F1 Winter Break
Williams confirm Partnership with Martini
Posted By:   |  06 Mar 2014   |  2:34 pm GMT  |  234 comments

Williams today officially announced their much predicted partnership with Martini, taking the drinks brand on as a title sponsor and rebranding the team Williams Martini Racing.

It has been common knowledge in Formula One for some months that the Grove squad would tie-up with the Italian company and bring an iconic colour scheme last seen on the 1975 Brabham back to the sport.

The team, formerly under the sponsorship banner of Venezuelan oil company PDVSA through its association with Pastor Maldonado, has suffered in terms of results in recent years but a switch to Mercedes-power this season has been a springboard to improved fortunes – at least in pre-season testing, where the new FW36 set the fastest time of the eight days of Bahrain pre-testing. New driver Felipe Massa and established team-mate Valtteri Bottas are already being viewed as potential podium finishers when the season gets underway in Melbourne next Friday.

The team also looks more secure commercially than it has done in recent years. Recent sponsorship deals with Brazilian companies Petrobras and Banco de Brasil, as well as a renewal of its partnership with watchmaker Oris have given the team a brighter outlook.

“We are thrilled to welcome Martini to the Williams family and officially launch Williams Martini Racing,” said Sir Frank Williams, Founder and Team Principal, Williams. “Williams and Martini share a rich history in the world of motorsport, and the values of our two brands and our shared passion for racing make this partnership a natural fit. It will be great to see the distinctive stripes of Martini Racing™ return to Formula One™ once again in unison with Williams.”

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Just o little correction, the correct name of the brazilian bank is "Banco 'do' Brasil", not 'de' .

Thank you for the pictures of the new Williams Martini.


At least Williams have something to say. Ron Dennis was trying to steal their thunder by announcing the big news that jensons a nice guy, it would be great if we could win the odd race and we have no sponcers.


Yes Jenson is a nice guy, on the surface at least, but in reality there is a layered personality there that does not disclose all, and certainly does not where his heart on his sleeve in the same way Hamilton does.


Best car livery for 2014. Retro!


It looks a little underdone for me, could use another stripe on the sidepods? Maybe have the line on the nose split just behind the front wheel, one running past the mailbox and sidepods, and the other continuing on the engine cover. The side profile will look plain I think as it is with all the white. Anyway, my two cents.

David in Sydney


Big old school logos on white car with think stripes would look more retro.

Massa for WC (I say this believing Rosberg will take it)!


White cars go faster (Brawn GP)


Indeed - and they look better at high speed too!


Have to agree could've been much more impactful, but happy to see more classic liveries back in F1.

Would be great to see McLaren in orange or bring back the red and white (The marlboro motif is still kinda a part of the maclaren logo)


Spot on Eric needs sloped martin stripes down the side pod to the back- that would look Mega!


It's all about the $. Sidepods would have cost Martini more (which they probably didn't have), so Williams will leave that for more revenue with another smaller sponsor(s). I would imagine that title sponsorship has been given away cheaper by Williams in the first instance anyway.


I thought the same thing about the side pods


Agree brilliant livery. Classic


Agreed +100000

Hope we are about to witness a williams revival!


Check out the 1975 Brabham BT44 driven by the two Carlos, Pace and Reutemann.


Wow - I want one!


Are they allowed to race in Abu Dhabi with this name?


I put my original question mainly because it isn't just a writing on the car, it is part of the team name.

I don't want have discussions which country forbids alcohol ad's at sport events and that F1 doesn't need them. Even in europe: switzerland had a voting recently if alcohol ad's should be banned from sport events.

I also remember a long discussion when german Bundesliga soccer club Eintracht Braunschweig had a sponsor who wanted to rename it in Jägermeister Braunschweig - which never happened.

Not because if a law but because of pressure. I know 3-4 european countries who discuss to ban alcohol ad's from sports. So just saying it is just Bahrain and Abu Dhabi and F1 can live without them is a bit short sighted.

As long as i am as a member of volunteer firefighters have to cut people below 20 out of car wracks i can really understand when there are attempts to make laws that alcohol and cars are a bad combination.


Fair points - but you have to treat the majority as responsible adults, and the minority who abuse the situation should be imprisoned. Everyone knows the law on drink-driving - its about enforcement and education combined.


Doesn't Macca use Johnnie Walker also in Abu D???


BE to Abu Dhabis: "If you want to have your F1 race, you can have one. Martini included."


Probably remove the name, but keep the livery.

