Insight: Raikkonen and Grosjean’s head-to-head record at Lotus
Posted By: James Allen  |  05 Dec 2013   |  6:34 pm GMT  |  101 comments

Romain Grosjean’s season ended in a cloud of smoke in the Brazilian Grand Prix as his Lotus’ Renault engine expired on the first lap of the race.

However, it was a rare disappointment in a very strong final half of the season where the Frenchman scored four podiums in five races.

It marked a turnaround in form for the 27-year-old who has struggled to better his 2007 world champion team-mate Kimi Raikkonen over a two-year period.

Grosjean was called a “first lap nutcase” by Red Bull’s Mark Webber after a series of first and second lap incidents in his first season with Lotus in 2012. Raikkonen comfortably outperformed his team mate that year, finishing third in the championship, with Grosjean eighth.

In the second season, it was much closer, with Raikkonen finishing fifth in the standings – albeit it missing the final two races to have back surgery – and Grosjean finishing a career-best seventh.

Overall, in two seasons as team mates, Raikkonen outperformed Grosjean in qualifying, with the Finn scoring a better grid slot 20 times to Grosjean’s 16. This year, Raikkonen beat Grosjean 8-2 in the first half of the season in qualifying, but Grosjean turned the tables in the second half, coming out 4-3 ahead.

When it comes to races, Raikkonen claimed two wins – one in each season – while Grosjean’s best finish was second. Raikkonen was more consistent, finishing in the points 33 times to Grosjean’s 24, with the Frenchman suffering a massive 12 DNFs to Raikkonen’s two. When both cars finished, Raikkonen beat Grosjean 18 times to 6.

Raikkonen had the better of Grosjean in the first half of this season, scoring six podiums to Grosjean’s two. His consistency was better, too, with 10 points finishes to Grosjean’s six and no retirements, while the Frenchman had two.

But as Grosjean matured in 2013, he outperformed Raikkonen four podiums to two and seven points finishes to four in the second half of the season. They shared retirements with two apiece.

Check out the statistics below to see how they fared against each other, including a breakdown of the two halves of this season. If Grosjean continues his form into next season, he should be a formidable team-mate for new recruit Pastor Maldonado.

Raikkonen v Grosjean stats compared (highest respective tally in bold)



Faster qualifying time: Raikkonen 20 / Grosjean 16

Poles: Raikkonen 0 / Grosjean 0

Front rows: Raikkonen: 1 / Grosjean 1


Wins: Raikkonen 2 / Grosjean 0

Podiums: Raikkonen 15 / Grosjean 9

Points finishes: Raikkonen 33 / Grosjean 24 

DNFs: Raikkonen 2 / Grosjean 12
Ahead in two-car finish: Raikkonen 19 / Grosjean 6


Total points over two years: Raikkonen 390 / Grosjean 228
Highest championship placing: Raikkonen 3th (2012) / Grosjean 7th (2013)

*Does not include Italian Grand Prix 2012 as Grosjean was banned


First 10 races

Out-qualified team-mate: Raikkonen 8 Grosjean 2
Wins: Raikkonen 1 Grosjean 0
Podiums: Raikkonen 6 Grosjean 2
Points: Raikkonen 10 Grosjean 6
Retirements: Raikkonen 0 Grosjean 2

Final nine races*

Outqualified team-mate: Raikkonen 3 Grosjean 4
Wins: Raikkonen 0 Grosjean 0
Podiums: Raikkonen 2 Grosjean 4
Points: Raikkonen 4 Grosjean 7
Retirements: Raikkonen 2 Grosjean 2

*Does not include final two races as Raikkonen was absent and replaced by Heikki Kovalainen

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While not as far fetched as Vettel to Webber, Kimi blows Romain out of the water. I don't call this insight sorry James! I'd title it "Romain: turned his career around in 2013".


The stat concerning both drivers when they finished is totally incorrect; I believe its 17 to 6. Regardless, it doesn't take an expert fan to realize how one sided this battle was. Raikkonen has never dominated a teammate like he did this guy, not even DC. I don't see Lotus anywhere in 2014 unfortunately.


Unbelievable! Its about how Romain beat Kimi in the second half of the season! Everybody saw how team Lotus treated Kimi in the second half of the season. Pure royalty especially from Alan Permane. On the other hand, they were pretty successful in the last two races! James, Kimi was the star of 2013 and did best out of E21 and E20.


