Domenicali: Raikkonen knows that, for Ferrari, finishing second is a tragedy
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Posted By: James Allen  |  12 Feb 2014   |  7:06 am GMT  |  296 comments

Ferrari boss Stefano Domenicali says that his team has started the new era of hybrid turbo technology “in the right way” and added that in new signing Kimi Raikonnen he has a driver who knows that for Ferrari, “finishing second is a tragedy.”

In an extensive interview with Gazzetta dello Sport today, the 48 year old team principal says that there he is pleased with the way his team has responded to falling short the last few years – he has a photo on his office wall of the 2010 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix debacle which cost Fernando Alonso and Ferrari the world title; a reminder not to get complacent as things can change quickly in F1.

Ferrari’s new engine covered 444 laps of Jerez in the back of the works car, the Sauber and the Marussia, which made a late start and the works car seemed to be able to do the mileage without too many problems.

“In a very different kind of contest from previous years we needed to confirm certain fundamental parameters and we have done that,” said Domenicali. “It is a sign of the robustness of our project which gives us hope. But we must be careful; in terms of performance we haven’t seen anything yet from anyone. We will only know where everyone is after the second Bahrain test.” (22 February – 2 March)

“From a reliability point of view Mercedes has started well, also its customer teams have covered a lot of kilometres.”

As for Red Bull, Domenicali is cautious and refuses “to write off such a powerful adversary” after the team’s extensive reliability problems in the first test in Jerez. “If they have isolated the problem they can make up the lost kilometres,” he said.

On the main talking point around Ferrari this year, the driver pairing that all of Formula 1 is looking forward to seeing in action, Alonso and Raikkonen, the Ferrari boss says that the decision to put them together was “rational, not emotional” and adds that Raikkonen is “extremely motivated and has the experience to manage a difficult championship, such as this year’s will be. He knows how to handle the pressure of driving alongside Alonso and driving for Ferrari, which is always under the spotlight and for whom finishing second is a tragedy.”

(Compared to the last time he was at Ferrari in 2009, Raikkonen “is more mature, more expert, closer to the team. He’s already been to Maranello a lot; he comes he almost every week. He knows what he is capable of. He knows that this is an important challenge for him. He knows what he has to do with a champion like Alonso, with whim he has to work in an integrated way.”

There are a couple of other interesting notes from the interview; responding to Bernie Ecclestone’s comment that the new hybrid formula is “a farce”, Domenicali is cautious on making pronouncements too soon, but interestingly notes that, “we need to be prepared to intervene if the new F1 is losing something in terms of emotional appeal.”

On the controversial new rule to double the points for the final race in Abu Dhabi, Domenicali says that “rules must be respected,” but adds, “If we want to say that this is too artificial, this is true.”

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Raikonen is grossly overestimated, Massa easily beat him in 2008, and only the fight between Hamilton and Alonso (who took the points off each other) gave him the championship. It will be clear this season how superior Alonso is to him this season.


I dont think that it was massa that beat kimi, i think it was kimi who let massa take the best part of the developments for his gain with his non political aproach, that say i think that only Kimi raikkonen or sebastian vettel have the natural speed and mental strenght that you need to beat such complete driver like alonso. Well see what happens this season.


agree that he is a non_political animal. I cant wait for this season to start, Alonso V Kimi would be a treat to watch. i still think, all other things being equal(engines, reialibility etc) i ll put my money on Lewis.


Krischar, I do not think Vettel was gifted the Champioship in 2012. He won the most races that season and proved to be the fastest driver. That’s it. Winning is about speed.


Kimi is the last of the dinosaurs from the seventies. May he give Sebastian and Fernando a run for their money (and Lewis, Jenson, the Nicos, …)


don’t underestimate raikonnens ability to also play the political cards as well. the so called ‘ice man’ image is simply that, an image.

friends of mine in europe who know kimi well frequently say that the kimi one sees in the F! public arena is not the real kimi. raikonnen has been around for a long time now. he is a very smart cookie and the same can be said for alonso. that is why the new season is so alluring. personally i hope that the ferrari is a cracker then maybe we’ll get to see some thrilling action. that is of course if the fuel consumption actually allows them to race!.


You have friends who know kimi well? interesting.


I have just read about Villeneuves comments on artificial racing in F1. He is right about fans losing interest. I probably now only watch a handful of live races and overtaking is now boring. I am not being negative or having a big moan, but I think the sporting aspect of F1 is losing credibility. Best regards.


SD and what ?!?! if Kimi does finish 2 nd !

the same quest to your boss too;

KR was in and out fast not long ago racing for Ferrari ; it’s not 1st time

and KR knows it, lived it


Kimi lost interest after his crown. It seems he rediscovered his interest in F1, though, otherwise he wouldn’t resign with Ferrari as Alonso’s team mate.


Seriously, the only fascinating thing here is what the hell happens inside your head that makes you write this things. Are you simply a troll or its something deeper and far more severe? Not even Val or Sebee make this kind of posts…


Jesus, this was for comment Nº 41 (German Samurai), not for you James!!!


