Mercedes backed F1 teams likely to block double points move for final three races
Posted By: James Allen  |  04 Feb 2014   |  2:07 pm GMT  |  318 comments

The subject of awarding double points at the end of the F1 season has proved controversial since its introduction at Christmas. As things stand the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix winner will collect 50 points and the driver finishing third will score 30 – more than the winner gets at any other 2014 Grand Prix.

Bernie Ecclestone, whose idea this was, is now pushing for the last three races to be awarded double points, which would require unanimous approval from the teams.

But with the obvious problems faced by Renault powered teams at this early stage of the season – Red Bull in particular – the word among teams backed by Mercedes is that they will block any upgrading of the final three rounds.

A senior figure in one of the customer teams pointed out that “turkeys are hardly likely to vote for Christmas”, while Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff said last week that F1 should listen to its audience – the fans – and take note of the angry reaction to the idea of double points.

Renault has promised a fix for its problems with the new hybrid turbo power train by the next test in Bahrain, but Red Bull is already on the back foot after limited running in Jerez.

It looks set to start the season chasing the Mercedes and Ferrari powered teams and would surely welcome the chance to close the gap in October and November with three double points hauls. So now it’s gone from a novelty idea aimed at hopefully boosting audiences to a political football and there is a strong lobby against.

Red Bull’s record in the final three races of the last five seasons is very strong.

In 2009 Red Bull won the last three races, two for Vettel and one for Webber; in 2010 Vettel won two of the last three races, in 2011 he had already clinched the title by that stage; in 2012 he had a second and a third place; in 2013 he won all the last three races.

Ecclestone meanwhile has come out with the astonishing claim that he pushed through the double points initiative to help Ferrari. He has made public some quotes today suggesting that he told Ferrari’s president he had done it to help his team, because they were not performing,

“He (Ferrari president Luca de Montezemolo) was talking about it and I said: ‘It is very simple why we got that [rule]. It is because you aren’t performing. If you were doing what you should be doing there wouldn’t be any need for it,’ ” Ecclestone is quoted as saying.

“He said: ‘I know, I know.’”

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Double-points for the the last race, for the final 3 races – makes no difference – it’s the last straw for me. After 44 years watching F1, I won’t be watching anymore. Not idle words – I mean it. F1 will die a very quick death if Ecclestone continues on this path.


As I have written on other sites, I’m boycotting watching or attending the farcical Abu Dhabi (spelled it right this time,whatever) race. I would encourage all fans of the sport of Grand Prix racing to do the same.


What this means is that the real championship is decided at the race before Abu Adabi, a race that is now extraneous to any real part of the sport.


Bring back 10 points for a win, then we can compare todays feats with drivers from previous generations. Double points, track watering, medals, DRS, ERS what’s next??? You’ve done lots of good for the sport, made yourself sh*t loads of cash through management via dictatorship…now go away and spend your money and stop stuffing with the sport before it’s too late. Just one more thing – TRADITION that’s important too not just money! money! money!


Will the double points for last race mean it will be more expensive for the teams? As we have it now most teams do not do much to upgrade there cars at the last few races or once they leave Europe. By awarding double points for the last race means that the teams will be upgrading right to the end the current season car instead of how I understand it now most teams are working on the next years car from the mid season or thereabouts? I think yes it would be good for the fans to see true racing right to the end of the season, but there is so much talk about costs at the moment can the smaller teams afford to push on development right through the season?


F1 is the pinnacle of anti-racing.

Button’s double diffuser winning the WDC was the beginning of the end for F1.

It sinks lower each year – greed is driving every decision in F1 now.


Interestingly while it is on radio it is not available on internet radio on your phone! You just get a notice that it is not licenced. works on the laptop but not the phone. That annoyed me as it was a major reason why i got a smartphone


Sorry, post 132 was supposed to be a reply in the post 56 thread. Phone finger trouble I’m afarid


james, it would appear that, ‘prima facie’ there would be approx a 99% rejection of double points/last race, according to the posters here.

on all the many sites that i have visited those figures would be replicated as well. given that the vast majority of your posters are intelligent, well informed followers doesn’t that mean anything to those who are about to make final decisions? i mean, is it all to absolutely no avail? are we all just wasting our time venting about this proposal?

what would it take to get these opinions heard in a meaningful way? sometimes the sheer weight of sentiment gets absolutely nowhere when issues like this come up for discussion.


Maybe a boykott? If 99% reject this stupid rule they should stop watching F1.

I’m done with F1 and so I have completely ditched Sky for next season. I won’t watch a single race. There are other and more serious racing events.

Enough is enough! Bye bye F1…


I haven’t heard one good reason for double points. It may be a grab for cash, but it does nothing for the sport or those who support it.

If Bernie spread the wealth more fairly, teams wouldn’t be strapped for cash and would have no interest in this ridiculous rule.

There’s enough change to absorb this season and already it’s impossible to predict what will happen.