Which means he was one of if not the best over the last 2 years !


Incorrect analysis. Last year only in China and Canada did Grosjean finish ahead of Kimi.

This year he did only in Malaysia, Monza, Japan and India. That makes it six finishes ahead of Kimi when both of them saw the chequered flag over two years.

If you add 2 DNF for Kimi this season at Spa and Abu Dhabi that would make 6 times this season and 8 teams in total. so the 17-12 equation baffles me.


It's rare that I disagree with JAonF1 articles.

But in the spirit of integrity (with a nod to Webber's call it like it is legacy), I'll just note that I too disagree with the tone of the article.

In my view a fairer assessment is that Grosjean has improved. But whether he matches or is close to Kimi is largely conjecture at this stage - for the many reasons articulated by the dissenting voices.

I think we have all followed F1 long enough to know that this sport always throws up a reality that's very different from "seemingly obvious" conclusions.

The most recent being a prediction by many that Mercedes was a hopeless case and Hamilton's move was ill judged.

Let's see how next year plays out.

I don't think much of Maldonado - but he could out perform Grosjean next year. And we could see both Ferrari's consistently finish ahead of Lotus next year. All of a sudden, the Grosjean star will dim. But the reality could be that it was all conjecture to begin with.


Actually the 2NDF of this season doesn count becasue the statistics is only of the occasions in which BOTH cars finished.

In that case in the 2012 Grosjean was ahead only twice and in the 2013 4 times.

And the correct relation would be Raikkonen 23 and Grosjean 6 times overall.



Final nine races*

Outqualified team-mate: Raikkonen 3 Grosjean 4

Wins: Raikkonen 0 Grosjean 0

Podiums: Raikkonen 2 Grosjean 4

Points: Raikkonen 4 Grosjean 7

Retirements: Raikkonen 2 Grosjean 2

In the final 9 races column,if it is only upto Abu Dhabi(until when Kimi partnered Romain),then how is it that Romain has 7 points scoring races,as there were only 7 races in which both of them raced after summer,and Romain had a DNF in singapore??

Also, Romain had 3 podiums until the Abu Dhabi GP(Korea,Japan and India).And Romain's 2 retirements takes account of his Brazilian GP retirement,which should not have been considered as Kimi and Romain have not raced in the last 2 GP's...


I think it's points scored


Raikkonen had his bad back for his last couple of races which may explain the change in relative performance.


Grosjean was ahead in 12 races when they both finished? Sorry this cant be right

2012 China and Canada.

2013 Malaysia,Italy,Japan,India


James fixed it now.. After much harassment !


Kimi clearly had the upper hand over Grosjean, in their partnership together.

Kimi 390 points;

GRO 228 Points.

Yes, GRO had 10 more DNFs than KIMI, however, if you look at the points difference between the two it comes out to be 162 points.

So with same number of DNFs (2 each), I don't think GRO would have collected 162 points in 10 races!

But surely, overall GRO has grown into much more mature driver than last season, and it will only do good for him.


One thing though, with KIMI as his team mate, wouldn't the team share KIMI's data with GRO? say like braking points, lap times (Surely), where is he losing time to KIMI etc etc...this would also explain his good speed in qualifying and race distance.

Next year that won't be the case, so he has to find his own feet, with a new car altogether, lets see how he goes.


It wont be easy to make fair conclusion on the next season.. Team had serious troubles so you cant expect they are nowhere near top4 team. Well, it didnt help if drivers arent world class but Im not going to blame Grosjean alone 🙂

Its good season for Lotus, if they are on the grid in Australia.


This is fairly a trouncing, at this level, is it not?

With it totally understood that Grosjean is an emerging top-kntch driver.

However, if, as vocalized by Eric Boullier, that Grosjean has entered the 'elite' of drivers [dubious, yet], then Kimi is certainly the best driver on the grid [Bernie has some supportive words along these lines].

While I am a new fan of Grosjean, for his demonstration of enduring challenges: a. of his own doing, b. unfairly attributed to him, due to his over-blown reputation, he is not quite there yet.

We will see how he fares with the new stable-mate; whatever you think of Kimi, it does not appear that he messes, in any way, other than driving very well, with his team mates; all may not stay the same at Lotus next year.

