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Posted By:   |  11 Mar 2014   |  6:24 am GMT  |  353 comments

Fernando Alonso has been revealed as the most marketable driver in Formula One after an independent study found him to have the highest level of appeal, influence and trust in the sport, whilst Jenson Button beat compatriot Lewis Hamilton to the most marketable in the UK market.

Repucom, a world leader in sports market research which is used by many of the teams and sponsors in F1, has compiled a list of the most marketable drivers in Formula One, using a set of measurements to show that Alonso holds the highest global appeal, ahead of Hamilton and Felipe Massa.

The global index, which was created in-house by Repucom, quantifies consumer perceptions of celebrities, ranging from TV and film stars to sports and businessmen. It measures the individual’s key attributes, such as their appeal, influence, trendsetting, trust and aspiration through the companies Celebrity DBI in order to offer a defined list of the most influential and marketable people in their respective industry. It is based on a sample of 6,500 people in 13 countries.

Ferrari’s Alonso has a global recognition of 71.14%, heading Hamilton and Massa who are known by 64.91% and 60.98% of the world’s population respectively. Whilst interestingly, Massa has the highest level of awareness in his home country, being known by 99.2% of the Brazilian population, compared to the 98.35% for Alonso in his native Spain and 97.58% for Sebastian Vettel in Germany – who lies fourth in the overall global rankings of most marketable driver.

The reasons for Alonso holding the top spot are numerous, given his role as lead Ferrari driver, who are the most supported team in Formula One with 59% of fans stating an interest in the Prancing Horse. Furthermore, he is well liked by the media and fans, an area in which Vettel has struggled in the last twelve months following his in-team troubles with former team-mate Mark Webber.

“It may be a surprise to some that globally, Sebastian Vettel does not score as highly in terms of public opinion as the likes of Alonso, Hamilton and Massa,” said Nigel Geach, Senior Vice President of Motorsport, Repucom.

“Alonso’s dominance in the rankings is down in large part to his international deals and association with the Ferrari brand. Despite Red Bull’s recent successes, globally, 59% of F1 fans have an interest in the Ferrari team, representing the highest levels of interest in any F1 team and with races screened across 160 global markets to a cumulative global TV audience of 1.8 billion, one can see the importance this can have on perception.”

In the UK, Jenson Button beats Lewis Hamilton to the spot of most marketable domestic driver and although Hamilton is more recognised in Britain, the McLaren driver’s rankings of appeal, influence and aspirational highlight him as the more marketable.

Repucom Most Marketable Formula One Drivers:

Top 5 Global Celebrity DBI Score/Awareness
1. Fernando Alonso 70.57 – 71.14%
2. Lewis Hamilton 64.91 – 63.65%
3. Felipe Massa 60.98 – 58.14%
4. Sebastian Vettel 60.64 – 54.30%
5. Kimi Raikkönen 59.98 – 56.40%

Top 5 UK Celebrity DBI Score/Awareness
1. Jenson Button 82.87 – 88.58%
2. Lewis Hamilton 81.69 – 90.74%
3. Fernando Alonso 67.21 – 70.02%
4. Sebastian Vettel 63.80 – 64.79%
5. Felipe Massa 62.66 – 62.32%

Top 5 Domestically Celebrity DBI Score/Awareness
1. Fernando Alonso 89.61 – 98.35%
2. Felipe Massa 88.84 – 99.20%
3. Sebastian Vettel 87.97 – 97.58%
4. Jenson Button 82.87 – 88.58%
5. Lewis Hamilton 81.69 – 90.74%

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I would like to see the scores in Italy. See who's the highest out of the Ferrari/ex drivers Alonso, Massa, and Raikkonen...



14 GB : 11 GERMANY for WDCs.

SO....if this kid Rosberg starts adding to the Vettel count and over next few season they alternate WDCs, GB is in real danger of losing it's domination of statistics here.

Ze Germans are coming! 🙂


how many german WDC's have their been ? and how many brit's ?


why would Nico suddenly start beating Lewis? I think the Brit stat is safe for the time being.


A lot of wenn's in there!



what's with all the we (with reference to the Germans), I thought you lived in the USA.


GB was all safe not so long ago, having twice the WDCs of the next country up.

Then something happened, and we're at a 3 differential.


Teflonso scores highly for levels of *trust*???? Great driver, but.....!


yes, I was surprised about that too. His accusations of Reanult not helping him, McLaren supporting Hamilton over him leading to FIA putting an observer in the garage, threatening Dennis about revealing the secrets, happily using Ferrari data when in McLaren and of course the Singapore race. I would think of all the drivers he is the least trustworthy.


The Piquet family Flavio and Pat Symmonds were claerly the guilty parties in Singapore, but do we believe that Fernando knew nothing of the plot?



There is no place for words like trust and loyalty in F1. It's is ruthless environment, these pilots need to be at their best throughout the season.

Alonso is such top notch pilot. There is no match for him in this planet. I also see why alonso is more marketable. Alonso gives every ounce of himself week in- week out for the team and generally for F1.

There is no point and need to keep tilling the same old drivel topics from 2007&2009 just to demean the legacy of our legend Fernando alonso.

Maybe you can try something else.


Trustworthy are you speaking about him... He won with Renault when he allready had been contracted by McL (maybe you don't remember). Do you imagine that preasure he couped with?

In McLaren, only if you have a selective memory can be explained how have you forgotten Ron in that infamous chat (we were racing Alonso, not Kimi)...

Using Ferrari data when in McL?. Mate, it would be the team, not him, please, the one Who arranged it! Don't you remember there was a criminal proces with some famous guilty ones?

Singapore race... do not mention Piquet Family, why would you do that?

People like you make Alo more marketable, definitelly!!!


That's an easy one.


Yeah we know you'd pick Alonso, the one who has failed the most


What did Alonso to you? Did he abused you at the school? LOL


Yh the only 1 that's won the title right


Apologies, I'll see if I can spell his name right this time...



I spelled it right the second time, but if you look about two inches north you'll notice I didn't hit the H key right the first time.

And yes, I am familiar with his work...unless you're talking about a different Schumacher? 🙂


You're OK. You spelled it right. Have you ever heard of his work? Or by chance seen his work?




Yes it is easy. Schumacher is most marketable in Italy. Followed by Kimi.

You win WDCs in a Ferrari, you win Italian hearts.

If I was any driver on this list of marketable drivers, I'd rather be the one with most WDCs. 🙂


You guys seem to think I am going for other than Kimi (Schumacher was not one of the options). It's like you have a hint who the Italians would pick from the three, and you don't like it at all. Hence this justification based on the WDCs won by each...

If there is an Italian on this site, he should let us know...Although only one person would be a very poor sampling data...


Yes, with Kimi being their last champion and all 😛


Nice business figures for they give market people something to work with.

Interesting knowing that the world is made up of 59% Tifosi which is understable I guess seeing as the Ferrari team is the oldest and most successful team on the grid >>> mainly thanks to a certain Schumi.

Now seeing as former Ferrari driver Massa is/was more marketable than the current world champion, this just goes to show the power the team holds and hence why they get the lion's share of the constructor's ackers.

However, being a Ferrari driver, could also be a curse in disguise because the more marketable you are also means the more PR work you have to do for the team.

It's just unfortunate for the company that 99% of the world's population can't afford Ferrari's primary product.

Regards Vettel, I think his global appeal would be much higher if he wasn't so private e.g. He would go along way in scooping up new fans if he was on social media for instance.

Also of all the drivers on the list, Vettel is the new kid on the block and so still has time to improve his marketabilty figures especially when he finally moves to the Red team.

All in all, F1's health bill is looking very positive thanks to Bernie's work for it appears lots of drivers are laughing to the bank with massive commissions.


Ferrari's primary product is their brand not their cars. So they're actually retailing to everyday customers like me and you - the guys that want a Ferrari cap or shirt.

Their cars are actually used to support their brand - anything with a ferrari badge is seen as hot, fast, cool, expensive etc.

You'd be surprised how much money there is in flogging overpriced clothes, toilet brushes and wallets with a Ferrari badge slapped on 😉


If Seb has girl friends?


His missus might not like it, if he does. 😀


Social media has nothing to do with it. Vettel really has little appeal.

For me, the surprise on the list is Massa, but the overwhelming popularity of Ferrari might have given him an unfair boost (same as Alonso to an extent).


I do not say that I agree with this entirely, but this is what I think why Vettel is not higher:

1. Multi 21

2. Dominant car and he always starts from P1

3. Webber being outspoken and is respected by F1 fans

4. people question whether Vettel can win from outside P1 in a car that is not dominant

5. Full of himself and arrogant at times

I think this is why he is not as popular as he could be.


and a dominant car, and a directed carrear, and an arrogant team...


