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Relaxed Ross Brawn looks likely to turn his back on F1
Posted By: James Allen  |  01 Feb 2014   |  7:09 pm GMT  |  106 comments

Ross Brawn exited Mercedes at Christmas and this week has given strong indications that he will not return to a frontline job in F1.

Speaking at the Motor Sport Hall of Fame evening on Wednesday, he said that he had “no plans” to return to F1. This weekend he has gone further at a fishing event in Scotland, telling an audience that he has retired “and it’s not tongue in cheek.”

The 59 year old has made a fortune, selling his eponymous team to Mercedes for €123 million in 2009 and earning multi million salaries every year since the late 1990s. He certainly doesn’t need to work again.

Speaking to him on Wednesday, when he was inducted into the Hall of Fame, Brawn was in relaxed mood and looked very fit. He has lost a lot of weight over the winter. He now has four grandchildren and is a hands on grandfather, but time will tell whether he really feels that he doesn’t have another challenge in him.

He had been linked with the CEO role at McLaren, but it is hard to imagine him working with Ron Dennis and reporting to him. Equally, a return to his first team in F1, Williams, has been mooted, but the rebuilding job required to take that team back to the top, against well funded works teams appears a challenge too far for a man who has little left to prove in F1.

Brawn is the only technical boss to have won Grands Prix with four different F1 teams.

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I have mixed feelings on this - he maybe the only man capable of taking on Newey long term, but Ross certainly deserves to enjoy his retirement.


Despite sharing the same title, Newey's opposite was never Brawn, it's Rory Bryne.


While Ross Brawn was technical director, his design influence since winning the WSC with Jaguar has been much less than Newey's is. The teams do different things in different ways, but Newey's true equivalent was Rory Byrne. Ross generally had more money to spend than Adrian, and he spent it well when at McLaren. He spent it well at Honda to develop the 2009 Brawn. Now Christian Horner has the biggest pot of gold to play with and he generally works effectively with Adrian to spend it, but it appears that too much money went on the 2013 car in 2013 and not enough on the 2014 car.

Eric Boullier got pretty good results with a relatively small amount of money in 2012-13. He may be quite effective at McLaren.


Spot on Martin. Money talks!


I understand your point Chris, and I agree about taking on Newey.

However, I think it's fantastic he can turn his back on the sport and enjoy the rest of his days in doing whatever he chooses to do.

He owes F1 nothing, he has given the sport so many years of his life.

Well done Ross. Enjoy your life - you only get one.


They've been at it each other for a long, long time. Newey won.


I wish Ross well in whatever he does, or doesn't do, in future. As you say, he has nothing left to prove, and his legacy speaks for itself.

F1 is in his bloodstream, but he doesn't need a high-pressure role any more. Personally, I would love to see him as the BBC Technical Pundit, giving an engineering insight into the various cars - The sort of role that Gary Anderson undertook last year. I understand Gary has now left the BBC. I, for one, will really miss his insider knowledge. I learnt more about the cars, last year, than in any of the previous 50 years I've been watching F1. With so many technical changes, we really need someone knowledgeable who can put this across to viewers and listeners. Ross would be ideal in this role.


I was thinking exactly the same! Come on BBC, give Ross a call!

Malcolm Matthews

+1 on both Ross and Gary


A bit off subject but have [mod] the beeb dropped Gary Anderson? His bits were some of the most enjoyable, are the BBC trying to dum down F1 even more than it is already getting?
Perhaps we could soon have the Ross and Gary show!(or how about Brawnderson GP!)


Exactly what I was thinking. (prefer to see him on sky though lol)


Forget Sky! Support the BBC!!


No chance. The BBC effectively forced me to get Sky, or miss half the races. Why an earth would I support that!

Or Bernie come to that, so much for the promise of always being available on free TV...


No: support Sky.

The BBC gave the contract to broadcast away even though it had years left to run.

What does that suggest about loyalty to the viewers


Ross has hundreds of millions of pounds to go and do what he wants. I expect carting round with the BBC not competing is more boring than he can imagine. I assume Ross would either compete or avoid the circus entirely.


True, Ross Brawn can afford to do what he wants. But so can Eddie Jordan, David Coulthard, Martin Brundle, et al. They still want to be around F1. Maybe Ross doesn't, but until he is asked, we won't know.


