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Upbeat Massa tips “brainy” Alonso to beat Raikkonen at Ferrari
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Posted By: James Allen  |  02 Feb 2014   |  9:56 am GMT  |  266 comments

Felipe Massa ended the Jerez test, his first for Williams, in an upbeat mood describing the situation at Williams as “better than expected” and tipping his former team mate Fernando Alonso to have the upper hand at Ferrari over his replacement Kimi Raikkonen.

Asked by Italian media why he he had said Alonso would come out on top Massa said,

“Because he is very intelligent, he’s already worked out the new regulations and he knows what he needs to do to be quick straight away. He combines talent with savvy. He has a lively intelligence
and that is what is needed with this change of regulations.

“Then again the cars are very different and you never know, they may suit Kimi’s style better than Fernando’s, we will see.”

Massa set the fastest time on Friday in the Mercedes-powered Williams, his second day in the car. The 32 year old Brazilian covered 133 laps and his 1m 23.7s lap was the second fastest of the week after McLaren’s Kevin Magnussen. But the times are barely relevant at this stage. Jerez was all about getting the cars to run reliably and learning as much as possible about the new hybrid power train.

After eight seasons at Ferrari, Massa has a great deal of adapting to do to a new environment, but Williams is well adapted to South American drivers with Montoya, Barrichello, Bruno Senna and Maldonado all working there in recent years.

“I’m happy because what I’ve found inside the team is better than I expected. The team is very good people, very professional people,” said Massa.

“Other teams were doing more laps than us but they were also a little bit more prepared than us. Mercedes is one company so they have everything ready and they know it works before us. Ferrari as well,”

One notable point raised by the Brazilian, who will break through the 200 Grands Prix barrier in the first half of this season, is the braking technique; it is different with the 2014 cars and will take some time to adapt to,

“The brakes work in a different way. It’s electronic brakes, brake by wire, and I still need to improve the way I’m braking because it’s different it’s a little bit strange sometimes,” he said.

“We still need to understand how to use the engine. The car has a lot of wheelspin and less downforce than last year. The engine is strong but with less downforce it makes it more difficult to drive.”

Williams ran in plain blue livery at Jerez, but the team is expected to announce a sponsorship with Martini shortly. It’s quite a significant deal and it offers great opportunities for the team on the merchandising side. Get the livery and product range right and they could do very well indeed.

Martini sponsored Bernie Ecclestone’s Brabham team in the 1970s with some iconic liveries.

It is part of the Bacardi Group, the largest privately held spirits company in the world. Michael Schumacher had an social responsibility association with Bacardi in the late 2000s.

* Pirelli data from the first test shows that the F1 teams this season racked up half the mileage of last season’s first test.

Last year the first four day outing saw 15,364km of running, compared to just 6,509km. Much of this is due to the lack of running by the Renault powered teams.

Mercedes did just 58km less than last year, while Ferrari were only 111km short of their 2013 Jerez mileage.

The fastest time this year, set by Magnussen in the McLaren was five and a half seconds slower than the benchmark time of 2013, set by Massa in a Ferrari.

Pirelli’s real work begins with the two tests in Bahrain later this month, where it will get more significant data on tyre behaviour in hotter conditions and teams can assess the thermal degradation of the 2014 tyres in ideal conditions.

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Behind the Scenes at the track
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Great to see Felipe still in F1..


Every time I see this picture of him, for a second I think it Adam Parr... maybe they are long lost cousins


Great news for williams. Merc powertrain and martini money and livery. Things are finally looking up. Hope to see sir Frank on the podium this year


Do many have wheelchair access?


Do many have wheelchair access?..

I am no expert (and am happy to be corrected) but if the track/race is in the EU, then I would have thought the answer is yes. I would also expect many other countries, eg Australia, Canada and the USA would have similar legislation regarding disabled access.


Plus Monaco doesn't appear to be an elevated podium, based on last years' F1 and GP2 trophy ceremonies.

Looked to be on ground level.


Agree. Last 10 years have been tough for Frank, with just two win (Brazil 04 and Spain 12), several different engine suppliers coming and going, and lack of results. However........what goes around comes around and if you keep the faith and stay persistent your day will come. Frank has hired Pat Symonds and Big Rob which are two very wise recruitments. I think Vatty is a great talent as well; Mark Hughes rated him in the Top 10 in the Autosport review last year so I'm not alone in thinking one day he could take over from Kimi as the "flying Finn".


Magnussen reckons he wasn't "balls to the walls".

Massa says there is more time to come when he understands the brakes.

So with the need for different style and as yet relatively untried powertrains in cars we know have less down force a lap time only 5.5 seconds lower must show we are in for a great season.

It would be interesting to hear what Mercedes say as the only team to have done a full race simulation. How much fuel did they use? It would be very interesting to compare the fuel usage rates of the Merc engine with that of the Renault engine when it appeared not to be using any ERS when the Caterham finally managed some decent mileage.


"Balls to the wall"....*giggles* I know what it means but still


Magnusses said although it wasn't "ball to the walls" attempt at the lap times, he was still pushing hard.


Massa should never forget oxygen he had on his side of garage with Raikkonen as his team mate, and lack of it with Alonso.

But his greediness and self-proclamation need is having better of him and wants Alonso to bit Raikkonen therefore. Basic instincts for "baby Massa".

We will all witness what would happen this year at Ferrari, for the benefit of everyone, it would be highlight of this season. Ice vs fire.

However, Iceman will show what he is. When Raikkonen cares no one is faster than him. And he is back at Ferrari to prove.


dstasey: the only problem is that Raikkonen never cares....


Yeah, he really never cares, but sometimes he cares even less. Like in 2009. Alonso had a team mate on equal standards at Mclaren. He was a bit frustrated all year long, but will Alonso this time handling that better now? (I mean an equal mate- he was enough frustrated when Luca diMontezuma announced Raikönnen.) Going to be an interesting situation at Ferrari. There will be a fight between Mr. Iknowwhatiamdoing and Mr. Temper.


Well, this just occurred to me.

Ferarri, if you have ANY dirty laundry in your closet, keep it the frag away from Alonso, lest he try to cope with the equal team-mate issue the same way he did at MacLaren.


HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Very funny.

On equal standards you mean being ambushed by the team??? ALO was driving on Q3 with tyre pressures way below specs. At Brazil FIA put some stewardess next to his car to avoid McLaren tamperer it. Is that what you mean "equal standards"??? Not to mention Ron saying "We are basically racing Fernando".



If Alo wipes the floor with Kim you can always say:

- The car does not suit Kimi's driving style.

Or / And

- Ferrari build the car for Alonso


It's funny to see how many Alonso fans like you and Yago attack the others and are as political as Alonso itself. Lets see what happen, I think anything is granted, both are great drivers, but Kimi always recognizes his errors, and what the others do if he is defeated, I can't say the same about Alonso.


So thinking Alonso is better than Kimi is being an Alonso fan... But yes, I really like Alonso as a driver, he is amazingly good (I also really like Hamilton). What I don't admit are your words when you say I am "attacking" people. I am giving an opinion. And I keep saying it: on my view most people here are overstimating Kimi, or understimating Alonso. Only a few months to find out.



I'm NOT attacking anyone.

I'm just showing my point of view.

Also, see that I said *IF* ALO wipes the floor.


@ Kirk

It does not matter whether alonso is too political or not. Even schumi was far too political and he took out his fellow drivers to win WDC'S. Yet he is regarded as the greatest driver in the F1 history.

It will be funny to see people like you and kimi fans once the season starts. YOu people will come up with excuses like alonso is favoured, Kimi do not drive the same machinery, Car set up issue ETC... Excuses, excuses will be thrown by kimi fans once alonso outs him to the sword.

Here we talk about talent quotient. so you people can stop the drivels like alonso is political. Kimi will accept errors and honest guy. Fact is kimi was beaten by many drivers in the past. whereas alonso only had 1 tough season in his entire career.

I repeat this Kimi was slower than Massa, Grosjean and JPM

We are more the cent % sure that alonso will rule the roost at ferrari and bag the WDC come the end of 2014


No. 7 championship at Red.


Note to Kimi: stop crushing your teammates. It's not nice of you. First DC, then JPM, and now FM. Even F1 drivers need love and acceptance. Now, be nice to Fernando, he's still a baby.


Don't forget Grosjean and Massa 2007.


You must be referring to 2008 😉


@dstalsey Ferrari have one of the strongest driver pairings on the grid. The only team to have 2 world champion drivers. Neither Alonso or Kimi is going to be streets ahead of the other.

Best guess is the driver that comes out top is the one that makes the fewer mistakes, get a few lucky breaks and takes their chances.

I'm looking forward to Ferrari have a great season in 2014 with both of their drivers well up in not leading the in the championships.


I don't agree. You are giving Raikonen too much credit here. He is not going to very close to Alonso, the difference is going to be noticeable.


@ Yago

You make perfect sense mate

Your have hit the nail on it's head

Finally glad to see someone with clear opinion


And I think you are being too overconfident about that. For all we know Alonso might be too far behind in points by the half of the season and Ferrari starts to favor Kimi...or the other way around. Just saying that in 2014, take nothing for granted, no matter which driver you believe is better.

In my honest opinion, Alonso is not going to have easy time with Kimi, and the Iceman could indeed be able to beat him.


Love the Kimi fans, now everybody are against him, even Massa for his own reasons (lol).. Save the excuses for the end of the season.


Well what about ALonso fans then? What excuses will they come up with if Kimi would indeed beat "the most complete driver" on the grid...

And like other people said, Kimi atleast is the last person to come up with excuses, even if its the car/team that would fail him.


Alonso is NOT "the most complete driver" like some people like to say. His qualifying was terrible in the last years, worse than Raikkonen's. Raikkonen did fairly decent in quali last year compare to Alo.


No excuses given nor required. Kimi will be there or thereabouts, as will Alonso. Its going to be fun to watch and a great season. May the fastest man win.



And if he doesn't do well, he won't go around blaming others like other mummy's boys in the paddock.

Kimi has always copped his faults on the chin.


Kimi will get the shock of his life. More often had a better car than Alonso last year, but Alonso was finishing ahead of him.

And to comment on your statement about "lack of oxygen"..Ferrari stuck with Massa when no other team would have probably done it. And this was shown by McLaren dropping Perez in a season when compared to Button, he was not far off.


And I would say it's you who gets the shock of your life if you truly think that Alonso is going to have easy time with all other people who seem to heavily underestimate what the Iceman is capable off....

And I mean like I said on my other message, reliability is going to play huge role....after few races Alonso could be in situation where he might be far behind Kimi in championship fight because of technical DNFs (could be the other way around too ofcourse). I just say that neither Alonso or Kimi fans (me being the latter) should take anything for granted. And 2007 season showed that everything is possible, blame Mclaren's inside fighting all you want, but Kimi still got to win those races to be able to become champion. Its just as high chance that Kimi will beat Alonso as it is the other way around.


So you could actually understand what dstaisy was saying.


After some drivers saying that driving style won't change as much as expected, I don't think Kimi will be able to defeat Alonso, even if the car suits him better. This is not the first time I read Fernando has already had a good adaptation to the new rules, so this could be a dificult year for the finnish.

Anyway, let's hope the car is class of the field, otherwise who beats who won't mean much.


Perhaps not to you, but I venture a great many people will be very interested to see which of Alonso an Raikonnen finish first each race andd ultimately highest up the championship table at the seasons end. Even if they were both in a poxy Williams.


Regarding Red Bull, now that the car has been unveiled, can they run it in the wind tunnel day after day until they have the problems fixed or do they have to wait until the next test to try changes?