Anyway F1 is a celebration of western hedonism and decadence - it shouldn't apologise for that!


To be fair Australia and others banned cigarette sponsorship for their races


If the Arabs want an F1 race they should be the ones accomodating - after all their circuits are literally the worst on the calendar after Budapest & Valencia.


At least we are not going to Qatar. Ended up in jail there for a couple of days on the way to the Sing GP last year. Not a hospitable country haha!


I think it's unfair to Bahrain - it's a really good track for F1, less so for the WEC mind you, the loop is terrible.




Good question!!


They will probably remove the word Martini from the cars


Looks great! Go WIlliams in 2014!


Williams have a great pedigree of making pretty cars - usually in blue and white. The FW07 from 1979 to 1981 was an elegant creation, the FW11 of 1986 and 1987 looked purposeful, the 1992 FW14 driven by Our Nige and Ricardo was a handsome brute, and the 1996-1997 FW18/19 looked superb with a wide track and long wheelbase. The only black marks for Frank and Patrick was the hideous 2004 "tusk" nose machine, and before that the horrible wart of wheels that was the ugly FW09 - and it drove as badly as it looked. Otherwise, clean elegant lines from Frank and co, whoever designed them.

And this years vintage from Grove carries on a great visual tradition!


And there she is..... at last and isn't she a beauty.


Haven't you seen the front, I'm pretty sure that it is a he! 🙂

Nice livery though.


Come on guys, don't you know your biology? The part you're inferring wouldn't be on the 'nose' of the car, but quite a bit farther back. 🙂


I see a big hole. 🙂


Yes a little "bit " just in front of the opening


I was worried that you had said "and she isn't a beauty" at first!



What a beauty! Best car and livery in years.

Let's hope it's as fast as it looks.


Now, bring back the JPS black and gold. 😀


I like the idea. The problem is that unfortunately we can´t bring back Chapman

Christos Pallis

Lotus did but the messed it up with all the 'Total' Red




It looks absolutely beautiful, i can't be more excited for Australia.

I'm a Rosberg fan and rooting for Mercedes, but the way Williams have been performing these past few weeks make me want to change that.

And now with this awesome look, i have to buy a Jumper and Polo shirt just for that cool stripe.


Wicked colour scheme 10/10


Best livery ever, the iconic colour scheme evokes some great memories.

It looks terrific on F1 cars, rally cars and racing saloon car.

Williams Martini Racing, World Champions sounds good.


Best ever?

What about the Durex Surtees? :p


The car looks gorgeous but the uniform makes the drivers look like waiters.


Quite apt, I'd say.

Massa & Bottas will be carrying trophies shaped like waiter trays from the podium in Melbourne.


Martini waiters of course, shaken but not stirred


Actually Martinis should NOT be shaken. 🙂

The livery is wonderful and stands out on the grid.

David in Sydney

Of course a Martini may be shaken. It's then called a dirty martini.

But of course don't confuse Martini the brand with Martini the cocktail.


I like the overalls better than the car! I think the constant-width stripe looks better than the tapering swooshes on the car.


You're right - it does!

"Excuse my waiter, can you deliver a win at Melbourne please?"


the logo looks great but there is still a fair bit of prime real estate on the sidepods available.Still seems much better placed than many on the grid. 🙂

not sure about the heavily stylized numbers though....


quite frankly, if they're going for the Herbie look, they should have Herbie style numbers, in my opinion 🙂


....but at least there ARE numbers. Maybe it's aging eyesight, but I miss the days when driver identification was clear, not based on what someone's artist has done to their helmet this week :-).

John in Shanghai

The livery makes me forget the ugly nose. I hope this is the start of a Williams revival, the car looks brilliant.


I think everyone agrees with you. I hope Williams is back fighting with the big boys


It's all looking good for Williams at this stage. Williams and Massa revival


May the racing gods hear you!


What a beautiful car! Fingers crossed for Bottas in Australia 🙂


Thumbs up on that- another flying finn is exactly what we need


WOW what a lovely look I hope the drivers overalls have the martini stripes on them as well cracking good looking car.


oops im off to specsavers didn't see the drivers overalls picture to stunned salivating over the car


Brilliant! Best of luck to them for the season. Hopefully one of the great revival stories.


My first reaction. The Martini rainbow should've been more undulating.

Here's how it should've been done: https://vimeo.com/70426395

What's wrong with the current livery?

