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Pre-Christmas competition – Win Lego Ferrari cars and drive them!
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Posted By: James Allen  |  13 Dec 2013   |  8:41 am GMT  |  176 comments

Christmas is fast approaching and if you want something rather unusual to play with, we have 5 special edition Lego boxes which each contain six Lego Ferrari cars, courtesy of our friends at Shell.

And once you’ve made them you can take part in a series of driving challenges with them to test your skills and creativity. The cars have a motor function when you drag them backwards and let them go. Make a whacky course or a jump for them to drive down, video it on your smartphone and you could win a prize.

The driving challenges can be viewed at A range of fantastic prizes is on offer to anyone who gives them a go and uploads a video or picture using #LEGOchallenge.

To enter the JA on F1 competition to win one of the five Lego boxes, simply tell us what was your favourite, or most memorable, Ferrari moment of 2013 in the comments section below. Only one entry per person, all entries to be in by Friday December 20th at 12pm UK time. Winners will be informed directly.

And if you don’t manage to win one of our five Lego boxes this time, don’t worry because Shell and Lego are running a promotion until 8th January 2014.

Shell customers can collect a range of six limited-edition mini LEGO model Ferrari cars when they purchase £30 or more of Shell’s performance fuel Shell V-Power Nitro+, each car is just £1.49.

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Behind the Scenes at the track
Behind the Scenes at the track
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i like car so much they are so beautiful.I like lego car if any one of you have them give me Ferrari lego car


Ok…so who got the lego??? O:-) O:-)


My favourite race was the Spanish Grand Prix where against all odds he fought his way to victory from fifth on the grid with a not so brilliant car. He fully deserved that victory.


My favourite Ferrari moment this year was Alonso’s win in China. The way that Alonso dominated that day was truly impressive, with virtually everyone else struggling with short-lived tyres, and after his second win in Spain I hoped he could take the fight to Vettel in the championship. Sadly, it wasn’t to be.


Already mentioned by many I know, but for me it was Alonso winning in Spain and proudly carrying the Spanish flag on the slow-down lap. Something very special about a driver winning his home grand-prix.


Alonso podium selfie at Monza.



My favourite Ferrari moment of the year occurred on lap 4 of this years Chinese GP. Trailing Lewis Hamilton from the start, Fernando made his move for the lead at the end of the 3rd lap, attacking Lewis into the hairpin. Lewis successfully defended, but as the Mercedes approached the start finish line, Alonso jumped out from the slipstream and took the lead. To make it even better for Ferrari, Felipe Massa also (out of nowhere!) took 2nd place from Lewis shortly before turn 1…

It may have only lasted for a lap, but Ferrari led 1-2, one of the few times they have done so since the rule change of 2009. As a Ferrari fan, I couldn’t help but smile.

I was so excited that I remember shouting ‘Forza Ferrari’ at the TV when it happened! It was certainly one of the best moments of 2013 for me.


My favourite Ferrari moment was definateley my 18 month old son pointing to the TV screen that showed Alonso’s Ferrari, smiling and saying “papa auto (daddy car)”. You can’t start early enough raising good tifosi :-).


Barcelona. Alonso’s start, home victory, and a podium for Massa. Even better, as a Ferrari fan I was there 🙂


For me ,

It was the respect shown to Felipe in Brasil.


Ferrari leading the return of drama, emotion and intrigue to F1 in early August: Raikkonen denials, accusations of illegal testing, ear tweakings and even knives between teeth.

Red Bull typed out the technical manual for victory on the asphalt but off the track Ferrari hand scrawled their continuing story of people, politics and passion. Ron Dennis talks of his engineers bleeding McLaren… Ferrari engineers bleed fire.


Most all these are more Alonso moments than Ferrari.

The best FERARRI moment was in Brazil, the all weekend send off to Felipe. Good stuff.


Taxi Ride from Mark Webber with Fernando


Firstly Alonso’s comment about wanting someone else’s car for his birthday, followed by Abu Dhabi press conference claiming the relationship with the team was “perfect.” Really demonstrated the complex relationship that played out between driver and team over the year.


Fernando’s ‘ear tweaking’ !


I would go with Alonso giving Webber a lift


Difficult to pick only one, I had to pick three.

First, Alonso’s Barcelona win, it made me so icredibly proud of him and the team.

Second, the Belgian GP. I’ve been there, sat at Eau Rouge and was so disappointed with qualifying results (9th and 10th). But then Alonso came back furiously, already being 5th before he passed us at Eau Rouge and finally finishing second in the race, making up 7 places in the first half of the race.

And third, the announcement of Kimi after Monza. Finally my dream team would come together at my favourite team.


Alonso giving his mate Mark Webber a lift back to the pits after his retirement.


Seeing my sons eye pop out of his head while we were Walking around the BRDC car park in Silverstone looking at all the Ferraris . Dreaming of buying a red Ferrari one day


The most memorable Ferrari moment? It’s got to be Kamui Kobayashi crashing on an empty circuit (in the rain) in Moscow.

Perhaps not Ferrari’s _greatest_ moment of 2014, but certainly the one that sticks in the mind the most.


The amazing way in which the team came together to celebrate the career of Felipe Massa!


Alonso giving Webber the taxi ride in Singapore! It showed that sportsmanship wasn’t dead, and over the season it was great to see the camaraderie between Webber and Alonso, and what a great respect and friendship they had for one another!


That dodgy taxi ride in Singapore.


Ferrari duo finishing 1 and 3 respectively at the Spanish GP with Alonso going on to win the race, a much needed boost for Scuderia Ferrari at that stage of the championship.


Alonso giving Webber a lift at the end of the Singapore GP!

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