Sebastian Vettel Heads Red Bull One-Two in Brazil As Webber Bows Out in Style
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The 2013 Formula One season ended in dramatic fashion today as pit lane confusion, changeable conditions and drive-through penalties spiced up the 71 lap Brazilian Grand Prix. Sebastian Vettel took another dominant win ahead of Mark Webber and Fernando Alonso.

The 39th win of Vettel’s career – just two short now of Brazilian legend Ayrton Senna – was a special one, extending his run of consecutive wins to nine and matching his idol Michael Schumacher’s record of thirteen wins in a single season.

Vettel looked set to have his work cut out after losing the lead to Nico Rosberg off the start-line, but by the time they reached the same point one lap later Vettel powered around the outside of the Mercedes and regained the race lead and from there it was never challenged.

Webber completed his 215 race Formula One career with a very strong drive to second. A poor start required passes on Hamilton, Rosberg and Alonso before matching Vettel’s pace for the remainder of the race. The Australian will also be very satisfied to take the fastest lap in his final race, a little nudge in the side to Vettel as they end their tense working relationship.

Webber removed his helmet on the slowing down lap, an unprecedented move in modern F1, but he said afterwards that he wanted to give the fans a “personal touch.” Vettel did his trademark donuts after the chequered flag, while Massa also did donuts following his final Grand Prix with Ferrari.

Following the second stops Webber could smell a tenth F1 victory as an unexpectedly delayed pit-stop from Vettel saw the German lose seven seconds to his pursuers.

Vettel was called in to the pits late in the lap due to a collision between Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas that was expected to require a Safety Car. That meant confusion in the Red Bull pit as they had Vettel and Webber arrive in the pits on the same lap and a subsequent rush for the correct tyres. Vettel was missing a right front tyre initially and in the delay, Webber arrived and had to queue behind his ream mate

But Vettel was able to extend his lead to take victory by ten seconds.

In the opening stint of the race Vettel established a twelve second lead, helped by a slow pair of Mercedes halting the progress of cars around them. Rosberg’s great start was matched by Lewis Hamilton, the Briton taking third place on the first lap from a fifth place start.

It was a topsy-turvy race for Mercedes and Ferrari that saw both Felipe Massa and Lewis Hamilton handed drive-through penalties, throwing the battle for second place in the Constructors’ Championship up in the air. But it was the team from Brackley that ended the day in second place in the Championship, beating Ferrari by six points. Romain Grosjean’s early engine failure and Hekki Kovalainen finishing out of the points again meant that Lotus’ challenge faded in the final furlong.

But Marussia reached a milestone with tenth place in the Constructors’ Championship and their first F1 prize money cheque – prize money is only paid down to 10th place. It’s an expensive outcome for Caterham, who finish 11th.

Massa was deemed to have crossed the white line on the entrance to the pit-lane, whilst Hamilton collided with Valtteri Bottas as the Williams driver tried to un-lap himself. The incident resulted in a puncture for Hamilton and the loss of the rear-left tyre on Bottas’ car.

That was the major action in a race that was always on the brink of coming to life with the threat of rain.

Great Britain’s now most experienced Formula One driver of all-time had his best drive of the season to take fourth place. Jenson Button opted to start his 247th Grand Prix on the hard tyre when much of the field chose the mediums and was able to make some good passes in his opening stint to find himself in the top six from his fourteenth place start. Team mate Sergio Perez came through from 19th to finish 6th as McLaren became the first team in Formula 1 history to have both cars classified in every Grand Prix in a season.

The trouble involving Massa and Hamilton, coupled with Rosberg’s poor race allowed Button to take fourth place and sign off a disappointing year with McLaren. His out-going team mate, Sergio Perez, had an equally strong race – taking sixth place from nineteenth on the grid.

