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FIA introduce penalty points system and pole position trophy for F1 in 2014
Posted By: James Allen  |  14 Dec 2013   |  11:03 am GMT  |  69 comments

The FIA has introduced a penalty points system and pole position trophy for Formula 1 in 2014.

If drivers accrue 12 points during a year, they will be handed a one-race ban. The points will then be reset.

“Penalty points will remain on a driver’s Superlicence for a period of 12 months after which they will be respectively removed on the 12-month anniversary of their imposition,” said the FIA.

Motorsport’s governing body also announced a pole position trophy that will be awarded to the driver who scores the most P1 grid slots during the season.

Four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel would have won this year’s trophy, having scored nine pole positions to his nearest challenger Lewis Hamilton’s five.

However, Hamilton would have won it in 2012, scoring seven poles to Vettel’s six.

In the event of a tie, the number of second places will be taken into account. If a tie remains, the number of third places comes into play and so on until a winner emerges.

Meanwhile, the FIA has begun a search for new teams to join the grid from 2015 or 2016.

The last time the FIA allowed new teams to enter was in 2010, when HRT, US F1, Lotus Racing – now Caterham and Virgin Racing – now Marussia were granted a place.

US F1 never made it to the grid, while HRT folded at the end of last season. Caterham and Marussia continue on a current grid of 11.

Interested parties must register formal interest by January 3 2014. A full application will be required on February 28.

“The overall long­ term interests of the championship will determine which candidates are selected,” said the FIA.

“In the event that no applicant is considered suitable by both the FIA and the commercial rights holder, no additional team will be selected.”

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I wish there was a maximum of 10 teams but running 3 cars each.

If an organisation want a team then they are going to have to pay up.


A point for pole, and a point for fastest lap. Not this double points bulls**t, and a worthless trophy. Atleast points turn into cash at years end. I think.


So much money in F1 yet it does not seem to go to the teams that need it. Instead of giving more money to the winners give more to the lesser teams to help them close the gap to the top. More money would equal less need for pay drivers which eqauls getting even closer to the front teams. More competitive teams means more interest means more money coming in and everyone wins not just the rich. Unfortunatly the people who can make this happen dont want to give up a piece of the pie to anyone else.


If in the wish to show themselves as a responsible corporate the FIA embrace politically correct affirmative action policies, stand by for a pole dancing trophy…

Merry Christmas.


I can live with the trophy for most poles, but would prefer 1 point for pole rather than the mickey mouse doubling of points for the last race.

The penalty situation is interesting with both upside and downsides associated with the carry over into the next season.

I’d prefer something being done about the overly aggressive overtaking moves performed by young wannabes ( Perez, Maldonado) on Veterans fighting for the championship who put their cars into a position and risk a collision if they don’t get out of the way. Perez in Monaco on both Kimi and FA was disgusting!


Will Mclaren let it’s drivers keep the pole position trophy?


Nope. Not while there is room in the team trophy cabinet.


Probably give them replicas made by their trophy copier.

Though I can’t imagine he’d be too busy next year – unless they recreate all the past pole trophies for Senna, Hakkinen etc!


First they’d have to get one…


Hey, new season, new regs. You’ll never know.


That was a bit of a joke, maybe an unfair one (they’ve really only had the one bad season).

I’d honestly be surprised if they don’t do better in 2014.



Hey, I have an even better idea: how about we award double points to drivers who weigh more than 70-72 kilos, and who finish in the top 10? That may help take some of the pain away, from the fact that the new rules basically stole the sport away from them! Heck, if someone’s car is good-enough, he might consider downing a couple of burgers before the race!

Formula 1 is increasingly becoming a caricature of its former self. Next up, Bernie’s sprinkle system idea…


And it would be good to have a trophy that finally recognises the fact that there are few things in sport more satisfying than seeing honed athletes defeated by a fat bloke.

I think it’s one reason why Nori Haga was so popular when he first entered World Superbikes.