We've don't this to death. The kid is a great driver, finished


Not finished at all, Seb has delivered 4 world titles in a row in a car that was the best over the course of each of those seasons. His consistency is impressive but he has only done what Jenson did in 09. As a driver if you are given the best car all you can do is deliver, Vettel has delivered and all credit to him for that, but there are a few drivers on the grid who would have done the same in those Red Bulls.


6. Turkey 2010....!


1) Multi21 - drivers who ignore team orders are typically cheered. (Se e.g Mark Webber) The hostility towards Vettel long predated Multi21 and had nothing to do with it.

2) He hasn't had dominant cars for the most part. The "dominant car" stuff is an excuse offered up by fans of rival drivers. He certainly didn't have a "dominant car" for the first half of last season but was still comfortably leading.

3) If Webber was really "respected" so much then people would give SV the proper credit for comprehensively outclassing MW during their five years together. What I see instead is some people arguing that Webber was very poor - after all, he never even finished runner-up in those allegedly "dominant cars".

4) "People" don't question that.

5) Vettel displays notably greater humility than either Hamilton or Alonso. He doesn't discuss his plans to create a museum to celebrate his own achievements or make derogatory remarks about "lesser caliber" drivers. He goes out of his way to give credit for his success to his team.

You can boil the hostility towards Vettel down to two key factors. (1) He's German. (2) He wins. There's nothing the British hate like a German winning.



"The RB9 wasn’t the best car even in the first half of 2013?!?"

You're engaging in a circular argument. If any car in which Vettel leads the championship is thereby automatically "the best car", then by definition any time Vettel leads the championship it is because his car is "the best", which to you is the same thing as his having "a dominant car".

A dominant car in F1-speak is usually understood to be a car which finishes the season one-two. None of the RB's have been dominant in that sense.



You can boil the hostility towards Vettel down to two key factors. (1) He’s German. (2) He wins. There’s nothing the British hate like a German winning.

Not wishing to appear pedantic. But, if you check the stat's you will see Vettel is equally unpopular in the Global analysis as he is the UK - 4th in both. However, he actually scores a slightly higher % in the UK. Sort of nullifies your argument, wouldn't you say 🙂


@SteveS: "Learn to read, man. I wrote that 'He certainly didn't have a 'dominant car' for the first half of last season but was still comfortably leading' "

You wrote:

"2) He hasn’t had dominant cars for the most part."

Aah, comprehension.

For his four winning seasons, he's had a car that was dominant through the entire season twice, and been in the best car in all four seasons.

The RB9 wasn't the best car even in the first half of 2013?!? What other car would you have rather been in then?? The Merc, Ferrari, or Lotus? Really, dude, you do my work for me.

The only really "bad" spell for the RBR car the past four seasons was the first half of 2012, and even there on race days it was in the mix, and was a regular top-5 finisher. RBR topped the WCC standings after the 4th race in Bahrain, and from then were never headed. Yeah, crap car.


"In F1 history, only 10x has the title been won with 3 or more races still to run."

That's a meaningless statistic, given that the length of a season has tripled in the course of F1 history. Winning by three races in a 20 race season is a smaller winning margin than winning by two races in a 12 race season or by one race in a six race season.


n F1 history, only 10x has the title been won with 3 or more races still to run.


"RB7 and RB9 weren’t dominant?"

Learn to read, man. I wrote that "He certainly didn’t have a “dominant car” for the first half of last season but was still comfortably leading". The RB9 was not a dominant car, or even the best car on the grid, for the first half of the 2013 season. And Vettel still led the WDC at the half-way point.

"In F1 history, only 10x has the title been won with 3 or more races still to run."

So, can I assume that you are acknowledging that SV won in 2010 and 2012 in non-dominant cars? Or do you have some other excuse prepared for those years?

With respect to Clark, Stewart, Mansell, and Schumacher, they are some of the most highly regarded drivers in the history of F1. If the nonsense being circulated about Vettel is to be taken seriously then they should all be demoted to "mediocre" status. After all, you have just "proved" that they won in "dominant cars".


Indeed he wins in a dominant car.... You can only win World Championship in a dominant car.... The Late F1 Prodigal Son - Ayrton Senna only won the WDC when the car was dominant.

I think Allen must run a comparisons of cars of each WDC as to how dominant was the car when a particular legend won in it. I think you will then be able to appreciate Sebastian Vetel who definitely in my mind a Phenom and rightly so.


"or make derogatory remarks about “lesser caliber” drivers."

I remember him calling Narain Karthikeyan a "cucumber"


RB7 and RB9 weren't dominant? You don't win 9 in a row in a car that's equal or even slightly better than the rest.

In F1 history, only 10x has the title been won with 3 or more races still to run.

Clark in '63 and '65

Stewart in '69 and '71

Mansell in '92

Schumacher in '01, '02 & '04

Vettel in '11 and '13

See a pattern? All had dominant cars with non-threatening teammates.


The real reason people don't like Vettel is the way he gives that "Number One" gesture. He does it with the back of his hand facing forward and his arm extended the same way a person "shoots the bird". It has an in-your-face, screw-you effect.

If he simply turned his wrist 180 degrees and gave the "Number One" gesture with his palm facing forward while holding his hand a bit closer to his face, his popularity would double.


🙂 I liked that analysis on Body Language.


And to continue your list, Alex,----

6 He bores us -hitless with his podium speaches.

7 That bloody finger!




Why is someone who is bored by Vettel , by definition, an idiot?


He bores you, not us, I don't want to be lumped in with all the idiots.


Why do you think Alonso is so well known in the UK? The answer is two fold:

1.) Incidents were he was painted the bad guy vs Lewis

2.) He drives for Ferrari

So conversly to your comment I'd suggest that Vettels marketability has actually improved on the back of Multi21. No publicity is bad publicity.

The reason JB, Alonso and Lewis all figure somewhat more highly is that they all live their personal lives via social media/in the press spotlight with celebrity girlfriends. Vettel keeps things very seperate, F1 to that guy is a job - end of story. Same applies to Kimi too, F1 is a job for him. If they took the same route as ALO,HAM & BUT they'd both be higher up that list.

Do you honestly think that when Merc have a car that is massively more dominant than any RBR ever seen in F1 that Lewis/Nico will become less marketable? Give over! The British press would happily laud Lewis the best ever in F1 if he wins the title in a car that's seconds a lap faster than any other top driver. That's how they are, they only whinge when it's not a Brit who's successful.


+1 on Vettel

+1,000 on British press


I think Alonso is well known because he is a 2 time world champion and widely respected as one of the best F1 drivers on the grid, I think the whole Fernando vs Lewis thing has faded from most peoples memory by now. As for the old "no publicity is bad publicity" chestnut, I haven't heard any Gary Glitter songs on the radio for a while, and he was all over the papers a few years back.


Girlfriends celebrities is another's website topic... Wrong bus for U!!!


Massively more dominant? We haven't even had one race yet!! How do you know? You think the Merc will be 1s/lap faster than EVERY other car? i can't see it myself.

Lots of assumptions in your post, most of them already tiresome, and most quite clearly whingey.


Well, I guess after this coming season, his popularity/marketability will skyrocket, as he has a golden opportunity to show what he can do in an under-performing car:) At least thats how it looks right now ....


No, an under-performing car is one that goes but goes slowly.

What Vettel seems to have is a non-performing car 😉

H.Guderian (ALO fan)



You may wll be right, but if it was me I think I would take the four world titles and stuff the popularity contest....


I wouldn't. I would rather be Mark, with fans speaking positively about me and being liked, rather than being booed on the podium.

Those trophies on the shelf are good for nothing when you read fans comments about multi21, being a spoilt child, being the team's proteje by taking his side even when he's wrong.

In the end, the trophy will always be a cold piece of metal, while cheers and smiles and happiness will stay with you forever.


@ AlexD

But it could also be argued that Vettel would be more popular if his success was achieved with Ferrari regardless of his faults.


Very true.


Agree, Vettel is not more arrogant than other champions like Alonso or Hamilton, when you are crowned WDC is difficult not to appear like that, but if you drive a Ferrari you could do almost everything, fans will forgive you.


Sorry, one more:

1. Helmut Marko accounts for -20% for Vettel, at least


you forgot the finger!


Spot on!!!


That maybe true. However, on the flip side, without Helmut there might never have been the 4x WDC.


Also of all the drivers on the list, Vettel is the new kid on the block

After 4 world titles in a row - you put a smile on my face this morning 🙂


@ Peter

Lol... You're welcome.


Kimi isn't on social media either and he has a tonne of fans.


@ Optimaximal

True, Kimi has a tonne of fans because the fans are always intrigued by a maverick.


Alo has been fighting for every champ since 2005, except for second Renault era. I asume that would count for the fans... Real fans of this "sport"


and Kimi is an ex 4WD rally driver...