The analysis fails to mention the reversion to tire specification, mid-season, which clearly, Grosjean adapted to better, or more suited his driving style, nor the shift in focus which the determined observer might assume, with the Kimi to Ferrari churn.


No mention of the change in qualifying performances relating to the change of tyres to 2012 spec? I believe Raikkonen out qualified Grosjean every race with the 2013 construction.


Yet he still out qualified him( pre penalty) at Abu Dhabi. The reversion back to the short wheel base was the big factor too and it took a bit to adjust


But you forgot to mention how the tyres played a big part on this particular duel. While Kimi struggled to adapt his driving to match the new tires Pirelli introduced during the season, Grosjean wasn't being particulary happy with the original version of the cumpounds.


Pls. Watch Aussie grandprix again. The Tyre change mid season gave Vettel the championship. And when we got the insenitive easier tires suddenly Romanin startded to shine as did Vettel and Massa. In the early part of the season Alonso also handled the situation much better then his teammate. A boring fact which gave us a boring second half.


I was already a fan of Grosjean during his first-lap nutcase phase because he seemed to show real, human emotion. He seemed to be happy to be a racing driver and yet showed sadness at his mistakes. He certainly didn't beat Kimi in their time together, but he has grown immensely in his time in F1.

I think Romain has more room to grow as well and has a long future ahead of him in racing.


I still believe that if Grosjean and Lotus continue to improve he has the potential to be WDC.


Well, Raikonnen would have done even better if Lotus’ accountants hadn’t sabotaged his back. **

** And the last two races were included


I'm just glad there is a French driver that's not putting around the back. Clearly Grosjean has potential, and that's a good thing for years to come. For a while there did we not have no French GP and no French drivers? Considering the contribution to F1 Renault brings, that's unacceptable. Now talk of Michelin too?

We have Renault.

We have Grosjean.

Time for French GP to return like Austria.


James calls Raikkonen a "magician" referring to his ability to extract the maximum performance from the Pirellis. This skill he developed in response to the Lotus design and to what current racing rules required, and was unmatched throughout his 2 years at Lotus.

It's clear that Grosjean was smart enough to learn some of the sorcerer's tricks, and to emulate him closely, without bothering to acknowledge that very much. Hence, progress for 'nutcase' Romain.


That's James's commentary Abu Dhabi FP 1 [or was it 2?]


"But as Grosjean matured..." should read "when the tyres changed".


It is true that happened after the tyres were changed but Kimi trounced Romain in 2012, so when they reverted to the 2012 tyres the fact he was equalling/beating Kimi shows that he had massively improved.


In before people exaggerating Grosjean's 'form' because of a few races where the team intentionally fought against Kimi.


It muses me when people state 'Grosjean the driver got better' in the second partof the season... how about the tyre change (or even the LWB car) suited his driving style better much as it didn't suit Kimi.

Kimi's driving did not get worse.. I notice that you do not say that James... just it seems that Grosjean got better... NOT... well at least it's to early to make such a call.

All drivers given a car that suits them arte great... to prove that greatness takes more than a few races...

So I do not agree with your assesment.... at least yet...


Along that line of thinking, you could say that during the first part of the season, the tires favored Kimi. In all fairness, if we agree that the change of tires did disadvantage Kimi, it also mean that Grosjean was disadvantaged by the earlier 2013 tires. Don't get me wrong. I think Grosjean still has much to prove and Kimi is far beyond that stage. Still like I said. In all fairness...Marc


The standing he now has with his peers is reflective of his improvement.


I personally think Raikkonen will have the qualifying edge up against Alonso, given a couple of races to bed in. The last 2 seasons the lotus' strength is not qualifying, and I think both drivers have pretty much qualified where the car should. Grosjean is renowned for his speed, especially in quali. So for Raikkonen to beat him makes me think he hasn't lost any of his quali speed, which has been mentioned quite a lot in the media etc (skyf1).

Simply, I reckon Alonso would have had a tougher time up against Grosjean in qualifying than Raikkonen managed.


Alonso has already raced against Grosjean in the Renault (2009). While Alonso was making it to Q3 Grosjean was sometimes not even making it to Q2.

Raikkonen has been partered with Massa for more than two years. Their head to head in qualifying is slightly towards Massa. The head to head of Alonso vs Massa in quali is more than 80% towards Alonso.

