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Bahrain GP: Who was your driver of the day?
Posted By: James Allen  |  07 Apr 2014   |  5:26 am GMT  |  223 comments

The Bahrain Grand Prix was a classic with plenty of strong performances throughout the field.

Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg put on quite a show in their fight for the win, but so did the Force India drivers, the Williams drivers and Red Bull drivers among others.

So who was your Driver of the Day?

Lewis Hamilton
Got the jump on team mate Rosberg at the start and held him off on the opening lap. Also fought off an attack at the end of the first stint and then built a lead while the pair were on different strategies. Managed to hold Rosberg off at the end despite the safety car cutting his lead and on the slower tyre.

Nico Rosberg
Grabbed a stunning pole on Saturday. Lost the start to Hamilton but attacked him in a sustained way all through the race. Had a pace advantage, but couldn’t regain the initiative after losing the start.

Sergio Perez
First podium since 2012 for the Mexican, who qualified a strong fourth and used a two stop strategy to convert that into third place at the flag. Battled with highly rated team mate Hulkenberg. Had to hold off some quick cars at the end.

Daniel Ricciardo
Another impressive weekend for the Aussie. Qualified third, which became 13th when he took the carry over penalty for his team unsafely releasing him from a pit stop in Malaysia. Passed his team mate Vettel among a host of other cars. Fought his way back up to challenge for a podium on the final lap, missed out by a whisker.

Nico Hulkenberg
Started 11th, finished 5th moved into third place behind the Mercedes duo in the Drivers World Championship. Although beaten this weekend by teammate Perez, largely due to messing up qualifying, Hulkenberg put in another top quality race performance.

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Scuderia McLaren

Dan 'the man' Ricciardo got my DotD.

RBR definitely made the right choice between Vergne and Riccardo. In the last 3 rounds, Ricciardo has shown that he's going to be a long time name in Formula One.

That boy's fast and if he gets his 18pts from Australia, he'll be sitting 3rd now with 30pts. Best of the rest behind the Mercedes and ahead of Vettel and all other Merc engine cars.

Tornillo Amarillo

The right choice had been HULKENBERG in a Red Bull, and let RICCIARDO one more year in TR. Vergne out.

It was clear before, and now.

But what surprise me is the other TR driver, Kiriumv o algo así...

Matthew Cheshire

I don't understand. Riccardo has proven he can get the best out of the car and drive with the front runners. He can drive with Vettel, he can beat Vettel. Why does he need another year with Torro Rosso. Why waste the talent?

Hulk deserves a top drive but that doesn't mean Riccardo isn't the best candidate.

If you want to argue its Hulk's "turn" you can use the same logic to say that Red Bull trainee drivers deserve a shot at a red bull seat. Aren't they promised fair consideration by their own team?


No, Hulk was not a serious candidate. It was always between Kimi and Dan. In the end Kimi's money hunger pushed Dan into the RBR car.

Tornillo Amarillo

But HULK was seriously considered by Red Bull, wasn't he?


RIC surely deserves it.

The mercs are only racing themselves at the end of the day but it was great racing from RIC to gain 9 places and passing his team-mate in the process.

Great to see Checo on the podium again as well


I have to agree!

I'm a supporter of Vettel because of his speed and consistency.

Now Dan's has out perform Vettel three out of three GPs. Makes Vettel looked average.


He didn't outperform him in Malaysia...


And Vettel had issues throughout Australia in quali and obviously the race. So I would say one all so far, but its going to be fascinating to watch the battle unfold.

Stuart Harrison

I genuinely believe he's faster than Vettel. It's going to be fascinating viewing seeing how their relationship pans out.

Matthew Cheshire

Lewis and Nico made a great spectacle out the front with real racing.

Ricciardo drove beyond any realistic expectations to make up 9 places with a positive, perfectly measured performance. No other front-runners out drove their teammate like Dan, and his is a 4 times WC.

Three way tie for DOTD?

Still shaking my head at how many issues have dragged Ricciardo down, but he always rises to the top. As the cream always does.


Anyone who doubted him being up to the task of racing out the front should be pretty much silent after that race.

He's got the right attitude, in that 4 WDCs don't mean anything, all that matters is the race in front of you and the slate gets wiped clean ever race...

He's easily going to be in the mix for the next few years while RBR are a powerhouse....and I have no doubt he'll be in the mix for a WDC or two.


Very very difficult to choose this one. All of them are DOTD. If I have to choose I have to say sorry Ham you deserve this but I have to choose Ric. Great stuff.


Ricciardo all the way.

No one can touch the Mercs anyway so a 3rd in quali - basically first. And a 4th from 13th, which would have been 3rd without the idiotic grid penalty, is basically akin to winning.


Voted RIC, but those mentioned in the vote deserved DOTD too.

Whatever happened to Alonso and Kimi was such a huge let down, not so much the drivers but the cars. Officially the most expensive taxi service for this year. If Ferrari catches up I consider some form of higher spiritual assistance from god knows where.


Hamilton, Perez and Ricciardo all have a shout, but I'll give it to Lewis for winning the best race I've enjoyed in some years 🙂

Tornillo Amarillo

LEWIS was fantastic, he was at the height of the challenge: to be ahead of ROSBERG. We knew the task would be highly demanding, each inch by inch very tough, to show what a real Champion is made facing a very strong teammate, also focused on the win and glory.

Anyway, I voted PEREZ.


It was a choice between Daniel and Lewis in my opinion and I have given it to Lewis. Lewis had known he would be under pressure from his team mate Nico after his last tyre change so had built up a nice gap during the earlier period, but he then lost it due to the safety car. I believe most people would have expected Nico to swallow him due to his faster tyres in the last stint but that wasn't so, Lewis put up a tremendous defence of his position from a very strong challenge from Nico and he managed to keep the other Merc at bay, and for this defence I believe Lewis warrants the DoD vote


All of this.

Lewis drove like a champion in a race full of people putting in outstanding performances. Can we say Senna/Prost yet? While not comparing the two directly, this is shaping up to be a titanic battle of two top class team-mates to rival the old champs.


Share Driver of the Day with the whole field? F1 was the big winner after a race like that, absolutely cracking race.

Michael Powell

Quite right, there was hardly a duffer. Even Max managed another finish. It still leaves room to praise Daniel as the best of the best. He looks the real deal, and not as grumpy as his team mate.


Exclude Maldonado and I would agree


My first over vote on this and I cannot think beyond Lewis for this. He had to use every ounce of his talent to keep Nico at bay and managed it time and again. Both Lewis and Nico gave a masterful display of close and fair racing. Though I am not a fan of Mercedes, if the rest of the season is more of the same i.e. Bahrain Grand Prix, I really would not mind.


There's a new Redbull sheriff in town, we'll down Dan from one Aussie to another.


Tough call. Lots of good racing. But take away Mercedes' dominant car and the DOTD is likely Ricciardo.

Speaking of Mercedes, how a week makes a difference. After last week's race there were a lot of comments here saying how Hamilton was going to take Rosberg to the cleaners for the rest of the season. I think today's close, intense battle was evidence that the jury is still out on this one.