Kimi is a maverick.

Vettel is a 4xWDC.

Besides, Vettel doesn't neen the love. He has WDC trophies to keep him warm at night.

I bet you when he gets bored he lines them up around the 4 corners of his biggest room and tries to bounce a laser pointer beam to set up a security field. This gets harder and harder each time he adds a trophy.

Where did this need for love come from? I don't remember Prost or Mansell kissing babies and shaking hands looking for love.

As I said above, only stats that count is WDCs, Wins, Poles. Maybe fastest laps. And just FYI - twitter followers are bought an sold. Don't think that number means a thing. This was illustrated recently on a radio show where they bought 115000 followers. You're a sucker if you think followers means anything.


Perception has been that Kimi is very popular. Which makes it even better - so his following is more among those who closely watch the sport and contribute in forums.


I'm surprised Kimi is less popular than even Massa/Vettel/Hamilton. In fact I thought Alonso and Kimi will be in top-2, just because they have been there very long and are good drivers (if not the best of all).

For example, in, Kimi was voted the best driver last year, which was mainly because of his appeal rather than his driving skills. He also won the most "Driver of the day" awards here and elsewhere too.

Kimi scores less perhaps because he does not like media much and this plays a big role if you could be marketed or not.


Media doesn't like it even though Fans love it. So one with the power of Microphone & Camera or a keyboard and mouse wins.


Kimi has no social media which is what makes the difference. He does not care for it whatsoever. We need more people like this. He is the maverick of F1 with arguably more natural talent than anyone. Hell, he barely did any races in a single seater before he was chucked into a V10 Sauber, and finished 6th. Hamilton and Alonso and pretty much all of them are on twitter or Instagram all the time.


And to boot he is the 2nd richest f1 driver on the grid, despite being unmarketable


That's a good point. If I was asked to guess which driver was the most popular I would have chosen Kimi. Interestingly, he has driven for Ferrari twice and is still only 5th on the list, so it doesn't necessarily follow that driving for Ferrari is a guarantee of celebrity/awareness.

Christos Pallis

Kimi did leave F1 for 2 years though and hasn't had a championship or really fought for one since 2007


Maybe so, but it wasn't about how successful the driver is, it was about how popular / recognised the driver is and there's lots of things that can make a difference there.



You could come up with all sorts of facts and figures using all sorts of surveys and formulas, but although statistics like this might be interesting to potential sponsors - which I gather is the point of this little exercise - I think what really matters is what the fans who actually watch the sport think.

Maybe James should conduct his own poll - the results might end up being a little different 🙂


Of course in this anti-Alo web... Ask in Marca or As in Spain and maybe, only maybe, they don't choose Hamilton...


Maybe, maybe not.

It's true there are a lot of Hamilton supporters and it's probably fair to say that a lot of them are from the UK, but there also are a lot of Alonso supporters all over the world.

I think the main divide comes from their year as team mates at McLaren. From what I understand, both Hamilton and Alonso have gotten past that and they now have a lot of respect for each other, but sometimes the fans have a harder time letting go.

Personally I think they're both top drivers.


There is a big difference between F1 fans and followers of the James Allen on F1 Blog.


How so?



'Course, I am an Alonso fan, so that

may skew the theories. lol


Are they mutually exclusive?


Statistics are only to see what you want...

Was there a big Formula1 is boring because RedBull is too much dominating even in this forum the last few years?

You could also say that given that the interest in Formula1 decreased the last 4 years because of boredom the older drivers have an advantage which the statistic clearly shows 😛

Simply because they drove when there was still interest in Formula 1.


If F1 was not going over to Pay TV there might be even more support for F1. As for Vettal he is very arrogant and his one pose that he does is in a lot of the world a insult. Most people show tha palm of the hand with one finger. Last year quite clearly showed Vettal is not respected with him being boo'd on a lot of the Podium interviews.


"Vettal is not respected with him being boo’d on a lot of the Podium interviews."

That's because the great unwashed masses are ignorant.


The english two finger V for victory is an insult in some parts of the world two.

Don't flame him for his Siegesfinger/victory finger.

If a kid at a school class knows an answer or is first to answer: the english use to put an hand up.

The german word is sich melden. And guess what the kids do: they raise an arm with the hand as a fist with the pointing finger up.,1409994,dmFlashTeaserRes,Sch%25C3%25BCler+melden+sich+mit+Handzeichen+%2528media_675015%2529.jpg

Raising the right arm with the hand as a palm would be close to the Hitlergruss which is forbidden and we don't want to see.

Vettel did this finger already when he was more a school-kid age wise than a sexual active boy i think.


That's about the most absurd explanation to Vettel's finger.

If a kid at school knows the answer, they'd try to make themselves as visible as possible stretching their arm as high as they could and, necessarily, the fingers would be pointing forwards (Pretty much like the pic. in your link).

Vettel's gesture isn't at the end of an outstretched arm, the fingers aren't pointing forwards and, oddly enough, the finger isn't even straight, as resembling #1 position (or #1 to answer a question).

It might as well be as if he wanted to appear in the victory picture with his own hand pointing at himself.

Anyway, I doubt it would be "middle finger-related", as the only time I saw him doing that particular gesture, he did it with his left hand and tilted it towards the 'ofendee'. (search Malaysia 2012 for more clues)


Very surprising. I would think that Kimi is the one. Let's see how these numbers are going to look like after 1 year of Kimi in a Ferrari.


I would think that the savvy F1 fans would have noticed all of the hard work done, on a constant basis, by the Alonso Media Corporation.

This poll is a reflection of all that work.


I still remember seeing a lot of Flags at Monza which had the words, "Bring Kimi back to the Scuderia". No denying his popularity with the Tifosi. Not as much as Fernando Alonso but still an Italian poll could add up to more votes for Kimi for sure.


Kimi was already there with Ferrari for 3 years


Yes but he hasn't been at Ferrari for 4 years, and two of them out of F1, remember, we are not the only ones watching F1, there are a lot of people new at the sport, a 15 years old kid maybe didn't see Kimi at Ferrari, and there are others very short of memory. That is why always the current sportsman/women are the ones considered the best of all times a lot, see now Messi, Federer/Nadal, Woods, the whole Barcelona football team, etc. We will have a better picture at the end of the year to solve how the Ferrari name change the marketability of a driver.


I doubt more than 5% of the US population could tell you who is "Fernando Alonso".


The US population is less than 5% of the world's population.


Could be worse; I don't even want to calculate what percentage Australia is...


I doubt more than 5% of the US population can name more than 5 countries outside Norh America....


Before one gets too snotty, bear in mind

a recent encounter of mine.

English chap said to me: "Oh, you're Scottish.

I thought you were a Brit."


I doubt that more than 5% of US population knows what is F1

Rampant Haddock

In all fairness, a poll once showed that 42% of American students didn't know who Josef Stalin was, so it's possibly more a reflection of Americans than F1.


A lot of US people don't know anything about outside US.


A lot of US people don’t know anything about inside US.


Now I get it!! That's why they spy on everything!! To gather info about the world and go back home and make funny movies that they award themselves! Or, from time to time they find oil far away and come up with plots about "national security"... And that gentlemen, is the reason for Kimi not being on social networks. Who likes to be spied? WHO?!?!


Yep but there are 300 million people in the US. There are nearly 400 million in South America. There are 700 million in Europe. There are 1.2 billion in India. 1.3 billion in China. So I guess the US doesn't affect the percentage that much.

Most people in the world are right to think they can trust Alonso, which was one of the criteria of the report, because he always smiles when he lies. It's easy to spot when he's having us on.


One in four Americans 'do not know the Earth circles the Sun'

Some F1 fans will point out that neither Earth nor Sun, drive for Ferrari - several studies do show however that US population, on average, is a bad reference for measuring knowledge regardless of the team.


One in four Americans think "The Flintstones"

is a documentary ...


I might be wrong, but I doubt more than 5% of the US population could name any current F1 driver.


You're right. But, maybe Hamilton because he's dating Nicole Scherzinger.


Who's Nicole Scherzinger? 😉


Random,a 100% spot on,

To the yanks an aim in life is very important

they associate succsess to the brand that is a symbol of a self made man,namely Ferrari!


The Yanks have a dream.

We do not.

Know why? We are awake.


Especially thanks to NBC's inept handling of their opportunity. Not that Bernie and Co., care as long as they get the $$, eh?


Or football player (real football)


The real football, I guess, is the one played with hands. 😉


Formula 1 in the USA? No thanks boyyyy, Hank, Budd, Tod and Rodd prefer to watch NASCAR, particularly the good ole boys in the Deep South.