A fattest driver trophy is a good idea, it would be nice to see JPM back in F1.


I’m interested by the phrasing that the trophy will be awarded to “the driver who scores the most P1 grid slots during the season.” – Why isn’t it to the driver with the most pole positions?

Is that to say if we have a situation like Monaco 2012 the pole will count as a pole on the driver record, but because of a penalty you don’t get P1 so it doesn’t count towards the trophy.

It’s a pole trophy, lets just count poles!!


I agree.

When I have missed qualifying, but learned that someone achieved pole, but then got demoted or disqualified by some infringement, I have been gratified that they still got included in the three person photoshoot and interviews.

That the media don’t care what the stewards say, you earned the pole, you get included in the trappings.

Valentino from montreal

What an artificial joke F1 is becoming !

A trophy for most poles now ?

I did not know that Sony’s Playstation division were the one’s making up these new rules .. If I want trophies I can get them playing Gran Turismo 6 ! Lol !


I turned my trophies off as soon they made it possible, but don’t you get one just for passing the tutorial?

Maybe F1 should follow suit:

Congratulations [insert rookie driver’s name here], you’ve managed to start the car! Here, have a trophy!


Any sort of system- point included- is only as good as how well it is interpreted and how consistently and fairly it is applied. Points system is fine as long a the FIA :-

1. Clearly define what the points are applied to

2. Outline the process it will defining how each incident will

Be judged

3 Ensure consistent and regular stewards applying the above.

As for pole position- I don’t believe a trophy is right unless there is some reward for the team or driver. Even then I don’t think its fair that a driver can be best but may never even make the top 10 because of the car he drives. And a driver can put in his second best result and end up on pole several times without anyone really knowing.The best way to handle this is to maintain this years system and add a few little things..

– during the first run of Q3 each team is ranked according to the average if both it’s drivers( or one if mech failure or incident) Eg Red Bull (fastest) 100sec.=100% Mercedes 101 sec =99 % Marussia =104 sec or 96 %.

At the end of the year the driver who has bettered the teams average compared to the lead team or the next team ( in case of Red bull it would be 101% of next team Merc) , must surely be the fastest qualifier in the equipment he has.! This is very easy to do and adds another element- behind the scenes if you will.

Keep in mind drivers will still be racing for position and against team mate.. At the end of the day teams would know exactly how each driver performed compared to team mate and relative to other teams performance and drivers. I’m sure teams do this to some extent but exactly how far I don’t know.. However this is the best way to work out exactly who is performing relative to equipment – and THIS PERSON should be the win who get special mention or a trophy. ( it might still be Seb for example if he is say bettering 101% of next best – using the eg above).


Well,well, FIA want to extend the grid to 12

teams? FIA should be truthful about it and

say a replacement of two teams that would

fold in 2014 competition,with all the probability Lotus and Caterham.An a approach

should be made to David Richards( Prodrive )

and Andretti Autosport in US,however that

require some imagination on part of FIA it

seems unfortunately there isn’t any at the

moment. The same apply to the pole position

Trophy,in view of introduction of double pt

in the final race it would have been more appropriate a 1 point given for a P 1 in qualification that could be a factor in

wining or loosing the WDC rather then a Trophy.


Regarding new teams; I was going back through my “T5-noted” F1 records (eg. what I’ve seen and recorded), and believe that a “Scorpion Racing” had bought up HRT’s assets, which included a pre-purchased 2013 grid slot, and tried to get on the grid at the beginning of 2013, but had missed the FIA cut-off date.

Whatever happened to them?


Funny thing: I tried looking up Scorpion Racing on the Wikipedias and it came up with the page for HRT with no mention of Scorpion Racing.

My conclusion: Don’t expect to see a Scorpion F1 Team any time soon 🙂


Okay-dokey! Well, thanks for looking.


