Do the others now get a chance? Red Bulls RB10 Revealed
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The build-up the 2014 Formula One season took an exciting step today as four-time champions Red Bull Racing unveiled its latest challenger, the RB10, at an early morning launch in Jerez.

Ahead of the most anticipated four days of pre-season testing in recent history, Sebastian Vettel and Daniel Ricciardo drew the covers on the car with which Sebastian Vettel will challenge for a fifth title in a row.

There is, however, some way to go before that can happen, admitted the defending champion, who said the team must first understand and develop the package they’ve brought to Jerez.

“It’s a big change for all the teams, including ourselves, so it’s difficult to have any sort of expectations,” said Vettel. “The most important thing, once we get going, is to understand the car and hopefully build on that. Therefore, expectations are fairly low, but once you realise you have a good car (hopefully!) you want to make sure you race in the same area that you did in recent years.”

As with Ferrari, much interest surrounds Red Bull’s driver 2014 line-up, in which Daniel Ricciardo has replaced WEC-bound Mark Webber. And although Vettel conceded that this season could prove challenging for Ricciardo, he is sure the young Aussie will quickly establish himself at the team.

“The first year might be difficult for him and the team just to get to know each other, so I may have an advantage there, but he’s very talented and bright and I’m sure he will adapt quickly and the team will help him, so in the end we are the strongest team that we can be,” added Vettel.

Team Principal Christian Horner, though, has no doubts that Ricciardo is capable of delivering in his maiden season with the Milton Keynes outfit.

“Daniel is going to be on a steep learning curve and he’s going to be rated against Sebastian, which will be tough,” said Horner. “However, he’s approaching it with just the right attitude. He’s looking to learn and benefit from how Sebastian operates and fundamentally Daniel is very fast. I think he could throw up some surprise results this year. I think he has the real potential to be a star of the future.”

For Ricciardo himself, the step up to a bigger team comes at the perfect time in light of the regulation changes and he is relishing this opportunity.

“The season ahead is going to be very challenging, but very exciting,” said Ricciardo. “It’s something I’ve been looking forward to for a few months now; my whole life in a way as well. It’s another big step in my career. With all the rule changes, it’s exploring new ground, so it’s challenging for everyone, but I’m sure we’re all ready and excited. I think it’s a good time to change team what with all the changes happening in F1 in 2014. I think it’s going to level things out and give me the best chance possible to shine – I hope!”

As he did at Toro Rosso, Ricciardo will again race with a helmet featuring a graphic of a honey badger, a creature he feels he has much in common with.

“It’s supposed to be the most fearless animal in the animal kingdom. When you look at it, he seems quite cute and cuddly, but as soon as someone crosses his territory in a way he doesn’t like, he turns into a bit of a savage and he’ll go after anything – tigers, pythons – he turns very quickly, but he’s a good guy.”

Today offers teams the first chance to learn about their new machine. At this point, however, performance will be an afterthought, with reliabile running likely to be the key target. And for Horner it is the imponderable of the new power unit that raise the biggest concern.

“It’s a clean sheet of paper and an opportunity for the design team to get their teeth into a new challenge. The biggest challenge is in the power unit and that’s where we rely heavily on our engine partner Renault to make sure that we have a power unit that is competitive with our rivals. We have every confidence they will have.

“This year the reliability of the power unit is going to be critical. Whoever has the most powerful and reliable power unit will probably come out on top, so it’s a game changer in many respects, but we look forward to the new challenge.”

Much of Red Bull’s success since 2010 has been attributed to Adrian Newey. In 2014, with more restrictions on aerodynamic performance, Newey reiterates the consensus of reliability being the first obstacle to overcome.

“The early races could see quite a few upsets in the order,” said Newey. “Reliability is naturally the most obvious concern. The power unit is tremendously complicated and while road car manufacturers make some quite complicated hybrid cars, those cars have had the luxury of years of development before they come to market. We’ve got three tests, around 12 days, and then we’re off to the first race.”

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Behind the Scenes at the track
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Vettel should call this car “Ugly Ursula”.