Ross has been hugely influential through so many years - with Ferrari (not McLaren as Martin above suggested), Honda, how own team Brawn and the with Mercedes. I remember him on the pitwalls of the early Noughties fighting it out (on track!) with Pat Symonds.

In my opinion he's probably achieved greater success for his teams than anyone else, including Newey. As such, I think he's unlikely to want to move into a broadcaster role - much as we'd all love to have his experience and knowledge about modern F1.

After 20 years flying between 20 or so global destinations for a few fleeting days - every year - to listen to F1 engines, I'm also not surprised he just wants to sit by a lake and enjoy the peace and quiet! 🙂


James...........don't you think this line from Ross "I'm going to take a year to enjoy the fishing and then see what life brings.." suggests he may consider come back after a year, may be in place of Stefano Domenicalli !?


Far fetched but +1


I'm sort of with you Shabee. Ross is a smooth operator and you have to get up early to read between the lines he speaks ...

Perhaps what happened to Schumi changed his mind? Maybe he thought you know what, if something happens to me am I spending enough time with my family and friends? Who knows, maybe he will be a tech advisor to the FIA?

For now I guess we all have to wait.


Sad to see you go Ross but all the best and take care 🙂


It would be a shame for the fans if he retired but understandable. The strategic genius has nothing left to prove.


I don't think anybody can blame Brawn for retiring from the sport for when you have new rules popping up everyday such as the double points rule, it's not difficult to see why.

Yes the politics within the sport has made many brave souls head in the opposite direction because after a while such shenangians begin affecting your health.

Also I believe another reason for Brawn's retirement is due to the fact he shared a special bond with Schumi.

Not only did Schumi say he would only come out of retirement if he was to work with Brawn but both times Schumi retired, Brawn followed.

So yes, I believe Brawn deserves a well earned rest with the grand children for in sport, it's always better to retire whilst still at the top than the other way round.


little to prove indeed...go fishing and chill, mate, you've earned it 😉


Lost a lot of weight?

Healthy loss, or perhaps health related loss?


"Brawn was in relaxed mood and looked very fit."


I'd be pretty relaxed with the better part of a quarter billion in the bank. Good on him. He has earned every one.


In another interview he says healthy - relaxing and lack of stress.


Business travelling, let alone the crazy schedule F1 dictates, brings on a lot of health problems, not least weight. How the drivers do it I'll never know.


They all have personal trainers. D.C. has said he used to work out twice a day.


Bloody hell, now that's commitment! Twice a day every day. Still, pays off when its hot and humid like Malaysia, Hungary and Singapore.


I think it catches up with them in early middle aged (mid 40s) David. Apparently, our Nige has lot some of his hearing and Martin Brundle has a bit of a slight limp that is the legacy of his 1984 Dallas accident. You bang on about the F1 schedule being stupid as well. Bring back F1 back to it's European heartland where travelling only takes a couple of hours.


Yes - because people who don't live in Europe don't want to watch GPs live.... / rollseyes


Sorry, typing error David: I meant to write "You're bang on about, not you bang on about". I do apologise. I've just recently bought a Renault typewriter, damm things keeps going wrong........ha ha


As James says, time will tell how he really feels. It's easy to say now, not long at all into his time of being away from F1, that you're enjoying the time away and have finished with the sport/ But like his old friend Schumacher, he may realise that he misses it and within the next year or two, he may return. He said himself at an interview at the Motorsport Hall Of Fame that anything could happen and "never say never."

I really hope he does come back. I know he's been a big part of Mercedes rise from lowly points scorers and if Mercedes win the title this year then he will have had a big part. But he won't actually be there and instead it'll be Wolf and Lauda being seen. It will be such a shame if Brawn leaves F1 having being forced out instead of departing on a high like a championship win.


I would say that Ross's life now is everyone's dream. And boy this man really deserves it. All I can say is that I wish him to enjoy all the time in retirement and be happy.

P.S sorry english english hope it is understandable.:)


Your English was better than many people who speak English as a first language (including myself) 🙂


Fishing in Scotland can wait. Ross deserves other kind of retirement.He was pushed away at Mercedes with all the changes at the top. This is not the right way to retire for someone like him. If he likes fishing it means he is a patience man. He is wating for the right opportunity to come along


Well said


how about ecclestone's job?


I'd say he'd be a strong candidate when Bernie finally has to exit one way or the other... but will financiers seriously consider anyone other than a sharpie in a suit to push the debt fuelled cash cow that venture capitals like?

