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McLaren presents new F1 challenger but no word on team management changes
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Posted By: James Allen  |  24 Jan 2014   |  1:24 pm GMT  |  164 comments

McLaren revealed its MP4/29 2014 car online at noon today, with a handful of photos of the car shot in the boulevard at the technical centre in Woking but no accompanying soundtrack from the team about the upheaval that has taken place in the management.

With speculation rife that Eric Boullier, who quit Lotus this week, will be the new team principal at McLaren, the team did not go into any details.

Boullier served under former McLaren team principal Martin Whitmarsh as deputy chairman of the F1 Teams’ Association and the Frenchman is hotly tipped to replace him in his day job, following the coup last week by former boss Ron Dennis.

Neither Whitmarsh nor Dennis is quoted in the team’s statement about the car today, only Managing director Jonathan Neale and Sporting Director Sam Michael as well as the drivers.

The new McLaren retains its silver colour scheme, which has been the default colour of McLarens since 1997. It has the striking low nose, or snout, as is the vogue this year with the new regulations.

The last time Turbo engines were in F1 in the late 1980s, McLaren dominated completely and it will be hoping that the new challenger the MP4/29 takes them back to the front of the grid after a spectacular fall from grace last season. The team failed to register a podium finish for the first time since 1980. Honda, the other half of that dominant 1980s partnership, is waiting in the wings to return next season. So despite the short-term upheaval this winter, the medium term looks positive for the team.

“We have responded to the disappointment of our 2013 season by pragmatically framing our approach to the technical challenge, ” said the team statement. “The new MP4-29, revealed today, is a sensible and calculated response to the new regulations.”

Jenson Button, starting his fifth season with the team, and rookie Kevin Magnussen will pilot the car this year, with Stoffel Vandoorne as reserve driver.

“We want to get back to the front, ” said Button. “We want to have a better season than we did in 2013, too. But it’s really difficult to accurately predict anything right now – these are such huge changes that they’ll have a massive impact on the competitive order, so we need to wait and just see how things shake out.

“It’s part of the job of a Formula 1 driver (to deal with massive regulation changes). I’ve spent my whole career jumping from different specification cars – I’ve driven V10s, V8s, I’ve raced on grooved tyres, on slicks, with KERS, with DRS, with traction control, without it, with refueling, without it. I’m still here!

“Obviously, there’s a period of adaption, but the way I drive – working upwards to find the grip level, rather than working downwards – has always made it quite a seamless transition. As a driver, it’s just an exciting time. I’m really looking forward to it.

“I think this formula is too big, and too complex, for a single team to feel secure about getting everything right and quickly establishing an advantage.”

The car was presented with its sponsors’ logos in place, but the absence of the Vodafone branding is noticeable. McLaren has not replaced them yet with another title sponsor.

Analysis of the car – insofar as its possible from photos alone – and the thoughts of JA on F1 Technical adviser Mark Gillan will follow.

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Krishna Kishor Bhat

Should a Lotus run into McLaren, we would have a great coming together…


The comments are heading toward what can be read underneath YouTube videos. You need to keep a tighter reign James, because they are becoming more difficult to read due to the sheer number of comments.

You have the best F1 blog, let’s maintain the quality.


The sacking of Whitmarsh has come a bit too late, this man has utterly destroyed McLaren right at its core! Never in the history of human endeavour has such mediocrity been tolerated for such a long time.


Its not going to look like this in Australia, dangle a minnow and see which big fish bite….


I’m liking the fact that teams are taking a completely different direction on aerodynamics. The FIAT (F14T) nose seems a little odd from a wanting to encourage under chassis air flow so i wonder if this is really the noise they plan to use come the first race. I think all in F1 will hope Lotus have a good car this year. They deserve better.


the car itself looks nice but that nose!!! OMG what were FIA thinking with the new rules??? bad looking cars, weird sounding engines (at least from the samples I’ve heard) are not adding to the F1 spectacle. We need the cars to look nice and I will miss the ear-splitting scream of the V8s…


They’ve gone back to push-rod front suspension, while Ferrari has stuck with pull-rod.



This car needs to be good this year. Thank God they’ve gone back to push rod front suspension. Pull rod is technically inferior and is, in my opinion, why mclaren and ferrari struggled last year. Go mclaren.


This year is going to rock 😀 Finally Mclaren are back.