All teams are limited to 30 hours a week of wind tunnel testing, but even then their problems have nothing to do with aerodynamics but instead cooling and packaging. These are things that can't be checked until testing.


It's not an aero problem it's a cooling problem, wind tunnel time wont make any difference.


surely whatever changes they make to cooling will affect the aero. If the change the ssize of the opening, no matter how small it will affect the air flow.


all cooling options are tested in depth in the wind tunnel - unless they have really got it wrong and desperate measures are called for at the track.

Aero and cooling are fundamentally entwined! Every time they let some air under the engine cover it creates drag so they try to minimise it and then they have to work out how best to get it out again.


I like Kimi and have never warmed to Alonso. But I think Kimi will be hammered by Alonso this year. Kimi will have his moments, but over the whole season it won't be pretty. I hope I'm wrong, lets see.

As for Feipe, I've believed for the past several seasons he should have left Ferari as he was being mentally destroyed, now that he has anything is possible. The car appears to be pretty decent, the Mercedes energy system sorted, reliable and powerful, with Williams reorganised and motivated.

Add just a little luck early on, and this could be Williams and Massa's best season in years and if that happens we'll also see just how fast Bottas is.


Both Finns will beat their Latin team mates.


yes yes in your dreams

Keep on dreaming all the year

Alonso will put kimi to the sword and you know what kimi will be ousted again from the team come the end of 2014

As far as Bottas and massa do not kid yourself. yes massa is not great yet he will easily beat bottas


well, we'll all see, shortly, time will tell, unless Alonso bails at the last moment (to McLaren).



Bottas will beat Massa easily.


People underestimate Raikkonen's Intelligence.


Who talks little has good will and works hard is better, smarter,and more productive person, compare to the talkative and animosity one person who works hard only.


ALO: 02 WDC's




I think we should define "good"/"best" better.

From Ferrari's point of view a good one could " the one who brings the most in development of the car". (I believe this is the reason why they hired Raikkonen.)

From audience's point of view a good one is the one who wins. (Vettel is superior here, Raikkonen and Alonso pretty equal.)

Ah, and knowing some Finns: From Nordic point of view an intelligent one is the one who does not speak too much.

Anyway, not very professional statements from the mouth of this Massa man. - Does it really matter which one will be better so far as a) Ferrari will do well and b) the salaries will be paid.


WDC lost in the final race:

ALO: 3

KIM: 0



....also, talk is cheap.

M for Massa, M for Mouth.


Luca d M doesn't apparently.


The whole world knows that Alonso is a quicker driver than Massa - Massa can hardly deny it. He isn't likely, therefore, to come out and say Raikkonen will beat Alonso, as that would require him to admit that he is slower than both of them.


couldn't have put it better myself Tim. This is a case of "stock inflation" by Massa, by constantly pouring peer adulation and respect for Alonso's abilities (which he has been doing these past few months,even overstating the fact at every opportunity) he's seeking to make a cloaked statement that he actually faired well against Alonso during his tenure.

By stating this, what he would like to regard of himself one of the fastest and let the F1 paddock know is that he is deserving to remain in F1 post Ferrari career.


There is probably an element of this in it, but Massa is the only driver on the grid to have raced against both Alonso and Raikkonen within the same team.

His opinion is reflected in the results achieved; Massa beat Raikkonen but Alonso beat Massa, therefore Alonso should beat Raikkonen... whether it turns out this way is another matter, but still.



Ye, execpt the difference was that Grosjean was put into the car in the middle of the season, with much less experience on his belt than he had when he returned in 2012...and we have seen time and again how challenging it is for anyone, let alone rookie to step into F1 car they have no experience about in middle of the season, so honestly you cant even compare Grosjean vs Alonso of 2009 to Grosjean vs Kimi in 2012-2013, when he had gained much more experience and was with the team from the beginning.

I mean really, are all people here really making all the conclusions about Kimi's and Alonso's talent purely based on what has happened in the past between their team-mates??

And do I have to go back to 2004, when Jarno Trulli was beating Alonso before he left the team (or was kicked out by Briatore) in middle of the season, cause he was indeed making Fernando look not so great driver.... or in 2001 when Tarso Marques got better results than Alonso in Minardi? yet I think no-one here thinks that Jarno Trulli or Marques were better driver than Alonso...

So just saying that people who think that Alonso will easily beat Kimi, cause he beat post-injured Massa and unprepared Grosjean by fair margin where Kimi had trouble with un-injured Massa and more experienced Grosjean....truly just stop thinking for a second....besides what you may think that happened in the past, it doesnt even matter, cause each season is different and especially it is so with 2014....anything could happen this season, and I honestly think its going to be tight fight with Kimi and Alonso...both have for most parts of their career beaten their team-mates by fair margin, both are among the best of the best and honestly either of them could beat the other....but its not going to be easy for either of them....for me its not going to be shocker whether Alonso beats Kimi or the other way around...for me it would be shocker if the other would be constantly and clearly beating the other


Don't forget Grosjean. In 2009 he raced a few races alongside Alonso in Renault. He was miles away from Alonso (it was early days for Grosjean in F1).

When he came back to F1 with Lotus he was very close to Raikkonen and occasionally ahead of him when he managed to finish races.


I seem to remember a radio transmission that went something like "Alonso is faster than you".


And why on earth would we have to speculate about that when we all know that Massa had beaten Kimi when they were teammates.


we all know that Massa had beaten Kimi when they were teammates..

Did he? Three seasons together and Raikkonen finished ahead in two of them including a WDC.

How do you define beating ones teammate? Differently to me I guess.



Copy and paste per chance ? - - I believe you may be guilty of plagiarism 🙂

Seriously though, 3 years together as teammates and Raikkonen finished ahead in 2 and also won the WDC. If Massa were able to choose which driving history he could have, which do you think he would want, his or Raikkonens?

I would say it's a no brainer - but I guess it's possible Massa would swap a WDC for coming out ahead in the quali'stat's, you never know 😉


With pleasure.

Kimi Raikkonen vs Felipe Massa

Summary 2007

Massa beats Raikkonen in qualifying 9-8 with the Brazilian an average of 0.074 seconds quicker. In races Raikkonen leads Massa 9-4.

Summary 2008

Massa beats Raikkonen in qualifying 12-6 and races 8-3 with the average qualifying gap 0.001 seconds.


Massa continued to have a slight upper-hand at the start of the 2009 season before his near fatal accident. Out of their ten last races together as teammates, Massa was on average 0.556 seconds quicker than Raikkonen in qualifying. Raikkonen's average qualifying position was slightly better at 8.5 compared to Massa's 8.9. In the head to head qualifying Raikkonen was ahead 6-4.

In races Massa's average finish was ahead at 6.6 compared to Raikkonen's 8.4. In head to head on races were both finished Massa was ahead of Raikkonen 3 times out of 5.


Well, one year he finished behind Kimi because Felipe's accident. That year should be taken out. Felipe 1- Kimi 1. Thats my comparison.


Right on Tim- the highly intelligent Felipe fans add 1+1 =1.

I seriously would like to arrange for the guy a tin of custard after these comments - Kimi gave him all the respect he & Ferrari asked of him and Alonso shat on him like a bird and statue. Also his very public spat with Hamilton in 2011 was alot more 2 sided than most punters could see. Raikkonen is a better man and a better racer because his talking is always done where it counts


Yet its funny how people seem to forget that it was Kimi who beat Massa in 2007...and while Massa beat Kimi the year later, Kimi was the one who became champion, Massa didnt.

Also just as much I find it "funny" that people seem to think Massa was just at the same level after his accident as he was before that unfortunate event...but I quess people see it the way that Massa's results reflected how good Ferrari's car in "truth" was and that Alonso outperformed that car by huge margin xD...

Seriously those people who truly think that Massa was his "good old self" even after the your eyes....yes Massa is still fast every now and then, but not as constantly as he was before Hungary 2009.



Well, after reading your comment, I'm sure that is not me who has "one-sided" way to look at that. What I described in my comment is only the facts that really happened in the last GP of 2007. No "if,s" neither conspiracy theories.

By the way, to say that Kimi would have won the Brazilian GP in 2007 without Massa's help is much funnier than otherwise. LOL



Well you seem to have quite one-sided way looking into it....Like Kimi didnt suffer his own share of bad luck in 2008....Hamilton crashed to his car on Canada pitlane, engine-failure in Valencia and on Spa Kimi was on his way to victory until it started to rain.

Kimi was still well in the championship fight in 2008 after Hungarian GP where he still was 3 points ahead of Massa and just 5 point behind Hamilton...then Valencia, Spa, Monza and Singapore were the races where it went all wrong for Kimi, zero points from them, while Massa won 2 of them.

Also dont you find it curios that right after Massa got injured, Kimi's performance boosted significantly, Kimi scored more points than anyone else during 2nd half of 2009 (except Hamilton who scored 2 points more) whit that crappy in my eyes Kimi wasnt "beaten", rather that he and Massa were quite close with performance back then. Massa suffered some unluck in 2007 that dropped him out of the championship fight, Kimi suffered it year later....also like I said, yes Hamilton and Mclaren screwed up, that what made possible for Kimi to catch up and win by 1 point....but Kimi nonetheless still had to win those races and truly he could have won that last race with or without Massa's help....besides I find it funny how people always pick up on "Kimi only won because Mclaren screwed up and got help from Massa", when similar stuff has happened countless of times before...yet alone how Schumi won his championship in 1994 or how Senna won it in 1990...yet you rarely hear people whining about those things. Yet alone that people seem to forget that Kimi lost his chances to championship 2 times at Mclaren, yet again I never hear people saying that Schumi or Alonso didnt deserve those championships....

So really when do people learn to drop it off? Perhaps if/when Kimi would win his 2nd championship? Or maybe even not then, cause there always will be you people who just dont see Kimi as one of the best and a worthy champion...


Only in 2007 Kimi have beaten Massa, and only after Massa had the suspension arm broken in the Italy GP, when the finn passed him in 1 point. Remember that Kimi was champion because, and only because, Hamilton's stupid mistake plus the help from the brazilian that give Kimi the victory in the Brazil. 2008 and 2009, the finn was beaten. Up to the Hungarian GP, Massa had 20 points while Kimi 10...


But Massa was crushed by Alonso way before the accident, right???


Hahaha, every off season am left amused how upbeat every driver is about their car and chances only for reality to set in at the first race when everybody reveals their cards.

Having said that, it's good to see Massa in a positive frame of mind for this is always necessary to get the maximum performance out of an athlete.

On the juicy Alonso/Kimi battle over at Ferrari, well that's without doubt will be the most entertaining show in 2014 i.e. how will the two titans get along.

To be honest, it's too hard to tell who will come out on top because both Alonso and Kimi are intelligent, both are consistent and both have their own luck.

However, having seen Kimi's performance in the first half of 2013 with a car to his liking, I believe he can get the better of Alonso in qualifying but this may get neutralized during the races because of Alonso's electric starts off the grid and perhaps a better strategy in his favour >>> seeing as he's the lead driver and all.

On the point of driving style, I read somewhere that it had become clear at the Jerez test that both Kimi and Alonso have the same driving style and so the new car won't favour one over the other.

Anyway, all will be revealed but one thing is for sure, Alonso can no longer afford to have serene stress free nights like before for Kimi isn't the type to live and let live.


Interesting point of view from Massa about the new brakes. Perhaps lots of people are about to lose chunks of time in the braking zones >>> Not yet sure which people.


Kimi was the lead driver at Lotus too, and more often Alonso was finishing ahead of Kimi



But in the first half of 2013, the Ferrari was faster than the Lotus in race conditions and so Alonso was able to get ahead of Kimi.