In fact with the way the new cars and all the new driver pairings and inter-team battles have been shaking out, after three races it's looking like driver parity within F1 is much closer than previously assumed. This is good.


I think it's more evidence that different drivers go better at different tracks. Nico has historically been very strong at bahrain (similarly to Perez). Certainly last year at bahrain nico had a significant margin on hamilton which seems to have evaporated this year. He was also faster than hamilton at both australia and malaysia last year (hamilton out qualified him but only due to rosbergs bad luck and rosberg was then faster in the race but lost out due to reliability and team orders). However again that wasn't the case this year.

The could be ominous for rosberg because eventually we're going to get to canada/silverstone/hungary etc which is hamiltons home turf.



Held off a charging Rosberg with racing tactics, poise and just plain ol driving the wheels of that Merc.


This one's tough, but I'm delighted to have such choice.

It's not Nico R, because he lost almost everything yesterday (although I loved his fight).

It's not his teammate, because he had only one opponent. Could be enough in some boring race, but not this time.

It's not Nico H despite an impressive performance, as he lost the battle with both other competitors.

And now it is.

Sergio was great and higher at the flag, but one must remember he had started from P4. On the other hand, qualifying well should not ruin one's Sunday DOTD chances.

Dan was close to get past Sergio (in as far as two laps he would, I think) and one can't blame him for qualifying result, which was in fact better than Perez... On the other hand, safety car helped him a lot, as he had 20-second gap to close. And these battles with Vettel...

I say: Perez (although in 5 minutes I may change my mind).

Tornillo Amarillo

PEREZ was lucky, nobody was paying attention on him, including HULK, and he just slip up positions with his strategy and sangre latina...


Lewis by a country mile! Roundly beat Rosberg even though he was disadvantaged which ably demonstrated what a supreme driver he is. An absolutely extraordinary drive that even David Coulthard could not grasp. Ricciardo also put in a great performance if perhaps in a more conventional way.


Daniel's passing move on Hulkenberg was poetry in motion. He'd worked out in advance where Hulk's car would be positioned at mid-turn and deliberately placed his Red Bull wide, so that he could turn inside, swoop by and take the place.


perez was very very good but hamilton just shades him with that recover take just before the end of his first stint.


are you saying that all the drivers drove off track because of the drive by wire mikeyb? driver do the day should be one who made the fewest errors and earned the most points or performed the best. not one who drove off track while others didn't.


but he drove off the track after scaring himself as he ran out of braking talent, in an attempt to pass raikkonen. do driver of the day make such errors?


Given this year's introduction of the new 'brake by wire' technology, I'm not surprised to see many drivers getting caught out by its unexpected quirks. Anyway, much as I like Daniel, my driver of the day was Perez - how about you?


A suggestion:

Not necessarily reflecting on this race, but rather than having "Other", why not just feature a poll that lists all the drivers? Every driver should be able to be voted. As has happened in the past that fans might want to vote for someone they think stand out in the race but not featured in the poll!

At the end of the year, then count up who's had the most number of votes for DOTD. That might give you something good to write about as well, James.


Great race to watch, and difficult to choose the driver of the day.

Went with Ricciardo in the end, for his multiple overtakes on the inside, and round the outside.

It appears he has come to terms with this car very well.



What a race from Ricciardo, another lap and he would have been on the podium. Really established himself and proved he can match it with Vettel (loved that Vettel got told Daniel was quicker than him)


Lewis hands down!

His race was magnificent - calm, controlled and just flawless.

Actually I was shocked him to say he was slower than teammate... Man, if you are slower than your teammate, still beat him, and you both take 1-2, you are the best, you know?


Hands down, Ricciardo.

Was great to see the Ricciardo/Vettel battle right from the start.

Vettel was massively aggressive left almost no room for Daniel. It was clear that Ricciardo was his only concern at the start.

So glad Daniel finally got some points on the board & hopefully wins his appeal on the 14th. (I don't think the team should have been punished rather than Daniel).

Any one know what Kimi was scream about (I think when the safety car came out).

I heard his team radio & he was flipping out over something.


As for driver of the day, Lewis Hamilton by a country mile. That was a master class in hard but fair defensive driving AND wheel to wheel racing for the win.

When you arguably have to go back almost a decade to Alonso holding off Schumacher at Imola in 2005 and 24 years before that to Villeneuve holding off half the field in Spain in 1981 in his ill handing Ferrari - some things never change - to find equally stellar examples of perfect defensive driving under intense and relentless pressure, there can be no other choice IMO.

Daniel Ricciardo had a fine drive from 13th to 4th but compared to the epic battle Hamilton waged with Rosberg and the ferocious will to WIN and to not be denied that he displayed despite being almost a sitting duck, IMO, it simply doesn't compare.


LOL at "iceman" being Kimi's nickname just because he talks like a soulless borg.

From the time he angrily shoved a corner worker when he was at Sauber, to his rudeness, swearing and temper tantrums on the radio, he's arguably the most "emotional" and unprofessional World Champion since Nelson Piquet. That said, like most great champs, to my recollection and to their credit, neither of them ever let their emotions negatively affect their driving.

If Lewis Hamilton behaved half as badly as Kimi Raikkonen, we would NEVER hear the end of it.

In the past 30 years or so, if anyone deserved the "iceman" nickname, it was, ironically, probably the nail biting "Professor" Alain Prost. I can't remember anything ever rattling him in a race, not even when Ayrton Senna squeezed him right to the pit wall in 1988 in Portugal.

Kimi may be an iceman in interviews but in races, Prost was as cool as convicted contract killer Richard Kuklinski, the original “iceman” - who ironically, is now burning in hell if there is one lol.


I didn't hear Kimi's screams, but apparently Kvyat ran into him during the safety car period, so maybe that's what he was mad about?


He was screaming something similar to "What do you want me to do......make a decision".

Maybe it was over a pit decision during the safety car period?

But he was insanely angry & sounded hysterical.


Seems crazy to pick one driver from what was a stunning race. Has to be Lewis for me though. Drove impeccably and that last stint....just wow.

Strong shouts also for Rosberg, Checo and Ricciardo who all drove magnificently.

Also, no poll option for Pastor? James, you disappoint me! 😀


Nice one Nathan,

Think Pastor was too busy collecting his MOTD "Muppet Of The Day" award to be involved!

Can't believe he still thinks he did nothing wrong! Glad Esteban was OK. Could have been very nasty.

It's Dan for me! While Vettel was making a "shopping list of excuses", Dan was busy.... Celebrating fourth!

James, do you think Vettel had some serious issues so down on pace, or is ricciardo actually faster than Vettel?


twice now red bull have givenDanniel vettel's car (only joking )

he doesn't need it, really , does he ?


For me it's a tie between Hamilton and Ricciardo. Brilliant effort from both of them.


driving off track after running out of braking talent is not brilliant is it?


Its Ricciardo for me. From 13th on the grid to just missing out on a podium, beating his illustrious team mate & racing fairly was the drive of the day.