Now tell me how did you get to the conclusion that Raikkonen is going to have the edge over Alonso, or that Alonso would have struggled alongside Grosjean? A lot of people here, like yourself, is going to be shocked next year. But the thing you should not be shocked, as the evidences on Alonso's vs Kimi's strengths are very clear!


2009 and 2013 are like million years of evolution in driver's prowess as the drivers are good for just 10 years or so. So no comparison can be done between those two years.


You are partly righ. Of course Grosjean has improved a lot in the last two years. But the improvement has been cosistecy wise, and other aspects of racing as managing the gp weekend, judging of on track manouvers, etc. Speed wise he was pretty fast since he jumped into the Lotus.

The conclusion is that in my view, if done carefully, you can still read something on the Grosjean Alonso head to head in 2009.


I am aware of that, so presumably you think Grosjean was good in 2009?? And is exactly the same driver today? I think most would say he has improved enormously since his rookie 2009 season, apart from you obviously.

And by the sounds of it you also think Massa is the same driver he was before his accident? A pre accident Massa would trounce Alonso in qualifying, Alonso couldn't even beat Fisichella in quali


Alonso will be at Mclaren in 2015, with sore eyes from crying in 2014


Yes you hope Yago


And you should revise the Alonso- Fisichella comparison.


I hope next year when Alonso easily beats Kimi in qualifying you will change youir mind. But I guess you simply will say Kimi was not the same Kimi as years before. Quite predictable...


No need to argue season starts in 3 months you would have your answers soon!


- I believe the story is solid performance of Kimi in 2 years and development of Grosjean from Rookie to matching Kimi after 2 years. There is no comparision.

- 2012 Grosjean was learning & making big mistakes (1st lap nutcase) and team favoured Kimi (correctly) due to his brilliant driving skills and ability to get consistent solid points.

- 2013 1st half again Kimi with same solid performances and was favoured & openly told by Boullier and Lopez.

- Once the relationship went south with Kimi, Grosjean stepped up the plate and matched Kimi, a sign of confident matured driver showing his potential.


Kimi has had Romain in his pocket for the 2 years really. Apart from the few races where they both used the long wheel base E21 which clearly didn't suit Raikkonen. He changed to the short wheel base for Abu Dhabi and was much faster until his car was dq'ed from quali. Grosjean is much improved no doubt but despite Kimi completing no laps in the last 3 GP's, he still finished a long way ahead of Romsin in the championship.

Over the two years, it's Raikkonen that has really propelled team Enstone back to the front of the grid.

My ratings;


2012 8.5/10

2013 9/10


2012 4.5/10

2013 1st half 5.5/10

2013 2nd half 9/10


Ahead in two-car finish 12?

2012 China, 2012 Canada, Malaysia 2013, Italy 2013, Japan 2013. What are the other 7 races? Statistics error, perhaps?


Raikkonen clearly head & shoulders above Grosjean at this point in their respective careers.

Grosjean appears to be improving all the time while Raikkonen looked to be disinterested the second half of this year. Some could argue he had a right to be with the lack of payments - not all that uncommon in F1 if you believe the rumours - along with his back injury.


"But as Grosjean matured in 2013, he outperformed Raikkonen four podiums to two and seven points finishes to four in the second half of the season."

I think the change in tires led to Raikkonen dropping off the competitiveness in quali which he acknowledged. Had he maintained same quali (top-4/5) as in first half of 2013 using the actual tires, he would have finished much higher.

Having said that Grosjean has really changed a lot and I hope he will continue to do well in F1 to give a tough competition to the established order. I still remember his boyish smile in Aus quali in 2012 when he got into top-3. Good luck to him.


Grosjean did an amazing job of turning his act around in 2013. I was actually quite upset that his engine gave out in Brazil because he would have made the race more interesting.

That said, I don't think he's nearly on the level of Kimi, regardless of the stats in the latter half of the season where Kimi had reverted to his "don't give a sh*t" mode, perhaps because of his back pains and/or lack of payment.

Hopefully Bigpants will continue to do well in '14.


One is legendary, other one is a very fast F1 driver - when he keeps the car on the track.


All added up to the bottom line = RG got paid by Total $s...& Kimi got a goose egg...?


And also & bad back after the seat wasn't fitted properly in Singapore. He still drove well for a podium.