The only times were Kimi could get the upper hand was when Lotus was able to make their tyres last longer and thus making one less stop.

As for the second half, well you know the car and new tyres didn't suit Kimi's style and then also there was the back problems.


You have to wonder if Masa is kicking himself that he didn't cut his losses at Ferrari a year ago.


Kicking himself in the bank account, or the private jet?

Massa was well paid for a #2, and he was shown real loyalty by Ferrari for it - an extra two seasons wages when he should have been sacked.

Its his last year in F1.


Listening to ted kravitz interviewing fans at the jerez test, i was in shock that they considered the sound of the new cars ok. The only way to get a good speed sensation in this new race tracks, where they have removed the fans away from the action on safety grounds, is huge speed, and huge noise from the engines. And this new regulación have deprived uss of both. What i ser is fans so much in love with the sport they are unable to ser clearly!.


Good point!


They sound different, get used to it, but it's not a bad sound at all. It's lower, more guttural and has what I think is a really satisfying whine to it. They are still loud and they'll burst your ear drums. The cars are not going to be perceptibly slower, the only way you'd notice is the timing sheets. Quit moaning and just enjoy the show!


I would if they let me. You might be a conformist that is happy with anything life throws at you, but i need the shock and awe effect, when i pay 300 euros to watch an event, and the Fia, seems to be trying to give me less show for my buck since they banned the v10 engines.
I said it clearly if you want to take notice:-) less sound, less power, and fans removed from the action, equals a less enjoyable experience. Can this business plan work any other place than in f1?


What i see is people so in love with f1, that cant see clearly. I have been watching f1 since 1981, and i have a point of comparison. In 1981 cars were not very powerfull either, but the circuits didnt have huge run-offs areas. Now to get the sensación you need speed AMD noise, unless you are at monaco.

For a new fan, that goes to a race for the first time, its going to be enough watching them standing still in the pit lane. Not for me mate. That happened to me 30 years ago.


Dare I suggest that you don't go to a GP? If people vote with their feet the FIA will change their tune (or that of the engines, at any rate.) If it is as bad as you fear, people will stop watching and they'll have to re evaluate.


Hope to see Massa doing well this season. I always felt that after Schuy retired in 2006, Massa believed he could be his successor, which gave him drive and confidence, and almost, a WDC. Makes you think what if he hadn't had that accident. The trauma and its aftermath, coupled with being pitched up against Maestro Alonso was too much for him.

He's been doing well since he started talking to a sports psychologist.It's only been two seasons that he's got some form back, so there's some momentum there. I hope it comes together for him at Williams.


@ Lohani

"pitched up against Maestro Alonso was too much for him"

You have nailed Mate. You made my day

Yes i always felt massa has been given too much of task when it comes to team mate challenge. He did fine against schumi and Massa exceeded the expectations when pitted against Kimi which was good for him. However when he was pitted against the Legend and KIng the of F1 Alonso he struggled massively. Which was clearly visible.

Massa Did confessed that Alonso is too much of talented pilot and too tough to handle couple of months before in the media.

Here once again massa is bang on the money with his assessment. Simply becuase he knows kimi and Alonso to well to make a statement.


I think Felippe's problem - and this is my opinion - is that he has struggled with the Pirelli tyres. In 2010, Felippe was around two to three tenths off Fernando; however since March 2011 when Pirelli has supplied the field Felippe at times has been as much as 0.8 seconds off Fernando, sometimes even more. Mark also struggled with the tyres from 2011 onwards, so Felippe isn't on his own in this case. I don't know why the Pirelli tyre has denuded Felippe's speed, perhaps someone can inform me. Apparently, Mark's problem was that he was over-heating the tyres in fast corners; was that Felippe's problem as well? Out of all the top teams, Felippe is the only driver won to win a grand prix on Pirelli's, and with the greatest of respect, he's never looked like turning up in qualifying, planting the Ferrari on pole and then disappearing into the distance. The fact that he could do that on Bridgestone's is what makes me think his problem is tyre related.

To James, I wish to apologise for getting side-tracked the last couple of days with some of my comments, you are right about ending it now, and I will mainly stick to the technical side of F1, which I love. I do stand by my comments on CVC bleeding money from F1 that is putting the likes of Lotus, Sauber and Marussia in fiscal jeopardy. I know Mark Hughes and Tony Dodgins have expressed serious concerns over the prize money allocation system in F1 at the moment, and that at the moment the likes of Force India and Red Bull are reliant on billionaire backers which, long term, isn't a viable business model. F1 prize money distribution at the moment is very lop sided and unbalanced, and if it isn't resolved we could be loosing some experienced and great F1 names to history. I'm sure James you agree with me that Formula 1 financial structure needs reforming, and that it isn't just some cash cow for CVC to milk. We all love this sport and it's participants, and having the likes of Lotus in debt to around £130 million isn't realistic or fair.


Thanks for your wisdom and insight. My goodness, those four black items of rubber may look the same, but how they vary from driver to driver, never mind car to car! Come to think of it, the same could be said for the mental capacity/dexterity of differing drivers!


Yes, it could be the tires, Gaz Boy. I suppose older drivers (like Mark) are used to (and have molded their skills) to drive on rubber that isn't tinkered on purpose like the Pirellis are.

The younger guys - who haven't been around in F1 that long, and haven't found their own sweet spot or a proven driving style - are possibly more open and able to adjust to the Pirellis as part of their natural learning curve.

Still, some older drivers like Alonso and Raikonnen (more so Alonso) are still capable of reinventing themselves to adapt to most changes. Massa talking about Alonso having studied the 2014 regs and already having a driving strategy for 2014 communicates the same thing. There is a good reason why the F1 grid has so much praise for Alonso. It will be interesting to see where Vettel finds himself if the 2014 car is a paradigm shift for him.

Going back to Mark, I don't think he's completely unable to get used to the Pirellis. He lost the title battle in 2010, which must have gone down badly. Then, he had to drive alongside an exponentially growing Vettel in a Vettel friendly camp. At 37 and in his position, what motivation was there to reinvent himself? Much better to be in the Porsche.

Massa's case is somewhat similar to Mark's in that he was also a teammate to a formidable opponent that had a lot of support from the Ferrari camp. Even if he had gotten the better of the Pirellis, what was there for him to gain. He couldn't fancy a WDC with Alonso alongside the garage.

But, if motivation had been an issue with Massa, I think being team leader (at least on paper at the moment) at Williams will give him the drive to reinvent himself against the Pirellis. That is, if he can get the better of the Pirrellis. This is why I'm rooting for Massa. I hope he can capitalize on this much needed change in his F1 pursuit. Time will tell!

Interestingly, Schumi's problem was the same, while Rosberg was getting much more out of the Pirrelis. By 2012, though, the Maestro had gotten some hold on the rubber. I'm sure he would have done extremely well in 2013 if the motivation and his dogged determination had still been there. I hope he comes out of that coma and leads a happy and healthy life.

If my argument is true vis-a-vis the Pirellis, talented drivers will find a way to get on top of whatever FIA throws at them.


Then, the really talented drivers will stand out way on top in the long run.


I believe the tyre issues that affect Felipe were the way the sidewall behaved on turn in, Peter Windsor has written about it in the past. There was a certain under steer or inherent style that just suited Felipe and how he likes his front end with the Bridgestone.

But definitely check out peters writing on it. Or even some of the auto sport plus articles explain it well when they reminisce over "old" Felipe form.


I like Massa, but I don't buy this 'blame it on the accident' story. Here's an alternative: Massa is a good but not great driver who came close to winning a WDC in an excellent car in 2008. He was flattered by a car that suited his driving style a team mate who was going through a slump in form. But he was never in the same league as Alonso. Since his accident, he has continued to be good but not great. As far as I can see, he is the same driver he always was.


He was never so 'overhyped' like Alonso is.


professor Sid Watkins said it can take 3 years to recover from his type of injury so his accident can't really be blamed for his poor form in 2012 & '13.


And don't forget in 2008 he had Alan Donnelly.


Actually I think Raikkonen and Alonso are both quite canny racers. Both are able to chase down other drivers, but if anything I think Raikkonen has pulled off the more daring passes, but Alonso is an incredible starter, and as Hamilton says he's like a charging bull.


Well said, RAI is more of racer who is willing to pull off Daring passes, whereas Alonso believes in putting the hammer down at the start of the races.

However, with the same car, those electric starts will be applicable to Kimi as well.

It will be very interesting battle between the two.


Actually I think with restrictions on fuel the strategy of qualifying on pole and maintaining a gap is going to be even more important than last year. The tyres are more durable, but traction because of less grip is affected resulting in more wheelspin which may cancel out the increased durability of the rear tyres.

Providing Mercedes can optimise tyre wear I think it may be more in Hamilton's court, and of course Vettel if Red Bull can recover. Beyond that I think it likely that McLaren may have stolen a march on the opposition with there grip inducing rear suspension arms, but of course provinding they have not compromised aero efficiency in the process. - Exciting times!


Intelligence is certainly the word I would use to describe Alonso, but it certainly won't be one sided; Kimi will take wins and podiums if the car is capable of it.

Can someone please explain this new brake by wire thing?


Rather than a direct hydraulic link from the brake pedal, the pedal position is now measured by an electric sensor. That sensor sends a message to the braking system as to how much force needs to be applied.

For the reasons Johnathan explained, maintaining a constant feel on the brake pedal is virtually impossible with the new gen MGU-K's bolted to the crankshaft, harvesting energy.

In the same way that many road cars have electric 'by-wire' steering, this is the same thing, just with the brakes.

For more info I suggest checking out @ScarbsF1's blog and tweets, Peter Windsor's 'The Racers Edge' and Ted Kravits' Notebook from day 2 in Jerez.


Slight correction:

The rear brakes are by-wire, but the front keep the direct hydraulic link as before.

As I said, check those sources for more detail. Well worth a look!


Yes it's all about maintaining an appropriate brake balance front to rear which in itself is adjustable, but it's about maintaining whatever the 'set' balance is. I have to say that I don't like drive by wire systems when it comes to safety critical items, but I suppose it's the easiest solution. That said I wonder what the difference is with regard to feel because braking distance is vital to a racing driver.


ASH: Well yes indeed! I agree with most of that, however not the feel part. Albeit most of the braking will be done through hydraulics on the front, I got the impression that the drivers though the feel slightly odd, but I think it one of those areas that will be improved. I also wonder if the drivers will run out of electrical power through ERS when in high demand situations such as overtaking and from that perspective could potentially be dangerous.


In theory, the feel should be better and more consistent than last year due to the fact that there was no compensation for the KERS harvesting. Now that it's only the fronts that are hydraulically controlled by the pedal we should see less fiddling with brake balance. The onboard computers will be running some super complex algorithms which will -on-the-fly and in split seconds- adjust to whatever the driver prefers.

Another important factor to note is that there is no longer a 'Boost' button like we've had the last few years. Due to the fact that the ERS is constantly boosting the engines performance (up to 33 seconds per lap), keeping track of the harvesting process would be a nightmare.


With the much greater ERS capacity harvested under deceleration there is now a need to balance the retardation effect between the electrical generating load and the physical brakes. In effect they have to have a type of ABS that swaps the braking effort between the 2. Electrically they need to harvest as much as possible whilst maintaining enough feel for the driver to be confident he is slowing the car as he needs.

It would be good to hear some more about it. With the reduced fuel the more they can slow down using electrical loads the more power they can continue to use during a race.


I am not so sure Alonso is a more intelligent racer that Raikkonen, although Massa would have a far greater understanding of what an 'intelligent racer' is than I do...


