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Help us Find the perfect buzzword for these “new look” F1 cars
Posted By: James Allen  |  27 Jan 2014   |  2:46 pm GMT  |  284 comments

We’ve had a huge response from readers about these new look 2014 F1 cars, with getting on for 1,000 comments over the weekend.

And one noticeable strand of comment has been fans trying to figure out what the unusual noses on these cars look like. The right buzzword to describe this new look design is something F1 commentators and media will be desperately searching for ahead of the new season, so we’d like to throw them a lifeline by asking fans to come up with a new buzzword for the F1 noses.

Here are a few of the suggestions we’ve had for lookalikes along with a few of our own…

Kenneth M’boy says: “The Ferrari looks like a Dustbuster, Dyson sponsorship going begging there, Luca”

Cartoon characters
Cyril Sneer, a character from The Raccoons cartoon series has been suggested as a dead ringer for one or two of the cars.

Another suggestion from Kenneth M’boy: “I always think of Jughead from Archie comics when I see that image of the McLaren.

Mammal lookalikes
The good old Anteater is a name that has cropped up on numerous occasions in the last few days, for obvious reasons.

Another popular suggestion has been the Bottle Nose Dolphin, which does bear more than a passing resemblance to the new Williams.

A few of our own

Looking at the new McLaren MP4-29, we think that it is a dead ringer for that popular comic actor from the Carry On films of the 1960s and ’70s, Kenneth Williams. Separated at birth?

Meanwhile, the Lotus E22 has prompted a few walrus comparisons but we reckon the front end bears a startling resemblance to a tuning fork laid flat.

And in terms of anteaters, we’re going for the specific in the case of the Ferrari and choosing the Aardvark from the late-’60s TV cartoon, The Ant and the Aardvark. Just change blue to red and voilà…

So, what do you reckon TV pundits should be calling this year’s models? Is it the Ferrari Dustbuster or the F14 T Aardvark, the Lotus Walrus or the Tuning Fork? Keep the suggestions coming and we’ll see if we can’t properly christen these new noses.


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