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Montezemolo presents Massa with an 2008 engine and his team with a warning
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Posted By: James Allen  |  15 Dec 2013   |  11:09 am GMT  |  132 comments

Ferrari held its traditional pre-Christmas gathering at Maranello for the employees of the company and its president Luca di Montezemolo presented outgoing driver Felipe Massa with a 2008 engine, which almost carried him to the world championship that year.

He thanked the team for all its hard work, but laced it with a warning, that the failure to develop the car after a strong start to the season, must not happen again, it was not, he said,

“The sort of season we would have wished for, especially after a positive start, that we all hoped would continue. In part, that was definitely down to some external factors, but it was mainly down to us not bringing the necessary updates to the track, a mistake we must not repeat.”

“I for one am definitely sick of coming second: we have the ability, the competence and the spirit to return to the top step of the podium. Each one of you must work with great determination and take pole position in your own jobs: that’s what’s I’m asking of all of you.”

With all the signs being clear, despite protestations to the contrary, that Fernando Alonso and his team have fallen out of love with each other this year, reaching its zenith with the public “ear tweaking” administered by Montezemolo in July, followed soon after by the hiring of Kimi Raikkonen, against the Spaniard’s wishes, the president inevitably had a word for his errant lead driver,

“Over the past few years, Fernando has given his all and he deserves to have a competitive car with which he can win a World Championship with the Reds. I can understand his occasional moments of frustration, which we all share, but I am sure he is well aware what Ferrari represents and because of that, he will be even keener to give it his best shot.”

Some marriages can survive moments of fiery disagreement, kiss and make up. One of the key questions of 2014 is whether Alonso’s marriage with Ferrari is one such.

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Massa did deserve to win the WDC that season more than Hamilton. F2008 was a worse car when it came to car reliability, Hamilton car didn't break once during the whole season in the races and it terms of speed, both were equality matched.

Not to mention Massa actually had to race his teammate, 2007 world champion, while Hamilton was a clear number 1 and Heikki did not pose any challenge and got out of the way everytime he was required.

For this two factors alone, Massa had a much harder challenge to win, a car which let him down big time a couple of times during the season and a much better teammate that actually competed against him for most of the season.

As for Massa's mistakes, sure he made some, but so did Hamilton, Canada that year, when he ran into Kimi in the pits....


Not to mention the gifted win in Spa, after it was stolen from Hamilton


Good Story

To say Kimi will outpace alonso is really hilarious

Alonso has already beaten the likes of Schumi and kimi constantly. I still remember the day in 2001 where one young kid in minardi showed plenty of potential and speed.

Alonso is still the quickest driver out there alongside Lewis.

Kimi is effectively a NO 2 driver. However he is more consistent than massa and may help Ferrari win WCC in 2014. Kimi was given the quickest in the grid (F2008) in 2008 season. Yet he was beaten by massa and lewis in a slower Mclaren.


There is something in what you say and your penultimate para is a good way to view things.

However you underestimate the depth of relationships and nuances in this small F1 paddock

For example, I don't go in for splashing rumours as facts on this site, but you know that when I have a solid heads-up I am confident, as with Hamilton to Mercedes two days after the Italian GP, Alonso to Ferrari a year before he went there.


I think Ferrari have been a bit tight... they should have given him the complete car.


"an 2008 engine" - English is not my first language but shouldn't this be "a 2008 engine"?

Great to see Massa being treated nicely by Ferrari 🙂


I was thinking something similar as well, although I'd probably still be very proud that I nearly won the WDC!!


Comments aside, the team has the driver lineup to win... On the technical side, hard to see them making that big leap forward as long as the rules remain as they are. Fundamentally, you cannot move forward without real testing... computers can only give you so much


I'd take Schumacher's F2004 championship winning chassis engine, suspension, Brakes and gearbox and put inside the body of a Fiat Ducato van with slick racing tyres.


Alonso has been prepared for the fall...Kimi coming.

They will still come second (well, third) but Alonso will be gone after that. That seems to be the whole idea of signing Kimi. He will get no 1 status from the get-go. They want Alonso gone, it is very clear to see.

And Vettel will join Ferrari in 2015. They will be teammates after all 😀


"I for one am definitely sick of coming second"

Just finishing second or also being 'treated second', Felipe?

I'm hoping one of the best moves of Massa's career will be getting out of Alonso's shadow. Williams, with the right technical people and money to develop, have the ability to do something special with him.