Has to be Lewis AND Nico. Tough but fair racing from both.


Its hard not to give the nod to Ricciardo for his hard charge up the field from 13th, but Lewis gets my vote for driving a brilliant race, holding off Nico on numerous occasions, most critically in the final 10 laps after the safety car where he was at a disadvantage on the mediums while Rosberg was on the stickier softs. Those final laps were the best I've seen positions 1-12 in a long while!

kenneth chapman

well james, you've certainly got everyones attention with this poll. 469 clicks so far is impressive. i am really hard pressed to find a single driver of the day although i have unashamedly attached my tick to ricci, as would be obvious to anyone who actually reads my posts.

however, that said, i think that the title of the poll should've read 'drivers' of the day. there were just so many great performances that it is hard to be discriminating.

what i was reminded of was, was just how good are these guys? not just hamilton and the top echelon but all of them. goodness me, just piloting one of these cars around a track would be beyond most of us but to consider what they actually have to do is mind bending.

they have to manage the car and the myriad of complex controls, listen to the radio and take into account all the instructions and at the same time race others,who are likewise all preoccupied with the same set of details and functions!!!

if you couple that with the pressures to perform and the physical endurance that they need to compete at this level then we should all hold them in due regard. let me just say, with the exception of maldonado who should be unceremoniously booted out for his total incompetence, that the other 21 drivers were all part of the DOD's of the day.


That's easy. Lewis.

Hard to choose between Perez and Ricciardo for runner up.


From 13th to 4th and challenging for the podium imo it goes to Daniel. The fact that he was consistently faster than Vettel must be a huge concern for Vettel.

Hamilton and Rosberg were superb. Lewis showed that all the friendship talk about him and Nico means nothing on the track. Just curious as to why Nico seemed to back off on the last few laps.


His tires started falling off. Running that hard, that close to another car, is murder on tires.

The turbulence, or "dirty air" coming off the lead car is completely useless for the front wings on modern F1 cars, so there's practically zero front downforce on the following car.


I don't buy that his tyres fell off. Softs seemed pretty durable. Ricciardo put on the softs 4 or more laps earlier than Rosberg and was driving in amongst the pack (not just 1 car infront) and made passes on Button, Vettel, Hulkenburg and closed a 4 odd sec gap to Perez to almost claim 3rd. I think he was driving them pretty hard and they had no problem holding up.


I notice that the taxis are painted red in Bahrain!

What a fantastic race! Perhaps that will shut up the immature critics for a bit!


What a great race in a long time! Well done to Mercedes to allow the boys to race.


Lewis was my driver of the day period.


It seems at this early stage at least fans like to see gutsy performance from a slower car (renault) over others. HAM in front now but of course a local fav for Brits. RIC in close second speaks volumes but why is ROS almost no votes ? I tbought James removes DOTD voting because of GEO bias and site visitor numbers skewing results ? Not sure.

Captain LeChuck

I'm a big Hamilton fan, have been since he burst on to the scene, but my driver of the day is Ricciardo. Okay, the safety car almost definitely helped him, but to grab fourth after starting 13th, and put his four-time world champion teammate to shame, that's a brilliant performance.

Sergio Perez deserves praise too, he made some good moves and his podium was very well deserved.


Hamilton - Superb drive. But we already knew he can deliver. Fair defense.

Rosberg - We're finally able to get a measure of his performance. Merc couldn't ask for more. Very fair attacks.

Perez - Great race after MIA for a year. If he performs more consistently than in 2012, him vs Hulk will be fun to watch.

Ricciardo - Dan is good. He's able to take the fight to Vettel and reminds me of Webbo circa 2010.

Hulk - He's good and the benchmark for Perez.


Hamilton got the best of Rosberg but both put on a fantastic show!

Great to see Riccardo taking on the 4xchampion

What a showdown!

Never seen so much inhouse rivalry between so many different team mates!

Mercedes will more than likely win the championship but who will get the drivers championship?

Great year ahead!


Sergio perez and nico Hulk....

they did it with a low budget less competitive midfield car compared to 250+ million budget redbull, mclaran and ferrari...


200% lewis ham


How can you pick just one driver out of this race? The contrast between this GP and last week's race is massive. The top ten were all competing aggressively, and as entertainment goes, anyone who has a whinge should take up knitting, or something. (Ferrari fans excepted) As an Aussie, obviously I like to see Ricciardo do well, But hats off to all for a great show.


I think most will vote for either Ham or Rosberg and I do understand why, but Ricciardo is really delivering.


Vettel is mighty around Bahrain, the loss of the exhaust blown diffuser notwithstanding, and for Ricciardo to beat him in the race is impressive. Yet, the star has to be Hamilton today, who won this with his racer's instincts, reminiscent of Mansell vs Piquet @ Brands '86, or Senna holding off Mansell @ Monaco '92, or Alonso defending against Schumi at Imola '05. In this instance, overtaking was arguably easier than in any of the previously mentioned instances due to DRS and the wide track, which makes Lewis' drive all the more impressive. Extra points for being humble in victory, and never demanding that team orders be applied to bail him out (I prefer hearing "let me focus on driving " to multi-map 1-2 requests as at Spa '12). Clever driving by Perez, who once again impresses at Bahrain...3rd place must feel like a win.


Dan for me.

Making 3 places in the sprint after the safety car including Vettel on equivalent tyres (Enjoyed that the most) and Hulkenburg.


Went for Other... How many times in his career will Max Chilton make a case for DoD?!


Really is no contest this time, it has to be Lewis. Slower than his team mate. .. started behind his team mate and fended off his team mate on faster tyres for the win. ..epic!

Hats off to Ricardo for a very very strong performance. ...its gonna be a good season.


Hamilton at his best. Unbelievable. The fact he could hold off Rosberg on 0.5 per second lap slower tyres... What a driver. This race was one of the best I've ever seen. What a spectacle!


I see HAM ahead in the pole, great drive, and not to take anything away from him, but the way I see it he only be one other driver, ROS.

I voted RIC but the other contender is Perez, these guys beat 10 or so other guys who were genuine competition.


Phenomal drive there by Lewis.

Great race all round.


Have to give it Ricciardo.

From 13th to 4th is a superb achievement.

Yes, I know SC car helped him a bit, but then you can expect that especially if you drivers like Maldonado.


I've chosen Perez because he was best of the rest - an important result for him given how the Mclaren situation must have been psychologically damaging and he has been beaten up by Hulkenburg in the first couple of races.

Very difficult to choose though - exceptional quality racing by much of the field!


Donkey of the day must be Williams.

How did they ended up behind the RBRs after being ahead of them by a good margin in the first stint.


Tyre degradation. That seems to be Williams' weak point. I'm no engineer, but I'd guess that's probably due to poor aerodynamics. Massa had a phenomenal start, maybe had he pitted a couple of laps earlier in the first two stints he might have finished P5. And Bottas confirmed that it's easier to impress when you start far back in the grid, lots of weak cars to overtake. Hope that will help him realize how stupidly arrogant ("I'm 100% sure I could get the MacLaren") he was in the last race.


