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Williams confirm Partnership with Martini
Posted By:   |  06 Mar 2014   |  2:34 pm GMT  |  234 comments

Williams today officially announced their much predicted partnership with Martini, taking the drinks brand on as a title sponsor and rebranding the team Williams Martini Racing.

It has been common knowledge in Formula One for some months that the Grove squad would tie-up with the Italian company and bring an iconic colour scheme last seen on the 1975 Brabham back to the sport.

The team, formerly under the sponsorship banner of Venezuelan oil company PDVSA through its association with Pastor Maldonado, has suffered in terms of results in recent years but a switch to Mercedes-power this season has been a springboard to improved fortunes – at least in pre-season testing, where the new FW36 set the fastest time of the eight days of Bahrain pre-testing. New driver Felipe Massa and established team-mate Valtteri Bottas are already being viewed as potential podium finishers when the season gets underway in Melbourne next Friday.

The team also looks more secure commercially than it has done in recent years. Recent sponsorship deals with Brazilian companies Petrobras and Banco de Brasil, as well as a renewal of its partnership with watchmaker Oris have given the team a brighter outlook.

“We are thrilled to welcome Martini to the Williams family and officially launch Williams Martini Racing,” said Sir Frank Williams, Founder and Team Principal, Williams. “Williams and Martini share a rich history in the world of motorsport, and the values of our two brands and our shared passion for racing make this partnership a natural fit. It will be great to see the distinctive stripes of Martini Racing™ return to Formula One™ once again in unison with Williams.”

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Does anyone know who is gonna sponsor McLaren?

Ron said there will be no title sponsor for McLaren in first few races!


The rumour was Sony, but apparently they’ve had to some issues to sort out.








No. But you landed on number 69….. dont know if that is relevent.


Very nice livery. Let’s hope we dont see the team “on the rocks” this year…


Aesthetically I think they could go a bit bolder with the stripe and a little less of the white (personal taste, not keen on white cars). But apparently the livery will change from race to race anyway?

Anyone know how much Martini got the title sponsor for? I would say it was a bargain given they would have paid based on last year’s performance and will get point scoring coverage this year.

But… further proof the business people at Lotus should be taken out and smothered with tyre warmers. If Williams can put a business package together then Lotus should have been well able to and not allowed crooks like Quantum through the door.

Tom in adelaide

I’ll be buying the diecast model upon release!


Nice car, shame about the nose. 😉

Still can’t believe they couldn’t write the low nose rules properly to avoid some of the new monstrosities, Torro Rosso’s newest nose looks even worse!

The driver overalls look cool, very retro.

I think Frank should speak to Martini and Brazil and get the stripes changed to yellow, green and blue around the start of May as a Senna tribute. 20 years since, can’t believe it.


I actually like the TR nose, but I’m starting to get the feeling I’m the only one…to tell the truth I’ve kind of gotten used to most of them, although the Caterham still makes me shudder…


No Suzi Wolff in this shoot !!??


Beautiful, I like it.

But it is interesting that when Williams brought its car out and it was the first one in 2014 then almost all the comments were that it was so ugly, the worst design ever, etc.

Then the competition showed up. Ferrari, merc, mclaren. And there was a survey about these 5 cars, which one had most beautiful design (I think this survey was on this site). I voted for Williams but when I saw the results then Williams got very few votes and was the last one…

Now suddenly, it has the most beautiful livery AND the most beautiful design too (even in history).

So it is quite impressive how the ugliest car ever has become the most beautiful car ever in just few winter months 🙂

But I am happy for Williams and like their car and livery 🙂


I´d love to see Claire Williams and VIPs sip Martini whole GP weekends and get all happy and smiling trackside!


A great setting that requests some good results (hopefully) !


Force India’s livery is the best.


Force India’s livery was the best…and to be fair it’s still a close second 🙂


Kind of boring, if you want iconic look at Ferrari.


Or kind of iconic – if you want boring look at Ferrari 😉


Better issue the pit crew with really dark shades or they may start dropping wheel nuts from being blinded when the car comes in.

Can’t understand why the front wing isn’t painted blue/red/blue, think it could look awesome, i.e. with a blue stripe all the way across the bottom element. Do something creative there. But as-is the car seems very bland until someone says, “it’s Martini’s iconic livery.” Oh. Alright, it’s great!


Martini livery reminds me the old and real F1.


A new beginning for Williams in all aspects. It has to be said, Claire Williams has done a good job. They have to aim high. Score as many points as possible before all the RICH teams start catching up and then build on a solid base to start next year even better.


Goes to show, a good livery can take away the ugliness of the nose or amplify it to look even more ugly.

In Williams’s case it is the former 🙂 Yes, the livery on the 1975 Brabham was a stunner but the car was way ahead if you look at just plain beauty.


Count me out. Loved the off-season dark blue. Martini uses a dark blue background so why couldn’t they have stuck with the basis they were given? The bright light blue and red could have been much bigger arcs with a much more dramatic effect. Too bad – it’s an opportunity wasted.

White cars – why?


Wow! now I like the Williams livery the best.

Just hoping Williams will do very well this season.

First race begins next weekend. Nice!


As we say in Brazil “show de bola”! Sure it is the best looking car this year!


Yeah man, go Massa!


Bring back “Penthouse” and “Rizla”

and it will be the shagadelic seventies

all over again!

Yeah, baby!


I disagree that the 70s was the best for F1 – I reckon the best era for F1 – and western culture – is the late 80s/early 90s – and as this year marks the 25th anniversary of the fall of the the eastern bloc/communism/berlin wall and the also the 25th anniversary of the second summer of love 1989 maybe the cars should be painted in smiley faces and Stone Roses/Factory/Hacienda colours?


And driven by fembots? 🙂


Oh behave!


Thanks James – just laughed out loud in work!!


all these comments for and against – phew, step back a bit – don’t you think that Williams and Martini have worked out the look long ago and both are happy with the result. Personally it’s great to have a white car back on the grid since the Brawn, but more importantly, see Williams enjoying some success! Sure, they are a business, but they are all petrol head racers and “good on them”

By the way, I’m going to miss the Mark Webber interviews, great no nonsense bloke!!




Even with those ugly nose cones this year, this Williams is the sexiest f1 car for years!!! Hope the performance follows! Come on Williams!

Tom Haythornthwaite

This would have sounded impossible last year but I predict Felipe Massa will win the World Driving Championship.


Would rather it was Bottas…

Tom Haythornthwaite

Maybe he’ll come second!?


I have no problem with Massa coming second.

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