No wonder Bernie said Kimi is the star for the 2013 season. Got goose egg & injured back but collect a lot of WCC points for Lotus.

Let's wait & see how Grosjean (who is getting a liitle arrogant) lead the team in 2014. Rememeber Pastor has more $ backing & won a race.


Good picture, it's like Kimi saying head to head - I don't give a s@#t. 😉


It seems to me a lot of Grosjean's qualifying advantage in the second half of the season was due to longer wheelbase car. The longer wheelbase did not suit Kimi and when he was allowed to switch back to the shorter wheelbase in Abu Dhabi he once again had the measure of Grosjean in qualifying.

Matthew Cheshire

Full marks to Grosgean and Boulier for weathering the storm and then finally exceeding expectations.

Right now it looks like Grosgean is the driver who could make 2014 a real season. IF he gets the car he needs. IF he improves at the same rate as this season.

Kimi, Alonso, Button and even Hamilton are great drivers and World Champions but next year is a new formula and it will be a young man's game. Only Grosjean is showing enough strides to catch up to Vettel.


Well statistically given the second placings against Vettel in the previous years the main title rivals for Vettel would be Alonso, then Button and after this year you'd have to include Hamilton and Kimi. So that's 3 of the oldest drivers next year and one a few years older than Seb. In fact other than Seb breaking the curve the trend has been going in favour of older, more experienced drivers for a number of years. It's Vettels youth that has clouded the trend but he's the outlier, not the others.

Grosjean may be the most improved driver but when you are banned for being involved in so many horrific first lap incidents - the only way is up. Romain has immense speed - that is clear. But F1 champions are rarely just 1 lap speed kings, they have a whole skill set. I'm actually expecting 2014 regulations to favour smarter drivers who know when to push and when to hold off and can manage the insane torque versus grip discrepancy - it's moving towards thinking drivers rather than balls out racers. In this regard Grosjean may adapt but I think experience will be at a premium.


"But as Grosjean matured in 2013, he outperformed Raikkonen four podiums to two and seven points finishes to four in the second half of the season"

You sure he matured, rather than the tire compounds changing?


Well he stopped driving over Alonso's helmet this year so I guess you could put some finishes down to maturity...


So, 17-12 with 3 to 4 phone calls ? germany,singapour,barhein i remember, get out of the freaking way

That's almost equality then ? Or even worse, i mean for the iceman ?

Are we seing a learning process ? and there is a lot to learn these days compare to early 2000, don't brake traction with the pirellis while being quick, deal with the fric suspension which seams to still puzzle lewis, the conter intuitive coanda, keep on throttle in slow corner while the aero is decreasing, check all those diff map, engine map etc...


17-6 where they both finished. Don't know where the 12 has come from.. So yeah pretty good for the iceman


Great analysis James. Interesting to see the stats and it really only confirms what an asset Kimi was to Lotus.

A small correction perhaps in the Highest Championship Placing. Kimi's should have been highlighted, Grosjean's has been instead.


Raikkonen is a clear top dog. Despite not racing the last two GP. His record showed he is a clear winner. Now why did Lotus had to piss him off...


I think this shows Kimi comprehensively out-performed Grosjean. There are some caveats, like team orders, but the total points speaks volumes. As does the DNF stat. Some of the DNFs are down to luck, but Grosjean was a "first lap nutcase" and caused several of those DNFs.

I do think, however, that Grosjean really matured this season, and I look forward to seeing what he can do next year. Hopefully, Lotus is able to deliver a decent car. Their funding problems, however, make that seem less likely.

As for Kimi...for me, that will be the biggest story of 2014.


Actually, when both cars finished Raikkonen beat Grosjean in 17 to 6 races, not 17 to 12 as you stated.

Another interesting stat: Fastest Laps - Raikkonnen 4, Grosjean 1 over the 2 years together.


Romain will be quick next season


When you follow the best racer of this millennium around the tracks in the same car you gotta learn something. The skill he displayed at Melbourne will not be forgotten easily by many -must surely be one of 2013 standout performances.The top 4 drivers sang Kimis praises over the first few Gp's as they could not fathom his pace on less pit stops. Kimi seemed to manage the original 2013 spec tyres better than anyone and the change along with the new chasis took a little off Kimis dominance for a few a tracks. Yet he was still on the podium with a car he was not entirely comfortable with ( & obviously back pain)--so perhaps critics of the "Kimi is not quick unless the car is perfect ought to take note" ( he is probably the best at it )

However after Kimis strong Abu Dhabi quali pace it seems he found the right balance on the car and tyres & was much more comfortable with the short wheelbase chasis and I'm certain he would have challenged right at the front had he raced the final 2 gps - such a pity. Kimi seemed very happy with car on that weekend despite the dramas that ensued.

