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Caterham Reveal the CT05 – With an Interesting Nose
Posted By:   |  28 Jan 2014   |  4:29 pm GMT  |  131 comments

Following this morning’s trio of car unveilings in Jerez, Caterham this afternoon rolled out their Renault powered CT05 Formula One, after morning teething problems saw a delay in proceedings.

With rookie Marcus Ericsson at the wheel the team finally revealed their 2014 F1 challenger shortly after 3pm local time, with the car’s interesting front-nose assembly being the most notable feature.

As can be seen above the radically shaped nose is almost flush with the leading edge of the front-wing, meaning no protrusion. However, unlike the cars we have seen so far there is a wide vanity panel beyond the forward bulkhead, which stretches down the narrow nose.

“At the front of the car, the area that will obviously inspire most debate, we have focused a lot of effort on optimising flow structures around the nose, the front of the chassis and the reduced-width front wing area, all in response to the 2014 regulation changes,” said Technical Director Mark Smith.

Aside from the nose, which will divide opinion, the car that could bring the Leafield squad its first points in Formula One is an attractive one. Retaining last year’s colour scheme while featuring the same gearbox and rear-wing profiles as Red Bull makes for a neat package at the rear.

As reported last week, 2014 is a crucial season for Caterham, with team owner Tony Fernandes threatening to quit Formula One should there be no improvement in his team’s performance. After four seasons battling with Marussia yet still out of touch of the teams ahead, the change in regulations could open the door for some much needed success.

“We believe CT05 is a good starting point for us to deal with the new regulations and their associated challenges, in particular in terms of reliability,” said Team Principal and CEO Cyril Abiteboul. “We have a lot of very talented people at Leafield who have worked tirelessly to bring this car to life and everyone has played a part in helping us exceed all the targets we set. We obviously won’t know where we really are in relation to the other teams until the first race, but we believe we have answered the challenges presented by the new regulations as effectively as we can.”

With reliability set to be the central focus in the early stages of the season and little information on which powertrain manufacturer will be the most capable, Abiteboul believes that Caterham’s collaboration with Renault and Red Bull puts them in the correct position to move up the grid.

“In Renault Sport F1 and Red Bull Technology, we have technical partners that have powered the world championship-winning team for the last four years and while we are realistic enough to know we are very unlikely to be competing at the front of the grid there is no reason why we should not be fighting higher than we have done since we came into the sport in 2010. We have extensive experience of working with both Renault and Red Bull, and that is going to be crucial this year. Reliability and energy management will play a key role in 2014, especially early in the season, so our experience of working so closely with both organisations since 2011 will definitely help throughout the course of the season.”

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Ha Ha!

Look, James is “ashamed” to update the Caterham page banner to the CT05! 🙂


Is Caterham’s windtunnel broken, or perhaps there was a crack on the CAD monitor? How on earth did it get to the point when someone said “yup that looks good…pretty and aerodynamic…well done everyone”???


I just hope this car is fast and its more important over its look. Additional factor is how good the pilot is.


On the first photo it looks a bit like the face of Alien, with the mouth coming out of the mouth…

I know form follows function, but part of me is hoping that Marussia comes up with something super elegant.


Whilst I have to agree that the front end and nose isn’t the best looker in the bunch what people have to remember is that this is the first day of PRE-SEASON testing and as such the whole 4 days are around confirming weather the CFD and wind tunnel modelling actually represent reality.

Only when some meaningful track time and data has been gathered can anyone have any idea which interpretation will be the best, for sure come the first race you can expect a lot of the grid to be sporting similar front ends.

Until then lets leave it up to the different teams to decide what is what, at the end of the day that is what they are paid for and the proof will be in lap time not some beauty contests.


Well Caterham will win something this year: ugliest car on the grid! Hats off to their engineers for designing the most godawful nose ever!

I have a feeling the FIA will revise their regs for next season to eliminate these craptastic noses!


Not sure why everyone is so picky and worked up about how it looks.

I guess you all married to supermodels too?

It’s great to see the variety of designs for the new cars and all the teams having to try something new.

Bring it on.

If any of the new designs turn out to give a dominant advanced in speed, they will suddenly be brilliant.


Hideous. Absolutely hideous.

And now Newey says the FIA regs actually make for greater risk of a terrible, head-crushing collision.

For shame, F1 – for shame!


“And now Newey says the FIA regs actually make for greater risk of a terrible, head-crushing collision.”

He doesn’t say that at all, read it again and get back to me.


Poor Kamui


They’ve changed to pull-rod front suspension !

Only ones other than Ferrari, now that McLaren have gone back to push-rod ?


More references to the car’s looking aquatic. I have to presume the designers all spent a day at sea world!!


Check out image 15/84 – I think Horner and Vettel just saw the Caterham get unveiled…


CNN’s marketing men should be looking for a serious discount..


As I see it, which is strange in itself, the Caterham appears to be the first car of 2014 to feature a retractable front wing mounted on a reptile tongue.

It is retractable, isn’t it? Just not polite to be sticking your tongue out at the rules all the time.

If it crashes into the sidepod of another car, would that be considered a tongue-in-cheek move?


The front end looks like a very spare, bargain interpretation of the new aero rules; meant to get the job done without any niceties.

The troubling part for me are the side pods. Those have to be the biggest side pods…in the world!

This car had to be a difficult one for Caterham. Already suffering with low budget, the new power unit would have cut into CFD and wind tunnel budgets that were already restricted compared with many of its competitors. And what would be left to invest in compact packaging solutions to wrap the new skin around.

I hope the car looks better to the real analysts than it does to me because it would be a shame to see this team fall further off the pace.


Wow what a shocker!

Thank goodness that thing will be running around at the back of the pack not getting any TV time.


words fail me??????? if this is the ‘pinnacle’ then it is time to move on. LMP1 anyone?


…only if you associate the pinnacle of anything with looks, then by all means please move along…


obviously then you disagree with adrian newey’s interpretation as well…but what is his opinion worth? let me put it another way. if this was a road car would you buy it just because it was economical to run and had great acceleration and roadholding?


@voodoopunk that is not what i said and i doubt whether you have actually read AN’s comments either. in my view the “pinnacle’ should encapsulate all elements. design excellence is a prerequisite within reason.

as for your comparison between aircraft well they are 50years apart and each are a design element of their respective times.

all F1 cars are designed for the ‘now’. have you ever seen a team enter an identical car in a year on year in the modern era?


So the pinnacle of anything is all about looks, glad I’ve been instructed, a Eurofighter is better looking than a spitfire?



The ugliest car on the grid.


“interesting”???? not my choice of words once I could stop laughing!!! Lovely shade of green though!


I was just sick into my own mouth a little bit when I saw that nose.


Wow! It looks like it has literally already crashed!


Oh my…… Lol

Now that’s just f@#@;;# …. This ones not real. This will not see race day


I like the front. Best so far for me. Should I seek professional help?


Yes you should, first the optometrist and if your eyes are ok you could be in serious problems 🙂


Nuke it from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.


Argh, my eyes, my eyes! Please, please, make it go away!

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