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Williams first to reveal the weird noses we will have to learn to love in 2014
Posted By: James Allen  |  23 Jan 2014   |  11:00 am GMT  |  274 comments

There has been a lot of talk about the “ugliness” of the new F1 cars, especially with the “proboscis” noses which the teams have arrived at due to the regulations.

And today Williams revealed its new challenger in all its glory, with the new nose in full display.

It is a very different look from the past and it’s hard to find positives about it. It will be interesting to measure fan reaction to this latest unfortunate move by the sport, but like all changes the initial reaction will probably be the strongest.

As for the car itself and the challenges of 2014, Williams Technical director Pat Symonds said,”F1 is still going to be an aerodynamic formula in 2014. There are some significant changes: the nose is lower than last year and the front wing is narrower, which means the end plates are now more shrouded by the front tyre. The rear wing isn’t as deep as last year and the beam wing below it is no longer permitted, and we’ve also lost the ability to use the exhaust to enhance aero performance.”

* F1 teams and power brokers have left in place the controversial rule awarding double points in the final race. The rule appears in the 2014 F1 Sporting Regulations and after a meeting yesterday in Geneva of the teams, FIA president Jean Todt and Bernie Ecclestone, whose idea it was, there was no move to abandon it, as had been mooted.

Reaction from fans and from many F1 insiders and other GP promoters has been very negative, but despite this, the sport is ploughing on with the idea.

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I guess Vettel won't be the only one giving a one finger salute this year then...


My Ferrari F2002 poster at home is what i show friends when i talk about F1. now coming to 2014, hmm...


1961 Shark noses were the best.


Vettel's car :BS

Barbra Sreisand


I am gobsmacked, why does it have the nose extension?


Its to allow for air to go underneath to help with rear downforce.


The rules dictate the end of the nose must be no higher 185mm to stop cars getting air/protecting the driver in a T-bone crash.

The rules specify the front most section has to have a minimum surface area of 9000mm2 as seen here but this isn't as wide as the rest of the chassis. This narrowing off is to get more airflow under the car creating downforce via the floor.

My thoughts are it doesn't look too bad, better than stepped noses. That said it might look better or worse depending on each cars livery. And other people might have worse looking ideas about the regs too :/


Ahh thanks, I knew the nose had to be lower but didn't realise there was a minimum mm2 surface area - now it makes sense!

We got used to the stepped noses quick enough so I am sure I'll get used to these too. Still ugly though.


Just say it; its a phallus.


Remember the girl who wears the veil from the Duece Bigalow European Gigolo movie...


To conform with the nose height regulations, whilst still keeping as much of the bodywork as high as possible to allow the best possible airflow under the car.


The regulations vs best aero.


OMG!!!!! Its so ugly!! Kill it!!!!!


No No. It's a mammal of some sort giving birth to a baby crocodile.


To be's not as bad as I was expecting.

That front wing still looks pretty wide though??


completely agree. i like it more than the 12 and 13 noses.

Im interested in what the McLaren looks like today tho


One word - Cyrano.


+1 on balance I'd rather this than the stepped nose.


I agree, on both points. I assume Williams have the funding to build a real car and not just create a render?

The car looks fine, if it's 'ugly' it's no more ugly than the sport itself right now (personal opinion).

Aren't the front wings supposed to be more narrow this season?


My point exactly. Way better than the stepping noses. No point blabbering about how ugly it looks. The teams are so used to the raised nose and the airflow effect from it, they really can't get rid of it. So yeah they are finding ways to induce air into that area.


All wrong - it's easy to love. It's formula 1. Been in withdrawals since Interlagos. Only a few months until Melbourne!


Welcome to the minority


Who are the people who make the rules which makes the cars look like this ? they should be named and shamed, why do they do it ? that said if the FW36 is quick then I will be happy.


safety the nose was lowered to reduce the risk of it harpooning a driver


This makes the step-nose look nice


I don't think it's THAT bad to be honest. Could be worse?


I agree.

As with the stepped nose – if it's fast then it's beautiful.


looks like an elephant nose fish 🙂


Oh dear. Not quite as bad as I anticipated but ugly nonetheless. It amazes me that the sport can get these things so wrong. Ugly cars, dull sounding engines. Let's hope the new regs shake up the order at least.


Doesn't look as bad as I feared. Will get used to it as with any other change.


If it goes fast its going to be beautiful isnt it. Im sure others will have aesthetically more balanced solutions- but its not going to be a deal breaker for me. Im a little more curious with the rear wing- because taking away the lower beam wing is a hugh structural challenge on the main wing. I can easily see the rear wings coming off many cars in medium shunts- which cant be good!..I thought that was very unnecessarry in the rules.Im sure the engines will find a good compromise- but I dont like too much compromise in F1.

If these Ant Eater type noses are the norm - I think lotus wont have to change the overal profile of last years E21 too much- maybe a more progressive tapering to the Williams here.. Cant wait to see te rest now!


If the Red car turns out to be the ugliest on the grid, you will describe it as beautiful; I'd bet.


Only if its car no7 maybe!. Ive never been a Ferrari fan even in 2007 when he won.


FYI- fans retaliation to Lotus's cheeky Boullier departure..


Its a combination of the politics and the arrogance at the top -it happens with all the big teams I guess. Tuscany is also home of the greatest voice the world will ever hear -Andrea Borcelli-Dont know what hes sayin- not my style- but by god - he awakens the sole!. As for Ferrari I do respect their history and now they have a few new good people on board lets hope they add an innovative dynamic to the team. I think Allison already mentioned that the F14T was very mature when he joined- but he will make a tremendous impact on its development through 2014 and the continuous calibration of the new wind tunnel to components on the car -something that will be particularly challenging given the new rules limiting wt time.

I think Allison thrived at Lotus because that team is smaller and more dynamic & have a lot of gifted design people within it of which he was definitely one- even now the E22 is quite striking whether you like it or not and its proportons are beautiful- better than Mclaren, or Williams so far. FI looks great without seeing the nose. Lets hope hes not "pinned down" in that corporate culture which is probably partly why he left in the first place! If that No7 does get up- The magnums are on me : ).

