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Lotus confirm Renault deal for ‘2014 and beyond’
Posted By: Justin Hynes  |  20 Feb 2014   |  12:05 pm GMT  |  17 comments

Lotus this morning confirmed that it will continue to use Renault power for “2014 and beyond”.

“Lotus F1 Team and Renault Sport F1 have enjoyed a successful partnership these past few years and we look forward to continue to build on our relationship and collaboration in 2014 and beyond. It is the beginning of a new era in Formula 1 and we are pleased to embrace it together with Renault Sport F1,” said Lotus CEO Matthew Carter.

The deal, which according to a BBC report is for five seasons, continues a partnership begun when Genii Capital bought a majority stake in the Renault team in 2009 and then following the investment company’s 100% acquisition of the team in 2010.

Renault Sport F1 President Jean-Michel Jalinier added that the announcement had been timed to coincide with the public debut of the E22 this week, though the car had run with the new Renault power unit at a shakedown test in Jerez recently.

“We are pleased to see our partnership officially confirmed as the E22 takes to the track for its first official test,” said Jalinier. “The relationship between Viry and Enstone has gone from strength to strength over the past few years. This is illustrated in no better way than the excellent – and very close – collaboration on the 2014 car, which is more technically complex than any previous designs. We hope this spirit will pay dividends on track this season and going forward into the new F1 technical era.”

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i have no idea why people think the honda engine would be better than the renault one.


I can’t believe nobody has made the obvious jokes yet about “To Infinity (racing) ….. and beyond!”


Anyone know what ended up happening with their deal with Saxo Bank? no logos on the car or driver…


Up to this announcement Lotus had no official engine supplier for this season, could be the present Renault situation eased/facilitated this agreement.


Mr. Allen:

Do we know if the McLaren deal is “exclusive” with Honda and if so how long? Cost per unit would suggest Honda need at least one more team using their Power Unit. Considering the shared development cost, manufacture of the extra units would be almost cost transparent. Don’t think anyone [except Marussia] would object to Caterham going with Honda. Then you could add Williams and each Power Unit would have three teams – each Supplier would have about the same number of units in the field


Apparently they are looking for one, and if they are proven to be good in 2015, teams may transfer for 2016.


It`s seems that redbull could go with Honda in 2015 and advertise Acura on their cars


Next to infiniti or some other way around?


I can’t see Acura and Infiniti being on the same car, but stranger things have happened.


This is pure gamesmanship from Lotus and Renault.

Lotus is trying to convince Renault that it deserves to be given more priority vis-a-vis RBR, while Renault is trying to tell RBR that in Lotus we have someone “truly” committed.

Sadly for RBR, they do not seem to have much option for next year even if Renault does poorly this year.

Maybe Merc’s success this year could be bothering the BMW people enough to want to make a comeback as an engine supplier?

And if Honda fares well next year, that might bother Toyota as well.

Anyway, F1 probably needs a few more engine suppliers to spice up the contest.


Team Enstone has run Renault engines in some sort of capacity since 1995 onwards, so I would of have been surprised if they broke away from their Parisian engine suppliers and signed up with Merc for example.

Also, the design philosophy of Paris and Enstone seems to cognate very well: think back to 2005/2006 of course and even the last couple of years the Lotus-Renault although not dominant has shown a good turn of speed, so its a productive partnership.


Of course they’re going to use Renault power for 2014 and beyond; at this stage it will take them that long just to complete a race distance.

I just hope they got a discount.


I wonder if Lotus contract has a reliability clause if they’re racing at the sharp end and have an engine failure, in terms of potential lost constructors points? I don’t know how modern customer engine deals are worded, but there may be some sense of financial recompense for engine failures.



so, please anybody that have foresee Lotus failure to secure a contract with Renault for the season and beyond, please honestly raise your hand to admit that you couldn’t be more wrong!



We are pleased … as long as you can pay us.


I imagine there are plenty of performance clauses in their contract just like Redbulls.

It will be interesting to see if teams start looking to change power unit supplier towards the end of this season.

The rumblings are that Mercedes have the best power output and ERS system with average cooling requirements and average fuel consumption. Ferrari have less power and less efficient ERS with a low cooling requirement and average fuel consumption. Renault are yet very unknown due to the reliability issues but that their cooling requirement is the highest of the three!

Also their is weight to look at, Mercedes seems to be heavier than Ferrari and Renault as a whole power unit! Mercedes works team admitted it needed to lose a few grams to be on the weight limit as a car plus driver, and it’s not like Lewis or Rosberg are big guys is it?


I understand that Honda are looking to supply a second team in F1. Whether or not they can find one interested, who knows! They may attract a lot of attention at the end of 2015, if they do well.

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