Along with the Merc, I think this charging Bull looks very pretty. Clean lines, simple, elegant. Well done Adrian on a visual level. Of course, performance is entirely different…….the weird thing about is Adrian is while he usually designs a masterpiece, he’s made a few lemons as well. The 2001 and 2002 McLaren’s were well and truly humiliated by Ferrari. The 2004 McLaren MP4.19 used for the first half of the season was a shocker: stodgy, unreliable, and very slow on high speed corners. Thankfully the MP4/19B used for second half of 2004 saved face for Macca. The 2005 MP4/20 was stunningly fast but stupid niggly failures and McLaren’s lack of operational efficiency saw Fernando and Renault scoop the WDC and constructors titles. Having said all this, in all fairness to Adrian, I always got the impression that he felt stifled and compromised at McLaren, and that he hated the management interference from Macca’s board that he felt undermined him and his designs. Perhaps that explains why some of his Macca designs were lemons. Posssibly. I think its very fair to say Macca never got the best out of Adrian and his sublime genius for aero. He is a very hands on, all lads together, lets get stuck into some spade work designer. At Uncle Frank and Patrick’s he was very hands on, as he is now at the Charging Bull, so perhaps my musings about this years Bull being more of a cow are unwarranted. I think it is very fair to say that Red Bull’s advantage with the exhaust blown floor and rear axle have now gone, and it maybe possible for the opposition to overtake the Bull, as Ferrari and Michael did in 2000 onwards. We shall see!


Sorry, just to clarify, I meant when Ferrari, Ross and Michael overtook Adrian’s Macca designs from 2000 onwards, and totally humiliating Macca in 2001, 2002 and 2004.


Looks like its glued to the track already. Impressed with the new Caterham though, perhaps the backmarkers can seriously close the gap to the frontrunners this season.


Less ugly than McLaren, Ferrari.


Ricciardo forgot just one thing about badgers: they can challenge their relative – the skunks.

I live in a centuries old wooden patchwork house with clay and stray fillings. One day a european badger dug into the storage cellar and couldn’t leave anymore. When i discovered him he was busy spraying its secret. Caught it with a plastic tube just to discover that noone of the nature care people was willing to use his own car to bring it into a forest a bit more away.


Only Ricciardo is interested in your story.


Does anybody know where the nose cone front camera mounts are located on the RB10?


If things go the way it went last year (which is unlikely), RB won’t need the points from DR for WCC.

I’m more excited to find out how the other Dan will perform…


anyone else think the Caterham front reminds them of the Ferrari 312?


It is clean, but as far as I can see there is no camera mount towards the front like on the Merc or the F14T. They also have a dark colour which will hide all manner of sins. I think it is still wide open and we will only really know which is fastest (as always) at the end of Q3. Reliability, well, I would say that we’ll have a good picture of that only come the European season.


“I think it is still wide open and we will only really know which is fastest (as always) at the end of Q3.”

Of course its wide open, enough rules have been changed to ensure that.


I know it’s obvious – but there are those who are making predictions already based on the looks of the cars. It’s impossible to know how they will perform.


This is the cleanest looking front end we have seen so far. Minimal obstructions. No complicated flow i.e. ferrari and mercedes… I’m tipping my hand to red bull again. Unless they have mechanical issues, this car looks unbeatable… comparatively speaking of course.


As it’s going to be a pure engine formula for at least the early part of the year, we can’t see any of the important bits.


Looks unbeatable? Let’s hope you’re wrong. I know I don’t want to go through another of Vettel and his “finger” dominating the proceedings.


While the profile is straighter on top, the launch pictures still show a narrower nose section ahead of the broader yellow section. The livery does a good job of making it less noticeable.


Have just seen the new Caterham on the BBC testing feed. Surely the worst of all the nose jobs so far!

I stand to be corrected, but come on Caterham – surely you can see that isn’t going to be the right answer?!


Actually it looks well thought out to channel the air down and along the turning vanes under the drivers legs,to then reconnect with the air from the front wing behind the front tyres,so they won’t care what it looks like


The Caterham nose looks awful, but they have kept the main part of it nice and high which should allow them to get good air to control under the car. It’s an interesting design.

The Mercedes is the only car I have seen so far that has the front wing in front of the nose, the Ferrari seems to have it inline.


How do you know it isn’t the right answer?


As I said, I stand to be corrected, but just look at it!

Given the Red Bull, Ferrari, McLaren and Merc all look rather different (as do all the other cars, I should add), there can be only three explanations for the Caterham’s looks. Either: (i) Caterham has been extremely clever, unearthed the next Adrian Newey, and has come up with a better and unique solution compared to all the other better funded and resourced teams; (ii) Caterham has got lucky; or (iii) it is not the best solution and is a dog.

I know what my money is on, and it isn’t on the Caterham being the 2014 equivalent of the Brawn! If you’re going to build a dog, it may as well look half decent.


Forza Vettel and Red Bull!Bring the titles home 1 more year!

I’m hoping Red Bull dominate like last year so that viewership and race attendance drop monumentally leaving F1 on the brink of the a meltdown.

All so that the teams, FOM & FIA are forced to change the ridiculous obscured 2014 rules that’s destroyed our sport!