When I first read about Eric Boullier to McLaren I thought it was a real coup for Ron Dennis and credit to him (I was actually sceptical when Ron came back into the F1 fold last week).

Eric has been an integral part of Lotus in the last few years and helped them run as a very efficient racing unit. However, let’s not also forget that Lotus have always had that DNA of hard-wired racers in their set-up, and their efficiency does pre-date Boullier joining (think back to their glory days as Benetton and Renault with Schumacher and Alonso). Therefore there is, for me, on further reflection a risk to look at him as a saviour for McLaren when, in reality, a boss may only be as good as the system he works under. McLaren are a much bigger team with a corresponding matrix management system (I think the main crux is that two senior engineers focus on one year’s cars, and the other two ‘overlap’ them to focus on the next year’s) and maybe such a system will be hard for Eric to run as efficiently as the Lotus team were.

In a sense this may be a crunch issue for McLaren; is the problem with the system being fundamentally incompatible with GP racing or is it with the team principal not getting the best out of the system? You’d think it’s more likely to be the latter than the former (and tbf in some years they weren’t far away from winning titles), but the Boullier signing could be an important acid test of this hypothesis.


no hype, no talk. That`s a good idea from Mclaren because they really need a solid season. Magnussen looks very quick and will keep Button on his toes. I don’t think Boullier is the answer, he lost Raikkionen to Ferrari and hasn’t really don’t anything impressive. Maybe he`s an interim leader?


how unusual, after all this time and the problem seems to be solved. as for the new designs, what were they, the FIA, collectively smoking, when they made the decision to alter the rules?


still testing again and again


How any design team could look at that and say “alright boys we’ve got it” is beyond me… just so bad it is comical, frankly it looks like a penis.

Also headshaking to me is how such supposedly brilliant people who sign off on these changes could not see the outcome of the regulations as they worded them. Baffling.

F1..brilliance and outright stupidity all at the same time.


Aside from the poor form on the track, I wonder if the lack of a title sponsor as a replacement for Vodafone, also a factor in Whitmarsh’s ousting…


Hey James…Is there any link between no Mclaren sponsor this year and Honda joining them next year? I bet Honda is going to have a large (multi-year) presence on that car. I would say that Honda ante’s up for a year to reserve their spot on the engine cover!

It wouldn’t be the first time. Remember the Brawn GP sponsorless beast? I’m sure we all know Honda was still footing the Brackley bill!


Front end nose design aside… not that I think its bad. Its good to see larger side intake bodywork again and the rear end bodywork looks excellent, neat and effective.

John in San Diego

I have to say that I actually find it quite attractive. It certainly looks pretty good from the 360 view at I also like the look of the Williams from the computer-generated image. I think this is an improvement over the stepped noses of the last two season. Should be interesting to see how they run.


I just brought up my breakfast.


I thought they were going to be distancing themselves from Mercedes this year? Paint job just looks like the Merc paint job without the Petronas sticker.

Try harder McLaren – paint it orange!

Hope it goes faster than a Red Bull…


Wow… This car looks stunning – without doubt the best looking f1 car in years.

To me this car looks amazing….. Honestly all attempts of folk trying to be funny to one side for a moment…… It’s compact, smooth, great lines, just wow!

This car I can see on every young f1 fans wall.

I’m a merc man now but this car… How did they let Hamilton getaway…how!??


Great, Now F1 cars not only have noses but big fat nostrils to go along with it!


Looks mean and purposeful. I Like it!


No title sponsor yet then?


Proboscis Monkey anyone?


The “Basking Shark” Nose!


I for one am thankful as others have said that these cars look different from each other (for now). I like the Mclaren and The Lotus is unique as well with a split nose. In an age of hybrid turbo mills it seems entieley appropriate that the cars look alien and futuristic, better than cookie cutter front ends of recent years.


I’m still wondering about a title sponsor. A lot of people in f1 we’re saying it was an acid test of the state of sponsorship especially as McLaren are quite active with the sponsors and are one of the more desirable teams. If McLaren can’t get a suitable sponsor, what hope do the rest have!


Looks like a bob sleigh… maybe Button gave his input “No Grip”…


At last! The 2014 cars are being released.