God, it's a grubby business is venture capital. Greed, pure and simple.


David, just to clarify, I'm not having a go at all the citizens of the USA, just those greedy sharks in Wall Street and the US government economic policy and strategy which has brought financial hardship to many, including, indirectly, to Formula 1. Hedge funds and venture capitalism epitomes the greed is good ethos of Wall Street, and unfortunately has spread like a disease all over the world. I think it's fair to say it's a very American economic capitalist concept, of take everything you can get your mits on and sod the rest of the human race. Just saying.

Do you know, Mark Hughes of Autosport (and now editor of Motor Sport I believe) has been banging this drum for years about CVC, and how they have ruthlessly taken millions out of the sport we all love, and leaving literally crumbs for the likes of Lotus, Marussia and Sauber. The current fiscal strategy of Formula 1 has to be reformed as it is too iniquitous at the minute: apparently Lotus, Sauber and even mighty McLaren all posted losses in recent years because the distribution of the income rights from F1 is so unbalanced. What F1 needs is for the FIA to stand up for it. And also for the teams to unite as one.......if they can. Doubt it though.

Still, on a brighter note, how is it down in Australia at the moment, David? Can I just say it will be a bit weird not to see Mark on the starting grid in Melbourne. I had a huge amount of respect and admiration for Mark, but more importantly, I liked him too. Mark was a straight talking bloke with no affectations and no hang-ups. Mark was a sportsman of superb integrity and that is very rare these days, and like all great sportsman he always had a serious world view, he had a concern not just for himself but his sport as well. Mark is a credit not just to Australia, but to the queen's commonwealth too. I will miss him. I think Red Bull will miss him as well; Mark was a superb technical adviser and his insightful feedback helped to develop the Bulls over the years into the dominant machines that they were under the V8 era. I beat Adrian will miss that, although I'm sure Daniel will be more than a worthy replacement.

Can I just say as well that Melbourne is one of my favourite races of the year. I think its fair to say there have been more classic races in Melbourne over the years than many of these new Tilke circuits. In terms of drama and action Melbounr is up there with Montreal, Silverstone and Brazil. Flashback to 1997, Jacques being nurfed out by Eddie, and Frenzy chasing DC down until his brakes exploded. Remember 2003, Michael getting pushed out by Kimi and DC winning? Great race. Remember the (literally) crash, bang and wallop events of 2006, 2008 and 2009? Ah, 2009, fairy tale of Melbourne, Jenson, Rubens and Ross claiming an amazing debut 1-2. 2010 was a great race as well, in the wet. Mind you, the fact that Melbourne is a proper street track and the weather can be inclement also helps. Got to hand it to Australia, Melbourne always delivers. Lets hope 2014 is no different!


Well said David. That's why Formula 1, Northern Europe and Australasia needs to protect ourselves from the vulgarity of the Yanks (mainly in Wall Street) and their greedy neo-liberal "pull the ladder up jack" American capitalism with the much more elegitarian social democracy. Having said that, I gather that's exactly Northern Europe and Australasia are trying to do. Not making a political statement here, but Northern European and Australasia nations are the least corrupt countries in the world (the Yanks are one the most corrupt nations in the western world, there's a surprise) and we need to protect our sports, industries and services from the ravages of greedy Yanks. Wholeheartedly agree.


So long and thanks for the memories. A man who owes the sport nothing.


...And now he has abandoned Mercedes AMG 🙁 You will be sorely missed Mr Brawn!

Adrian Newey Jnr

Perhaps you should re-read what caused him to leave and then think about your comment.


Abandoned Mercedes?

I suspect it's more the case of they pushed him away.


Surely they abandoned him?


What a great career- can't see why he'd want the hassle any more, not because he doesn't need the money but because he has nothing to prove. Thanks Ross Brawn.


It is unfortunate that Brawn has had to leave F1 when he could have gone to Mclaren to replace Whitmarsh. Such an excellent talent with great brains would have been useful to Mclaren and especially Button. If you remember their partnership in 2009, it resulted in a dominant season. But, nonetheless, JB is definitely a favourite for this season, he belongs to the all time sporting greats. His greatest accolade so far is beating Hmailton over three years and establishing himself as an elite driver. Vettel and Alonso would do well to be wary of the mighty talent of Jenson Button. In time, he will be ranked alongside legends such as Prost, Schumacher, Senna, Fangio. Leaving the Hamilton fanboys crying as to what could of been for their hero if he had been on par with Button during their Mclaren partnership.



