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Ferrari calls for feedback from fans on the new Formula 1 spectacle..or lack of it
Scuderia Ferrari
Posted By: James Allen  |  20 Mar 2014   |  6:08 pm GMT  |  403 comments

Ferrari has launched an online mini-survey, seeking fans’ views on the new F1, as we saw it in Melbourne last weekend.

There are four simple questions, relating to whether fans enjoyed the spectacle in Australia and the clarity of the rules.

The survey can be accessed by clicking on this link: Ferrari Fan Survey

We strongly advise readers to take advantage of this opportunity to feed back to one of the leading teams.

As well as disappointment that the drivers have to manage the cars’ fuel consumption, giving the impression that they are not pushing to the limit, there has been a significant backlash from many fans against the sound of the cars, not necessarily the quality of the sound, but the lack of decibels; it was far too quiet for many fans’ taste. There is also dismay that complicated rules relating to fuel flow metering cast a shadow over the event with the disqualification of one of the leading runners.

But it is always risky to jump to conclusions based on a single event. Melbourne was perhaps not the ideal place to launch the new F1 as it is one of the highest fuel consumption races of the year and it doesn’t have corners with more than one line into and out of them, which means it is hard to overtake. There will be a lot more overtaking in Sepang next weekend with the two consecutive straights, linked by a hairpin.

There are a number of suggestions at large in F1 insider circles about improvements, from boosting the sound in the world TV feed to shortening the races this season, as the technology evolves, by around 40km so drivers can push throughout.

Former Benetton and Renault team principal Flavio Briatore launched a scathing attack on the sport yesterday in the Italian media, saying,

“You can’t present a show like we saw on Sunday; it says you don’t respect the public which is paying in the stands and on TV. I didn’t understand what the drivers were doing; they weren’t attacking I didn’t understand the fuel saving, why some great drivers were not able to defend themselves. It was a confusing and depressing spectacle.”

Briatore said that the sport had made a grave error in letting the engineers design the sport, rather than taking a wider view of what would make for the best spectacle.

Meanwhile Mercedes boss Toto Wolff has said that the sport and its teams need to take heed of the views of fans.

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Behind the Scenes at the track
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My only feedback to Ferrari is that they are completely wasting the talent of alonso and kimi as for many years already they cannot design a winning car!

franco petrella

I think the Fia are overcomplicating the sport. They should never have mandated power unit technology. Just fill the cars up with 100kg of fuel and leave it to the engine suppliers to come up with the best combo. IE, pistons, rotors, two stroke , four stroke,. six stroke naturally aspirated, forced induction, the possibilities should have no regulatory limitations.


+ 1000


Unfortunately they let Aldo Costa leave for Mercedes. He designed Ferrari's last championship winning car, and now look at the Merc!


I completely agree with you. Instead of this silly poll Ferrari should be working of their thirsty, heavy engine instead.

Who cares how the engines sound anyway. It pains me more that I'm going to see Alonso's talent wasted for a 5th year in a row.


I agree with you. They actually took Raikkonen as an insurance policy when they saw that Alonso would jump to another team (RBR in this instance when his manager met Horner) for a chance to have a decent car.

Ferrari were supposed to benefit from the new era where a works team is supposed to be advantaged. But they have fallen behind 3 Mercedes-powered teams and are still behind RBR.

Raikkonen will be happy to stay because he knows he'll get paid at least, but I don't see Alonso hanging around for long, although there doesn't seem to be much opportunity at the Mercedes-powered teams.

Until Ferrari are allowed to use their race track for as often as they want or lest they hire Newey, it doesn't seem plausible for Ferrari to have a dominant car again. Their best years are behind them, as the competition is just too good and getting better all the time.

Even if Alonso felt betrayed by Dennis, he made the biggest mistake of his life when he alienated McLaren in 2007, and that's why he doesn't care any more about Ferrari and is most probably on his way out of there.

David in Sydney

Alonso to Williams, red Bull or WEC once he has a mid year de-brief with Webber.


Ron told me he would have Alonso back

But I can't see Alonso putting himself in that position again, especially as Ron now has another blue eyed boy in Magnussen!

H.Guderian (ALO fan)

"Ron told me he would (LOVE) have Alonso back"


James do you really think Magnussen is as good as lewis?

Really kevin drove a fantastic race in melbourne where he outpaced jenson all weekend yet the pace differential between kevin and jenson was very little. Alonso can easily handle K.magnussen

However i do not see the Alonso-Mclaren combination as possibility anytime in the near future.

My only worry is (Alex.D) pointed out here, Ferrari have wasted alonso's talent for nothing in the last few seasons and the time is running out now for our Legend (Alonso) to bag another WDC. F14 T looks aweful and it does not look like challenger. Lewis or Nico for 2014 WDC


Very interesting James, If he Ron is serious, I think that leaves Jenson seat up for grabs in 2015, but risky ground for the new Honda powerplant for any WC to make the switch.. But if Ferrari keep going nowhere..Its an obvious choice isnt it.!



"Well, like you said about Ron, Alonso really wants to win"

Wow, cause no one else wants to do that?


"Well, like you said about Ron, Alonso really wants to win"


Ron knows in hindsight he made the biggest mistake in backing Hamilton over Alonso. If he ordered right from the start for Hamilton to play the supporting role then Mclaren would probably have the 2007, 2008, 2010 and 2012 championship from Alonso and maybe even Hamilton would be a better driver now if he had been more humble inatead of everything getting to his head and started to believe in his own hype. Ron Dennis knows all this and wants to make ammends to Alonso and I don't blame him. I doubt Alonso would return unless he geta guaranteed number 1 status and a championship winning car from this year. Mclaren had better start making this car into a race winner as soon as possible.


Well, like you said about Ron, Alonso really wants to win, and I am sure he will not make the same mistake again. I think he never expected Hamilton to be this good from the get go while it took him half a season to reach his peak form, and then he didn't expect Ron to let them race. Ron would have happily kept both drivers had Alonso accepted Ron's decision, and he may have actually won in 2007 or 2008.

I can bet that if Ron gives a seat to Alonso next year, he would happily accept it, as he would know full well what to expect this time. It has been 8 years since his last title, he is getting desperate.

I would expect Jenson to be the likely candidate to leave.


Yes, they should be more worried about their car than F1 in general. Can they give a survey about their team also?


You are so right. It hurts to see Alonso always 5th on the grid and struggling for podiums. It is never a level playing field. As you say Ferrari have been wasting their time. Bad wind tunnel for years and now they have a good wind tunnel they go and design the ugliest car in F1 (for the last three decades). I don't get it.


Totally agree


While I agree with your comment, Alonso can always leave if he's unhappy and why did Kimi even return to Ferrari after the treatment he received last time.


He left with millions in his pocket(poor Kimi)


Both Kimi and Fernando have been there & done that including Renault/ Lotus &Mclaren. For Fernando theres Red Bull but then theres a 4 time WC that dont want competition ( incl Kimi) and Mercedes have a rock solid pairing and Yes - a german driver... So really Kimi and nando do t have too many choices..

As for Kimi going back to Ferarri- lets see Lotus dont pay a cent even when he put them on the map & Ferrari paid him $51m to not drive at all -- yeah a real tough choice wasnt it


Treatment? Paid £20million to not do anything for a year is not what you would call being treated bad. Anyway I'd love to see Raikkonen put up a fight against Alonso.


Completely agree with Steve Zodiac.

I can't believe that JT is making the exact same mistakes of his predecessors.

Simply unbelievable.

For the 1st time in 35 years of watching F1 I am considering drop watching my favorite sport 🙁


Why is everyone arguing about Ferrari,Aloso and Kimi? I thought the article was about the lack of spectacle (nothing exciting in seeing who can get the most miles per gallon) and aural excitement. It may still be faster but it all seems a bit tame now. Why have the FIA systematically removed all the "spectacular" bits from F1 (ie V12's, V10's, 20,000 RPM, Sparks from skid plates, huge flames ans 1200 bhp from the last turbo era, and of course all the mind blowing sound). I am interested by the high tech but the racing now leaves me cold. Maybe they should leave all this Prius stuff to Lemans where it is much more relevant.


For Alonso, where would he go? Vettel probably had a 'No Alonso's' clause in his contract, I'd bet so does Hamilton and with Ron back in charge Mclaren probably has a ban on anyone with eyebrows over a certain thickness.


As for Kimi, great big wheelbarrow loads of money.


Actually it's widely acknowledged Alonso veto'd Vettel's Ferrari move for 2012, Seb is too fast for Alonso and with the consistency to match I can't see how Alonso can beat him unless team orders were issued.


Mclaren probably has a ban on anyone with eyebrows over a certain thickness...


Possibly not so far from the truth either 🙂


So Ferrari would benefit from rule changes allowing more fuel consumption, if as it has been reported that their new engine is a real guzzler!


Lets face it, if Flavio said the moon was round, nobody would believe him. We all know what methods he uses to respect Formula 1 and the public.

As for Ferrari, when they are winning, we will respect their ideas and their suggestions for improving the spectacle. Meanwhile, they should, I suggest, concentrate on the task in hand.

It was always thus, the also-rans would prefer the game changed to make it easier. Life is as it is.


Everyone would benefit. No?


Not much of a survey. What do they hope to gain from that they don't already know??? Formula is boring... Until you bring a budget cap and level out the playing field it will always have problems...


More equitable distribution of the TV money would help the sport. Keeping it a sport would help the sport too. Want to help return F1 to its roots? Make sure our collective voice is heard. Not sure yet how that will happen, but if we garner enough support, we'll figure it out.



Here here!

Those pesky "garage teams" (actually, cutting edge high tech manufacturing facilities as Ron Dennis would say) from Britain, the same British who bombed the original Ferrari workshops to dust, are yet again getting the Italian Stallion by the throat and giving it a good kicking.

This is a just a smokescreen I think.

David in Sydney

Haven't Italian car electronics always been a bit dodgy..?



yes you right,our Mr Lucas was known as the 'Prince of darkness' I believe


All the cars are running a McLaren ECU.


Hey Otto, how many teams are based in Britain again? If F1 has a nationality, it's British. (What have I set myself up for with that statement?!)


BTW what about British "Lucas" electrical systems - Lucas, the man who invented darkness


That's strange, I'm sure I saw two Ferrari finish the race on Sunday, and I think I saw only one Red Bull and only one Silver Arrow finish.

