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Overwhelming support from around the world for Michael Schumacher
Posted By: James Allen  |  31 Dec 2013   |  4:17 pm GMT  |  75 comments

There has been overwhelming support for seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher from key figures around the world as the German remains in a “critical” condition following a ski accident in France.

On Tuesday morning, doctors at the CHU hospital in Grenoble said that following a second operation, scans show there has been a “slight improvement” in the 44-year-old’s condition.

Former US president Bill Clinton tweeted his support: “Thinking today of Michael Schumacher and grateful for all he’s done w/‪@clintonfdn and for others. My prayers are with him and his family.”

Fellow German and ex-footballer Didi Hamann: “Thoughts with Michael Schumacher and his family. Let’s hope he pulls through. Praying for some good news tomorrow morning for one of the genuine super stars us Germans had in the last 30 years.”

Former England cricket captain Michael Vaughan said on Twitter: “Forget the Cricket. Everyone’s thoughts should be with Michael Schumacher.”

Former Alpine skiing world champion Luc Alphand said: “I’m stunned. Skiing, for me and a lot of people, is a leisure before anything else. He might have hit a rock with his feet and you don’t need to go fast to hurt yourself.”

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger said: “Personally, I didn’t know him but I am an admirer of his achievements. We are all shocked that a man who has taken so many risks in his life and got out of every single risk he took, on a simple accident this can happen to him, which can happen to anyone else who is not as gifted on the sporting front. That is very shocking and we wish him well.”

Messages of support have also flooded in from his fellow motor racing contemporaries.

Schumacher’s former rival David Coulthard wrote in his Telegraph column: “The awful thing is that so often it takes something like this before we say what we truly feel about someone.”

McLaren’s Jenson Button tweeted: “My thoughts are with Michael Schumacher at this tough time. Michael more than anyone has the strength to pull through this.”

Schumacher’s former team-mate Felipe Massa added on Twitter: “”I’m praying for God to protect you, brother!”

Double world champion Fernando Alonso tweeted: “Get well soon Michael! Hope to hear some positive news very soon! #strongman.”

Schumacher’s former Benetton team-mate Martin Brundle added on Twitter: “Come on Michael, give us one of those race stints at pure qualifying pace to win through, like you used to. You can do it.”

Eddie Jordan, Schumacher’s former team boss at Jordan, told the BBC: “If you were going to look for someone to take on the fight, whether it be sporting or in life, Michael is someone you would want on your team.”

Caterham driver Giedo van der Garde on Twitter: “I am happy to hear some positive news about Schumacher. Keep fighting! ‪#SchumiGetWellSoon ‪#KeepfightingSchumacher”

Four-time IndyCar champion Dario Franchitti tweeted: “My thoughts are with Michael Schumacher and his family. If anyone can pull through this it’s him.”

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I thought the Coulthard article was brilliantly written. Hope Schumacher recovers properly. It’s frustrating but there’s no rush.

Off snowboarding for a week tomorrow myself. Will be buying a helmet!

As an aside, Luc Alphand is not only a ski champion but a motorsports legend in his own right, winning the Dakar Rallye in 2006 and racing in GTs as well as enduro motorcycles.


What a crappy birthday for Schumi.

Hope he gets the present we know he really wants.


Would be a present for us all, as well.


Hamilton tweeting his own pictures on skiis and a freaking smile on his face, WTF? I wish I could ban him from F1, pure and simple. But Schumi is such a great guy, never disrespected Barrichello despite the contrary being sadly true, that I’m confident this won’t hurt him, one can even hope it will give him even more strenght to keep fighting in the face of adversity, as he always did.


And before someone say it’s a different modality, and why should Lewis put his life on hold, well, the first is irrelevant, and the second, no, of course he shouldn’t put his life on hold. But life is so much more than tweeter, couldn’t he put his tweeting on hold?


“Tweeting” is perfect for Lewis, because Lewis is a twit.

As much as I have hoped that he would grow out of it someday, he regularly confirms it.

It’s gone way past doing the things he does, and thinking “That’s not cricket.” Look at his record, not as a driver, but as a human being. It’s not impressive.


Agreed. But I would add not even his driving is that impressive. I’m inclined to think Rosberg will adapt much better to the new cars and won’t have much trouble beating his teammate.


“I keep my fingers cossed for Michael!” wrote Robert Kubica on Facebook


read in news:

Schumi was with some frieds and their kids. He was skiing last to help not experienced drivers if necessary. A 14 year old girl fell and he helped her. While starting to continue skiing he seem to have overlooked a rock hidden in fresh snow. One of his rented skis was not loosening. This might have made it impossible to control the crash. He was wearing helmet and back protectors.

Hope he fully recovers from this

I remember the day when Jo Deckarm (considered the world best handball player) fell into coma while a match. I was playing Handball myself in a junior team then and i had long discussion with my parents (swimmers) to be allowed to continue playing handball. I hope Michael has more luck than Jo. Jo had big fights to come back into life even he never fully recovered.