(Rolling Around On The Floor Laughing So Hard I Wee'd A Bit)

There was a snort or two too!!


1000+ hamilton is a driving imbecile, while jenson is without doubt a god blessed with super power driving skills, especially able to drive around no grip issues and , constantly putting the car on the front row of the grid, his 1lap pace is indeed a gift from the racing gods..


mirror mirror on the wall...


And in comes the flood... 😉


Ross would never work at Macca, and categorically would never work with Ronspeak in the same way Big Rob wouldn't. Ross is a straight talking no nonsense character who likes to get stuck into some spade work, muck in with the boys, he's not just a one trick pony. He would also find the Macca environment too clinical and suffocating. Where as Ronspeak needs a whole sentence to express his views, Ross just needs one syllable. That's why Ross and Macca would not work.


Rosberg/Hamilton are the favourites.


"In time, he will be ranked alongside legends such as Prost, Schumacher, Senna, Fangio"

Lol no he won't! But I'm sure he's a nice guy


Ross has done it all in F1, there is no position equal to owning a team while being it's Principle and winning the championship. Then selling the team for megabucks, which he well deserved. What else is there for him? There is nothing in F1 worthy of his attention he has already done it all.

A possibility would be in the FIA, but why subject himself to all the hassle?


And even more impressively, championships with three. Has anybody else managed that?




I really hope that his sabbatical is NOT retirement! I still believe he is one of the best.


It seems the changing times of f1 over the winter and the very real and hard hitting tragedy surrounding his close friend Schumacher has made his mind up indefinitely. Along with this sad event and his dedication as a grandfather it seems as if he's happy to leave f1 behind


Or 1 season with Lewis was all he could take. Brawn likes drivers who are focused and do not have entourages. Ross didn't have to make an appointment to talk to Rosberg and Schumi. I'd go fishing too.


He may have nothing left to prove but Ross' nature is that of a highly competitive individual who might get bored of fishing faster then he thinks. Either he finds himself a new challenging venture to keep him properly occupied, or he'll find himself drawn back to the environment that he knows so well and is able to deliver the thrills.


Let's hope it's "Sir Ross Brawn" really soon. I think he has done more (or at least as much) as many of the other F1 knights.



Has he ever written a book?

I'd like (love) to read his autobiography.

His take on all the crap he took at Benetton and then Ferrari and his self-belief in what he'd built at Honda when they suddenly pulled the plug.

I still can't get my head around Honda bailing just when there guy had cleaned up their mess and put on them on the road to glory. Love to hear Brawn's take on that.


smart move, he had nothing else to achieve.

actually he has, join the FIA and stop this stupid double points rule immediately.


Ross, if you're reading this, I am very, very sad to hear you won't be returning to Formula 1, but I respect your decision, and at the end of the day you've achieved more in one F1 career than most people would in four, so it's understandable. As James has mentioned, Ross is a grandfather times four, so it's understandable Ross wants to be the doting grandparents along with wife Jean. Fair enough..............and yet with Ross, I still have a niggling feeling it's unfinished business. Ross has left the Merc F1 works squad in terrific shape with some shrewd and savvy recruitments, two excellent and motivated drivers, and lots of potential waiting to be fulfilled. I totally respect Ross because, he is one of the few people (along with Pat Symonds) who has taken Adrian to the cleaners. Remember 2001, 2002 and 2004 when Adrian's Macca's were totally humiliated by Ross and Michael and their red dream machine? Thankfully, Pat is back in F1 with Frank which is great, but Ross, don't turn your back fully on F1. I can't imagine Ross working with Ronspeak at Macca: two totally different people, full stop. F1 needs Ross more than Ross needs F1, and thats to give Adrian some decent competition. Nothing against Adrian, but had it not been for Ross we would of have 25 years of total Adrian domination. And of course it was Ross who believed in Jenson at the end of 2008 when Honda pulled the plug, bought the team, and with the help of Merc engines and Rubens, pulled off a WDC for Jenson and constructors championship for Brawn. In my mind, still the greatest real-life fairy tale in F1: from zero's to hero's in just a few months. That's Ross!