Far too much anglo saxon bias on this site or maybe jealously of Italians.

What do you think James?


F1 has gone too far this year.....hurts to say it, but it is wrong on many levels.


I fully agree, they don't realise what they have actually done. For the first time ever I also fully after with Briatore


The sound is terrible. Awful.

I don't understand why there are so many apologists for it when almost everyone in the sport whom is allowed an opinion says it is rubbish.

80% of the atmosphere to a TV viewer is the sound, that wail, then trailing off as it passes....They sound like volvo diesels with a little extra turbo and a misfire.

If the sound wasn't so pivotal to F1, why do all the TV trailers heavily feature the sound of an F1 car? Sky coverage was playing the sound of an old F1 car.

If it's so great, why don't TV ads/coverage reflect the sound of these hairdriers on their lead-ins or trailers?

I have 3.2L, V8 BMW and it is a more pleasant sound, honestly.


Oh no, they sound more like diesels. That sound has so damaged La Mons, oh wait, people love those cars.


Easy to criticize but what do you propose?

Keep the status quo and let RBR win by a country mile?

At least, Mercedes' engine advantage is shared with 3 other teams, and RBR is in the mix.

The changes are really good as they are more road-relevant. Not everything is perfect, but give it time.

kenneth chapman

@ lawrence... i have no response to companies threatening to quit??? what are you babbling on about? i would suggest that you read my post again then have a think about it.

most manufacturers have massive amounts of investment and people working full time to bring new developments to the road car industry. if you think that F1 is a guiding light then think again. as i said, if there are any new benefits then they will acquire them as one would expect.

all the FIA has done is neuter the racing. yes, it will improve but it needs to do a lot more to restore the passion. just my opinion.

kenneth chapman

'they are more road relevant' !!!! F1 should be about racing first and foremost and if there is anything that can be hoovered up for road cars then that would be a benefit.

personally i couldn't care less about the trickle down tech. the car firms are doing this anyway regardless of F1. all that has been done so far is to spend hundreds of millions of $$$ for what?


And without a focus on relevant technology, how do you propose to get manufactures to spend money on the sport? You have no response to either the companies that were threatening to quit or the fact that another has now committed to join.


Yes, Now Merc wins by a country mile. Most of the TV coverage is a midfield Ferrari fight with Force India and former Minardis.


The technology in F1 has always been road related Ahmad. I just want my sound back & flat out racing. I don't want FIA to force people to listen to the garbage we heard. Fans opinion should matter. It seems FIA doesn't care!


If you want feedbacks here's a few:

1. Somehow please bring back the signiture F1 noise!!!

2. Get rid of these ugly nose!

3. No team orders.

4. Bring back the tyre war

5. We need 1000bhp or more and 240mph at Monza.


Don't you think the last point is the most irrelevant of all? Come Monza we will have eye watering speeds on these cars anyway!


I miss the sound of V10 & V8, I miss refueling, miss tyre wars between manufacturers, but we F1 fans get used to with everything. I am at Albert park every year, sometimes I can't afford grand stand & get ground pass instead. This year I had to get ground pass & let me tell you, the lack of noise from the 2014 F1 cars are by far the worst thing I experienced ever! I work close to Albert Park & I could usually hear the sound from my work on Friday. But this year I thought the Friday practice was cancelled because I couldn't hear a thing from work on Friday. I understand the noise pollution affects the environment significantly, affects the productivity of domestic animals & most of all produces huge carbon emission in the atmosphere. I don't want to listen to the sound from my bedroom everyday or my children to be affected in future any way. So, I accept the fact that I will get used to with it like everything else that changed in last 25 years that I have been following F1. Having said that, I want to experience the sound of thundering F1 cars, flat out racing without any fuel restrictions or heavy tyre ware at least one weekend that I'm at the track. Based on that, I feel like I deserve the money back for my ground pass this year. For people like me, that's not what I paid for.


To Paul C: English (you mean British don't you?) Engines: How about Mercedes?

Lineage: Cosworth>Ilmor>Mercedes>Brixworth (England)

Fixed that.


Sorry, but:

1. don't see the point of becoming deaf.

2. Yes, I find most of them ugly but it's safer.

3. What's the point since a ban is unforceable and even Ferrari will not apply it this year.

4. What's the point of that? We've had enough of the tyres playing too big a role over the last few years. Let's give engine manufacturers an opportunity to make a difference.

5. Don't worry, the cars will be very fast this year.


I don't think it's safer, there's a much higher chance of a car going under another one now, it almost happened with Kobayashi and Massa in the first race. I think it's as equally dangerous.


Not entirely sure the noses, as implemented, are safer. We're going to see a lot more cars going under other cars due to the low tip and long slope featured on most of the cars.


The F1 engine noise is magical without it you cannot call this a F1 and reading your comment about Ferrari and so on you clearly understand very little about F1.

I will no spend one penny to see this shamble.

Little by little the real F1 is going baste to dust. Long gone are the real battle of the drivers. Carry on to pay fortune for tickets make them extra rich what you get is rubbish.

This is my opinion and regarding engines why do the English so involve with F1 have no one engine of they on to compare with others in F1? I admit that the McLaren chassis are the best for years now but this is all. UK needs Germans and the only team who need no one around for parts is Ferrari and probably Mercedes do you think this is nothing? and do not even talk about Ron Dennis because what he did was unforgettable for the world very low?


1 wrong

2 wrong

3 wrong

4 wrong

5 wrong


Social engineering has no place in F1. I get that fuel efficiency is a good thing, but this is silly. Get rid of the fuel flow restriction and add enough more fuel to allow drivers to race the full distance. Fuel efficiency should have some reward, but should not be the deciding factor.

David in Sydney

The sport will actually sort out the fuel issue without resorting to fuel limits or fuel flow meters.

Consider this:

Less fuel = less weight = better setup = faster car. The car with the maximum power on minimum fuel with the best aero will have the best chance of winning therefore it is in the teams interest to achieve the best fuel efficiency v power output.

I say that the engine specifications (wow they are amazing engines now) take care of the green issue; the FIA should stop over regulating and free up fuel rate and capacity rules.


Agree completely. My point above.


"I say that the engine specifications (wow they are amazing engines now) take care of the green issue; the FIA should stop over regulating and free up fuel rate and capacity rules."

This makes so much sense to me.


Sorry Bob, but there are restrictions for almost everything now: tyres, test mileage, CFD, wind tunnel usage, etc... so what's wrong with a fuel limit?

It's not only about saving money, but it's about sending a big message around the world that you can drive 300kms in 90 minutes with just 100kg of fuel.

Social engineering has a big place in F1, as F1 should not only be the pinnacle of motorsport and speed, but also innovation and advanced technology that can become inspire and be road-relevant.


That's the point "300kms in 90 minutes with just 100kg of fuel", not shorter. Bad for advertisers!


Agree completely. Engineering finesse needs to be coupled with an equal quantity of savagery.


agreed, I like the technology on the new engines and find it interesting. But the restrictions placed on them such as fuel and fuel flow just limit what could of been. Maybe a stepped reduction in fuel loads would of worked better. So 150kg for the first year then 125kg and so on. Also would of liked to see more development on the engines throughout the year


I agree and disagree

Social engineering does have a place in f1 since it sells marketing eg what engine mfr other than ferrari want to make v10's

I agree it should bot solely be about fuel saving

Needs to be a happy medium


*spelling 'not'


I'm always a huge supporter of 'wait and see' and 'give it a chance'. But that youtube video of the guy who recorded the cars go by in 2013 and 2014 from same track point on same camera simply floored me. I could not believe what I was hearing. The F1 sound is a trademark, and someone obviously missed that point. That sound was ribeye steak. Now it's beef flavoured tofu.

I see that as the biggest problem, and one that can't be solved easily and quickly. I think the racing side of things will evolve as soon as teams stop to tip toe and go all out. I gather there was some reserved approaches to Melbourne due to the feeling that there would be a big DNF count and potential for a good finish was on the cards for many teams.


Yep exactly! That video made one thing very clear to me:

1. I will probably continue to watch F1 on TV

2. I will definitely not spend money to go to a GP.

It's sad. I live in the U.S. and was thinking of going to Spa wither in 2014 or 2015 to experience this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mHkW7Icu7Qc

Unfortunately, the experience will be much less exciting (and not worth the multiple thousand dollars) with the new engines.

Assuming the comparison video you're talking about is this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jS4Dh_EAfJI


What is more interesting is the amount of people protecting their hearing in 2013 compared to none in 2014....


Less tickets will be sold, period. That will filter through to other media and it will cause quite an f1 recession if they don't fix it. I have been to half a dozen melboure GPs including 2013s, malaysia & singapore once esch, hockenheim & hungary too. i would not go again based on the current spectacle.


Unfortunately F1 doesn't make any money from ticket sales, so they probably don't care.


The race tracks do!


Here is the thing, you would not only hear the old cars with your ears. You'd hear it with every bone in your body. Even when your ears were protected, you felt the violence of the sound. For those that never experienced this, well, it's hard to explain. I don't know if this feeling of the sound is still present. Have to wait till they come around.


beef flavored tofu.. love that!


Totally agree. That youtube video is a masterpiece. The thrill of hearing those engines is one of the first things I say when people who don't understand F1 ask me why I love it.


Been to Silverstone last year and I was going up the stairs in the grandstand at Village B (could not see the cars at that stage) and heard the cars passing by and accelarating towards under the bridge. Was blown away by the sound. The TV sound is nothing to what you get at the track. Pure awesomeness and win.


TV sound WAS nothing compared to what you USED to get at the track!


F1 2013 vs 2014 sound comparison - Melbourne: https://youtu.be/jS4Dh_EAfJI

The cars "appear" to be slower too due to the lack of noise!


Link to the video please?


OMG, I just watched the video. Totally unacceptable, this is not F1, its not even Indy Car, its like the BTCC, but without the action.

I can't believe the media have played this down so much, constantly saying the sound isn't bad its just different. It's not different it's just awful there is no volume, so bass, no nothing.

Who's going to fork out hundreds of EURO to buy tickets for a GP to, to listen to these tin cans whistling past. At least in a boring race of old and I've attended a great many of those, the sound was awesome and even the Minardi's passing by at 200 MPH were amazing.

