F1 gets up to running speed once again
Posted By: Justin Hynes  |  14 Mar 2014   |  12:21 am GMT  |  20 comments

It won’t just be F1’s cars that get their first competitive run-out of 2014 at Albert Park this weekend. The Australian Grand Prix will also mark the start of the fifth season for Run That Track, the informal F1 running club that raises money for the Make a Wish Foundation by pounding out timed laps of grand prix circuits the world over.

The new running season kicks off on Saturday at 21:45 local time in Melbourne with team personnel, media and paddock folk of all stripes all breaking out new-season trainers for a blast around Albert Park. Last year they were joined at a number of events by F1 drivers such as Jenson Button, who ran in Canada, and Heikki Kovalainen, who took part in the run around Japan’s awesome Suzuka circuit.

With the help of Run That Track charity partner UBS, the project has raised a total of US$862,000 for the Make a Wish Foundation over the past few seasons. This year the hope is to reach a cumulative US$1 million with the help of everyone in the F1 paddock.

The system works like this: runners complete one timed lap at each track covered by the F1 championship, either in their own time over the race weekend, or in a group at one of six designated Group Runs across the season.

Runners then register online via the official website and upload their lap times in order to validate a $100 charitable donation from UBS, which accrues over the season.

Last year, paddock runners logged over 28,000km of the world’s F1 circuits, with Max Chilton’s trainer Sam Village taking the title of 2013 Run That Track champion.

For more information visit www.RunThatTrack.info

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Nice work by the F1 paddock, and good on UBS for putting up the cash.

That is a stunning amount of money to raise, and if it helps keep people fit in the process, brilliant.

Does it help the drivers figure out the circuits?


I was very disappointed in how the cars sound. They sound slow and boring. A couple of years ago, they were revving to 19,000 rpms. Last year, 18,000. You could hear the difference, but it was still okay. Now the cars are limited to 15,000 rpms. There is no way that translates to “excitement”. Experienced on television, they sound like modded street cars with a fuel delivery problem. Or worse yet, slow Indy cars. They likely sound better live, but it is a definite step down for F1.

F1 is the premier racing series in all the world. Those cars should shriek! Instead, those cars mumble…


Not all cars sound flat. Myself and friends like the Ferrari and Mercedes powered cars -particularly when pushed.

Yes there is a previous era GP car at the meeting and it does sound great and better than the V6(driven by David Coulthard in special event)


A very worthy cause.


Looking from what 1st Friday testing day was, double points in the last race could serve for SV for his 5th in the row ))


These cars sound terrible.


Glad to see that you’ve found your razor again James 🙂


ha ha

Actually I was thinking about McLaren now Ron is back in charge. He always insisted on drivers being clean shaven – something that Whitmarsh didn’t seem concerned about.


Very true.


Its all part of the new regulations this year, what with F1 drivers and associated personnel asked to loose weight as the teams are struggling to get down to the weight limit. That means facial hair has to go too – think how much Nigel’s moustache must have weighed? Presumably, Sebastian, Jenson, Lewis et al have also shaved their legs, back and chest – on a serious note, it is surprising how much male body hair can weigh – so if getting rid of the fluff saves even a few grammes it could make a difference in lap time – every little helps!


Where ratios are concerned I don’t think Nigel’s moustache would make as much difference as it used to…and I can’t believe I just had to add moustache to my auto-correct dictionary and yet it was quite happy to suggest moustachioed – where were your priorities people!

But yes, if a particularly hairy driver were to shave all his body hair (and I do believe you missed out one or two body parts…most notably the two that are side by side 😉 ) he might just gain as much as 0.01 second per lap 🙂


I’m very disappointed with the look and sound of the new cars. I’ve been looking forward for F1 to get back in action all winter, just to be greeted with the sound of a Mazda RX8. Sports cars sound better, and don’t sport a phallus. This does not seem like the pinnacle of motorsports to me. I don’t know what else to say, I’m just crushed.


New cars sound [mod] JONES



check out this link when DR was being interviewed

The boys in the background are studying heat discipation ?????


very interesting challenge ahead of RB


Looks to me like close up shots of flow viz paint

heinzman (fan of: ALO)

James, off topic, however:

Alonso’s body language in your driver conference yesterday was horrible. He is never very animated, however yesterday you could see he was not happy, and certainly did not appear a man looking forward to 2014. It looked like he had a enough, and this is Thursday of the first GP.

In your opinion, is this due to the car being another handful? Have you formed any more of an opinion about where he will be driving next year?


He definitely doesn’t sound like the Alonso we know.


But he’s got 20m Euros this year to compensate for his ‘disappointment’

He’ll be fine.


It was interesting that he said

1. We have no new parts here since the test
2. On the new qualifying rules – I’m used to getting to Q3 and having no new tyres left


Hi James,

Sorry to mention this again but is your link is still broken. Any news?


It’s a really great resource to have the news updates in one place.

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