As for Eric- I think it will take a while for him to find his feet at either of the big teams. Hes done a tremendous job keeping a relatively close knit team together for 4 years in very trying circumstances ( ive exp it myself). Culturally and personality wise he is a better fit at Ferrari but a successful man can work anywhere if given the scope to do so. Mclaren will be a big challenge and it really depends on how he manages that relationship with Ron and the egos that go with Mclaren. Since its strongly suggested- with Lotus not so subtle tweets (50 shades of grey ref) on Mclaren launch day, you can only hope he brings Mclaren up a notch or 2 and eliminates some of that Corporate snobbery in the process- maybe he will adapt too but lets hope not too much. Cheers


If it's the fastest car on the grid, then we will sing the praises to the beauty of the WDC winning no. 7 Red F14T


Thanks for writing back.

Well... I'm neither pro nor con, but can't help to appreciate their central role in history, here.

I have to admit, while a great white northernite, I lived in Italy, and I love it there, and the people are really great; I love Italy, but Tuscany is one of the best places in the world. So there's that.

I wasn't a big fan of their last dynasty, I think you know why, and I don't want to write any more about it right now.

Ultimately, I guess I feel the same way as you do.

I do think that Allison is the closest rival to Newey, and I guess I hope him to come with some nifty innovation, though he joined late in the 2014 development. And I like his style.

So this:

Do you think it would be better with E.B. at the helm?

And further to E.B. (I know there is an article on it, but while I've got you reading), McLaren?



It made me jump out of my skin 🙂


my heart bleeds. have been following the sport since the early nineties and never seen anything as ugly.

formula 1 = midget wrestling


Lucky you weren't watching during the 70s then!


Ali, I'm with you man. Cars of 06/07/08 were tremendously beautiful. I'm shocked to see what we have now... I can't even show my friends who are not into F1 what I'm watching... I'd rather switch the channels if anyone's around. They'd rather suggest I watch Nat Geo if was looking around for ant eaters...


While this isn't the best looking nose I've ever see, I'll take it over all the walrus tusks, and Viking horns from the era you mention. I found those cars hideous and would even take the 2012 Ferrari whose nose looked like it was made out of Legos over those.


So... 2014 will be like watching twenty, very angry 200mph ant-eaters doing battle during mating season. Perhaps David Attenborough could guest commentate.

In seriousness though, we got used to the 'step-noses' a few years ago, we'll get used to these soon enough. It won't affect my enjoyment of the sport.


We haven't lost a team have we? I make it 11 teams which would mean 22 angry ant-eaters!


I was deliberately excluding Max Chilton, and completely forgot about Esteban Gutierrez. Can you blame me?


From Platypus to ant eaters!


Rather dull sounding and probably slow ant eaters at that 🙂 ... we've seen Indian and English breeds, we're yet to see Italian, Austrian, French and other breeds.


Oh dear I forgot the Swiss. I am so sorry Switzerland.


You mean "Italian, English, English and other Italian and English breeds" right? 😉


Let's hope the rumours are true about Williams carrying Martini sponsorship. A classic Martini livery will go some way towards distracting us from the nose job.


Martini is a classic racing brand, but not sure if the teams can run alcoholic sponsorship nowadays?


no problem with alcoholic sponsorship, it's tobacco that is banned. McLaren have Johnnie Walker as a 'partner'.


What is Johnny Walker doing on the Mclaren, and Kingfisher beer & that scotch doing on the Force India then? There are probably others


King Fisher with Force India

Johnny Walker with McLaren

Are two that immediately come to mind.

Jack Flash (Aust)

Ahhh. Kingfisher Brewery has been on Force India for years (VJ Mallya's company)?? Tobacco advertising is the notable industry outlawed from sponsorship advertising in F1.


Not sure what all the fuss is about. I think it looks quite nice. Certainly an improvement from the ugly stepped noses.

The more worrying thing is the recent announcement that they are going ahead with the stupid double points system for the last race.


+1 on both.

The stepped noses were REALLY ugly. This is a huge improvement.

As for the points ...


IMO, what makes it ugly is not so much the 'ant eater' nose but the massively complex front wing it supports.

I have got so tired of the fact that the only technological advances anyone has been able to write about for the last few years has been this winglet or that vane or this exhaust flow. In 2014, we have new engines and new energy recovery systems, thank goodness, but we still have this ugly and too easily damaged aerodynamic stuff going on at the front.

For next year, can we please consider limiting the number of elements? Two horizontal and two vertical elements per side would be a good start. It would also create some additional space for sponsors...


Yeah I hear you on that one. It seems odd that they are trying to make the cars less about the aerodynamics yet we still have all fiddly fronts ends that are easy to damage.

Also how many times have we seen them damaged in a race yet have no effect on performance. Didn't Massa lose some of the parts once and end up going quicker? Makes you wonder what the point of them is.

I say make 'em uncomplicated and tough so drivers aren't scared of breaking them and can get stuck in!


"I think it looks quite nice."

To each, his own I guess. But, your nice is soo far away from the average nice. 🙂


Ha ha, you haven't seen my girlfriend 😉


I agree, on both points .


Well yes it's desperately ugly, but not any more revolting than most of the stepped noses of 2012.

I think we have come to accept that F1 is so focused on short-term goals these days that it doesn't really care to make itself attractive, appealing or interesting.

On a separate subject, check out the stylized bracket for the fog light, in the back... is it resting in the path of the exhaust gasses? Is this allowed? I do realize the gasses are a lot less energetic this year, due to the turbo, but I thought we saw the last of exhausts having any aero effect...


I think what you're seeing is the "monkey seat" winglet which can't be in the flow of the exhaust because it has to end beyond the center line of the rear wheel which is aft of the winglet.


Can someone remind if all these recent rule changes pertaining to the nose related to safety?


Yes. The idea is that if everyone has a high nose, then if a car T-bones another car, the one who strikes might 'fly' over the car being stricken, possibly decapitating the stricken driver...


So now they might submarine under the other car so just shifting the danger from one car to another



It's just a question of which if the two drivers gets decapitated...


