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Bahrain GP: Who was your driver of the day?
Posted By: James Allen  |  07 Apr 2014   |  5:26 am GMT  |  223 comments

The Bahrain Grand Prix was a classic with plenty of strong performances throughout the field.

Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg put on quite a show in their fight for the win, but so did the Force India drivers, the Williams drivers and Red Bull drivers among others.

So who was your Driver of the Day?

Lewis Hamilton
Got the jump on team mate Rosberg at the start and held him off on the opening lap. Also fought off an attack at the end of the first stint and then built a lead while the pair were on different strategies. Managed to hold Rosberg off at the end despite the safety car cutting his lead and on the slower tyre.

Nico Rosberg
Grabbed a stunning pole on Saturday. Lost the start to Hamilton but attacked him in a sustained way all through the race. Had a pace advantage, but couldn’t regain the initiative after losing the start.

Sergio Perez
First podium since 2012 for the Mexican, who qualified a strong fourth and used a two stop strategy to convert that into third place at the flag. Battled with highly rated team mate Hulkenberg. Had to hold off some quick cars at the end.

Daniel Ricciardo
Another impressive weekend for the Aussie. Qualified third, which became 13th when he took the carry over penalty for his team unsafely releasing him from a pit stop in Malaysia. Passed his team mate Vettel among a host of other cars. Fought his way back up to challenge for a podium on the final lap, missed out by a whisker.

Nico Hulkenberg
Started 11th, finished 5th moved into third place behind the Mercedes duo in the Drivers World Championship. Although beaten this weekend by teammate Perez, largely due to messing up qualifying, Hulkenberg put in another top quality race performance.

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DR. Brilliant! Funniest thing EVER when they asked SV to move over for him!!!!!


It restored SV’s reputation regarding team orders which was hurt a bit after Malaysia 2013.


Lewis by far !

Magnificent drive!

Like the Lewis of old.


LEWIS as Driver Of The Day .

His race craft alone surpassed the pack behind him.

Next Rosberg & then Perez.


Without a doubt, Lewis. Second place to Dan the Man.

Feel ripped off that a clutch problem kept JB out of the final mix at the end – then we could have seen how the McLaren vs. FI battle would have played out.


I don’t understand

Ricciardo was on options..both d force indias were on primes…ricciardo had an advantage there

Had it not been for the safety car period,force india were quite a long way down the road…

He gained an advantage there aswell

Yes I totally he drove brilliantly..

But it’s kinda annoying when people talk about the one extra lap that he needed to get d 3Rd spot on d podium

I say it again “he drove brilliantly and probably Evn deserved d 3Rd place dat he didnt get”…but Evn perez and hulk fought each othr pretty hard and so did Hamilton and rosberg


So many drivers of the day for this race

Ric is so good, he took Vettel on track 2 times, which is great. Look like he is going to be big name in the future. At least, he prove that he can fight Vettel.

Perez also good, but on TV we didn’t see much of his action on track.

Lewis vs Nico, is very very good clean fight. Both of them driving so good.

If there is no SC, I will give the credit to Ric as Lewis shold get the win gutie comfort. But the Last 10 laps Lewis got very hard time for the full attack from Nico in slower car.

So, for me, my driver of the day go for Lewis, he show his skill in defenceive mode very very well.


I meant to say the difference between Mercedes and the rest of the F1 cars is MORE than the difference between the rest of the F1 cars and the fastest GP2 cars.


There is no doubt that it was a legendary drive from Lewis; it was good. And Nico’s drive was very good also.

But no one had a chance against the Mercedes; like Kimi said, there in a different class; the difference between Mercedes and the reast of the pack is less than the difference between the rest of the pack and the faster GP2!

So the driver of the day:


results don’t lie this time.


Lewis and Daniel of course. Lewis for the best defensive driving I’ve seen for a long, long time. Daniel for making up his deficit of a 10-place penalty, and still managing 4th place whilst overtaking a plethora of cars.(including Sebastian). Both the Force India drivers are worth a mention too. Sergio for ultimately making the important overtakes today, whilst Nico made a fantastic first 10 laps to the Grand Prix. He started from 12th and finished 6th.


Awesome racing almost throughout the field. I gave DotD honours to Perez but I could also have gone with Daniel, Lewis or Nico R.

Of course, dishonourable mention to Pastor.

Tornillo Amarillo



A real tough selection. The duel between the Merc drivers was every bit as good as Dijon 79. Rosberg came out second best so it’s difficult to call him driver of the day. Perez looked hungry and determined, a bit more than the hulk and he took the fight to the Williams and deserved his 3rd place. Ricciardo put in a real shift and worked for every position, made Vettel look lazy if anything. But the vote has to go to Hamilton, won the race twice over really. Putting himself in the best possible position to win the race, he won the battle to get first call on pit stop, and set about sensibly earning a race winning gap. And then when the race turned, he turned on the skills to keep back the clearly faster Rosberg. China usually produces some excellent racing, so hopefully the season is about to take off!!!


James, it’s a bit embarrassing to see Rosburg gets only 1.2% of the vote.