I wonder if it was one of the display engines that is in the room at the museum with all the F1 cars spread out in a semi-circle? From the picture, it looks like the conference was held in that room


nice gesture for Felipe, but Im getting a bit bored with Luca's constant refusal to take any responsibility for Ferrari's repeated failure. It seems LDM is quick to blame the team and drivers, but as the man at the top of the tree the ultimate responsibility is his, Ive met managers like him before, lots of 'get this sorted' and 'solve this problem' and 'improve those figures' but when you ask if he has any ideas or advice, theres just an insult and off they go. It's people like Luca that keep me working for myself.


They only gave him the engine…. surely they should have given him the whole car??? I was never a great fan of Massa, but he gave everything he had to the team year after year… giving him just the engine just seems wrong.


I can tell you what i would do if Montezemolo made comments to me like that. He always talks about how do drive for Ferrari this and that, but where would Ferrari really have ended the past Championships were it not for a guy that consistently had output like Alonso.


Hey James, Next time you run into Felipe, Tell him he can leave it with the older guy across the pond for a year or so. I'll leave it in my living room and make sure all the nooks and crannies are dust free. :>)


I'm looking forward to a Ferrari surprise, but power unit and chassis, especially suspension and downforce to match the 'Bulls.

I say again that unless 'the fix' is in for Mercedes, as everyone seems to be pretty well 'nudge-nudge, wink, wink' about it, I hope Ferrari pull one of their favourite PR tactics of the MS era, and sandbag expectations, then deliver a top-tier machine for their proven top-tier racers.


Massa was a great Ferrari driver, but not after his near fatal accident. Sad but true. He deserved the sack a few years ago. Thanks to Ferrari. Maybe at a lesser he may stand proud.


I think Massa would rather have Ferrari give him Rob Smedley than an engine.


I think he'll keep an eye on McLaren but if Ferrari is able to give him a competitive car and he's faster than Kimi (and I think he will be), the marriage will survive.

I saw him yesterday on a charity show in Italy and can tell the fire is still in his belly. More than ever


I hope it isn't the engine from the Hungarian GP.


"Fernando Alonso and his team have fallen out of love with each other this year, reaching its zenith with the public “ear tweaking”"

Not to be pedantic, but was this the nadir rather than the zenith?


That actually is a wonderfull gift. I'm a truck driver but I don't think I'd get an engine from my boss.


Do people ever follow a wagging finger? One wonders whether Montezemolo has taken the wrong approach for some time...take the heat

off the chaps Luca, be a true leader and say(even if you don't mean it!) that you had made

some errors. People work best when there is a degree of relaxation in their focus. Wind them up too tight and they will break...again.


Felipe baby, you will be missed.

If not for a point, then a spring you may have been a king.

He was pretty good for a while.


Why may I ask, is so much resentment towards

Mr L, d Montezemolo?.

Is it because he's a very successful man.

A number of facts the contributors to J.A

site should know.

In Italy the late Enzo Ferrari in known as a

great man,Mr L.d Montezemolo is known as a

"Soul"of Ferrari,since he took over the

management of Maranello his efforts and

vision have made Ferrari a No 1 brand in the

World,surpassing brands such as Coca-Cola

Microsoft,Apple,and so on.

When it comes to stand by your man just ask

Fillipe Massa, what Mr L.d Montezemolo did

for him and his family.

Sadly there is to much envy towards success

My bit of thought,without successful peaple

in this world it would be like being without

a woman just boring.


Ferrari really loved Massa and this gift for services rendered just goes to show he will be missed.

Yes Ferrari mop the floor with their number 2 drivers but they also know how to appreciate loyal soldiers that obey orders.

In a way, it's a good thing that Massa didn't win the title in 2008 for his subsequent dip in form would have put the credibility of the sport in disrupte.

Regards Luca's pre and post Christmas speeches, for sure these are moral boosting events and just goes to show how difficult F1 is for despite the charismatic words such as knives in the teeth, Ferrari can't seem to get on top of some issues and mainly because of the in-season testing ban.

As for Alonso, unfortunately even with the best car, he has a qualifying weakness and with a grid packed with speed merchants such as Vettel, Grosjean and Lewis, he really has his work cut out >>> unlike 2005/2006 when all he was battling was Kimi/Schumi.