So Ross, I know you love fishing, and you have adoring grandchildren, but you also have another family, and that's F1. What's more, I bet your elder grandchildren love hearing the exploits of grand-dad Ross and how he is plotting to stop the big bad Bulls from success! Ha ha! Respect to you Ross, you're a big man with a great heart and a burning competitive instinct. I know you love winnning Ross, so enjoy a few months back, but to quote David Soul: Don't give up on us Ross! Formula 1 needs your competitive spirit!


I personally think Ross will retire as he certainly does not have anything left to prove, furthermore he knows that F1 has become evermore complex, and any future challenge can not be taken lightly, and would be pointless without the massive resource required to win. I daresay we might see him at events from time to time, but I think he will let the younger man continue the struggle.


A truly inspirational Leader and Human Being. I've never met him in person but I do like his presence on tv and the internet.

Shame. It feels like Williams is on the brink of Greatness again. They could do with his experience … However, I do respect his decision.

Could the near loss of Schumacher, a good friend of him, have influenced his decision? Perhaps he feels that his family and friends need him the most right now?


A brillint mind does not stay still for to long

when the fish don't bite, one mind lingers beyond water,and it does not matter what media say Ross Brawn DNA belongs to F1.

Don't be suprise to see him in the red some time soon!


Send him to see ben ainslie. Ross brawm, ben ainslie and aidrian newey going for the americas cup together would be a dream team that might just do it after 150 years


He will stay out of F1 until Bernie is gone....then he will be the new leader of F1!


It was 2009 that Brawn GP won the F1 World Championship. How long will it be until another truly "eponymous" team wins the WC? Will it ever happen again? The last time was 1997 with Jacques Villeneuve taking the driver's title, and Williams the constructors...


His book could have become a bestseller!)

Enjoy the new life Mr. Brawn, it's as interesting as F1 life!!


He has won with Ferrari, Benneton, Brawn, Merc, and Williams didn't he? Making it five teams which he has won Grand Prix with.


In F1 you either retire or get retired. Clearly he was pushed by Mercedes but I can understand feeling like he has done it all and got the t shirt so why bother.


Wish I was Ross Brawn…


Leave the guy alone. He knows what he is doing. 🙂


in a similar vein i too retired at an early age [54] and whilst brawn is 59 that is still young. whilst it sounds ideal, believe me, after the recuperation phase from the relentless travel/business pressures an emptiness arrives.

most high level operators need something all encompassing to fill the void. brawn will also feel this and he will need something fulfilling to engage his interest. fishing? i very much doubt it.

as james noted, money is not what brawn really needs, so i would think that some technical consultancies in a relative field may well suit him. i will watch with much interest to see what happens.


I'm not sure if people are interpreting what Ross said correctly. What he said is when he accepted the invite for the fishing thing, the organisers didn't realise they were onto a scoop. Clearly he accepted the invite before announcing he was leaving Mercedes. That's the scoop. He'll be back at some point. Wait and see.


He said not too long ago that he would go fishing and then see what sort of offer might come around summer time. Why the quick reporting of him being done?


As you say James, Ross has nothing left to prove in F1- not on the technical, racing and team management side. But I find it very interesting that he previously said he would take a year off and then decide - is he just really enjoying his time off so much or is it a case that nothing thrown his way is appealing ??.

If it is the latter I would dearly love to see Ross return as a the leader of the FIA -take the reins from Jean Todt and really drive it into the next decade. I cannot think of anyone who has the strength of character to stand up to the commercial rights holders and come up with bullet proof regulations that are equitable to all parties- no just F1 but any code. I think his experience and knowledge and success at all levels would be invaluable in steering all stakeholders to a common sporting goal.


James, great article. but what a shocking photo! relaxed he does not look...


Ross looks like he's just stepped in a big puddle or something! You know, that feeling, of "oh bother!"



the problem is, he has enough status not to work under anybody - especially under Ron 🙂

On the other hand, he has always most enjoyed the technical side of the sport, not administrative.

And that's the conundrum: he doesn't much like politicking and all the boring duties of a team boss, but that's the only role he can accept with dignity.

So he retired.

The only role I can see him in, is some special strategic group (technology) leader under FIA.


I was just reading a self congratulatory Q&A with Toto Wolff on the F1.com site that left my skin crawling. Wolff's assertion that the position of Team Principal is an anachronism was not only condescending to Ross Brawn but showed ignorance of the distinction between organizational strategic leadership (Board of Directors) and operations leadership (CEO, Team Principal, etc.).

To be losing Ross Brawn to F1 (if his retirement sticks) so early...to this type of faddish structural nonsense...is just frustrating.

