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Which F1 team has the best Livery of 2014?
Posted By:   |  08 Mar 2014   |  3:09 pm GMT  |  220 comments

Now that the final car of 2014 has been revealed in the form of a Martini liveried Williams, the team at JA on F1 have compiled a list of their top five best looking cars and the reasons for choosing. Have a look through and post your thoughts below giving your own top five.

And it is with Thursday’s announcement of Martini’s return to Formula One that we begin. The FW36 ran through pre-season testing under a plain blue colour scheme as the highly expected Martini deal, inked months ago, was scheduled to be announced in the following week.

It was worth waiting for. The three writers of this site agreed unanimously that it is holds the best livery on the 2014 grid with its striking bright white highlighted by the red and blue stripes running the length of the car. We would, however, like to have seen Martini throw in that extra few million euros to have their brand across the side-pods.

Here is the JA on F1 team’s top five:

1. Williams It is a joy to see Martini back in Formula One and gives the slightly more mature fan a great sense of nostalgia. Iconic as the scheme is, it will also be very visible on the circuit stand out under flood lights and we’re looking forward to seeing it at speed around Albert Park in less than a week.

2. McLaren You only have to look at photos from Bahrain to see how good it looks. The light there is terrific for photography and the McLaren looks great in it. The only concern is the lack of a title sponsor, though Ron Dennis has suggested something is in the pipeline and has said he is optimistic that a long term partner will be signed a few months into the season, from the companies that he is talking to.

3. Ferrari Every Winter, when the latest cars are released we know exactly what we are to get from Ferrari. However, its iconic and individual red is so vibrant and deep that no one dare imitate it. Seeing this car in this flesh will give any motor sport fan a special feeling.

4. Red Bull Up until last year the use of stock Red Bull colours looked dated and lacked the artistic flair that other teams had undertaken. However, the introduction of the purple tint to the World Champions latest two editions makes it look spectacular in both day and night.

5. Force IndiaThe VJM07 has that look of stealth and aggression but the splash of orange and green maintain the flair and vibrancy of the Indian national colours.

The Lotus was also a contender with its iconic black and gold colour scheme, but these were our top five.

What do you think? Post your Top 5 and we will pick two at random to win a copy of “James Allen on F1 2013: Winning at all costs”, our book on the 2013 F1 season, the behind the scenes stories and goings on from the year.

The last remaining copies of the book are for sale at £10-99 by following this link: http://shop.jamesallenonf1.com/Info/Book.html

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McLaren has a new livery!!! 😀



1. Ferrari, Mercedes, Redbull & Lotus

2. Williams and Force India

3. Mclaren, Sauber, Marrussia, Caterham & Toro Rosso.

That’s my take.


I agree with JA’s picks…and in there order.

Though I quite like the Caterham livery (as opposed to the shape of the car).


Is it just me or has Ferrari taken a step towards looking like Marussia with that injection of black?

How come Mercedes doesn’t feature here? I haven’t always been a fan of the soft silver and mint green, but I think it’s taken on a new sharpness this year.

I think Red Bull and Force India look pretty awful to be honest. Like a throwback to early 00s colour schemes. McLaren is nice, but, let’s face it, anybody can throw caution to the wind and design entirely according to their own preferences if they don’t have a title sponsor.


1 Williams

2 Force India

3 Sauber

4 Ferrari

5 Red Bull


I have not seen many Ferrari fans liking the BLACK on the new Ferrari. Wonder whether Ferrari will hear the fans and change the scheme. After all they did listen to the fans choices, for picking up the name of the car 🙂


Ferrari are Ferrari so I wouldn’t include them in something like this. And the black bits are so that its hard to spot and photograph the design details so we’ll indulge them.

Wish the Martini was more prominent on the Williams. Makes me just think of Stewart GP and that tartan ribbon. Be bold!

I’m liking the unusual combination at Force India. And Marussia did a fine job this year.

Why does McLaren look more like a silver arrows than the Mercedes silver arrow? And does anyone believe Ron is just about to sign a title sponsor?

Red Bull needs someone to come in and be creative with their corporate colours.

Sauber is just terrible. Unless they were going for the poor no sponsors look, in which case kudos!


I’m not trying to be contrary for its own sake, but I was genuinely enchanted with William’s dark blue, uncluttered livery. I thought aethetically in was wonderful, and recalled Cooper T43 Climax of 1958. Had they, when taking Martini on board, simply found a way to integrate the Martini stripe, I’d have been a fan still.