Shame on all involved, especially the media for not accurately reporting this shambles. Its a complete stitch up.


You're right its a shambles please bring back the high pitched scream! Maybe get rid of the turbos and rev these engines to 22,000rpm. Then introduce a bigger exhaust as well that should do it.


It's very different and people are resistant to change, but as to whether it's good or bad I think we probably do need to 'wait and see'. I think Ed Gorman summed it up well in his blog a few days ago when he said: "They are also a lot more interesting in the sense that you can hear much more about how the car is performing with the new cars – the engine note, the gear changes, the screech of lock-ups. You can also hear ambient noise around the cars..."

I'd have to say I found it rather refreshing listening on TV, but I can totally understand that those listening next to the track would find the change massive.


I've read somewhere a few days ago:

Porn without sound is still porn.

However, I do miss the screeming engines and the high revs.


Look, I was there and have now had some time to calm down after being infurated by such a bad show. To those saying that the sound is not important - try listening to the commentary of a sport (let's use football/soccer) - does the game seem more exciting when listening to a mono-syllabic, unimpassioned, even-toned commentator or does the flamboyance and excitement of a Brazilian commentator announcing a "goooooooaaaaaaaaaalllll" come through to make the game seem more exciting?

The Porsche Carrera Cup and V8 Supercar support categories were infinitely more exciting than the main show of F1 at Melbourne. So why is it that the V8 Supercars put on a more exciting show when it was a non-championship event for them versus the opening round of the F1 championship with everything to play for?

My view is that it is down to a couple of things - the vast performance differential across the F1 field that strung them out quickly and enabled very few close fights and the fact that from lap 2 they weren't "racing" in the conventional sense but is was a race to see who could win in the slowest time saving the most fuel and engine parts. Dull, dull, dull, dull, dull.

The sound the new F1 cars make would be quite acceptable if they were consistently using all of their rev range and driving hard (as were the Porsches - whose sound on full throttle is quite similar to the F1s - and V8SCs) and they were more bunched up. Having a single car come past every 4 or 5 seconds on 2/3rds throttle, mis-firing and not sounding stressed does not make for an event that gets your hairs standing on end. The V8s achieved that merely by firing up an engine (as happened during the ultimate speed comparison demonstrations).

Sure - try and improve efficiency but when that means the drivers only drive hard for the first 2 laps then cruise then it is an epic fail. Yes, the driver's appeared to be driving hard due to some twitchiness in the corners but that is because they were trying to carry more corner speed than they used to with less downforce so that they didn't have to sacrifice fuel accelerating into the next straight. I know they are trying to urge caustion at making too many decisions based on only one event but what occured was exactly as I predicted would occur so the result is that they have produced a show not worth watching, which I won't be until I read on James' site that the rules have been revised. Isn't it a shame that I would rather read about the sport every now and again rather than watch it?


Sebee: Since you were so passionate about the natural sound, you could watch onbards, sometimes even a whole race on the same car without commentary on pay-TV, here is what it was like:




I could not agree more.FIA have sold out to the manufacturers.

Sure go to 1.6 ltr turbo but that should have been it.

After all its not a sport if you don't have fans.



I didn't listen to anything and didn't see any testing or clips off season. I did not listen to teh bench sound back lst year because that never sounds the same. I remember this F1 popup book that came with a CD of F1 sounds and the bench tested engine (V12 I think it was on the CD) sounded nice but dulled and buffered, not like they sound at the track, with the sound bouncing all over the place free to linger around like a fart.

Anyhow, I didn't want to judge it until the product was final. Melbourne was the final ready product in competition, and that was the time to judge and pass the final verdict.


interesting but I thought you followed the build up to the start of the season so you knew about the lack of noise and yet you describe your emotions as infuriated? am planning to watch at least two races live this season.


Your comment about commentary reminds me of something.

I remember on a few occasions the ITV or BBC commentary feed would drop off. At that time the local presenters would keep the video with track side audio going until commentary could come back. Whenever it happened it made the experience like being at the track. You could hear the engines of course, which was amazing, the echos as someone was on the other side of the track, the megaphones at trackside announcing something in Italian, or Portuguese, or French. It actually made me comment on a number of occasions how F1 broadcasters should offer the option to viewers to eliminate the commentary and give us just the track side ambient audio on Seconday Audio Program feed - because that's how beautiful the sound was with those V10s or V8s. It never happened of course. But could today's F1 stand up to that test - no commentary, track side audio only?

As for your other comment, well, many predicted that the favorite line of last year "racing to a delta" with tires, would shift to racing to a delta with fuel this year. We are 1 race in, and it is a high fuel consumption race, so we have to wait and see. But it appears that we will have this happen this year.


Turn down Pavarotti so you can hear third violin? I don't think so!



Switch off Pink Floyd and put on the Dead Kennedys or Black Flag.


Or Listen to Pink Floyd through a Dansette with the volume turned down! Just Wrong!


Great comment. Well put!


Got a link ?


I have never been to a race, too expensive. I've seen a couple of days of testing at Jerez in early '09, which was great. I'm probably going to get some hassle for this, but the V8s used to sound a bit like high pitched hairdryers! The deeper V6 turbos sound good to me on telly, but the people in charge of the audio mix just need to turn the feed up. All, of course, IMHO!


The sound on TV is good. But live they sound silly. I was at the 1st chicane and you can't even hear them coming down the straight.


Walker retired.

Bernie is talking about retiring.

You're talking harshest language yet about the sound.

Is this a giant conspiracy theory to "break" F1 only for the sake of breaking it, so that someone (Bernie's replacement) can come along and "fix it"?


Does that youtube video convey the experience accurately?


+1 agree with you completely.

Here's the youtube link for those which might be interested.



Cannot escape but notice that most of the people in 2013 had protective earphones over their ears, while in 2014 there was none. I can argue that you could hear more in 2014 with naked ears than in 2014 with a muffler over them. What is the point of going to a race to "enjoy" a sound when you have to protect your ears to "enjoy" it.

For me I loved the old sound but I love the new one as well. Without those extra decibels I can HEAR MORE, not just an engine screaming (love those turbos on downshift and tire squeal).

Talking about the terms like flat-out racing, maximum power, pushing the limits, etc. all those apply to this new era of F1. The parameters have changed (they are now closer to reality of car industry, although still far enough from it not be be just an ordinary car race) and now teams how to come with new ways to race.

If you only go in for the sound and speed, why not attach rocket boosters to cars. There would be a lot of earth thundering, but, hey, don't forget to plug your ears or you may loose your hearing soon enough.

For me F1 has been, in addition to sound and speed, a technology innovator, a strategy game and an endurance race. That is why I watch it, and that is why I tend to rate it based on the whole season not one race.

(If they would just get rid off those high-profile tires and go with something more relevant to what is on the road and not on farming fields that would be even better - but not complaining of that too much).


dinosaurs were spectacular creatures but they became extinct. now more efficient creatures exist and things will continue to change or shall if say change will keep coming.


This is what they really sound like:


Funny how the FOM world feed or "fans" doing a comparison video (trying to make a few bucks off of ad placement) can't get the sound right when a guy with an iPhone can capture it perfectly.

It's really sad to me that these people who have already decided they hate "hybrid" or whatever will go to these lengths instead of just letting the real fans hear the real sounds of these cars.

I watched on the BBC and it was pathetic but they get their audio from the world feed and who controls that? Everyone who watched FP1 and FP2 noticed the sound difference between practice and qualifying. Someone lowered the level, someone EQ'd and muffled the sound.

I love the racing of F1, I love the characters and drivers who have a life and speak their mind, I love the technology of F1. I could do without the politics and double-talk and everything else.

F1 is an amazing sport, high technology mixed with bravado and skill and intelligence and athletic ability. But at the same time it's a sport where the media still runs out to quote people like Flavio, a proven cheater and liar.

Love and hate of the whole sport is what makes it great I guess.


Well J you and others obviously have bad hearing as the link you have placed still sounds pathetic compare with last year’s cars. As for high technology it’s a good job they don't design and make planes. They would be falling out of the sky all the time. It’s now just car manufacturers playing around with "green" rubbish under the name of a sport and they expect people to watch it.


Thank you for the link. That video and others like it are the perfect rebuttal to the garbage being spewed by BE. There is nothing wrong with F1 with cars that sound that good.

It's about time we started to get some push back on the really bad job FOM are doing presenting the sport. If microphone technology is beyond the grasp of the people at FOM then their contract to promote the sport should be revoked on the basis of simple incompetence.


WSH...there for Schumi's debut. You lucky dog!


Thanks for this link! Sounds much much better than on TV. The coughing, rumbling, high pitched sound of the turbo, the thunder; it is all there! But I do miss the higher revs.

So the question is more for the FOM: Why can't you or won't you to have the real car sound come through on the TV channels?

And also for the TV-stations themselves. Here, in Chile, I have to use Fox Sport with commentators mainly from Argentina, and as these guys comment from the studio and not from the trackside, the sound levels from the track are always very low and the voice levels too high. The commentators like to discuss between each other, send greeting from friends all over the place, instead of letting the cars do the talking.

I noticed, when visiting another country that the BBC track sound level (2009) was much higher than with Fox.

Having said all that just this: I once visited a GP in Spa (1991). Getting out of the car somewhere far off the track we could hear the scream of some F1 cars getting around. It made us want to get to the track asap! When watching the pre-race shows with older cars and sport cars, it was nice. But when the first F1 car came along we were dumbfounded: Blasting, massive sound from just a single car. We quickly arranged ear protection as - being new bees - had never thought it would be that loud and it made the "other race cars" look silly. A unique experience, burned into my memory and can still draw a smile on my face, +20 years later. F1 cars should be high-tech beasts as if from another planet and driven by the very best.


how about the v12s and v10s, did they not sound better? i pike the new sound and i like the idea of harvesting and reusing energy which would otherwise go to waste. i hope they can design generators into the brake pads to harvest some of that energy wasted in the brake discs.

ferrari are trying to use politics and spoiling tactics because they can smell defeat.

too late monte.


I like those things too. What I don't like is spending big dollars to go and watch the premier motorsport event in the country to find that that the cars don't fill you with excitement or passion and finding yourself wanting to go home and watch the race on TV.