1. Too much white.

2. The Martini branding isn't very visible from certain angles.

3. All logos seem to be stuck onto the car without any sense of direction.

I Am Very Very Disappointed.

kenneth chapman

i somehow share your observations. at certain angles the car livery design cues are woeful.

an F1 car is an engineering led sculpture and the fact is that, as with any artistic sculpture, the work must look good from all angles.

the form remains a constant but the use of colour can alter perceptions greatly. anyway, it is a far better than any of the dreary dark blue concoctions of the recent past. williams have reverted to a baseline of some of their very best livery designs of the past...saudia/camel etc.


NO it shouldn't look like that.

F1 rules prohibit wheel encompassing

body panels.




I would have thought it is down to how much martini are paying, hence the empty side pods. I think in F1 you pay by the inch.


Welcome to the blogs, Martini's marketing manager.


Ha! I like Pat Symonds no-nonsense approach as an engineer but he should stay away from the paintbrush …


Perhaps there are rules and regulations concerning F1 cars running alcoholic products - maybe it is a case a drinks company is only allowed a certain quota of space to advertise its actual name.

I'll have to check on that one, but you know what the jobsworths at the EU are like - they don't trust adults to behave like adults.


Disappointed... Looks a bit underwhelming (some previous 'artists impressions' looked much better!)

So who's the favourite for paying for signage on the side pods, then? They're screaming "hire this space"!


SONY? Seems they are not going with McLaren.


There's always one or two that just can't help but be negative, the car looks fantastic and will attract more sponsors for the remaining spaces as it will be very good on tv


Please don't get me wrong - this is now one of the best liveries on the grid on one of the best looking cars on the grid (and hopefully one of the best cars, full stop!).

It is the old expectation management thing: the paintwork could have been bolder. Maybe it will look even better to my eyes when I see it on tv/in the flesh. But I still think it could have been even better.

It's been suggested on some other sites that there may be more than one livery - so let's see!



A great looking car. Any idea how much the deal is worth and how long it will run?

Interesting that Williams landed a new title sponsor, but McLaren are still on the hunt.


I reckon Martini's first choice was Macca, but would probably be double wath Team willy were happy with.


Mclaren probably have some major sponsors attached to the Honda deal, who won't be appearing on the car this year. That's what I would assume at least.


I always feel slightly uncomfortable seeing alcohol brands being advertised on formula one cars. It doesn't feel right that they should be promoting their products alongside the glamour of racing fast cars. Do Diageo (Johnnie Walker) United Distillers (Whyte and Mackay, Kingfisher) and Bacardi (Martini) provide money to anti drink driving campaigns James?


Don't watch it then if you feel uncomfortable. I'm sorry but that is just a load of PC nonsense to suggest that it promotes drinking and driving. I doubt it has even crossed the minds of people to connect the two. Benson & Hedges on Jordan cars did not make me go out and buy cigarettes but if it kept the team on the track so be it. I assume you are not a fan of Leonard Rossiter either.


I'm surprised that we still have this attitude when actually the user must be responsible enough of how much to drink. Just as an irresponsible driver can cause accidents an irresponsible alcoholic can cause havoc too. We are not worried about the high speed driving that F1 gives which could propel people to break all rules to drive at high speeds (and some people actually do that). The same way we should not be too worried by drinks advertizement. By the way, I'm a teetotaler myself.


I was about to say something like this. Alcohol doesn't kill people, irresponsible people kill people. I drink on occasion, but I dont drive if I'm drunk. It's my responsibility, and I choose to be responsible. ..


Do you feel uneasy with Blackberry a sponsor of a racing car? What with texting and driving being an issue...


Gaz beat me to it!


Hmmm. I can't recall the number of times I've walked onto the curb of a pedestrian crossing to look at an oncoming car with the driver's head turned slightly down and in complete ignorance of the approaching crossing and pedestrian. I've even been nicked after thinking they were slowing down and allowing me to cross, only to realise they were a little more engrossed with their phone and had simply come of the accelerator a little and were still oblivious to the situation ahead of them... Are any mobile device makers actively advertising against this practice the way alcohol makers are advertising against drink-driving? I've yet to see such advertising in regular rotation on commercial TV here in Aus.


Sorry Jodum5! Netherless, we're both on the same wavelength - its somewhat hypocritical to clamp down on a drinks manufacturer advertising with F1 and yet allowing a mobile phone producer [sic] to do the same when actually road accidents with mobile phones are a much greater concern that drink-driving - yet no has raised concerns with Black Berry's association with Mercedes.


You could say the same about Black Berry and the dangers of talking on a mobile phone while driving - that is probably just as hazardous as driving while having had a skinful.

