FIA legalises ‘donuts’ for race winners
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Posted By: Justin Hynes  |  17 Feb 2014   |  8:19 pm GMT  |  106 comments

The post-race, wheel-spinning ‘donuts’ that got Sebastian Vettel into hot water with race officials after he secured his fourth world championship title last year have been legalised by the FIA, though only if conducted in a safe manner.

F1’s governing body has published a new set of sporting regulations containing a number of minor modifications, including a rule allowing drivers to celebrate victory in rubber-burning style.

In an addition to article 43.3, which covers end-of-race procedure, the latest sporting regulations state that a winning driver may now “perform an act of celebration” before reaching parc fermé provided that the act is “performed safely and does not endanger other drivers or any officials”, “does not call into question the legality of his car” and “does not delay the podium ceremony”.

Vettel was last year fined €25,000 for performing donuts on the start/finish straight at the Buddh International Circuit following his title triumph. He cheekily repeated the celebration a week later at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix but escaped sanction there by performing the donuts in a run-off area and then driving back to parc fermé.

Elsewhere, the latest version of the sporting regulations also introduces a five-second time penalty for minor infractions. The regulation states that a driver must enter pit lane and stop at his pit box for at least five seconds and then re-join the race. The regulations add that while a car is stationary in pit lane as a result of incurring such a penalty it “may not be worked on until the car has been stationary for five seconds”.

The new rule adds that drivers can elect not to take the penalty in pitlane but can have the five seconds added to his time following the end of the race, provided the driver makes no further pit stop during the race.

The revised rules also include a provision for rookie drivers gaining test miles in pursuit of a Superlicence. From now on a green light must be fitted to the rear of any car being driven by a driver not in possession of a Superlicence. The light must be illuminated at all times the car is on track.


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Actually the new penalty rule is shockingly inconsistent. If you happen to be ready to go to the end of the race, or are due to pit, the penalty is minor. If not, say you arw on lap 4 trying to so a 30 lap stint, it is worse than a drive through because you must pit within 2 laps, this is much much worse than double points and dumb donut rules, i am pulling my hair out!.

Tornillo Amarillo


Rules are rules until they are changed.


Good move, now just scrap double points please.


Kimi. The original donut king!


At lest let’s see if Vettel’s haters can give him credit for this positive change!!!


Crikey, how boring. What next, a Marussia sponsored by Greggs the bakers doing legal donuts(feel free to substitute for your national baking shop chain).

Actually they’d be illegal, unless Marussia won the race. So they’d need the deal in place for Oz then as that’ll be their best shot 😉

As others have said, it’s all a bit stale ‘legalising it’.

Whatever next? Legalising a driver’s overall patch saying ‘Sex Breakfast of Champions’ to the top F1 ‘shagger’ !?


Let’s see …. the last race of the season is now worth double points. Does that mean the winner gets to do two sets of donuts ………?


closing in to nascar circus ?!?!

why not slalom esses ?


I don’t get this donut rule change at all, it seems to have missed the point completely. When Vettel first did it last year in India, he was celebrating winning the WDC, not the race. So I take it if you win the WDC but not the race you still can’t do donuts, right?


So we now have the need to legislate post race celebrations – has F1 gone completely mad. What next, rules to ensure that drivers must “negotiate the circuit at all times with the application of appropriate levels of acceleration/braking/steering lock dependent upon surface conditions”…and so on…


F1 has already regulated most of what you say… its called ‘driving to deltas’.


Given its the FIA, you can bet the donout will not be real… it will be some hydraulic spinning lift, with a smoke machine… the driver will merely press a button, to fake it.

The spin will be controlled so that certain sponsors will get an x amount of TV time.



Doughnuts intended for after a race win will have to be planed before the car leaves the garage for its place on the grid, the amount of fuel needed will have to be added to that of the out-lap + the warm-up lap + the 100kg of lights-to-flag race fuel + the in-lap + the one litre of extractable fuel.

My estimate is the car/s will leave the garage with approx 105/110kg of fuel.

The 100kg of fuel that can be consumed at a maximum flow rate of 100kg/h will have to last a race of approx 90 minutes which means the fuel flow rate during a race will have to average 66kg/h and in a race such as Singapore it will have to average 50kg/h.


that’s cool!


Hope the new rules ban the awful podium interviews. The only time actual questions get asked is when Brundle is up there. All other times are softly softly PR opportunity type questions from Eddie Jordan and the like.


We can only hope, but to be honest I switch off now before they even get to the podium.


with you on this one Matt & Random 79. I only watch the podium at Monza


Great now that teams only have 5 engines year- no one will do it until theyve won the championship- assuming they won the race!..Right rule at the wrong time..FIA do it again !


Great – common sense.

Just one comment

“Vettel was last year fined €25,000 for performing donuts”

Vettel was not fined for the donuts, he was fined for not bringing the car to parc ferme


they just don’t get it do they. they have attempted to completely sanitise what is meant to be a spontaneous emotional display. maybe they should have sue barker come along and make the runner up cry too


Those new rules make sense, fine by me.

Glad they’re also making them complete the in-lap after finish, that’s more fair.


now that it’s legal, it won’t be cool anymore…


I don’t care about the post race celebrations. But I really like the 5 second penalty, which gives the officials the ability to punish a driver in a limited way. Before, the minimum penalty involved at least an additional pit stop or worse. Now, it’s 5 sec. added to a regular pit stop or to the end of the race if there is not further stop.

With the ability to enforce a small penalty for a small violation, perhaps the race director will more frequently punish things like four wheels off the track or forcing a competitor off the track without completely killing the driver’s chances. I like the idea.


Excellent comment Roberto.


OK lets take your example… Fernando cannot get passed Grosjean lap after lap, Grosjean is defending very well…. Now with the new rule all Fernando has to do is go 4 wheels off track and pass… pick up the 5 seconds and sail off into the distance depriving us of Fernando trying his hardest to get passed with Grosjean defending well…instead we will just watch Fernando dissapear… boring… yawn


Corrected FIA headline:

“FIA awards quadruple points for donuts”

sigh. #RIPf1


Hey hey…. it doesn’t specifically say ‘donuts’. It says an ‘act of celebration’, which is even better! Just imagine the possibilities….. I’m hoping for a little impromptu hopping out of the car and air-guitaring, myself.


This is why MotoGP is so cool. Rossi’s celebrations are thing of legend.


James, you’ve overlooked the new rule that regulates when they can take a ….


Shouldn’t that be







Apparently leading spaces are trimmed from comments which completely nuetralised my arc of descent.

Oh well.


I look forward to the post-Melbourne clarification from Charlie Whiting:

“Post-race ‘doughnuts’ must not exceed two continuous, full revolutions of the vehicle and must be restricted to the bounds of a 30ft x 30ft square area measured from the first point of breaking tyre traction. During the ‘doughnut’ phase of the celebration, the use of ERS and DRS is prohibited.

Any driver found in contravention of the above will be subject to a reprimand.”


Hahaha! Funny… But I wouldn’t bet against it becoming a reality before the season is out! 😉


Ho hum. Much rather watching smoke rising off squealing tyres during braking.

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