No problem, my bill will be in the mail 😉


Search for new teams in my opinion will only bring in more HRT type teams. I think with the rise of pay drivers becoming more prominent they perhaps need to start looking at 3 car teams instead. Two drivers who bring in a hefty budget would also help the likes of the talented drivers who have virtually no financial backing, ie Hulkenberg, DiRiesta, Kobayashi. I would also rather see a stronger field of more Red Bulls, Ferrari’s and Mercedes, etc than watch a new team get lapped 4 times.


Although, at first glance, the idea of a field composed of only the top teams appears attractive, there is a snag.

Say, for instance, we only kept the top 7 teams and they all ran 3 cars each. If the running order remains the same, then the current 7th placed team is now the last placed team. This would surely affect their ability to attract sponsors, less cash = less speed and eventually they drop off the grid and we are left with 6 teams. Next year the pattern starts again…….


I don’t see how increasing every team’s expenses by 50% would help anything.

But ol’ 3-Car Monte will love it!


It seems a fairly good to suggest the fact that the FIA has already accepted an apllicant, due to the short time period to sign up. Therefore it might be in the FIA rules to see if anyone else if interested first before they sign up the new team.


Seb likes collecting points. Is this an attempt to trick him so we have a couple of races where somebody else wins next year?


I think the race ban is a mistake. Let’s say Alonso gets a race ban for the Spanish GP. This will resort to less ticket sales and it will hurt the GP circuit organization who already have trouble making a profit. Same will happen if Button gets a British GP ban. Will be bad for the fans, sponsors, etc etc. It has also shown that the reserve and test driver system does not function properly. Finding a proper replacement will be a team hassle. What we also do not want is to take away the natural aggression some drivers have. We need drivers who dare to take a controlled risk. No need to fill the grid with boring pushovers like Heidfeld and Frentzen. We watch F1 for entertainment, excitement, passion and once a while a good harm free crash.


Drivers like Alonso and Button are very unlikely to ever face a race ban, as they are both excellent racers, who respect opponents. I’d be surprised if any driver reached 12 points (although there is one I can think of that might get close)…


I think this system will actually encourage some more enthusiastic racing. Right now, if a driver attempts a pass and get it right then fine, but they get it wrong then bang, instant penalty.

But under this points system if they try the same pass and get it wrong then they just cop a few points, learn from it, and hopefully do it better next time.

There will a bit more freedom for the drivers to be aggressive – not for the sake of being aggressive, but hopefully for the sake of making the racing more interesting.

And if worst comes to worst there’s still Maldonado: Keeping races interesting since 2011 🙂


“Will be bad for the fans, sponsors, etc etc”

How much can you hurt the sport with business? In my opinion, a justified penalty would result in more fair races, better driving etc. If the spectators don’t show up because their hero was on the wrong and got a penalty, what kind of fans are they? Probably not very much interested in the first place, so losing them would not hurt much.

“We need drivers who dare to take a controlled risk”

Well, taking controlled risk sounds good. Heidfeld and Frentzen just did that.


Thank you for your reply. From business perspective it does not matter what status the fans are in. Loyal, fanatical, fake, crazy etc etc. Losing every customer/fan who is willing to pay ticket fee is a loss. Losing them actually hurts like hell.

Webbers passing Alonso in Au Rouge… Or Alonso overtaking Schummi in Japan. That’s controlled risk. Heidfeld and Frentzen….funny that.


As long as there is no official budget cap for F1 teams in place I can’t see anyone wanting to join the sport next year. Maybe in 2015?

James anyone you know could possibly join as a new team in the near future?


This could get a little weird. So if you carry the points for 12 months, then a mistake from the previous year in a different team could have an effect on an unrelated team. hhmmm, not sure how the teams will like that one. Could this further effect a drivers suitability, i.e. if a driver has only a point or 2 left and they will have a good 6 months on that point basis this decreases the attractiveness of the driver (knowing that they will miss a race early on).


Do you get double penalty points in the last race?!!


It would only be fair to do so


Surely any prospective new entries are going to look at the FIA’s past and realise they what they SAY they’re going to do, and what that ACTUALLY do, are different things.