Yeah I’d that a swing and a miss lol…


as there is a limit of fuel they will all be about the same power very soon. its not like they hire idiots. designing and building every component of an f1 car is a bigger deal than making an engine.


Good point. I agree on the full power thing.


Both Ferrari drivers are amongst the best 5 on the grid. Nobody can really tell who is “the best” unless they were all driving identical cars for a whole season.

What we can say is that Kimi is largely unaffected by team politics and just wants to drive the car. He’s developed into a thoughtful pilot capable of bringing the car home in a podium position with real consistency.

Alonso is the consummate politician but everything has to be in his favour and he will get stressed if Kimi beats him regularly..

In the new era I suspect Kimi might be better at adapting his driving style but Alonso will make better use of the pit wall and that may be decisive.

The only certainty is that there will be fireworks at some point in the season ahead and nobody can be sure who will be the winner.

Isn’t that great ?


Kimi is easily discouraged and mentally weak. Look how he fell apart against Massa.

Alonso lags behind Vettel and Hamilton (and Hulkenberg too) in terms of driving ability, but he is a master politician and manipulator.

That being said, if Alonso doesn’t get inside Kimi’s head and all of a sudden Kimi is consistently beating him, Alonso will crack and blame everyone but himself for his failings.

It’s a fascinating battle.



You are false.

the comment, premise, about “… easily discouraged and mentally weak. Look how he fell apart against Massa.” is utterly disproven.


“Alonso lags behind Vettel and Hamilton (and Hulkenberg too) in terms of driving ability, but he is a master politician and manipulator”

Wow what a wit is your post man, you are the wonderland it seems

Lewis himself confessed he is still behind alonso in terms of overall driving ability or performance. you can check this if you can go through archived articles.

As far as Vettel he has had it too easy for years now. Sub-dued team mate and the entire entourage from his team combined with superior machinery what else you expect other than 4 WDC’S from the lad ? Having said that vettel deserves his 4 titles though. Yet he has to prove to the world what he can do with RBR which cannot qualify for Q3. May this 2014 put RBR in it’s usual position pre 2009 (Midfield runners) Then we can see what vettel can do from there.

Hulk is good prospect for future yet to say he is better than alonso is a complete farce. Hulk needs to be compared against the likes of Daniel, Romain, Pastor and rosberg first before he can be even pitted against the pilots of elite class.


“What i meant is vettel has to provide some gritty performances in a lousy car. HE has not been in that scenario yet throughout his career to this point”

So when he was driving the TR does not count? Afterall he was beating others!

“This does not mean he has to win WDC from P11 or P12. Also i have clearly pointed out that vettel deserves his 4 WDC’S yet he has not had tough competiton. Vettel only had to beat webber to win WDC’S for the last 4 seasons, which he has done at will.”

Beating your team mate is the number 1 rule in F1.

Is Webber the only other competitor what of the other drivers its not his prob if other teams fall of the development path. When Vettel wins its the car, when other do its their talent!

“Let RBR come up with 3rd or 4th fastest car for a season atleast (I am sure this will not happen). Then we will see how vettel manages the situation.”

How would you know its the 3rd fastest afterall some people have tried to prove his win in Monza ’08 was in the fastest car.

Why does IRBR need to come up with a dud why not the other teams actually building better cars?


“Yet he has to prove to the world what he can do with RBR which cannot qualify for Q3. May this 2014 put RBR in it’s usual position pre 2009 (Midfield runners) Then we can see what vettel can do from there.”

Name a champion who has won in the same kind of scenario you want Vettel to be in!


At Valencia 2012 Alonso did nothing special.

Performed poorly in qualifying in a strong car (had been quick since Barcelona) so had a bunch of slower cars in front that he was able to gradually overtake.

Benefited from the very fortuitous timing of the safety car.

Vettel was cruising to victory when he had a mechanical problem.

A truly incredible drive that season was Vettel at Abu Dhabi where he came from last to finish 3rd.

Also Brazil 2012 where he came from last with a damaged car to finish 6th in difficult driving conditions and with the pressure of winning a 3rd world championship at stake. Alonso barely finished ahead of Massa.

Don’t forget Brazil 2008 where in a Toro Rosso he finished 4th and ahead of world champion Hamilton!

Fernando "150%" Alonso

Alonso, Valencia, 2012


@ Rockie

What i meant is vettel has to provide some gritty performances in a lousy car. HE has not been in that scenario yet throughout his career to this point

This does not mean he has to win WDC from P11 or P12. Also i have clearly pointed out that vettel deserves his 4 WDC’S yet he has not had tough competiton. Vettel only had to beat webber to win WDC’S for the last 4 seasons, which he has done at will.

Let RBR come up with 3rd or 4th fastest car for a season atleast (I am sure this will not happen). Then we will see how vettel manages the situation.


Agree with most of your comments, but we can’t quantify if Hulky better than Fernando, Kimi et al (or vice versa) because the lad hasn’t been given a Macca or Merc, or Prancing Horse to drive. Yet.