I agree, and that is why I believe the absolute numbers in this report are completely bogus. To suggest that 71% of the "global population" has an unaided 71% awareness of "Fernando Alonso" is patently absurd.

I know, the USA is not the world, but I am an expat living in London and I would take the under on even 20% of the UK population knowing who is "Fernando Alonso".

While the relative comparisons may be correct, e.g., awareness of Alonso versus Vettel versus Massa, the absolute awareness figures are ridiculous and only lead one to question the credibility of the study.


Sorry for off-topic.

Is anybody aware whether or not an official iOS/Android app for F1 Live Timing is going to be available? I was checking in the App Store and there is nothing, only the 2013 version.

There is nothing I was able to find out.

The weekend is approaching very fast and ideally we have an app to follow live timing.

Thanks for the info.


As many people here have told your it has been already released, but just for some countries in the iTunes store, that is a shame, I will have to use the old and incomplete Web version.


You will see that it now features an English language commentary. You might want to tune in to that...


Who is doing the English this year, James?

Hope it is the Canadian guy ...


They are VERY late releasing it this year. But just like all F1 cars this year, the app has be redesigned.

A" rel="nofollow">page on the Official F1 site was added in the last 24 hours with most of the details and" rel="nofollow">a link to itunes to download it.

Android users have to wait a little longer. The twitter feed said "later in the week". I'm hoping it's available before Friday.


The iOS is already out, however the Android is coming out soon. You can find a link to download through this link...


It's available here in OZ... Just downloaded. It's free and you get live timing if you buy season pass.... Different name this year 'official formula 1 app'


The Official F1 App is available to download now for iOS in iTunes, with Android coming soon


Don't take it too seriously - it was a bad Star Wars joke 🙂


I think you'll find that reality is that Kimi is very popular, especially in countries like Japan and Australia, neither of which were included.

As I understand it, this survey was limited to 500 people from just 13 countries. Query whether a sample of that size truly indicates "global" anything.


That's true Kimi is mega in Japan, he gets swamped by fans they're obsessed with him. Ever since his 2005 win at Suzuka


Yup, Kimi is really popular & big here in Asia.

Quite amazing fans he has here considering F1 is quite new in most of the countries in this region.


Chill. In most areas of scientific research, the criterion for statistical significance is conventionally set at the 5% level. That is, an observed result is regarded as statistically significant. With "confidence level" set at 95% and margin of error within 5%, the minimum well randomized sample size of the largest population is only 384.

So a sample size of 500 here is good as a general indicator. This is what is done in most quick surveys and is bread and butter of research agencies doing study requiring less than 6-sigma rigor.


Well let's look at it mathematically:

500 people surveyed of more than 7,000,000,000 people in the world from 13 of around 195 countries in the world = 0.0000007% of the people in the world from 6.6% of the countries in the world.

Yes, it's very conclusive.

I said in a previous comment that maybe James should have his own poll: I'd be willing to bet he could get more people involved from more countries before he's even had his morning tea 🙂


According to the research company's website: "Global scores illustrate combined Celebrity DBI results of 500 representative views of people aged between 16-69 from the United

Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Russia, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, United States, China and India."

That's ambiguous: does it mean 500 people from across those 13 countries or 500 from each country? Either way, 500 is not enough to reach a statistically valid conclusion, for which you need 1,000. In other words, this is, at best, suspect data.


Why do you think 1,000 (either in total or from each country) would be anywhere near enough for the survey to be statistically significant?

We're a long way from reality, Toto.


It's 6,500 in total from 13 countries


You are probably right he could get more people involved but those people would not be a fair representation of the populous. To start with everyone that visits this site is already interested in formula one. I'd be happy to put a lot of money on that 99.9% of the people on this and can be bothered to complete a survey have already heard of Alonso!

I understand that you are more interested in a survey of who is the most popular within the f1 circles that isn't what this survey is trying to show!


True enough, but whatever the survey was trying to achieve the point I was making was that if James could conduct a more thorough survey with his eyes closed why couldn't a company like Repucom do the same?

It is their bread and butter after all - I would think that they could do a slightly better job at it.


Your headline could easily read Alonso and Hamilton are 2 most globally marketable drivers in F1.Button dosent even make the top 5,and given Kimmi score at number 5,Button global awareness is in the 20% range,no wonder Mclaren cant attract any sponsors.

your headline demonstrate the desperation of the British media to elevate Button to Lewis level.basically scrapping for anything that says Button beats lewis.The stats shows that they are statistically equally popular in Britain


This study is about who the most marketable driver is, not who has more talent. It's not for the fans but for investors who are looking for maximum return on their dollar. Maybe Button is a safer bet than Hamilton. That Hamilton mystique come with a lot of baggage. I'd have to read the full study to be sure.


I think Buttons score among UK respondents reflects the volume of Santander etc advertising he is used for like Massa in Brazil


UK based website, authored by uk journalist, in reporting uk event shocker.

Isn't it somewhat hypocritical to accuse JA of desperation when you had to juggle the story that much groping for a point?

James is well respected for his reports, which is why most of us are here. Still, if its not good enough for you...

Other sources are available if you dislike this one so much.



JA is not reporting UK events, He is reporting F1 events. You are belittling his role in F1 community. It is therefore justified to find it odd that JB is dragged up in the title that starts with "...F1 most marketable driver..." Between Alonso and Hamilton.


Sorry, I thought the top line was a global awareness story = Alonso?


But than JB must be better somwhere, nice try...


yeah it was alonso globa awareness story springled with button heads hamilton in uk market..which is factually not true according to your source data.


I meant the bit about Button being ahead of Hamilton regarding the survey of awareness in the uk, which is the bit Spactus seems to object to.


Spactus, I think you need to explain your thinking behind the comment.


Yet another statistical analysis that omits the margin for error, thus rendering it meaningless. It is all well and good to talk about who scored higher, but it is worthless unless you know the presumed sampling margin for error to assess the business significance of a given difference. It's all fine to say that Button is 82.87 compared to Hamilton's 81.69 reputation score, but that is worthless for decisioning purposes if the margin of error is 2%. (And I say that as a JB fan).

Poor job by Repucom to present their metrics with no notation of sampling margin of error, which underlies the summary calculations used to compute the scores. Not that they are the first to do so, of course... 😉


The total sample is just 500 so the margin for error is pretty huge IMHO.


Harsh judgement Spactus, but I have to agree that after reading the heading, I thought to myself "no no way, how could Button have come second globally?" and yes I quickly realized that the focus was quickly changed from Global to UK market.

Even so, 82.87 – 88.58% and 81.69 – 90.74% simply means they are equally liked, Which makes sense for them to be equally popular locally especially to non-F1 fans. Looking at the low estimate Button would lead Hamilton vice versa if you looking at the high estimate.

Yes, the truth is button was dragged up the list by a biased writer.


Yes I get the feeling that the ratings are somewhat skewed, but then perhaps there is a certain group that seem to favour Button. I mean who cares except perhaps the drivers and those that market them.


"but then perhaps there is a certain group that seem to favour Button"


And there isn't a certain group that favour Hamilton?





That being the case then obviously it depends who you ask!


You see? This is why I keep harping on the

olde thumbs up/down lark, James! 😉


statistical mumbo jumbo? -check

now lets talk my perception


2. Shortlisting of by industry standard for industry award.

3. Silverstone 2013 when Lewis took pole or Silverstone recent years.

4. throw in an on-off pussy cat for some rub off popularity.

5. DM/Sun/Mirror regular interest and targetting.

6. twitter following comparison.

7. internet search hits.

8. General chit chat and chitter chatter by pundits et al.

juvenile (my MERCEDES is greater than yours )response i agree but what the feck was the point of this article anyway?

seriously don't need a random, possibly un/representative sample, telling me that in fact the emperor IS wearing clothes but you can't see them because you are not special enough but if only you were dbiindexawarnesscelebritywhatnotrepucom you would! sheesh!


Yes trying to show how superior JB is to LH, fortunately the UK is not relevant for the rest of the world


He means Button is the guy you would like your(my) daughter to marry, while Hamilton is the guy your(my) daughter would like to marry

Scuderia McLaren

Didn't you get that James. Here let me help.

What he's saying is that Neo was the sixth iteration of 'the one', which is a systemic anomaly actually introduced to the perfection that is 'the matrix' in order to create a mathematical imperfection and the perception of choice.

This perception of choice helped make the matrix more 'real' and thus solved the problem of rejection by humans plugged in.

Whilst this was yet another tactic of machine control, the sixth iteration, unpredictably and via assistance of the oracle, interpreted his connection to the human race very specifically, vis a vis, his love for Trinity. Prior to that, the previous five iterations had only a general connection for humans as a race as designed by the machines and thus would always pick to rebuild Zion.