Without DR been their to support I wouldn't have even gone back on the Sunday. It wasn't worth the money or the hassle to experience F1 live this year.


Not much of a survey I must say.

I liked it? I didn't like it?

How can the rules be perfectly clear to the millions watching? It was the first time many of them learned about the rules.


Survey isn't about getting a fan's reaction at all now, is it? It's about Ferrari getting what *they* want. Even so, the question is still somewhat bizarre.

With regards to this article, I find lines like "There will be a lot more overtaking in Sepang next weekend with the two consecutive straights, linked by a hairpin." extremely irritating. I don't understand when we crossed over to the idea that 20 meaningless passes per lap makes a better race than 10 passes per race that each had a 20-lap story behind it of relentless driving from 2 of the greatest drivers in the world, in the greatest machines in the world.

We find the fastest driver over a single lap on a Saturday. As Martin Brundle one said "we line them up from fastest to slowest and wonder why they don't pass each other". But until 2011, F1 had *never* been about quantity of passes.. It used to be about quality.


As for the new formula and the fuel saving issue. It was madness to limit the manufacturers to 100kilos straight off. Last year's average was 150, was it not? So there should have been a sliding scale; reduce by 10 kilos each year and give the technology time to evolve (something technology does best - how often does the first iteration of a concept ever hit the nail right on the head?).

And the sound... I've commented about it before... solo the cars sound fine. In a race together they sound awful. But if that's what the technology produces, then that's what it produces. Both Bernie and Toto have talked about wanting to find ways to increase the volume; but the thought of anything being added to the cars with the sole purpose of amplifying the noise makes me cringe.


"As for the new formula and the fuel saving issue. It was madness to limit the manufacturers to 100kilos straight off. "

Nothing wrong with that, it should make them efficient, but to limit the flow?... barmy.


You post on this site A LOT.

If you didn't like the race, aren't clear on the rules, have no idea of what factor might make the difference in Malaysia?... what are you doing here?

Or is it that you find yourself superior to all other "regular" fans who are watching?

Perhaps you have been sold a bill of goods, like most of us, that old chestnut that the casual fan can't tell the drivers apart and doesn't understand what fuel is or what hybrid means.


Thanks for your feedback.

I enjoy the discussion of fans sharing their point of view. No one is superior here and all views are free to be expressed. We challenge each other's views, and more often than not realize that in this sport we enjoy it's all gray, never black and white. Even something as basic as who's the best driver can't be answered definitively. And so the discussions are always heated, and endless!


Elie, Clarks,

I promised myself I wouldn't because I want us to be friends. But seriously, everyone knows Schumi is the man. 🙂


Great words of Advise Sebee. MrClarks4wheelDrift needs to understand every person has their favourite for one reason or another. But when a 7 time WC and more than half the top motor racers on the planet tell you its Senna- its really a pointless isnt it.


It's your own funeral Clarks4WheelDrift. Picking a guy who had no idea about aero, carbon, paddles, ECUs, engine maps!?

And on Senna's birthday? Been nice knowing you mate.

To those of you who don't know any better, if you want to keep your friends don't talk to them about religion, politics and who the best F1 driver is.


Nice response, though to both prove and disprove your points... definitively, it's Jim Clark. 😉


Agree, twas a survey crafted with the skill and grace of the Scuderia's nose-design department...

(or engine design dept, or strategy dept, or aero dept, or brake by wire dept, or in-season development dept, or wind tunnel to real-world calibration dept or presidente etc...) 😉

I mean, take Q4:

"In Sepang, which team will have the closest matched drivers in terms of points?"





Now with Merc on for a 1,2, that would be 25 points for 1st and 18 points for second, a seven point difference.

Williams on for 3rd and 4th, McLaren on for 5th and 6th.

If Ferrari are lucky, they'll be in the lower points, probably Fernando one place ahead of Kimi and hence a difference of only 1 point. So the logical answer is Ferrari, or is it just a poor question 😉

Better with: Q4 Who would win in an ice-cream eating competition? Kimi or Fernando?

A = Fernando spent more time with his cone engineers, his strawberry sauce mechanics, his sprinkles designers and more time in the ice cream simulator. So despite Kimi's experience Fernando finished his ice cream cone 20 seconds ahead but complained as Sebastian had a cone with Fernando's favourite ice cream flavour.


LOL! My answer was Ferrari for exactly same reason, Pos 8&9 or Pos 9 & 10 are the closest.




Survey was idiotic, facile and pointless.

The ONLY time f1 teams are interested in fans' opinions are when they align or can be twisted to align with the team's current agenda and interests. Short of that, the F1 teams are cowardly, self serving corporate entities for whom 'sport' is the last thing on their mind. The real kicker is that they judge us fans too stupid to notice when they try to use us in this way.


More than that... you can expect a large vote of 'I didn't like it' simply because this is a Ferrari website asking if the liked it... they came 5th... they aint gonna like it !!


And yet so far, the rules are very clear is clearly in the lead.

The good majority Liked the Oz GP too.

The power train is miles ahead as being the limiting factor in the next race.

And Merc is the one! But why is the question about drivers closeness of points? Why not who will win? (maybe that would be too disheartening for the tiffosi!


Agree too early and its not fair test really, would expect that more ferrari fans on a ferrari web page with a ferrari f1 car that is not yet setting world on fire will vote negative


Yes it was as if Ferrari hadn't thought about the survey at all, and had just put it up there for the sake of it. "What do you think will be the key factor in Malaysia?" Obviously everyone is going to answer the engine, so they learn nothing from that. "Which teams will have the closest matched drivers in terms of points?" I see that most people answered Mercedes, but there will be at least 7 points between the Mercedes drivers because if one of them finishes, they will win. But in any case, what's the point of answering that question? What does it tell Ferrari that's of any use? Unless it is actually a trick question for Ferrari to test how smart their fans aren't.


Agree - a pretty poor survey that can provide no meaningful data with which to identify where changes should be made.


'Very clear' I thought was the wording. Not surprising really, given the amount of coverage about the rule changes.


On the fuel saving thing - that was happening last year when there wasn't a regulation on maximun amount, the teams were constantly underfueling anyway, see Mercedes at Malaysia (and aren't they already saying that even this year they won't need the full 100kg at every race?) ... if you want to them to push for more of the race, maybe the regulation should say that they have to start with exactly 100kg for every race - that way they way as well use the fuel rather than underfuel the things all the time?


Great point. The teams like to act like the fuel saving engine modes are in place due to the FIA but in reality they have been using them for years (and praying for safety cars) because it's a faster way to finish a race distance.

Also +1 for Jimbo.


Exactly, there should be a minimum fuel amount to stop people fuel saving, it adds nothing to the spectacle of F1 which is what the whole sport is about - being a spectacle. Th big wigs always say teams spending money adds nothing to the sport and they need cost caps etc, what does fuel saving add? F1 should be a flat out race from lights out to chequered flag and i can see this fuel saving nonsense spoiling more then a few races this season.


never has been , never will be


Then they'd just dial up the fuel consumption more and they would still need to ease off towards the end if they'd over cooked it early or not had a safety car.

Ultimately, as long as the speed advantage gained by pushing 100% for the full race is less than the advantage gained by having less weight of fuel on board, that is how it's going to be.

I also find the comments of the likes of Briatore quite patronising - it may be because I'm an engineer, but I really don't think the rule changes are that complicated. F1 is supposed to represent the cutting edge of technology and engineering - so complexity is part of what makes it what it is (for me anyway). There's always monster trucks if you want dumb thrills!


Shame they didn't heed the views of the fans with regards to the double points fiasco.

As for the sound, I like it. Why? Because, I can hear everything else, the tyres, the bottoming of the cars against the ground, the roar of the crowds, etc.

The ear-splitting sounds of the V8s simply drowned everything else out. I don't get why people liked that.


'The ear-splitting sounds of the V8s simply drowned everything else out. I don’t get why people liked that.' ... Because they drowned everything else out. If you want to hear the odd tyre screech you can go the the kart track and get it for free


Thanks, James - appreciate the steer.

Having taken the "survey," though, not very clear what might be expected from the result - generalized questions and from a "fan" standpoint the questions seem to be wanting for a lot more technical knowledge than most of us probably have to provide a good answer. If "perception" is the goal, then probably more to the point.

Interestingly, of the 900 +/- responses at this writing, the vast majority indicate the FIA regulations are "very clear" - guess that means something to the effect of '...if it doesn't say you can, you can't...' or alternatively, if it says '...thou shalt...' then y'all better do it. Said differently still: if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck... Just sayin'.


I think it's important to take part even if it is a bit Peter and Jane.

It's a positive move. Of course cynics would argue that shortened races or any kind of forced re-engineering of the Power units to boost sound would help Ferrari.

Mercedes like things just as they are!


I will complete the survey. However, these surveys are often used to justify the status quo as they are corrupted by vested interests. I doubt F1 will admit they got it wrong. It is what it is now. Nothing will overcome the feeling that I have been conned by F1 about the new regulations with the pre-season hype. The post race super hype about the new era was worse. I don't like being conned. However, I can only act as an individual and therefore I no longer visit the F1 web site and I will not be in Melbourne next year.


Surely the first thing Formula 1 management need to do if we are talking about improving the integrity of the championship etc is to drop the double points rule for the last round...


If Melbourne is an indication of whats to come then I'm not a fan of the new F1. Too many retirements, too little noise, too much engine nursing/fuel conservation, too few on track battles, too much arcane rules violations changing the finishing order hours after turning off the TV. They changed too much too quickly and lost the character of the product.


Too many retirements? At the first race of an entirely new power plant? Wow. People want the pinnacle of technology but man it better work perfect the first time out of the box or else.


I just have to say one thing to Ferrari... C126 series Ferrari was a monstrous beast.... Nothing sounded more scary than that ever in F1.... The Stabs of Flames from that Turbo was simply spectacular.... After which the V12 was awesome.... Alesi and Berger were perfect.....

Coming to 2012.... Bring Back Refueling.... increase in turbo bar.... add back two more cylinder.... Slope noses according to me are better than elevated.... I still consider Michael Schumacher won his first two world titles in a Boat while driving the Benetton.

Sound.... oh that awful awful sound of 2014 engines.... I have to invent a new word for them - desctacular (opposite of spectacular)

And please sort out Kimi's Issues I still think it is the steering.


