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Ferrari calls for feedback from fans on the new Formula 1 spectacle..or lack of it
Scuderia Ferrari
Posted By: James Allen  |  20 Mar 2014   |  6:08 pm GMT  |  403 comments

Ferrari has launched an online mini-survey, seeking fans’ views on the new F1, as we saw it in Melbourne last weekend.

There are four simple questions, relating to whether fans enjoyed the spectacle in Australia and the clarity of the rules.

The survey can be accessed by clicking on this link: Ferrari Fan Survey

We strongly advise readers to take advantage of this opportunity to feed back to one of the leading teams.

As well as disappointment that the drivers have to manage the cars’ fuel consumption, giving the impression that they are not pushing to the limit, there has been a significant backlash from many fans against the sound of the cars, not necessarily the quality of the sound, but the lack of decibels; it was far too quiet for many fans’ taste. There is also dismay that complicated rules relating to fuel flow metering cast a shadow over the event with the disqualification of one of the leading runners.

But it is always risky to jump to conclusions based on a single event. Melbourne was perhaps not the ideal place to launch the new F1 as it is one of the highest fuel consumption races of the year and it doesn’t have corners with more than one line into and out of them, which means it is hard to overtake. There will be a lot more overtaking in Sepang next weekend with the two consecutive straights, linked by a hairpin.

There are a number of suggestions at large in F1 insider circles about improvements, from boosting the sound in the world TV feed to shortening the races this season, as the technology evolves, by around 40km so drivers can push throughout.

Former Benetton and Renault team principal Flavio Briatore launched a scathing attack on the sport yesterday in the Italian media, saying,

“You can’t present a show like we saw on Sunday; it says you don’t respect the public which is paying in the stands and on TV. I didn’t understand what the drivers were doing; they weren’t attacking I didn’t understand the fuel saving, why some great drivers were not able to defend themselves. It was a confusing and depressing spectacle.”

Briatore said that the sport had made a grave error in letting the engineers design the sport, rather than taking a wider view of what would make for the best spectacle.

Meanwhile Mercedes boss Toto Wolff has said that the sport and its teams need to take heed of the views of fans.

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Behind the Scenes at the track
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This web site truly has all of the information and facts I wanted about this subject

and didn’t know who to ask.


Once again a Ferrari drive breaks the rules and gets away with it (Alonso vs Hamilton)

If that had been the opposite way round Ferrari would have been screaming ‘FOUL’ but there was nothing done to make Alonso give back the advantage he gained by shortcutting when being challenged by Hamilton.

Charlie Whiting, PLEASE RESPOND!


Help and support our cause. Our favorite buddie was just diagnosed with this.

We desire to present our services!


that has to be the poorest effort for a survey i have ever seen. If they wanted to gain some useful information they should ask specific questions about the problems people are complaining about

tyres, noise, fuel, look of cars, etc.. I personally think that the Melbourne race was very entertaining, I just wish the engines were louder and the lap times were quicker.


I’ve been a huge fan of F1 ever since the very first race I experienced as a young boy in Adelaide, Australia but I’m sorry but the sound of the 2014 cars…’s just not the same and no longer grabs my interest. The loud scream of F1 cars flying up the straight is what set it apart from the other forms of race driving. This new sounding vehicle is just plain boring now. For me F1 was all about the noise.


Well when there are wholesale changes to the sporting regulations it’s like throwing the various elements up into the air, and see where they land. It is also a fact that what we are seeing now is not a true picture of how this formula will normalise. A better time might be mid year. That said and on the basis of just one race it appears there are pluses and minuses with the sound of the engines perhaps being a negative, but on the plus side the cars are very responsive. I have some sympathy with what Briatore is saying, and I don’t buy the reasons why formula one has to go this way as the motor industry know their own markets and are quite capable of developing hybrid technology without F1. Personally I would prefer bigger engines with lots of grunt, reduced aero dependancy, and increased mechanical grip with larger, wider tyres particularly at the rear. Really all this is is engineering following a trend that is unnecessary and perhaps undesirable.


For me this whole noise business is very simple. It’s unlikely to stop me from watching races on TV, but I’ve pretty much decided I’m not going to spend money on going to a GP with these lame engines.

I mean come on:


lol, indeed it did sound as if they were cruising only and the perception is it was much slower.


So the feedback is to get Domenicali out of the team.


Well, yes, *someone has to take the fall and it sure ain’t gonna be ol’ 3-car Monte!