This specific love led the sixth systemic anomaly to, for the first time, choose the door going back to the source and challenge Deus ex Machina. This was a choice the machines didn't understand and therefore could not predict or defend against. This was truly unchartered territory.

The rest is pretty much self explainitory.

See it's not that complicated. I think that's what Spactus meant....


Hahahahahah! Definitely needed that one

Stickied this commment; brilliant.


Awesome analysis! - Scuderia McLaren. 🙂


OMG! The more the words and convolutions used, the more benign the description of sinister becomes.

But what is sinister here? NOTHING.

...Or maybe my perceptions have been affected by the iteration of systemic anomalies?


But where does the spoon fit in?


Now if you could just explain how one movie that was so good could spawn two sequels that were so bad we'd be set 🙂


A good comment indeed. I'll just add that Alonso is The One.


Just one question, is this you or are you really Ron Dennis?


Couldn't have explained it better myself, absolutely brilliant!


Well put! 😀


I give him a 9 out of 10 for spin - any politician would be proud to have him 🙂


Apart from the UK Liberal Democrats - they have a manifesto trying to ban petrol and diesel cars - including motor sport events - by 2040. Fortunately, they are on a poll rating of 8%, so only the lunatic fringe likes them. No amount of spin will save in next years 2015 UK election.

If you see any protesters at Silverstone this year with long hair, beards, socks and sandals complaining about those "polluting" F1 cars than thats the Lib Dems.

Even if they do come to power, unless we've got a British GP for another 25 years.


He is referring to the first (Global) list of the three. And the fact that the difference between the two Brits in the other lists is quite small...

In fact, Hamilton's Awareness is at 90.74%, while Button is at 'only' 88.58%... a small difference, but the difference in Button's favour in the DBI Score is even smaller: 82.87% and 81.69% respectively, if I read them right.

So yes, they're pretty close... which, in itself, means very little, Now if we knew what the two Brits charge for personal sponsorship, and found that there is a very big difference between the two, well, that would be quite interesting indeed..! 😉


The difference is even smaller given the small size of the sample. Assuming 500 people were asked, the maximum possible given the ambiguous wording of the release. A 1% swing could be achieved by just 5 individuals, so how significant is that gap? Not very....


I think he's saying that the phrasing of your headline focuses unduly on button 'beating' Hamilton on the domestic 'dbi' score (whatever) that is.

But looking at those figures Hamiltons and Buttons domestic scores seem to be so close as to be a wash. Meanwhile hamiltons and Alonso's global scores are way higher than buttons.

So, Hamilton has pretty much equal uk marketability but much greater gobal marketability.

Personally I'm surprised Hamilton is not ahead also in the uk

Mistress of Speed

Oh! And, which products, as advertised by the drivers, have the greater more varied demographic profile?

Now I really wish I took greater interest in commercials and advertising in general.

Yeah! Right!

The "measures the individual’s key attributes, such as their appeal, influence, trendsetting, trust and aspiration" have on products associated with F1 or with those that would 'benefit' from the implied glamour of the sport.

Such adjectives more closely correspond with the readership profile of glossy print media hence the use of the word 'aspiration' - so let's not forget there is a reason Repucom released this 'valuable' Index.

People with money to spend either want to buy or they want to spend. Therefore, the kind of person who would be wholly influenced with the key attributes of a super fit athlete and the products they advertise must be either the youthful 'impulse laggard', the wealthy impulsive 'early adopter' or people responsible for selling 'products and / or space'.

I can only conclude that the results of this research would serve to prove that if you want to advertise your products with F1, they won't necessarily translate into volume sales. But, at least a wide demographic profile will be aware that you used a favoured F1 driver and who knows where that may lead to in the future (product awareness).

It doesn't take a crystal ball to predict that this Index is going to be most effectively utilised as a launch pad to persuade and tempt those with vast marketing budgets to exclusive F1 press-the-flesh events so they can use two cars as a billboard during a time when global markets are 'allegedly' rising like a Phoenix out of recession.

As a fan of F1 show me a well-made or well-manufactured product that's useful and worth the price tag and I will be mildly amused by the fact an F1 driver was associated with it.

I can't wait for the analysis that correlates DBI with ROI.

Mistress of Speed

Naturally, I've excluded the big red bank advertising campaign as both drivers featured prominently in their advertising at a time when banks as organisations held more prominence than the sports people they sponsored.

Mistress of Speed

Button: doesn't he own a PR company? PR being a prime tool in the marketing mix. I suspect the survey was conducted before Ron Dennis's most recent "character analysis" of the current elder sportsman of F1. I'm sure it hasn't added to his current value!

Also, my quick recollection of advertising in the UK featuring both drivers I distinctly remember Button's shampoo advertising on TV and in print media across a wide spectrum of magazines, whereas Lewis and his advertising for the training shoe brand only appeared as gigantic posters in sports retailers - in fact, I remember seeing more billboard sized poster of Lewis in Orchard Rd, Singapore than in the UK.

Caveat: I don't buy many magazine and am not the greatest fan of tv stations that transmit programming in ten minute chunks. So feel free to correct me.


Brilliant 🙂


My thoughts exactly james


Interesting figures. Alonso still holds the highest score/awerness of the non-uk drivers in the uk!

Mistress of Speed

In a word: FERRARI


Agree. And I´m little surprised. I thought people and some media in the UK hated Alonso because of the drama when he was in McLaren


I'm not surprised that Button is ahead of Hamilton on this scale, because despite the hype about bling and celebrity, Lewis is clearly shyer and Jenson more confident. But neither of them is really a showbiz type - I can't think of an F1 driver who is.


button is taller than hamilton so he gets noticed more.


No surprises here

Alonso is the best pilot out there in F1 Grid today. He has all the skills and appeal to be considered as a legend in the sport (I Certainly see Alonso as the greatest driver in the history of F1 as well).


"greatest ever"?? Hmm, subjective, but highly debatable as BBC just now printed some stats and nowhere does Alonso end up on the top of the table over Fangio, Senna, Schumacher, Vettel etc.


Oh! common... He is the most complete. Don't be fooled by stats.

He has done something that no other in history of F1 has managed to pull off.

He has successfully put the blame on the car, for last four years, when he could not win.


Haha, oh turn the knife why don't you?!


Heh, I was already about to comment about this whole "most complete" driver thing, how ridicilous it is, but I see what you did there xD

But anyways yes, Alonso clearly has his own weak spots, such as qualifying where he clearly is not as great as Vettel or Hamilton...and secondly he has the history of clashing with his own team, both in Mclaren and Ferrari.

And I would like to note to everyone, that if so happens that Kimi would beat Alonso most of the time, thats going to affect how people will see Alonso's career later on...if Kimi would be able to win another championship with Ferrari and Alonso couldnt, then I would be that would have quite big impact on these statistics.

Anyways, not just trying to bash Alonso, just saying that I think sometimes the drivers get too much praise...Alonso, Kimi, Hamilton and Vettel are the 4 best drivers of their time, but all of them have weaknesses, none of them are perfect, there is no "complete driver"...and I've said time and again that when comparing F1 drivers from different generations is quite stupid, cause the technology and cars are so different...if anything the drivers from 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's and 90's get most of my respect, cause back then this sport was so much more dangerous, there werent any DRS to help you to overtake etc.

Anyways it would be interesting to see how these stats will look like 1 year from now...Ferrari drivers indeed automatically get most of the attention, thanks to Ferrari's fanbase which no-other team has, so I would assume Kimi "overtakes" Massa and Vettel, unless Williams and Massa would go for the championship.

Alexander Supertramp

haha, love it!

But to be fair, Alonso has been very strong. But the 'his cars were dogs so he was doing miracles'-routine is boring me!


@ Kiran

Alonso have no need to put the blame on car

The entire world knows who dominated the F1 Field for the last 4 season's or so. (RBR). They have rightly bagged the WDC and WCC at will

Ferrari came up with ropey machineries time and time again ever since 2008 (F2008).Team boss have pointed the fingers at technical issues like (lack of rear downforce, Wind tunnel correlation etc). Beyond this, there were loads of operational errors and certain people were fired from the team.

Each and every pilot moaned or loathed about their machinery at some point of time every season. We will find out this season as how the so called 4 time WDC winner will whine in the team radio


Alonso. The best of the current, definitely.

Alexander Supertramp

Disagree. Certainly one of the best, not definitely the best. Small nuance, big difference, but it's just my opinion.


@ Alexander Supertramp

'his cars were dogs so he was doing miracles'

routine is boring me

Ok ? "so according to you alonso's performances are not miracle not even worthy and Ferrari have produced the quickest cars in the Grid"?

Are you in wonderland and how long you have been watching F1?

You do not see these as miracles becuase of the resentment you people have against Alonso. Nothing else Period. Ferrari have not just failed to RBR they were behind Mclaren, Mercedes and Lotus. Ferrari lead the mid-table teams only in terms of pace.