I might also suggest he has a far better understanding of what sour grapes taste like at this point in time


Massa have to say that after being totally beaten by Alonso.

Most people believe Alonso to have a more complete talent than Kimi, but when it comes to adapting to new things, then don't underestimate Kimi. Look at how quickly Kimi adapted his driving style to the Pirelli's.

That was really amazing.

I can easlily see Kimi have the upperhand in the beginning of the season and then Alonso later.


This is a good point. Kimi won in Ferrari at his first race, he won at Lotus in his first race last year . He is often the fastest driver at the very first day of Winter testing- he is incredibly talented at finding a cars limit very very quickly - In fact I honestly cant think of anyone who is so immediately adaptable. Back in the Mclaren days the tyres and cars were very different and he was always immediately. faster than anyone


If Kimi gets the upperhand in the first half of 2014, Fernando will crumble in the second half, as the blame game and emotional stress gets to him, just as we saw last year and at McLaren. It's going to be a fun season!


Remember what Julian Ryder said:

" Anybody who could ride a 500cc GP motorcycle well enough to qualify on Grand Prix grid is a hero, Anybody! because these things are the most evil devices if your treat them wrong they will bite."

The same can be said for all of the F1 pilotes.


"Because he is very intelligent, he’s already worked out the new regulations and he knows what he needs to do to be quick straight away. He combines talent with savvy. He has a lively intelligence"

Haha! You've got to be kidding me mate...

As if Kimi isn't intelligent and hasn't worked in the regulations. That's the worst reasoning I've ever heard!

Blinded by sentiment. Did we expect him to say anything different??

Alonso may have the upper hand in the end for sure, but it won't be for those reasons.


It might be that Kimi has a better feel for traction. The less induced spin a driver creates the better for tyres and for fuel. This year it's also going to be about getting to the end. So the driver that can emulate Red Bull by qualifying 1st opening a gap and then maintaining it in cruise mode will win the race. Catch up will be hampered by fuel and tyres it would seem. I don't agree with as it's lame, but that's what it is.





Not the first time Massa said that, and I read " I was beaten by an very intelligent guy ..."

We shall see.


A good looking Williams with modest nose, Martini Racing livery and two fast drivers. This is exciting!

I really hope that they've built a car that'll make the FW14B jealous.


Where can I get myself one of those Brabhams and how many years would it take me to change a tyre?


Don't know about the tyre question Random, but as for the Brabs, perhaps Gordon Murray has got a spare chassis at his Surrey house?


Nah, I already looked there.


It's good to see Massa with a smile on his face. He seemed so down trodden last season. I' think Williams will be a good fit for him. It would be great to see such an iconic team with iconic livery scoring points. Their best chance may well be at the start of the season when the Renault boys are a bit behind the curve


Hi James, thank you for all the insightful articles/interviews etc. I am genuinely fascinated to see how the Alonso - Raikkonen partnership will turn out. Would I be right in saying that a common view amongst paddock insiders/team members is that the No 14 will prevail?


Some have more confidence in Kimi and some have less, but if people had to bet, I believe 90% would fancy Alonso.


Just because they might fancy him doesn't necessarily mean that they think he'll win.


Good 90% are not you, eh?


I would think so, afterall, Alonso is paid twice as much as Raikkonen (20 million euros v 10 million euros) in 2014.


Pffff- Raikkonen earned 51million when he was last there. You forget he left for 2 years and was racing for Lotus not Ferrari.


Money doesnt make a racer


Kimi is not short of self confidence: It would not suprise to find out he has a points bonus as at Lotus !!


Which is also 20 million times more than Kimi was paid in 2013.

Besides, Kimi will rake it in when Ferrari pays him to break his contract early...again...


While you are technically and mathematically correct Kirk, saying Alonso was paid infinitely more than Räikkönen just doesn't have quite the same ring to it 🙂


Sorry for going too much into the details, but if you are referring that Kimi wasn't paid at all in 2013, meaning €0, then is not 20 million times, is infinite times a you are dividing by zero.




alo/rai will fight on occasion but ultimately fernando will prevail convincingly.


He is expected & should. Alonso is paid much more than Raikkonen.


He is paid more beacuse of his impressive CV from Minardi to Ferrari.

Ferrari never showed any interest to win WDC for the last 5 seasons. Yet it was alonso who charged up himself and urged the team to put more efforts. Alonso's yearn to win the WDC also irated LDM where he clearly understood His Ferrari (Manufacturer) Team was constantly beaten by drinks compnay (RBR). On other hand alonso somehow kept the WDC fight alive till the last race of season.

Kimi should not even get 10 M in my opinion.


love the martini colours, if only those huge rear tyre's would come back too, they looked cool if a bit bonkers


Now here is a man who never burns a bridge.


What Massa states about Alonso and his supremacy over Kimi is a popular perception. Massa's only reason is Alonso has already worked out the new regulations. I do not know how Massa is sure that Kimi didn't. The media and other people always projects Alonso, who talks well, as someone who knows. On the contrary Kimi does not talk much and so people presume he just comes and drives. We really don't know how each driver prepares internally and we just assume from what is being presented. Massa, media pundits and bookies are no different in that matter.

Having said all this, Alonso could still end up doing better than Kimi, and his being "brainy" could have little or no role in that matter. I think Kimi's chances are brighter if he beats Alonso early in the first few races and then see Alonso self-destruct himself (and/or Ferrari) in the rest of the races.


"...Massa, media pundits and bookies are no different in that matter."

I am amazed how you can bunch together a driver who actually have DRIVEN alongside BOTH RAI and ALO for multiple seasons, together with "media pundits and bookies".

I think you can try all day long, but you will fail most of the time, getting closer to a FIRST HAND info source reg that driver pair than MAS. Having said that, I think no one can tell with reasonable certainty what will happen next season especially considering the new regs.


Yes, because we've seen Alonso's self destruction before. Lewis in 2007 is the prime example. Alonso did actually win first that year between the 2 teammates. Alonso also was the first of the 2 to put the car on pole in Monaco & Alonso actually won his 2nd GP of the year in the principality before Hamilton won in Canada and Indianapolis. But Lewis had 9 straight podiums and Alonso totally self destructed. Lewis's superiority was certain for all to see when he finished the last 8 GP with 2 wins, 3 podiums and 39 points. All Alonso could muster as the odd man out at McLaren when even Ron Dennis admitted McLaren we're racing against Alonso, was 2 wins, 6 podiums and 51 points. Talk about throwing his toys out of the pram. Lewis was so dominate that he won 4 GP and scored 109 points. All Alonso could do is win 4 GP and score 109 points. It's even clearer when you score the 2007 season with the current 25-18-15-12-10-8-6-4-2-1 system. Lewis has 265 points in 2007 and Alonso has 266. WTF!!!


@Johnny Z LOL this is the comment of the year...


There's little point in comparing eras as much of Lewis's speed has been reigned in by needing to preserve Pirelli tyres. This year however is a game changer. I think the driver that can qualify 1st and maintain the gap in cruise mode is going to win races. Fuel restriction and high deg.tyres will prevent much in the way of catch up unless a driver is overly extravagant in the initial stages. I wonder who will have the fastest car. Very lightly McLaren I think but who knows!


you are forgetting that Lewis was a rookie who matched a 2 x WDC - any other champion in a winning car would have made the rookie look like a rookie. It takes an enormous ability to handle the pressure at the front of a race - something the overwhelming majority of rookies take years to learn. To match that level of race maturity Webber would have had to wipe the floor with Vettel last year.


It's just a photo, but Felipe looks happy and relaxed. Mentally it surely was hard to race at Ferrari knowing you're number two. At Williams he is experiencing two pluses: he can race to win, and the Williams is doing better than expected given it has the right motor. At least for now.

For Williams, he's an experienced hand and maybe he can help on the development side. I don't know how strong he is at informing the engineers. Also, his pace will give Williams a yard stick to a top team.

It would be interesting to rate drivers on their mechanical skills in terms of development. I yield to others who are more knowledgeable about this. Still, I'll give it a go. In order of development skills: Vettel, Button, Alonso, Rosberg, Massa, Hulkenberg, Hamilton, Sutil, Grosjean, etcetera.

I hope some of you will help clarify who the technically savvy drivers are.


Vettel? Jenson? The first one only waits for Newey to solve everything, and the other just complains about no grip issues... And where is Kimi in your list? One of the reasons Ferrari hired him its because he has improved a lot on that matter.


Hi Mocho, I forgot Kimi. As for the rest it was just to get it going to read what others might have to say.


Alonso is a big poker player, but I think Kimi is underestimated in terms of intelligence. Also, James Allison has very positive opinion on how Raikkonen feels the power, tires etc. and how precise he is and that also will be a big factor this year.


Alonso is very good at starting, but it is also true that the Ferrari has the best clutch system. Kimi's starts are normally pretty good too, so I reckon he will exploit the starting system in the Ferrari just as much as Alonso


Kimi had exceptional starts in the Ferrari in 2009. There are many races to point to where both the Ferraris were rocket off the starting line. As you said, if the Ferrari starting mechanism is the same as it was last year, which I doubt with the completely new engines, I don't see any reason why Raikkonen would not benefit from the same system!


I think Massa's is mistaking 'Political Crying' as 'Intelligence'! BTW, Alonso has been so 'intelligent' with the 'Regulations' that Sebastian Vettel has beaten the s*** out of him 4 years running.

Meanwhile, Ferrari has rehired their 'Current World Champion', and demoted their brainy driver from No.1 Status, I wonder why??


how can anybody get so many things wrong in just two paragraphs??


Or how right - he is exactly right as a retort


My comments are often unpublished and I never have used such language.

Very strange moderating on this site.


I have never had a comment published.

James spikes all of my posts due to

the language and nastiness.

Well, that, and the fact I keep trying

to force all to pray to the Kilmany

statue of Jim Clark in my attempts to

start a cult.

Hail Caledonia!


What? You've had plenty posted.

Keep the standard high. That's what makes JA on F1 what it is and why we'll have 2 million active users on site this year, if current trends continue


Well the way I see many, many people underestimate Kimi and his chances against Alonso. Ask the people who have worked with Kimi, and they all tell you that Kimi is excellent at giving feedback and is very intelligent...he just doesnt like to talk much and repeat himself.

Also this season much will come down to reliability...its quite likely that every team, Ferrari included is going to suffer more technical DNFs than on previous seasons, so much is also going to come down to which driver is going to suffer more of DNFs. So consistency is going to be the key, not necessarily which one of them is ultimately faster. But ofcourse I hope that there wont be many DNFs to ruin the fight for either driver, but its most certainly going to play big part anyway.

Just saying that in my honest opinion its impossible to say at this point which driver is going to beat the other one and by how big said, many people seem to believe that Alonso is the one, but I say dont be so sure about that....either way, by the 2nd half of the season Ferrari is most likely going to start favor the one driver over the other if that other driver is more than 30-40 points behind. Hopefully both Kimi and Alonso are in the fight to the last race and both would have same amount of DNFs, then we could really say that which one of them did better and deserved it.


I agree with you Alex. Massa has said what he has because he was soundly beaten by Alonso.

Hopefully they will be together in 2015 so we can get a better comparison as the reliability improves.

Having said that, look at people's views of Hamilton v Button. Over 3 years there was nothing in it, yet.........


Ferrari went his way in development on 2008 and that made his career. Raikkonen was handicapped. I actually think Kimi is as smart as anyone as evinced by his pre test predictions, and probably faster than Alonso. Massa is dead wrong I reckon. Regardless, If the McLaren Raikkonen shows up, Fernando won't have a prayer.


Mclaren raikkonen shows up ?