BRAZILIAN GRAND PRIX, Interlagos, Race, 71 Laps
1. Sebastian Vettel Red Bull-Renault 71 laps 1hr 32m 36.300s
2. Mark Webber Red Bull +00m 10.4s
3. Fernando Alonso Ferrari +00m 18.9s
4. Jenson Button McLaren +00m 37.3s
5. Nico Rosberg Mercedes +00m 39.0s
6. Sergio Perez McLaren +00m 44.0s
7. Felipe Massa Ferrari +00m 49.1s
8. Nico Hulkenberg Sauber +01m 04.2s
9. Lewis Hamilton Mercedes +01m 12.9s
10. Daniel Ricciardo Toro Rosso +1 lap
11. Paul di Resta Force India +1 lap
12. Esteban Gutierrez Sauber +1 lap
13. Adrian Sutil Force India +1 lap
14. Heikki Kovalainen Lotus +1 lap
15. Jean-Eric Vergne Toro Rosso +1 lap
16. Pastor Maldonado Williams +1 lap
17. Jules Bianchi Marussia +2 laps
18. Giedo van der Garde Caterham +2 laps
19. Max Chilton Marussia +2 laps

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James, how much closer would Webber have been to Vettel at the finish if he didn’t have to wait for him in the pits? seemed like Vettel jumped into the pits as the team were unaware of him coming in they had Marks tyres out not Vettels! also the 5 second pit stop he had I don’t think we have seen Vettel ever have such a slow pit stop, btw im not anti Vettel he has shown hes a superb driver and has used the RB9’s advantage to the max!


Was the Ferrari the 2nd best car of the day? Or McLaren?

Guess the Mercedes was set up for a wet race.

Not sure if the Lotus was slow, or Heikki.


I think the Ferrari was the second fastest car in race trim in Interlagos. Actually it was probably the third fastest behind Lotus, however it’s difficult to know that.


I’m not sure, but I don’t think it was McLaren, the Ferrari pace was better. For sure was not the 8th best car as Alonso is promoting.


James this is probably OT but don’t you think that Renault deserves a article on your web site (even though you seems to have more than good relationship with Mercedes) with some credit to them?

Being pioneer in may ways (first turbo engine in F1, first turbo engine win in F1, first V10 win and first V10 both championships, last V10 win and both championships, first V8 2.4 win and both championships, also the last win for 2.4 V8 as well as both championships.

On top of that there’s a pole position absolute record for the engine manufacturer etc…

I’m sure that at least little bit of RBR and Vettel’s extraordinary results and success are thanks to Renault.

Can’t wait the next season.


P.S. The title of the article can easily be “Gone With a Bang”.

A win for the last time and explosion of the Grosjean’s engine at the end of an era. 🙂


Yes, good idea


Some of my prerace predictions came to fruition! Seb won. Grosjean didn’t crash, but instead he blew his engine up so maybe that counts. But Maldonado crashed to the wrong car so no right hook. Instead a entertaining dive in the podium. Maybe he accidentally right hooked himself?


Enjoyed this race immensely. Congrats to RBR for a stellar season. Congrats to Seb for a record breaking season. Congrats to Mark for a nice finish to his F1 career. I also enjoyed the podium and post race interviews, it was classy and very respectful.

Thanks to Channel 10 (australia) for the extended MW special they presented before the race. That was good stuff. Thanks to James for your respectful interviews you did with Mark and Dan throughout the season. Every Aussie enjoyed those. Nice interview with Mark to finish off with James. Thank you again.

Happy holidays all



I didn’t bother to watch the race. Be it Vettel’s skill, or Newey’s skill, or the swith to the Pirelli tyres, or whatever reason, the second half of this season was simply unwatchable. Even when Schumi won 13 in a season, or when McLaren won 15 out of 16 races, there were battles for the lead. But right now, the race is over even before it begins. Webber will be dealt a bad tactical hand, the rest will simply be way to slow and Vettel will win. Now where’s the fun in that?


Its obvious you didn’t watch that season the the mclarens qualify on average 1.5sec from the next car.

Where do this people get this notion of battle for the lead it never happens and only happens when the lead car runs into problems.


I watched that whole season. Unlike now with RBR, there was a huge fight between Senna and Prost driving that McLaren. And that’s what makes is great, a figth for the title. This year stopped being a fight halfway the season.

As for battle for the lead, plenty of drivers have a great deal of their wins NOT from pole. 🙂


DRS needs to be dropped from the rules, or race wins will continue to be won in this fashion. Bring back limited overtaking and processional races! LOL (I’m not being sarcastic).


The DRS in Brazil sucked. If you made a great out-braking move into Turn 1, that was all undone as the guy you just passed gained DRS on the run down to Turn 4!!! RIDICULOUS!!

Get rid of DRS!!

Also, wasn’t the Technical Group supposed to make the regulations more overtake-friendly? But then if you decrease the effectiveness of the rear wing, and increase the importance of the front wing, what do you end up with? You end up with following cars that burn out their tires b/c their front-wing generated downforce is washed out by the car in front!