Yep - the lower nose is to mitigate against cars being launched into the air during a crash.


I believe the reduction in nose height was for safety. The resulting anteater nose is the result of the teams attempting to circumvent the new rules and achieve the maximum aero benefit. Which, to be fair is the designers/engineers job.


Yes... It's to reduce the risk to a driver being t-boned by another car. Previously, the noses were almost at the same height as the driver's head.


Yeah the lowered nose was the prevent 'spearing' from the ever increasing nose heights. It was a partial fudge the past few years bringing it lower and lower.

The problem is the FIA didn't specify the nose 'width' and so we get these little anteater noses to fulfil the eventual nose height but still giving airflow under the nose to feed the required downforce effect.

Apparently the Williams solution isn't even the most extreme and there are some real 'double-baggers' coming out for 2014...yikes...


Honestly, what's so bad about it!


Other than it looking like an unhappy proboscis monkey that has just had its bottom smacked with an ugly stick?


Dear Lord....


It would have been nice to have seen the car from the side, but the nose reminds me of the Mclaren round a bout 2005/2006 with the later being not having a piece sculpted out at the front.


Yep, reminds me of the 2006 Mclaren with a phallus on its nosecone too


Its kind of vague, will see the whole real car to conculde.

As of now humm..


Very beautiful nose. Is f1 trying to destroy itself? Again.


This is where we need Jordan style 'animal nose' livery, to let the shape live up to its true anteater potential...

Looks fairly unsightly, but then most changes do. I'm sure the design will soften/evolve over the next few seasons, or else we'll all just get used to it. I didn't think the '09-'13 cars were particularly attractive either, so it's more of the same for me.


Surely it would be a beaky Eagle, with its wings wrapped around the sidepods, and its tail on the rear wing? 😉


Wearing heavily branded clothing, no less! 😀


As a person who works in the automotive industry as a designer, this is disturbing! The nose of the Formula 1 is the face of the car, the real image element along with it's livery.

The way the rules are structured in regard to resolving the nose over the last few seasons first with the step nose and now with the ant eater. I don't think it would hurt to get a consultant in to show the rule makers an initial image on how they will look. Then adjust regulations accordingly.

Obviously right now these people making the decisions are not taking the aesthetics into consideration. Formula 1 now more than ever is about image/marketing as much as the racing. I doubt audiences (especially younger) would want a picture of a current F1 car up on their wall if it looked like this!


Exactly, that is where the young audience gets the taste for formula 1, or cars in general.

I still have a poster of the Ferrari F40 on my bedroom wall at my parents house, long before i understood anything technical about it. Not to mention that my dad's wallpaper is the Ford Stewart from 1997. I think that says allot about the designs in recent years. The cars today compared to the monsters from 2004 or 2008 make people thing the sport is really going through a tough time and can't afford carbon fiber, let alone designers. They fail to see that we actually look at the cars and not the grid girls...


I see enough of the cars during the race, so more than a cursory glance at the grid girls is easy to enjoy.


Just paint the extension black and the rest in a bright color and you'll hardly notice the ugly appendix.


At least the change had bought some interest back in to F1. The nose is ugly to say the least. Lets hope we get one nice looking car.


The best looking car will be the slowest - usually the case.


Awful...looks like an alien indeed


Looks like alain prost.


Not the prettiest, but looks ok. Better than those awful stepped noses.


They must have seen this coming? Why couldn't they all just get together and agree to a minimum nose width?!


What if the teams don't want a minimum width for performance reasons? I imagine that, if the teams had a say, they wouldn't have a low nose at all. But safety must prevail..


Because the teams designers vetoed it on the grounds that they've got so used to feeding the airflow under the car, this would ruin their solutions.

It used to be said that a good looking car was usually the fastest, I think we've seen the past few years that you can make uglies go like the clappers. It's so counter-intuitive!


Very ugly, will be interesting to see if the car manufacturer owned teams take this approach as it could be viewed as brand damaging to field such a monstrosity.


They will all have this - trust me. Last time Mclaren was the only team without the ugly 'step' - half a dozen races later they saw the competitive light and added the step...


It's the front wings I find ugly, all those planes/winglets everywhere.

The CGI image released by Williams, and the colour, doesn't do the new nose design any favours either. True judgement can only be done when we see the actual cars.

Even uglier, is the news that double points for the last race is here to stay - madness.


Think someone better call Dr.Newey stat! Emergency plastic surgery required!


His car won't look any better


....It will just go faster


Newey said months ago that the noses will be ugly, so form follows function.

However I'm sure he'd be willing to make other teams more attractive for them. 😉


Double points at final round and now ridiculous nose. What a joke!

I'll witness a better motorsport spectacal at my local kart track. Maximum commitment every lap, no tyre conservation, no fuel conservation, just 11 tenths commitment, thats pure racing!!

Im loosing interest in f1 circus


110% sounds more impressive.


I have been watching F1 now since 94, and if this is what is to come over the next few weeks as all the teams unwrap their new machines, with strange "UGLY" noses, my feelings are so what.

In the past 20 years there has been all kinds of "UGLY" cars from time to time, but it just becomes the normal until the next big change and everyone is up in arms once again.

If the sport is about fashion, then let the teams sit down with the FIA and make sure the rules allow beautiful cars to be made, and if that doesn't happen what are the teams meant to do?

So stop worrying about the cars looking like sharks, walrus's or a hedgehog, and enjoy watching the fastest machines going around great tracks all over the world.

Here's to hoping 2014, does mix up the grid a bit, well for a least a couple of months until "Red Bull" raise to the top again.

(Ps I am not a fan of Red Bull at all…)


Hear hear.


Meh, I'm sure the more I see it the more I will get used to it.

Unlike the weird-looking small rear tail wing which really DOES look awful.


We've gone from the platypus, to the duck!


Yeah but don't bet on it turning into a swan any time soon.


Apparently there is a precedent for this happening. Here is the link to the report:



Well except for the very tip of the nose, I think the sloped profile looks better than the straight noses we've had the last several years. Is there a reason for the odd tip though?