I’m glad Force India have toned down their hitherto nausea-inducing lively.

Best of the lot? Lotus – simple, uncluttered, iconic.


1) Ferrari

For precisely the reasons James suggests. It may never be a surprise but for me that red car is so iconically representative of the sport that it gets the top spot.

2) Williams

I suspect it’s an age thing but I too find the reapparance of the Martini branding somehow reassuring that all is right in the world of F1. I liked the car in it’s CGI blue, but it’s going to be great to see it racing round, and very probably near the front too.

3) McLaren

Yes, it’s going to change when they get a title sponsor, but in the meantime the McLaren looks quite stunning. The way it catches the light makes it look a little breathtaking, and I hope that we see it near the front of the grid again where it belongs.

4) Marussia

It looks a neat car. They’ve done a great job with the nose and it looks far more like a genuine competitor than a car looking to make up the numbers. Let’s hope the Ferrari power puts it more towards the mid-field too.

5) Red Bull

I hesitated about including the Red Bull, because – splash of purple aside – it’s looked pretty much the same for years. That said, given their success recently it’s beginning to be as much of an expected visual presence as that of Ferrari, though I’m sure I’m not alone in hoping that I don’t see it at the front quite as often as the last few years…


In Caterham’s Facebook page, the new cover photo for Melbourne depicts it having a black nose tip in an attempt to make it look less vulgar perhaps.

But I really don’t understand the outcry. Compared to the Torro Rosso, that nose is way way way better looking.


I like the Williams. like the Brawn in 2009 it’s simple, uncluttered and elegant. I have always like Red Bulls livery and don’t see any reason to change it, Mclaren were Orange and White and said Marlboro for 20 odd years and no one complained.

Don’t really like Mercedes livery, don’t like the silver colour, prefer McLaren’s chrome.

I am disappointed not to see the new drivers numbers not take more prominence. Most of the cars have plenty of space for a more sizeable number and I thought associating the number and driver was the whole point in assigning each driver a personal number?

Rahul Shrinivas

For me it would be…

1.Williams -sweet

2. Force India – very strong presence this year

3. MclLaren – would look awsome on sunny days with the sky’s reflection causing a blue hue

4. Ferrari – it’s Red …period.

5. RedBull – looks very flowy.


I’m going to have trouble telling Ferrari and Marussia apart now.


No problem, that’s easy to sort out: The one getting lapped will be the Marussia 🙂


I would say:

1 Lotus

2 McLaren

3 Ferrari

4 Red Bull

5 Williams


1) Williams

2) Lotus

3) Marussia (could just be the lack of sponsors but since last year they’ve just looked great)

4) Force India

5) Ferrari


Martini Williams


As a Ferrari fan I’m sad to see less and less red year by year. The amount of black/carbon at the rear this year is a bit to large, I would have liked it to be half the size it is really.


1. Williams – the best looking by quite some way!

2. Ferrari – not a fan of all the black at the back, but otherwise still a very evocative livery

3. Marussia – I’m surprised more people haven’t mentioned it. It’s sleek and simple, and that bright red paint really dazzles from the stands

4. Lotus – still looks lovely, but it would’ve been nice to see the livery shaken up a bit more this year

5. McLaren – looks smart, but it doesn’t quite capture the imagination in the same way as the other four

Regarding the Red Bull and especially the Force India, I just think there are too many colours on them now. They look a bit messy…






5)Force India


Force India.

I would like to see Mercedes doing some innovation on the “silver arrow”… I think a touch of black would do it. They added some black into it, but the car is still “boring”. Lewis Hamilton is what adds some colors to the scene…


Too much black on the Ferrari for my liking. Far too intrusive and for that reason looks totally unremarkable.


surprisingly Force India Tops My list 😉


Recently there was a graph of GP tracks with the fuel required to complete the race in 2013. Does anyone have that link? It would be nice to have the info going forward.

Are there going to be updated TV graphics to show fuel flow, battery charge status and fuel remaining or +/- verses distance? It will be hard to tell who is actually leading (Volvo Ocean Race comes to mind)without analysis.


#1Force India ( i like bright colours :D)

#2 Mclaren ( simplicity = sophistication )

rest i dont care..

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