I agree drink driving is deplorable, but an idiot minority shouldn't spoil the opportunity for the sensible majority to enjoy a drink or too.


Very relevant as I nearly had a head on with a total fool only last night. He not only was holding his mobile up- but he looked plastered at the same time.!!

I'm gob smacked by how stupid some drinkers are with driving. But I do agree also that texting is fast taking over as I had several near misses in the last month alone.I bet you the stats between the 2 are very close now - not that anyone would admit to the texting and therein lies the problem !-noone will admit to texting whereas a breathalizer cant lie.


that it is a pretty massive sweeping claim and needs backed up with statistics to suggest that distraction from texting is as dangerous as driving under the influence. I'm pretty confident you'll be laughed out of town.


Tom, the point I was making is that both actions are irresponsible - I actually accept your reasoning. My point is nobody has kicked up a fuss over Black Berry when the implications of texting and driving are obvious.

Unfortunately, I remember watching a BBC Police special where a young person was killed in their car while trying to text. Loss of life is a loss of life; my point is a fatal accident can come from many different situations.


In the USA, which does not appear to have the same level of social stigma against drunk driving as the UK (at least, from my observations here over the last 20 years), 10322 people died in drunk driving related crashes in 2012. Source: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration FARS data, 2013.

Over that same period, 3,328 people were killed in distraction-related crashes. So, in the USA, drink driving is only 3x more likely to kill you than texting.


They certainly use an anti drink drive message. Think of Johnnie Walker.

Where better to reach an audience with an anti drink drive message than in a car racing series with 300m fans who like cars??


"Martini will give consumers a taste of life in the fast lane," quotes Andy Gibson, marketing officer, from the Bacardi press release. They are therefore making a direct link between drinking their products and driving fast, without any mention of the responsibility that goes with consuming alcohol. To me this is irresponsible of the Bacardi group, to the point of dangerous, and therefore, by association reflects badly on the Williams group too. I think the advertising of alcohol on race cars and track sides should be as frowned upon as tobacco advertising. I am a wine merchant by profession, and stock Bacardi products, and with my job comes the duty to promote responsible drinking, as it should do for Bacardi and Williams and the other Formula One Teams who promote alcoholic beverages.


Plus Bacardi have a massive 'don't drink and drive campaign', I remember Schumacher talking about it.


Pretty over the top. It isn't Williams responsibility if one is stupid enough to get leathered and drive. People are capable of making their own decisions. Think you may have taken the quote too literally, it is just a phrase


Thanks for your concern, Nanny.

Where would we be without you?

Earlier today, I was looking at

old photos of F1 cars. I inexplicably

drove twenty Rothman's Blues in me

then phoned ScottM and said: "Hey,

lets get liquored and rallycross

your Mazda across the Pennines!"

But, ScottM said: "No. I was about

to, but I read Tom's post. I suggest

you read it, too."

Thankfully, we both had you, Tom.

Thank you for being you.


Wow so glad I read your post before leaving the house today - I was so excited with the Martini livery that I was heading straight out to get plastered and see how fast my Mazda goes....


Tom, see my response below. You make some valid points, but the greatest problem with road accidents is not alcohol, its mobile phones - ie Black-berry for example, who sponsor Mercedes!

Jack Flash (Aust)

Couldn't be happier for Williams. Great to see the Martin name, and that classic Martini stripes on white livery back in Motorsport again. (Last time with Lancia in WRC if I recall correctly). Onwards and upwards...


Porsche Supercup last year actually.


Jeremy Clarkson says a Porsche is just a fat, bloated VW Beetle! In that case, why would the glamour of Martini want to associate itself with a podgy, puffed up People's car?


Clarkson says its fat and bloated? Pot kettle black!


Technically Jezza's right - the Porsche 911 is basically a tarted up and fattened VW Beetle - even designed by the same man, Ferdinand Porsche! He also had some input into the epic Auto Union V16 mid engined grand prix cars of the 30s as well


Jeremy Clarkson says a lot of things


reckon it's perhaps one of the best liveries on an F1 car in 25 years ... probably since Senna's Shell McLaren ?

Love the new scheme and overall look with the 2 iconic brands together.

Now we just pray they go as good as they look!

Judging by practice, they could be in for a good year, which they deserve too. Best of Luck to 'em.