Less aero, more mech grip!



thanks for years of grit..

but, hav to admit..vettel is better than you

hope you will not be forgotten..


Enjoyed the final race of the season and it was a good race as usual in Interlagos, always throwing up surprises.

Congrats to Mark for taking second and wish him all the best at Porsche for 2014. We will surely miss you!


Finally! its over!(2013 season)

Bring on Kimi vs Alonso, can’t wait for that.


I wouldn’t call Webbers move to LMP1 ‘retirement’. These cars are faster in a straight line than an F1 car, they are not that much slower at cornering and the races are much longer which will surely test the physical and mental fitness of arguably the fittest F1 driver of his time.


arguably the fittest F1 driver of his time…

I would imagine JB might take issue with that claim.


arguably the fittest F1 driver of his time…


Wasn’t it good to see a start with all the cars allowing to attack on fresh tyres, rather than tippie-toeing around on their work out tyres from quali?


If Lotus can’t get Hulkenberg, I hope they get Checko.

If Force I gets Hulkenberg and Perez, they’ve scooped everybody for drivers, a steal!

Too bad about DiResta; he deserves an F1 drive.

I have to admit, I expected more from Heikki; but it just goes to show, I believe, that really getting used to the tires, in racing conditions, is no small task, and takes races, multiple (apparently more than two for Kovaleines).

My predictions of a Grosjean victory… failure.

Looking forward to the shaked up order, and the end of an (admittedly fine) streak, at nine; that’s enough.

Have a better one…


First race Ive missed in years ! Will watch re run later. No Raikkonen means no magic in F1.

People dreaming that a wet race will all of a sudden eliminate Sebs dominance are just plain daft . A car with that much more downforce and a talented driver will still win- sure the rain will bring opportunities to some but it’s not like starting from zero for everybody. So all you can say is congrats to Red Bull and Seb and Mark in that order- it’s still the team-car-then driver that win a GPand clearly with both cars winning incl a retiring driver- it tells you how ridiculously dominate that team and that car are. If we see Red Bull come out and start strong next year -fans will turn away for sure. I don’t mind a team dominating as long as it’s done on equal terms and Equal budgets until that happens it’s all guesswork isn’t it.

Bring on 2014 and a chance to mix things up if nothing else


Hoping for some Kimi magic in 2014!


He WAS going out in style… and then came the champagne. A career full of highs and lows indeed!


A big thank you to James for this site and the hours of entertainment I get from it. A super positive site.

Also thanks to everyone who posts here. I really enjoy everyones posts and input, I get a greater understanding and appreciation of F1 because of you guys.


Torn in my reply. I enjoy the informing editorials and the good natured banter (from the majority that are objective) between those that choose to comment on this site. Trouble is, I spend too much time here.

Hopefully Santa will bring the gift of objectivity to the few that are in desperate need and we will be able to enjoy their new outlook enhanced posts next year.


Thanks for that

We will be running all through the winter break, so keep checking in!


James, it’s about time you get an Android and iOS app made for your site….


BUT – please still remember us Little People who DON’T own such fancy gadgets…….


Thanks for 12 years of excellent memories Mark !

Best wishes for every success with Porsche.


Just confirms that the old historic tracks provide much better entertainment/racing than the borefests we have had this year from the “modern” tracks. Shame that petty rules ruined a good fight for Massa & Hamilton. The FIA is so PC. Causing an collision??. It used to be called an accident untill the EU stepped in with this crap. Next year will be even worse with “points” on the super licence of any driver who dare’s to do anything slightly wrong….pathetic


Good bye Mark Webber and Cosworth. Thank you for the memories and contributions to F1


Good call on Cosworth. They provided a reasonable and cost effective unit that allowed the minnows to get a start.


…and Cosworth took over 170 F1 wins with multiple championships, many with the DFV.


Firstly, congratulations to Marussia for finishing 10th in the constructors’ championship. A wet race would have spiced things up, but I really didn’t want them to lose out at the last two years running. I hope both them and Caterham can move forward next year because it’ll be healthy for the F1 grid if that could happen.

Mark Webber bowed out with a strong performance; a fine way to end. Not a fairytale win, but the next big thing. Deep down I think we knew Vettel wouldn’t move over but even on the last lap I wondered if he would.