I do rate Hulky very highly. Remember Brazil 2012? Where did that performance come from? If it was a car advantage, why wasn’t Mr Di Resta up there as well? Brazil 2012 was a real stand out performance from Hulky. I agree he’s probably not quite at Fernando’s level yet, but your comparing different drivers who are different ages and at different levels of their career.

Perhaps Ferrari are readying Nico a contract if Fernando doesn’t work out in 2014? Stranger things have happened!


Re Krischar: Fair points. I agree Fernando has spent his peak years in a Prancing Horse that hasn’t been worthy of his talent. No one would deny that.

Having said that, while Ferrari have lacked vision and direction in their design department, Fernando is human and he has made some elementary errors, Monaco 2010 practice just one example. I also think Fernando can be petulant and his temperament lacks the cold, clinical emotionless edge of the likes of Sebastian, Jenson and yes, Hulky.

At the end of the day, Fernando and Ferrari were humiliated in 2011 and 2013 by Bull and Sebastian. Hopefully, Fernando, Kimi and Prancing Horse will not just be third or fourth grid cannon-fodder in 2014. We’ll see!


@ GAz boy

I did not make that comparison between Fernando and hulk. It was my response to the German samurai.

See this is complete farce how on earth a driver like Nico H can be compared with Fernando ? Yes hulkenburg have put in some good performances over the last few seasons like you pointed out. However so did rosberg, Grosjean and Even the likes of Pastor / Daniel.

Yes you are correct about the drivers from different generation and ages.

“Perhaps Ferrari are readying Nico a contract if Fernando doesn’t work out in 2014? Stranger things have happened” ? Does this mean NIco to get the Ferrari drive at the expense of alonso ? If so then it’s hilarious to the say least.

I was for one who believe Fernando should have left the team by 2012 itself. Simply because Ferrari are not interested to win anything WDC or WCC. Ferrari have come jup with poor cars year after year with excuses like wind tunnel correlation, Lack of rear downforce Etc…

Fernando drove a historic and stellar season of this decade in 2012 and lost the WDC by 3 points. Fernando took the fight to RBR with his on track performances. Yet the lackadaisical Ferrari team and lotus drivers have gifted the WDC to vettel in 2012.

Without fernando’s points or performances Ferrari were a laughing stock for the last 4 seasons. When Fernando questioned this in 2013 LDM played the politics game. It does not matter which driver ferrari will hire in the near future unless and until they can come up with better car rather than better excuses they will not win anything. My only worry is Alonso has wasted his peak years and performances with Ferrrari for nothing.


Heavily biased comment. Raikkonen weak? Really? Alonso, two time WDC, managed to finish on the same number of points as his teammate even when his team principal infamously declared: “we are racing Fernando”, finished second in three of the last four seasons, and you rank him behind an unproven quantity such as Hulkenberg? You ‘ve got to be kidding me.


In 2007, Hamilton was leading Alonso in the championship when Alonso tried to blackmail Ron Dennis.

He had been out-driven by his rookie teammate and tried to blackmail the team into sabotaging Hamilton.

To McLaren’s credit they gave him equal equipment for the rest of the season.

He didn’t deserve it.


yes tyemz you are on the money here mate

Lot of heavily biased posts here against Fernando for no reason really.

I do not understand how on earth one can compare a driver like hulk with Fernando ? This is totally beyond insanity


Your first line just made me laugh.


“Kimi is easily discouraged and mentally weak. Look how he fell apart against Massa.”

The most absurd thing I’ve ever read, so how did he beat Montoya and Coulthard??? Kimi didn’t fell apart against Massa, a set of misfortunes and the car suited to Massa went against him in 2008….


@ Brad

“car suited to Massa”

Ok, Kimi beats Massa in 2007 and wins the 2007 WDC with the mercy of Massa – Kimi is great driver.

And when Massa whipped Kimi in 2008 and 2009 until Hungary – car suited to Massa, Ferrari backed up Massa, No front-end grip, Car set-up issues, Reliability concerns.

How much and more excuses left to defend Kimi?

Wake up and accept the reality / facts


Perhaps fell apart against Massa is the wrong terminology. However, in 2008 and 2009 Kimi was a shadow of his former self to the Macca racer from 2003 to 2005, and there were some races – Germany 2008 and Singapore 2009 off the top of my head – where I wondered why he bothered to turn up for work at all.

Kimi is a modern day Carlos Reutemann, a total enigma, perhaps that’s the best analogy.


So if the rumours are true then Alonso is Ferrari’s main man with Raikkonen there to back him up, but if Kimi starts to beat Fernando a little too often then here are some helpful remedies from the friendly guys at RBR:

1: Have Kimi have an unexpected alternator failure.

2: Have Kimi have a slippery clutch off the start line.

3: Swap Fernando’s front wing for Kimi’s front wing.

4: Have Kimi’s ERS fail.

5: Fail to attach one of Kimi’s wheels correctly.

