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Schumacher “critical” as surgeons induce coma following ski accident
Posted By: James Allen  |  29 Dec 2013   |  11:56 pm GMT  |  142 comments

It has now become clear how severe the situation is for seven times world champion Michael Schumacher, following his ski accident this morning.

According to a statement this evening from the hospital in Grenoble where he is being treated, the German is in a “critical” condition, in an induced coma following emergency surgery to reduce swelling in the brain.

The next 48 hours are critical, according to neurological experts, to observe whether the swelling continues or not. After that neurological tests can be carried out to assess what damage the brain has sustained.

Schumacher was skiing off piste in one of Meribel’s most challenging ski areas, when he fell and struck his head on a rock. He was wearing a helmet but the blow was severe. He was taken first to a local hospital and then airlifted to Grenoble.

“Mr Schumacher was admitted.. at 12-40 following a ski accident at Meribel this morning,” said a statement from the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Grenoble.

“He was suffering from a serious brain trauma with a coma when he arrived, which necessitated an immediate neurological intervention.

“He remains in a critical condition.”

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Positive thoughts for Schuey. You can do this champ!


Very sad story …James I wonder about one thing: in a situation where every minute counts is it clear to you why had to make a stop in Moutier first before finally being taken to the hospital where the operation was conducted ? Just curious.

Get better Michael we love you!


No, that’s one of the questions that will be answered, like did he have a guide or was he just taking a short cut between pistes through the powder snow?

Looking at a photo of the area where he is believed to have crashed, there are a lot of rocks around

Get Well Soon M.S

I most of all feel sorry for the poor fourteen year old kid who had to watch his father get so heavily injured. My thoughts and prayers are very much with his family as well as him to have a speedy recovery. Having only watched Rush recently this feels eerily similar to Niki Lauda’s incident then recovery. I just pray that he returns to his original fitness, i would cry if i saw a permenantly damaged schumi even worse, no schumi at all. Without a doubt i feel that he will recover with his biggest victory, number 92. Get well soon mate!


Our thoughts are with Michael and his family. Hoping for a full recovery.


I was shocked to hear of Michael Schumacher’s accident, which I have been following. Best wishes to him for a speedy and complete recovery. My thoughts are with him and his family at this terrible time.


This news messed up my Formula 1 year. I now dread even to follow the news fearing the worst. Praying for Michael right now. Hope he pulls through this. We love you Michael here in Africa.


We LOVE you here in Africa!


My thoughts are with you Michael. God be with you!


Like many on this site and millions around the world I too was shocked to hear about this. My hopes and prayers are with his family at this time.

The mdecial staff are doing their upmost, your family are by your bedside and millions of us around the world are behind you…so don’t give up, keep on fighting Michael


I was away for a few days camping. My wife called me from her office this morning to tell me about Schumi. I almost cried. I am very sad after reading about this. We are praying for you and your family Micheal. You have always been a fighter and I feel sure you will get through this.


Forza Michael hope you can make it.


terrible news… hope he gets well soon, hr is part of billions childhood, I don’t want to lose part of childhood


It was shocking to hear this new about Michael. I feel he can come through and be all right.

Get well soon Michael!!


Michael! Can you hear me?! Make this your win number 92!! Don’t let it slip away … we need you to come back.

You did very well against Rosberg. A likely future champ.


Anybody who believes that MS is now fighting for his life because he hit a rock skiing back country ought to have their heads examined.

It reminds me of a song, “Nothing as it it seems….”

We’ll probably never find out what is really going on, but here are the facts:

1. Michael Schumacher, lots of people adore, and lots of people feel an opposite way about him.

2. He lives in Switzerland, and I think it is reasonable to assume that he is very, very good at skiing.

3. He was wearing a helmet, I assume that the helmet did in fact offer a good degree of protection.

4. Yes, this is a man who lived on the edge, in his professional career,

5. But also, was meticulously prepared and able to find the ‘edge’ in EVERYTHING

wasn’t that one of his most special gifts?

The idea that such a person could go back-country (off the established pistes) skiing, run into trouble so that he wiped out and injured his head, with helmet on, so that he now ‘fights for his life’ with potentially severe brain trauma is incredibly remote, and I can’t buy it.

I don;t know what’s going on, but it is incredibly unlikely to be as it is being presented in the media.

Good luck MS; I can’t say I’m one of the adoring fans, but I can respect the facts of what you have accomplished.


My, my; tut, tut; blah, blah, blah, (it’s not nice to write those things).

Of course the story is not impossible; I openly admit to its inherent possibility.