When it's all said and done, both Ferrari and Alonso need each other so they have to make the marriage work at all costs.


Mrs. Massa: "You *are not* putting that in the living room!"


Well it's only 3 years too late to say good bye to Felipe Massa but better late than never. Same with wind tunnel and the hiring of new technical staff. Perhaps we can now look forward to see a change of leadership for Ferrari next. Because clearly that is what's required. The same ridiculous sentiments aired by Montezemolo at each Xmas party with same outcome or actually worse - 3rd place this year.

As for the engine - it's like here is the one you almost won the WC with--can you handle looking at that every day. Why not give him this years one... End of his time at Ferrari and end of an era in F1.


Luca needs to make some tough decisions in terms of the teams Management Structure.

It's been clear to for some time that Domenicalli is a little short on the leadership side. Such a great guy though (and loyal), that it makes the required decision even more difficult.


If Alonso will get a car capable of winning the title and starting from the first row, then...it will be a happy marriage. Bu unlike in marriages led by the original meaning of the word, this union was never meant to last forever no matter what. Alonso and Ferrari joined forces to reach a certain objective and if this is not going to happen, both parties will find a way to reach the objectives in a different way.


I hope Ferrari not only gives Alonso a decent car to win the championship but also the same for Raikkonen, afterall he is Ferrari last world champion!


If Mr. Montezemolo is "sick of coming second", he should congratulate his team on finding a solution: they came third. ¦¬)


All those nocks and cranies is going to make that a pain to dust.


Here we are, Felipe, a little something to permanently remind you that you ‘just didn’t try hard enough’ in 2008.

Thanks, Luca, it’ll take pride of place in my living room . . .

Regarding ‘not bringing the necessary updates to the track, a mistake we must not repeat’ –

Er . . . were they left in the workshop and someone forgot to air-freight them to the circuit?

His overall tone seems as if he’s talking to a group of errant teenagers rather than a professional racing team. I’d love to know what its members truly think of his comments.



Luca D has been issuing warnings for the past 5 years and Ferrari continued to be crap in every single one of those years!!

every year is this year we have to do it!!!

I think his warnings are just empty pathetic threats!!!

Luca is biggest reason Ferrari are losing!!
He has the power to get rid of the ppl who cant get the job done! Like taking 3 years to get rid of Massa and after 6 years of doing a rubbish job he still refuses to fire Domenicali!!!

If Ferrari want to be champions again they need to be led by a champion!!! 1 Ross Brawn!!!

Ferrari are a joke they a flippin shambles!!
I wish Fernando could leave them so the world can see how crap they really are!!


Much has been written about the relationship between Alonso and Ferrari and a possible return to McLaren. All the denial reminds me of the time when Alsonso was still driving for Renault and the gossip that he had signed for Ferrari.

James: it's difficult for us readers to interpret articles like that. As you're in the middle of it all ... what's your thoughts about Alonso leaving Ferrari and all the talk about a McLaren return?

Off-topic: thanks for your continued effort on F1 reporting. This website offers insights like no other. Enjoy your holidays, James.


Felipe really is a gentleman, I can't imagine turning up to my office Christmas party if I'd been sacked.


What a lovely gesture on behalf of Ferrari towards Felipe. Regardless of what went down during the season(s), they are treating him w/ dignity, respect and appreciation. And any PR value of this kindness is not important to me.

I wonder where Massa puts the engine now??! lol...


Speaking of missing stuff, I got a release date for Rush: February 5th.

Counting down...


It's not Luca's job to tell car designers how to design a car. Managers facilitate.


The point is no driver is bigger than the team. Where they'd have ended up is irrelevant.


" all he was battling was Kimi/Schumi"

Yeah those slow old guys..



Since I know you're a fan, don't miss Maths with Sebee episode 4 in this article!


Actually...Massa got to within 1 point of the WDC in a Ferrari Alonso never got that close!


May I point out to everyone that Alonso in a Ferrari got as close to the WDC as Massa in a Ferrari?


Lol... Great comment!


Sam, it's time for Maths with Sebee, episode 4 - quiz time!

A win in 2008 was 10 points, and today it's 25 points. What's 25 divided by 10?

(Hint, it's not 3. Thus factually Massa got closer, even by your logic!)


H. Guaderian

Nonsense or not, they both achieved same best result at Ferrari...2nd. A fact.


Alonso got within 3 points of the title, which is the equivalent of 1 point in the old points system.