6: Have Kimi’s engine catch fire.

Problem sorted 🙂


@ Random 79

There is no need for any remedies from Lotus team.

Because Ferrari have enough ice creams with them which can be consumed by Kimi when he was humbled by Alonso just to keep his cool.


I’m not sure. Fernando doesn’t like fast team-mates………2007 at Macca springs to mind. We’ll see!


Let the racers race as what I say. Gentlemen, good luck, best man wins.


@ GazBoy

“Fernando doesn’t like fast team-mates” – This is clear myth and drivel. How do we know or conclude he does not want competitive team-mate? yes 2007 was one such scenario where Mclaren promised fernando something which never materialized.

Above all lewis and Fernando have moved from the 2007 Debacle. One cannot really fault lewis nor Alonso for the 2007 issues. Mclaren had lost the plot with team management in 2007. Even Martin Whitmarsh confessed that the situation could have been handled lot better.

Most people just keep tilling 2007 as example just to demean the Legacy or History of Fernando.

I am one for who cannot wait for the season to start annd interested to see how Alonso will carry on himself If ever he encounters a difficult scenario

Personally i am cert that Alonso will not have any issues with kimi being his team-mate.


Random, remember that episode (where Krusty gets cancelled) of the Simpsons with Grandpa’ Simpsons pal singing “Old grey mare ain’t what she used to be?”

Well how about “Old red bull ain’t what she used to be, ain’t what she used to be, ain’t what she used to be………”

Five odd weeks to Melbourne…………


The Red Bull is probably fine, but the thing powering it is certainly not.

Besides, that prancing horse ain’t what it used to be either 😉



At this early stage I’m not too sure of anything, but I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.


I wouldn’t be too sure about that (the Red Bull thing).


“Old red Ferrari she ain’t what she used to be, ain’t what she used to be, ain’t what she used to be………”

On a serious note, agree that the Bull has good aerodynamic potential, but that Regie V6 is so far a lemon.


You also forgot the best remedy of all:

“Multi 12 Kimi! multi 12!”


I honestly believe that this kind of internal sabotage will be stymied by Allison.

Alonso has had his run of the place, ridiculously so, ever since he joined, the result? No victories (WDCs)!

That’s the bottom line – IT DIDN’T WORK!

Thus a new approach.

Since Alonso only stays at teams where he has clear, out right (even ridiculously so) no. one status, he will not be staying in this situation.


What bottomline you talk about here ? So you say the driver who performed poorly and ousted by the team. because he simply could not beat another average pilot in the same car (Worked?)

There is another super talented and fast pilot one who gave every ounce of himself to win the WDC (Does not work?). Simply because Ferrari failed to make the correct strategy call and The lotus drivers have took him out from Belgium and japan 2012 GP.

Hilarious to say the least…


This is from Kimi Fan,

Ferrari above all wouldn’t really want to upset title sponsors “Santander” would they?

Why would you loose that kind of money or strain the relationship with Alonso being#2.

But above all Ferrari has to be win Championships…they haven’t won anything in the last 4 yrs. So Kimi has been brought in the help push their WCC bid.

Looking at their mistakes in 2010 and 2012, they may not want to Alonso to win WDC for whatever the reason i.e how did he loose the title after being so close on 2 occasions….It’s not like he made driving errors….(Just speculating 🙂 )

Some storm brewing behind the scenes…you never when will something explode…


Honestly I think Ferrari would be happy to win a championship with either driver – as you say it’s been a while between drinks for them 🙂 – but if after 4 years of being beaten by Vettel Alonso suddenly finds himself being beaten by Raikkonen then yes, he might just explode.


If Fernando does combust, then at least Ferrari can use that explosion for their ERS………..ha ha!


Forgot radio message

Kimi you shouldnt be faster than Fernando

In Italian, of course


Do not worry Even Jules and charles pic can drive quicker than Kimi

Watch this space. Kimi to ousted for the second time from Ferrari which will end his career.


7: Spike his spaghetti . . .

8: Invade Finland . . . (budget permitting)


Random, Can I add

9. Forget to fill up his fuel tank

10. Drive into the side of him

11. Set his tyre pressures wrongly

12. Get Lewis to drive into the side of him

13. Get him to eat a bit more and put on a bit of weight to compromise his ballast

14. Make him wear DC skintight white jeans

15. Make him wear EJ shirts

16. Get him to listen to Lewis favourite rap music

17. Make him spend a whole day with EJ

No.17 will certainly do the trick!


If he survives 14, 15 and 16 then yes, 17 will certainly finish him off 🙂


8 seems a bit extreme, but whatever gets the job done 🙂


What rumors? There’s nothing more than people reading too much into some offseason quotes.


True, but I can’t see Kimi spending every spare second in the simulator either so we’re back to square one 🙂


Yeah, but it really tells you how much the press hype differs from reality.


Speculation is just a fancy way of saying guessing based on limited information and rumours 😉

And the facts we got? Er…none 😀


Sorry, that’s not accurate enough for me.