That's my question. Does it help the car cut through the air more efficiently? Force air under the chassis to the floor for extra down force?

Putting the safety issue of lowered nosed to one side, what's the point of the point?


Basically you can think of it just as a 2012 stepped nose, only sideways.

The reason is that the regulations state that the nose must be a minimum width, but only up to a certain point. From there it only has to meet the standards for the crash tests which means it can be thinner, which means that the teams think they can gain an aero advantage, and as soon as the teams hear the words "aero advantage" it's all but inevitable.


Awful! Such a pity that the rule writters do not care about the look of these mean machines. For the past couple of years it seems they intentionally try to take away the beauty these cars can have. One would've thought they have learned from the "step-nose" regulations and they would've make sure this would not happen again.

Such a shame!


Good, though, that the rule makers are concerned about driver safety, which is why the lower nose was introduced. Don't blame the rule makers, they probably had something like BGP001 in mind. If anyone, blame the aerodynamicists, who are trying to make the car as fast as possible - which is kind of what it's all about.


Yeah, but the rule makers are designers too, I'd imagine. They would know the noses would be ugly with the rules as they are. They could've added another rule to state that the noses have to be a minimum of 250 mm wide or whatever they used to be last year. This would prevent the narrow nose we see on the Williams car.


I'd imagine that the rule makers didn't foresee what the designers were going to do.


Apparently James Allison predicted this would happen:

'Ferrari technical director James Allison said at a meeting last year that unattractive 'anteater'-style noses would be the result as teams attempted to satisfy the dimensional requirements of the rules but also find as much aerodynamic performance as possible.

But sources say Allison's suggestions were dismissed, with his rival technical chiefs saying it would not happen.' - from the BBC.


It's not as bad as everyone was making out. 2012 cars were worse.


You forgot the F 🙂

Fernando "150%" Alonso

A deal wth this Top Gear "sponsor" will be perfect!


Good times 🙂

I wouldn't mind seeing a few of the other Top Gear sponsors from over the years on the cars 🙂


Looks horrible.


If the platypus nose was ugly, this is hideous! It just looks wrong, even inclined to stamp a 18 certificate for F1 shows from now on.


LOL!!! This one looks like an alligator. I think the duck nose is uglier.


Stepped noses positively stunning in comparison!


Doesn't look that bad at all!


Just fit 2008 noses.


Don't whats so challenging about it... From the side Force India does look very similar to 08 F1 cars... can't they stick the same noses as well....


Sorta looks like a used condom.. Here's hoping this williams can stick it to RB!


So if Williams are more in the points than expected, their performance status would be less of a Dark Horse, and more of a Trojan?


Mirror my thoughts man... this is the most active I've been in comments section this the inception of this site, thanks to these appalling noses... Lord!!!


^^^ this! This is the name that should stick. Used condom aero ftw!


I can't say I like it, but it isn't any worse (and in some ways better) than the ugly steps of the last year or two.

Is anyone able to explain why the noses end up like this? I have had a read of various sources, but baffling me a bit!

Tom Haythornthwaite

Yes - I remember having to ask a similar question when stepped noses came in: what are the actual rules that have made this necessary?


The nose has been given a maximum height to lower it so that it won't spear another driver in an accident.


Nose height went from 565mm off the ground to that long snout has to be there now to make sure the nose of the car is only 185mm off the ground.

Im guessing this is the easiest way to comply with the rules without it being to detrimental to the aero....I think


Narrow tip allows more air to get under the nose and be channeled under the car, while still meeting height regulations and crash tests.


The old adage "if it looks right, it probably is right" clearly no longer applies in F1

McLaren were rightfully commended for not following everyone else with a stepped nose but look where that got them !

Certainly some changes in the rules are necessary to get back some element of style in the design of the cars.

If things get really desperate perhaps some constructors points need to be awarded for design and style !


Best looking car of 2012 and at least a match for the Bulls for half the year. Very fast car-- such a shame the team f/d up badly


McLaren could have won it in 2012 WITHOUT a stepped nose. They threw it away.

That proves its possible to be fast and pretty in F1.


McLaren's 2012 car was great and was the looker of the field too - it was their operational errors that cost them that season.


"McLaren were rightfully commended for not following everyone else with a stepped nose but look where that got them"

It got them (arguably) the fastest car in 2012.

Let's hope history repeats.


Not to bad.

I think they look healthy and would prefer calling the new nose design probiotic!


The brand new Felipe-Baby Cradle.

Hope it has 'good balance'.


It looks... different? It doesn't even look that bad I don't think, albeit rather bizarre.


You know what? I actually don't hate it that much. It is "OK" I think. Change is something we just have to get used to. What matters is the performance.


I think the new William's car is visually attractive from the 3 images I have viewed. The narrowed nose is elegantly blended with the bodywork behind and certainly looks purposeful. The narrower front wing in combination with the lower nose-tip is far less obtrusive than last-years version and is far less incongruous - aesthetically the car looks far better balanced.

The so-called “proboscis” nose is far better looking that the ungainly stepped-noses we saw last year on many cars.

But, as they say, 'beauty is as beauty does, so let's wait and see the cars in action.

Roll-on the start in Australia - it can't come quick enough.


ps. The Goodwood Festival of Speed tickets are selling much faster this year than ever before - so if you want to go to this amazing event on the 26-29/06/14 don't wait too long to get your tickets ordered - . If you have never been it will amaze you. As a lucky GRRC Member we go for all 4 days & still don't manage to see everything!


Oh no...


Whoever came up with the regulation that lead to pretty F1 cards looking like anteaters should be shot first thing in the morning.


You'd think that after the ugliness of the stepped noses that the regulation writers would have made 100% sure that this sort of thing couldn't happen again. This is an utter, complete fail. An embarrassing scandal we should call Nosegate.


Looks like an anteater!


You would think that after the stepped noses of 2012 the FIA would have learned to write the regulations a little more carefully.

Yes, I did just use the terms "FIA" and "learned" in the same sentence.


No more revolting than the exhaust sounds of the new turbo engines. That is going to take some getting used to...