So what, Sebee???

Is Massa better than Alonso???

Total non sense.



...and by your same logic, Mansell in a Williams won the title by way more than Alain Prost did in a Williams, not even to mention Senna...


In either case Massa is generally seen as something of an underdog, which makes his wins (and almost wins) all the more popular 🙂


totally Agree.

It seem so deliberate that it must be a humiliation from Ferrari. Ohh.. Such @ss.. LOL


Exactly. It's quite common to gift a car to a departing driver. Giving him only an engine is quite humiliating. Typical of Montezemolo, lacking real class.


They did give him his 08 ferrari aswell earlier this year.


I am pretty sure Renault did something similar with an Espace a while back.


Just like they do on "Top Gear"


Signing Kimi also removed one of Ferrari's main threats - ie slowing Lotus.


I assume LDM made his speech in Italian and therefore, its possible, some of the subtlety he intended may have been lost in translation. Who knows? Either way, to suggest he is idiotic in either thought or deed is a bit much. He could not and would not be in the position he is (and has been for over 20 years) were that the case.


Apparently there are still some people out there who think Glock let Lewis by, noone's ever come up with a reason why he would do that though!


Yes... Unfortunately... 🙁


Here..Here! Not only was the victory stolen from Hamilton by FIA at Spa in 2008, Massa was the most unlikely full points beneficiary as he was a distant third even when crossing the finish line.....one of F1's worst ever decisions!


Why did he deserve it, handed wins by his teamate, handed the spa win by the stewards..


Ferrari lost that one on Felipe's behalf with the failures at Hungary (three laps from the end) and again at Singapore (red light, green light NO WAIT I I DIDN'T MEAN IT!), had either of those not happened the last race would have been a formality. Sadly for Felipe if and buts mean nothing.


Between that and his behaviour since Alonso joined (and helping Rai in 07), I can't help but think that at the critical moments in the last eight years, Felipe has given a lot more to Ferrari than Ferrari have ever dained to give him, which is a terrible shame.


groan! That old chestnut has been done to death, Glock was on dries, Lewis was on wets, soaking wet track. End of story.


That's because Glock was on racing slicks when it was raining buckets with streams across the track....whereas McLaren and Hamilton made the correct decision to go to full wets one lap earlier, So not difficult to understand why Hamilton deserved 2008 WDC, especially as Massa received several helpful FIA interventions in the points that season.


Are you still having trouble understanding the concept of a car with dry tyres being slower in the rain than a car with wet tyres?


How many times does this need to be repeated? You only need to check the official FIA lap times to know that both Toyotas struggled on the last lap on their slicks when the rain was at its heaviest (granted this wasn't easy to appreciate on the live TV screens at the time).

I also won't forget the ridiculous stewarding that Hamilton had encountered during that season - especially the win that was taken away from him in Spa that year.


Get over it man. Lewis won fair and square. Telemetry has been shown over and over,and it clearly showed glock going faster than his teammate trulli. Lewis had wets and it was raining that's y he flew past glock,its not rocket science!


You know Glock in 2008 is not like Petrov in 2010. Glock is just not a racer ...


As I recall, Glock didn't change to the wet or inter tyres at that point as many others did. His car was all over the place on a wet track and he lost several more places after Lewis passed him...


How about because Glock was on slicks Hamilton was on wets and it was peeing down?

Besides, Massa lost the WDC well before Brazil, not least in Singapore.

That rushed and botched pit stop after baby Piquet 'crashed' cost him major points and probably the win.

Piquet's team mate Alonso went on [as planned]to win that race.


Yes, that overtake still looks suspicious to me. :/


Massa was very good from 06-08, and hes a lovely guy, but I don't think he quite deserved the championship in 2008. People all seem to have forgotten the Malaysian & British GPs that year. Everyone seems to talk about the how the Hungary/Singapore races that year ruined his chances (as well as Glock in Brasil), but Massas pirouettes in Malaysia & Britain threw away the championship. 2nd in Malaysia was a distinct possibility and those points would have easily won him the title.


Been checked, all information points to the fact that it was raining and the Toyotas were on slicks. Is this really going to be trotted out every time 2008 gets mentioned?


I know what you mean, Felipe has given everything he could to the team, but to be fair to Ferrari they did give him a huge amount of cash!