Come on Michael, let’s do this race like Brazil 2006. We know you can.

DC article makes my eyes teary.He seems like a good guy and certainly earned more respect that he deserves.


James, many of us from distant places in the world appreciate the up-to-date posts you are supplying regarding Michael’s progress.

I have always liked Michael’s work on the track for his team but I have also admired his work for others, less fortunate, off the track.

God speed for a full recovery for Michael.


I have tried to take positives from the fact Michael’s condition has now stabilised, but I was concerned today by a comment from Gary Hartstein that the severity of Michael’s condition is far worse than occurred to Massa in 09 or Hakkinen in 95.

I can only pray for a miracle that Michael fully recovers and pulls through this. God bless you Michael.


I’ve never supported Schumacher as a driver (never forgave him for the crash with Hill), but I have huge respect for his achievements both on and off the track. It’s times like this when rivalries must be put aside, there are far bigger priorities. It’s heartwarming to see so much support for Michael, not just from his fans and admirers, but from everybody who appreciates his fighting spirit. Let’s all hope for a positive outcome to all of this.


… day 3 and stable at the moment. keep on fighting Michael! for yourself, your family, your friends, your charities, your millions of fans.

Happy New Year to everyone in the F1 community and best wishes to the countless patients and families in similar situations around the world.


Hope and pray Schumi will make it !


I hated him at first for all the clichés about him… But he won me over with his hard work at Ferrari, his pursuit of winning, his determination, and then his utter dominance of the sport for so many years. My thoughts and prayers are with Michael Schumacher and his family.


Michael said something like this in an interview with Kai Ebel:

I live believing in fate. I can not not doing things because something might happen. If somethings bad happens it is perhaps fate.

‘Ich verfahre nach dem Schicksalsprinzip. Ich kann nicht Dinge nicht tun, weil etwas dabei passieren kann. Wenn etwas passiert, dann ist es vielleicht Schicksal.’

Michael also said that all the things he did -parachuting, riding, motorbiking,… – he was approaching from the safe side – learning to know the limits.

Daniel Aquilina

Come on Michael, keep hanging in there champ this is for Championship #8.


This is Kimi’s message taken from Motorsport.com. “Kimi Raikkonen: “God bless you Michael. Be strong!!!'”


All the best Michael! You really have been a part of my life since 1995 and given me many hours of enjoyment through racing.


Michael is my favourite driver of all time. I screamed when he won the drivers championship for ferrari at Suzuka; I watched the years before and his efforts were 110% and he was so unlucky not have have won earlier. His battles with Mika, Damon, Jaques, david, kimi, Juan, Fernando et al were magnificent. He was always there, sometimes in inferior machines and just used to drag the car round the track by the skin of its teeth. There was something magical about him behind the wheel hunting other drivers down or defending aggressively. I’m heartbroken about his accident and feel for his family. The great man can’t go out like this. God speed Schumi, we love you man!


I hope Schumacher recovers from his injuries, and when/if he recovers that he is still is the same person that he was before the accident. We cannot afford to lose a true champion so early, so soon, so I hope he recovers, and returns to normal life as the normal Michael Schumacher.


Schumacher was the face of F1. Many people did not know (or still do not know) F1 in 2000s, but they knew one guy: Schumacher. He was more popular than F1 itself. And that says a lot!


i was saddened to read that schumachers family are stressed by reports of schumacher loving speed and taking risks caused the accident. all those who made such reports should publicly appologise to schumachers family.

is he likely to take risks while skying with his son?


Tonight I was (obviously) at a new years eve party. Like everyone, ringing in the new year.

Not everyone is an avid F1 fan like most of us here. A friend picked up a bottle of champagne, shaking and spraying it podium celebration style while exclaiming “Schumacher! Schumacher!” After a quick conversation I found he’d never watched a race on TV and had no idea about schumis accident.

This to me, shows what Michael has acheived. Around the world “racing car driver” triggers a response “michael schumacher” no matter what your motorsport knowledge. Hell, my phone even auto corrects it!

Schumacher has done for F1 what Mcrae did for rally, what Federer has done for tennis and what armstrong had done for steroids. I grew up knowing of schumi and I had no interest in cars or racing at all when I was younger.

Usually we don’t realize what we have until it’s gone. But heres hoping there’s a few more chapters yet to come in the Michael Schumacher biography. Get well soon mate!


Speedy recovery Schumi, my thoughts are with you.


Thanks James. Your blog is what I keep cominh back to every hour. Please keep us updated on the legend’s progress. Get well soon Michael.


i think it’s wrong of all journalist to claim that schumacher suffered the accident because of his love for speed.

his love of speed brought him all the success he has had and non of those who reported on his accident witnessed it so have no idea about how it happened so should not make up stories to upset his close relatives. they should keep the story to the facts only.

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