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New limited edition JA on F1 2013 Yearbook published today!
Posted By: James Allen  |  10 Dec 2013   |  11:19 am GMT  |  17 comments

We are delighted to launch the new book “JA on F1 2013 – Winning at all costs”, which is published today.

The book is a large format paperback, 240 pages, with stunning color images from Darren Heath and a Foreword from David Coulthard. The book priced at £10.99. All books ordered through this site are signed by me.

I’ve been in the offices of our e-commerce partners Grand Prix Legends, signing the books and they look great. But it is a limited edition collectable and many have already been pre-ordered so if you fancy one for your Christmas stocking you’d better move quickly. The book has sold out in each of the previous four years.

It tells the behind the scenes stories of the 2013 F1 season, with original posts from this award winning website as well as retrospective text I have written since the season ended.

This is the fifth year we have published the JA on F1 Yearbook. When you sit down to put together a book like this and comb through all the stories of the year you are always struck by how much happens in a typical F1 season.

So much change that takes place of people and circumstances, unforeseen developments and outside influences are brought to bear on the sport. And of course there are always winners and losers. This is one of the most fascinating and compelling aspects of F1, which is both a business and a sport.

The 2013 season was no exception; Sebastian Vettel became a four-time world champion, Ferrari dropped the ball again and started in-fighting, Mercedes came good, Williams struggled among the backmarkers, Kimi Raikkonen walked out of Lotus because he hadn’t been paid, McLaren fired a driver after a single season, Bernie Ecclestone was in court as a string of legal actions stretched out before him, Pirelli suffered six spectacular tyre failures at the British Grand Prix, the list goes on. How many of these happenings could have been predicted before the first race in Melbourne?

That is the whole point of the JA on F1 Yearbook, to look back on the amazing turns of events, make sure that they are chronicled and give them some historical context.

Order your copy of the JA on F1 2013 Yearbook today. Copies will be despatched today to most countries around the world. To order yours and to be sure of getting a copy click on this link: JA on F1 2013 Book

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I received my book this week and now have all five signed copies from 2009-13. This will be brilliant for looking back at the sport in years to come.


Great to know my book’s been despatched. Thanks to you James and to GrandPrixLegends for that special effort put in to ensure I have a copy of your book here in Nigeria

The Winter break can only get better from now on.


Nice one! Thanks


Hoping the copies arrive in Australia before Christmas!!

Seasons greetings James, I hope you have a safe and enjoyable break. Thanks for your great coverage again this year, best in class!


Hi James,

If I order the book from Grand Prix Legends directly, as there are a few other items I would like to purchase and save on the shipping costs as I’m here in Canada, do I get an autographed version as well? Or do I to order directly from your website for a signed copy?

If you could respond, it would be greatly appreciated.



Toronto, Canada


Good question. I’m pretty sure you’d get a signed one, but just to be safe maybe order the book in one purchase then make a separate one for the other items

Thanks for your support


Paddy, looking at a picture on the (free) Wikimedia Commons of the Toyota pairing racing wheel to wheel at Monza, I think the picture of Darren’s must be Timo Glock, since his car’s T-bar was yellow (iirc) and there’s a faint wisp of yellow in Heath’s photo, and perhaps the orange could be orange from Glock’s helmet (whereas Jarno used a helmet w/ more red in it, no?)?

Here’s link to the wikicommons photo:


Oops that was supposed to be a reply to Paddy…

with whom I also wanted to share this video from Monza 2009:


James, is that a Toyota entering the parabolica??? Cheers


Paddy, you’re right that’s the parabolica, being navigated in 2009 by what looks like a Toyota at first glance, though I’m not sure and can’t say which driver it is.

The photo was taken by Darren Heath, world famous professional F1 photographer, and can be seen in this gallery on his site:

The individual image file (in low resolution) can also be seen on Darren’s site here:


How the heck do you think he took a shot up there over the fencing at the Parabolica?!

Is he up a tree or crane or using one of these crazy ‘window cleaner’ poles?


Pretty rad!!!

Ya know Clark I was also amazed by that pic, and while I’ve no idea how Darren shot it, I also wanted to know the identity of the driver so I asked him via Twitter.

He confirmed that it was Toyota…but wasn’t sure if it was Glock:

I mention this b/c perhaps Darren would be willing to answer your question on technique (in a tweet or his blog, idk?) if you ask him directly via the Twitter. Please let us know if you hear back! vroom vroom snap click!


The caption I have on the image says Glock


I predicted that Vettel would win #4 😉


Sorry James. I’ve bought every one up to now. But last season was abysmal I can’t think of a single thing I would like to remember about it.

I’m not talking about Vettel’s dominance, I don’t like that as much as the next man, but that is part of racing. It’s the circus show that F1 has become that I object to – push to pass; tyres becoming the single dominant factor in separating winners from losers. How long before the winner is decided by public opinion…?


oh cmon mate, dont’be that dramatic! if the winner was decided by public opinion it would make for a welcome change, since Vettel’s dominance would finally be broken! lol…

F1 has always been a show that has to balance technology & engineering, sporting prowess, entertainment, and commercial needs – now is no different except for the details. That Vettel has a stranglehold on the sport is a turn-off for many, myself included, but surely you wouldn’t actually claim that he won b/c of Pirelli? (you say tires have become the single dominant factor separating winners from losers…) so Pirelli is responsible for Seb winning everything at everyone else’s expense? again, the sentiment against exploding tires is reasonable but the arguments youre stringing together are reactionary and fallacious on a factual level.

we need F1 to be entertaining to a mass audience for it to continue…otherwise there won’t be the money to make the high tech…maybe you’d like wec more?


How to get this from India or ROW? 🙁

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