Am definitely in the loving it camp, totally didn't expect this.

I guess the step noses with it's giant mouths were the bottom and now we're slowly climbing up the ladder.

Only issue is that front wing looks rather complex and delicate hence should any piece fall off, I guess the wrong car may get disrupted.

Also I would have loved to the rear wing to be much wider and shorter.

All in all, in the beauty stakes, 2014 is looking like a contender for a podium at least.

Well done to all


I'm not really fussed by the nose, similarly the reaction to the stepped fronts of the past couple of years was a bit odd in my opinion. You don't really notice the difference on TV, I tend to think the key thing is having good close racing and if the cars are pretty then it's a bonus.


It's not as bad as I was expecting. I would love to know what era people thought the cars look good. I think late 90's. The mclaren in 99' was good looking.


Welcome the first Echidna-nosed f1 car. In all seriousness though it is better than the flacid phallus that so many have suggested is the optimum approach. But I will still be laughing when a car rear ends another (Yep, I am still that juvenile!) while wondering about the effect on a nose to rear tyre impact. Will it lead to a breakage? I remain hopeful that tomorrow McLaren will reveal their car with a return to their old low nose that was so successful.


Never mind the regulations, I just figured out why it has a nose like that.

Interviewer: Nice to meet you FW36.

FW36: Nice to meet you too.

Interviewer: So, how do you rate your chances in 2014?

FW36: I'm going to win the championship!



Ha, ha. Wonder if it's made of wood as well!

I just wanna be a real F1 car 😉

(Sorry, I actually really hope the Williams is in the mix this year)


Don't worry, I'm wishing them the best of luck too 🙂


Holy moly, that is awful.

Would it of been that hard for all these intelligent designers and rule makers to have come up with a revised wording that created something a bit more elegant? Just widening the minimum cross section would of helped. As it is it just looks like some kind of sex toy appendage that's been stuck on for a laugh!


Gimmicky double points, anteater noses, lawnmower engines. Are they puposely trying to kill F1??


WOW...based on all these comments, I felt compelled to throw my bit in...The FIA changed their requirements for F1 based on Safety first, blown exhaust stuff? and making the sport greener and more relevant to modern road that is correct or not is now irrelevant.

The smartest minds in the world regarding racing have had mostly 2 years worth of study in this regard...and this is their solution...not to make the cars look good, but to make them go as fast as possible...nice one. F1 car design is not about looking good or marketing...winning will sort that out naturally all by itself.

This car is gorgeous...front end and all. It's the stuff we can't see will be their worst enemy, especially at the start of the season. I truly hope that the guys at the back will catch up the midfield and make the racing fun...last season was like watching 2 separate categories.

There are really only 2 issues for this season that require discussion. the weight of the car and driver, so real people can race, and not really small people...not fair...and of course the point thing at the end of the season.


Cant wait for the first rear end shunt off the season, so James can say Massa's fallis went right up "insert name" single exit pipe!!


Lol..yes!..Im also curious to see how easily that unbraced rear wing breaks off. Crazy for them to eliminate the beam wing from the regs.


Given a set of regulations teams will always go for what they believe is the quickest solution, and of course it is easy to see that it is all about maximising air flow under the car. The regulations dictate the height to be very low for safety reasons so it follows that they will try to pare away as much of the nose as possible to get back some of that lost air. The result is a very small cross section at the nose which possibly will be contrary to the safety aspect.


The platypus is dead! Long live the anteater!


Somehow seems appropriate that Team Willy is the first to go public with the photos.


I thought it would lokk discusting, but it's rather OK. Not so much to complain about.


Come on, It's not that bad. As long as we get close racing who cares what the cars look like, Its not like we are going to be parking one on our drive!


Is it just me or does no one remember the MP4-19? It ran terribly but it was a cool looking car.


Is it so hard for the rule makers to make add simple rule when they made the low nose rule which I like, that the nose width can't change?


There is a "beam wing" right near the floor of the car where the rear wing end plates attach.


the double points saga epitomises what is wrong with f1. i'm over the ecclestone dictatorship.


I agree with those saying it isn't as bad as feared. That said, the tip looks so flimsy, like it would just break off at the slightest contact and is there to satisfy the rules rather than contribute to the safety of the car.


And the absence of the beam wing makes it look somewhat empty at the back too, not that anyone will find that unsightly.


Just more proof positive that more government is never the answer.


Plan to NOT watch the last race


Redbull gives its drivers wings -- All Williams need to do is give there drivers balls!!

All joking aside I love the New look - then again I likes the walrus look!!! Here's to a great season


How i yearn for the pre-2010 design. The cars looked so beautiful compared to what we've had off late. Just when i thought there could be nothing uglier than the stepped nosed cars, here comes the anteaters !


having seen one other teams mock up nose picture, it looks like all cars will look like this, last years noses may have looked prettier (to some) but they were more like 200 mph spears, that were deemed to aid the cars riding over and indeed taking off (Mark Webber) dropping the nose was the only solution, just looke at some of the new road car designs, new Fiesta, new Mini all have a more bullbose front end, it's the price of mdern day safety it seems


I love it! Hopefully we'll have lots of different solutions from different teams. It's a bit weird looking but I like weird looking. It'll be beautiful if it's fast...


It looks fine to me! The delicate mounting brackets and heavy looking winglets on each side look like a mega front wing replacement bill looming for them all this year.

I'm more excited about F1 this year than for a long time as there's every chance there could be some surprises.......not only driver wise but teams / cars as well. Bring it on 🙂


Ah well, could be worse. And as other teams reveal their designs, it might well be! But hey, after a couple of races, I doubt anyone will be too bothered. After all, it's only now that people are talking about stepped noses again, everyone seemed to get used to those pretty quickly. Or maybe those complainers stopped following F1 as they threaten to do every time there's a change (or Der Seb wins another race)and thus, the complaints diminish... Hahaha!

It is what it is, people. Just as it has always been. Radical change and subsequent development is (a large) part of the game. Otherwise, the grid would be full of Tipo 158 clones... 😉


Less ugly than the silly stepped nose, though it still looks like a probe, the nose of an anteater.

