower push it seemingly beyond its limits. Brilliance.


agree, and the annoying thing is that after Alonso will finaly move to another team, then Ferrari will build an amazing car.

Can't help but feel the pain for Fernando. He deserves a decent car.


"No comments about Maldonado please-totally off topic"

Sorry in advance 🙂

Put Maldonado in the W05 and odds are he'd crash it.


"Pastor is faster than stuffing it into the barrier!"

Did I really witness the 2012 Spanish GP when a certain South American won that race? Or was it just, what's that English word......fluke????


He did, and I do believe that even in the most messed up rain affected races no-one wins by a fluke (so credit to him for that) but his track record since has been less than impressive.


Exiting the pit-lane.... sorry, entering the pit lane, anyway, yes, he'd crash it 😉

Matthew Cheshire

Not a foot wrong by Lewis. But technical achievement and delivery aren't as exciting as dicing with Vettel and coming out on top. again. DOTD Ricciardo.

Excellence by Alonso but he needs to let Kimi catch up and bang wheels to make it interesting.


Why is it Alonso's job to let Kimi catch up?

Isn't it Kimi's job to find a way and catch up? He is afterall the last Ferrari WDC. He's no rookie so no excuses there.

Just look at what Ricciardo is doing to Seb this year. Or Kvyat to Vergne. Being new to a team is not such a stumbling block these days.

Matthew Cheshire

You're taking it a little too seriously.

Can you imagine "Fernando, Kimi is slower than you, why no drop back five places to jazz it up for the crowd?" That would work every time.

It's a slightly obtuse comment intimating that driver performance and pleasing the fans can be very different.


Alonso to let Kimi catch up ? I doubt that Alonso is holding Kimi hand brake right now. To blame Alonso for other driver confusion is so funny.


Drivers Of The Day = 1. Hamilton, 2. Alonso, 3. Ricciardo, 4. Rosberg, 5. Hulkenberg, 6. Kobiyashi


If you call it driver of the weekend it would have to be Lewis H. Qualifying top in the wet and winning in the dry. How many times do we see a freak pole in the wet and then a dry race where pole sitter reverses through the field. Same when its dry quali and wet race.

As for Alonso yes it was good but why is the car supposed to be so bad. they do fix things you know.


Aah, Rosberg. Good, but not good enough. There can be only one World Champion. He is not only racing Hamilton, but also himself.

Driver of the day is Fernando Alonso. It is very telling that he dedicated the podium to Domenicali. As if he wanted to say:"Montezemolo, Get your act together!"?


I'd like to say it was Fandango but I'm giving my vote to the driver that is consistently getting under his team mate's skin by beating them every week and Kimi is too cool to show he's riled.

So it's between Hamilton and Ricciardo, I may have to flip a coin.

Regardless, I hope they both keep up the good work.


I'm happy for Hamilton who looked on the verge of a Great Depression in previous years trailing around but I hope he does apologise for his comments about F1 the past few years too, for instance when he said, 'it's pretty boring having the same guy just leading from the front all the time...'

😉 just kidding Lewis - I know its hard to knock the show when it's you doing the winning.

I voted for Lewis today as I grudgingly came to admit Vettel was doing something right by dominating with the best car - can hardly blame Lewis for getting into the best car and winning everything - after all Senna did too and we don't tend to insult his ability.


Except for one thing .... both these guys are not fit to tie Sennas shoe laces 🙂


Maybe not - I'd just love to be able to see what Senna would make of a modern F1 race though - and vice versa - drop the last 5 champions in Senna's heyday - be incredibly interesting but sadly we'll never know.


I think Prost would be heavily favoured over Senna in this era. Prost had the edge over Senna in terms of racecraft, consistency, and intellect. Senna had one lap pace over Prost I'll give him that.


Driver of the Day has to be Lewis.

But Driver of the Day with a lower power unit

goes to Alonso


Umm...hang on a minute...

Was wasn't Maldonado in the running? A whole 56 lap race without a single somersault, trip to the beach, or passionate embrace with the armco! The guy's an absolute champion! Just ask him! 🙂

Seriously, though, Alonso! Give the guy water, turns it to wine! That Ferrari may as well be a Reliant Robin, and still he hustles it home to a podium!

I feel for Nico. Poor Britney's having a rough time of it of late! Hamilton does seem to have found some inner peace, and it's showing on track! I think HAM will probably run away with it very very early on. Both Championships locked away by the time they hit Monza.

Lastly, as an Aussie, it's great to see Dan doing so well. It's clear that Vettel will get to grips with the car sooner or later, and I, for one, can't wait. Should be a great battle all season. I'm predicting fireworks around Canada, if not before! I'm picking Dan the Man to continue to deliver all season!


Nando played a blinder but went with Lewis because he made it look so easy.


