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Christmas Special Podcast: JA on F1 readers’ view of 2013 and F1 direction for future
Posted By: James Allen  |  25 Dec 2013   |  3:00 pm GMT  |  13 comments

A very Happy Christmas to everyone who celebrates it and to those who do not; compliments of the season.

As a bonus, after a really fantastic year on JA on F1, we’ve done a special fans’ eye podcast featuring some JA on F1 readers giving us their views on the season just gone and looking at F1’s pathway ahead with new rules for 2014.

We discuss Sebastian Vettel, Fernando Alonso and others, look at which UK TV coverage they prefer and why, we talk about attitudes to the Pirelli tyres and to the 2014 hybrid turbo engines.

The session was recorded at the recent day JA on F1 prizewinners spent at Mercedes’ HQ in Brackley, driving the F1 simulator, in a competition organised with Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 team and our partner UBS.

There is first hand feedback from the readers about what that once in a lifetime experience was like and Mercedes F1 reserve driver Sam Bird gives us his thoughts on how the readers did.

The winners were Patrick, Lucy, Steven, Alex, Daniel, Nathan, Neil and Joseph.

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Running Order
0.00 Introduction
1.09 Looking back at 2013
2.00 The story of the tyres
3.39 Vettel in 2013
7.24 New rules for 2014
11.22 Cost control in 2014
14.07 Drivers who the fans rate this year
16.18 Which UK coverage the fans watch
19.30 Thoughts on driving the simulator
26.22 Mercedes reserve driver Sam Bird
29.00 Wrap up this edition

Duration: 29.45

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JA and crew,

Thanks for 2013.

If the season had been as interesting as your coverage of it, it would have been a cracker.

I’ve been a regular visitor to this site since it’s inception and you really have continued to evolve and not only raise, but set the bar.

Yourselves,(and I must say, Peter Windsor) have managed to bring the F1 world so much closer to fans.

It’s a shame the official F1.com hasn’t even tried to keep up. Of course the live timing is excellent, but there is little or no reason to go there between races.

Thanks again, and all the best for 2014.

…and just quickly.

Happy New Year to ALL the posters,(regular and not so regular) who entertain and irritate me.

Love all Y’all and can’t wait for Melbourne. 🙂 for u jock


“If the season had been as interesting as your coverage of it, it would have been a cracker”… Sad but true.

Perhaps part of the solution is for the FIA and Teams to take the views of James and similar journalists/commentators who have a direct connection with fans into consideration?

Happy New Year and let’s look forward to 2014.


Many thanks for that. We’ve got exciting plans for development in 2014 so hopefully you will have an even better experience!

Happy New Year!


Sir and F1 Fans:

The Euro-Greenies are ruining F1. What is in store for the future? Here, at the rate they are going, is the future:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E8xZ0YKVNSQ (please type this in to the address bar if necressary or google wheelchair racing).

Seen enough? Here is what is needed:

1) 3.0 litre engines, no restrictions on RPM’s.

2) Any configuration you want: V8, V10, V12, Flat 8, etc.

3) Slicks.

4) Reduced areodynamics.

5) Reduced front wings (to keep them off the other car’s tires)

6) Drivers with big hairy balls.

I am just sick of the putrid direction F1 has take. Count me almost all the way out.

Jerold Krouse

Natchez, Mississippi 39120



A suggestion for an off season article would be how far off are so called “pay drivers”

For example: if Chilton is 4 seconds a lap off Vettel, how much is it the car and how much the driver (I know it is impossible to tell but there is data from team mates or previous seasons to be used)

You could even include some of the Mercedes simulator participants data to compare with “normal” people

My idea is that we complain about slow drivers but they are not that far off from the top than mere mortals

Happy Holidays to all


Thanks James and all those contributing to and supporting the JA on F1 podcast and website (and USB for sponsoring).

The quality of the podcast is unsurpassed, and the website is informative with a great set of followers, the comment is generally insightful and amusing and respectful.

You”ve made an awesome thing, brilliant work!

All the best for 2014


Tell your friends!


James, thanks for the Christmas Day broadcast. You are the man. I really hope that Sam Bird gets a regular F1 drive. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year James!


Merry Christmas James Allen and to everyone all over the world!

I went through all the race edits from formula1.com

I realised it has been a very long season and how different it was at the first part of the season. Mercedes were fast but chewing up tires too quickly. Kimi won the first race. There weren’t any consistent winner.

Then disaster struck in Silverstone when there were so many tire failures. I remembered TopGear even made a joke about this. LOL

After that, things just started going Red Bull’s way. The second half definitely wasn’t was attractive as the first half.

I love Vettel as he is not only a record breaking F1 driver but more importantly, he has a great personality. I do wish he is being pushed hard competing with others, like the way 2010 and 2012 season. Watching him excel under such enormous adversity is most enjoyable.


For the future, I hope unlimited testing comes back. But with the clause that your race drivers are limited to a handful of days, so that new drivers get a chance to learn.


Well I’d like to watch Sky, but because I live in the Netherlands, I am pretty much[mod]. I prefer the BBC over the Dutch coverage so it is a massive shame that the BBC is only able to show pretty much one race per month during the season.


An unexpected surprise James, but a welcome one. That’s my evening sorted, the podcast and a couple of beers, while the wife watches Eastenders – merry Xmas


Merry Xmas & Happy Holidays, James and JAonF1 team!

Got the book right before the Christmas, and nice to look back at the season with great inputs & analysis.

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