Ugly cars that are that are slow and overly complex stupid double points rule, Fuel restrictions, hi deg tires!

F1 has become a farce. contrived, Fake.

When drivers are not saving fuel they will be saving tires and when they not saving tires they will be trying to save their cars from breaking down!! is that what we call racing?

They should re label Formula One too the WFRE – World Fake Racing Entertainment.

They shouldn’t have stopped with giving drivers permanent races numbers they should have asked drivers to select stages names to replace there real names!

I would be so surprised between running out of fuel and unreliability Zero cars finish the first race in Malbourne.


More like WCSC – World Car Saving Championship


LOL The winning car will probably do it’s last few laps at only pitlane speed,overtaking all the others running out of fuel! Melbourne wiill be the midfield & back markers best chance to win in a LONG time!LOL


I think Adrian Newey has been spending time with another of his passions – yachting.

Just like some of the top yachts hide the shape of their keels with a camouflage paint job both the RB and the TR have used this trick to alter the look of their noses.


Seems the black paint on the appendage seems to be confusing some of my peers. It might not be as goudy as perhaps the Mc. But it’s certainly got one…


Will be no surprise if they clean up again this year.

Ricciardo seems like a sensible sort of chap so what’s with all that twaddle about honey badgers?


The nose isn’t that bad right?


It’s ugly but it is cleverly painted. Try to imagine it in one colour.

But it doesn’t matter if it brings Seb to the 5th title 🙂


In the end that’s all it matters. F1 isn’t a beauty pageant. If it gets the job done; good enough 😛


James, do you think they will end up with different nose tips halfway through the season?


That is a certainty


Oddly – it looks like a Leyton House.


That’s a bit of a stretch isn’t it?!

On the flip side, arguably all F1 cars look like the Leyton House – one of Newey’s very early forays into F1 design before he went to Williams. I think he is quoted as saying it was the first uncompromised use of a monocoque structure, or something like that, so in that sense the LH was genesis (in spearmint green!).


1991 Leyton House gets my vote for best looking F1 car ever.


Hmm. What about Lotus 79, Renault E25 or Brawn GBP1?


I could hardly wait to see the new Red Bull as I believe they set the norm in terms of aerodynamics. Surprise, surprise, the car looks pretty normal and it doesn’t feature the ugly anteater nose of other cars.

What I find funny is that the Torro Rosso has the anteater nose and I wonder whether the Red Bull wants to know which car responds aerodynamically better to the new regulations…


Wait until you see it head-on before judging its looks. To me it looks like that smoothly-dropping nose, very nice in profile, is razor-thin and is gonna look rather odd from the front.


It looks rather attractive from the front. Have a look at the pictures on the RBR web site.


Honey badgers? Ant eater snouts? Perhaps F1 seeks validation in a politically correct era as an educational tool for the kiddies…


Looks like it will deliver the 5th.

Check out that smile on Daniel. He may have spent some time in the wind tunnel without a helmet in this RB10. Living the dream!


I’ve read Renault engine has some flaws. Vibrations cousing failures. I really hope this is not the case :/


Does anyone else think the Red Bull looks quite appendage free compared to the other cars? A lack of winglets over the car as a whole? If so, some cleverness by Newey in the design, or keeping powder dry? Perhaps full aero kit won’t appear until final test?


The car looks very basic much like their 2012 car at the start of the season, they have work to do looking at the Merc’s design and early speed.


You got all that from 8 hrs of testing? Geezus.

The reality is that NO ONE knows where they are, relative to the rest. Won’t know until March 15th.


Whats more likely, Newey using a basic aero package (and hiding his goodies for the second Bahrain test) and concentrating on mechanical reliability and development, or using his full (and very conservative) aero package on the first day of testing?


Lol dreamer


Well after I wrote that as you can see this car can’t even put in a time, whilst the Merc is actually fast out of the box so there is substance in what I was saying, make no mistake the 2 true works team Merc and Ferrari will have a head start the question is how far ahead are they compared to RBR, Mclaren and Lotus? RBR can play catch up and succeed its just a question of how big the real gap is, if its like 2.5+ sec then it’ll be too much but if its under 2 sec then I’m sure Seb will still make the most of early season whilst Newey and Renault work on the B spec package.


Bit early to say merc will be quickest though i agree this car is an evolution of earlier cars, i wonder if that will be enough now exhaust blowing is not possible


I suspect they’ll all be keeping some aero bits on hold until later. They have bigger things to worry about before getting into those details. Probably a bit daft to show everyone your brilliant aero ideas, then go out for a few laps only to discover the car isn’t working mechanically.

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