Safety car and 3 stops


They did a 3 stopper instead of a 2 stopper! Any advantage they may have had at the end of the race was negated by the safety car... I still think they would have struggled to catch even without it though


Hamilton, Perez, Ricciardo. In that order.


The intriguing thing about Hamilton's defence was his consistently he defended by massive additional drive out of the first corner and apparently additional power to out drag Rosberg.

That showed not just brilliant seat of the pants driving but a consistency in planning to defend, presumably by managing the ERS more effectively than his partner with the same tools.

Be fascinating to see the comparisons of lap traces to show how the ERS was used by each driver.


Honestly, how can you just choose one driver? Ham, Ros, Ric, Per. They all did a fine job with the strategie and car at their disposal.


I want to vote for both NHamilton & Nico. In fact top pretty much most of top 10. Great racing up & down the field. In the end I went for Hamilton. He was just supreme yesterday in terms of race craft.


Dan is the Man!

His smile just cheers you up 🙂


Until he wins too much... but i agree though:)


Weirdly, I'm going with Hamilton. Wasn't expecting him to win after the safety car period.


I am not slightly surprised that Hamilton won this one. He drove very well with a fast charging Rosberg behind him. After Mercedes split the strategy Rosberg s best chance was the safety car and he could not capitalise on it. It is pretty obvious that Hamilton would have easily won this without the safety car!

Great result from both Perez and Ricciardo they out shone their highly respected team mate's. Neither could match them.

After a very promising start to the weekend Williams did not take advantage of the pace in their car. They said that the safety car destroyed their strategy but I think they made the wrong strategy call - 2 stop was the way to go this weekend and that is what probably lost them the last podium spot... They will get it right soon.

The championship is really hotting up. Rosberg has shown that he's not going to let Hamilton steam roller him but Hamilton seems to have the upper hand in everydepartment, this will be exciting to watch unfold. Why is it 2 weeks till the next race ???


Jenson did a good job too while the car lasted


Nico Rosberg's picture in the article is priceless


I'm going to be a heretic here and vote for four:

Hamilton and Rosberg for proving some of the hardest racing I've seen in years without cleaning each other up - well done guys 🙂

Perez for his podium and Ricciardo for his excellent fight through the field.

Go the honey badger! 😀


Random, I didn't see the race, but from the reports I've read Daniel was mega.

What a shame the boy from Perth with Jezza's wooly hair couldn't start from his natural grid position. Could have he harried from the Mercs if he had? Still, plenty of the season to go for that.

By the way, I thought honey badgers lived in Africa and the Middle East? And I remember Jezza when Top Gear visited Southern Africa saying they can rip off a man's gonads. Still, Daniel obviously has a big pair of those!

PS When Dan wins his first grand prix, I suspect his team will play him a song written by a bloke called Reginald Dwight from the Home Counties who has an interest in Watford Football Club. Perhaps Reg may ever re-write the song for him: "Daniel is travelling this afternoon in his car, he can't see the red lights behind of his competitors....."


You didn't see it?

I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you have extenuating circumstances, but never mind.

To answer your question, I'm not sure if anyone could have harried the Mercs, but the one attribute you could apply to Dan is aggressive (but in a good way, not in a Maldonado sorry I didn't see you in the middle of the road there kind of way).

Last year I said he might do well to settle himself in, bide his time, build up his experience and gradually make his mark...but I was wrong 🙂


hamilton, presented more evidence to support why he is the best f1 driver to have stepped foot in the sport. the exchange with rosberg right at the end of the first stint was epic! so was the end of the race. he was clearly slower and yet rosberg couldn't pass. when rosberg managed to pass, hamilton came back from behind, in a slower car to pass rosberg who was on faster tyres. even the theory of relativity couldn't explain that.

he did it with such fluidity, making my pupils pulsate with alternate dilation and constriction!


Now time for a quick whinge:

How is it that a team can screw up and the driver gets a ten place grid drop, but a complete *insert expletive* of a driver can take out another driver in spectacular fashion and he only gets a five place grid drop.

Answer that for me and I'll name you lord genius of the entire universe.


The FIA don't have a clue about anything and to say the stewards are inconsistent is understatement of the year. Do I get a lord genius title or am I miles off


Well you are correct, but then again you didn't tell us anything we didn't already know 😉


I think the answer lies in 2 separate issues. The PM/EG incident was made to look worse than it was due to the wheels getting traction on eachother and flipping EG's car. In a sense, I wonder if that's a statement to the FIA about min-weight needing to be increased??? Could be difficult to work out the 'tipping' point of the moment force through the wheel/suspension assembly to enact such a flip. Webber's loose wheel of journalistic destruction has left teams with enough of a reminder to not get this component wrong. RBR are now a 2nd time offender. A penalty is required and it's probably correct in penalising the team's overall potential season result and give them a ticked off driver to add to the equation of the seriousness of the stuff-up.


First, my initial impression was that the downward sloped nose of the Lotus got underneath the upward slowed side-pod of the Sauber and that instantly caused it to flip, but I've just gone back and looked at it frame by frame and I think you might be right, but I suspect that increasing the weight of the cars would only make an accident like this worse.

The car still would have flipped, but increased weight = increased inertia = car wants to keep on rolling.

Secondly, RBR have botched their pit stops several times now (unless my memory is going last year they did it to Mark at least twice), so yes, the FIA are right to be clamping down on it.

But then how many times has Maldonado taken out another car now? Certainly more than two or three times.

Not only that, but Grosjean was given a race ban in 2012. Sure he caused a massive accident, but if you break it down all he really did move move across the track a little (and at the race start no less).

So no matter how big or small the result, where's Pastor's excuse for plowing into a car that he could clearly see in front of him when he had just come out of the pits on cold tyres and should have known better?

And why hasn't the FIA given him a more serious penalty as they did Grosjean?

It did wonders for Romain, and it might just make Pastor use his noggin next time and maybe prevent him causing an even more serious accident.


Shouldn't the governing body of F1 be called the IAF? Maybe not - I mean who speaks English as a first language in the world, eh? Nah, the French verson is better, I mean Francais is spoken by..............um...........some old colonies in Africa and the Carribean, places renowned for their motor sport heritage?

PS does FIA stands for [expletive] ignorant arse-holes?


you should've put in your complaint when the name was being decided.


So I'm guessing that you're suggesting that we rename all international organizations using the Mandarin equivalent?

No? It's the most spoken language in the entire world.

You know how businesses that have been around for ages will prominently display their founding year (e.g. 'Anno 1366' on Stella bottles)? Why do that? It's to signify an enduring quality, a longevity.

In a way, an international organization with a French name accomplishes the same thing. If you know even a little bit of history, you know that French was the language of diplomacy from the 17th century through to the start of the 20th century. So instantly you would know that the organization in question is quite old, likely at least 100 years old. It gives the organization a certain cachet, having a French name. That's my opinion.

In the end, does anyone truly suffer b/c of it? If not, then why bother about it? There are any number of causes to get involved in, that aim to reduce real injustices that still persist in the present. Working for causes that only result in cosmetic changes seems like a waste of energy and emotion to me.