Ok then what do you see as a miracle? Vettel stroll to pole by good half second every race and wins in vastly dominant car. RBR gave vettel a crap car and he won the WDC? In fairness RBR have worked very hard and made vettel life lot easier for the last five seasons. Yes vettel delivered WDC'S to do so he only had to beat Webber who drove for simillar car (Highly speculative) which vettel did at ease.

The modern day RBR cars from 2009-2013 are clearly unbeatable on any day, any circuit and by any opponent. These are facts and not stories which are very well documented and confessed by the experts and pundits in F1


"I Certainly see Alonso as the greatest driver in the history of F1 as well."

You might want to pop into an opticians then.


look at those statistics on the bbc site.


@ Aveli

I look and watch the talent on track in the race weekend rather than simply look at the numbers and stats which makes no great sense.

Alonso does it on the track week in-Week out with ropey machineries at his disposal. Which is more than evident and a real testament of the abilities


@ Aveli

Yes do turn up and watch... our legend at work


i missed all the weeks alonso did it in. i hope he does it again this season so that i'll enjoy it as much as you did.


The questions and statements by posters on post 9 certainly answers the ridiculousness of statements like these...


@ Brad

Stats and numbers will only add value in the history books nothing else. Nor the stats clearly reflects which pilot has been the best and super fast.

Let me ask you this ? Schumi has the better stats and numbers yet when he was beaten by few of the top class pilots in the last decade and even rosberg fared better against schumi. Does this mean Rosberg or Mika from past are better than schumi?

Top 10 or 20 are the numbers compiled by few people who only take stats and Gauge the pilots. However the real class or talent of any pilot is only evident on the track or the passion they show towards racing.

We will find out some very important answers this season as to how a ceratin pilot who have better stats can cope with difficult situation.

Alonso is simply a class-act and i believe it's real Honor for the fans to see him at work every week


"Please practise what you preach…."


I was NOT talking about pure stats - I thought that was obvious.

First, the picture says it all does it not. Putting VET alongside greats like Fangio and Senna would make me sick enough to discard the article at once - which I also did. Not because I dislike VET personally - I do not know him in person - but because I KNOW that VET, almost literally cruised to four titles, from more or less a served pole to checkered flag. He had, for all four titles won, a huge advantage to all the other drivers and specifically to the driver who finished as runner up - each and every time. I have no problems with a tenths or two per lap down, but when it is consistently close to half a second or more per lap faster package...then a win is not a win in the same sense.
Of course this does not mean he is bad - only that he still has not showed enough to qualify being on that picture - by far.

Second, BBC has not been very objective and neutral part in their F1 coverage. I have followed their live coverage quite a few time, and while a top class coverage, you could always sense hostility both against Ferrari AND ALO. For example, they kept nagging about GER 2010 for months, especially Eddie Jordan (the father of team orders), stating that Ferrari "fooled the public".
That would be fine for me, but when the same Eddie Jordan, a few of months later is perfectly fine, with Horner asking WEB to stop trying overtaking VET at the closing stages of a race, and describes that order as perfectly fine because "they work for RB and have to act in the best interest of the team" -[mod]


@ Brad

What is Ridiculous in the statement ?

In fairness nothing, People around the globe admire alonso. He possess great skills and he has the ruthless attitude when it comes to racing and winning. Alonso is more marketable becuase of the quality and the passion he have towards F1

Even if alonso does not win a race and competes for P10 or P11 on the track, it will be still enjoyable to watch. The same cannot be said of any other pilots from any decade or even generation

Most of the comments here clearly reflects the pattern. People here have the highest resentment against alonso and that's why people keep tilling about 2007,2009 still to current the date despite we are in 2014. Whether people like it or not they have stomach the Fact "Alonso is the best ever and Legend in the making"


@ Sujith

yes sujith you are correct about "Krischar again to the rescue!"

I will not accept nor allow any sifting posts or comments against our undisputed King of F1 (Fernando Alonso)


@ Alexander Supertramp

So you say i am hypocrite

OK, let's compare it this way

Schumacher had dominant machineries at his disposal for the five seasons or so and he duly delivered the WDC titles which is highly appreciated (When i mean dominance Ferrari were few seconds clear away from the field, Most of the races were fought between rubens and schumi). So you compare this sort of dominant machineries with 10-13 Ferrari cars ? Hilarious at best your thoughts are.

Again it was Alonso who ended the schumi victory reign with 2 or 3 quickest machinery in the years 2005-2006. Renault played second fiddle to Mclaren and Ferrari in 05/06 season when we consider the pure pace. Though better reliability helped renault to seal the WDC? Again you will disagree this fact ?

In 2007 and 2008 Ferrari produced the quickest car. With Mclaren close behind somewhere. Lewis and Alonso drove as well as they could and lost the title to Ferrari because of the internal politics. In 2008 Ferrari should have wrapped the WDC by race 12 simply becuase they were way ahead of Mclaren. Yet Kimi drove a like rookie and Massa battled well with lewis yet he was erratic which costed him and Ferrari the WDC.

Finally you compare the 10-13 ferrari cars with pre 2009 Ferrari machineries? You really need a reality check here. Ever since the regulation changes in 2009 Ferrari were poor (Even dim-witted people or causal fans know Brawn did it in 2009 and RBR took the mantle since 2010 to beat everyone in the field till 2013). The only team which ran RBR close in terms of pace is Mclaren in 2010 and 2012 (11 & 13 are failures though).

Ferrari were never in the game since 2009-2013. It took mighty effort from alonso which kept them in title hunt until last race in 2010 & 2012. Again the ignominy is not over for Ferrari it will continue in the hands of Mercedes in 2014.

Your comparison is pitting pre-2009 Ferrari cars with post 2009 Ferrari cars and thereby arrive at the reference Schumi/Kimi/ Massa is better than Alonso? Delusional and clear drivel at best.

Alonso drove the best season in the F1 history this decade twice only to lose the WDC in last race beacuse of Lackdaisical Ferrari team.

Wake up and please bring some meaningful comparisons


"Even if alonso does not win a race and competes for P10 or P11 on the track, it will be still enjoyable to watch. The same cannot be said of any other pilots from any decade or even generation" Krischar again to the rescue!

FACT. He is fun to watch. But the same cannot be said for any other pilots from any decade or even generation??? Seriously???? ARe you freakking Blind? Were you blind all through the 2013 season. The Hungarian GP saw a great show by ALONSO somewhere in the mid-field while all the other drivers had un-eventful boring showings??

What a load of crap!!


Well put, sir!


What counts is not opinions - they are very easy to have and far from always give the true picture of reality- but facts. After looking at the actual final standings for the last decade or so, knowing the relative strength of packages - the opinions you are trying to use to promote your own view, count for...nothing.


@Alexander Supertramp

I have maybe not been around as long as others on this forum, as I only been following F1 since 1993/4, but I can assure you - I have never seen anything like what ALO achieved in 2012...ever. I may be biased, I may have bad memory but cannot find another word describing it than EPIC. Finishing as runner-up in three of four 2010-13 given what I know of relative speed is astonishing.

"you believe the 2010-2013 Ferrari’s were absolute dogs"

Yes I do believe they were "absolute dogs", in RELATION to the FASTEST packages each of those four seasons. Why? Well,

(1) that was the feeling I got while watching each F1 session during those four seasons - and I saw almost all sessions.

(2) Qualy stats strongly suggest they were "absolute dogs" IN RELATION TO THE FASTEST, as the average qualy position for a Ferrari during those seasons is probably not better than 7th-8th on the grid. Compare that to the average for RB, and you will see what I mean. FACTS

(3) The Ferrari was also slower, RELATIVE to the fastest on Sundays as well. Some people will say often that "the Ferrari was "fast" in the races even though slow in qualy". Well, yes the difference in pace between the Ferrari and the fastest packages was LESS in the races, but STILL the Ferraris were SLOWER! Look at the race fastest times for instance to confirm this! Couple the bad grid position with relatively (again, to the fastest) slower race pace and you realize that fighting for the titles should have been a mission impossible. FACTS

Also remember that a bad grid position will put you in a bad position from the get go, as the risk for incidents is much higher (SPA and JPN in 2012 springs to mind) and you will HAVE to fight to pass those in front of you and also consistently drive behind other cars hence have bad effect on the tires and general disturbances to downforce. FACTS

Yet, ALO would have won the title twice out of four (50% of the time), if not circumstances out of his control intervened. It is not opinions - it is verifiable FACTS.

Alexander Supertramp

"After looking at the final standings for the last decade or so, knowing the relative strength of packages.."