I am sure Red Bull has been agonizing about their structural deficiencies in the wake of four consecutive driver and constructor championships. Christian Horner will obviously be the next to go.

I had really looked forward to cheering a Mercedes championship at some point since their return to the sport, and as much as I could enjoy either Rosberg or Hamilton taking the driver's crown, I am just really put off by this bit of business.


Ross Brawn will be back in f1 sooner or later. He is still too young to not do anything. Williams or lotus should go calling to him.


Because Formula One is no longer the pinnacle of motor sports? So makes hectic traveling not worth it for Ross anymore.


He certainly doesn't need to work again, for sure. Whether he comes back or not, he will have my respect forever. Thanks Ross for the Ferrari days and Button's title.


Personally I think we will just have to wait and see. Everybody speculated that he was retiring for good when he left Ferrari and look what happened then! If the right challenge comes along I think he will be tempted, Formula E anyone?


Brawn will buy caterham at years end of the little malaysian guy for $1 and flick it for much more a couple of years down the track.


What about Ross returning to the team where he started his F1 career, Frank? That would be a pleasing circularity!

Valentino from montreal

Ross Brawn thanks Michael Schumacher everyday !



He's a legend in F1 regardless. I wish him the best whatever he wants to do.


Call it denial on my part....but if you were being asked by the press the same question time and time again, you'd rather just lie so they'd get off your back.

I hope we see him back, but equally hope that he deserves his retirement


This is all a cover story! Ron has already hired him but carn't announce it untill the summer! and the reason is Honda!!

Mclaren have a 30hour limit on wind tunnel and CFD use. Honda have no limit. Also Mclaren have to run a 60% model inside the tunnel, Honda can use a full size car.

I bet A MP4/29 is in Japan now or soon for Honda to stick there PU in, as you know an F1 car has no fans, it is cooled by passing through the air. I am sure the Renult PU has done 1000's of hours running on a dyno, stick it in a car with body work around it it is not as good.

I am convinsed Ross is leading a team of Honda engineers running a (or more) wind tunnel 24/7. They will wont to come into the sport with a bang and win. This is why Sam said "we have the biggist budget ever this year" because they have Honda bankrolling next years development. Ross can do this from home going to Japen once a month at the minute then go more often in the summer when every one has forgotten what he is upto. After the summer break Mclaren can announse Ross's appoinment, he downlowds all the data he has gaind onto Mclarens softwhere, the MP4/30 is born. Honda can carry on testing untill the end of the year before they are annoucnsed as a suppler.

The Mclaren will be the best car of 2015, because they can run wind tunnels 24/7 to develop it.


Have a feeling he will reluctantly return at some point to bail out the brackley team when mercedes decide they've had enough in much the same way peter sauber did.


Just two things on this:

1. I'm blaming Merc / Tote Wolff / Niki Lauda for Ross Brawn's exit.

2. When the Kimi to Ferrari rumour began last summer, Ferrari strongly denied it. Turned out to be true not so long after. So never say never to Ross coming back (hopefully to McLaren).


As an ordinary fan I will miss Ross Brawn. He seemed to be a gentleman as well as a brilliant designer and people manager. I don't remember him ever being nasty in interviews when others would be parcelling out blame. He epitomised cal, and I liked him for that. If you really have retired Ross, God bless you. Enjoy you future.


He's out of F1 on enforced gardening leave.

He is full of Mercedes Intellectual Property which if any team got now could bring them forward a year if their own technology is flawed.

Imagine Honda. If they had him now they'd be much stronger for 2015. If they have to wait until end of 2014 / 2015 to get him, the material impact of the car development is minimal for the 2015 season.

The net gain for Mercedes is effectively 2 years!


Having many years involvement with Daimler Benz, the politics would be unbearable and require Ross to leave, Benz bought the Brawn/Honda deal on advice from Norbbet Haug and it was a dud! (as was Haug) Benz would hate being done over and the board would insist Ross be flicked, Niki Lauda being Niki in the background wouldn't have helped. Benz have spared no expense in getting the "right" people to build a new winning team, Ross was never a consideration and wouldn't be consulted on who they hire. Make no mistake Ross got the elbow. The relevance of the new engine formula to marketing will require results and they will be super competitive this year, Ron Dennis knew he wouldn't get the "right" engine hence the Honda for 2015. It's all about the business culture and ain't pretty.

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