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First Ferrari powered Marussia F1 car joins the fray in Jerez
Posted By: James Allen  |  30 Jan 2014   |  5:59 pm GMT  |  35 comments

Marussia today rolled out its 2014 challenger in Jerez, the first car from the Banbury based team to be powered by Ferrari.

Now in its fifth season of F1 competition, the team rolls into the new season with a spring in its step after securing the coveted 10th place in the Constructor’s Championship last season.

So far the Ferrari power train seems to have been behaving itself in the early running for the teams in Jerez and the technical design group at Marussia, under the experienced John McQuilliam, has produced a car which the team hopes will challenge for a point or two this season.

“As we saw in the step from 2012 to 2013, we have young but experienced and extremely talented technical and engineering groups within the Marussia F1 Team, who have contributed enormously to our rate of progression over the past couple of years,” said team boss Jon Booth.

“To have designed a car that is true to the concept first conceived in early 2012, despite the integration of an entirely new powertrain and whilst pushing hard to attain our 2013 Constructors’ Championship objective, is a testament to the extent to which we have matured as a technical organisation.”

As I saw last season when I spent an FP3 session in Montreal on the Marussia pit wall, the team is operationally very strong. All that has been lacking so far has been points of downforce on the car and arguably the engine. Ferrari replaces Cosworth, which with only one customer in F1 the last few years wasn’t able to do much in the sophisticated areas around exhausts for example, where Renault was so clever.

Marussia is one of the teams which benefits from a very wealthy shareholder, Russian scientist Andrei Cheglakov. Unlike Williams and Sauber, the backing of a super wealthy enthusiast means that Marussia’s shortfall in budget between what the commercial revenues from TV and sponsorship bring and the cost of competing can usually be made up by writing a cheque.

Jules Bianchi and Max Chilton return for a second season, meaning it’s the first time that the team hasn’t had to deal with rookies. Apart from the obvious benefit of continuity and a better degree of driver technical understanding, which will help when dealing with such complex cars, the effect of this on the racing is not to be underestimated.

Operationally they will be able to do more and be far more bold when opportunities present themselves.

With rookies, in tricky conditions, for example, they tended to err on the side of caution. This year they can go for it and in such an unpredictable season, they might luck into a big result one day. They will certainly be ready, should the opportunity present itself.

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This is what I hoped the noses would look like. The red part of the livery brings the Romanoff eagle to mind.


Prettiest car so far.


The color scheme is freakin lovely, if it weren’t for the nose, this car would be the must have poster of 2014. Love it, reminds me of Jordan back in the day.


How ’bout that nose!!!


Nice looker. If they can get good reliability they should get some points. Should win the prize for best looking car if nothing else.


Very clever the way the livey minimizes the “nose” perspective.


Similar to what Force India have done, but a little better.


Time for a re-shuffle in the marketing department in Banbury I think….


Plucky Brits, so good look to them. You never know, could spring a surprise now and again. If the Regie turbo is woefully underpowered/unreliable compared to Fezza or Merc, perhaps could get a priceless point or two. Pretty car as well. Good luck to the Marussia lads; we all love an underdog!


As regards the car’s frontal area … some similarities with the Force India! Has to be said this one is smaller in size.

Maybe it was a cold day in Jerez.


haha good one






I hope so, I’ve begun rooting for them over Caterham.


Wow! They can’t seem to settle on a livery arrangement can they?!


Is it just me, or the paint job, or does the Marussia have an extremely long wheelbase?


What even highlights the long wheelbase is the fact that the airbox roll hoop and engine cover form one continous solid, and visually it does make the long wheelbase of the car obvious.

But I doubt the car has the longest wheelbase anyway.


Hopefully they can soundly beat Caterham this year.


I think caterham have underachieved far more than marussia, I hope they beat the green team again.


There’s no question that Caterham have underachieved – repeatedly.

One the one hand I’d like to see Marussia move up the order, but of course on the other hand that means displacing teams like Williams.

Should be interesting either way 🙂


Although the noses are ugly I’m enjoying seeing the innovation and solutions teams are coming up with. It’s refreshing after tight frozen regulation


Its the paint job thats good. The protrusion of the nose has been camoflaged by the highly contrasting paint. That makes this one look good. Hope the car is fast.


Very nice looking car .. It’s not all about money then !


The cosworth was a very reliable if a little slow last year, will be interesting what the Ferrari engine does for them this year .


Bit difficult to qualify that statement as they were the only team using Cossies.

Tom Haythornthwaite

What’s wrong with Bazzer’s statement? He or she is saying the Cosworth was slower than the other engines, not that Marussia were slower than any other Cosworth team.


There wasn’t any other Cosworth team, and that was what Timmay ment, it is rather difficult to compare the Cosworth engine with another team, because there isn’t another team which used it.


I think its totally wrong to blame engine power, they were more than a match for several cars on the straights, and lets face it Williams moving from Cosworth to Renault hardly changed their results at all!

The issue with the Cosworth as James pointed out was that they didnt help the team develop solutions with exhaust blowing the floor, diffuser, coanda etc so yes the Cosworth cars were slower, but due to lacking downforce not outright power.

If theres one thing Cosworth can do its build an engine


Would love to see Bianchi score points in 2014.


Well said. Was a very impressive year last year.


It’s a good looking car althought there is a definite lask of slot gaps on the front wind endplates and also the rear wing support. It looks primitive in comparison to the leading cars in that respect. No wonder they are lacking downforce.


Who says that their Melbourne wing won’t have all the trinkets and baubles on it. This is testing and you don’t want to give your secrets away this early.


All the teams lack downforce compared to last year, and there is a limit to what can be done given a smaller budget. Nevertheless it appears to be a commendable effort.

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