I have read in technical forums including Scarb’s that this year’s car will have willy nose! LOL

Looks like those predictions are coming true!! HoHoHo…

Thread the Needle

Bad job, at least last year the cars looked good


It looks as if the teams might go to the Williams walrus nose style just as well. I guess that design (maybe little bit tweaked) does comply with current regulations.

Lotus 2014 nose in my book looks much prettier that the ones shown by McLaren and Williams so far.

Can’t wait to see what the others will look like.


having looked at the rear what’s going on with the areas at each side of the exhaust looks like there’s space for something that’s supposed there


The pencil nose


Adrian Newey seems to be very busy these days though…


…what?…is their new sponsor going to be ‘McDonalds’?

Ive heard of having sponsors on a car but this is taking it to another level.

They’ve produced a car with the ‘golden arches’ as a nosecone.


mind you, as for Lotus, they’ve lost both Boullier and the whole front nose section of their car on one day!

seriously, are these changes for cooling ?…because surely the aero is completely screwed here??? Doesnt make sense.


I got a headache from laughing at the…”nose”…of the car. Dear God. Too funny.


Welcome to Proboscis Monkey racing!

I’m not sure what pictures people are looking at when they say this car looks good because the ones here are of some fugly car that looks like it’s been stretched out.

There seem to be quite a few regulation changes this year that haven;t really been thought through and this whole nose area thing is one of them.

Designers will always try to find work-arounds to the limits imposed on them and if the idea was to limit under-car aero, then the regs have failed.

And what’s the deal with the massive gap between the front wheels and side pods?

Nope, not liking what I’ve seen so far.


To Mr James Allen: Mistyping : McLaren revealed its MP4/19 2014 —- It should be the MP4/29 and not 19

The car looks nice from the side. It could look beautiful driving around a circuit.

Now about the future.

I believe the Mr Ron Dennis and Mr Eric Boullier (if he turns out to be the new team principal) will co-chair the position at beginning. Giving him time to get used to the team and the Mclaren philosophy.

I also believe that Honda will be keen to keep Jenson Button and will do anything possible to have Fernando Alonso or Lewis Hamilton back to Mclaren. If Mclaren has the magic car Fernando Alonso will join them as winning is more important to him than his past problems with Mr Ron Dennis. Time will tell if Mr Dennis will forgive him.

Finally I hope that Mr Martin Whitmarsh (graduated from Portsmouth Polytechnic {now University of Portsmouth} with a degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1980, and started work at British Aerospace {now BAE Systems} as a structural analysis engineer at its Hamble-le-Rice facility. He was promoted to an advanced composite structures research and development role and transferred to BAe’s Weybridge facility. In 1988 he was promoted to the rank of Manufacturing Director and was put in charge of Hawk and Harrier airframe production.He left to join McLaren as Head of Operations in 1989.- Wikipedia) will remain with Mclaren in another division of the company.

Thank you Mr Martin Whitmarsh, I applaud and admire your achievements, career and for having be faithful to the Mclaren Group.


They would be better advised to chase Vettel before Ferrari snap him up. He is better than Hamilton, and a match for Alonso (IMHO), and several years younger.

I think Jenson Button will be out after this year, especially if Magnussen performs well.


Thanks. It says 29 further down, but we fixed the one in the first line


sam michael said ” The future is bright ” …. does that mean it will be orange?


I hope the driver’s numbers will be more pronounced on the car.


Absolutely awful.

Why have they ditched the chrome livery? Really don’t understand why they would have it looking so much like a Mercedes.


I dont think the noses are ugly at all. Its inovation and it will grow on everyone.

I’m curious about the sponsorship though.


I love Formula 1. But man it’s getting a little on the ‘nose’ right now….


Lotus appears to be taking a page out of the LMP1 book… speaking of tunnels.


The amount of aero clutter at the front end of F1 cars nowadays is just crazy. It’s ugly, bad for the racing and absorbs a huge amount of R&D expense. It’s also a technological dead end with no carry over into the car industry.

Sorry, rant over, it’s a good-looking car apart from that.


Not sure how they got that through health and safety, that nose is a deffinite trip hazzard


I like it…it looks quite menacing.


Oh gawd!

That one is ugly.

I like the Lotus, though.

I wonder how many will go that route?


The future is now.

My only comment, and I don’t want to be critical, but has anyone made the tunnel under the nose work properly? Ever? It seams that every year someone comes along with the tunnel approach and every year they end up reverting back to a more contemporary style.