It takes 2 to tango.

If Rosburg just sat behind Hamilton, we would not be talking about how great the race was.

Yes Hamilton deserves first because he won, Ricciardo second because he stormed through the field, but Rosburg deserve 3rd ahead of Hulkenberg.


Simply put, it’s Lewis Hamilton.

Why? Because he showed every in the field what being a top class Formula 1 driver is all about.

Look, every competitive Formula 1 driver is going to have really good days when they are the quickest guy on the track and days when they just don’t have it together. We remember guys like Senna, Prost, and Schumacher and how dominant they were, but they weren’t infallible and were capable of being beaten by their teammates.

The key to being a truly great driver is to have a combination of skill, intelligence, and sheer will power to fight through a day when either you are off compared to an opponent or when you don’t have the car right or you have an adverse situation and do exactly what it takes to get ahead and stay ahead. Lewis faced all three on Sunday and did exactly what it took to beat a teammate going more quickly and win.

He has been in these situations time and again and shined. There should be no doubt that he is in the top class with Vettel, Alonso, and Raikkonen after this. If others want to join them, they better start showing this kind of class.

Ricciardo definitely deserves #2 on the list. He is starting to show some real class as a driver and will make Vettel quite uncomfortable the rest of the way.

Both Force India drivers were very impresssive. Perez did himself a lot of favors with this drive. He was the clear winner of the Force India drivers this time. Hulkenberg shows he is a consistent performer even on days when he or the car is a little off. I’m almost ready to put him in the top class, but he has yet to prove he can deliver when he has the pressure of winning and contending for a title. (And he screwed up his one legitimate chance so far to win a race in Brazil 2008.)

Rosberg definitely deserves a nod for his speed. But the bottom line is that he should have won this race, and he got beat. Furthermore, he knows it. He himself admitted this weekend that he has to do everything absolutely right to beat Lewis. On Sunday, he missed a few things. There’s no doubt that he will have more pace than Lewis on a number of weekends, but he needs to capitalize on every situation when he is quicker if he wants to win the championship. Because barring an epic screw up with the car or himself, Lewis is not going to be beaten on days when he is quicker. And, at risk of getting piled on with insults, that will probably be the case on the majority (even if slim) of days this year.


For me it was easy..Perez! Beat everyone else except from Rosberg and Ham (for obvious reason).


Has to be the brilliant Lewis. Kept Rosberg behind for a long time on much slower tyres due to the SC. Rosberg may be the academic, but Hamilton is the maverick and much more streetwise when it comes to wheel to wheel racing. I find it hard to believe Lewis wouldn’t have got past if the roles were reversed


No doubt for me – it’s Lewis Hamilton. In all the years I’ve watched the sport I can’t think of a greater defensive drive as he put on yesterday. It was smart, canny, ruthless and simply stunning driving from Lewis. Fair play to Nico as well. He gave it everything and against any other driver on that grid he would have found a way through. Superb drive from Lewis and Nico. Superb Grand Prix!


Maldonardo of course, he really changes the race for the better.


Actually, ill go for Perez, he gave FI his first podium, that should be enough…


For me DOTD has to be perez!! Great drive by ham although even as a fan find it hard to believe another top driver would have tried the same move 4 laps running!! Riccardo, great drive but imo 2 or 3 crazy dives up inside of turn 1 meant on another day he could have just as easily binned it which leaves Perez. No mistakes, had every 1s number at turn 4 in a car which wasnt amazing (used his brain which isnt something I thought I’d be saying) and took every opportunity and probably got the max out of his package!


this was all alonso could manage.


2 or 3 crazy dives up inside of turn 1. Maybe you were watching a different race?? The only time he made a dive at turn 1 was when he out braked himself on Raikkonen. He passed vettel the second time at turn 1 but it was no crazy dive just a standard DRS assisted pass. All his other overtakes happened around the back side of the circuit.


k maybe a bit harsh but well, lap 9 outbraked himself on magnusson and lap 28 huge lock up on raikkonnen so hardly error free thats all I was saying!


A very classy drive from Lewis. His several counters on Nico proved pivital. Speed, accuracy and great tactics, sublime to watch! Outstanding effort from Daniel also, certainly getting (Aussie) fans on board with the new F1.

I get the feeling we are in for a cracking season.


I had to give it Hamilton because he was not on pole and what he did to Nico was gold – jump him to win the pit choice. Then stay ahead with the harder compound.

Closely behind I thought both Perez and Ricciardo had outstanding races – really couldnt split them


Rosberg showed the difference – limited ideas of how to pass. Watching the replays I couldn’t tell the difference between the start of 3 or 4 passing attempts – every time Rosberg did the same. Hamilton wouldn’t have done that – he’d be beaten once and next time he’d do something different. In response, Hamilton used a selection of ideas, but none included being hung out to dry on the outside every time.


In a race with several great drives Hamilton stands out with a masterclass in defence.

There was no way he should have won on the slower tyre having lost all of his 10 second gap under the SC. To do so was stunning.


Lewie & Riki, as Hunkelberg…eh..i mean Hulkenberg would say;)

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