Reliability or lack of is what 2014 will be about.

Double points certainly won’t make it more interesting.


Multiple points for ANY race will help me to decide to ditch my expensive Sky connection, as the whole thing has become a farce – not champions on merit, but ‘entertainment value’. I don’t watch much TV (actually very little other than F1), and those other Sky channels that I might sometimes be interested in mean paying even more. As a follower of F1 for 60 years, I doubt I will lose interest altogether, but some of the recent developments leave me very unenthusiastic. However, I know that I’m not the market that commercial F1 (and Sky) is looking to attract, so I’m wasting time to post this.


no, that is not a waste of time at all. i too have been watching slightly longer than you and i do feel much the same but fortunately where i live we can get all the races in entirety for free so i am not ripped off.

nothing wrong with change but it needs to be for the right reason and the betterment of the series. these cosmetic changes just detract from what should be the main game. real racing.


Actually I would say LESS points Per race ! The massive reward amount of the point spread encourages less competition for the top ,It Creates a ” If I Finish in The Top 10 ” attitude This is all to Qualify for share distribution Of Bernie’s Prize bag at the end of the Year. Award the top 5 Places @ 5,4,3,2,and 1 point Award 1 point For Fastest Race Lap and 1 point for Laps Led. Make A race of it, I am so tired of Gas and Tire management racing @ several Hundred Euros a race Or have I been watching NASCAR ?


LOL it seems that the general idea is that double/ halved points should be awarded by victorious team not by track/race order. 🙂


Dont listen to Bernie hes just talkin rubbish again trying to drum up media attention and create a little fire for the pre season!!. We all know that Luca Di Montezemolo very publically opposed the double points. Bernie just stirring Ferrara and Luca with these comments because Luca has not been all that kind to Bernie of late.

If I were Ferrari or Mercedes I would be a little peeved too because it just buys Renault /Red Bull more time- chances are they probably wont need it anyway.


+1 for no double points.

Bernie lied, he proposed them to bring TV commercials back.


James, is the Mercedes’s nose are legal ? i’ve just seen the pictures of it and the other noses like force india and the others who were using the “finger” style, their tip of the noses are very low compare to the mercedes and the ferrari ones whose nose tip not quite as low. as the rule says the nose tip has to be above the ground maximum of 180mm or so, meanwhile the mercedes one based on pictures i had seen is quite higher than that the rule said


There’s really no need for this, why doesn’t Bernie simply give Ferrari a one lap headstart at all races this season to see if that helps them out?


So it’s not just football that has fixing problems then…


F1 isn’t show business and the sooner Bernie and his clan realise that, the better. It’s about getting to the chequered flag as quickly as possible and that’s what the fans love about it. And why they’ve watched it since it started way back when.

Soon, we’ll have X-Factor style pauses to build post race tension. “And the winner is…………..”.


Gosh!!! 😉

Just imagine: 4 years in a row Red Bull won.

2014, any othe team would be able to win, but with double points at the end (no matter last race or last three races), Red Bull wins again. 😉

That’s the reason why we do not change the rules of a game to have another winner.

Imagine if is Alonso, that is getting second place for many years, and when he would win (just an exercise), Vettel would win again. Do you imagine this??? 😉

Now think about this Murphy Law: “The other line is always served faster”.

Don’t matter if you switch to the other line, the rule does not change. 😉


double points = stupid idea.

why would any race be more important than the other?


There is a phrase that springs to mind when I read these stories about bullshit, mendacity and manouvering. It’s “Bush League”. It is the reason why I eventually stopped watching IndyCar racing in the USA, and it may be the reason why I stop watching Formula 1 some time this year.

All of this nonsense is part of a general desperate set of tactics to paper over the cracks in the Formula 1 business model, which is not sustainable for many teams. At this rate, I doubt that any new team will enter. Why would they want to join a lunatic asylum when they can pull up a free seat outside the entrance and watch from a distance?


Double points runs the risk of turning off the viewing public especially if Red Bull becomes the dominant team in the second half of the season.

I have been following F1 since it started in 1950 (no, I’m not as old as BE or not yet senile) and I’m really against this idea of awarding double points.

Why not consider awarding points for qualifying and for fastest lap? I don’t simply mean one point for pole position or fastest lap but POINTS worth striving for.

Make these points worthwhile and it may stop cars remaining in their garages during final qualifying and encouraging drivers to push for fastest lap during the race.


Bernie needs to retire yesterday. He is a fiddler, he can ‘t leave things alone and often bring F1 into disrepute with his artificial-excitement ideas that leave real fans pulling their hair out.

Bernie: goodbye.


Leave the points alone and allow the drivers to choose two of that seasons results for themselves to be disallowed as was in early years of formular one, this would elimenate dnf’s caused by other drivers for example.


This is what always happened with in go-kart. You drive four final, three of them count towards final score.

This is how most of drivers were brought up.


Great idea, Bernie. Why not just make ALL the races double-points?

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