If it is, at least all the oil will be burned off - no drip stains on the living room carpet, no shake-n-vac for Mrs Massa 😉


That's right, it was just his driver that came second, and he wouldn't want to admit that after ticking him off.

Unless he disqualified Merc in his own mind after the secret test. 😉


Brilliant comment! 🙂




Mechanic #1:"Hey, should soneone tell hi..."

Mechanic #2:"Let it go, Bob. Let it go."


Ferrari's form over the past few seasons has been poor, and second is an amazing result.

Luca should be grateful for the excellence his team put forward, with the obvious exception of the HR drivers signing department, who couldn't to sign Webber or Button & failed to sack Massa for the past three years. Still I suppose that problem has been resolved with Kimi returning to Maranello!

Next year Ferrari should be able to compete for the constructors due to having the strongest driver line up.


Lol 🙂


I take it back then : Presumably he now has the complete package and can drive it !

Did they give him free life membership of Corse Clienti as well ?


They gave him a drive in the 08 car during the Ferrari celebration in which he was honored at the track...the cars were sold to privateers for use via the Ferrari private client program iirc.


Was this an incredibly subtle inference to ‘knock’ on ‘cranium’ being responsible for the ‘pain’ of being left in the ‘dust’ – or did I read too much into this?


I suspect you might be right . . .

In which case his tone becomes even more patronisingly idiotic.


you mean like when Button had to sue Brawn to get the BGP001 that he'd been promised?! lol...

Formula 1 race ace Jenson Button sued Mercedes over £1m car 'gift'



Yep, probably LM's payback for not playing the no. 2 role to the end. Recalling his soap operatic "Oh please...." when asked whether or not Massa would do the obedient thing. And then FM did not. LM good at blaming everyone but the the lead man for lack of success. Am not a FA fan but imagine most in the paddock would say he's excelled more in his role for the team than LM has in his.


If you always follow you become a follower if your allowed to lead-- no matter who you are you have 50/50 chance to be a leader


I don't think Feilipe said that...


Could it be that with the unsold Schumi engines around key stores world wide, this Massa engine simply had no chance of selling, so may as well do something with it said Luca.


Fortunately they are also giving him a Ferrari dust-buster: Almost gets the job done every time 🙂


Hehe. Quality.


He can use a V6 turbocharged vacuum cleaner on it 🙂


Ross needs to come back and replace the testosterone lacking S Domenicali!

They need Ross to put the foot down, they got better on the engineering side this year!


I dont think its completely fair to judge Domenicali, while he has to operate under Monty. There are times I have felt Domenicali being a bit frustrated with the situation himself. I don't know, but I'd like to see Monty go, Domino promoted and see how that goes.


I agree, his autocratic style simply doesn't work in a high-tech business with high stress race weekends, detailed and exhaustive preparation and minutely scrutinised engineering and control mechanisms.

Acting like the Great Panjandrum and doling out goodies in a regal manner just doesn't do it.


I think you're being a bit too extreme here. They have severe operational issues which have come to light since the ban on testing an increased reliance on aerodynamics and CFD. Pat Fry came in and has made operational changes which we'll begin to see the benefit of come 2014/2015, and Allison's new role should give us clear direction.

We've been poor since 2009 but making structural changes is a very long process. I've no doubt we'll fight at the front regularly very soon.


Hard to ignore the impression that perhaps the root of their problems is at the top of the food chain, isn't it?

Perhaps there is some reason for hope in all of the "restructuring" with new faces - time will tell but it seems difficult to recall any accomplishments which LdM can point to and/or claim responsibility for since the dream team dismantled. Leadership is the concept in play here and so ar intimidation hasn't worked.


They are a great team. Poor leadership is the main problem at Ferrari. If they don't deliver next year, Stefano will be out ... 'for sure!'.


Which is ironic because the door to it is the only place he'll see the letters "WC"...


"James: it’s difficult for us readers to interpret articles like that."

Well, my take on it....

F1 is quite unique in its mastery of PR and media management. Many including me see it as a sort of official F1 side show. I'd suggest that it is very hard for even journalists to know what is really going on.

I mean, how can a journalist know if his "mole" is telling it straight, or is quietly releasing information for another purpose? A journalist will say that time proves a source. But on what basis? A source could say with great confidence that management is considering hiring driver X, could even say that the deal is done bar the signatures. Then it all changes and driver Y is hired. The source might have been sincere, or wanted driver Y to know they are competition for the seat and not to ask for too much money, or what ever. Was the journalist used, or was the source just wrong, or was diver Y not previously available and popped up at the last second? And all that puts aside all the factors that go in to driver choice.