It's always impressive to see someone change their mindset and with that their fortunes which is exactly what a Romain did. He must now take the next step of learning when to attack the fastest guys and when to leave it be in those critical on track moments--this will determine whether he becomes a champion & he has yet to display that. I think if Pastor is given the same opportunity - he will present a real threat but Romain must now focus on RBR, Merc, Ferrari and not let Intra team challenges displace his gains over the last year.

Finally, I can't help but think "what if" Lotus turned their financial fortunes around earlier in the year and kept Allison and Kimi in the team. Such a shame because it's great to see an underdog doing such an extraordinary job and the cultural for was brilliant.


Would it be fair to say that Kimi "gave-up" a little in the time where RoGro caught up, due to having signed with Ferrari already?


Kimi never gives up!-- he is the most tenacious racer Ive ever seen


Ice cream and Sepang come to mind.


... And what of it-- that race ended didn't it.Everyone else looked silly.

What about when he was set alight in the pits at Ferrari- he just kept racing? - What about when he had a badly flat spotted tyre that he drove on the limit for a whole stint before the tyre blew and tore off his suspension as (he was not permitted another stop without penalty - Mclaren.)

What about Spa this year with faulty brakes - yet still attacking for position ( Ferrari - Felipe). What about his storming drive from 15 to 10 in just three laps at Monaco this year after Perez collided in him.

If people are silly enough to only remember the funny bits about Kimi Raikkonen then it is the same people that are stunned when he's on the podium almost every race since he came out of retirement - The English media such as Skysports, even ex team mates like DC & others - I just sit back and laugh because he continually makes people look stupid. People are fooled by the laid back relaxed surface..but below it lies one of the hardest racers .


No it wouldn't.


The simple stat would be Raikkonen was beating grosjean as long as he had the SWB. Grosjean could only match Raikkonen, when Raikkonen was STRUGGLING in LWB, not when kimi is okay with LWB. Thats a big difference.

And when Kimi had his SWB and Gro with his LWB, Raikkonen beat Grosjean by almost half a second in Abudhabi, the only time they had their own preferences.


I think Kimi lost a bit of morale in the later half of the year...


No way Grosjean finished ahead 12 times when both cars completed the races, all I get is in Kimi's favor 17-6.

And the fainl 9 races statistics for 2013 does include the races where Kimi not taken part, eventhough the note says otherwise.



You are better than this 'But when both cars finished, interestingly, Raikkonen only beat Grosjean 17 times to 12, which suggests that when the Frenchman could keep his car on track, he could match his team-mate'

No it doesn't, it says that Raikkonen beat his team mate 30% more, or that Raikkonen won 70% of their duels when both cars finished.

Your second half of the season stats are just that, irreverent data, they don't take into account Raikkonens motivation after not being paid etc...

You provide a truly great, free website with a unique insight to F1, don't weaken your brand with this statistical 'nothingness'. You are presuming too much from mere data.


Amazing how you can change stats to make them look however you want..

first 10 races vs. Last 7 races? mean when the tyres changed and Kimi struggled on single lap qualifying pace ? ..started behind his team mate and beat him several times despite this you mean ?

I rate Grosjean he is clearly very, very quick, and adapting / improving fast while under pressure (for his seat), but Kimi is (and always will be) a notch (or two) above.


Does anyone know the statistics for overtakes?

That would be an interesting statistic to add to these driver head to heads. And in this particular one, I guess successful overtakes vs unsuccessful overtakes would be interesting too...


All i know is Kimi was on the verge of creating history,before his Abu-dhabi retirement. He had 56 overtakes under his name from 17 races,5 more and he would have smashed the all time record for most overtakes in a single season held by Micheal and Seb.


Never thought this would happen, however, I doubt Lotus their cure for Romain will work for Pastor Maldonation.


For goodness sakes would people stop with the "Kimi lost morale.." BS .