I'm guessing they were punishing the team (the driver is part of the team) for repeated unsafe releases, it's not the first time they've done it and it puts 'civilians' in danger. The driver's know the risk, but when that tyre hit that cameraman it could have been much worse... I agree with you that the penalty on Ricciardo was overly harsh but red bull have done a few unsafe releases in the last year or so, so they are coming down hard on them for it!


I know what you mean!

Maybe because Guittierez landed the right way up? Had he landed upsidedown, Maldonado would've had a three race ban...


I guess next time Esteban will have to try a little harder to get that extra little half roll in 😉

But I think you might be right - Typical FIA tactics. Slap on the wrist, slap on the wrist, wait 'til something goes really wrong and then look surprised and overreact.

I think you might be up for the title 🙂


hamilton gave millions of f1 fans optical orgasms while others enjoyed visual orgasms! which one was most pleasurable?


Errr...get a girlfriend?


you wanna watch?


Nah, it's okay - I already have a clock on my computer but thanks anyway 🙂


Or boyfriend?

Don't forget Random the ladies have needs too. Ask Jessica - she is always smiling and very happy, so even though Jenson's fuel tank capacity has been reduced, it's still plenty for Miss Mitchibata.


It's not the fuel, it's the extra energy recovery 🙂


Hamilton . Gerat drive, great strategically thinking ( 2.stint) Superherb devensiv driving in the end to hold up a much faster car for 10 laps .

2nd best Ricciardo

Christos Pallis

Ricciardo did a great job but Hamilton showed us why he is the most exciting driver in F1. Amazing race, best in years! Williams dissapointed again as did McLaren with their double retirement. Perez also did a pretty good job too, good for his reputation after his year at McLaren

James Finister

A tough call this time around. It always seems easy to find reasons not to give it to the winner, which is perhaps unfair. Perez shone, but for me Ricciardo is beginning to show signs of future greatness with his consistently mature approach in difficult circumstances


Hamilton or Perez favorite drivers off the day !



He talked about Senna and people questioned him. That race showed why he is seen as a real racer. Slower than his team mate but still had the guile and fight to win. Incredible performance.

Also, what great sportsmanship from Rosberg. Did he sulk? Did he whinge? No, he said next time I'm going to beat you. Fair play!


It has to be Lewis no matter what as he was simply Amazing in the retake of the positions.

A truly master craft display. A speical mention to Perez who fended off Ricardo to end the podium spell for Force India and bring FI to the second in the constructors standings. All in All it was a good show for the Fans of F1 who have been waiting for such a race for quite long time now.


well in this case its the winner and it was well earned.


Lewis for me. His driving was fantastic.


Thinking about the race overnight I think one thing that came out of it for me is just how good a driver Nico is.

The season looks bright as the other teams catch up with Mercedes and we see closer battles between all the cars.

Craig in Manila

Lots of valid contenders for this race but I'll go with Dan as he, clearly, is the Man.


Well.....hmmm.....Really, it was SO difficult to decide who was the driver of the day, that I simply went for the winner! Rosberg was fantastic, Perez was sublime, Ricciardo is the real deal, Hulkenberg is a top driver, even Massa and Bottas had a really good race!! I can't remember when was the last time that EVERYBODY (well almost, because there was poor Maldonado in this race unfortunately...)was in top form!! What a spectacle!!


Too many stars in this one race..the two merc drivers, two force india drivers, Danial Riccardio, Williams drivers...

And the best of all was the highway to hell man...BRIAN JOHNSON...what an interview..his voice still as good as ever...


Who else could it be? His defence of P1 after the safety car was pure genius. One of Lewis' greatest races.


Gotta be the honey badger for me. What a great performance by Daniel again. I know the safety car helped him out (actually it helped create the race), but his performance was awesome from such a lowly grid spot. Kudos sir.

Lewis and Nico had each other to fight, and they proved to be reasonably closely matched. At one point where Lewis chopped across Nico (and Rosberg swerved to avoid contact - then got on the radio) I was having Webber Vettel memories. That was an incredibly harsh move on a team mate. Lewis knows the title is between the two of them, and that move was really what separated them yesterday, Lewis is willing to put his car in harms way to win, Rosberg wasn't. For me that almost seals the battle of the team mates.

Rosbergs lead is already down to 11 points, and whilst the Mercedes proved to have nearly 2 seconds a lap on the field it means that even on a bad day your biggest rival will still easily pick up 2nd place. That means you have to beat your team mate to win the title, or hope you have better reliability. As reliability seems pretty decent on the Merc, I'm inclined to think that Lewis will win this, as he'll beat Rosberg more than Rosberg will beat him.

I can't see anyone else interfering with the title battle, with such a car advantage I can't see any team catching Mercedes this season.

The battle for third? We'll that could be pretty epic !


Hamilton no doubt, just for the way he held Rosberg at bay in the last stint, in the Mercedes own private race.

Ricciardo the first of the rest.


Ricciardo. Best of the rest in qualifying and the race. What a drive.


If he was "best of the rest in qualifying and the race", wouldn't that have meant he would've gotten P1 AND win the race?


Can I be one of those annoying people who want multiple choices? There were so many great displays there. From both Merc drivers showing us old fashioned wheel to wheel battling, through to some of the lower placements fighting just for pride and not even points. I'd even put in a mention for Button who looked racier than he has in a long time and was only undone by that clutch failure. Ricciardo putting manners on Vettel probably got a wry smile out of Webbers face somewhere in the world too.

I joked last week that normally Malaysia is fun and Bahrain is boring. New F1 clearly doesn't enjoy rain - look how dull se pang was and Bahrain turned out to be one of the best races of this decade. Clearly we don't need rain anymore to spice things up if Mercedes are allowing their drivers to race. Sure it will be a Merc 1-2 barring technical failures but watching those two 'sort of friends' battle it out is setting an example down the field for some rivalries. Quali in the dry worked well too. Getting everyone out in Q3 was the aim and it was great to see.


My driver of the day is Pastor Maldonado

1. He brought the safety car out which gave us the most exciting finish to a gp in ages.

2. Let’s face it- that flip was Gutierrez's most exciting piece of driving since coming to F1.

3. This collision showed the dangerous side of the low noses introduced to improve driver safety. (i think Adrian Newey said something about the chance of a driver ending up with a rear crash structure in his face in case of a nose to diffuser collision- this time the low nose just dug underneath the side of the Sauber and flipped it over)


Good point, that number three, Maybe the powers that be should have a long think about those ugly noses. Make ém all look like Jeeps, I say!


It was the tyre to tyre contact that caused the flip, not the ugly nose. A common danger in open wheeled racing


Disagree -- when open wheel cars get together front of one tire to the rear of the other, the car goes airborne, regardless of nose shape. Look at the replay, the flip happens as the front of Gutierrez's right rear hit the back of Maldonado's front left. Opposite rotation and sticky rubber launches the corner of the car and off it goes.


Hard to find fault with Hamilton's drive today. He was superb!


