JA on F1 2013 book: Win a drive on the real Mercedes F1 team simulator
Posted By: James Allen  |  19 Nov 2013   |  11:09 am GMT  |  21 comments

This weekend we launched the new limited edition JA on F1 2013 Yearbook, on which we are now taking pre-orders. It will be published and orders despatched on December 7.

Now, for two days only, we have a special promotion: Anyone who has pre-ordered a copy of the book by Thursday 21 November will automatically be entered into a special draw to attend a unique day driving the Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 team simulator at the team’s Brackley headquarters (yes the actual one Hamilton and Rosberg use!), taking place on Thursday November 28th This opportunity comes to us thanks to our partner UBS.

The book, now in its fifth year of publication, is a firm favourite with fans all over the world, as it provides insight and analysis on the news stories that shaped the season.

The book features a mixture of original posts from the JA on F1 website, plus extensive new material looking back on trends and developments during the year and background insight into the stories.

Produced in a limited number, which has sold out every year so far, it is intended as a cool collectable, as well as an at a glance record of all the goings on in a dramatic season of F1.

It is a large format paperback, with a Foreword by David Coulthard and featuring stunning photography from Darren Heath. It retails at £10-99. Every copy ordered through this site will be personally signed by me. Copies will be despatched on December 7th in plenty of time for Christmas.

To order yours and be sure of getting a copy – as well as to have a better chance of getting to drive that F1 Simulator – click on this link or on the book image below: JA on F1 2013 Book

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Darren swift entry for simulator comp! Would be amazing!


Would be great.


The chance of a lifetime!


wow, that would be a dream come true for me…


Ready and willing to fly from Australia.


Please count me in, chance of a lifetime and also to put my many hours of PS3 practise to the test lol


Ashley Bradshaw

Gaming experience ps3-force feedback wheel on gran turismo 5 and all the f1 games.


I want to buy the book but like Kimi I still have not received a dollar this year.! Unlike a Kimi Im not a millionaire and have not worked (my arse off).You can say Ive had a sabatical like Kimi for the last 2 years Im feeling guilty about buying it. Even though it looks very enticing.

James if I may, how much more new material would you say is in the book compared to what’s been posted here is it 10% or 30% and if you get Kimi to sign it also -Il probably buy 6 regardless. Cheers


Is it a bad thing that half the books I own are signed by James Allen?

Or a sign that I’m a keen supporter of my local library 🙂




Love the name of this years book James!

FOM are gonna be peeved they couldn’t use that for their end of season DVD. No doubt it will be called something like:

“F1 2013 – Vettel’s Fourth”


I suppose they can just use the picture of Vettel with the Rolex Crown on his head.


Just be careful not to muddle James’ book with the fortghcoming Jensen Button biography, ‘Whining at all costs.’


I’m at work but couldn’t help letting out a big laugh! Too good!


I saw a bizarre dream while I fell asleep during US GP.

I dreamt Martin Luther King delivering his famous “I have a dream” speech during the podium celebrations. His dream was about equality among F1 teams and drivers. And I shouted from below, “Equality is not possible so long Hamilton is around — the best driver of all time even if he is in the worst team of all time to come…do you hear me, Mr. King?”

Mr. King advocated making F1 more exciting by replacing both DRS and tyre management with “discounting”. Initially I was like… my God, is he on about bean-counting?

And, instead of waking up with a start…I went into even deeper sleep, with rapid-eye movements.

It is in this deeper sleep, I saw him elaborate on the concept of discounting. And he lectured the public with the following gibberish:

“Top 3 qualifiers should get the option of discounting their position and earn points before race starts the next day. After winning pole, the driver can choose to drop positions on the starting grid — the more you drop the higher points you get.

“For example, the pole winner might choose to start the race from 2nd place (i.e., drop one position) and get 2 points even before the race starts. Or, he might choose to start from 3rd place (i.e., drop 2 places) and get 5 points.

“The further back you start from (you are subjecting yourself to higher risk of collisions), the harder you got to fight to regain back those positions without DRS. Therefore, you are rewarded higher points for taking bigger risks.

“In other words, drop 1,2,3,4, or 5 positions, you get 1-5-7-10-12 points, respectively. Each point is tantamount to dollars in the bag for the team.

“You can drop a maximum of 5 positions and earn a maximum of 12 points. Similarly, 2nd and 3rd qualifiers can also choose to drop up to 5 positions each, but earn lower premiums, say up to a maximum of 7 points.

“So if Vettel gets pole and decides to play safe by starting the race from pole; and eventually wins the race, he gets 25 points. In the same race, if Hamilton got 2nd position in qualification, but shows his guts by starting from 6th on the grid; and eventually climbs back to 2nd in the race, he gets a total of 18 + 7 = 100 points.

“Following are the advantages:

1) Teams will be tempted into taking early points (and dollars) and mix up the field — faster cars behind slower drivers;

2) Qualifications would be lively, as more is at stake and drivers would go hell for leather to get top 3 positions;

3) It will give commentators, analysts and fans more to talk about, which is more interesting than races these days;

4) Vettel will be stripped of all his 8 WDCs and banished from the sport for being too greedy;

5) The above trophies are then gifted away to Saint Hamilton and Gladiatore Alonso — 4 WDCs each;


…At this point I woke up with a smile. Even though the above sounded so complex and confusing, the end result was sweet.

But soon realised, I am living a nightmare —Vettel won the US GP from pole position…again


That’s not a bad idea at all.

The only downside I see with that is it allowing a driver to potentially secure a WDC by sacrificing his pole, rendering the race itself unnecessary.

That aside, I think it’d mix up the grid and reward racing. NO bad thing IMO.


So are you buying the flamin’ book or not 😉


Sorry, but only Adrian Newey can figure out your maths calculations.


End-of-Season is truly underway . . .

Best of luck with your part-time course in Creative Journalism . . .


Taxi for Simon…


Note: This is an Advert

Every cloud, no matter how dark, has a silver lining.

My old friend had been suffering from insomnia for a long time. I presented him a revolutionary new medication that appeared in the market recently. One dose at bedtime; and he hasn’t slept so well for as long as he remembers! It was recording of the US GP.

He now wants all 2013 GPs as Christmas present. He has become F1’s new addict. He even wants to pay his good money for this wonder drug. There could be more like him joining in droves.

He is, however, horrified to learn that in 2014, F1 is experimenting with a new formulation. He wishes: Some things are better left unchanged.

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