He blew Romain off the track through all practise sessions and quali at Abu Dhabi when he reverted back to the short wheel base car. Despite the no pay and bad back-- he is a true racer he goes out and delivers every time !! Grosjean is not in the same book as Raikkonen let alone same page.

James would you please correct the "ahead in 2 car finishes"

Its not right.Romain finished ahead 6 times in 2 years not 12

Of all the driver pairings Kimi beat Romain in every conceivable statistic over a season both times. This did not happen with any other driver pairing.There was an interesting table on some website someone here posted a few days ago which showed this.


"For goodness sakes would people stop with the “Kimi lost morale..” BS ."

Exactly this BS only started when he drove for Ferrari.


Is that why he's going back there... Because he lacks morale...genius- not


From those races that raikkonen finnish ahead he benefited from safety cars in germany and corea, in hungary rogro was clearly ahead only for a *$ù* penalty.

James allen is right, i wrote on that last year, even in 2012 grosjean had the same race pace than kimi at least when he was not crashing, in silverstone he came back quickly behind his leader which he was not allowed to overtake, in austin after a mistake he came back behind raikkonen and was clearly faster (see the start of the race)

And all those critics concerning the tire change could be turned around furthermore they were more than an adaptation to the tires at the beginning of the season, devs that were on kimi's car and not on romain's. As for the excuse that kimi was already in ferrari, it was not until india i remember, now its the long wheel base lotus... was it not a good evolution when you see the performance in suzuka and in austin ? Quite a good car it seemed on redbull tracks !


One thing that might become clearer with the end of season reviews is the chassis issue Grojean complained about in the first few races.

Still, comparing results is only a small part of the deal as allude to. Times over a stint on varying circuit types and tyres, the ability to overtake and make things happen, they are all part of what teams look at. Some drivers are great at taking opportunities to win races.

The story on Kimi is going to be re-written after his pairing with Alonso and the requirements of fuel saving era. Grosjean is still a wait and see. In the current era of cars the drivers have made it clear Grosjean can deliver from what they can see.


I understand that "From first lap nutcase to triumph" makes a nice story, but don't let that keep us away from proper statistics. Kimi beat Romain in every way and it would've been even more clear this year without tire change, team problems and back problems.

Real comparison can be found here:



Thanks for the link but I think that one is also wrong in the race result department when both cars finished.

In the "Out-raced teammate" stat they're 7-vs-4 favouring Raikkonen but that would mean that both cars finished only 11 times.

As far as I remember there were 2 DNFs for each driver, so a total of 15 races together over the whole year.

With this there are 4 races missing: 2 races which are the last 2 races where Kovalainen replaced Kimi, and 2 races still missing to complete the 19-races championship.

So I think in 2013 the correct result when both cars finished is 9-vs-4 favouring Raikkonen



Alright! It seems it's difficult to get the stats right 🙂


This could've been a better insight if you had looked the stats from different perspectives instead of picking one interpretation. It would've probably induced more interesting debate, instead of the "wrong conclusion" backslash.


I agree - setting Mark Gillan onto some analysis of race stints by Grosjean, with the right context, might explain why the feeling is that Grosjean is the real deal.

Some of his stronger performances relative to Kimi have been at higher average corner speed tracks, such as Silverstone, Austin and Suzuka if memory serves correctly, while Kimi's race pace advantage has generally been at slower average corner speed tracks, which points to heavier rear tyre wear for Grosjean.


I find it amusing how when a team suddenly "backs" one driver more how results tend to follow... before Kimi signed for Ferrari/had money drama the team were categorically behind him as their no.1. When this switched to Grosjean and the LWB car then Grosjean suddenly was the only one close to the Red Bulls.

I also think Grosjean has been very unlucky. Brasil and Singapore, he is my second fav driver and my heart sank in Singapore... "what is wrong with this car" 🙁


Kimi easily won this pairing. He would not be moving over to Ferrari if this wasn't the case. I like Kimi and I hope he does well against Alonso next year. I really can't wait to follow that particular battle.

I like Grosjean too, I hope he does well as well next year, although my concern in this case is more about Lotus being able to remain as competitive as they have the past two years. I would not wager much on Romain being above Kimi at the end of 2014 in the WDC standings.