I am more worried about the sound of the engine than the looks of the nose.


It doesn't look too bad from the side but from the front... what a minger.

We've had ugly/weird cars in F1 before and survived. After a few races, we'll hardly notice.

Remember when the wide "duck bill" front wings made an appearance a few years ago? We soon got over it because they ALL looked like that. The same will happen here.

I still can't believe that the double-points thing is real, though. That is the biggest joke - it's even worse that the sprinklers idea.

But why double points? Why not half the points at all other races apart from the last one?

Oh, wait, I know... more loverly $$$ for the FIA in increased entry fees for 2015 (as they are based on points scored in the previous season). Dirty trick from FIA to fleece teams of even more cash.

Even after all this tosh, I'll still be watching. Sigh.


I don't understand why there it appears that aesthetics are not considered in the technical regulations. Sponsors pay millions to have their logos on the cars, and fans pay their hard earned money to watch it on tv/in person. This season there will be an unnecessary irritant that we will have to avoid; the obvious distraction of these obnoxious, almost phallic, noses.


(Sighs and stares wistfully at an image of the 1988 McLaren MP4/4)


It is strange to me reading all of the reactive comments about the appearance of the cars this year, from, what I assume to be, a community which understands racing, in general, and formula one in particular!?!

What a bunch of whiners!

To me, the car that goes the fastest looks great.

I hope for great beauty from the Red car, by the end of the first race in 2014 and thereafter.


I'm very concerned about the latest round of rule making from the FIA. I thought they wanted to fix the ugly stepped noses but have come up with something just as bad. That said, the look of the cars doesn't bother me half as much as this double points finale.

F1 is moving clearly into entertainment rather than sport. With moronic ideas like this, it is just one long advert for the car manufacturers. Let's not kid ourselves, this is not a sport anymore. Bernie has come up with some quite ridiculous ideas over the last 5 years, one wonders why so many large companies are happy to go with insane ideas by one man who is quite clearly out of touch with the fan base.

I wonder if Gregg Dyke could ever wield so much power in the FA to be able to push through double points for the final match of the season.

F1 has lost the plot. You can't compare any achievements by past drivers to the current generation due to the enormous changes to core rules of the sport. At least in Football all time points records, wins per season and number of titles are still records to be revered. We have to be honest that these days you simply can't make any comparison with what Vettel is doing compared to Prost or even a driver as recent as Schumacher.

It is with a heavy heart that I feel this will be my last season as an F1 fan. I have been a die hard fan for 20 years (relatively new compared to some) but the sport is unrecognisable. This current formula goes against everything that Formula One was supposed to stand for.


not ugly at all! the livery could've done with some creativity.


With noses looking like gentleman parts Formula 1 cars finally got their masculine look back... sort of.


On that 'front', it still looks a little droopy. maybe sponsorships from StiffyTabs and BonerPills will help?


Not even a first time winner will want to kiss his car at the end of the race.


Well, considering the front wing is black; if you paint the ugly protusion the same colour of the wing, somehow trying to make them blend, our eyes won't be drawn to it and we'll forget it's even there.

Kind of what Ferrari did last season with the lower part of their car with the white and black stripes.


With reservoir tip


Yeah stepped nose was better looking kinda tecky but this one... can you panel it , dont think so! We'll get use to it. Any info on the engine front ? The injection story?


The stepped noses were way more ugly.


Actually this new nose is not bad at all compared to the

McLaren MP4/10,

Tyrrell 025,

McLaren, Mercedes SLR,

Michael jackson's post plastic surgery 😉 We'll have to wait and see what the other team came up with but Williams' design is quite neat. A crap nose job did not prevent people to love Michael Jackson!


At least the rules have not also forced the teams into a 'nostrils' solution.


dont put it near an elephant seal with a nose like that I hate to think what the offspring could be


DRS, double points, driving to deltas and sinfully ugly cars. F1 has a spectacular ability to make a mockery of itself.


bring Flavio back to F1, otherwise it will degrade very soon


To be honest the high noses of the past were the ugliest thing ever. This to me is much better, only the extention part seems ugly. Hope the order will be shaken up this year


They have now taken this sport to new depths is sliding down hill so fast


Positives: The nose is droopy and smooth

Negatives: The many planes, vanes, levels, floors, angles, plates of the front wing.

If they wanted to reduce dependence on Aero and level the playing field, specify fixed single plane front wings. And then the nose might look ugly! Geez.


And mandate a flat bottom for the entire length of the car.


It is not as bad as i thought. But I still wish we had noses like the one's we saw in 2004 and 2005. I understand the need for the teams to get air through that part of the nose. So it's okay.

I almost puked when I saw the 2009 cars for the first time. But hey, we all got used to it pretty soon. Formula 1 as it is has to come up with crazy and ugly cars! This has been going on for decades.

Does not change anything.


Coz 09-13 cars were a lot better aesthetically than this ridiculous varmint looking creature...


I still miss the low noses we saw up until '96...


And the rear wing looks incomplete. There are supposed to be 2 vertical beams that support the wing structure with the exhaust pipe ideally coming out of the middle of them. I don't see it in this picture...


Cause it ani't there.. They will use a mini-beam wing near the floor...


I'm waiting for the livery that most cleverly incorporates the new noses. Perhaps that should be a competition amongst us fans?

James, perhaps a little friendly poking fun, no pun intended, at the new cars? A little photoshop / paintshop competition? Winner gets a years supply of their favorite sausage?


I would argue that most b-class rally cars are butt ugly, and yet we consider them some of the most bad-a** cars ever to walk the earth. I'm just saying that if the competition is there, or if they had 1000+ hp, we wouldn't / won't care.


I never hated the stepped noses on the last generation of car. I thought they actually looked weaponized. This latest version? I don't think it does anything to detract from looking at the car. It is a new area of interest certainly, but why should these cars look the same year after year after year.

I am hoping that the rumours of teams coming up with a variety of solutions is true. I do miss the times when there was real distinctions between car designs.