Clear with and funny post man

Alonso has proved from Minardi to Ferrari whereas kimi did nothing in his career. People who are naive here know how kimi won his only WDC. On other hand Alonso fought every season with different champions and drivers for the crown.

Massa is bang on the money. He worked with kimi and alonso. He knows the talent quotient and work ethics / skill of both kimi and alonso. No wonder here he picks alonso as most people do. Alonso is not some one who turns up on thursday or friday and drive the car till sunday. He is a clearly savvy and his work ethic is impressive all from Favio to Stefano have already agreed with. Surprise is even Whitmarsh backs alonso and confessed that situation at mclaren in 2007 could have been handled lot better.


Did I say Fernando achieved nothing? Everyone knows, Fernando was alone mostly the Spanish are into Moto GP he fought through is career alone and achieved what he achieved. Did I say he did not? Just because he did, that does not mean Kimi is less of a driver.

Kimi has broken a few records too and has exhibited greatness and often was let down by his unreliable cars. What Kimi Raikkonen proved is you can be not manipulative and still achieve something with no politics. My point is simple. I am not attacking your view on Alonso. I even said.. yes.. he might beat him. Just go and see my original comment to this post. Where I am not replying to anyone. My original post. I just saw you having no regard for other's achievements and acting as a fan boy so I thought I would comment. That's all. Every driver has his lows. Yes Alonso has done a lot of things in the past that were bad, people move on, he is more matured now. I like to look at the good rather than the bad.

But when you go attack a driver who has been super cool, minding his own business not putting his nose into anybody's matters and say his ethics are wrong, there's something very wrong with your comments.

Yes Massa was quick. You are still forgetting the engineer quotes on Kimi when he came to Ferrari the first year. Yes the car changed mid 2008, they got him a new front suspension he did not like. Fine he admitted it, he was having problems. Yes at that point he was not quick. The Engineers can prove it. I have read the comments too. But post the Massa accident, there were other comments by the engineers that you conveniently ignore. When they stopped developing the 2009 Ferrari Kimi still managed to make the car go quicker. And they could not explain how he manages to say the right things and just slowly step by step improve the pace to something that is respectable.

And yes, you don't have to win a world championship to prove you are great in F1. Villenueve is a prime example. People celebrate what he could have achieved instead of how he ended up.


"Alonso has proved from Minardi to Ferrari whereas kimi did nothing in his career." Non-sense.

Kimi with the shortest CV to F1 superiority won his first ever Grand Prix before Alonso and got a chance to become a serious championship contender to the greatest of all champions Michael Schumacher in the same year and that too before Alonso! And yet he's done nothing on his career? Do you know what a serious championship challenger means, he just finished 2 points away from Schumi thanks to a fragile McLaren which was a year old. Nobody seems to remember that.

Yes he won in 2005 again because Kimi had a fragile Mclaren and the only thing notable he has achieved is beating Micheal Schumacher. The rest of the history in his career is tainted with a lot of bad publicity and a lot of whining!


@ Sujith

"You have been attacking a lot of comments here, so I thought I’ll react and give you a taste of your own medicine" - You are wrong here mate

I have NO intention what so ever to attack anyone or the other comments, what i meant is Alonso has done a incredible job throughout his career. From Minardi, then as test driver and his last 4 seasons at Ferrari were simply superb and all were vintage alonso drives. Ferrari struggled to beat the RBR for pace from 2010-2013. A manfacturer cannot get the better of a drinks company ? Funny

Alonso has urged the team to move forward, yet Stefano and the crew simply did not found any answer to the mighty RBR domination. Despite all this Alonso drove a stunner in 2012 where he only lost the WDC by 3 points. Then again the Lotus drivers took him out from Belguim and Japenese 2012 GP. Which made vettel to become 2012 WDC winner.

If anything you are far too aggressive with your comments i believe.

Finally in F1 you cannot have Pace and Reliability all the time. Yes Mclaren had fragile engine in 2005. Yet they were miles quicker than renault. There is always a trade off between pace and reliability in F1. Classic example is in 2010 vettel had so many car woes yet he won the WDC come abu dhabi 2010.

OK you talk about career tainted, Let me ask you this ? Who is the greatest driver in the history of F1 ? Schumi. What about his career in terms of bad publicity and lot of tainted events? Schumi has the all the bad pubilicity and tainted moments inhis career. He himself took out his fellow drivers to win WDC. Yet he is considered as a great.

If schumi can be applauded for his seven titles with controversies in his career. Then alonso can be also worshipped for me.

"Great drivers are always known for what they achieved and not recognised based on what they could have done or achieved in their career" -


You have been attacking a lot of comments here, so I thought I'll react and give you a taste of your own medicine.


If you were so interested in the past, where was Alonso in 2003? When Kimi was the closest and consistent challenger to Micheal Schumacher? Every driver has his ups and downs. None of it means that you can bullshit and hate comment. Wrok Ethic, yeah!! Flavio said his ethics is good so that means Alonso is a saint!! We all know how Flavio himself rated on work ethics. Massa would have been world champion with the help of Kimi if the crash gate scandal did not happen. Don't talk about ethics man!! Really!!


Elaborate on how Kimi won his World Championship in 2007 Krishar! Let me see 😛

Yes Fernando won the championship from Michael Schumacher and lost it to Kimi because he was too busy fighting an internal battle with a rookie team-mate and he lost out on that battle as well to finish Third. Thank you so much for reminding us the obvious.

Kimi won 2 Grands Prix more than all the championship contenders. Yes Massa helped him out in Brazil, but well Kimi helped Massa out the next year too can you say the same for Alonso? Manipulating the McLaren team to get his way is called a good work ethic?

And don't tell me 2007 is gone and everyone's moved on when you brought that up in the first place.


"Brake by wire" I think refers to the use of ERS K that harnesses energy from the engine. I believe kinetic energy from the driveshaft is gathered by a generator that engages when the driver hits the brakes. Therefore the rear wheels are in part being slowed down by this engagement which happens electronically. I wonder does the clutch also disengage to allow for more energy recovery rather then losing it under engine braking. Or do they harness energy from the crankshaft and split the difference? Either way it must feel very different for the driver balancing between the braking caused by the ERS K and the discs.


Brake-by-wire means the pedal is not mechanically (or even hydraulically) connected to the brakes. The pedal is connected to a digital sensor, and the signal goes down a wire to a computer, which in turn applies the brakes using some kind of actuator. You are "braking by sending a signal down the wire"

You need this with the new power trains, so maximise efficiency .

The "feel" is different because the actuator is not, well, human.

I've simplified a bit... 😉

Modern aircraft are "fly-by-wire".

It's a tough thing to regulate. You really don't want a software bug in fly- or brake-by-wire! I know. It's my job...




On my bicycle I have a lever.

It is connected to a wire or

'cable'. Cable is a series of

wires intertwined to make a

'cable', or "wire rope".

When I pull on this lever, it

levers the wire rope. This in

turn pivots the two arm thingies

with the rubber pads.

The rubber pads provide friction

to the wheel rim, thus slowing it.

My legs provide force to the

pedals which propel my fat arse

along the road. That explains why

I ride my LC or drive my large car.

Hope this helps! 🙂


The ERS system is part of the engine - some teams are running their own gearboxes so there is no way they would be running with the clutch disengaged. Add that to the need to get back on the power as soon as possible and it would make no sense not to have the clutch fully engaged except for starting and gear changes (if needed).


My understanding was that the brake by wire systems being used, used electronics to brake the rear wheels ie. when the driver presses the brake pedal, there is no direct hydraulic link between the brake pedal and the rear brakes.

Fernando "150%" Alonso

And exactly because of the braking which is done by the ERS K, the rear breaks from 2014 have brake by whire sistem, in order to harmonize them with the decceleration obtain by the electric moteur.


Massa was clobbered by Alonso in their 4 years together for as in the 2 and half years before that he was more or less even to slightly edging it with Raikkonen.

For him to say anything other than Alonso will be on top wouldn't add up unless he really thinks he was never the same after the accident.


It's not just because of that alone.

Massa has worked with kimi and alonso as well at ferrari. He clearly knows the traits of both kimi and alonso. The people who jump here in the anticipation that kimi will edge alonso are in for a massive shock. Alonso will easily put kimi to the sword

Massa has given his honest opinion. Massa have enough experience and his assessment about his both former team-mates are bang on the money


Intelligence is the way that you are able to overcome obstacles. Personally I think Alonso is the "brainer" and I would bet he is 150 or more CI, he learns faster than anybody also he doesn't lose any of his ability under pressure. Probably the second would be Vettel, but he would lose a lot under REAL pressure. No one driver would resist 2007 with all team against him but Alonso. Kimi is Iceman for sure, but he is too flat and doesn't have the spark to be so motivated all season. Probably this would be great for his image, but I think that is no real contender on the track, he is the improved version of James Hunt way, the 2.0. 100% Cool guy and great TV product.


I think you are mixing intelligence with attitude, I mean, I wouldn't say that the capacity of someone to resists bad times is directly related to IQ, also, you have to take into account that what somebody express is not necessarily what it feels, Alonso is Spaniard and Kimi Finn, motivation and other aspects could be a matter of perception, Kimi is probably highly motivated but he doesn't express that, on the other hand Alonso speaks a lot, always in a political way, did he really support well the 2007 situation? did he destruct himself? did he caused his own disaster back then? we don't know exactly because of the ways he speaks.


And that's another thing that I simply cant understand. Even today people still question Kimi's motivation. I mean ever since Singapore Kimi drove with back-pain for the a team that hadnt payed him, team that treated Kimi rather coldly after his Ferrari deal was announced...The team didnt respect the contract, so Kimi could have just gone to the back surgery way earlier, but he still drove for the team until the last 2 races.....same thing in 2009, for Kimi it was clear for long time that he wouldnt be driving there for next season, yet Kimi scored more points than anyone else during the 2nd half of the season (except Hamilton who scored 2 points more during that time period) and got the only win for Ferrari that year.

Seriously Im so sick of people questioning Kimi's motivation even after all that...but I quess some false perceptions will never vanish, no matter what Kimi would do...


I think you're partly right. It would not be fair questioning Kimi's motivation, but I have not said that. I have said that Kimi lacks the flame that Alonso does have. It was a comparison. Kimi has proven to be professional at work but I think unlike Alonso or Vettel his motivation is something that would look great in an ad: "enjoy driving and generate adrenaline". That is fine, but I think is not enough comparing to considerations such as commitment, dedication, involvement, ambition, and all are better suited on Alonso or Vettel.


It blows my mind how people rate Massa.. He is a muppet with no character at all.. Before the accident & after.. (enter the 'poor me, I had an accident' commentary here as you like. Kubica's accident was a true loss to the sport) How he ever came close in 2008 is still beyond me & that season was crap too.. how he is still in F1 and many drivers are out astounds me! Hell, I would much rather see Montoya back turning laps then him, nor did I like him either. Though he was much more interesting & entertaining


Hmm. The jury is out on this one. Fernando is talented and tenacious, but he can be petulant, something of a prima donna when things are not going well - flashback to Macca 2007. Kimi? Sometimes puts in a blank cheque of a peformance, but usually consistent and reliable. I don't blame Kimi for feeling aggrieved about Lotus not paying his salary; I know he's loaded but everyone is entitled to their contractual salary, that a basic EU law. Time will tell........


How long you people want to state 2007 as a example ?

Lewis and alonso moved on from that chapter and now lewis stated umpteen times that alonso is NO 1 in the grid on the contrary Alonso also suggested lewis is the fastest driver out there.