Beatifull than Sena's Lotus John Player Special??? (Gold on Black)


... ooh gee ... ok, you got me there. Hard to beat that! 🙂


The nose aside, it looks very good! Hope Williams delivers this year. Seeing how Lotus did at pre-season, maybe Maldonado will regret how he did things.


love it love it love. good news just keeps on coming from Williams, I really hope they have an epic season.


I'm loving this colour scheme and really pleased to see Williams on the up once again! Here's hoping they get the results that they deserve 🙂


I like it. Hope they win some races this year.


Can I be the 43rd person to say this looks great. I hope it's a winning car too...


Simple and cool 🙂


Looks wonderful, and will stand out nicely on the grid.

Seems like Williams are all set to leave the opposition shaken, but not stirred. 😉


All together

"Anytime any place any where

there's a wonderful world you can share"

who can remember the rest


Apparently the only other ones that can remember are the ones that don't know how to use these new-fangled computer things 😉


Lol 🙂

I have a feeling you've had that one all lined up and ready to go 😉


Roger Moore would be proud.

Still the best Bond I reckon - Mr Connery was a bit too miserable and po-faced, Timothy Dalton was rather rude to Q, Piers Brosnan was too oily, and Daniel Craig has turned Bond into a delinquent thug, so Roger gets my vote.

Roger actually done a lap of Monaco in 1983 just before the grand prix kicked off - I think one of the drivers gave him a lap.


Yes Sean the Scotsman - driving an Aston Martin, a car made by Englishmen in England...how ironic!


Good to see one was not hit, when the

good-taste bomb went off.

Of the lot, Sean is the only Scotsman,

so, therefore, the only acceptable Bond.


Ever since the rumors started I've been trying to find the best way to work that one in, finally figured it out today!


Patience is a virtue - bravo 🙂


You'd have to be a hardened cynic not to wish Williams well and hope for all those involved Massa, Symonds, Frank Williams to name just three that they can convert this 'second' chance into a return to the podium top step this season.

Very best wishes to all at Williams. That is a very nice racing car.


"You’d have to be a hardened cynic not to wish Williams well and hope for all those involved"

Really? what if you're just not a fan?


What a lovely looking car - reminds me a bit of the 1975 Brabham driven by the two Carlos - Reutemann the Argentine and Pace the Brazilian.

That's a point, when Brabham started with Martini sponsorship it was a white livery, but when Brabs switched to Alfa Romeo flat 12/V12 engines the primary colour was changed to red - possibly in deference to the Italian power unit.

Anyway, great to see the Martini legend back in F1, where it belongs.

By the way, anyone complaining should a drinks company advertise in F1 - well, people working and operating in F1 are adults (although sometimes I do question that!) and adults in the western world do have the right to choose to have a drink. Formula 1 reflects the society of the western world, and adults in western society have drinking alcohol since the Romans and beyond - anyway, in case nobody noticed champagne is handed out on the podium.

Mind you, personally, I think Mr Smedley probably prefers a pint of bitter rather than a Martini - good Yorkshireman that he is!

Welcome back Martini! Don't forget the lovely Martini ladies too!


You do know that it's fake champagne?


Fizzy rose water in the middle east but genuine champagne elsewhere. Once very lucky to have a glass of it and it was definitely the real stuff!


I thought it was only fake in Bahrain and Abu Dhabi?? Because of religion


So, is sham-pagne, yes???


You might be right.

I did have the impression it was at all the races, but looking back at where I read it in the 2012 post-race interviews in Abu Dhabi and the US it seems it was at least fake in Abu Dhabi.

Okay, so it's only fake champagne some of the time 🙂


No I didn't! What, they put Babycham in there? Next you'll be telling us they recycle the bottles and carry them from circuit to circuit...

I suppose if they took out the sugar content it would be easier to get the race suits and uniforms clean. In fact making it slightly coloured soda water probably helps get the marks out. Just hang 'em in the truck son, til next weekend...


Really????? I didn't know that. I thought Mumm supplied the champers. I wondered why the drivers were not sloshed out of their heads after swigging a whole bottle of fizz!


For sure Kimi could out drink most of them put together!


I don't know about the others, but Kimi has been known to go overboard - almost literally 🙂


I bet the sight of Sebastian, Fernando, Jenson, Lewis et al after they have had a skinful is an amusing sight!


For my money easily the best looking F1 car this season, and arguably the best looking livery we've seen for a good while.

Best wishes to everyone at Williams and I hope you enjoy much success in 2014 🙂


Wouldn't it be ironic if having been told to leave by Ferrari, Felipe has actually ended up in a car/engine/team combination that is a prancing horse beater? I case of "Thanks Ferrari, you told me take my business elsewhere, and that business is actually better than yours!"