Look how well Ferrari drivers have fared in the past decade and ask yourself: Has Alonso been outstanding in respect to the Ferrari norm? No, he's been consistenly strong (3x P2), but he has not punched higher than his predecessors (Kimi/Massa/Schumi). But then again, you believe the 2010-2013 Ferrari's were absolute dogs. Same story here, the past decade stats imply that Ferrari have built -to be modest- at least decent cars. Kimi was champ, Massa was runner up, they all won races and poles for Ferrari. Fernando has been strong, but I see no reason to share you're OPINION -because we are both sharing opinions, not facts- that Alonso is the best driver on the grid.

Bottom line, I have never cared about people claiming a certain driver is the best/ a legend because I actually respect differing opinions. I just did not like your hypocritical claims that your opinion should be regarded as facts.


If you want to look at facts dear sir, please read this link. Alonso does not even feature in the top 10, yet you guys want to proclaim him as the greatest driver in the history of F1. Or else, you would like to believe some bias misguided Alonso fan's opinion on things...

Please practise what you preach....


Welcome to the club 🙂


@ Quattro

Always Quattro

I feel very proud to say i am devout Alonso Fan and i am delighted to see that i have enough company here in the club.


Spot on! Its good to see I am not the only one that thinks this way.


It isn't surprising that Button has more popularity than Hamilton in the UK. Button's rounded, Somerset country boy done good personality will appeal more to rural communities who seem him as a good UK statesman who represents an idealised vision of good manners, good education, hard work and persistence. Hamilton will more appeal to the younger, urban, inner city demographic who identify with his brash Americanisms, dress sense and lifestyle.


That and Button has done some daft Santander and Head and Shoulders adverts. If Lewis started appearing in the wings of The X-Factor I'm sure more people would know who he was.


I feel that "CC" was trying so delicately

to intone that Jenson is the "blue-eyed boy", where Lewis is a wee bit darker than the romantic images of yore.

Trafalgar and Nelson and all that.

There are still those to whom this matters greatly. That may just be the tipping point

in a popularity contest that would otherwise

probably come out even.

Personally, I do not care; neither is a Scot.


That nonsense does not represent Britain.

Mistress of Speed

I remember being told that the McLarenisation of Button has effectively buried his early transgressions.


Button is not more popular, read the article not just the headline..which is misleading to say the least..I guess that is the only way to grab attention.


On the contrary, your reasoning suggest that Hamilton should way more popular because Urban/city population is more than rural population.


Wow, Kimi fans are seriously nuts. It's almost like personal insult to their hero that he isn't on top of some meaningless popularity poll.

Personally, I can't wait for the season to start so we can get some proper news and information on the sport, instead of filler articles like these. Its a long week so far, lol.


Somehow I don't think many (if any) of Kimi's fans were invited to take part.

To be honest I'm not sure how many F1 fans were invited at all.


Just goes to show. Brand awareness is not just about pictures of your fast car and nice plane.


are you talking about button's bugatti and Honda plane?

Alexander Supertramp



Sorry, that was meant to be in response to your reply at #9


While we're on the topic of driver recognition and marketability, has a poll right now:

Which of 2014's three rookie drivers do you expect to impress you most over the course of the season? - Marcus Ericsson, Daniil Kvyat or Kevin Magnussen

My first thought was who's this Marcus Ericsson?


Caterham's new driver. I know slightly differently spelled surname, but any relation to former England manager Sven?


For that matter is he any relation to a phone?

After a quick check I did find that he does indeed drive for Caterham, but he's just seems to be one of those drivers that has slipped way under the radar (at least for me).

Not that it matters: It might be harsh but he'll be out of a seat when Caterham folds, or at best at the end of the season when they'll likely replace him with another driver with deep pockets.


What utter rubbish..People are more aware of massa than kimi or vettel for that matter? I very much doubt the sample size is large enough for them to come to this conclusion.


Sure larger than mine or yours...


Can't remember who, but someone famous was once quoted as saying something like "lies, damned lies and statistics"!


Apparently know one knows for sure who it was ( although it's generally believed to be Mark Twain) but whoever it was, they're right 🙂


75% of people know who quoted it.


Clarification - it's based on a sample of 6,500 people in 13 countries


Well these marketeers were mindful of the fact that awareness and popularity are two very different things.

But FA would top everyone's 'desirable attribute' list for a F1 driver and carries it all off with aplomb, but no surprise he's so popular and really the guy is head and shoulders the rest.


Speak for yourself. Alonso is toxic to a team, proven (almost) 3 times now. How soon before he's bounced out of the scuderia?


That's a can of worms better not opened now RD's been rehabilitated.


Head and shoulders? I thought Jenson was promoting that particular brand of shampoo, not Mr Alonso!


What the... Having a bad day?


This was in response to spartacus.


here in africa I believe that people love Hamilton morethan any driver in F1


You can’t speak for all in Africa- gbenga. Many of us here support drivers other than Lewis. Alonso and Kimi command high respect and support here. In Cape Town there is a huge following…


What are you on about? Africa? James Allen said "The global index, which was created in-house by Repucom"!!!

Don't you get it he said "Global". If they wanted to include Africa (and my guess, the far east as well)they would've maybe said.....universal????

Ah mean the USA has a Baseball World Series so anything goes.


Personal point of view or a survey you carried out?


In Africa and India Lewis will be the most popular, that's natural because he's black.


@ JohnBt

It's not just becuase lewis is black, Race or color does not really matter that much in India. Lewis entertain the fans and he brings plenty of excitement to the F1 grid. He is the fastest one as well.


I have enjoyed all shades of drivers in the past... its driver performance that makes the difference.

I enjoy Hamilton's approach to racing as much as Schumacher's.

What turns me off are drivers like Vettel and Button, who demonstrate little racing skill... yet use double diffuser type advantages to pretend they are not bottom of the barrel drivers. It gets tiring very quickly...


I suppose it gives alonso fans something to cheer about, it will probably be the last thing he ever wins !


Are we forgetting that these were the same guys that said Infiniti had had a billion dollars worth of market awareness.....!!!


The only fact here is that I'm stuck between thinking "Utter Tosh" and "Complete Drivel".


Quality not quantity.

If I was jenson I'd be embaressed & cringe at those dull santander ads...which he gets courteousy of mclaren.

I would rather be lower on the most marketable list than to be higher and be involved in ads which only make you look dull as dishwater.


Before everyone gets too upset - remember this is solely a guide to marketing departments on individuals who can help push a product or lifestyle. Button is a popular guy and clearly he doesn't offend many British fans - the fact that he's on UK tv so much shouldn't come as a surprise. He represents a particularly affluent but well mannered lifestyle - he's good looking and dresses well - Hamilton I would estimate has a younger demographic appeal despite not being much younger than button - mainly because he's set on his image being part of a global structure - his resonance is clearly aimed at selling in America and globally and there's always going to be a slight racial bias from some older UK generations (slight of course - mostly generational).

What's interesting about Alonso was that when he did the tv adverts for FIAT he was overdubbed even in English speaking countries! So globally marketable as long as we don't have to hear his Spanish accent? Weird world.

Alexander Supertramp

Agre with Gpfan, well thought post. Respectable view.


Great post. Well thought out. Thank you.


Kimi doesn't have Marketable following

Kimi has a Cult Following.

Here is the Difference which none of the drivers can claim and Hamilton is getting there 🙂


Amazing results. Alonso most marketable? I remember when I support a campaign against FOM broadcasting 2 years ago with his biased replays (never Hamilton fails) and continuous McLaren friendly planes & incredible biased & manipulated Race Video Edits from Official F1 website, I remember specially one: the Spain GP (Valencia) when Alonso appeared for the first time almost 2 minutes gone and even they manipulated his laugh after Vettel abandon. It was a completey shame. F1 is more, much more than racing.


Wow, a popularity contest.

Bring on the racing so that we have something real to talk about.

Quick, before Bernie starts giving out gold medals and double points for the driver with the mostest liked selfie on facebook....


I wouldn't take the marketers and the votes too seriously.

Justin Beiber is so famous that I just had to listen to his song but once and that's it.

Anyway how popular drivers are does not make a difference to me, I would prefer their racing skills.

The reply I get most time when I asked people who knows nothing about motorsport the name Michael Schumacher is mentioned immediately.


It always depends how the data is collected. In germany for exmple the countryside is still way behind considering internet access compared to town people.

So when the statisticians want to know the outcome of a vote there is alway a big difference:

really randomly selected out of all people: close to the results

internet pre-voting: the young and modern parties get way more votes than they will have in the following election

asking in a shopping street in a big town: the parties which will represent farmers are not even mentioned


Alonso earns about $30 million a year. Let’s say sponsorship deals net another 20 million for a total of 50 million. Let’s say he earns this for eight years bringing it up 400 million for his career. Actually, sponsorships will continue after he stops driving. If you consider my figures too optimistic, just half them. If you use pounds, just half them.