Kimi Consistent and reliable ? What about 2008 season then where kimi was no where a factor in 2008 WDC and he was not consistent at all.

Let the season starts and Alonso will prove once again to the world that the spanish matador is still the man.


What Non-sense! If Kimi was so bad, why is he back in Ferrari?

Can you explain that Krishar? You just fail to see the point. You don't have to go that far to 2008. Go look at the 2009 season, who gave Ferrari the first points of the season with a bad car? Kimi. Who gave Ferrari the first podium of the season? Kimi Raikkonen Monaco. This was all when they built a car around Massa. Then Massa's accident happened. So the team was forced to concentrate on Kimi. But no.. they did not want to.. they wrote off 2009. But again.. the engineers at Kimi's side of the garage were surprised again, a car been written off and development freezed won in Spa in his hands and scored a couple of podiums as well in Hungary Velencia Monza. Kimi saved Ferrari from embarrassment. The story is simple... Santander wanted their man in, and they wanted a brand ambassador for South America mainly Brazil. So Massa stayed on even with his continuous lack of performance. Don't kid me man!!

This all went to a point till Ferrari said.. enough!! We want to win! The very reason why Kimi is back in Ferrari shows why he is there. And why on earth did Ferrari get him to start off the hectic 2014 pre-test when the team is going into the unknown with new rules? They wanted an intelligent and calm head in the car.

Again it is true Fernando immediately got into rhythm with the new car, and its easy to praise him for that. None of the fan boys see and comprehend that Kimi did a lot of work for the team and laid the foundations for what was an incredibly positive pre-season test for Ferrari. So don't comment on Kimi's work ethics when you're not in the team. Even Fernando appreciated his team-mate for sharing the data and doing a great job.

Yes. Fernando is talented and one of the best drivers on the grid and he might beat Kimi, and Kimi as we know would not even give a damn!! That does not mean you just go on hate commenting and attacking other people's views! You are the one who is biased and can't read between the lines.

Both are great drivers. If Kimi gets the upper hand, Fernando is not any less of a driver. If Alonso is on top also, Kimi is not any less of a driver. Everybody tends to forget, there are 2 drivers in a team and if the car is quick and developed well, both the drivers have to have the credit for doing a lot of work. What you've done is just attacked Kimi's work ethic without even pointing to facts to prove your point when we are getting many reports from Ferrari itself giving a thumbs up on his work ethics.

Shameful stuff!!


Yes... Massa let Kimi win in Brazil to win the championship. But how did it reach to that point? With his consistent performances on the track before Brazil compared to what Massa achieved!

Same way, when Kimi was ahead in Shanghai, he let Massa through in 2008.. why? same reason there, Massa's consistent performances upto that point when compared with Kimi. You saw a Ferrari swap there too. Why are people forgetting that? I fail to see what are you trying to prove? That I am more right and you are more wrong? Massa beat him but yes.. even so we are talking about the Second half of the 2008 season only and the first half of the 2009 season. What does that prove then? Massa beat Alonso too? Will you admit that the last part of 2013 season and in the Australian Grand Prix Alonso was beaten by Massa in Quali?

That only proves the driver is quicker over a single lap! Can you say Massa is a more complete driver than Alonso, when he beats him Quali? NO!! Why this hypocrisy?


So what now Gaincarlo is better than Kimi too? So what happened to him in Monza, when he was driving Kimi's same car?

Ross Brawn was quoted as saying something about Kimi when he was asked about Alonso's form in 2005. He was asked.. Alonso seems to be doing great this year, you fancy him in a Ferrari? Ross replied, well why Alonso? Kimi is the first name that comes into my mind and he is the quickest guy out there. (Don't know if these were Ross's exact words, but he implied the same). Jean Todt had his name reserved even in 2004. Which was of course also suggested by Michael Schumacher! There was a clear power struggle between Jean Todt and LDM in Ferrari, everyone knows that. They both did not get along well. LDM wanted Jean Todt out. And when he went out, Kimi followed him. You just have to have common sense to put all those news articles about Ferrari worrying about Kimi's motivation and everything together and paint a picture. A driver who is bored with the sport will never score more points than anyone in the the second part of the 2009 season with a car that has been written off. I have blogs where people have taken the pains to research all these broken bits of information. I also was thinking it was a bunch of crap and biased. Maybe it is. But you read it time and time again, it makes sense slowly. But then again that is all Fiction perhaps or perhaps not. He left the sport and came back much stronger. That's the truth. That's not fiction!

And about the driver hiring, were Webber and Jenson even considered? Can you show me an article that reports that? And were they the only choices, Hulkenberg was in phone contact with Steffano right? Or am I reading a bunch of lies?? The Hulk is not a young rookie. Even if Kimi was that bad, how come Hulkenberg did not get the drive? Simple - They needed a driver who is good technically to give good feedback for the new rules. And mind it, this comment does not at all mean, Alonso is weaker in developing the car. From 2010 to 2013 Ferrari's problems were not Alonso it was their Wind Tunnel. It just means they know, 2 brilliant heads under the helmet are definitely better than one.

So my point again is and what you fail to understand is, both are great drivers. Just because Fernando Alonso has grabbed the most wins and is aggressive and has all the numbers favoring him in wins Poles or everything else, does not provide any kind of justification to prove Kimi Raikkonen is over-rated!


@ Sujith

There is nothing shameful about the post here.

What point i failed to see here ?

Yes i have to go back to 2008 becuase Massa has won the team mate challenge and took the WDC fight to lewis. Ferrari clearly had the edge over Mclaren in 2008 in terms of the pace. Yet it was massa against all the odds performed well and keptt Ferrari in the title hunt until the last race

How did kimi won his solitary WDC ? Can you answer me ? Massa let him through in Brazilian 2007 GP and sacrificed his race win. Otherwise how on earth Kimi would have been a WDC winner ?

The most Drivel and clear non-sense is "This was all when they built a car around Massa" - Why people like you here try to defend kimi with pointless stuff here.

What evidence you suggest or how do you conclude that car has been built around massa? Few engineers inside the Ferrari camp have understood massa has performed better and they did confessed kimi was slower than massa.

Then again in 2009 you say that kimi got first points for ferrari? yes. However you failed too see the point here until hungary who drove well for Ferrari ? Who got most points for Ferrari until hungary ? Massa.

Kimi did nothing. after the accident in hungary he held off the challenge from Giancarlo Fisichella in the Belgium GP 2009 with the use of kers to take the solitary win. I am more than cent % sure. Had massa not met with accident he would have finished ahead of kimi in 2009 final standings.

Finally again you are too aggressive here. Ferrari tried to hire Webber as replacement for massa. They even had Jenson button as potential target. Only webber's retirement and Jenson contract extension gave kimi the second chance to go back to Ferrari.

Has Ferrari had kimi in mind to replace massa in First place ? Answer is BIG NO. Because ferrari ran out of the options like webber and jenson, They hired kimi. Becuase ferrari are not interested in young talents like Sergio or the excellent Bianchi. These are true facts not stories.


You are contradicting here yourself, first you say that 2007 had passed and the drivers moved on, but then you recap the 2008 Kimi... Kimi in the last two years have been one of the most consisten and reliable drivers, he even beat the record of straight races inside the points.


There is no Contradiciton here Kirk

What i Meant is Alonso and Lewis have moved on from 2007 burst up. Now they are one of the best buddies in the grid. Lewis himself confessed that he gets maximum joy when he race alonso even if it is for P10.

On other hand Kimi always had his issues. Too many excuses have been given for his indifferent performances throughout his career. Yes he scored consistent points. However he was slower than grosjean at many points between 12-13 and notably in quali.

I respect kimi as WDC winner yet he is no where near The Legend Alonso.


You're right about Kimi in 2008 and 2009 as well, he was pretty lame. Agree. Fernando is indeed a bullfighter, tenacious, tough and he'll fight you to the last lap. He is a great driver. However, the big issue is not the drivers, its the team. Ferrari lacks the savvy, streetwise nous of its British rivals, and the smart money is on the teams using a Merc V6 as apparently the Merc has good thermal discharge properties, lots of power and a fat torque curve. We shall see!


Fernando should have been WDC in 2010 at Abu Dhabi. He didn't even have to win. He qualified well in third and then just had to tart around in third or fourth for the rest of the race, job done. Anyway, after the re-start, Fernando was in fourth, no problem, running well. And then Ferrari made that incredibly stupid strategic error that saw him trapped behind the Renaults and Nico Ros Merc by pitting too early. An incredibly grateful Seb and Red Bull scooped the WDC, which they have yet to relinquish.

The Abu Dhabi shambles has epitomised Ferrari's lack of strategic nous and operational inefficiency over the last few years, and poor old Fernando has potentially lost two world championships because of it. Autocourse rated Fernando No.1 in 2012, and No.2 in 2013, can't argue with that. Maybe the arrival of James Allison will give the prancing horse a more savvy, streetwise operation they will badly need.


@ Gaz Boy

Good post mate

Finally glad to see some one who makes sense with the assessment.


.. I wonder if his comments come from a certain sourness that Kimi won the WDC as his team mate (one he was required to cooperate), while in the end his own Ferrari-stint ended empty handed in that respect.

Also adding to that sourness must be that Kimi who was ejected in 2009 came back to Ferrari, where Felipe had to make way for him at the end of 2013.

Felipe should look forward and concentrate on his new job.


The 1st and so far only opinion on Alonso v Raikkonen by someone with any idea, or that means anything.


Yours feels like the clearest and most logical comment on this page so far.


A difficult one to call. Alonso has the advantage of a few seasons under the current regime, has had some good race results, but some of that was due to the start and the fact that he had Massa as a patsy.

As for Kimi, I always have a doubt about how motivated he is.

Assuming that they are both with Ferrari in 2015, that would be a better comparison after things settle down.


Kimi is very intelligent indeed. That's why he was beatenby massa and even by the likes of grosjean.

Kimi had the best car in 2008 yet he was not a factor and massa through to fight with lewis. Who later won the WDC.

Kudos to massa for his honest opinion. He is very correct there is no match for alonso in this planet. Alonso will wipe the floor with kimi.

If you cannot beat massa then how on earth you can even think about alonso ?

Get some points and enjoy your wages kimi


how disillusion, who did Kimi beat in 2007 ?


Then why on earth He struggled in 2008 and 2009 until accident to get the better of massa ?

How did he won his solitary WDC ? Who let him through in brazilian GP 2008 ? Felipe Massa. Even in that brazilian GP kimi was way behind massa yet Ferrari employed team orders and won the title. Fair enough i am not against the team orders policy.

In fairness you are little delusional here ? Had massa not let him through Kimi is never a WDC winner.

Bottomline is people believe a driver who was beaten by average one will perform better against the likes of greatest driver in the history of F1.

Funny ?


that still does answer my question 🙂


I think your comment is rather disrespectful.....I mean look at Massa back before his accident. He by far more constantly fast before his accident than he was after and during 2007, not only he was fighting and occasionally beating Kimi, BUT also Hamilton and Alonso.

And after his accident there was a long period where Massa failed to score even single podium with Ferrari. Massa clearly was among the top-4 drivers with Kimi, Alonso and Hamilton before his accident, and after his accident he just wasnt at that same level anymore. If you think otherwise, then I say you are just fooling yourself.

With Grosjean it was kinda opposite....he really became brilliant during the second half of last season, so neither Massa or Grosjean were easy opponents when at their top-form. I mean they not only could beat Kimi, but also Alonso and Hamilton...(not Vettel though thanks to Red Bull's domination)

So saying that " he was beatenby massa and even by the likes of grosjean." is rahter disrespectful for those two drivers as well, cause on their best days they could/can challenge pretty much anyone.