This is such a farce! The new formula is far superior and more exciting- to boot. Everyone needs to stop allowing preconception to rule their headspace and actually pay attention to the style of driving which is going to be required of these pilots this year. Can we not ruin the sport w antiquated ideals and superficial values (like sound, which is great)? Wtf has this become? American Football? Monster Trucks? Conservation is a myth, Progress is inevitable.


I actually like the current sound better than the sounds of the V8… prefer to hear the lockups, screeching of tyres etc, like in 80s when real F1 existed. Not as many rules back then. The days when drivers displayed their real personalities and were not driven by corporate marketing. When the sport was more dangerous and engines more powerful.

P.S. Can we still take the survey or is it closed?


Personally I like it, it makes the drivers think and they are really on it. So we cant hear the engines as much, big deal! I watch it on my tv, I still hear it and the brakes. Issue with F1 is its being controlled by a man who to be honest is still living in the 90s. Times change get over it Bernie!


It’s very early days yet, I’m willing to give the new F1 half a season before passing judgement on it. Australia was disappointing, both for the lack of noise and the lack of racing. But perhaps the latter at least will improve as the season progresses.


Bloody hell I am staggered (though perhaps I shouldn’t be) at the extent of the negativity. Yes, drivers varied their pace to save fuel but they were also pushing hard in phases – on a fuel-thirsty track. It wasn’t like some races last season where everyone lapped really slowly the whole race to stop the tyres going off. And the teams have done such an incredible job to adapt to the new regulations and give us a fairly quick, pretty competitive opening round of the season.

I can understand that the noise will feel underwhelming to grandstand viewers, and this is unfortunate. Mercedes might dominate, which may impact the wider spectacle. Double points are a farce. But I like the road-relevance of the hybrids; F1 technological ingenuity at its best. And the drivers are being challenged too; to try and handle the immense torque generated by the right boot. Those, I feel, should be things to be cautiously optimistic about.


I think I’m one of the few F1 fans who actually likes what the new rules seem to be achieving!

The cars are lacking engine noise? So what! I saw the Audi TDI’s at Le Mans and was amazed at how much easier it was to tell exactly what the car was doing, how the driver was manipulating it mid-corner (tyre noise, brake noise) and the change as the tyres wore out.

Fuel efficiency will improve with time, plus the ERS will get better so power outputs will go up. Did no-one notice how the cars are twitchy when all that electric torque kicks in?

Aero regs that encourage free-thinking and innovation? Bring it on! At least you can tell the cars apart at a quick glance.

The rest (fuel flow meters, teams being cautious etc) is just part of the teams/parts suppliers adapting to the huge reg changes. I will hold off my verdict on whether these changes have been good or bad until mid-season at the earliest.

Double points however can be dropped with immediate effect!!


You don’t need any more proof of how far F1 has fallen in 4 months than to view this video.


A perfect illustration.


Let’s forget about the decibels for a minute and first address the fact that v8 powered AMG and Ferrari’s road cars sound better than the current crop of F1 cars.


The fans are MUCH more annoyed by things like double points and DRS than the sound and fuel consumption, so why don’t they do something about those things as well, I mean at least a poll? hypocrites, only using the fans opinion when they benefit from it.


No refueling, the once tried grooved tires and now more limited fuel capacity/consumption has helped castrate the sport.

I know everyone has opinions on the integrity or possible artificial nature of things like DRS, but I like DRS, KERS and the newer electric gizmos used to increase performance but this is not Formula E.

Intensity and aesthetics matter. It’s not simply good enough to say we’ll grow to love the ugly cars or we’ll soon forget the old sound and all will be the same. It’s lost ‘something’ and I want it back. Change is fine, but don’t lose that ‘something’.

I’m so glad its not just me that sees this or has a similar view, but having the pundits mock the cars for their looks and sound only highlights how bad it is, and makes the sport that much less enjoyable to watch, don’t you think?


Toto Wolff talks about the need to ‘take heed of the fans views’. I rather hope that doesn’t actually mean ‘take heed of the views of those who jump up and down and complain the loudest (about something new that isn’t what they’re used to)’.

I’ve been watching F1 my whole life (my first memory is Nelson Piquet driving towards me at Brands Hatch) and I thoroughly enjoyed Australia. I liked, really liked, being able to hear the atmosphere of the fans at the circuit. Recently it’s very rare that that has come across on the TV (Rubens gaining pole at Brazil in 2009 being one of the notable exceptions), and I thought it was great. And hearing a lock-up on the feed and thinking, “who was that?” before the cameras pick up on it. Sure, it would be great to have the cake and eat it, to have the noise and the rest, but I like thinking about the strategy during the GP for myself and trying to guess what might happen.