Well here’s a fact. Alonso did zero simulator work last season. What a hard working guy! 😀


Hence the “if”.

Besides, at this time of year what else do we have to work with? 😉


Good old supposition………..”well I suppose Fernando is better than Kimi” or “well I suppose Kimi is better than Fernando”

Blah, blah, blah…………..

When the red lights go out in Melbourne, Sepang, Bahrain and Shanghai all the supposition stops, and the drivers will do their talking on the track.

Exactly how it should be!


No, that doesn’t save you. You should’ve used Speculation instead.

How about working with the facts we got? 😀


Haha Random you forgot some important ones:

*Ask Kimi to turn down his engine, never mind if Fernando doesn’t turn down his then AMBUSH,

*Let Domenicali learn to say the “this is silly Fred” line in a more convincing manner.

*Goodluck with the boos when they eventually start coming


He couldn’t be any less convincing than Horner…or Vettel for that matter…

heinzman (fan of: ALO)

Whatever you do Stefano, give the boys a car they can qualify with! Ferrari poles are rarer than a complete shifts in magnetic north


Exactly Superb post Man

Stefano D is not good enough to keep his JOb. Had this been a Football club manager / coach Stefano would have been sacked and would never land any new job for himself.

Time and time again Ferrari come up with more excuses rather than better car. Then Ferrari tried to catch up with RBR which has not happened and will never happen.


Bring it on! Kimi Raikkonen Vs Fernando Alonso Vs Sebastian Vettel Vs Daniel Riciardo Vs Lewis Hamilton Vs Nico Rosberg!!

Bring it ON!! The more the merrier 🙂 Whoever comes out on top, I am sure I would have enjoyed one of the best seasons in Formula 1 🙂


Forgot the McLaren Team Drivers!! What a sin, okay.. special mention!! Watch out for Jenson and Kevin!!

I kinda have a feeling the Magnussen Button battle is gonna also be on center stage!

Three Scandinavians in F1 🙂 Will be awesome!


If Ferrari lets Kimi race to win, they will not finish 2nd this year.


Wow. Almost every week. I hope he isn’t pushing himself too hard.


Obviously i believe Fernando Alonso would have no problem to have a competitive teammate and what happened in McLaren was because of teams immature strategy about choosing number one driver in that intense competition and it should be two time world champion “Fernando Alonso” IMO. I am sure that Fernando Alonso will clear all the doubts that some people still have about having a competitive teammate with his professional treatment.


Yes mate

“Obviously i believe Fernando Alonso would have no problem to have a competitive teammate” – True to the Cert

Very well said, Fernando can handle any pilot as team-mate 2007 is long gone.




That is the saddest line I’ve heard!

Loses makes comments like “Finishing second is a strategy”

With a mindset and comments like that its no surprising Ferrari are as rubbish as they are!

I mean really u don’t hear Horner making comments like that!

I don’t have any belief in Domenicali!

I think his a rubbish leader!

He doesn’t seem particularly bright his not ruthless his not decisive (taking 3 years to fire Massa and to realise they need a new technical director) and lastly all he ever does is makes excuses!

As long as his in charge I pity Ferrari!

True leaders like Ross Brawn are born to win!

“finishing second” isn’t a strategy for them

Either that or he means Raikkonen’s knows he has to finish no2 to Alonso!


no doubt Ferrari have contributed a huge amount to motorsport< but its these kind of arrogent statements that i dont like and makes me keen to see them crushed by Merc and Mclaren.


Ok, maybe I’m missing something in your post (english its not my natural language), but I’d say you misread the title line. It says “tragedy”, not “strategy”…

If this is what happened, you are going to get millions of comments like this one.


This was in response to post 29 by Valentino from montreal.


It’s still very early days with just one test completed with teams testing their reliability alone. Only when teams actually do their race simulations we can come to any conclusion.

I don’t see any between these two champion drivers. Both are very good on Saturdays and Sundays. Yes their sat performance may not seem lighting quick but it’s not slower just that few drivers getting bit more than these two but come raceday both able to get the job done. Both have form issues for Kimi Raikkonen it is the mid-season where he loses the stream whereas for Fernando Alonso it is the end of season.

So with double points for final grandprix, it might play crucial role in their final standing.



A statement tends to be a fact – when you have a large sample size.


Nothing to do with them loosing steam. There are plenty of other technical factors that influence their performance. What you can be sure of drivers like Alonso or Kimi, you give them capable car, they will fight with all the got.


Sure technical factors do influence but what i saw in the past 15 years only two drivers Vettel and M Schumacher able to drive the car to the maximum week after week(example their winning streak). Both Raikkonen and Alonso struggle in that part. Raikkonen is consistent enough to score but in some races he finish outside top 5 and in Alonso’s case i don’t believe he is getting maximum out of car week after week and i strongly believe 2012 is his best.


“Alonso did not show superiority over the new rookie” No he just managed to finish that season on equal points even with the team BOSS declaring “we were not racing Kimi, we were racing Alonso”.