Looks nice but new Mclarens always do. Remember the classic quote from Ron Dennis in 2009 about their new car then:

“What you see in the MP4-24 is a car correctly conceptualised. At the same time you are trying to make a good looking car, that is a value we put high, if it looks good it goes good”

and as it turned out it was as much of a dog as the 2013 car come the first few races

So I’ll reserve judgement till march!


Gorgeous car.

I really hope it will be at least decently fast.

Nose is nice. And actually from all the pics of other Teams’ cars – no nose look ugly. They are just unique, but not ugly, especially compared to “stepped” noses.


Fully agree


Er…they should have launched it with a bit of 70’s style funk guitar and some female panting!!

Oh well, let’s hope it goes better than it looks and f**ks the opposition! 😀

I think I prefer the Lotus 2 fingered salute soloution..only time will tell which design goes faster.


McLaren are rumoured to be considering a substancial offer from Pfizer as title sponser.

They want to use the car to promote their Viagra brand! 😉


Prefer lotus’s peg nose arrangement.


The straight on shot from the front looks pretty cool, but from above it just looks odd, maybe the colour scheme isn’t helping.

I’m really disappointed that this is the second time in three years (stepped nose) that the regs have led to a less than desirable nose design. I guess I had hoped that people would learn from their mistakes. I wouldn’t be surprised if the 2015 regs were adjusted to get ride of this look in the same way a vanity panel was introduced last year.

Can’t wait to see these cars on track!


Hideous. When I look at this and the Williams car, I can barely understand why we even complained about the stepped noses.

Bring on the new for 2015 aesthetic rules!


Actually prefer the Lotus nose design – but yay for variety – it’s always good to see different looking cars on the grid. It’s not supposed to be an entirely spec series and everyone was falling into the trap of looking like the last Red Bull iteration.

Now let’s see the McLaren mate with the Lotus head-on – and frankly with Maldonado piloting the torque heavy beasts it’s not an unlikely scenario!

Kudos to JB for filming his interview just days after his father’s sad death. Not sure I’d be remotely as professional and able to talk so directly to camera.

It’s going to be weird getting used to Boullier in McLaren corporate colours but hopefully he’ll oversee a few wins from this bizarre creature.


Agree on Lotus.. I think they have very clever designers who always innovate. Its good to see diff designs. But that Macca is shocking Im betting it will change a bit before the too long.? The colour scheme & photo probably dont help

Alexander Supertramp

It actually looks badass, especially from the side. I like it


It looks like a McLaren at least – they generally build a very presentable car and it isn’t an eyesore.

Those sidepod openings look big enough to park another car inside – sideways.


Looks like Barbara Streisland’s and Barry Manilo’s illegitimate love child to me. Yuk!


Well, to me it looks awful and certainly compared to those red and white machines in the background, it’s a bit of an ugly beast. That said, it’s better than the tuning fork nose on the Lotus.


The front wing does look complicated with a lot of different sections to it. I was expecting a more aggressive end plate, as the wings finish in the middle of the wheels, to try and push the air around the wheels but obviously that will increase the drag so they have probably found the right balance. I like the section that seems to push air straight into the cooling ducts for the brakes. The cooling ducts seem bigger than last year – have I just remembered that wrong or is it that the wing is smaller so the ducts look bigger?

I’m guessing the hole on the nose is to get cooling to the engine as this is suppose to be a big deal this year.

No pictures of the rear end at all, are they hiding something? I’m looking forward to Mark Gillan’s analysis!


Can anyone explain what the bump’s on the bottom of the front wing just inside the end plates are for? They seem to have been on their previous cars but I’m not sure what their function is…


If you look closely they angle in towards the inside of the wheels. I would imagine they are about creating a vortex that travels along the outer edge of the floor. By doing this they would create an edge to the air travelling under the floor. This would reduce air bleeding out from the sides of the floor thus controlling and increasing the flow to the rear. With so much of the front work actually being about increasing and controlling flow to the rear of the car this makes a lot of sense.


I like this actually, and the Williams as well. Before any car was seen they were already called ugly, but I don‘t think these are any uglier than last years cars.

I remember well how concerned people were when the wings on cars got much bigger in 2009, that it would be ugly… turned out fine as well.

It will just take some getting used to.


looks nice although I would like to see them back in their Marlboro colours of the ’80s


+1, although it’s been 15 (?ish) years, when I think of McLaren – I still think of the Marlboro livery.