F1 evolves, it always has, and it always will. I remember howls of complaint when the V10s and V12s were lost and protests that the V8s sounded like little kittens, and now suddenly the V8s are the be all and end all. Please, change happens, embrace what has been added rather than mourning what’s been lost!

Double points on the other hand, complete Bull.


Howls of complaint! YES! It was a tragedy when we lost the last V12… but V10’s weren’t too bad and at 20K RPM- man there was some sweet music back then. It was a tragedy when we went to the 18K V8’s, but again it was “ok” but not as good. This regression has happened over a number of years- but it is a continual downward slide. I will continue to mourn what used to be and try to reconcile it with better racing- except that won’t happen this year as Merc is so far ahead of everyone that they will win every race. This season will be like the Shumi domination years, except without the magical sound of a lot of cylinders moving really fast. This surely has to be reason to mourn…


Can’t do much for the sound but no fuel saving can save this season as fans want flat out racing not nursing the pinnacle of motorsports. Tyres are much better so no need to change.

And Ferrari please improve asap or else Alonslow eyebrows will drop swiftly.

Hey, I heard Bernie wants to retire, all of a sudden?


A bit of a rubbish survey, James.

Now that Mr. LDM knows he has an overweight dead cat in hood and two tigers behind the steering wheel, would it surprise anyone one bit if Ferrari (under Mr. LDM’s ‘guidance’) used any means fair or foul (and leading questions of the “Have you stopped beating your wife lately?” variety) to shift focus (& blame) onto something other than Ferrari’s failure to produce a winning car?

When wd they have the cojones to stand up & say, “We screwed up. So far, we’ve produced a bullock-cart (and that’s homologated for the rest of the season). Now, we’re going to devote ALL our time, energy & attention to bust our b*lls to produce atleast a horse-buggy within the next 2 races. Thank you & good night” or something to that effect.


We had the builders in once, and the noise killed our pet hamster.

With the noise of F1 as it was last year compared to this, I wondered if there were far fewer dead mammals to be picked up at the clean up of Albert Park this year?


Just the hamsters that ran in their wheel all day and powered those hybrid engine things.


I was hoping the survey would have a bit more detail.

a YES/NO question is not enough.


– I love the new tech

– Shuffling of teams

– the better tyres

No, I hate

– the sound (the lack of it) and no I will not get over it. Just like I never got over the fact that Pirelli tyres artificially degrates from 2011 to 2013.

– silly looking nose. I think it is an embarrassment for a TOP DOG sport to screw something up so badly.

– F1 is not expanding into USA. Americans love their motor-racing. Stop being so arrogant and go with American culture for a bit.

In the end, I feel there is no need to watch the race live anymore. It sounds the same as watching it on TV anyway.


“…there is no need to watch the race live anymore. It sounds the same as watching it on TV anyway.”

And on TV with the right technology you can pause it and go to the loo!


Now after the season starts all these people want the fans input??? Little late for that!!!

By the way Formula 1, General Motors has announced the next generation of 3 and 4 cylinder turbocharged engines to be used in their hybrid and fuel efficient cars. Guess they’re not waiting for F1 technology to trickle down to them.

Gee, how can they do that? They don’t even race F1!


“…how can they do that?”

Easy: they cheat on the fuel flow!

And they don’t spend a gazillion $ on insane aero tweaks because they don’t go even 100 mph.

SO there’s your “road relevance”, FIA!


Wasn’t this sort of thing handled by FOTA in the past? Hmmmm, maybe that disbanded/useless/gutted by Ferrari and Redbull organization had some use afterall…

F1 for me is quickly becoming much less interesting than the other series it is competing with. WEC cars is where all this hybrid stuff belongs- F1 is about going as fast as possible with an engine, some aero and no other gizmos. F1 has lost its way and is in a very sad state- and ALL parties are to blame! The FIA is responsible for these rediculous rules. Bernie is responsible for turning his back on the real fans and racing in Korea/China/the list goes on while real racing venues and fans are shut out. Finally, the teams bear the brunt of this as they are too busy in-fighting with each other and have completely missed the big picture.

F1 fans are being taken advantage of- and that treatment of the people who pay the bills only lasts so long.

I won’t be going to a live race this year- the last year I missed one was in 2001 I believe- it has been that long. Maybe a new fan will get my seat and fall in love with the sport…


I thought the race was rather good. There is a lot of strategy involved now. I remember when the only passing took place in the pits. Ferrari sounds a bit butt hurt that they did not produce a competitive car. I’m looking forward to the Red Bull vs. Mclaren vs. Williams battles.

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