Okay, I have to write a line or two about the team mate comparatives for the announced 2014 Ferrari F1 drivers.

Alonso’s greatest challenge as a driver, aside from the pairing with another top-tiered driver, Hamilton (even though it was Hamilton’s rookie year, people paying attention soon could tell that Hamilton was the real deal, definitely at the conclusion of qualifying for the first race), which was an unmitigated disaster MELTDOWN, by Alonso! Yes, his most direct challenge was Webber, and by my measure, Webber is a strong benchmark, and Alonso was the clear victor, though maybe not so much as Vettel over Webber (which was close to devastating).

Couthard and Webber are comparable.

We do not have enough evidence to make a Grosjean v Massa comparison.

The Kimi v Massa and Alonso v Massa are such different scenarios, and this goes to the central point of comparison between the two of them, since entering F1, that I should like to go to the next point.

Alonso has always insisted upon clear preferential status during his F1 career; when he doesn’t get it, he has imploded.

Kimi has never insisted upon a designated number one status at any team, and thus has not ‘pushed his teammates under’ before they even get to the race track.

Alonso is relentless, and his off-track tactics are obsessive; normally this undermining of the in team adversary has been very successful with management confederacy.

The signal coming from Maranello is that this confederacy is over!

That is the big signal coming from management.

Notwithstanding, Alonso will be relentless.

Unfortunately for him, this tactic will be much less likely to work with Kimi, because of how he operates, then, the weakness in it will result in amplified frustration in the Alonso camp at Ferrari, which will obsessively escalate issues as it becomes more and more obvious that it is not working.

It will be difficult to manage.


Yep true.


Welll said Dean!!


The mistake you make is Alonso was a double world champion then, Hamilton shouldn’t have been close to him at all!


And you forget rookie is always more hungry to prove himself no matter the cost, especially if his name is Lewis.


No matter how hungry a rookie is a rookie and a DWC should not have been shown up like that he was driving like the Rookie in the team!

Fernando "150%" Alonso



Senna defeated Prost too, but that did not impacted Prost as a great driver. Alonso/Prost/Lauda just did not push to the limit, counting probabilities of success vs. death.

Valentino from montreal

No matter how u decide to analyze Ferrari hiring Raikkonen , it’s not hard to come to the conclusion :

The top brass wants a driver who is better than Fernando Alonso …

– if they believed he is the “best” , all they needed to do was hire a quick number 2 , like Webber or a Grosjean .. Somebody who can consistently bring in the points while ..

No , instead , what they did was go and hire their 2007 world champion and make very clear that their ambition is to WIN … If people don’t see that as a clear sign that Ferrari don’t believe 100% in Alonso anymore , I don’t know what is … Raikkonen will out qualify Alonso all year long … He beat all of his previous teammates , very tough ones , starting at McLaren with Coulthard … Alonso did not show superiority over the newly rookie Hamilton , that says a lot … Double world champions ( cough ) don’t trail behind their rookie teammates !

Raikkonen on his day could of given Schumacher a very very hard time , almost as much as Hakkinen !


@Valentino, Massa kicked Kimi’s derriere in 2008 (despite the Brazilian starting that season off in horrible form) and was on his way of doing so again in 2009 prior to his unfortunate accident mid-way through — and don’t go saying Ferrari toyed with the F2008 mid-season to better suit Massa. In 2007 Alonso had a difficult time adjusting to the more shaky Bridgestone tires (vs. the Michelins he used from 2001-2006) which, so happened also suited Hamilton’s driving style better, plus the Spaniard also had to endure a fractious relationship w/ Ron Dennis and McLaren – who probably exerted some effort (subconsciously) to undermine his title campaign – but by season’s end, he still finished within 2 points of winning the title and equal points with his team-mate (despite being ranked lower due to count back). To accomplish all that, given the difficult circumstances, is no mean feat, allied with the personal observation (w/ a hint of bias) that Hamilton was more potent during his rookie years than he is now (I say that since I think, since falling out with his dad, the Brit has inhibited himself by getting distracted with the bling that came with F1 superstardom).

Although, I agree, It’s true Ferrari has lost faith in Alonso, that was evident some 1-2 years ago when Luca was voicing out to the media that Alonso needs to prove himself and win the championship (despite driving superbly in 2010 and 2012)………… albeit simply sidestepping/ignoring the fact that, all that while, Ferrari has not fulfilled its side of the obligation having failed to produce a consistent winning package.


“Raikkonen will out qualify Alonso all year long”

Based on what are you saying that???

On the fact that Kimi was beaten *BY MASSA*???

On the fact that he had a hard time against *GROSGEAN*???

Would you bet your house on what you just said???



Agree with you. it gets my goat when peeps seem to think Kimi is some sort of a racing God (like Lewis ) no comparison. Alonso will subdue him easily, love to see the ‘iceman’ deal with that one.


Alonso was regularly out qualified last year by post accident useless Massa!

How bad is that?!!


why such dramatic emotion?


No emotions here Dean, just facts….