All of those things you seek in racing are available. It's called vintage racing.


Correction: Not 2012 but 2014.... sorry for typo.


Would Ferrari be doing this if their drivers had locked out the front row and finished a commanding 1-2? Yet again, Ferrari have turned up in Melbourne with an inferior car that lacks the aerodynamic downforce supremacy of its key British rivals, allied to an engine that lacks the installation and efficiency to be outright performance leader. I suspect that are looking on at Mercedes and possibly even Williams with a certain envy.

Still, it will be interesting to see how James Allison can implement a coherent development strategy to give Ferrari a competitive edge - but at the very earliest, that will be in Barcelona as development at the fly away races is obviously limited.


Was excited to see this, but the survey is not fit for purpose and is pointless.


Survey wasn't adequate. The tone of the cars doesn't bother me, but the lack of decibels sure does. I also don't like complicated silly technology. Brake by wire? How about brake with foot?


I thought it was great. I'd prefer no restrictions on tyres, but I love the sound. It's the best racing series in the world, always evolving. I didn't like the economy runs in the 80s, grooved tyres in '98, but they can't please everyone.

I think the biggest difference now is that more than ever, people in developed countries without big problems like getting clean food and water just want to complain about anything.

I think the characteristics of the new engines, seeing the cars load up in mid corner, is cool, and I love the noise. We've got Bottas and Magnussen and Ricciardo pushing hard to win their first GP, Button and Alonso warming up to peak complain mode, Kobayashi ready to score the first points for a new team, Vettel under pressure, it's awesome.


So the push for shortened races has everything to do with the fans, and less so to do with the fact Ferrari are apparently struggling on fuel efficiency?

Call me a cynic James, but Luca has never worried about the fans. Unless it suited his agenda.


Not being smart but maybe Ferrari's time would be better spent developing a quicker car! Under the last rules they complained about aerodynamics dominating and now they are moaning about engines and the spectacle.

It has been a long time since any team has coveted a Ferrari innovation and I fear that Alonso and Raikkonen are in for a difficult season.

Personally, I will miss the old engine sound but that does not mean I dont like the new engines. I think it is very exciting that F1 engineers in competition are going to revolutionise our motoring experience. Formula 1 had to evolve to remain relevant and to survive.

Hopefully a few more engine manufacturers are enticed to the sport.


i like this new f1. It mixed up the norm. Noise was a bit dull, but we can deal with it. Turn up your tv


For sure, F1 got off to a bad start when the noses were revealed, I mean come on people, cars need to be eye candy for the fans.

Then testing came around and we found out that the Renault powered cars were in shambles as the engine was no good likewise, Ferrari (who were hoping to fight for every title under the sun with their world class driver line up) found out their engines were lacking pace.

And to make matters worse, the fans find out the F1 soundtrack has been altered and not for the better. Yes, the whole point of attending a GP live is to hear the cars in your chest as the earth vibrates i.e. the way all racing cars should.

Lastly, to add insult to injury, the fans are now told that the pilots will have to lift off at the straights with the aim of saving fuel.

Apparently, everytime the fans see the red light flicker at the rear then this means the drivers are saving fuel.

Overall, the first race of the season didn't give the fans a good feeling for things to come.


I thought the red light flickering was because they were out of charge ? And not a coasting indicater am I wrong please someone enlighten me


@ marc

Maybe Charlie Whiting can explain better



"...to hear the cars in your chest...", this is exactly what was missing in Melbourne. I didn't mind the sound but it was no longer a physical experience.


I just don't get it: why is such a problem the sound? the f1 have more than 500 millons viewers worldwide, and in each venue can be as much as 100.000? I'm from Argentina, and if the engine gets 130 or 180db, i hardly can tell the difference: i hear it over the tv, so is as simple as equalizing in a different mix the audio and voilá! I agree with Melbourne not being the ideal place to make judgement. I remember Bahrain 2010, was one of the most boring races i've ever seen but then, i can't remember a more exciting f1 season than that. Let's wait and see. Also, i recommend every one to read an amazing post written by Darren Heath about this subject...


a) Can you provide a link to Darren' Heath's post?

b) see my response to Seebee's post at number 4 to get a view on why sound is important.


First of all: Go Brisbane Reds! Second, here's the link: http://www.darrenheath.com/season/2014/australia-2014/blog/sound-and-fury

I don't say that the sound isn't important, i say isn't crucial. You get to see f1, but you're 1 in 5000 in the viewers. It's very different the way you follow f1 when you know you'll never get to go to a race. When's like that, then you forget about the noise, you only want to see te very pinnacle of engineering in the cars, and the very best drivers on them. If you look some footage of Senna driving the gorgeous MP4/4, is it any less impressive if you blast your speakers or if you mute them? Do the test, look at this video in mute: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_y8wgmbphc and tell me if is any less than incredible. The car and the drivers is what matters, the noise, really comes second to me 🙂


I know it may sound a bit silly, but perhaps the simplest solution here is this. Supplement the sound with amp and some type of horn speaker?

How about a mic goes before the turbo, feeda to an amp (battery already on board after all), and feeds out to a speaker. I'm sure compact/light technology exists that can put out 140db-150db easily with minimal weight and should fit somewhere. It's just a few wires, amp, horn.

This solution would not require an engine rule re-write. It would not require higher RPM, which in result require more fuel, which the cars are not equipped to carry.

This would sipmly UNDO what the turbo is doing to reduce the sound level. It would do it without rule changes. It could be tuned to a level desired, and it would be the actual engine sound, pre-turbo, so not some MP3 rev file.

It's a solution that can be in place quite quickly and at low cost as well.



Sounds horrible but if it's going to appease the fans then I guess something like that will be done. More fakness is just what F1 needs, right?


Well then, I guess we can't do anything about the sound then. After all, changing the engine formula is not going to happen.


Yes, you're being silly.


"What an idea Sir-ji?"

Force India will have a problem as Hulk is already heavy and the amp will weigh something. They should revise the min weight rule to accomodate this change.


What? And amplify the awful sound of unstressed, mis-firing engines in cruise mode? That would just rob us of that wonderful/annoying turbo whine (or was that Kimi moaning into his car-to-pit radio I was hearing?).


You do need a trained ear to tell the difference.

Well, you've heard these first hand, so you can judge best. What you're saying is there is no way to make Britney sound like Whitney.

Maybe we need a vocoder between the mic and the amp - Kanye style?


Yes you might get a bit of feedback, but a decent mike and speaker setup should minimise it.

Thread the Needle

Shortening races and boosting the sound, F1 is getting so fake


F1 has always been fake.


Thankfully Random the Big Man Above does help - a drop of rain now again at inappropriate moments (for the teams!) a la Germany 2000, Hungary 2006 and Canada 2011, or even one of his more eccentric followers to make a great race such as Silverstone 2003. God is an F1 fan - if he think things are getting too dull, he just douses the track with a splash of water!


You guys are doing nothing the new car such a disappointment, I feel for Alonso and Kim. You've failed the Ferrari Fans again.


Not much to provide feedback on! Shockingly dull start to the season. F1 should be about getting to the end of race in the fastest possible time. All this nursing of tyres/fuel has destroyed F1's spectacle (not to mention the lawnmower sounds).


Electricity and mechanics have each its beauty. Let electric motors for E-Formula and those beautiful noisy traditional machines for F1. We above the 40s deserve that. Save fuel of the huge team motorhomes.


Why do "we above the 40's deserve it". Is it because we are the most selfish, wasteful demographic ever to live on planet Earth?


Well it's interesting that the main factor for Malaysia is being voted as the power unit (89%) rather than the tyres (4%)!!


Who would have predicted that, eh?! 🙂


From one extreme to the other?


It's because the tyres are proving to be waaaayyy ore durable than last years. That is partly due to Pirelli changing the compounds but also partly because the cars cannot be driven as hard as they could/should due to fuel and engine saving. So the efficiency and reliability of the engine is now THE MOST signifcant factor in determining how hard a driver can push things - and on the basis of Melbourne it's not that hard.


Jean Todt is no doubt the author of much of the resource restrictions. For the past number of years we have seen cars tip toe around on contrived tire restrictions. Now we have contrived tire and fuel restrictions. Look at the speed at which the cars took the corners in Australia. My Grandmother could drive those cars.

The sound is appropriate for a Sunday as that is when people cut their grass. The F1 paddock emulating a fleet of lawnmowers seems somewhat appropriate, don't you think?


That's it! That's EXACTLY what they sounded like - my mis-firing old lawn mower that hasn't been serviced in 10 years. Good spot. Although, to be fair, if I could get my lawn mower to move across the grass at the rate they were going across the grass (often) at Melbourne I would be very happy. Perhaps I should get it serviced.


"Although, to be fair, if I could get my lawn mower to move across the grass at the rate they were going across the grass (often) at Melbourne I would be very happy. Perhaps I should get it serviced."

Get someone who's proficient on a PS3.


Far too premature for this kind of survey. We are one race in for heaven's sake. Shortening the races would be the final straw for me with F1 though.


Apparently it is now a bad thing that it is actually possible to hear what the CAR is doing, instead of just the engine. Apparently it is also a bad thing that your ears doesn't explode if you don't wear protection.

This is a sport of technology, technique and speed. The loudness of the engine should be not matter, especially when it makes it harder to follow what is going on.


If I recall my GCSE physics correctly the heat and sound eminating from light bulbs, sewing machines, engines etc. is wasted energy. The lost noise is being used to make these engines better, faster and the pinnacle of Motorsport.

The suggestion was that some teams think they'll have improved in the efficiency targets which should mean less fuel / lighter car or same fuel / more powerful settings...

These cars will come good in a couple of races. Many teams were still doing test mileage I'm Aus, including RBR!

I personally liked hearing the other F1 sounds, screech of tyres spinning, brushes against the wall, gravel on carbon...


Damn Ferrari are getting on my nerves with this incessant sniping at the formula. They had their chance - they couldn't keep up with red bulls aero dominance so they demanded a series based on engine performance and that challenged drivers with less insane grip - they got it - even by poaching the Lotus chief designer they can't compete with Mercedes now - just get on with it and stop complaining from the sidelines. Do they want a formula based on 'reddest car wins' rules?