Got to be LH. From qually to race finish he was in complete controll. I cannot believe how much of a difference a DNF makes!Everyone bleats on about the superiority of the Merc but forgive me but wasn't,t Nico 4th on the grid? LH is really driving the car well and to it,s limits when needed. I just prey that Bernie,s ridiculous points don,t change the outcome of this years championship.

Alexander Supertramp

Hard one. I'll go for Alonso, really made the most of every opportunity and kept me intrested in the race.

Lewis was amazing throughout the weekend, so he's DotW.


Tough to choose between Lewis, Alonso and Daniel as well

However Alonso wins this one for me, with lewis a close second. Lewis drove a superb race and totally put rosberg to the sword. Yet Mercedes only had to race themselves. Lewis himself confessed he raced himself and no-one else. Despite the Mercedes dominance lewis was simply superb to watch

Well, Fernando is simply a treat to watch all day long. Alonso always wrings every bit and pieces of time out of the car. Once again in china Alonso have put in consummate drive and this was a classic alonso drive in my opinion. Cannot understand how long it will take Fernando to find another car/ team who can provide him a fast package if not the fastest package to bag another WDC. This man deserves more than 2 WDC'S easily.

Here is one who still hope to see Fernando Alonso win another WDC sooner rather than later.


"Here is one who still hope to see Fernando Alonso win another WDC sooner rather than later."

As I said many times - it's like Fernando has KERS in his head, doing what can't be done (easily) over and over again.. in any team, in any conditions. Yes he isn't the quickest one lap racer and he also makes mistakes but his ability to THINK and bypass all kind of issues with his consistency to deliver top results are truly fascinating. Being a professional helicopter pilot for 20 years I believe I have some idea what it takes to have such high level of man-and-machine symbiosis, focus and determination for such a long period of life.

So maybe next generations will need numbers to get a picture of someone before their time - in this case Fernando, but to me who have the privilege to watch him in real time - I don't care how many title he has, for me he is the best out there, ever, period.

And I'm not even sure that I would like to see him in a dominating car - this would be utterly boring and would completely kill the satisfaction of watching him doing something special.



Pretty much agree with you

Yet i believe Fernando alonso is a fable for me and he really deserves to have more than 2 WDC which he has now. Even i will not be too flustered if Alonso does not win another WDC. Yet i wish to see Alonso add 1 or 2 more WDC to his name before he calls it a day

Yes, you are correct. It's real honour to watch Alonso out on the track week-in / week-out. He is such a fantastic performer and a real treat to watch

Yes as you called it, He is the best for sure.


Well done daniel good drive

Sebastian "Daniel is faster and let him through" - Loved and enjoyed the team orders from RBR in chinese GP

Keep up the splendid work, More of the same please Daniel


I would have given it to alonso ...but he caused a collision with massa and stopped him getting past [ look at the overhead video ] , didn't make an overtake except in the pits , and his car was too fast down the straights for the red bulls to catch

so , on the basis of a perfect performance ...hamilton , with ricky a close second


as I said after the last race, why would anyone vote rosberg? completely outshone by lewis.

Alonso DOTD though


Alonso, first of the Human League, and Ricciardo, once more ahead of the previous Star League leader.


I'm a Kimi fan, but for me it has be Fernando, beating the rest of the Merc engines and both improving Red Bulls.


Driver of the Day Kamui Kobayashi.... his pass on Vettel did it for me ... (joke, but anyway, James what happened there?... was Kamui lapped and was not entitle to run faster than another car?... can you tell us what really happened?



Tough to call. Lewis was driver of Saturday. Sunday, made a textbook start and drove within himself and looked after the machinery. Can't fault him, but you couldn't call it heroic.

Fernando for another great start ? He didn't do much in the rest of the race. Got past a Red Bull in the pitstops and was passed by Rosberg. Got more out of the car than perhaps he should and more than his teammate.

Rosberg - a lousy start and no telemetry, made up the places he lost and more to finish where you'd his car to be but couldn't do as much as team mate.

Ricciardo - for beating Vettel (who looks out of sorts at the moment) but both slipped back from where they started.

Nothing clear cut: I'd say after lap 1 Rosberg had the better Race than Alonso, but Alsonso's third was more than achievement than putting the Mercs in the first 2.

Sadly we only get a race like Bahrain once a season.


Nice work from Alonso, but he had no gains on track, but only in pits. He didn't defend the second place for a second (which was wise thinking of securing the third place) but not much of drive could me seen.

So, if there are no outstanding efforts, it comes to the winner. Hamilton for DOTD.


I don't see how Alonso drove such a great race. It was a solid drive, but Ricciardo was better.

The Ferrari was fastest in a dry practice session 1, second fastest in a dry practice session 2. It was the second best car out there Sunday. Forget about what Raikkonen was doing. Felipe Massa beat him in 2008 and 09 so it's a given that Alonso will beat him this season.