Kimi is a proven asset. He is to date a more complete racer than Romain as it should be, and I hope he gets one more title. My hopes for Romain are that he gets to become a race winner and why not a challenger to the crown eventually. If he keeps on progressing as he has, there no raisons why that could not come to be. Given the right car of course. Kimi more so, but they both gave us a good season. Marc


James, all those results from a driver who hasn't been paid, and missed two races due to injury...

Kimi 1 Romain 0 still lets see what happens next year!


Raikkonen destroyed Grosjean; this article is misleading because Kimi had a car that did not suit his driving style and still had a comfortable margin. He was half a second faster in Abu Dhabi qualifying when they brought back the short wheelbase car, and ALSO some of the numbers like finishing stats are incorrect.


Kimi is the fastest driver in the world but his optimal point is harder to find than Fernando and Lewis. If he can set up the car perfectly every time, he will win the majority of the races. I truly believe that.


Kimi the fastest driver out there? He didn't win many Championships to prove your guess, did he? And how about the number of wins and poles? He isn't anywhere near Vettel, Alonso or Hamilton.


Using your argument Nigel Mansell was not a great champion Gilles Villeneuve was not even a WDC but was considered one of the fastest.

You included Lewis Hamilton who won only 1 WDC same as Kimi. Yet you forget barring Mclarens many mechanical failures in 2003 & 2005 Raikkonen would easily be a Triple World Champion taking titles from MS & FA in those 2 years respectively. You also forget that he was faster than he's colleagues by as much as 2 sec on some circuits and others where his lap records still stand.

You need to understand a little more the circumstances that lead to a WC before you make bold yet pointless comments.


@Justafan- Noone had anywhere the mechanical failures Raikkonen had- thats the point !!- If it where 1 or 2- noone would even mention it. Raikkonen had several and still ended up 2nd. 05 he won 6 or 7GP's out of 15.


I don't see your point. For example if Schumi didn't suffer mechanical problems in 2006, he might have been the Champion. But does that fact make him a 8time Champ? No. Same with Kimi.


raikkonen is the most naturally talented driver, alongside another one who currently is in f1.

moss said some years ago that raikkonen is the fastest driver in the world. maybe nowadays he could be beaten by vettel as far as speed is concerned, but as for racing skills, he has got plenty and show them hugely despite coming back after 2 years and not driving the best/fastest car on the grid.

hamilton nowadays is not in the same league. like it or not he would have finished fifth in the wdc standings if raikkonen would have joined the last 2 races. he didn't do anything remarkable this year, even if mercedes did an illegal test and was the fastest car in some races(while lotus has never been the fastest car), and was nearly matched by rosberg despite three team orders and two more rosberg's retirements.

hamilton is nowhere near vettel, raikkonen and also alonso this year.

maybe he will change next year, but I've always perceived him as a montoya with a huge media support and a bigger luck. not the phenomenal driver media want us to believe.


This was an interesting pairing - 2 drivers at different points in their careers.

Grosjeon is the most improved driver on the grid, he got his head straight and proved his pace by a considerable margin hopefully he will have the car 2014 to grow.

He now shows the most potential of all the young drivers.

Kimi this year was amazing some of the results he achieved from were he started on the grid was just astounding - left me baffled on more than one race w/end

All those harping on about Schumacher should take note - this is how it's done when one comesback.

I see no point comparing these two but it will be fascinating to see how they get on nexot season


James, I surely appreciate what you're doing, but you've got something wrong here. When Kimi and Romain did both bring it home, Kimi beat Romain 19:6, both seasons combined, yes, Romain performed in 2013 much better than he did in 2012, with Kimi beating him 8:4 this year comparing to 11:2 last year, but still... Yeah, 17+12=29. Romain didn't finish that many races in these 2 seasons even counting those that Kimi didn't race)))


Grosjean improved a lot this year. However, he hasn't achieved enough to be compared to Raikkonen. Hopefully one day. There is also a good reason why Raikkonen did not drive as fast in the second half: developments of the tyres and the car, no payments from Lotus, etc. Raikkonen is a natural F1 driver. Grosjean and many around him had to put a lot of effort to get him where he is now.


You have to admit, that Grosjaen certanly grew in the last few races. Though, for me Raikkonen is still one of the best drivers out there. The guy has so much natural talent. Love his personallity as well.

Hopefully he will be able to cope up with Alonso next year.

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