Or what about this scenario in AUS, MAL, BAH or CHI "Here comes Felipe passing the Ferrari of Alonso which has broken down.........while the other Ferrari of Kimi is stricken in the pits with all sorts of problems......."

You know the old cliche - a change is as good as a rest!


Ironic and extremely humourous 🙂

Could well happen.


Timing is everything in F1.........including changing teams!


Now that's how to dress an F1 car. It looks like a race winner standing still. I think I feel like Tank did when he first met Neo.


Lol! I was just watching that movie yesterday! 😀


I prefer some of the mock ups doing the rounds over the last few weeks but even so it's still great to see this back. The overalls are the best thing. If it's good enough for Steve McQueen.......


I'm surprised Steve McQueen drove for European sports cars manufacturers - he would of been very confused by the metric system.

I reckon that was partly why Michael Andretti and Scott Speed were hopeless in F1 - as well as the fact grand prix tracks have right hand corners.


Would he of (sic)? Vic Elford said that if McQueen had started racing earlier, and taken it seriously, he 'would have been as quick as any of us'.

I don't think Scott Speed had any problems turning right. He's no legend, but he was pretty quick in junior formulae, ie GP2. Michael Andretti just left it too late.

The idea that racers from the US don't know how to turn right is so boring, ignorant... At the top level, racing on ovals is as difficult as anything in motorsport.


RE Dave - I was just being a bit sarcy/ironic about US drivers struggling in F1 - in all fairness, there has been no grand prix winner from the land of the Stars and Stripes (a red, blue and white flag - wonder what country that got that idea from eh?) since 1978 - quite a bit of time ago.

To clarify about the Beetle: when I meant Ferdinand Porsche designed the 911 and Beetle, I should have say he had conceptually designed the 911 it in terms of its shape and layout - the 911 was designed by his grandson Butzi Porsche who presumably just looked at his grandad's blueprint for the Beetle and thought "Well, if grandad designed a rear engined air cooled car, why not me?"

Jeremy Clarkson is right - the 911 is basically a bloated, squashed Beetle with a wing on the back!

Ironically, it was an American called Mr DeLorean who thought a rear engined sports car was a good idea...........no John boy, it isn't!


PS, the Beetle and the 911 were not designed by the same person.


James how long is the deal for - multi year I hope


Would imagine. 3 years with options and performance clauses


A lot of people have been quick to dimiss Williams, but I really do think this year will be the "about change" for them. You can see it in the way they have re-organised themselves with many new appoinments to bolster their engineering team. I do hope they can have the respectable finish to the year that Frank and Claire aspires to. The only question really is can they keep up the development race pace, but it is going to be a fickle, not straight forward year so let's wish them luck!



I don't think anybody's been dismissing William recently!

I do however think some people are getting a bit carried away. I would love to see Williams at the front, but a few quick laps set a couple of weeks before a big sponsorship deal is finally announced needs to be taken in context.

There's no doubt that they're in a stronger position than last year, and indeed than they have been for a very long time. The present struggles of the Renault teams will help strengthen their position further, but I fear that a lot of people dreaming of a Williams championship charge are going to end up very disappointed. If they win or are close to winning in Melbourne, *that* is the time to start getting excited.


Perhaps you did not read some of the responses I read, but the tone of your response is ultimately negative. Personally I'm behind Mercedes and Hamilton in particular, but that does not stop wishing a great British family owned team all the best. I think Williams are in a great position with excellent pace over a lap, and long runs. Their reliability also seems very good, and don't forget the earth has moved and the rest button has been firmly pressed. As you say we will see in the first few races as to what the pecking order is.


James Clayton: No there is no confusion. There are ways of being realistic without being negative, but you are entitled to your opinion as much as the next bod.


I think you're confusing negativity with realism


glorious! i'd just admire it even if it sat in the pits and didn't move.


The Williams showboating throughout testing finally pays off.


I may be wrong on this, but I believe Claire had a hand in the deal - if she did, well done Claire!


The deal was done months ago

Sorry to burst your conspiracy bubble..


I'll raise a glass to Williams looks & performance this year - hope they don't pop their cork too early though!

(& can keep up with in-season developments)



Can Williams run in the livery in Bahrain and Abu Dabi?


Good question. Stripes etc of course will be ok

But they will probably opt to run without the Martini logo that's what McLaren has done the last few years with Johnnie Walker branding in Bahrain and Abu Dhabi


Just in the way Mclaren replaced West with Kimi & David, we need name replacements for Martini in the said spot. So hopefully they'll use Valtteri and Felippe in place of Martini.