No Val- I would say Montoya was very fast team mate, and even Massa was very fast in 2008.On his day Kimi actually beat Schumacher in his custom Ferrari. On his day Kimi Raikkonen was 2 sec faster than everybody at Spa and 1/2 faster than Alonso at his very best at Monaco!.

Like I said further up- Ferrari are hedging their bets with signing him.. Plain and simple


Hi Elie,

I was looking for post of yours that you could reply to if you chose to. In regards to the engine decisions on running rich and lean, you had me questioning things I had read before and the engineering thermodynamics I did 16 years ago at uni. So I went back to look. 😉

Best power comes from a slightly rich mixture. Injecting more fuel into the combustion chamber cools the resultant mix more, resulting in lower temperatures and that in turn lowers the exhaust gas temperatures.

So to me there are a few trade off with fuel mixture comes from determining how much fuel to use within the fuel limits:

a) richer for a fixed amount of turbo boost brings more engine power in the range the teams will consider at the direct expense of fuel consumption. It also reduces the exhaust gas temperature, reducing the energy available for the turbo to extract.

b) increasing the boost level increases the exhaust gas energy as there will be more air and possibly more fuel going in – either way the turbo will get more energy passing through it. Because there are heat losses in the process, running less boost is probably more efficient thermodynamically, but I’d need to relearn a heap of thermodynamics for that.

The intercooler is another interesting part of the picture. The greater the delta in temperature from the intercooler the denser the air and the more power you can generate. I don’t remember what having more and colder intake air does to the exhaust gas temperature.

The compression ratio or more importantly the expansion ratio, is another trade off. The larger the ratio the less energy for the turbo. Opening the exhaust valves earlier gets chops off the long incremental work gains to instead let the turbo have a go at extracting that energy.

Re Kimi being the fastest in 2003-05, I think Schumacher had him covered. If you look up the drag racing records, Tony Schumacher was easily getting to 500 km/h. Kimi rarely got to 360 km/h. In 2007 Andy Green popped up.

If you gave Kimi a car that handled like an 2003-2005 McLaren I suspect he’d be about the same he was then again. The McLaren was fast partly due to the performance and reliability tradeoffs were very aggressive on cooling and hence the car had a lot of downforce. I don’t think there’s any evidence that 10 years on he’s lost anything at all. People can speculate that he’s fat or unmotivated, but so much of this is about confidence and feel. How can anyone see 0.2-0.3 second over a minute in the first place, and how can you prove that it isn’t something that isn’t compatible with a driver’s style. The Canberra lounge room perspective that I have is that Kimi has a relatively narrow comfort level for one-lap pace compared to Vettel, Alonso and Hamilton. In the race that difference is not apparent. This year we get a direct comparison with Alonso in this year’s cars. For trying to tie that to a well balanced McLaren and a Renault with so much turn-in oversteer that the only way to drive it fast was to force it to understeer is irrelevant. As always the history books are written and fans are free to disagree.

We get bits of info on how driver’s perform, e.g. Kimi in Melbourne in 2013, but we don’t get the full context of what every driver did. Teams generally like to talk up their drivers as the drivers tend to be more emotional than they let on. We can try to judge styles, especially in slow corners, but the car is in the mix too, which make that more complicated. Even statements by drivers like Webber that Alonso and Vettel are in his eyes the best in the field, while potentially more valid than most other opinions, are potentially clouded by friendship and self interest.



Valentino from montreal

Are you still upset over 2003 ? Get over it .

As far as I recall , When Schumacher took the lead in the drivers championship at Canada , he never lost it and did’nt look back … Yes indeed : ))


Kimis mclaren 2003 failed while he led the european gp. He had 2 engine problems & still finished 2nd in the races before Canada- all this in Mclaren mp4-17b chasis-2002. and he lost by how much — YUP 2 pts & 2005 – 16 pts with many engine failures!-he is equal to a triple WDC already. He was then easily the fastest driver on Earth and remains in the top few today.


I don’t think Ferrari could get a quick but subservient second driver. Webber turned them down after all.

I think Kimi was a panic reaction to say to everyone if Alonso does leave for McLaren or Red Bull we will still have a world champion in the line up. Ferrari driving without a WDC seems to terrify them now.


@ Valentino from Montreal

The top brass wants a driver who is better than Fernando Alonso … Is kimi a better pilot than Alonso ? Come on, your notion is joke of the millenium

If kimi is better than Alonso ? Then why Ferrari ousted him at the end of 2009 ? (Now do not come up with santander Drivel as i have seen enough posts already here like that).