And Im sure every one here could have great fun citing real examples and making up some wild fun ones.

Point being, after 30 odd years of following this sport, I simply don't believe anything about this sort of stuff until official announcements are made. I now read such stories, mentally tag them as interesting, and tuck them away until things get official. So, we really wont know if Alonso will remarry McLaren until one of them announces it officially. We can say there is logic in such a move. We can get all analytically about each party, and where other opportunities may or may not be. But F1 is weird, and incredibly dynamic and complex, and its hard for any one not on a board or management company to have a clear view of what happening. And frankly, Im not sure half the time those people know fully whats going on. Team Z cant know what driver X's management is doing, and vice versa.

So, no one knows. Just sit back and treat it like a TV drama. A load of twists and turns until we get to the conclusion, where upon the actual season will start.


I'll second that, James!


Well said.

I think Massa's handled things quite well, as opposed to the guy that's replacing him.

I wish him all the best at Williams and I'm sure he has the right attitude to help them move forwards.


Except minutes after the smiling photo here, Felipe and rob Smedley were pulling an oceans eleven style robbery on the Ferrari vault and running to Williams.


If Ron Dennis made those comments, there would be over 300 responses criticising McLaren.


His overall tone seems as if he’s talking to a group of errant teenagers rather than a professional racing team...

I suspect LDM is not actually addressing the team when he makes these sort of public announcements, that will be done behind closed doors - it's more a message for the public/fans.


But I recall Massa was very sporting in the way he graciously responded to the defeat.....I hope he has a good season with Williams in 2014.


It is hard not to admire Ferrari for their undying loyalty towards its drivers. I think it was on the eve of 2011 Spa GP when Ferrari gifted an engine cover of F2006 to Michael Schumacher as a gesture of thanks for his contribution to Ferrari.

In a "dog eat dog" world of F1, Ferrari have gone above and beyond in staying faithful to Massa despite his shortcomings. Maybe Alonso will take a hint from all this and will continue to race for Ferrari until his retirement.


FYI. ..they sell these at the Ferrari store $65000 each if you want one for Christmas. I'd take Schumi's V10.


From being told you were world champion and a few seconds later being told you weren't, must still haunt massa to this day, not sure I would want the engine to remind myself of that painful day


Dear DHL,

Its Felippe again.....please ship the engine to williams F1 Team for a quick sticky beak.

not like it matters now anyway but id imagine any team would be interested in competitor hardware. He will prob add it to his trophy room and turn it into a coffee table, thats what i would do.


If I were Felipe I would write Williams on the outside and bolt it onto my blue dog...


Ha! Yeah - handy to that in the back of his Williams next year!


On the contrary, after so many years of faithful service, Ferrari should have given Filipe his near-championship winning 2008 car.

If necessary, on permanent loan.

Giving him just the engine makes them look mean.


In the back of his new Williams might be a good place to put it. haha


In his museum he has at home!!


Where I would put it, on top of the bedside table, that's where it belongs.

I may not be Massa's biggest fan over the past couple of seasons but he sure deserved to be WDC in 2008.

I still can't believe how easily Hamilton overtaken the German in the Toyota on the last corner. Sure would love to check on his telemetry...


Agreed great gesture by Ferrari. Also they did not kick him mid season, unlike some other teams.

Cant believe he almost became WC one season.


Martin Brundle's favourite use is "coffee table".


In his 2014 Williams...


Well if Massa's Williams suddenly goes a lot faster than everyone else in 2014 we'll have an answer 😉


Hoping this is the case too and not just focus most resource, time and effort on one driver.

And if the package is good, it'd be a great opportunity for two awesome drivers to take the fight to RBR and Merc.


Lets not forget one of the MAIN reasons why they signed kimi, because they dont trust alonso! its great kimi is a no nonsense kinda guy who will just go out - flat out(hopefully) and beat alonso!


And they fired him three years ago! Incredible. At least they take him back now after realising he isn't as bad as they thought. I never understood why they didn't keep Michael for 2007 and 2008. Considering that Massa lost the title by a single point in 2008 there is a fair bet that Michael would probably have secured them the 2007 and the 2008 titles and could have retired in dignity after 2008, as the reigning Champ.

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