Maldonado. He made the race interesting.

Biased Ham lovers for sure were happy. But there are fans who think about other drivers/teams.


Don't be bitter.

Maldonado may have made the race interesting, but he was close to causing serious injury or worse to a fellow racing driver.

If you appreciate that more than the wheel to wheel battle between Mercedes you are going to have a bad year.

Even if you dislike Lewis Hamilton as many people here do Hulkenberg,Massa,Perez,Bottas and Ricciardo provided plenty of entertainment.


This one should be 100% to Hamilton.

Not. Even. Close!


2nd best was Ricciardo, 3rd Perez.


I'm no Hamilton fan, far from it, but the lad went up in my estimation yesterday. It was a true racing drivers' race, and he drove like a proper racing driver.

Interesting to see LdM reaction, especially after he complained about F1 being too aero and that Ferrari would be back when engine performance was more relevant. Well here it is, and the Ferrari engine is toast! Not a great power unit, perhaps Ferrari need to absorb a reality that they are NOT the defacto champions, no matter what the discipline. Aero or Engine based.

And Rosberg, I always thought he seemed a modest sort of chap, but hasn't the first 3 races shown up his character. He seemed to be getting a little cocky about his Mercedes, but to top it all, turns out he is BAD loser!

I know no-one can be happy with losing, or coming 2nd, or indeed being out-raced by ones' team mate, but he seemed so sore about it.

That is a bad loser right there.


LDM is certainly eating his own words right now. There was alot of anticipation about this Ferrari; what with Fernando and Kimi pairing up and rumours about how the Ferrari engine was going to be very competitive. Now its not living up to the hype and pre-judgement. I feel sorry for these two top flight drivers, they certainly deserve a car that is worthy of the likes of Mercedes.

As for Rosberg, you can understand how he must feel - always been overshadowed by Lewis, and for the first time, he has a WDC capable car. He has so far been dominated by Lewis in all departments. I do rate him highly however, he just needs to forget about these losses and focus upon the fact that he is still the leader in the WDC, regardless of why.


Too easy. Ricciardo. Made up 9 places. No one came close to bettering his performance on the day.

Great race too 😉


For me it's between two, Ric and Perez.

It's hard to compare anyone to Lewis and Nico when they are so much faster, looked like 2.5s per lap after the safety car comparing like for like tyres.

The Merc boys did well but Lewis also had a better strategy when Rosberg pitted later and had the slower tyres on when heavier with fuel, though fair enough as Lewis repassed Rosberg to get to the pits first.

I think Hamilton defended well but Rosberg never nailed an overtake to park on the apex and force Hamilton to hesitate. Perez did this well, particularly on Hulk, plus he pulled a gap to his teammate, surprisingly.

Despite this I have to give it to Dan Ric. He was fantastic. He showed great racecraft, qualified a brilliant third, dealt with the unfair 10 place drop well, kept cool when Red Bull lost him time behind Seb on different tyres, fought back well when Red Bull gave Seb the undercut pitstop and nailed some great and fair overtakes, not just on his 4x champ teammate.

Good race to watch all these teammate battles. F1 really needs Merc to not bring in team orders.

There's a temptation to give joint driver of the day to Kimi and Fernando, for not parking their cars and just going to the pub for a pint and an icecream. 😉

Worst drive of the day, Pastor (does he have to get the full 12 points now for a race ban?)


I'm surprised the score for Hamilton is so low.

Usually the race winner makes a decent start and tours round without chucking it off the track and the I pick sommeone who fought to a position which you wouldn't have expected (Ricciardo being the obvious one her, Perez gets an Honourable mention). A genuine fight with Rosberg, and holding him off despite the tyre situation after the saftey car. Has to rank as one of Lewis' best drives (the wet British GP in '08 sticks in the memory). Great psychological advantage for him over Nico too.

Man of the day is Paddy Lowe. He could have said "Nico, Lewis is in front, hold station", or "Lewis, Nico has a tyre advantage let him through". We heard what he said, and his evenhanded dealing with the pair of them.

Most exciting race I've watched in years.


lots of good drives, but only one that stands out as witnessing greatness, that we will be talking about for many years. Today we saw, clearly, just what a very special talent Lewis is, no other current driver is close.


Can't really give it to Hamilton despite his victory. All he did was cruise around in by far the best car - 2 seconds faster than any other car potentially, which is an awesome gap. Also we can't really judge him until he's up against an equal team-mate in the same machinery.

I'm being facetious to a degree, of course. However, if Rosberg's amateurish and desperate lunges up the inside into turn 1 were really the best he could come up with in trying to get past Hamilton, then it confirms that he is nowehere near an equal for Hamilton, who will walk this championship.


"Also we can’t really judge him until he’s up against an equal team-mate in the same machinery."

Wow. Just... Wow!

Presume you slept through 2007 when he was paired with double world champion and 'best all round driver on the grid' Alonso in equal machinery? (Who I rate extremely highly, I hasten to add).

The simple fact is, Hamilton has spent 4 of the 6 full seasons he's raced in F1 paired with a world champion. In fact, 2 of those we're with the then 'current world champion'. He has nothing to prove in respect of his willingness or ability to race in equal machinery with top drivers.


+1 000 000 000

we can only put that kind of behaviour down to a genetic defect. the truth is laid bare for all to see and yet they take extreme detours to create false stories. I wonder what murray walker makes of all of this.



What this proves is that still there are sSome people out there who do not mind looking foolish, while trotting out some new angle with which to slag Hamilton.

If Rosberg's lunges up Turn 1 were desperate and amateurish, then what was Ricciardo's into the same turn, when he overshot, and almost lost a position b/c of it (good thing it was a Toro Rosso coming up behind!)?

Lewis is the only driver to go 2-0 as teammate of the reigning drivers' champion.


+1. Some people seem to be blinkered to Hamilton's achievements.


Hear Hear!






Storming drive from Ricciardo but I gave it to Lewis for an against the odds win!


Hard to choose, but Ricciardo just shaded it from Hamilton for me. Why? because he beat Vettel fair and square and was pushing right to the end. After some massive disappointments that was an awesome display of character. Then again Lewis's defence in the last ten laps will be remembered for many years to come.... Oh, I don't know now, can I vote again?


vettel with an unfit car, rosberg in the same car but better set up and faster tyres and faster lap times.


which is harder to beat, vettel or rosberg?


DOTD - To Lewis for dishing out a Psychological blow to his main opponent for the WDC.

He was saying - "You can have better grid position, better tyres, better side of the track start I will still beat you".


Has to be Hamilton.

Masterful defending against a flying Rosberg, who not only had the DRS available but fresh tyres.

Had his initial strategy compromised by the safety car but got his head down afterwards and still made it work.



Almost voted for Luca's taxi driver - the one who got him back to the hotel before the race even finished.

The Spanish Inquisitor

Perez & Ricciardo


I think you have to give it to Hamilton, not for pace (since he was slower in the first stint with the same tyres) but for ruthless defensive driving against his teammate.