Ferrari always present this argument in a passive aggressive 'oh we're only thinking of the poor fans' distraction. No if they were thinking of the fans they could have vetoed the double points in the final race nonsense but after blabbing about it in the media, they kowtowed to Bernie as they thought it might serve their interest.

And seriously can we stop with the 'oh the old V8s were perfect, everything was great, now it's ruined...' We've had years of processional bore fests at many tracks - if we get even a few more overtakes without DRS and the drivers have to fight to control the cars then it's an improvement - the sound is totally secondary to a proper race where drivers drive. Sure a V8 in full screech was awesome but then everyone moaned when the V10s went out and everyone who wants the formula to stand still is missing the whole ethos of motor racing. It changes! Deal with it.


So what do you have now,and the double point is such a stupid idea,I hope it never happens.


After watching F1, for the better part of 50years,8,10,12, and Brm H16.this is a totally insult the fan.Sorry to spending all this money for tickets to Montreal.

Please someone come to their senses and revert to my old F1.


So basically you're advocating a return to a race version of the 'fuel burn' qualifying days of '07? The single most daft regulation, ever? Really? F1 2014 looks good to me. As someone who has been watching for several decades, it's about time F1 dragged itself into the 21st century. I think a lot of the whinging is people who don't so much watch F1, as concentrate on their personal favourite drivers and ignore the rest of the show. Again, IMHO! 😉


F1 in 2014 is wrong on so many levels.

I'll try to keep this succinct;

1) Double points in AD

2) DRS

3) Ugly cars

4) No noise

5) Fuel saving / drivers not flat out

6) engine is main performance differentiator and freeze on engine development means field cannot close up to Merc

7) Pay drivers

I've been watching f1 since 1991 and whilst i'm all for progress it seems to me that F1 is losing its essence. It's a sad day when GP2 is starts to look and sound more like F1 than F1 itself.


"F1 is losing its essence" Agreed NJB. I said as much in my comment and I guess I should have read your's first with no need to post mine but glad I did to get it off my chest.


That sums it up, i may copy paste for later


I just participated in the survey. But it must have been an idle hands day at Maranello, do they not have anything better to do?

Eitherway the sound is hardly going to change anytime soon, same for the fuel flow regulations. Just need to soak it up, but at least in Maylasia the racing should be better. Melbourne is always a non event, nothing ever happens and its on in the middle of the night !!


Sorry, but What a useless survey!

"Did you like the GP?"

- It's not that simple, I refuse to answer one way or the other because it mis-states my real opinion.

I liked the fact there was a GP that I could watch, that it was in Australia, and that it had new technology that is sophisticated. But I disliked that all I remember hearing was two commentators saying the cars have no spark plugs, because they don't know the difference between direct injection and dieseling. Other than that, it was all visual -- and all I saw was hideous cars following each other, passing with DRS, stopping with engine failure, or crashing with brake failure and taking a podium contender out of the race on the first lap.

So I both liked and hated it. There's no true answer to the question, either way it's warped and misrepresenting what I really think.

If 95% of fans liked it just a little more than they hated it, and voted "Like", it would hide that most people are highly dissatisfied and on the edge of hating it more than they like it.

All the other questions on the survey are even more stupid & useless than the first IMO.

My true opinion? It's just a weirder style of billboard watching.


I only got the first question, so even more pointless 🙁


At least give it a couple of races to see how races pan out before jumping to conclusions.

Yes the cars are quieter, but the sound is more interesting. You can also hear tyres locking up, which adds to the spectacle.

The cars sliding around is the best part of the new rules. It makes the cars look difficult to drive. Though I fear as the season progresses and teams develop more downforce and smoother engine maps this will become less obvious.

Fuel saving could become boring to watch, but it think it would be best to wait to a few different circuits before making a judgement.

This sounds like Ferrari putting pressure on the FIA because they've designed yet another uncompetitive car.


Don't do the survey people, unless you want to help Ferrari with their agenda.


How is doing the survey going to help Ferrari.

Give your head a shake.


Yeah, your right!!


If they want a radical change then award points based on how far you finish behind the leader. Gives everyone a reason to push all the way throughout the race.


And how is it that these power units are so sophisticated and costly. Formula 1 hasn't had a valve train in the engine for over 20 years. These "power units" have camshafts and conventional valves! With all that weight and mass on the top end, you know that the bottom end will have to have the same kind of mass. And that means solid crankshafts. Formula 1 hasn't had a solid crank for at least 15 years. So these engines are no more sophisticated than a Ford DFV from 1972.

The Formula 1 fan is there for the technology and the extreme pressure the driver is put under. These cars remind me of the 1972 Ford Pinto my Grandmother drove.


Oh baloney.


Articulate, are you suggesting the Ford Pinto was not a great car?


I'm suggesting you know nothing about engine design (F1 or otherwise) and likely have never heard a '72 Pinto, but I'm just going by what you wrote.


Now they ask feedback? First they push the stupid double point rule everybody hates. Everybody retaliates. But now it is not going their way, they need fan input? So much hypocrisy...


I like the new noises, more going on, not drowned out, and being able to talk and cheer. It would be interesting to see what the percentages of like / don't like are.

For me, Briatore's opinion doesn't count for much. I wonder if the issues will be given time for calm reflection, given that those in favour of bleeding ears are doubly disadvantaged by already being deaf (to the arguments as well as the cars?). 😛


+1 for acknowledging that there are good points to having quieter engines, +1 for bagging Briatore, and +1 for the little joke at the end.

So +3 🙂


It should be worth mentioning merc were not hanging around fuel saving were they...need to wait a few races before judging....noise could be louder but other than that i like new f1 just as much


And what's Briatore going to do to improve the show? Arrange for more crashes?

This is the first race of a new formula after a very difficult winter testing so of course the most of the teams and drivers were going to ere on the side of caution, but that doesn't mean that they are going to be doing the same for long.


Well said Random. Yes, I remember after the dirge that was the 2005 AUS GP where Fisi and Renault dominated - under the 1 set of tyres per weekend rules - Mr Briatore was as happy as a fat kid in a sweet shop and not exactly calling for "improvements to the show." Short memories, no?

PS Hoped you enjoy the Fatbooth F1 pictures - of course, for Indycar and NASCAR drivers, computer altered imagery is hardly necessary when it comes to adding bulk - or for those series spectators, come to think of it!


Yeah I did notice the absence of a Montoya pic 🙂

As for the rest, standard story: Winners win and losers whinge.


"The Fans" are confusing me:

They don't want DRS = too artificial.

They don't want Double Points = too artificial.

They want artificial engine noise to beef up the sound = ??

What's my view as "a Fan"?

DRS = okay. You want the fast cars up front. However, I can see ERS rendering DRS useless in the not so distant future.

Double Points = debatable. Not in Abu Dhabi but I can see it work in other venues. For me the classic venues are worth the double points.

Noise = I am loving the current sound of the engines. We have moved on from Heavy Metal to Jazz.


'“The Fans” are confusing me'

That's because you're lumping them together as an individual unit and assuming that it's the same "fans" who dislike DRS & Double Points that are also complaining about the noise, without doing any research to arrive at the conclusion.

I, for one, hate DRS, Pijelli and Double Points

I am also *against* increasing the volume of the engines artificially for precisely the same reason - it's artificial.


Fair Point!


"That’s because you’re lumping them together as an individual unit "

The great unwashed masses, aren't they always right?

Doesn't the majority rule?


It really wasn't difficult, and there was no whining in that post. I choose my preferences to illustrate a point, but if you'd like

"whining" taken out to make it easier for you to understand, I'll gladly re-write the post from a 3rd person point of view. I'm nice like that:


‘“The Fans” are confusing me’

That’s because you’re lumping them together as an individual unit and assuming that it’s the same “fans” who dislike DRS & Double Points that are also complaining about the noise, without doing any research to arrive at the conclusion.

It is entirely possible that the fans who dislike DRS, Pirelli and Double Points, are also the ones *against* increasing the volume of the engines artificially for precisely the same reason – it’s artificial. It's also entirely possible, Olivier, that you're correct and the people who dislike DRS, Pirelli, and Double Points also want to artificially increase the engine sound. If that's the case, then I agree it's quite a hypocritical stance. But without any research (oh how I wish we had a use case to demonstrate with...) then it's unfair to make such assumptions.





What was it again? I couldn't hear it over the whining.


Well done for completely missing my point


No more F1Rocks shows. they'll have F1 Ghazals (Indo-Pak light music)


Absolute rubbish Flav! We had fuel saving and tyre management way back in the first turbo era.

Why is there a suicidal urge to reduce things to the lowest common denominator? Why treat fans as uneducated teens with ADHD? It is perfectly easy to follow you do not need to reduce it to a drag race.

This is all part of Bernie's multi purpose misdirection campaign, he wants the cheaper engine back so the pressure for more money for the teams is less, he wants attention away from Germany, and the Swiss court case and the Bluewater court case, he has primed Flav and the Ossies to make as much noise as possible.

Luca, since he gave up the idea of being Prime Minister is frustrated that he is not in charge of everything and has been shouting and throwing his weight about a lot, perhaps forgetting that he voted for the new rules.


"Why treat fans as uneducated teens with ADHD?"

From the comments I read the majority of them should be treated that way.


That's a sweeping generalisation, and very unfair to the majority of the posters on this site. Sir, I demand that you withdraw it immediately! Seriously though, it's a bit strong don't you think?


Thank you for that, at least you have cleared up the second part of my query. Just waiting for the veil of mystery to be lifted from your Hamilton comment and we can close the 'file'.


"Oh hang on, that not one of your questions posted in response to my comment that isn’t really a question aimed at me, is it?"



You've lost me there, sorry. What has Hamilton got to do with the majority of fans comments leading you to believe they are uneducated teens with ADHD?

Oh hang on, that not one of your questions posted in response to my comment that isn't really a question aimed at me, is it? 😉


"Seriously though, it’s a bit strong don’t you think?"

Do you think so?

I bet Hamilton wouldn't think so, he's brilliant.


Change will only happen when the ratings fall.

I've done my bit.


So Mr Todt if you go to buy a new hybrid car now , are they going to tell you that you just can use 10 gallons of fuel per week ? this is absurd!!! I miss the 80's and 90's battles with some of the best machines and drivers ever , this era it is just about engineers .