But as is often the case, these days, there are several strange things about the media carpet-bombed ‘facts’, (above and beyond the now common place media carpet-bombing of ‘stories’; that’s what they are, ‘stories’), the selection of details, some times out-of-place, yet repeated over-and-over-and-over again; don’t you wonder why?

So for all of you ‘tut-tutters’, of my in-good-faith contribution, above, why don’t you just take fifteen minutes, and find out that the Schumster would have been wearing at least the market leading helmet, specifically designed for such an accident, as described, (so many times, always vaguely, but) involving, supposedly, a rock, and presumably, a single, or very few number of impacts, and then review the medical reports [from The Canadian Press, via the CBC website, “It looks like probably that initiating a corner, he was hitting a stone which he had not seen and was catapulted down on a rock,” Kehm said in English. “That is extremely and very unfortunate … really very, very bad luck. Michael was not at high speed.”] This is an evolution of the original story, in which there were inadequate detail to plausibly explain such severe injury.

First a description of the damage was, “…a brain scan performed late Monday showed bruising “a little bit everywhere” in Schumacher’s brain.”

Now it evolves, such comments as, “…a large haematoma on the left side of his brain.”

Autosport offers us this:

“Payen added that judging by the extent of the injuries that Schumacher suffered, it was clear his impact with rocks had not been at slow speed.

“Taking into consideration what we have observed, that despite a helmet he arrived with lesions that were quite severe, the shock must have taken place at high speed.”

Professor Stephan Chabardes said that the injuries suggested that Schumacher had hit the rocks with the right hand side of his head.

Payen added that judging by the extent of the injuries that Schumacher suffered, it was clear his impact with rocks had not been at slow speed.

“Taking into consideration what we have observed, that despite a helmet he arrived with lesions that were quite severe, the shock must have taken place at high speed.”

Professor Stephan Chabardes said that the injuries suggested that Schumacher had hit the rocks with the right hand side of his head.”

I’m not trying to goad anybody, and as has been mentioned, nothing impossible in it… but Schumi?!?


There is nothing remotely impossible about the story up to now. It’s totally believable. People suffer brain injuries while skiing and while wearing helmets all the time.


There is nothing remote about the chances of a person falling while skiing in the back country…professional skiers and snowboarders have serious injuries (and worse) every year.
It is pretty hard to imagine this being anything other than what has been presented in the media, [mod]


Mr. Cassady; cynicism is not the same thing as wisdom nor ill reasoned skepticism a substitute for facts.


Why on earth should we not believe that the story of his accident is not true? People die on the slopes all the time, Dean. I appreciate your concerns for Schumacher’s recovery but I find it sad that you had to add to the misinformation that has been floating around since the time of his accident. And thanks for letting us know you weren’t a Schumacher fan, none of us would have been able to guess that.


Hi James

I’ve been following the news on Schumacher over the last 24 hours, and hope he makes a good recovery.

Sounds like a bad accident, and at times like this we’ve got to remember he’s a family man first and foremost.

On another note, hope you have had a good Christmas break, and wish you and your family well for 2014.




It’ll take more than this to catch up with our Michael!!

Prayers with you mate!!!


Very sad news – all the best wishes for a speedy return to normal life.

In my country (Canada) too many people are killed or injured enjoying winter sports by straying from the approved boundaries. Perhaps this will act as a caution.


Please pull through this Michael.

This is devastating im so emotional!

Michael you showed us how to win dominantly with Ferrari.

You showed us how to lose humbly with Mercedes.

Please show us how to win one more time my thoughts are with you and your family.

God Speed


All wishing for a good recovery thinking of Michael in these difficult times , James please make sure these messages can get passed onto the Schumacher family his own website looks like it`s crashed



The fact that Michael is even able to fight for his life is testament to how crucial head-protection is. Whether you are a cyclist, F1 driver or skier, helmets may not be able to completely prevent injury, like in the case of Felipe Massa, but they will usually save your life.


Very sad I’m afraid even if he makes it through this the Micheal we new will be gone forever .


If the coma is induced can they bring him out of it easily? Hope everything goes well.


My thoughts are with Schumi and his family today, best of British and be strong.


Get well soon Schumi


Shocking news this was yesterday. The first reports gave me the feeling of “he will get better soon and back on the slopes as he did so often in F1”. Hearing the worsening of his condition, especially the word “critical” made me feel sick, shocked.

I truly wish him a full recovery and my thoughts are with his family, his wife and kids.

And Michael, while you are on it, do a lap of the Gods, but come back please. We, I, miss you.

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