So I would say to you and all other Alonso fans that do NOT underestimate Kimi Raikkonen....I would have thought that people would have learned to respect him to be among the top-4 drivers by now, one who can truly give Alonso run for his money and beat him, but apparently some people still need some convincing...and just saying that this might be the season where your mockery of Kimi might hit right back at you, if you truly are counting him out against Alonso.


@ Alex

I mean why Ferrari then would have got Kimi back in the first place if he wouldnt be able to push the team and Alonso forward, would you care to explain me that?

Yes certain points will help, i believe mate

Ok, why Ferrari kimi hired as replacement for massa ? Did Ferrari really had kimi in mind at the first place to replace massa ? No.

Ferrari tired to hire Webber in the first place as massa's replacement. Webber's repudiation and his retirement plan not suited this. Then Ferrari opened negotiations with Mclaren to hire Jenson to replace massa. Again Jenson contract extension and whitmarsh plans made the move impossible.

Ferrari are not interested in the young talents like Sergio or the excellent bianchi becuase of the lack of experience. All this factors means. Ferrari ran out of options. Hence ferrari decided to bank on kimi.(He's known qunatity for the team)

My point is Ferrari never though they will hire kimi back and LDM is still not interested. Ferrari lack of options mean they have to hire someone who has experience and talent behind them. Kimi fits the bill. This is a win/win situation. Becuase there are rumours where kimi did not received his pay cheque from lotus as well.

A question to you ? do you really think alonso wants someone to push himself to the next level? My answer is no. I am interested to hear your answer as well on this. Becuase alonso has drove the best season 2012 of this decade in a poor F2012 and still only lost the WDC by 3 points. Afterall grosjean took him out of the belgium GP 2012. The lotus drivers have done huge favour for Seb vettel who won the 2012 WDC by sheer luck.


Very well said Alex. The most understated and under rated Driver in F1 - ever I think. I mean you only have to look at the shock in the paddock/ media peoples faces when he wins- yet he just shrugs his shoulders & says yeah no problems. Thats why we love him



I hope you are not in statistics as well mate.

You say that a driver (Massa) comes back from injury / Rehabilitation staright away to the first race and does well. Then all of a sudden he performs poorly for four seasons ? Hilarious at best

Fact is massa did very well through out 2010 not just bahrain. yes he started well in bahrain which clearly suggest he does not have any post Traumatic stress. Massa drove well in australia where finished ahead of alonso's charge ferrari never employed the team orders there. Then through through out at various races / quali in 2010 massa did very well. He competed with alonso. Then came the infamous 2010 German GP show where again massa got ahead and held alonso. Even after the team orders massa continued score some pivotal points and poduims through out 2010

Which is the best season for massa against alonso when they were team mates at Ferrari ? Only 2010

Massa's dip in performance is nothing to do with the accident, or his no 2 role. This is all down to the change of tires from Bridgestone to Pirelli. The performace gap was lot noticebale after 2010 between massa and alonso. This is due to the change of tires to pirelli coupled with the excellent performances by the Legend Alonso.

To say massa performed simply poorly due to accident or alonso or because of his role is silly and excuses made by kimi fans to demean the historic job which feranando did for Ferrari between 10-13.

Not just massa has been affected by the change. Webber struggled to the core V/S vettel. Even Jenson fared better V/S lewis. All this performance differentials were due to the change of tires from bridgestone to Pirelli which occured in 2010


Where is anyone attacking Fernando!- all Im saying is Kimi will surprise because majority of people are saying Fernando will win easily. I believe it will be a very close fight and Kimi definitely has the ability to win.


@ Elie

well i have no intention what so ever to post attacking comments here on any one. You have misunderstood my post or comment it seems.

I am big fan of JA and his analysis.

I am very tired and feel sick to see the Continuous post or comments which has been posted. Biased opnions and hatred post / views against alonso by the people without any knowledge or justification here like you stated.

Hence i just wanted to give the taste of thier own medicine for people here.

I am sure within myself as what is going to happen once the season starts.



With all due respect, the only one with biased opinions here is you...

Alonso about Kimi:

"I think he's very talented. So, that is a huge help and huge motivation for myself first but also for the team because the team knows that it has to deliver a good car because Kimi will deliver a good result. Myself, I know that I need to deliver my best; if not I would not be able to be in front of Kimi so that is only positive and good news for Ferrari."

So if your idol, Fernando Alonso is able to say that about Kimi, why cant you...Again the only one who will be shocked here is you and the other Alonso fans who expect that Kimi is not going to challenge ALonso for the title (assuming Ferrari delivers car capable of doing that) Same goes for Kimi fans who think Alonso is not going to be a challenge for him.

Perhaps if Kimi indeed would be able to beat Alonso you might admit yourself that Kimi is right up there with Alonso among the best of the best.


@Krischar- Only state facts please or dont waste your time- just ask our own JA how many times he has.Read all the expert comments where people did not rate him before then changed their mind.

Above all things stop trawling / attacking comments without any justification or knowledge


Watch the Alonso fans go very quiet when Kimi beats him...


NO one will be shocked other than people like you and kimi fans.

Time after time you people have hatred or biased opinion against alonso.

Alonso will put kimi to the sword and will make sure kimi will be ousted once again by ferrari when vettel is ready to replace him.

You should put it this way mate The most over hyped and overrated driver in the paddock (Kimi)


In no way i tried to disrespect kimi. Kimi is a WDC winner as which i do not forget.

What i really meant was He is not faster than alonso. You people and other kimi followers will discover this once the season starts.

On massa Pre-Post accident and chnage in his race skill or talent part. you are clearly wrong mate.

If you recall the first race of 2010 Bahrain where massa retured to F1 after his Rehabilitation. In the very first Quali session of the year he out-qualified alonso and this clearly proves massa is and was the same driver after accident as well. He did not have any post Traumatic stress. On race day alonso came back and overtook massa on the track. Alonso won the race by huge marin as well

So to suggest massa is not the same driver after accident, just to hide the fact kimi was beaten by massa is very silly and childish. Most notably massa worked with kimi and alonso. He clearly knows the talent quotient of kimi and alonso as well. Hence his assessment about his former team-mates are bang on the money.

As far as Grosjean he looked easily faster than kimi for much of the season in 2013 and even before 2013 in quali session he matched and put paced kimi on at certain points. Boullier did stated romain is fast however still inconsistent. Romain drove alongside alonso as well at renault in 2009 where he struggled to do a timed lap in that R29 Machinery. Whereas Alonso got podiums and some decent points finish with the R29 truck.

There is no need to underestimate Kimi here. People should more subjective with the post, assessment or opinions rather than simply slate or show blind hatred towards alonso. After all he has delivered wonders in his career from Minardi to Ferrrari.


Massa qualified well on the first race and then performed poorly for the rest of the 4 seasons - you pick up that first data point in that huge statistics to make a theory. I hope you are not in statistics!

If Massa from 2010 onwards is at the same 2008-level when he beat Hamilton, Raikkonen and Alonso often, then what you are stating is this: Hamilton has hugely improved; Ferrari car in the last four seasons was at best midfield level and Alonso, who also vastly improved, outperformed it; magically Button & Webber also vastly improved from 2008-level; Vettel is the best driver to be born ever as he beat all these vastly improved Hamilton, Alonso, Button and Webber for 4 seasons. Funnily we need to even conclude that Raikkonen also joined this vastly improved grid as an improved driver to compete with this illuminated grid on competitive terms leaving poor Massa behind who got stuck at his 2008-level skill and capabilities.

Funny, isn't it?


Sigh....lets take a look how many podiums Felipe Massa managed to get after his accident shall we?

Only 8 podiums in 77 races....and you seriously think that this is the exact same Felipe Massa as he was perfore the accident?? Give me a break..Like I said, Massa was only occasionally fast, NOT constantly like before his accident.

And with seriously claim that the driver who became to Renault in middle of the season 2009 was as prepared and as good as he was when he returned to F1 in 2012?....

(And when Kimi returned to F1, he managed to beat both of them by fair margin, during both 2012 and 2013 seasons, if you have already forgotten that)

If you seriously claim that Kimi is not able to beat Alonso, because Alonso beat post-injured Massa and unprepared Romain Grosjean in 2009....well I dont even bother to continue this conversation, cause you seem to think Massa's skill level was exactly the same after his accident and Grosjean was as same level in 2009 as he has been from 2012 onwards...and I mean why Ferrari then would have got Kimi back in the first place if he wouldnt be able to push the team and Alonso forward, would you care to explain me that?...

If those are really your arguments, then I say you better come up with some better ones...cause if you really, honestly think that Alonso is able to beat Kimi by fair margin, I think you are the one who better be prepared for a shock this year, cause you are indeed heavily underestimating Kimi's capability...

And while Alonso has indeed done great job during his whole career, you on the other hand seem to forget that Kimi could have easily won 2 championships already in 2003 and 2005 had that Mercedes engine not failed him on countless occasions...but ofcourse same goes for Alonso, he too would have won more championships with better equipment, but just saying that Kimi is not going to give easy time for Alonso, unlike you seem to believe.


I laugh at these statements.

"When Kimi Wants it, nobody is faster", when he wants it, he should always bloody want it.

He won his championship when McLaren had no brains, the year after he got blown in the weeds "as the defending world champion" by Felipe!

I like Kimi, but it is a disgrace for people to say when he wants it, and frankly it is an joke that he has that opinion of him. He should have raced the last races with lotus, then gone through legal challenges to obtain his money. I along with plenty of others would have driven the lotus for free. They made a mistake and hired perennial tugger kovalinen.

I just want to see a competitive season. Early days it is shaping up for Merc factory and Lewis Hamilton to be the champ! All the Merc teams in front of Ferrari and Renault does not bode well. As much as Ferrari and Renault will try to recover, Merc won't stand still.

Silver Arrows gents, place your bets. I have!


Do you forget Kimi at just 23 was 16pts off MS and his car had 3 mech failures when he was in the lead.

Do you forget he was 2 pts behind Alonso in 2005 when his car had several mechanical failures. Kimi is easily the equivalent of a triple wc- he has nothing to prove to anyone with some knowledge if F1-certainly not you.


...He was only 2 points behind schumacher in 2003.


Sorry yes the wrong way round I think, 2 to Michael 16 to fernando. He was certain to win both times


You can say the same about Hamilton who won his WCH by one point.


So you been laughing all the way to both Alonso's titles? I know Alonso did, when engine blew up on that Ferrari or McLaren.


Personally I'm not a fan of either of them, but they are both great drivers. Having said that, I think that Alonso will have the upper hand over Raikkonen. Having said that though, if the car is half decent I would expect Kimi to be on the podium with Fernando and give him a real challenge.


Really, you wait Kimi to be on the podium? Oh, how sweet compliments from you ? Hahahaaaaa :))) you all will be in shock when season starts and how Kimi become superior in this car. Just listened James Allison and he has praised Kimi to the skies 😀 Everybody should take a note and do not underestimate neither the intelligence of Kimi or his incredible talent and I am not only one saying this. Last year Martin whitmarsh said the same thing.


Whitmarsh did pointed out the Mclaren made a mistake in 2007. Where they let alonso go. Heck even Martin confessed the Situation could have been handled a lot better. Whitmarsh did proved he is better at conflict management when there were issues between jenson and Lewis

YOu know what behind the scenes Whitmarsh already started the work to hire back alonso for 2015 ? why is it so ? Why did they signed jenson and Ignored kimi for 2010 People here know the answers.

Whitmarsh did accepted it will be dream come true for any team to have a super talented pilot like Alonso.

Open up and see the reality rather than biased posts and hatred opinion towards alonso.