It has to be lewis. For the determination to win and for his ability to prevent Rosberg from overtaking him during the last 10 laps on tyres that were slower. Sheer brillance.


Definately Hamilton and Perth boy Ricciardo. Great race. Am i the only one who cringed when Rosberg hugged Hamilton after the race, the man just took a piece of your dream get angry, whats next holding hands and baking gluten free cinamon cookies together? Give me webber-vettel or hamilton-alonso beef anyday. Look at the top champs, ruthless on-track brutes who could not spell the word compromise.


rosberg and hamilton are like brothers and were happy to put on such a spectacular show without anger. they dreamed about this a kids.


A few posts up, someone was criticizing Nico for being a bad loser. Now you're criticizing him for being a good loser. I'm so confused.


Fantastic race, mainly due to the safety car (low noses a problem?). Just think what a cracking year this could have been if the Mercedes didn't have a 3 second/lap advantage.!!


Hamilton was flawless. Gained lost advantage in quali on lap one and battled ferociously against a faster car in the closing stages and came on top.

All other drivers were solid but made mistakes some points on race day. Perez letting Hulk ahead of him before overtaking to regain position. Daniel some clumsy overtaking. Hulk giving up 4th position. Rosberg cannot get past Ham.


Per didnt let Hul ahead, pit stop did, he was pissed with the team for calling him later


Kind of unfair to all the other 20 drivers, that HAM and ROS are on the list really, as they cannot possibly compete with the Merc car.

Given the 3+ second per lap advantage the Merc have in the race, they are in reality "competing" with a field of GP2 cars. One of the Merc drivers WILL win each event, hence one of them WILL take the "drivers" title and Merc WILL take the constructors. All the other top drivers are literally there...because they have to.


Remember they helped to develop that monster of a car.


all the teams were given the same chance to select their team members and build their cars to go racing. are you crying?


There is only one viable contender for this - Messrs Lewis Hamilton; though a special mention goes to Ricciardo and Perez and also Hulkenberg.

If anyone was ever still in doubt, Lewis is silencing his critics and cementing his reputation as one of the best racers - if not the best in F1. His best performances always seem to come at a time when F1 most needs a boost – as he did when he single highhandedly demolished “no overtaking in F1″ criticism in 2010 (just before the advent of DRS); earning plaudits from Norbert Haug and Ross Brawn at the time.

His race win in Bahrain was a sublime example of race craft, pure speed, defensive skill and absolute grit. Simply put, he won a race where all the odds were against him to win

Love him or hate him, he is simply the most exciting driver to watch in F1 and has been since he graced the sport in 2007. Even in his worst year (2011), he was still the most exciting driver to watch; albeit for the wrong reasons. Great race from Rosberg too!


For once I wish 2 drivers could win the prize. I'd have voted for Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg. Both drove superbly.

But as Lewis won, it has to be him.


For me, I voted Lewis as the DoTD without a doubt. Jumping Nico at the start and holding him behind to take the win with a slower tyer after losing his time advantage because of the safety car. All the other drivers performed well bar Maldonado for that his dangerous mistake.


As a Vettel fan I have to say Hamilton without question. The effusive praise and driver of the day nomination came a race too early (Malaysia) for him in my opinion. I mean I feel it detracts from his drive here.



In my opinion if it weren't for the safety car he would have been on the podium.


are you voting for if?

Carlos Aguilar

No way, Hulk and Perez were already ahead and they were both faster than him all race


I doubt a podium but he would've had a good chance of passing the red bulls


I guess we'll never know. Yes the Bulls would have done and extra 4 or so flying laps on the softs which may have hurt them, but Ricciardo was still flogging them at the end trying to catch Perez and they were showing no signs of suffering. He also pulled a 7 second gap between himself and Massa by the flag.


Undeniably, Lewis Hamilton.


Hands down that was Lewis Hamilton. What a great race. This race had it all.Drama, brilliance, nostalgia and off course LdM.

And for those of you who like to gloat:


Ricciardo is the real deal

Perez got some redemtion

Nico is gaining respect


*Redemption sorry typo


We have a new Senna-Prost on Hamilton-Rosberg. Well matched pair, superb driving and a car 1.5 to 2 seconds clear of the pack. It'll be a very interesting fight to watch throughout the year.

The battle for second best will be thrilling too, with RBR pushing to get closer with a pretty decent car and the Williams, Force India and McLaren fighting among them with the advantage of having the best powerplant.

RIC giving VET a run for his money, no question about that...


Checo Perez, great qualifying and great racing, making some good overtaking moves. Back on form after his McLaren nightmare.


why would you choose Rosberg? he had a pace advantage and lost.


Agreed. Driver of the day is the top driver. If you have the fastest package on the day (Nico had a better setup), and then an added advantage of being < 1sec behind on faster tires (Merc said they were 0.6s/lap better), and then still get beat, then you simply can't win DotD.

The headline on Autosport was "How Hamilton won Rosberg's Race" ... doesn't that say it all?


Got to give it to Hamilton. Great race. Ricciardo next.


Dan is the man.

I would normally vote the winner when the field is dominated in such a way. As I did last year with Vettel and last race with Hamilton.

This year I don't really see talent showing through as much as Merc being so far ahead Nico and Lewis only have themselves to compete with. Unlike last year where the RBR 9 took some special skill and attention to detail to get the most out it this years Merc is easier to drive. Last year Webber seemed so baffled by the car that he couldn't get it around the track.

Don't get me wrong unless something seriously changes Lewis Hamilton will win the WDC and he will justly deserve it. Just in this race a guy making up 9 spots on the grid he should have not had to gets my vote.


vettel had a sick car.


For me, the DOTD was Massa. A superb starting and a very consistent drive till the SC, that spoiled the chances of a podium.


Lewie & Riki, as Hunkelberg...eh..i mean Hulkenberg would say;)


In a race with several great drives Hamilton stands out with a masterclass in defence.

There was no way he should have won on the slower tyre having lost all of his 10 second gap under the SC. To do so was stunning.


Rosberg showed the difference - limited ideas of how to pass. Watching the replays I couldn't tell the difference between the start of 3 or 4 passing attempts - every time Rosberg did the same. Hamilton wouldn't have done that - he'd be beaten once and next time he'd do something different. In response, Hamilton used a selection of ideas, but none included being hung out to dry on the outside every time.


I had to give it Hamilton because he was not on pole and what he did to Nico was gold - jump him to win the pit choice. Then stay ahead with the harder compound.

Closely behind I thought both Perez and Ricciardo had outstanding races - really couldnt split them


A very classy drive from Lewis. His several counters on Nico proved pivital. Speed, accuracy and great tactics, sublime to watch! Outstanding effort from Daniel also, certainly getting (Aussie) fans on board with the new F1.

I get the feeling we are in for a cracking season.


For me DOTD has to be perez!! Great drive by ham although even as a fan find it hard to believe another top driver would have tried the same move 4 laps running!! Riccardo, great drive but imo 2 or 3 crazy dives up inside of turn 1 meant on another day he could have just as easily binned it which leaves Perez. No mistakes, had every 1s number at turn 4 in a car which wasnt amazing (used his brain which isnt something I thought I'd be saying) and took every opportunity and probably got the max out of his package!