The one thing I have been loving about F1 cars the last few years is how lean and muscular they have looked. The long, sculpted bodies ripple with purpose compared to some of the relatively stubby and tubby looking cars from the past.

Based on the first two releases so far (FI and Williams) the livery departments have been doing a good job over the winter too.

Can't wait to see the cars on track:-)


The side profile is good. What is the purpose of the appendage though? Not keen on the colour although it could simply be for demonstration purposes. The idealised Martini make-up looks good (that is another website). Hopefully the car is quick and Massa, Bottas and the team make good use of it. Thoughts are still with Michael Schumacher and his family. Sad way to start the year for him, his family and his fans. Long live the king.




everyone hates the new points system and they're going ahead with it, self interest rather than logic couldn't be any clearer.


it looks like it's trying to sniff something on the floor


Wonder if anyone is concerned about a possible t-bone accident with the pointy noses? Smaller surface area, greater force 'n all that.

Very rare but say a car has braking issues, hops a kerb and hits the side of another at a chicaine. Was thinking of Sato's Jordan and Heidfeld at the A1 ring but it may have been a spin rear into side crash.

Good on Williams for releasing pics with proper 2014 nose though. I bet we also see some crazy front wings attempting to get air round the tyres. Can't wait to see actual photos of the 2014 cars and to see if someone comes up with a more beautiful solution.

Alexander Supertramp

Ridiculous..I was prepared for something ugly, never imagined this,wow. F1 cars are/were not only the fastest cars, but also the most beautiful ones. Another step that can lead to the lost of charm in F1.


To be honest James I would say let's not be too hasty in our opinion making. Let's sell all the cars, with their proper livery, give them a few races, and then make an informed opinion. I remember when the new aero regs cars were unveiled in 2009 and I thought the cars look bloated and overblown; however I was watching the Brawn the other day on the BBC website and was gasping at its beauty and elegance. All I would say to everyone is that first impressions can be very misleading!


That is because recent standard for beauty is rather appalling in F1, hence the Brawn looked classy.

Anyway it's a total fake, most lift offs during the collision happen due to various tyre contacts. The nose does not matter, it will be fall off upon greater force upon it, also the reason why crash test conducted without it.


Yes, totally agree with your comments. I think Jenson had a stipulation in his contract that said if won the 2009 WDC he could keep one of the Brawn chassis, which he has. Lovely looking car. I also think the purity of the colour scheme helped as well.


Can I just add James, that looks are subjective, lap times are definitive. Remember the 1979 Ferrari 312 T4? God, that creation was a wart with two axles, but it still finished 1-2 in the drivers championship and scooped the constuctors title. You know what teams think James; don't give a toss about looks, all we care about it competitiveness!


James, just on the subject of championship points; as F1 already decides 2 championships - WDC & constructors - using the same set of results, how about JAonF1 running an unofficial 3rd championship, called say, the Team Championship, purely for fun? The proposal is for a strategic 'championship' which would require the good will and participation of all the teams. It would work along these lines:

# If only 1 driver scores points then he is allocated his points as normal.

# However, if both drivers score points then the team (principal) may nominate that either both drivers are allocated their own points as normal, or instead, nominate one driver (either one) to keep his own points, again, as normal, but rather than the second driver also being allocated his own points, those points are instead subtracted from the points total of any driver from another team, as nominated by the team principal.

# The points total of a driver who has had points docked can never fall below zero.

# I suggest the nomination/allocation of points should happen sequentially with the driver's totals being updated before the next team make their nominations. This, for me, means the greater strategic advantage lies with nominating last. So for added interest, rather than the teams nominating in reverse race or championship order, reverse qualifying order - using the team's lowest placed driver - should be used instead.

# Once a driver has been nominated to have his own points docked from another driver then for every subsequent race of the season in which he finishes 7th to 10th, he only receives half points. These may then be added or docked as described above. The intention behind this rule is to discourage teams who regularly finish in the lower points-scoring positions from having too great an influence at the top-end of the table.

# The points for finishing 10th to 1st are, respectively, 2(or 1*), 4(or 2), 8(or 4), 10(or 5), 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 30. *See above.

As always, what may seem like a good idea in theory, may be proven by others to be unworkable rubbish.

But if you don't ask, you don't get. Or something like that.


Sounds ridiculously complicated to me


I'll take your word for that; he lost me at point #2 🙂


lol I was considering either responding with "Sounds ridiculously complicated to me", or "You lost me at point 2". Great teamwork 😀

Seriously. It actually gave me a headache trying to follow what was being suggested!


Have you ever considered a career with the FIA? 🙂

unF1nnished business

Not really sure what part of the new rules forces this type of design but if it wasn't for the nose-extension it would actually be a nice looking car!


FiA in association with FOM


"Aliens.F1 Trilogy"


Once a car starts winning regularly it will be cool no matter how it looks.


U can say that for Scuderia... 🙂


If the powers that be would revert back to 'wide track' cars then the mechanical grip would be greatly increase and less need for complex areo that stops drivers following closely lap after lap, combine it with wider tyres too and then the need to drive the most air possible under the car is reduced and less chance if ugly cars.


Yes would love to see wider track cars again. At least we got slicks back.


I love tech changes as it really shows off engineering talent which is one of the reasons I follow F1. However, I wish they factored in aesthetics as not only should the cars be the pinnacle of motor racing they should be the pinnacle of sensory appeal as well.

On the double points fiasco. This is a complete and utter farce. F1 is a sporting competition and allowing one event to weigh more then others certainly doesn't lend itself to being taken seriously.

Although, it's not like F1 is worried about their core fans. With the untenable costs of the sport spiralling out of control they've been moving away from their core market for a while and chasing the money and now the causal fan who might not care a whit about asymmetric points or goofy looking cars.


They should make the nose extension mandatory painted black. Just curve the main body colour into a nice nose shape and no one will notice!


I am sure I read somewhere that Williams were seeking sponsorship from the firm that makes Viagra!!!!!!


It's not pretty, but it's not as bad as I imagined either.

The local tv station runs programs about F1 drivers and events from the past regularly and I think I've seen better contenders for ugliest F1 cars in them.

