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Alonso’s podium shot of crowd at Monza to come under the hammer at Coys
Posted By: James Allen  |  09 Jan 2014   |  7:50 pm GMT  |  36 comments

A little moment of F1 history – the photo Fernando Alonso took of the huge crowd of tifosi beneath the podium at last year’s Italian Grand Prix – is coming up for sale next month.

It was a moment celebrated by many fans of the sport.

And a one-off signed print of that photo is going under the hammer at a Coys auction in London on Friday February 7th in aid of Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital, a favourite cause of F1 commercial boss Bernie Ecclestone.

Photo: Fernando Alonso

The event is being held for the second year.

The drivers and team principals of every F1 team were asked to take a photograph of their chosen subject and those images will be signed and auctioned by Coys at the Zoom event at the InterContinental London Park Lane. The event will be hosted by the BBC’s F1 presenter Suzi Perry.

There are also images taken by world champion Sebastian Vettel, Lewis Hamilton, Nico Rosberg, Mark Webber as well as Martin Brundle, among a host of F1 names, going under the hammer.

* For more information and to enquire about bidding click here http://www.zoom-auction.com/

Photo: Nico Rosberg

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Schumacher’s picture submission was very probably made with a GoPro camera – characteristic non-rectilinear wide angle, and likely not shot with a fisheye lens attached to an SLR camera, due to the blown highlights that show limited dynamic range and 4:3 aspect ratio (unless this was done for effect, which I doubt).


If Alonso keeps up this charity work they will give him a “Sir” whether he wants it or not.


There are pictures from other drivers, too.


I wonder if Fernando could see all the “come back Kimi” signs amongst the Tifosi !.. Lol because straight after they announced it


All you’ll have are your “jokes” next year and videos of Kimi falling off boats to keep you warm I think.


I dont care if he falls off boats, throws up in clubs, gets caught with several naked women or whatever…as long as he keeps winning/ challenging for wins like he has for the last 2 years- that’le keep me ice cold not luke warm like the rest of you! : )


Horner has dogs named Bernie and Flavio? Interesting…


On a completely different topic, there is an article on another website about many drivers have already started to choose their own numbers.

Worth a article here in these pages.


Off topic comment and moan. Charlie Whiting today argued the case for DRS. I understand that there is skill in using the system, but from my armchair position it does make the racing appear false and easy. I do not have the luxury of sitting in a box above the race track and I would prefer DRS be removed from the rules and a return to tougher overtaking conditions. I enjoy watching racers like Hamilton who are aggressive, fair and make passes happen; unfortunately good overtakes and submerged under a tidal wave of DRS overtakes.


Great! A picture of Britney, looking in a mirror.


Some of the photos are great; I reckon Kimi’s, Kobayashi’s, Ross Brawn’s and Petrov’s are the most interesting.


Kimi’s picture, and perhaps Damon Hill’s, are the two I would consider interesting, with Kimi’s actually showing a connection to F1, whereas Hill’s is just a nice but somewhat unrelated snapshot. The others, well, it’s for charity so I’d rather not comment.


Where did Fernando get his phone from?

Do drivers race with their phones in their racesuit pockets?!


Must do. Incase of a photo finish.

Photo… finish… geddit…?


… or in case he wanted to “snap” at Vettel…

The Monza podium is the best on the calendar. One for the fans as it should be!


Wonder where he got his phone from – kept it in his pocket in his driver’s suit? At the ready if the radio should black out? 🙂


And on top of it all I was there! 🙂


I expect Lewis to send in a picture of one of his dogs.


Haha if we’re lucky… and Seb probably submitted eleven different photos of his finger before the PR company fabricated something suitable for his exciting new image.


Hopefully the sentiment and excitement generated by this picture will help Ferrari reverse their recent decision to limit ALOs use of social media.

Edward Valentine

I was lucky enough to be at Monza that day and am in the crowd below. I hope it raises lots of cash for charity!


As was I, my first grand prix and what an amazing experience.

Edward Valentine

Glad you enjoyed it! You really cannot beat Monza as an F1 experience! The podium layout really gives something back to the fans.


Nice it will probably fetch a penny or 2.

Just saw this fantastic promo Video for F1 2014 that thought you might like



Thanks for the link, great video 🙂


Alonso photo shot,absolutely just brilliant.

It tells the never ending story of Monza.

A full blown passion by tifosi and Motor

Sports Fans around the world alike,for the

hardware by the Great Man named Ferrari.

I hope it fetch a heaps of money, as it’s for

the superb cause,the children who really do

not know what life is all about,and we offten

forget about them.


Nice gesture Fernando. And your alignment with the capo may mean different times for Ferrari. I am starting to sense a different environment.


Alonso shot some footage on the podium too in 2012, why aren’t they going to sell that too? Is it pictures only?


That was with a camera from FOM, so Bernie owns that footage.

Although, you can’t really frame video footage and hang it on a wall like a still picture.


Speaking of Ferrari and ALO, just wanted to hijack this post to say thank you to JA. As of this morning, I am the proud owner of a great set of Ferrari Lego cars which I won thanks to one of James’ many F1 inspired competitions on this very website. Looking foreword to building the cars and arguing with my wife about where I can display them! Thanks again!



Next week we will have a competition to win a Bluray of “Rush” – I have five to give away


Slightly off topic but…Is it open to only UK residents? If so I am applying for the visa… 🙂

It really is a very good watch….


That footage is on the official 2012 dvd review


that picture epitomized the passion of fans in F1, along with his other picture which i think is the worlds best selfie

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