The Hamilton-Bottas incident was the main talking point for me. At first I flat out blamed Bottas – what was he thinking?! The replays confirmed that Hamilton definitely moved over on him though so my initial judgement was a bit harsh. Equally, though, I wonder if there should be guidance given to the drivers next season about how cars should go about unlapping themselves. By all means they should be given an opportunity to do so if they’re quicker but ideally they should try and get (most of) the move done well before the corner. On this occasion Bottas left it quite late and was trying to steam all the way round the outside of Lewis; it seemed a bit of a ridiculous risk to take against a car a lap ahead who isn’t sure whether he’s racing you or not.

Final points: unlucky for Massa in his final race for Ferrari but Race Control had issued a directive on it so maybe firm but fair. Congrats to the McLaren boys. And what about Romain Grosjean’s engine failure?! That was an old-fashioned blowout that – smoke diffusing all over the place! A proper engine failure to end a V8 era where we haven’t seen too many thanks to their bullet-proof reliability – oh the irony!


Dear Santa, please send all 2014 teams a working handbrake.

Seeing the marshalls struggling to move Pic’s car on a down slope and almost letting it coast backwards onto the track is another Benny Hill moment.

This could be the stand-out race of the season, threatening weather, blotched pit stops, unknown tyre wear, exploding engine and tyres, the list goes on.

Brundle and Crofty said it best – scrap practice, let everyone out with 0 information and see where they land.

Not surprisingly, only Vettel went out to “test” the medium and hard tyres before forming up on the grid.


It’s over at last…

I’ll miss watching the races but I won’t miss the Red Bull dominance, the silly Pirelli tyres (but what can we expect with no testing) and the inconsistent races stewards decisions. Massa’s penalty was an insult to fans everywhere, as we were deprived of a proper racing duel between Lewis and Felipe and for what, a very minor infringement of a rule written just a few hours earlier.

And this in a sport where absolute legal limits are possibly often transgressed.


First of all well done to Vettel. It was (sigh) another well driven win.

Second, very well done to Mark – 2nd from 4th on the grid, not so good start, but good race and nice finish to your career 🙂


Great to see Vettel win again! He races to win and he’s achieved something very special. Webber is good at complaining and now he can complain over at Porsche.


Vettel will never be as popular as Mark Webber.

Maybe you need to just accept that John.


I think Vettel is already more popular (just my opinion), appears more everywhere and in some years even if its true that he won just because of the car he will be more popular because won 4 WDC granting him to be in books and statistics. Now if you say that he is not more popular between F1 pure fans… Well, maybe, but saying today that never, I don’t think so, in ten years your sentence could easily be really wrong. Nevertheless, is there any popularity ranking over there to check your statement?


Popularity is built over time not to worry this is Vettel’s 6th season in F1 wait till he gets to Ferrari then you would find out how popular he would become!


The 5. year for Hammy outside of the top 3 and still the same rookie mistakes over again (today looked like copycat crash of his with Kobayashi in Spa 2011, a can not go wrong low risk standard overtake basically). He really needs to wake up if we want to have a cracking 2014 because right now Vettel would beat him silly even in the same car with same luck and everything. More commitment, more focus on details, more consistency, more everything or 2008 will remain his only F1 WDC ! So back to the drawing board for Ham and Ros.

Kovalainen again dissapointing 14. place (as expected) shows why he doesnt belong in a top team. For those who needed more proof anyway.

Overall it was a good year for Vettel and ehm yeah … ?

Not so good for ehm … the others particuarly the british driver quartett lost some reputation i would say with DiResta on his way to the States or back to DTM. Also 12 months ago Perez had probable different ideas as to where he would be with his F1 career right now.

Roll on 2014 even if the winner will most likely be the same in the end !


I too had hopes for Kovalainen.

But on hindsight, it was a mistake. Kov scored zero points Valsecchi the reserve driver could have done no worse in terms of points scored. And he might have done better.


Great race to end the season!

And really impressive race from Mark.

A lot of drivers have had a hard time just keeping the car on the track in special races. Coulthard and Barrichello crashed in their final race, Alonso, and maybe even Webber if I remember right, struggled in their 200th race.

So it was difficult to expect such a good and controlled drive taking him to the podium.

And that gesture of removing his helmet showing his face one last time riding an f1 car…

That was a classic and a beauty. In the same blood of the Valencia looping, or the ‘Not too bad for a #2 driver” winning quote.

That was the best “retiring drive” I can recall. And such a classy and entertaining man will be missed quite a lot.


I would love to see an article listing out all the best/worst “retiring drives” of all time.

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