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Silent vigil in red as Schumacher greets his 45th birthday in a coma
Posted By: James Allen  |  03 Jan 2014   |  9:39 am GMT  |  104 comments

Michael Schumacher today greets his 45th birthday coupled to a life support machine at the CHU Hospital in Grenoble.

Outside the hospital a silent vigil has been organised by Ferrari, the team with whom he won 72 Grands Prix and 5 world championships. Beginning at 11am local time, fans and club members attending the vigil are being encouraged to dress in red and bring flags.

The vigil will bring together Ferrari club members from France and Italy in particular.

Ferrari’s Renato Bisignani told the BBC that the vigil would be “a sign of our closeness to Michael Schumacher, done in a very respectful way”

He added: “This is all about our fans and we will make sure we remain sensitive at this difficult time for Michael Schumacher.”

Messages of support are being posted all the time by fans and former colleagues on social media.

Schumacher is now coming up to 120 hours after sustaining his head injury in a skiing accident on Sunday morning. Medical experts commenting in the media this week have indicated that normally in this kind of accident, 96 hours after the impact is the crucial milestone to pass through to reduce the threat of danger to life. After that the threat to life normally reduces significantly.

But the bulletins from the hospital this week have insisted that caution is required. A second operation was necessary on Monday night to reduce the pressure in his brain and although Schumacher is putting up a dogged fight, he remains “stable but critical” in the eyes of the doctors treating him. Schumacher’s manager, former journalist Sabine Kehm, has said that there will only be updates when there is something new to report.

Once they are satisfied that the risk to life has reduced, the next thing to look out for is doctors deciding to lessen the sedation keeping him in a coma, to bring him out of it. After that they will hope that at some point in the next two weeks he will wake up and they will then be able to monitor his brain for signs of damage.

Further problems arise if the patient does not wake up within three weeks, according to medical experts monitoring the case.

A statement issued by Schumacher’s family said: “We all know he is a fighter and will not give up.”

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No update for quite awhile. Thats probably not positive


James, I just noticed you posted a screen shot of Tweets from Rubens and Felipe.

Perhaps in the future you’ll consider simply embedding the actual tweets themselves into the body of your blog posts (using the code Twitter makes conveniently available w/ each tweet’s ‘details’) so that those of us who use the service could “favorite” and “retweet” the messages from directly w/in your blog, w/o having to go off-site and manually search for that which you’ve taken a screencap of… Please?


great news! I suspected the family had seen him out of coma when they started saying he is a fighter all of a sudden.



All the best for your birthday on 3/1/2014. Wishing you a speedy and full recovery.


I appreciate the information you are continuing to provide on Michael’s progress. Thankyou


Just seen this on the telegraph website. Unconfirmed it seems but a great sign. Win 92 in sight!



When Senna had his accident, I was shocked and saddened- when I heard the news about Michael, I literally felt ill. I’m a few yrs younger than him and always felt a kinship and deep respect for him and all he has accomplished. Sure he is controversial but all greats are. Yet He has also always struck me as an affable guy that would be privilege to call a friend and share the odd late night cigar!

In terms of a fitting tribute for fans, Ferrari and Merc should have joined together to pay tribute to Michael – ie -wear red and/or silver. Rushing to do it alone does more damage to Ferraris reputation.

No matter the team color, we are all united in wishing Michael a full recovery.


Must be such a sad time for you, James. I know you wrote that book on Michael, so I’m guessing you got to know him really well. Thoughts and prayers are with you and his family and friends.


(Thank you for this forum James.)

A very sad time for the Schumacher family and our thoughts are with all of you.

My family sends our best wishes to Michael, Corinna, Gina-Maria & Mick. Find your strength in each other – and keep your faith for a speedy recovery for this incredibly strong and resilient man.

– Tim & Jayne Stanfield

Kelowna – British Columbia, Canada


The last time we witnessed truly great racing was with Michael Schumacher and Ferrari…

Since then, I’ve only seen flashes of skill from Hamilton and Alonso…

Everything else is just totally forgetable…

Thanks for the ride Michael…


one more fight buddy…one more.


Suhumi 92!!! Come on!!


Happy birthday Michael. Fingers crossed for you and your family, I hope you have a speedy and full recovery, if only to see how much you mean to the world at large. Also kudos to the Ferrari club, what a touching gesture.


Happy Birthday !!! Forza Schumi !!! Get well soon Bambino D’ Oro!


Happy birthday Michael.



Happy Birthday Michael Schumacher!

We all know that you are one of the strongest fighter of all. God bless you for a speedy recovery!


You always did suit red the best…

Happy Birthday Schumi!

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Keep up the fight!


Hope Michael comes through this and is soon back to full health! Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery!


Happy Birthday to the greatest. Ferrari remember who dragged them out of the weeds.


Best wishes to Michael and his family, our thoughts are will you all at this difficult time.

Gods speed for a speedy and complete recovery.

Best wishes

Mike P and family.


Cmon Schumi. You can do it. Happy 45th.


Still today it seems absurd, like it could not have happened to him. It is really sad.


It is a lesson to all of us, make the most of life because you never know what is around the corner


was that not schumacher was doing? the secret is knowing when to give it all and when to hold back.


macca man, you wouldn’t know what the secret is if it hit you on your right cornea.
why would you want to be so insulting to someone who you don’t know and who had made no personal references to you? i know that those reports of him being out of coma were rejected by his family and doctors. i reacted to it because that’s what i and millions of people around the world want to hear.


The secret Aveli is to know when to log off and shut your trap. Schumacher is in a coma fighting for his life and you’re jabbering on about the sincerity of Ferrari’s support. And stop suggesting that he is no longer in a coma. The doctors have not made that statement and they know a hell of a lot more than you do.


philosophical JA!. can’t be more correct.

indeed a lesson.


Happy 45th B-day Michael! Wishing you speedy recovery and getting your 92nd win – the most important win in your career!

Valentino from montreal

Happy Birthday Michael , we love you …


Happy Birthday Michael!

Get well quickly.


In times like these when you think multi-billion dollar companies have no soul, Ferrari proves us wrong yet again. Their heart-warming gesture by arranging a vigil, and today’s press statement that “Michael will forever remain a part of Ferrari family. And Ferrari’s heart beats for Michael” goes to show why Ferrari is very,very special.

They stood behind Massa after his injury. And despite his stellar failures for 3 long years, Ferrari pledged their support to Massa and nursed him as he gained strength.

Its been nearly 5 years since Michael left Scuderia. And almost 7 years since he last raced for them. But yet Ferrari’s undying loyalty and support for their former driver proves why Ferrari will forever remain no.1 in the hearts of Tifosi. When Michael recovers, and i’m sure he will, i hope he rejoins his beloved Ferrari once again. Forza Schumi and Forza Ferrari !


I am not a Ferrari fan, but hats off to the Scuderia for this. I cannot see anything cynical behind it, they did what the Tifosi felt was right.

Congratulations to all the Ferrari fans for supporting such an action, and best wishes for Schumi, his recovery will be his 92nd victory.


There are always two ways to look at something like this, but the charitable read on it is to say that they co-ordinated a show of solidarity and an outpouring of support for their former champion. Why not?

Ferrari is emotion. The two are synonymous


nothing wrong with showing support for schumacher but it’s out of order to ask people to wear red.


plus one, well said



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