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Can you feel the Force?
Posted By: James Allen  |  22 Jan 2014   |  11:52 am GMT  |  102 comments

The Sahara Force India team has surprised the F1 paddock by releasing the first image of a 2014 hybrid turbo F1 car, ahead of McLaren’s planned online launch on Friday.

The side shot of the VJM07 gives little away but reveals a striking new livery for the season, with new sponsorship from Sergio Perez’ backer Claro, owned by Mexican Carlos Slim. This is the third F1 team Slim has been involved with, after Sauber and McLaren.

The nose of the car is believed not to be the actual 2014 nose. Many teams are reporting that the nose section of these cars will be ugly, due to the new regulations.

Another note on the commercial side is the presence of Astana on the car, another backer to enter F1 from the world of pro-cycling. Lotus F1 team announced Saxo Bank last week, which supports a team on the pro-cycling tour.

The change of colours away from those of the Indian flag reflects a shift in emphasis for the team, from something which was about Indian pride in F1 to a more global view. With a Mexican and Kazakh sponsor roster that is hardly surprising. Caterham expressed something similar yesterday, highlighting the role nationality played in the choice of its drivers and there regional marketability.

“When I founded the team my first ambition was to launch the first Indian team on the grid, but the next stage in our evolution is to develop a global brand,” said SFI’s owner Vijay Mallya. “I think that ambition is reflected in the partners we are working with and our world class driver line-up. It certainly feels as though there is the potential for 2014 to be our strongest season yet.”

With a Mercedes power plant and back end on the car, as well as the return of Nico Hulkenberg and a highly motivated Sergio Perez, you can see why Mallya would be excited. Budgets continue to be tight, but the team has shown in the past it can punch above its weight and if the Mercedes turns out to be the power train to beat in 2014, then Force India could be challenging for that podium they have longed for since their 2nd place finest at Spa in 2009.

What do you thing of the Livery? Is it an improvement on the 2013 one (above)? And do you think Force India could spring a surprise in 2014?

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I like it.

Just hoping Some rumors I heard about the FI’s chassis being significantly overweight aren’t true as they are one of my favourite teams. Are you able to shed any light on this James?


I hope we have car noses that look like the beautiful one’s we saw in 2004-2008


Why is this week slower than ever? 🙁 I just can’t wait to see the New McLaren and Ferrari!! 🙂


Same here. Very keen on Ferrari launch, mainly to see how Raikkonen and Alonso present themselves.


Don’t forget Roshfrans sponsorship its a mexican company not owned by slim (that i know of)


I have liked the livery the last few years on the FI cars, always seemed bright and fresh. The new one is ok, but nothing special.


Nice looking car! Hopefully the nose and front wing aren’t too ugly!



Why all the complaints from F1 bosses and some media that the new nose on the 2014 F1 car is ugly. Looks great to me, like the 70s and 80s. They look like F1 cars, fantastic. Much prefer the dropped nose versus the aerodynamic upside down raised win that was introduced by Benneton years ago (I believe)

Can’t wait for 2014, DNF’s, hopefully some interesting and surprising results. Red Bulls dominance, like McArens and Ferrari’s got a little boring, but I still kept watching.

The New Force India looks sharp, however looks don’t mean speed regretfully.


Bring on 2014



The one in the photo is just for show – the real one they go racing with will likely be much more distinctive…and by distinctive I mean ugly 🙂


Good livery but the photo is not real – is just computer generated. Plus, the exhaust is Coanda style, which is not going to be allowed this year. So, is just marketing …


This livery is very beautiful.

I also like the way they make use of black colour in the aero sensitive regions.

Teams like Red Bull and Lotus has done these making them difficult to spot aero updates.


Hard not to improve on the worst livery ever… patriotic colour schemes are so – what was it called? – A1 GP.


Very smart, great to see we’re getting close to the first test.

Hope it goes as good as it looks !!


Sounds like SFI are suggesting the entire front end is a ‘banker’ for testing and the first few races and this will be entirely changed once the more crazy designs come through.


Juicy in comparison to previous one.

Caterham’s boss says the 2014 cars’ noses will look like “Aliens” – pretty much intriguing though)))


Roshfrans is also a mexican sponsor.


Reminds me a bit of one of the old Minardis.


Too much of black. The white seems to have been included as an afterthought. They could have added black instead of using it as a base.

Liked the old one better.


Well, well, well. So much worry about the noses, and it turns out that the painting is much more important to the look of the car. Of course, aesthetics have been solved by make-up for centuries. Ugly noses are dissimulated by colored lips, cheeks and eyes, that is known by every fashion expert. Point for the look designers.


Livery looks more aggressive than previous. Nose don’t seem so bad if it is as the picture.


I like that a lot. Reminds me a bit of the Shadow DN5.


not worried about livery. let us see how it performs compared to other teams.


Looks nice side on. Exiting times when new cars revealed. Hope it looks as good from other angles.


Love it. And nice to be out of the off-season drought. Very excited for the next season. Should be very interesting.


Super cool. I love it. Something different and it looks good.

Well we are off to a good start chaps.


bravo FIndy, you’ve gone from the worst livery to a very attractive one.

can’t believe the incredibly smart people in F1 fail to think of a rule to prevent ugly noses again.

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