2 or 3 crazy dives up inside of turn 1. Maybe you were watching a different race?? The only time he made a dive at turn 1 was when he out braked himself on Raikkonen. He passed vettel the second time at turn 1 but it was no crazy dive just a standard DRS assisted pass. All his other overtakes happened around the back side of the circuit.


k maybe a bit harsh but well, lap 9 outbraked himself on magnusson and lap 28 huge lock up on raikkonnen so hardly error free thats all I was saying!


Actually, ill go for Perez, he gave FI his first podium, that should be enough...


Maldonardo of course, he really changes the race for the better.


No doubt for me - it's Lewis Hamilton. In all the years I've watched the sport I can't think of a greater defensive drive as he put on yesterday. It was smart, canny, ruthless and simply stunning driving from Lewis. Fair play to Nico as well. He gave it everything and against any other driver on that grid he would have found a way through. Superb drive from Lewis and Nico. Superb Grand Prix!


Has to be the brilliant Lewis. Kept Rosberg behind for a long time on much slower tyres due to the SC. Rosberg may be the academic, but Hamilton is the maverick and much more streetwise when it comes to wheel to wheel racing. I find it hard to believe Lewis wouldn't have got past if the roles were reversed


For me it was easy..Perez! Beat everyone else except from Rosberg and Ham (for obvious reason).


Simply put, it's Lewis Hamilton.

Why? Because he showed every in the field what being a top class Formula 1 driver is all about.

Look, every competitive Formula 1 driver is going to have really good days when they are the quickest guy on the track and days when they just don't have it together. We remember guys like Senna, Prost, and Schumacher and how dominant they were, but they weren't infallible and were capable of being beaten by their teammates.

The key to being a truly great driver is to have a combination of skill, intelligence, and sheer will power to fight through a day when either you are off compared to an opponent or when you don't have the car right or you have an adverse situation and do exactly what it takes to get ahead and stay ahead. Lewis faced all three on Sunday and did exactly what it took to beat a teammate going more quickly and win.

He has been in these situations time and again and shined. There should be no doubt that he is in the top class with Vettel, Alonso, and Raikkonen after this. If others want to join them, they better start showing this kind of class.

Ricciardo definitely deserves #2 on the list. He is starting to show some real class as a driver and will make Vettel quite uncomfortable the rest of the way.

Both Force India drivers were very impresssive. Perez did himself a lot of favors with this drive. He was the clear winner of the Force India drivers this time. Hulkenberg shows he is a consistent performer even on days when he or the car is a little off. I'm almost ready to put him in the top class, but he has yet to prove he can deliver when he has the pressure of winning and contending for a title. (And he screwed up his one legitimate chance so far to win a race in Brazil 2008.)

Rosberg definitely deserves a nod for his speed. But the bottom line is that he should have won this race, and he got beat. Furthermore, he knows it. He himself admitted this weekend that he has to do everything absolutely right to beat Lewis. On Sunday, he missed a few things. There's no doubt that he will have more pace than Lewis on a number of weekends, but he needs to capitalize on every situation when he is quicker if he wants to win the championship. Because barring an epic screw up with the car or himself, Lewis is not going to be beaten on days when he is quicker. And, at risk of getting piled on with insults, that will probably be the case on the majority (even if slim) of days this year.


James, it's a bit embarrassing to see Rosburg gets only 1.2% of the vote.

It takes 2 to tango.

If Rosburg just sat behind Hamilton, we would not be talking about how great the race was.

Yes Hamilton deserves first because he won, Ricciardo second because he stormed through the field, but Rosburg deserve 3rd ahead of Hulkenberg.


A real tough selection. The duel between the Merc drivers was every bit as good as Dijon 79. Rosberg came out second best so it's difficult to call him driver of the day. Perez looked hungry and determined, a bit more than the hulk and he took the fight to the Williams and deserved his 3rd place. Ricciardo put in a real shift and worked for every position, made Vettel look lazy if anything. But the vote has to go to Hamilton, won the race twice over really. Putting himself in the best possible position to win the race, he won the battle to get first call on pit stop, and set about sensibly earning a race winning gap. And then when the race turned, he turned on the skills to keep back the clearly faster Rosberg. China usually produces some excellent racing, so hopefully the season is about to take off!!!

Tornillo Amarillo



Awesome racing almost throughout the field. I gave DotD honours to Perez but I could also have gone with Daniel, Lewis or Nico R.

Of course, dishonourable mention to Pastor.


Lewis and Daniel of course. Lewis for the best defensive driving I've seen for a long, long time. Daniel for making up his deficit of a 10-place penalty, and still managing 4th place whilst overtaking a plethora of cars.(including Sebastian). Both the Force India drivers are worth a mention too. Sergio for ultimately making the important overtakes today, whilst Nico made a fantastic first 10 laps to the Grand Prix. He started from 12th and finished 6th.


There is no doubt that it was a legendary drive from Lewis; it was good. And Nico's drive was very good also.

But no one had a chance against the Mercedes; like Kimi said, there in a different class; the difference between Mercedes and the reast of the pack is less than the difference between the rest of the pack and the faster GP2!

So the driver of the day:


results don't lie this time.


I meant to say the difference between Mercedes and the rest of the F1 cars is MORE than the difference between the rest of the F1 cars and the fastest GP2 cars.


So many drivers of the day for this race

Ric is so good, he took Vettel on track 2 times, which is great. Look like he is going to be big name in the future. At least, he prove that he can fight Vettel.

Perez also good, but on TV we didn't see much of his action on track.

Lewis vs Nico, is very very good clean fight. Both of them driving so good.

If there is no SC, I will give the credit to Ric as Lewis shold get the win gutie comfort. But the Last 10 laps Lewis got very hard time for the full attack from Nico in slower car.

So, for me, my driver of the day go for Lewis, he show his skill in defenceive mode very very well.


I don't understand

Ricciardo was on options..both d force indias were on primes...ricciardo had an advantage there

Had it not been for the safety car period,force india were quite a long way down the road...

He gained an advantage there aswell

Yes I totally he drove brilliantly..

But it's kinda annoying when people talk about the one extra lap that he needed to get d 3Rd spot on d podium

I say it again "he drove brilliantly and probably Evn deserved d 3Rd place dat he didnt get"...but Evn perez and hulk fought each othr pretty hard and so did Hamilton and rosberg


Without a doubt, Lewis. Second place to Dan the Man.

Feel ripped off that a clutch problem kept JB out of the final mix at the end - then we could have seen how the McLaren vs. FI battle would have played out.


LEWIS as Driver Of The Day .

His race craft alone surpassed the pack behind him.

Next Rosberg & then Perez.


Lewis by far !

Magnificent drive!

Like the Lewis of old.


DR. Brilliant! Funniest thing EVER when they asked SV to move over for him!!!!!


It restored SV's reputation regarding team orders which was hurt a bit after Malaysia 2013.

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Multi award winning Formula One photographer

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