Apart from the slightly weedy looking nose tip in overhead shot, not a bad looking machine. Not pretty, but very agressive.


Nose curtains!

It looks aggressive at a first glance, and it’s neatly avoided anteater pretensions. McLaren have made another car which looks pretty handsome. I hope it handles competitively this year.

I’m quite surprised to see the degree of variety of nose designs among the teams who’ve released pictures so far. Is there a degree of subterfuge here, and will teams actually try different nose shapes in pre-season testing?

I wonder if there will prove to be one style that has an unexpected aero advantage, and in which case, whether any teams are able to/choose to change the design during the season. I imagine that the shape must have such an impact on the aero for the rest of the car behind, that it’d be tricky to change approach dramatically, given the lack of in-season testing.


Looks like a creature from star wars I love it.


I just noticed something. The mclaren nose looks like a Williams Wallrus nose …thats been telling lies!


That Williams is much nicer


McLaren has just produced one of the most beautiful F1 Car seen for a long time as that very well integrated nose is precisely what’s make it so pretty. Hats off to you guys! Seen from the front it looks a bit like a Mercedes grand prix car from the 30ies. It would make a great Batmobile too!




What on Earth are jabbering on about? Same thing was said about the “beauty” of the McLaren design last year. Beauty does not mean fast, race winning car. And sorry, it’s the furthest thing from a 1930s era Mercedes racer.


The team failed to register a podium finish for the first time since 1980.


I read in the news that when it became clear that the 2013 Mclaren was faulty, Ron Dennis wanted the team to switch back to the 2012 car immediately only for Whitmarsh to veto this move

And so, here we are.


The worst thing about this is that I

kept shooting off my mouth that Brawn

would be at Macca in time for Honda!

Good thing no one remembers.

….Oh. Wait ….


Irrisistable to nose pickers!


“I think this formula is too big, and too

complex, for a single team to feel secure about getting everything right”


In 2014, I will be keen to see if what have happened in the FIFA footballer of the year competition also happens in F1???

If so, then my guess would be that 2014 would be a straight shoot out between Mercedes and Red Bull.

I mean, Ronaldo (who happens to be the same age as Lewis) received his 2nd FIFA footballer of the year title having won his first in 2008.

Messi on the other hand (who happens to be age-mates with Vettel) won the last four FIFA trophies.


Fascinating stats! I love synchronicities like that. Fingers crossed that run maintains itself then…


looks cool I think. cant wait till Tuesday.

does anyone know how many spare parts they can use during testing how many engines/turbos can they blow up, more than the 5 for the season? also has gary Anderson left bbc? anyone….


That aint no ant eater thats a freakin gorilla snout !– truly hideous! the worst looking mclaren Ive ever seen- that said it will probably be a winner-lol

Although Lotus clearly ambushed Mclaren launch ( which is distasteful and seems their way lately) – from the one pic of their car- it looks much nicer than anything from Mclaren or Williams so far. The dual tip on the nose is very innovative and I can see several development options around it.Havent yet seen the full pics of the force india – but side on looks great too.

Then again we all know the cars can change so much within weeks so lets hang on to our hats & see what happens.!


How does one picture become an ambush, besides McLaren didn’t own the day, anyone can release a picture any day they like.


The McLaren looks like a Basking Shark with its gob wide open…the ugliest new car so far!

The new Lotus F1 car photos are available online at Sky F1…and it has a different interpretation of the front nose technical regs compared to all the other ‘anteater noses’ thus far…its a much better looking car!


Hmmm! Well the new McLaren joins the fray with the proverbial “anteater” type nose. The rear wing, so drastically affected this year, looks decidedly ineffectual. – “Slippin and a slidin” we go this year! I hope those tyres are up to it because rear grip is going to be very weak. – They should have upsized those rear tyres to increase the contact patch to compensate. Of course what we see hear will change somewhat before the wheels turn in anger.


This one could be used in some X rated film or magazine


I think MW was sacked after RD saw this car 🙂


Aah I hadn’t really noticed that underneath, the Mclaren cars were infact silver. I guess the Vodafone advertisement made it pretty difficult to notice this in the past.

Right, am pretty surprised by the MP4-29 for Mclaren had the record of rolling out pretty sexy cars in the recent past.