Suppose you do well at university, get a good job and average $100,000 a year. A bit less at first, a bit more later. Suppose you work for 35 years. At the end you’ll have earned 3 million 500 thousand.

You’ll have earned in a lifetime what Alonso earns in less than a month. You would need more than one hundred lives to catch up to him.

Alonso is grossing a million a week or about $150,000 a day. He and I have nothing in common.

So whether you’re first, second, or fifth in these rankings, you still can’t spend it fast enough. If your ego is not out of shape, you know not to care about these sponsorship rankings.

PS I agree with Random 79 about how these rankings would look with active fans being polled. These rankings include people like my wife. Senna is the one she knows best. Maybe Prost. Who's Vettel?

PS2 The game is nearly afoot. A few days and we'll be in Q3. Stay focused. The preliminaries have been fun. Thank you James. Thank you all for the laughs and for the info.


"A few days and we’ll be in Q3"

Obviously you don't drive a Renault, unless of course you meant you'll need a few days to reach Q3 😉


Well there is that. If all the cars in Q3 are Merc power units, I'll recall that Random 79 said it. Cheers and have fun.


Cheers and you also 🙂


My point is in journalism the headline of the story is the attention grabber,and that set the expectation for the story line.

therefore when part of your headline reads Button heads Lewis in Uk,I was surprise to find that it was a statistical tie given the usual eroor plus or minus in those polls. and Lewis even leads him in one of the metrics

FoR me the bigger story line was how unpopular the 4 time champion Vettel is.and since you lead with Button leading Lewis I was more socked to find how low Button was in global awareness .

In fact Lewis global awareness was double that of Button a more impressive stat than what you proclaim in your headline. yet you didnt lead with Lewis twice as popular as Button Globally

I dont want to get too pedantic about it but you the one that injected Button in the headline,just for us to find that actually he was not main subject of the story

I just found it annoyingly misleading and kinda unnecessary


I can't say I much agree with the story either. But there are 197 comments, and counting. So the article has generally done what it was designed to do, yes?


Well why don't you get your own blog and do it you way


Clearly I touch a nerve,I apologize.

James you do great work,you really do,but reading all the post there is a concensors in favor of my argument

Scuderia Mclaren

There is hardly a 'concensors' in favour of your argument Spactus.

I think you might be seeing things where there are none. The headline, to me, was perfectly clear and relevant.


It's consensus and I'm not sure there is one here!


I think he'll be a little more socked at your answer 😉


a-hahahaha ! 😀


Well I would gpfan, except I've gone and left my peg-leg in my other pants....


Avast, Random! Be free of James and join

me at my new blog: "The Crimson Permanent


There, one may enjoy the latest musings of

my matey, Spactus.

Sure to shiver one's timbers and rend all

resistance futile. We'll drink rum and

sing shanties about the 'Good Ship Venus'.

Also, The Crimson Permanent Assurance will

not be so milquetoast as James's blog.

Our blog shall be rated: Arrrrggghhh !


Well, James, I'm going to start MY own blog!

AND, my star journo shall be "Spactus".

Remember, when I drink rum at 10 am, it makes

me a pirate. Not an alcoholic.

Not certain about oor Spactus's issues ...


Lol, I'm looking forward to your salty sea blog gpfan 🙂



These professional agencies are certainly very suspect in their procedures and conclusions. I would not waste time with this and I'm sure no one who knows what their doing among the teams and sponsors will either.

blind leading the blind.


Excellent article giving us a glimpse of what goes on on the business side of things. Insightful as ever.

@gbenga : I'm from Africa and doesn't care much for Hamilton's attitude and fakeness.


I distrust and polls until I know the methodology. A few sample questions:

1. What was the size of the global sample and was it proportionate to population in, for example, Africa and China

2. Was the sample skewed to markets rather than global population, and if so how?

3. How was the result weighted? By wealth, TV, sales, GDP?

4. The UK result was found as a subset of the global results? Was the sample large enough statistically reliable if so?


Horner is telling everyone who will listen that Merc will win by two laps in Australia.

I suspect as a cynic that this is a pre-emptive spin so if they win by less than a lap from RedBull it will be hailed as a RB triumph.


Yes, but what if they win by three laps? 😉


"Fernando Alonso has been revealed as the most marketable driver in Formula One after an independent study found him to have the highest level of appeal, influence and trust in the sport..."

Fernando Alonso? Highest level of trust? Really? Was the survey taken only by members of the Fernando Alonso Fanclub or something?

Alonso couldn't drive down to the shops without stabbing someone in the back along the way.


I'm surprised by Alonso being number 1. He was involved with (although not implicated in) two of the biggest scandals in recent memory. Must be the Ferrari connection. Also surprised Hamilton isn't ahead of Button, especially given Lewis's celebrity connections.


Some people easily forget these things, or they choose to see them in another light (where Alonso wasnt the villain) But ye naturally, its the Ferrari connection, Ferrari has by far the most fans around the globe, even "casual-fans" are aware who Ferrari drivers are, even if they dont know much else about the recent events in F1 and ofcourse he has been in the sport for so long and despite all the negatives things in his past, he still is one of the most succesfull and talented drivers of his era, so that's why its not so suprising.

If this survey would include more people from Asia (especially Japan) and ofcourse Finland, then Kimi would be higher up there....and Massa is so high up thanks to his Ferrari career as well.


Though in practice we shouldn't draw too many conclusions - the differences between drivers are probably swamped by margin of error given the reported small sample size, it is fun to construct arguments why JB wins out over LH in the UK but not globally.

Is it because UK-ers like the underdog? JB's WDC with a no-sponsor team and famous win from last in Canada kinda fits that mould.

LH likes to say touchy-feely stuff like "I feel so blessed..". Feels like that might resonant more with an American audience than a British one.

Apologies for the stereotyping!


The comment that I cant fathom is

'Fernando Alonso has been revealed as the most marketable driver in Formula One after an independent study found him to have the highest level of appeal, influence and trust in the sport'

TRUST!!! Alonso - I don't think so. Wont be long until his toys are out of the pram again.


ha-ha-never heard that pram thing before.

Of course, perception and reality are not at the same GP, or in the same universe.


A DBI point score difference of 1.2% merited "Button heading Hamilton in the UK stakes" alongside the global Alonso story with a 6% spread. I wouldn't expect my intern to draw that conclusion from such margin and I bet the professionals that wrote the report did NOT draw that conclusion. Sort of reminds me of the tiresome Button beat Hamilton on points nonsense that some peddle.


Which would be interesting if a formula 1 season lasted 3 years, even leaving aside reliability, team errors and an out of control Nico Hulkenberg, your left with Lewis beating Jenson fair and square 2,1on seasons together, very close on total points, and a very embarrassing qualifying score.


But Button did beat Hamilton on points over their three years at McLaren.

Of course that doesn't make Button the greatest driver who ever lived, but at the same time it's not the result of some dodgy survey with a small sample group: it's a black and white fact.

Alexander Supertramp

You're missing the point. Whether it's saying that JB is "winning it over 3 years" - or saying button heads Hamilton in the UK, in both cases you spin the truth in some favoured direction.

The black and white facts that matter are that Lewis won 2-1 and that they are equals on UK marketability. Don't spin the truth.


Precisely. That Button had more points in the 2011 season and the UK DBI scores are factual. Its the conclusion that's drawn from both that are ill judged.


And you're also missing the point.

I simply stated a *fact*.

That Button got more points over all three seasons is a fact.

That Hamilton got more points in two of those three seasons is also a fact.

That they are equals on UK marketability is not a fact, it's a conclusion drawn from a less than complete survey.


It makes sense that Alonso is first, despite no title since 2006, the guy is always up there, he is a warrior no matter the car, I think people like that, the guy who fights no matter what. A guy that fights every day for a dream and he never get it, like most of us in or daily lives.


Mark Webber was a great ambassador for F1. It is great news he will provide some his expertise on the BBC F1 shows this year. A man of total integrity, respect and a hard but fair sportsman.


I wonder where Webber would of ranked on something like this.


He would have been near or at the top.

Problem is he would have had a clutch related start issue followed by an alternator failure.


I think Brazil's population skewed these results in Massa's favor. From a marketng perspective, it makes more sense to look at the popularity of driver's from a country's perspective, or the region that the company is targetting.

Would also be interesting to see which drivers are the most popular in asia, as there aren't any asian drivers on the grid.


Well apparently you havent noticed, but in China and Japan no other driver is as popular as Kimi ;)...For some reason especially in Japan, Finnish drivers have always been popular


While I actually like him a lot I can't quite reconcile the word trust with a person who was very actively involved in a spying scandal and the manipulation of a race result through a crash amongst other things.