It can't be Hamilton because his win was purely the car and nothing else. He has what will ultimately be the most dominant car in F1 history.

It has to be Ricciardo for destroying his quadruple world champion teammate.



Thing is if Hamilton did not exist Rosberg would be dominating f1 right now, by winning races by huge margins 10secs plus or so doing a Vettel.

Hamilton is beating him by 10secs plus at this point of the season. they share the same car with no team orders, shared telemetry and equal status.

That's impressive if you think about it. Something we have not seen in f1 for near 20years.

Welcome to the Hamilton show.

Driver of the day Kimi - in his trial and tribulation with the Ferrari he managed to drag it to 8th.

Note how the big boys except Macca, are dragging their motors into the points - like last year it's not the car.


Fernando relentlessly drives the wheels off any race car in his hands and this flatters an inferior car to deceive. The pace of his teammates more closely reflects the potential of the Ferrari. It's a midfield car that has no right to be on the podium.


'Third consecutive win in his career' That should read his F1 career as he has done it in both F3 (twice and then 5 consecutive wins) and GP2. Picky, I know. Still Driver of the weekend.


Agree 100%

Alonso = consistently outstanding.

Very disapointed by Raikonnen and Vettel so far but we are only 4 races into the season.

I hope the cars develop so that Kimi and Seb find a setup that suits them.


If you desire to increase your familiarity only keep visiting this site and be updated with the most recent information posted here.

Tornillo Amarillo

HAMILTON was the DotD, absolutely great from start to finish, astonishing performance, astounding in perfection, surprising in his firs hat-trick achievement, stunning, staggering de puta madre, shocking rivals, startling star in Asia, breathtaking until the end...

I've already bought my tickets for Canada!


The facts at moment are really very obvious.

1. Hamilton, Ricciardo and Alonso are driving very well and have a good handle on their cars with setup and also managing with less downforce.

2. Rosberg is doing a good job but is just not quite as good as Hamilton.

3. Vettel and Kimmi are not performing with less downforce and are not as competitive due to this.

What can happen in the future is that NR will grab that last bit of pace and stay with LH, SV will finally come to grips with his new car and get it together and KR will do the same.

The way I see it is those who can be quick with less aero are on top and LH has the advantage of a very good car, if he keeps up the pressure he will take over the lead in the championship soon enough, DR will slowly but surely move ahead of Seb and Alonso will continue to outclass his team mate.

All others are just making up numbers at present


I think many of you are being unfair to Kimi. Ferrari F1 cars are notoriously hard to master.

Note he finished in the points under the radar something he does way to often- I predict he''ll climb steadily up the pecking order over the next few races you watch.

Alonso won't see him coming.

kenneth chapman

@ thompson... personally i don't see this at all, but then again my eyes aren't what they used to be! i very much doubt that raikonnen will get one over alonso.

as i have said in other threads i just don't think that kimi is all that special. he is good but so are a lot of others and his WDC was hardly a ringing endorsement of his total superiority.

theoretically he should be able to master the new car better than most. his adventure in rally cars would have prepared him well for outright variance, handling and control. i would say that, like vettel, the complexity of the new cars and their handling is proving to be problematic amongst some of the older drivers, turning on its head the belief that the more experienced older drivers will be able to cope better.

alonso is good and he will be putting as much fresh air between him and raikonnen as possible so that when 2015 comes around he will be well placed to make the hard decisions on his future.


I hear you Kenneth Chapman but I still believe Kimi will come through.

His WDC is a prime example of his ability to achieve the unexpected out of nowhere. No one expected him to walk away with that title, but he did.

He also won a race in the Lotus no one else has. He is an understated person but he'll get results when it's least expected.

Alonso has the rope but I predict Kimi will reel him in in an unassuming way.

He does need to grow up a bit (the iceman thing was cool 10 years ago it's now silly) and knuckle down with his team ans make use of the simulator to get the best from the car . But you remember this exchange.

kenneth chapman

@ thompson....your belief in kimi is admirable but i very much doubt if it will come to any satisfactory conclusion.

his WDC was 'opportune' at the best. this happens from time to time.

as for his lotus win well that also was 'opportune'. let me simply say that maldonado won a race for williams as we all know that there is very little in common with these drivers as per their on track performances over time but it does show that sometimes strange/unexpected results can occur. the fact is that raikonnen never followed it up with recurring wins.

i have never been an 'iceman' follower/supporter. yes, he has been portrayed as the epitome of the monosyllabic archetype skandi but this is just plain silly and childish.

one of my closest friends is a personal friend of kimi and even he states that it is all a PR charade that has been milked for a very long time!

anyway, that is my opinion [which means zippedy doo dah.] i hope your man gets up sooner rather than later.

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