But the way they went about their nose, spoting two nostrils, it looks rather daunting considering the Williams have a pretty nice solution to this regulation change.

So no, I wouldn’t call the MP4-29 a pretty car because it’s front wing is such a big change from what we have become used to plus the lack of sponsorship on the car too makes it look incomplete.

As for the team principal role, am pretty confident Eric has the job for if he didn’t, there would have been no need to leave Whitmarsh’s name out of the press release.


If appearances won races, this might do well. It does look pretty racy.


If appearances win races then this needs to be shot and buried in the back garden before it even see’s a track.


What a dull unveil. Sam Michael seemed completely uninterested. Jenson was downright morose. If Jensons body language is any form guide, Macca are in for anther rough year…


Well sorry but with his Dad’s death still fresh in his mind I’m not surprised he is downbeat, especially how close they were. I’d be devastated too. I don’t know why but I’d bet Mclaren are faster than Mercedes come the first race, we’ll see.


@simple His dad just passed away


Would you not have a bit of a bad body language when your dad, who has been a massive part of your life, died not so long ago?


yea poor jb looks like a broken man


His father that was at his side supporting him at races since he was a young boy karting has recently passed away and the funeral held on Monday.

Peoples ignorance making uninformed comments doesn’t half get my goat up!


I agree and we don’t know when the interviews were recorded either so even more reason for Jenson not to be upbeat for the camera if it was a few days ago.


I’ll be honest, it looks incredible! We have been warned so many times that the new regs will produce ugly noses- its not like that at all, they’re just distinctive. The Williams nose looks good. The McLaren one looks aggressive.

There aren’t any hard lines or bits which look out of place on either of these so far.

Sure its not pretty, as it looks like its got two large nostrils, but I’d rather have distinctive over the previous a few years ago when ALL the cars looked identical excepting the paint job.

What is really striking though is how their paint is all silver, it looks move like a Mercedes, no? Maybe they just need to finalise a few more sponsorships before adding some more colour, such as the Santander red.


Head on, it looks like a Chad. So..

“Wot no Whitmarsh”


I was thinking it looks like Alice the Goon from Popeye


I expect a white and red-orange with some black color scheme for 2015. Very nostalgic. Honda won’t want the silver surely.


I’m thinking we’ll still see a livery alteration with a new sponsor.


I hope a decent man like Martin Whitmarsh is not just airbrushed from McLaren’s history. The technical decisions for last year’s car was made by a team of designers wasn’t it? Surely it is unfair to make only him a scapegoat for a gamble that did not work out?


Button and Whitmarsh need to be airbrushed out… they have some kind of bond, that ensure failure.


How would you feel if someone you didn’t know had you airbrushed from this forum??


I doubt MW’s ouster was anything to do with “one” single decision. It has to be a “few” atleast.

Apart from that direction or vision of the leader has to be aligned with that of the organization. May be WM had a vision that was different – Nice guys rarely make good bosses.


I’m just hoping news doesn’t emerge that Kim Jong Dennis hasn’t fed Martin to a pack of hungry dogs.


There’s no point having a leader if the underlings are making all the decisions.

Either he was leading and he got it wrong or he left it to the designers in which case they don’t need him anyway.


The Team Principal is not the cars designer.


Err! Doesn’t the word “TEAMWORK” have something to do with it. Team Leaders either get the praise or the chop, depending on the Team’s success or failure. (We all know it was the latter on both counts)


Phil, I agree that if he was ineffectual he should go, but I think given his long standing association with the team his departure should be handled better than a soap opera character who goes to make a cup of tea and then disappears without trace or mention.


Giant Nostrils!


Oh the horror…


Looks a bit like a merc gp car without the red flashes in this livery…marketing fail


A very looking mean machine,built to do the job.


Well it is as expected from all the pre-season suggestions. All I can say is thank god that slot at the tip of the nose was horizontal rather than vertical. Same as I imagined the Force India to look. I understand the reasons for it but still surprised Dennis let a car of his look so silly. Definitely better than the Lotus though (they looked silly suddenly releasing a pic of their challenger whilst McLaren doing their launch. Desperate measures from a team in crisis. Makes me believe the rumour Boullier is going to McLaren and this was childish).


“I understand the reasons for it but still surprised Dennis let a car of his look so silly. Definitely better than the Lotus though”

As if Dennis had anything to do with it.