That 6 wheeled thing has got to go close.

Robert in San Diego

Not too bad. I foresee a bunch of noses being lost in early laps.


Well that's one solution 🙂


The nose reminds me of a creature from the Alien movies!


It's looks fine and anyway who cares what it looks like, the big unknown is, will it be fast and reliable.

Anyway all I want is 20 racing cars swapping places throughout a Grand Prix. For elegance and beauty I wouldn't go to a motor race.

Best of luck to all at Williams F1.


The 2014 F1 car looks very similar to 2004 F1 car. If the regulation allowed the designers to come out with slightly wider in the nose region it would have been very close to 2006 Mclaren. Overall the car is ok. Just hope regulations gives very close racing. If the top 3 teams get the car with in .200 sec of each other. Let the drivers do the talking who ever pushes to the limits of the car to get pole and more intriguing race pace fingers crossed.


The nose sort of reminds me of this..


Yep 🙂


Full frontal nudity!


Double points, ugly cars, endurance style regulations - I am not paying to watch F1 in 2014. I am just gonna come to James Allen F1 to read all the tears about another boring season.


Streaming for past two years. As you mentioned, it's not worth paying to watch the Pirelli & Co. circus.

But still need to cheer for fav driver! 🙂


C'mon people, F1 cars have been ugly for a very long time. Last year's, with that huge front wing and the high nose were probably the ugliest ever.

I personally think the best looking F1 cars were the mid 50's and then the 1967 - 1968 cars, before the wings got out of control.


EVERY car in 2014 is going to look like this by the way - it was flagged publicly in autosport by multiple designers before last season even finished.... Prepare yourselves


I think it looks good. It looks aerodynamic, aggressive . It looks like a racing car more so than the last generation of cars imo.

Pity they never went with the low profile tyres.


As already mentioned above, this condom nose opens up a lot of PR/sponsorship possilibities: Durex McLaren Honda, etc.. You can even paint the nose as one giant condom, à la Jordan shark nose circa 1998 (I think). From this, you can get Playboy or other funny companies involved in F1 sponsorship, drivers doing bondage sessions in Japan in preparation for the Grand Prix, a more explicit James Hunt movie perhaps?

Dunno, geniuses who came up with this set of idiotic rules will probably get a promotion - as it normally happens.

Deez iz schlock, rubbish instead of professional racing.

Probably won't look too shocking in real life when you're in the grandstands, mais donc, it is a terrible design. I'd rather go with IndyCar or WSR type of racing cars; feel sorry for F1 drivers - now everyone will be poking fun at them for driving a condom on wheels.


Well not nearly as bad as expected, though I'll reserve judgement until I see real photos of all the cars soon.

Compared to the fat stepped nosed monstrosity of the Red Bull on the header of this site above, it looks better.


I don't think it's that bad. Though I feel a more tapered nose like one of Neweys Mclarens would look better. Definitely not as bad as the stepped noses.

Either way, if the racing is good, I don't think many will be thinking about the aesthetics. I know I won't be 🙂


I've read some of the comments and am amazed at the way so many people are so critical of the frontal treatment of the Williams! Personally, I find it quite acceptable. I've never really liked the trend towards the high noses that the drivers could barely see over and that probably contributed to many of the front end contact accidents that kept occuring and stuffing people's races, and they were also level with the drivers' neck, and in a "T bone" situation who knows what might've happened! Anyway I'm looking forward to the racing, and following the technical developements as the season progresses.



The most attractive thing about an F1 car is what it is capable of.

I hope Team Willy finally have a good one.


It's frustrating how F1 is so out of touch with the fans on issues like this, probably too late to change the regs now

Too reactive instead of proactive!


Let's see ....... New cars that are downright ugly. New engines (or whatever they call them now) that will likely reduce a lot of the "audio atmosphere" of F1. Idiotic double points for the last race. Tires that degrade so fast that tire management has replaced racing as the key to winning. Yes, that's F1 as it is today. I think I'll see what else is on tv ........


I think the problem is that you have thick nose, thick nose, and then skinny nose. If you look at the 2007 Mclaren, it had a nose that slowly became skinnier as you got to the front.


Much better than the stepped nose, bit tinnie winnie though. But I don't think all will look like Williams, others I'm guessing will be more like Brawn GP?. As usual we'll get used to it once the races begin. Am just hoping for closer racing this season, will it happen? I think and hope so.


Did you know that both Ferrari and Lambo used by Justin Bieber in the street race that ultimately sent him to jail belongs to Felipe Massa?


The 2020 regs will be no driver, remote control from the pits via the sim.


Some have commented on the Formula Phallic look. Others are more aero-anteater antagonists. Still others with very blurry internet connections seem to like it.

To me, the new Williams looks like an ugly nose with blue snot dripping, drooping and drooling onto the front embarrassment section of the car.

I would hope that the FIA, FOM and teams would be embarrassed by this pathetic regulation. They all knew months ago how hideous it would be. It's a direct result of trying to preserve maximum aero for the high tub. Dozens of better ways to regulate safer noses without sticking these pointy carbon fiber snouts into our eyes for an entire season.

There is just too much money in F1 for it to be bothered being embarrassed about anything. However, as a lifetime F1 fan, I'm very embarrassed today, to mention that I'm a fan of this snot-nosed series. Time for me to find another series that can package design art and performance with a smattering of common sense in sporting regulations. Is that asking so much?


Everybody is commenting on the look of the 2014 F1 cars but I think the biggest loss will be the sound of normally aspirated power units. I appreciate Turbo engines are manufacturer preferred , but not in F1


I wonder if we'll see a new 'tactic' in driving. With this shape there could be a few friendly pushes of the car infront on lap 1, perhaps without any front wing damage.

Intentional or not it could alter the outcome of these light brushes, thinking Alonso on Vettel at the start of Malaysia. With this nose it may have just been a few scratches but no wing loss for Fernando and an oversteer moment for Seb.


I'm fighting the urge to run up to it with a tissue and shout, blow!


Yawn, looks like an F1 car to me.

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