"are they going to tell you that you just can use 10 gallons of fuel per week"

No, but they'll provide a correctional offset for you to get that, which may even be correct.


Actually during some of the best battles of '80s fuel conservation was one of the most important factors. It's interesting that many fans regard '80s as the F1's best era - what did we have: turbos, V6 and even 4 in line engines and fuel limits. What do we have in 2014: turbos, V6 and fuel limits.


I think you are being a bit harsh. Make no mistake, these new cars are a handful to drive. As for engineering being the dominant factor, well, it was ever thus.


Where do you think those "best machines" of the 80's and 90's came from?

Maybe now the engineers get more credit and publicity than they used to, but then again why shouldn't they?


Finally saw part of the race last night. I don't see the huge problem with the noise (at least on TV), yes they're quieter, but I actually think they have an eclectic lower pitched grunt that the old ones (plus the turbo). If the teams can find a way (no electronic acoustics please!) to up the decibels a bit, I think it'd be perfectly fine.

I also don't get the issue with the disqualification. Red Bull was seen to break the rules, so they were tossed out. Where was the outrage when BOTH Williams cars were tossed out of the 2005 (?) Canadian GP?

Journalists like you, James, need to provide some thought out perspective to some of these people panicking.

Michael Grievson

And cheating isn't showing a lack of respect Flav?


Good point - made me laugh out loud too!


They should be given enough fuel so that they can push throughout the entire race, without having to worry about fuel conservation..

The sound is a more difficult thing to fix ... It's very different, not bad but just very very different ..


Lame excuse for a survey. What kind of a question is:

What do you think will be the key factor in Malaysia?

Provide any answer and the Horse Whisperer blog (or whatever it's called) will manipulate it to create a story about how F1 has taken a wrong turn.

What about an option such as:

The amount and quality of preparation and innovation between seasons.

Really, I wonder if Ferrari would do this if they'd scored well in Melbourne. I guess it's embarrassing to be fighting behind a team that was nowhere last year (McLaren) and lucky that circumstances conspired against a much smaller team (Williams) finishing with both cars ahead.

I hate this moaning, I really do. Are the teams and engineers so short-sighted as to not have anticipated these problems when agreeing to the rule changes. You'd think this had all been forced upon them without them having a say.


What istotally under played about the noise and not really mentioned by journalists is that on TV which is 99% of the people watching the Grand Prix, the old sound had no impact other that you could hear it being high pitched and clearly hid other sounds such as the crowd and tyre squeal.

I totally would rather hear the crowd and tyres... Everyone inthe pits, Team members, Drivers Journalists do not represent the 99% of us watching on TV.

When I was at Silverstone at Club Corner, I was so far back to me the old sound was not that impressive anyway.


Great points.

I'm not an Aussie or a [mod] or lover of Red Bull but two of the highlights for me from the weekend were the crowds roaring when Vettel went out of Q2 and the one that greeted Ricciardo taking provisional pole in Q3. Hadn't heard anything like that before, except for Brazil in 2008 when there was the huge cheering as Massa crossed the line followed by the amazing collective groan when Hamilton finished in 5th.


I totally agree with all your points. I like to hear the crowd roar, tyres screeching and the whistle from the turbo (?) as the engine rev's drop. To be honest I didn't think I would, as I like big, loud, powerful engines as much as anyone. But these new engines/power units are extraordinary and equally impressive, just in a different way.


Prior to Aus GP I thought I would hate the new sound and that it would be just like touring cars. Found myself quite liking it, as others said there is so much more going on. And something no-one is mentioning, yes, the sound of old V8 was unbelievable on straights but in turns they sounded like they were broken with all that smart engine mapping etc.


Good idea from Ferrari (to shift the focus away of THEIR problems).


It is not economic to just cancel the new rules. So let's find out the solution.

My recommendations:

*Allow 110 kilogram fuel instead of 100 kilogram, so drivers can push to the limit.

*There will be some tricks to increase the noise. Just ask the power unit engineers.

Problem solved 🙂


Feedback for Ferrari 'Fire Stephano Do.... whatever'. Please fire the useless leader bring in a Ross Brawn!


Much too soon to start asking for emotional responses.

Ferrari have designed an ugly duckling that doesn't, once again, seem to work too well.

When the racing really gets going,the technical challenges are more settled and there is a bit of rain to spice things up, all bar a few will be happy.

The fuel flow meter is a necessary fitment of which too much has been made by RBR/Renault to deflect from their many issues. Noone else seems to have much of a problem.

How many people have more than a scant knowledge of the innards of any complex mechanical assembly ?


Its just ol' 3-car Monte stirring the pot again, and pretty pointless.


So over hearing people moan, it almost as if F1 fans are worse than Team Principles. I don't understand why Flavio Briatore is still being quote, the guy is cheat and a lair the sport should no longer associate with him. Ferrari constantly moan if they are not winning, they seem to have this self righteous in which they think they should WIN, maybe instead of moaning how about focusing your energy on building a better car and motor. The Melbourne GP was awesome IMO, so good to see the drivers really having to work to get the most out of the cars. In regards to the sound its different and maybe not as loud but still awesome.


Sound...no sound...it would all be irrelevant if we had the ten top cars fighting for position throughout the entire GP (and one or two engine explosions added in for good measure). As an F1 fan I can appreciate the technology & understand its function/reason but for the casual watcher, switching on to watch some racing, I can see why it is not that exciting. The Aussie V8 supercars are far more entertaining as a racing spectacle. So what we have in F1 is the best racing drivers in the world, sitting inside a science lab trying not to blow the lab up while proving to the world that they are good at science & technology. Seems a bit of a waste of driving talent. If you put these same drivers in karts and sent them racing I would suggest that it would be very entertaining. The positive thing about these cars is they look very tricky to drive well out of corners which gave us a glimpse of the talent behind the wheel. If nothing else this needs to be focused on by the TV producers along with on board mics that amplify the exhaust note and maybe alter its pitch. This may seem a bit 'fake' but no more than DRS. This would satisfy the TV audience & be relatively easy to do.


There won't be a TV audience in 2 years time if the fans at the circuit stop showing up next year... It all starts with the spectacle on the ground being worth watching & paying for


I think the fuel limit is a great idea because it leaves a wide-open trade space for innovation which prevents the power units from being carbon copies. But I think the regs should stop there. Why limit fuel, then also limit fuel flow, rpm, displacement, etc., etc.? If a power unit revs to 18,000 rpm and can still be competitive with the fuel allotted, then why ban it? That would create diversity in the cars that we have not seen for years (outside of a few aero elements).


Other than the fact that Red Bull got disqualified for purposely and stubbornly exceeding the fuel flow limit, what noticeable difference does the fuel flow regulation have on the racing?

Once this issue gets sorted we won't even know the rule exists from a racing perspective.


Agree completely.

Fuel limit is a great idea.

Fuel flow limit? not so much.


I am sorry James but this Survey did not get to the core of the issues facing F1 now. No mention of engine noise or fuel saving.

Are they taking this seriously?


I liked the sound!

It's so complex & macho..if you want to hear a girly scream go to a 1 Direction gig! 🙂

I love the sound of the tyres and the complex Turbo/Electronic sound. The fact that lessons learnt from F1 can now be applied to road cars is just the icing on the cake.

Wake up people...it's the furure!


"Wake up people…it’s the furure!"

It's boring.


In your opinion vodoopunk but its good that all fans have an opinion and from what I read that opinion seems very split after just 1 race so in my opinion I'm giving it a few races. I liked the ambient noise aspect but understand the noise is not the same and is an aspect of the show but isn't the only part.


Yes, in my opinion, I would never speak for anyone else.


Sad to see the cars running v6 turbos, I think its wrong on many levels I also think the abundant introduction of regulation kills the race.


I liked the sound!

It's so complex & macho..if you want to hear a girly scream go to a 1 Direction gig! 🙂

I love the sound of the tyres and the complex Turbo/Electronic sound. The fact that lessons learnt from F1 can now be applied to road cars is just the icing on the cake.

Wake up people...it's the future!


The survey was pretty poor, Like or dislike and not much in between.

The sound is awful, especially as they are no where near 15000 rpm, it reminds me of when I moved from a petrol car to diesel.


I haven't been overly fond of the idea of the new rules but it is too early to get a proper idea of their impacts. We need a few races so that the opinion can be properly objective. We always knew the cars would be quieter, why the sudden knee jerk reaction? If the racing was close nobody would care.

Overtaking is an annual topic but it will never improve until their is a reduced emphasis on aero. The addition of DRS has not helped matters - why risk out-breaking someone when you can simply cruise by on the straight with DRS. Especially if the overtake puts you in a position where the car you just went past can cruise by you with the benefit of DRS.

Fuel and tyre management have been a part of racing since racing became serious. Yet despite these the cars get faster every year (maybe not straight away but by end of the season they will be). Short of making it a spec-aero formula none of this will change.


My own survey below:

Ferrari think that F1 is-

A) Their own private championship

B) Lucky to have them

C) Smaller, and less important than they are

D) All of the above


At least Paul Hembrey can get some peace and quiet like the rest of us.


He has got to be one of the happiest men on the planet right now 🙂


He's probably tired.



Very punny.


Looks like we already have a candidate for the biggest pun of 2014 🙂


I would say let a few races go by and then make judgement.


It's possible that this years F1 is giving fans a window into fuel strategy that previously went unnoticed and unreported. Less fuel has always been the objective from what I understand as additional weight is a lap time killer.

It's to bad that no one seems to be able to give a really adequate laymens explanation for why fuel flow needs to be restricted.

Reading between the lines it feels like there was concern that the electric motors would be utilized purely for efficiency if restrictions weren't put in place to handicap the gas engines ability to give additional boost with higher fuel flow.

This however is only a guess based on the somewhat cryptic information that is currently available to the fans of the sport. Perhaps Red Bull was aware of this communication failing when they decided to ignore the FIA and in the process bring this all to light under the spotlight of revoking an Australians podium finish at the Australian Grand Prix.

No doubt there are currently winners and losers with the current technology. Perhaps some of the losers are looking to find an advantage. From the sounds of it, no pun intended, Ferrari has a heavy underpowered water cooled turbo engine and Red Bull might need every point they can get.