Not better than the Lotus, as bad as the Ferrari.


If anyone could make a good looking car, (inspite of a nonsensical regulation) it is McLaren. Today I’m disappointed and stand corrected. This team is becoming a very ordinary team, just another team. Hopefully, RD could help stop the slide down. I will be even more disappointed if inspite of these compromises the team qualifies in 8th or 10th.


Well it is the best looking so far. It is possible that as usual, the McLaren is the best looking car on the grid. Long as it is fast and we have someone other than Vettel walking it, then all is improved over the last couple years.


American’s will be chuckling at McLaren all year– it looks all for the world like it’s giving the grid the finger.


At least from the view shown in the picture, I think it looks like male genitalia…


I think it looks like male genitalia…

Really? Thank God, I thought it was only me that had a silver ‘prong’ with a Mercedes star on the end 😉

Mark A. Greenwood

Have to disagree. Just from the photos I think the Lotus nose looks much better than the McLaren.


I couldn’t careless how ugly the nose looks, provided the car is fast!


We’ll agree to disagree. I will admit I am bias towards McL but it is probably more a result of being made aware of the Lotus release by it being described as the Rampant Rotus due to it’s nose design. Will withhold true judgement until more angles are seen and get a true picture of the overall design. Much like the Force India, too many questions are left unanswered.


Hear, hear.


+1 I hope they are successful as they came up with what appears to be the most elegant solution


Can not agree with you more about the clumsy release by Lotus. At least Force India did it with style!! Not so sure about Williams….


Williams is a reaction to FI’s coup and Lotus is a response to McLaren (after knowing that EB is heading there)


Williams releasing what appears to be a quickly cobbled together CGI image suggests to me that what we’ll see at the first test will be slightly different. It leaves a lot of room for changes.

The noses have to go, they look terrible. I’d have to say the lotus concept looks much better from the side but would like to see an image from the front. Could be like the tusks on the old FW26. Interestingly Williams dropped those long ago which isn’t a good sign.


After reading your post I had a look at the Lotus, childish or not (probably is a bit) but that is one serious looking machine and the livery works really well also.

Enstone could still spring a few surprises, especially with Romain.


Have to say that having seen some ideas postulated about the ideas behind the legality of the Lotus nose – different sized ‘rabbit ears’ with one being the designated nose – I have to admire the F1 brains at work figuring out loopholes. Still don’t like it but yes, it could be a clever way around a silly rule.


So it’s not just my eyes playing tricks on me – one “prong” is actually longer than the other?


McLaren have avoided the anteater look problem… Went for the Terminator’s one-eyed trouser-snake look instead!


Is there a possibility to get these thin noses struck inside the exhaust of the car infront if you follow too close?


It could happen, the low nose was about security but FIA didn’t detected this breach and we could see this year funny accidents similar to a colonoscopy!.


Already looking forward to the onboard camera shots 🙂


Sounds like a perfect solution for a number 2 driver, Ricciardo will not be amused!

There’s a lot of love for these noses so I want to go on record to say I think they are all hideous so far, especially from above.

Can’t wait to see Newey’s solution tho’


I think they missed a trick, they need to reinforce the ant eater image, so they could land this as a title sponsor:–4xtPjOBGrY/TpqJTeyiJhI/AAAAAAAABXE/h-IJQEJ1oOM/s1600/antaard.bmp


haha! nice one 🙂


Let’s just hope it doesn’t suffer any performance issues.


Not hideous, I kinda like it.



looks better than the front end on most the F1 cars of last year.

Here’s a link to a cool McLaren video:

unF1nnished business

Agreed. McLaren seem to have found a workaround with the nose design and it’s less hideous than the Williams. McLaren have always been one of the tops aesthetically IMO and this year will probably be no different.


In your opinion, in mine the Williams looks ok in comparison to the hideous Mclaren.


I think you’ll find that the car will be in glorious Martini colours this year. Should look great.


Looking for something positive to say about it, I came up with: It’s kind of a good thing hat F1 cars look a bit weird as it separates them out and marks them as the top tier of motorsport.


F1 cars have always had noses. Are McLaren the first to incorporate nostrils?

Krishna Kishor Bhat



shark nose Ferraris from 1961!


The driver cooling inlet looks more like ant eater mouth to me…


Exactly right Sid.

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