If livery = omen. Lancia Delta Integrale says it all.

Williams fan-again

At last. Been waiting for a good looking Williams since they moved to the awful BMW livery, now so long ago! Really hope they're quick and can sustain it. Shame they don't have a British driver too.


The BMW livery was an awful lot better than the hideous Winfield livery that preceded it!


Great news had the feeling Williams were either going to be selling out or closing the doors within the next few yrs but this is a really possitive Buzz and at perfect timing with there other middle to struggling sector teams all clearly not on as good engines but F India Lets hope they can stuff them but doubt it simply on balance of driver line ups. Got to feel adding all the variables Toto's shares/past being yet alone his wife still being there that theres more to the link than give us your money and theres your engine/engine techs.


Not quite as good as hoped but still a leap above other teams.

Any higher res pictures?


Check F1.com - they have some tasty pics 🙂



hah.. The one F1 site I forgot to check. Thanks man.

This is the one I was looking for:


There's something menacing about it, certainly not "car like".


Glad I could help 🙂

And yes, if you saw that thing in your mirrors you'd know it meant business 🙂


I have a hunch Williams will have its best season in years. The livery looks astonishing. Very classic and proper for the historic team they are.


Needs some pin-striping on that proboscis but otherwise excellent!

Martini sure picked the right time to jump back in with Williams. Luck or skill?

Was the deal dependent on good testing results?


"Needs some pin-striping on that proboscis"

Maybe, but then again the proboscis is probably something that you don't want to stand out any more than it already does 😉

Robert in San Diego

As an older fan myself, I am just so happy to have a great name back at the forefront of the collective fan base. I have always been a Williams fan and loved it when "Our Nige" was with them.

I hope they can muster the results that all this off season excitement has given us.


Excellent! Car with good potential, and decent, personable drivers. All the best to Williams this year.


"It's the right way, it's the bright way", if yor old enogh to remember!!


It's Martini


Terrific livery... congratulations on the sponsorship and all the best of luck to the whole team this season.


A stripe / ribbon of the Martini colors.... there's still alot of empty white space on the car - especially on the side pods.... am I missing why people are so excited?

Anyways - best of luck to Williams the season is looking bright - Everybody raise their glass of Martini ... to Williams regaining the glory days and reminding the young F1 fans what a great team Williams was and will be again!

All Williams need now is a new British driver to complete the revival. 😀


I am no expert, but are there rules for Sponsor logos on cars? With the Title sponsor most certainly has to feature on the side pods. The same we've seen with McLaren over the years with WEST, Vodafone etc and as we see on the RedBull with Infiniti? I think I read it somewhere.. I could be wrong.

Either way, they could have centered a much larger Martini Logo on the side pods to be honest.


I've never heard that.

Provided the sponsor has negotiated for the position and is happy with where it is I think they could stick it on the diffuser if they wanted to.

As for Martini, if I understand it correctly their sponsorship has bought the whole livery so large stickers on the side-pods would just be overkill, and just speaking for myself I prefer the big numbers there instead - it just looks more like a race car should 🙂


and an Italian one


You do seem to be missing why people are exited:

First, it's iconic. The colours are associated with winning, and while that's meaningless in any real sense it can't hurt 🙂

Second, there is a lot of white, but instead of being boring somehow it manages to look clean and fast without an excess of huge sponsor stickers.

Third, it has big numbers on the side-pods - I like that 🙂

I'm not sure if they need a British driver - they should do well with an experienced and rejuvenated Massa as well as a young and talented Bottas.

I know that sounds like a press release, but I honestly do believe it - bring on Melbourne 🙂


You forget to say the ultimate endorsement Random - that Martini colours were originally brought into F1 in the mid 70s thanks to a certain Mr E!


Simple clean lines go a long way... that's one of the reasons I like it.

Alas, the sides pods will probably get stickered over time as well

Tom Haythornthwaite

This would have sounded impossible last year but I predict Felipe Massa will win the World Driving Championship.


Would rather it was Bottas...

Tom Haythornthwaite

Maybe he'll come second!?


I have no problem with Massa coming second.


Even with those ugly nose cones this year, this Williams is the sexiest f1 car for years!!! Hope the performance follows! Come on Williams!


all these comments for and against - phew, step back a bit - don't you think that Williams and Martini have worked out the look long ago and both are happy with the result. Personally it's great to have a white car back on the grid since the Brawn, but more importantly, see Williams enjoying some success! Sure, they are a business, but they are all petrol head racers and "good on them"

By the way, I'm going to miss the Mark Webber interviews, great no nonsense bloke!!