Also, considering they want applicants who can be competitive and strong, giving them 1 month to apply is surely going to lead to the same situation as last time. I really do think they’re a bunch of morons.



Any org that enters should have their heads examined.


Though it’s a symbolic gesture, I think the pole position trophy is kind of nice at the end of the season as some kind of bonus to the world champion or a consolation to he that doesn’t win the title.

Yes the pole position sprint reminds me of 100 meter races and as always people are interested to know who is the fastest man alive.

As for the points deduction system, I think this is good for the sport as it will keep the overly eager and overly aggressive drivers in check plus it has the potential to throw a curve ball to the championship race should any top driver get caught up in the melee.

Now, the FIA should stop admitting new teams just to make up the numbers at the back.

Any new team that wants to join the carnival should first present their budget, list of employees and blue print for the future.

It’s better to have few teams that really want to race than some PR team simply out for some advertisement.

Yes, we have had enough problems of cucumbers affecting the proceedings at the front which is always frustrating.


“Any new team that wants to join the carnival should first present their budget, list of employees and blue print for the future”

But isn’t that was USF1 did?

I agree that any new team should only be allowed to enter if they can show they’re serious (which is why the FIA refuses many entries) but there’s a big difference between having a plan and following the plan.

Case in point: Caterham.

Anyway, good to have you back goferet 🙂


Actually we’ve got a void of 2 teams at thr moment, USF1 was give the slot and their factory was ip and running but obviously their operation was a farce! I believe winning championships in F1 as a team is harder than winning the premier league and thats why the likes of the VW group Audi, Porsche and Lamborghini are scared to face sone real competition and instead hide at Lem Mans fighting against Privateers for years but its cool I think with these new rules Toyota will have the measure of them next year.


I can’t think of a better V6 DI twin Turbo manufacturer than Porsche. We can only dream of the day they come to F1–at least as Engine supplier !


Rather than looking for new teams, the FIA should be chasing new engine manufacturers into the game.

As you rightly say, we have enough teams already but imagine if VW or Toyota or Ford supplied 2 teams each.

And with it, an Engine championship to give them something to chase.




@ Random 97

Merci beaucoup


I like the idea of a qualifying trophy. Adds more importance to the event without making it too important. Would be nice if they allowed a qualifying set up different to race set up then.

As for extra teams, I always thought that if there were slots available, which there are currently, then any party could make an application at any time to enter for the following season.

Would like to see more manufacturer backed independent teams on the grid just so we get a bigger variety of engines.


I suppose this trophy will be another one awarded behind locked doors, well away from the fans…


F1 doesn’t need more forms of penalty, it just needs clear guidance on how the existing penalties should be applied. How the rules are applied seem to vary race-by-race and sometimes driver-by-driver. Guidelines and some consistency of stewards would help increase fairness and confidence in the system.


Consistency is crucial, agreed.

It’s a bit bugging when you have an incident that spins one guy to the back of the field and the other gets penalised. Then you get the same incident, this time the guy spins and continues and no penalty is applied as it seemed not bad for the spinner!

I also think they should make sure any incident with uncertainty is let go as a racing incident. Overuse of penalties, as there has been in the past, could cut down the amount of people making moves or fighting on track. Why risk a penalty when a pit strategy pass is safer…zzzz.


That there could be a better understanding of Steward decisions is undoubtable, especially given the comments of the fans and the F-1 participants themselves. At least based on what’s been presented in JA on F-1 over the years.

The Sports Car Club of America implemented their ‘points accumulation system’ many years ago and one might think the assignment held by Nick Craw within the FIA administrative structure (Todt’s and I believe also before him) might have something to do with the idea, or maybe not. Craw was the CEO of the SCCA for many years back in the ’60’s and ’70’s before moving on to Yachting and thence to the FIA.

The SCCA also has a “National Court of Appeals” to which any involved participant may appeal a decision of the Stewards of the Meet for any particular racig event. The CoA was in place long before the drive points system. This structure aids in achieving consistency, one might hope.