Kimi was humbled by Massa and Romain. Because kimi outpaced David means he is not top class pilot by any means. Kimi is not quicker than any of his recent team-mates. The likes of JPM, Massa and Grosjean

Now why Ferrari hired kimi ? Becuase Ferrari have ran out of options. You pointed out webber here. Yes Ferrari Approached webber and prepared a 2 year deal for him to replace massa come the end of 2013. Yet webber’s Repudiation and retirement plans made the move impossible. Not just that Ferrari were interested and approached Mclaren to Hire Jenson as well to replace massa. Jenson confirmed the interest he received from ferrari in 2013. Yet mclaren provided him contract extension and opted to keep jenson. Ferrari did had hulkenburg in mind as well. Yet Ferrari went for kimi because the team knows kimi well and vice versa. Kimi is more solid NO 2 than massa which is why Ferrari hired him. LDM has only approved this however he never liked the reunion of kimi with ferrari. It’s stefano who hired kimi back which makes lot of sense as kimi is consistent enough and finishes in points or poduims more often the massa

As far as 2007 you people keep tilling the topic just to demean Alonso’s history as much as you can. Yet this is a complete failure. Because lewis and Fernando moved on from 2007. Heck Even lewis Confessed alonso is the best pilot out there in F1 umpteen times in front of the media for last few season or years.


Of course Lewis is going to admit “Alonso is best pilot out there”, they were equally matched so he makes himself look good as well. He’s hardly going to say “Alonso isn’t very good and I finished level points with him so I mustn’t be very good either”! Pretty obvious


Sorry but you are as deluded as the people you try to prove wrong. Alonso did not exactly “Vettel” his championships and recently when he had a shot at the titles, he was bested.

But this is why they are the best drivers, win or loose by small margins, cause small margins separate those type of drivers.


wake up call needed!

Quite a few people who follow this sport, at least as much as you, think Kimi will beat Alonso in the same equipment.

But maybe he won’t beat him.

We’ll all get to see how they compare driving under the same mark, in a few weeks.

I look forward to finding out, more than finding out that Kimi beats Alonso; but I think Kimi will beat Alonso; I think it will be fair enough for that to happen.


And yeah I expect all the 3 Scandinavian drivers are gonna beat their team-mates this year!


Yes, a wake up call needed. I am sure Kimi is not gonna spring a surprise on anyone. He will do what is expected of him. Which is, he’s gonna SHUT UP and get his work done and in the process be a Position or 2 higher than Fernando Alonso on the leader board. Be it with a WDC or not.


Have to agree with Val


As much as a Kimi fan I am, I think Kimi will have a tough time qualifying well on today’s tyre specs. He needs a grippy front end to perform over a lap. On 2005 Michelins he had that.


nothing to see that says we won’t have plenty of grip at the front end, compared to the traction at he back end, I believe it is this comparative which is important for the setting-up approach used by Kimi.

I don’t think front end grip issues with the 2014 Ferrari will be an issue for set up and approach for Raikonnen.


But don’t forget the increase in torque, that could be and advantage to him, and Alonso is not precisely the best qualifier either, so at that point they could be very even.


nice post, mate…go iceman 🙂


The media exaggerated certain things about Alonso last year. Don’t pay too much attention into that. If Ferrari didn’t believe in Alonso, they would have sent him home already.


Coulthard a tough teammate? Hardly think so.


“Kimi knows that finishing 2nd is a tragedy for Ferrari”…. gee… and you think, of all people, Fernando does not know that too? Everyone in Formula 1 knows that ending up in 2nd (regardless of who finishes in front of you) is always a tragedy – as Ron Dennis put it, “2nd is the first of the losers”. Problem is Stefano (despite all your tough talk together w/ your boss, Luca), it’s looking more and more like you were the only one(s) who never knew that.


Its so sad, that the only interesting element of F1 remaining is the internal battle between the drivers… this is the last shred of emotion left in F1… every other emotion has been sterilized.

I expect very little of F1, given its rapid decline over the past few years.


I don’t share your vision completely, many people here always say that 80s were one of the best F1 era. Based on what I have four out, in that time the most exiting thing in the second half of that decade was the battle between Senna and Prost basically because the McLaren was by far the best car, I think more dominant that the current RB, and F1 continued, so I don’t know, people like more those internal battles even when this shouldn’t been the focus for this sport as you suggest and I agree with you about that.


It’s only true for ’88-’90 (And ’90 Prost drove Ferrari). What about 1980-1987? You forgot Lauda, Piquet, Mansell (plus Jones and Rosberg)? Yes, that era was the best.


Stefano, Toto says he have a better pair than you have.


That’s getting a bit personal…


Lol.. I was about to say the same thing.


Yeah, do TPs check each other out in the WCs or something???????????????


Ah, you know Formula 1 team leaders Random, they’ll always try and get one over their rivals, even in the trousers department!!!!


Not sure.

I’m also not sure what “better” means in this context: Bigger or just more aesthetically pleasing?


I like the note and tenor of Stephano’s comments about the machinery; truly cautiously optimistic.

Have Ferrari put it altogether again?

It would be good if they have, and turn out to have competitive machinery, because the spotlight will focus on the intense intra-team rivalry.

Alonso has a history of imploding a team if he’s not on top, I wonder what the plan is, if that should happen.

Kimi has a history of keeping his eye on the finish line, even under the most intense circumstances.

In this environment, I like the ice to succeed.

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