Bring back "Penthouse" and "Rizla"

and it will be the shagadelic seventies

all over again!

Yeah, baby!


I disagree that the 70s was the best for F1 - I reckon the best era for F1 - and western culture - is the late 80s/early 90s - and as this year marks the 25th anniversary of the fall of the the eastern bloc/communism/berlin wall and the also the 25th anniversary of the second summer of love 1989 maybe the cars should be painted in smiley faces and Stone Roses/Factory/Hacienda colours?


And driven by fembots? 🙂


Thanks James - just laughed out loud in work!!


Yeah man, go Massa!


As we say in Brazil "show de bola"! Sure it is the best looking car this year!


Wow! now I like the Williams livery the best.

Just hoping Williams will do very well this season.

First race begins next weekend. Nice!


Count me out. Loved the off-season dark blue. Martini uses a dark blue background so why couldn't they have stuck with the basis they were given? The bright light blue and red could have been much bigger arcs with a much more dramatic effect. Too bad - it's an opportunity wasted.

White cars - why?


Goes to show, a good livery can take away the ugliness of the nose or amplify it to look even more ugly.

In Williams's case it is the former 🙂 Yes, the livery on the 1975 Brabham was a stunner but the car was way ahead if you look at just plain beauty.


A new beginning for Williams in all aspects. It has to be said, Claire Williams has done a good job. They have to aim high. Score as many points as possible before all the RICH teams start catching up and then build on a solid base to start next year even better.


Martini livery reminds me the old and real F1.


Better issue the pit crew with really dark shades or they may start dropping wheel nuts from being blinded when the car comes in.

Can't understand why the front wing isn't painted blue/red/blue, think it could look awesome, i.e. with a blue stripe all the way across the bottom element. Do something creative there. But as-is the car seems very bland until someone says, "it's Martini's iconic livery." Oh. Alright, it's great!


Kind of boring, if you want iconic look at Ferrari.


Or kind of iconic - if you want boring look at Ferrari 😉


Force India's livery is the best.


Force India’s livery was the best...and to be fair it's still a close second 🙂


A great setting that requests some good results (hopefully) !


I´d love to see Claire Williams and VIPs sip Martini whole GP weekends and get all happy and smiling trackside!


Beautiful, I like it.

But it is interesting that when Williams brought its car out and it was the first one in 2014 then almost all the comments were that it was so ugly, the worst design ever, etc.

Then the competition showed up. Ferrari, merc, mclaren. And there was a survey about these 5 cars, which one had most beautiful design (I think this survey was on this site). I voted for Williams but when I saw the results then Williams got very few votes and was the last one...

Now suddenly, it has the most beautiful livery AND the most beautiful design too (even in history).

So it is quite impressive how the ugliest car ever has become the most beautiful car ever in just few winter months 🙂

But I am happy for Williams and like their car and livery 🙂


No Suzi Wolff in this shoot !!??


Nice car, shame about the nose. 😉

Still can't believe they couldn't write the low nose rules properly to avoid some of the new monstrosities, Torro Rosso's newest nose looks even worse!

The driver overalls look cool, very retro.

I think Frank should speak to Martini and Brazil and get the stripes changed to yellow, green and blue around the start of May as a Senna tribute. 20 years since, can't believe it.


I actually like the TR nose, but I'm starting to get the feeling I'm the only one...to tell the truth I've kind of gotten used to most of them, although the Caterham still makes me shudder...

Tom in adelaide

I'll be buying the diecast model upon release!


Aesthetically I think they could go a bit bolder with the stripe and a little less of the white (personal taste, not keen on white cars). But apparently the livery will change from race to race anyway?

Anyone know how much Martini got the title sponsor for? I would say it was a bargain given they would have paid based on last year's performance and will get point scoring coverage this year.

But... further proof the business people at Lotus should be taken out and smothered with tyre warmers. If Williams can put a business package together then Lotus should have been well able to and not allowed crooks like Quantum through the door.


Very nice livery. Let's hope we dont see the team "on the rocks" this year...


No. But you landed on number 69..... dont know if that is relevent.








Does anyone know who is gonna sponsor McLaren?

Ron said there will be no title sponsor for McLaren in first few races!


The rumour was Sony, but apparently they've had to some issues to sort out.

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