You have to give it to Mercedes for having gotten it right right off the bat. I only hope that all the bad press that's being generated by everyone else doesn't hurt the sport to badly this year. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could all embrace the future when it comes knocking : )


"I only hope that all the bad press that’s being generated by everyone else doesn’t hurt the sport to badly this year."

I wouldn't worry too much. When has there ever been a year that F1 *didn't* get bad press. Never seems to do much damage to 'the brand'. Which is probably why grossly unpopular rules never get changed.


If they'd won last Sunday and got a 1-2 podium wouldn't be seeing this lol

Sour sour grapes again when they're midfield.

Engines need to be a little more load and fierce but overall it could be the best F1 in years.


Four thing's id change"

Increase noise level

Remove fuel flow limit

Change nose design

Remove DRS


I find it quite ironic that, of all the teams, Ferrari would be the one to complain about this new engine-led formula. Enzo Ferrari himself once claimed that "aerodynamics are for people who can't build engines". Now Ferrari have the opportunity to put themselves at the forefront of engine technology, but they seemingly want to revert to older, less relevant power trains.

Looking at the results of Ferrari's polls so far - they're not getting the results they're after, with (at the time of writing) majorities saying they enjoyed it and could understand it. F1 fans tend to be an intelligent, inquisitive sort - it's in the nature of the sport to discover/observe latest technical developments in testing or race by race. I don't actually appreciate Bernie and Flavio thinking that they have to talk down to me for me to understand!

I grew up with sound of the V10 era - and I'll never forget hearing my first F1 car in the flesh (Gaston Mazzacane's 2000 Minardi down Hangar Straight). I remember being a bit disappointed with the sound of the V8s, which just lacked that extra bit of top end. But I got used to them.

Formula One is not "pandering to the greens" or becoming a "social" formula (although I'm not entirely sure what that means). What it is doing is putting itself at the very forefront of automotive technology. THAT is entirely the point of F1. It's the reason why F1 is not a one-car formula, so that competition accelerates development. Design capitalism. Survival of the fittest.

The noise will take a bit of getting used to, but as long as the sport is astounding me with superb racing and technical creativity then I'll keep watching.

The world has changed. If F1 had not reacted, at best we'd be seen as Luddites compared to other series. At worst, we may not have even had a sport to watch in 10 years.

David in Sydney


I grew up with sound of the V10 era – and I’ll never forget hearing my first F1 car walking towards the Albert Park circuit with a grin from ear to ear and the hairs on my neck standing on end.

I also remember being a bit disappointed with the sound of the V8s.

I love the new engines - the sound is not as good as the hybrid LMS cars - I suspect it's all down the the single exhaust and lower RPM.


I doubt Ferrari would be conducting a survey if they had won last weekend.

As for Briatore complaining about fuel saving, it has become common in recent seasons to hear a team tell a driver to conserve fuel during a race because the team had taken the decision to deliberately underfuel him, so it's nothing new.

The new power units are cutting edge technology, isn't that what F1's all about, not using an engine that's years old because it sounds good. With only a single turbo allowed, attached to a motor generation unit, a reduced rev limit and software designed to optimise the power unit with fuel consumption in mind, what did people think it was going to sound like?

If they were to shorten the races, I would put money on the fact that some teams would still under fuel. The England cricket team has been in decline because they have so many backroom staff analysing things and coming up with strategies to the point where players are losing the ability to think for themselves. Some F1 teams are heading the same way, alot of number crunching is taking them away from the obvious.


+1 on all your comments, apart from the bit about cricket - not saying you are wrong, just that I know very little about the game 🙂


Test cricket is fantastic, the one day and completely daft/stupid/brainless 20/20 nonsense is a blight.


This quasi hybrid/electric F1 thing can't last more than 2 years. The fan base erosion will pull the rug out from under it. For sure, the American market won't buy into these little toy cars running around for very long. I know I wouldn't pay the 3 or 4 hundred seat price to attend with these scaled down science class experiments. It wouldn't come as a surprise to see New Jersey back right out of it. The FIA has Formula E. If they're going to have Formula Hybrid, now they also need a Formula 1. Can you imagine NasCar going hybrid? They'd be flogged with corn dogs. F1 should have gone exactly 180 degrees from where they've headed. They should have made the new formula 3-litre screaming V-12's, normally aspirated, there are other ways to control the speed if that's what they're worried about. Ticket sales to watch hybrid toy cars just won't support F1 in this format. Let Formula E showcase that kind of technology, and just let F1 be what it is supposed to be. There is no need to put a choke-hold on 22 cars. The world has already gone massively hybrid in passenger cars for years and years so there is no need for F1 to show anybody this current gong show because this technology is already in use worldwide. What was the FIA thinking???


I have been a fan of F1 since Niki Lauda and Alain Prost drove together at McLaren and there have been seasons where I haven't missed a single race, so I would consider myself pretty much a hard core fan. And I am more excited about this new formula than I have been in last 15-20 years. So much for fan base erosion. The only thing that needs to be sorted fast are the ugly noses. I reserve my opinion on DRS till later in the season.


"I have been a fan of F1 since Niki Lauda and Alain Prost drove together at McLaren"

I remember it well.

"And I am more excited about this new formula than I have been in last 15-20 years."

I'm exactly the opposite.


I don't agree with you but your line about the corn dogs made me smile


"The fan base erosion will pull the rug out from under it."

Very true.


What a crap survey. I thought it would at least bring up the question of the volume, but to have 5 questions like "did i like the race" yes/no is just lazy.

I honestly cant figure out the point, they will not get any meaningful data out of it.


And for those who don't / didn't understand the above statement, it simply means (said in Jamaican) that I have foregone f1 and started boning up on NASCAR. Awoah.


I personally really liked the race. I like the sound. It's different, it's change, but F1 has to constantly evolve, and because it's F1 it needs to evolve before the rest of the world is ready, otherwise it gets criticised for being behind and irrelevant. I personally love the fact the cars are on the edge of technology and that the drivers are having to really drive again now with having so much torque. F1 is not perfect and it never has been and it never will be. If you didn't enjoy the race on Sunday, then you're watching for the wrong reason.


+1. New formula is making cars difficult to drive again and this should be applauded.


I'd like to let this season play out before we make any judgements. But upping the revs to 20,000 would help with the noise and adjusting the over restrictive fuel supply demands seem very achievable while still maintaining this image of forward thinking innovation. Let them race, the FULL race. It's ridiculous otherwise.

My biggest suggestion to Ferrari is fix that god-awful looking nose you glued to the front of your car.


I keep feeling that much of the dissatisfaction with the sound of F1 being expressed by the fans is in part a result of Bernie's ongoing whining about the new power units. I wonder if the threats coming from the Austrailian promoters were simply orchestrated by Bernie to support his campaign. Please get this man a hearing aid.


Isn't it a bit too late to be asking these questions now? I mean, what can anyone change at this point based on fan feedback? This same feedback was voiced (and ignored) months before Melbourne happened.

The cars are ugly and sound terrible in my opinion. Want to know what a real F1 car should sound like? Listen to this and tell me if you don't get goosebumps -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QPONLgIrHKI&t=8m51s

The sound of an F1 car is everything; people will turn up to listen to one ->



The FIA will probably penalize him now for driving outside the lines.


Dull races, no F1 sound, slow cars, no longer EPIC, no real racing..if they used that tag line to advertise F1 how many people do you think would tune in?

Just like in the movies, the studios have to listen to the public or their out of business.

F1, bring back the sound, bring back the sound, bring back the cars to the mid late 80's or early / mid 1990's or have your TV numbers and people at the event dwindle to such a point that F1 is kaput.

Honestly as a 27 year old it is the point for me of apathy to F1, sad to say for me, why would I watch something that just isn't interesting.


Turning up the sound on the TV needs to be done for the next race. I was at Albert Park and I enjoyed the sound of the cars, still loud when they all go by on the first lap, then during the race I could actually have a conversation and not wear ear plugs, it was great! But when I watched the race again on TV at home, you could barely hear the cars at all!


You can have a conversation anytime. Once a year for 90 minutes I want to be thinking 'wow, this is so crazy awesome, these cars are just insane!'

I would say I'm only a semi interested V8 supercar fan but they got me more excited over the weekend than F1 did.


I guess I'm in the minority, but I like "quiet F1" and may actually attend a race this year because of that. I also like the amazingly complex hybrid nature of the cars. I've been a fan for 30+ years and this is the beginning of exciting new era. It seemed like the cars were a real handful for the first time in a long time. If anything, reduce the dependence on aero even more, and it will only get better.


you're part of the quieter majority


For me sound is not number 1 although it is important. The worst problem is that the drivers are not able to show their true potential because of the limits the rules put on the cars and drivers.

To me the worst thing to hear is a drive radio to the pit about fuel consumption or tire wear.

This sport was all about going as fast as the

cars were able to go. It is not about that any more which to me says it it is not the pinnacle

of motor sports any more. Since the introduction of tyres that would not last F1 has lost it's way. They are pandering to people who don't realize what F1 is suppose to be.

I got board of watching the season opener and decided to watch one of the greatest drives you will ever see.Michael Schumacher's 4 stop French GP victory. He had to drive most of the race like each lap was a qualifying lap because of a strategy change. It was magical to watch. This is what the F1 spectacle is suppose to be about. With things going the way they are now that spectacle is gone.

I also don't care if a driver gets disqualified after a race for rules infractions. If the rules are broken then that is the offenders fault It is much worse if

nothing is done and the results stand and the cheating is revealed at a later date.

The rules are not to complicated and the average race fan doe not know them all so as long as everyone follows the rules the fans are happy. Rules like the fuel flow have been around forever and most fans don't know they are there except when the rules broken in a race and there is a penalty.

The size of the engine does not mater but the speed the cars can go does. If a car can only go at 80% because of the rules restrictions then you don't need the best drivers in the world because they can never use all their talent to get the best out of the car.

Give the cars a decent amount for fuel and tires that don't fall apart and everything will be fine again and F1 will be F1 again.


"This sport was all about going as fast as the

cars were able to go. It is not about that any more"

F1 was never actually about that as far as the races went. Drivers were never driving flat out, They were always managing fuel/tyres or car reliability.

The view from some fans that F1 races were about driving flat out in the past is simply wrong.