We don't hate Alonso... Oh for God sakes, we don't even hate Vettel... We just don't want Our Kimi to be badmouthed.... Leave him Alone... He knows what he's doing.

On behalf of all Kimi fans world wide 🙂


On Kimi v Alonso.

These are two of the drivers who make the current four top drivers in the world.

It's great to see two of them in the same equipment.

Regardless of the fact that I think no. 7 will come out in front, in a fair fight, even at the same team, is there ever a 'fair' fight?

I'm hoping for decent Red machinery, so that we can really see two top tier racers head to head at the sharp end of the results.

Don't count Red Bull out!

Foolish is as foolish does.

It's a long season, and don't forget the final race offers double points; I wonder aloud how this 'rule' came into the equation, so late in the season?!?

Nothing as it seems in this 'sport'.

It's nice to see Filipe looking relaxed, but he also looks like a man on his last legs.

If Bottas comes out ahead, at the chequered flag in the last race, this will be it for Filipe.


I honestly can't tell who will come out on top - these current Pirelli tyres make it almost impossible to judge the drivers maximum capabilities due to them having to drive TO lap times set by their respective teams.

However, all these comments about how Massa is feeling obliged to favour Alonso because he himself was destroyed by him need to remember that Massa hasn't lost it - its just that the current formula does not favour aggressive drivers such as Massa, Webber, Hamilton etc. This is also partly why I think Massa beat Raikkonen in 2008 (the set-up of the cars favoured aggressive styles).


Martini livery-I'm excited.

Anyone know the McLaren lead sponsor?


Interesting about the new brakes. What about ERS? Can drivers still decide when to deploy it? Or is this now all done with the throttle pedal only and via engine maps etc?


No more push to pass button - all done via the throttle and the electronic controls.


Seems logical to assume some preference for Hamilton over Rosberg and Vettel over Ricciardo.. Leaves the Ferrari pair to butt heads over the fact there will be no "favouritism" till one driver has the upper hand over the other.. It will be an interesting first half of the season..

Valentino from montreal

Use to like Massa and WAS a supporter *until* he came out with the "Alonso better than Schumacher" quote last November ...

Now he's on my blacklist for life !



Schumacher Is Número Uno Massa ?

Did I guess right ? 🙂

Valentino from montreal

Sorry but this time your impressive psychic abilities are'nt exactly right , a bit close though ..

Sempre Il Numero Uno Michele

( always number one Michael )


You know what modern F1 drivers are like........always trying to score brownie points over one and another, whether its direct talk or some cryptic conversation. Its a bit tedious and rather immature and it makes you question whether they're adults, but being a modern day F1 driver is a somewhat selfish and primary occupation so I guess we'll have to grin and bear silly quotes from the drivers.


Im appalled by him honestly.. Kimi who was Ferraris world champion gave him way when the car did not suit in 2008. Fernando/ Ferrari treated him like dirt since 2010-- he should respect that Kimi always played fair- even when everyone around him didnt. Yeah good luck Felipe when Bottas beat you- very easily Im betting.


Only time will tell, may the best man win. Respect both the drivers.

One thing I know for sure, Kimi is an amazing racer who does not fear anybody or anything! James's words. Not mine. Kimi is not the type of driver who manipulates the team for his own interests. So fair fight expected from there.

So yeah, if he is beaten in a fair fight or an unfair fight, he'll say.. "Well that's because I made a few mistakes" he'll admit where he went wrong!

So yeah, Fernando Alonso earlier talked about missing Massa, while Kimi, be it Sebastian Vettel or Fernando Alonso was up and ready to join each of them as team-mates not even thinking twice. Proves my first point (not being afraid of anybody)

He has been with High Profile Team-mates like David Coulthard and Jauan Pablo Mantoya and made minced meat out of their challenges!

A true team player who admitted he had problems with setting up the cars in 2008 and immediately agreed to help Massa on his championship campaign. So if he beats Alonso, well and good. If not, what's gonna happen? Nothing!


Well said. I couldn't say it in a better way


It's all good, and Filipe should have left Ferrari couple years ago. But I don't see him perform any differently from what he always does.

Sometimes VERY fast in qualy, very fast at certain parts of the races. But eventually too many mistakes. He just pushes too hard be fast, while Alo/Rai type are way more natural at being on the edge. So I expect Bottas to beat Massa comfortably as long as he doest not start doing crazy stuff and crash all the time.


It's all good, and Filipe should have left Ferrari couple years ago. But I don't see him perform any differently from what he always done.

Sometimes VERY fast in qualy, very fast at certain parts of the races. But eventually too many mistakes. He just pushes too hard be fast, while Alo/Rai type are way more natural at being on the edge. So I expect Bottas to beat Massa comfortably as long as he doest not start doing crazy stuff and crash all the time.


Can anyone tell me any news on Rob Smedley? Will he join Massa at Williams? I heard Kimi gets a 'new' race engineer, so I guess Rob is 'out' of Ferrari?


I think Kimi deserves credit. He is a brilliant driver, probably the the most straight-line thinking and precise. He is a different personality for sure, which is wonderful, however I believe he is as smart as Alonso. He is also a well adjusted man and comfortable with who he is. Respect for being one of the only drivers willing to go into the same team as a rival/peer and put his reputation and skill on the line and to the test. His desire to win is obviously still there. I am super excited for this year. Ferrari have put together a team to be feared!!


Best post.


People who say Alonso will clearly ahead of Kimi could just please look at the last two years of WCH standings? Kimi was 2. and 3. all the way and the most (record breaking) consistent driver with a Lotus, that was a good car, but still not Ferrari, Mercedes or RB.


Totally wrong mate

Lotus 2012 and 2013 are way better machine than F2012 or the F13. Lotus have had some very good scraps and fight with Vettel in RBR at many points or races during both seasons.

Lotus had better tyre management which gave them edge easily over the mercedes and Ferrari. Lotus was only 2RBR in 2012&2013.

Wake up and smell the coffee. Even grosjean did well once he sorted out his erratic drives and mistakes. Lotus drivers should have finished above the Ferrari pilots which they failed to do


Clearly then Felipe is not an intelligent racing driver. If he wants to talk about fast learners. He needs to respect Kimi beat him in his first race & won championship at Ferrari- something that Fernando has not done yet.He needs to respect Kimi won races & many podiums at Lotus after 2 years out of the sport. He says Fernando is intelligent etc and would have already worked out the new regs etc.. But then says the new car might suit Kimi - which suggests like all of us - he does not know !. I think like many he puts his personal preferences before his common sense & I think its very unwise to disregard anyone with the talent Raikkonen has. - thats just plain silly because you know he often proves people wrong.


Not an alonso fan, but did he not win the opening race of the 2010 season? Similar to what Kimi did in 2007


Yes but did he win the season or did he choke at the last race behind Petrov


Alonso is a intelligent driver , but Kimi has a point to prove ...when Montoya went to Mclaren Kimi raised his game , had it not been for a unreliable Mclaren he would of won the title in 2005 , also he has experience with Turbos in his 2 years of Rally ,which might be to his advantage .... Time will tell , but I think it'll be a even battle with Alonso getting frustrated that he's no longer a clear No.1 driver


I had forgotten that Kimi has turbo experience via rallying.......good point.


What a great insight from Massa. He is actually well placed to make a statement like this as he has raced both Alonso and Raikkonen.

I'd have to agree with Massa. Alonso will have the upper hand because he is fast, smart and cunning. He also has this bulldog mentality of never giving up. He is a samurai 🙂

Having said that. I have never seen Kimi so focused and eager to race. He knows that he is about to write his final chapter in F1. It will be his downfall or legacy. Hats off if he beats Alonso fair & square. He will need to better the Kimi of 2005.


Nobody's asking how Felipe will drive without Smedley !!


Lots of people underestimating Kimi here. The guy is a points scoring machine, is smooth and very quick. If the Ferrari keeps running during the races he is going to score heavily.


Come on James. Surely you are entitled a personal view on this hot topic. Alonso Vs Kimi......what's your thoughts.

Last year when you posted re Kimi joining Ferrari, in one of your replies, you said you don't want to comment now re your view as hell might break loose if you did.

What about now? Could you share what's going on in your mind....please. Isn't it take a side and enjoy both ways...whether you are right or wrong. Let loose James...tell us what u think.


I would expect it to be extremely close, with Alonso shading it, but I have also learned never to underestimate Raikkonen. He has been sensational since his comeback and super consistent.

It is a really fantastic line up. The problems will arise if Raikkonen is ahead of Alonso due to a better start or grid slot and Alonso thinks he can go faster and challenge for the win or podium. In the past Ferrari got Massa out of the way, Raikkonen won't do that (unless it's the end of the season and his title chances are far worse than Alonso's)

Qualifying will be crucial this year. Both were a bit dodgy on that front last year, relatively speaking, so if either of them gets an edge there it will probably decide the outcome overall.

It's going to be fantastic!

NB - this has nothing to do with any preference for either driver, but purely on close observation of their performance and stage of their careers.


Very good point on the qualifying thing James, I agree that qualifying could be the key point. And that's why I believe Alonso is going to beat Raikkonen by a considerable marging, because he is an stronger qualifier (plus considerably better on the first few corners of the race).

I've been reading your opinions (you occasionally give your point of view) and while I agree on many things, I strongly desagree on your view on Alonso's qualifying skills. I think in 2014 many people is going to be shocked, and Alonso is going to beat Raikkonen by quite a big margin. The key point: qualifying and the first laps of the race.

I would also bet on insiders linked to Renault and Lotus (and probably Ferrari too) telling you on closed doors Alonso will beat Kimi...

This said, F1 is going to change considerably this year, and so is the approaching to racing. So I leave a small door open for possible surprises!


Thank you!

Qualifying is the key! rest are same.

I think mono syllable would be faster than Spanglish!


Thanks James...awesome. Like your style.


i love filipe!! n btw.. doesnt he look like jim moriarty from sherlock (tv series)..


In wich way does the author think South American drivers differ from Asian, European or North American drivers? Why is it relevant that Williams is prepared to work with them? Fangio, Fittipaldi, Piquet, Senna- where did those multiple world champions come from?


filipe , what a nice guy. thank god teams look at the driving and results not all the bile spewed by fans. For a quiet bloke kimi has some over the top fan support. maybe they feel they have to keep defending him cos he is so sleepy.

my overriding image of kimi is when he got the ice cream out of the fridge during the rain hit race. I think massa was a bit faster than him before he got hit by the spring. dunno about now.


"my overriding image of kimi is when he got the ice cream out of the fridge during the rain hit race. I think massa was a bit faster than him before he got hit by the spring"

You have hit the nail on it's head

Massa was always faster than kimi and Ferrari were right to back him up for 08-09 season. Accident is a misfortune for massa. Yet it has not affected the way he drives F1 car. We can see this with some video footage. Massa was and still is aggressive with his driving style. Pirelli does not help massa though since 2011.


By Massa's own Admission:

Alonso is by the far the most competitive driver on the grid (which is true)

Kimi is by far the most frighteningly quick driver on the grid (which is true

Anyways, it depends how much technical prowess of Ferrari to which driver and it is obvious that they would back Alonso.

Satandar has paid into Alonso's arrival in Ferrari and also bore the cheque for Kimi's exit. There is no way they want Kimi getting better of Alonso... simply a marketing strategy.


Doesn't qualifying count any longer when giving someone the "complete driver" tag.

Alonso's qualifying record is far below average given the competitiveness of the cars he has driven and praise heaped on him.

What is it? 4 poles in 4 seasons at Ferrari.

Almost as bad as Button at McLaren.

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