Another approach to achieving consistency might be to assign a consistent cadre of Stewards to the entire season who would travel with “the show” and retain (yet again, one would hope) some institutional memory and therefor improve consistency of decisions over a season. This would not have to eliminate the practice of inviting “local participating steward(s)” from the relevant country of the event, but provide a more stable international frame reference for decisions.

Just some thoughts.


Well I think the penalty system should be good for F1, I wonder how many points Maldonado will get in the first 3 races.

I have a feeling Magnusson will be another 1 racking up those penalty points early on especially if Jenson can use his experience and get a couple of results early on. At least we won’t be seeing these useless reprimands drivers seem to ignore!


I don’t know if it’s fair to say the reprimands were useless, after all two drivers got 10-place grid penalties after picking up 3 reprimands. The points are just a variation on the same theme. You’re allowed more of them but when you get to the limit the penalty is heavier. Drivers with few points on their record won’t be too worried about them.


Exactly John. I put on this in JA’s list to take to the FIA- consistency & clarity ( to all) is a key ingredient for the “sport”.& budget caps Yet double pts for last race and ongoing driver no’s seem more important to the commercial rights holders than anything else .


So if youre good all year around, it’s ok to take few cars out on the final race?

Talking of the final race, will they give double points also for the penalties?


If you get Penalty Points in the final race, then they will carry over to the final race of the next season is the way I understand it. They’re on your license for 12 months from the date you get them, or until you get 12 points and a race ban.

A trophy for most Poles is still pointless…should’ve been a points system for quali, get the smaller teams who dont normally make it to Q3 do some running if they end up getting in. Would do wonders for the likes of Williams, FI and Sauber.


/Would do wonders for the likes of Williams, FI and Sauber/

No way, unless the quali points were to be not only for the pole. If the car has the setup only for Q, then it’d immediately fall in the race (Brazil’2010), and midfield cars do not have more chance to beat the top cars in Q3 just by running more.


Agreed! More trophies don’t add anything to the show! Give them points for pole position instead!


Disagree. Quali should be just what it is, quali. Rememeber that the driver winning pole already has the advantage of starting ahead of the others, in clean air and avoiding the dangerous first lap midfield battles. Why would you want to dole out free points to him on Saturday when he is going to have more than a fair chance of winning them on Sunday anyway?


How about points for quali, but they only get counted if driver completed 2/3rds of Sunday race. Therefore no title win on the Saturday.


I’m guessing that the FIA won’t ever give a point for pole, as it could (in theory) lead to titles being won by gaining pole position on the Saturday.


I think that was the original plan, but reading this it will be more like your license:

Do something silly in May 2014, cop a points penalty, and you don’t get those points back until May 2015…assuming you still have a seat in F1 by the time May 2015 rolls around 😉

I’d also hazard a guess and say any severe crash resulting from a lack of judgement would still be met with immediate consequences (I’m thinking situations like Grosjean, Spa, 2012).

Confirmation of this would be good though 🙂


I think given the state most of the teams are in regarding finances, any new team looking to enter the sport would have to be convinced that there are solid cost control measures in place before taking the plunge.

HRT should be a reminder of what happens when you go in with inadequate funding and false expectations…


Quite right.

Plus at the other end of the scale, any team, big or small entering the sport will need convinced the pot is going to be divided up a bit fairer than the moment if they start doing well.

Why join when your long term future could be compromised by the big teams collecting the cash. Look at Lotus, engineered a great car, managed the mid-season tyre change, beat McLaren easily but still get way less cash than McLaren after their shocker of a year.

With the current setup, would say, some big Russian backer want to buy say, a folding Sauber and try and bring in people, splash the cash to try and do a Red Bull?


Does it count as “false expectations” when the formula you are joining, specifically announced that it had a £50million cap, and then later reneges on it?


Yep, except I think you said it better than I did 🙂


Wasn’t it £30million cap?

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