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Date changes likely in 19 race Formula 1 2014 calendar
Posted By: James Allen  |  20 Nov 2013   |  4:12 pm GMT  |  142 comments

A revised version of the 2014 F1 calendar was circulating at the weekend in Austin, with 19 races instead of the 22 announced by the FIA at its most recent World Motor Sports Council meeting.

It looks likely that there will be three casualties: New Jersey will not be ready for next year, but circuit consultant Chris Pook said in Austin that he believes the circuit is viable for 2015. Mexico will not appear, but there is a strong appetite for a race, depending on the future of Sergio Perez and Esteban Gutierrez. Meanwhile there were briefings in October that Korea would go ahead, but it now looks as though it will not be on the calendar after all.

Abu Dhabi will become the final race, with a tyre test to follow in the week after, as in the Bridgestone days. Japan will be paired with the inaugural Russian GP.

Meanwhile Melbourne will be on its own as the season opener, two weeks before Malaysia. Although this seems illogical, there are commercial reasons for this, connected to a key sponsor of one of the events.

There are a few rejigs to take place, before the final calendar is issued on December 6th at the final WMSC meeting of 2013.

2014 F1 calendar (Expected)
16 March – Australia

30 March – Malaysia
6 April – Bahrain

20 April – China

11 May – Spain
25 May – Monaco

8 June – Canada
22 June – Austria

6 July – GB
20 July – Germany
27 July – Hungary;

24 August – Belgium

7 Sep Italy
21 Sep Singapore

5 Oct Japan
12 Oct Russia

26 Oct USA
2 Nov Brazil

16 Nov Abu Dhabi

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A pity that Brazil will not be the season ending, it always throws a classic when the title goes to the wire, whilst Abu Dhabi can be pretty boring, thus dampening any potential excitement. That being said, if next year is anything like this year then we won't have to worry about a grandstand finish...


My thoughts exactly. Leave Brazil as the season's last race. Happy to see Belgium is still on the calendar as it's my favourite race. I hope the new rule changes and engines mean we don't have another season of Vettel winning so many races again.


Looking forward to Austria, classic track which has had no trouble getting a green light for next year (thanks Red Bull), hopefully other European tracks can follow suit and move out these non-EU pretenders


Horrible decision to make Abu Dhabi the final GP. Brazil is pretty much perfect. 19 races is pretty good considering there will be one team dominating next year because of the massive rule changes, and it also leaves me time to do other stuff aswell. Great to see Melbourne maintain the season opening venue.

Also, if I understand it correctly, we'll have a Russian GP one year and the Japanese GP the other? I'd rather see Suzuka one year and then Fuji the other year... Mixed feelings about the Korean GP dropping from the calendar.

Oh and please. Go back to Mangy Course at the expense of Hungary.


Have to agree with France/Hungary and Abu Dhabi! Bad news about the final – we all know how bad the ending of 2010 was.

I personally am glad to see the FIA / FOM or whoever it is, put their foot down on the Korean race. They've had their chance and blew it.

A real shame about the American and Mexican GPs though 🙁

Where does the post-race mid-season testing come in to this though?

James, is Bahrain definitely going to be a dusk race?


Not sure where you got the idea that Russia and Japan will be alternating - I haven't heard anything to that effect and they're both on the calendar.

I'm with you on Brazil; it should always be the first choice for the final race of the season 🙂


Who is this Randmom 79 guy? Sounds dodgy to me... 😉


may be from the Quantum Motorsport Staff


Regarding Russia and Japan GPs - no, they are 2 separate events and will NOT be alternated.


Not impressed with Abu Dhabi ending the season. It's no different to when they started the season in Bahrain in 2010 or finished the season in Abu Dhabi in 2010. Why start/end the season with a race in a soulless dustbowl with an uninteresting track and not many people there, certainly not people with passion for the sport? It's far better starting the season in Australia and ending it in Brazil.



But money before common sense in F1.


Quite right, a car journey should take you from A to B.


Too bad Interlagos will not be the last one anymore!


I'm okay with all these changes.

Korea has obviously failed, Mexico would have needed the 3 back to back races and never seemed likely and New Jersey continues to seem a nightmare of paperwork for all those involved.

All in all none of it will matter if the gap to Red Bull isn't overturned or closed. I will stop watching for sure if Vettel continues this run


I hate the idea of Abu Dhabi closing the season. I see it as one of the better "new" tracks (though this isn't saying much), but it lacks infinitely in character and emotion what the likes of Brazil and Japan bring. The season should not be bookended by such a clinical and relatively boring (visually) track. What a whimper to end a season on.


Talking about next year, I would like to read some points about the following:

Ricciardo will be Vettel's team mate.

Well, my understanding is that, as you have Kimi and Alonso trying that seat, would be the obvious choice, as Vettel + any of that two top drivers, would mean an excellent star for a year that nobody knows how the cars will be. So, they would have a driver that they know if they give him a good car, he delivers. And Alonso and Kimi, has showed that they can deliver good results with almost any car. As I understand the constructors championship is what the teams are running for, seems like really yhe obvious decison. What I think could be the issue with such decision, is this: what if one of this top drivers beat SV? One year? Two years? Well, I think that would be terrible for everybody... I mean, everybody that profits from this sport, because would be like proof that these four years were fake. Look that I'm not saying these years were fake, just an exercise...

So, they have decided to promote a driver from their second team, honour their structure and everything, and in the end is a fast driver that will learn and should not be a treat to SV.

Now I come to my question... what will happen if DR starts to beat SV? I do not believe in conspiration and those things, but here I think will be a big deal! Because the image of the sport will be in check, and RBR and all of the talking about how Vettel is great. It will be more or less what happened with Alonso when LH did beat him. Everyone was saying that Alonso was this, that... And LH in a rookie year did beat a two time WDC. So, in Renault Alonso was like in a limbo...

So, dont you think that not hiring Alonso or Kimi, RBR is actually more in danger? If Ricciardo can get ahead even in a few races, I think that will answer everything. But Alonso and Kimi would not be so bad to Vettel to lose the fight, because they are top drivers, and they do not qualify so well.

Ricciardo is a good driver, but in my opinion Vettel must be ahead always! And I'm afraid RBR will not give DR the chance to compete, as I think is a right risk and if they wanted that, DR would not be the option.


I little too simplistic. You make a lot of assumptions here.

Have you considered that if DR actually DOES beat SV it might be because HE (DR) is the greatest, fastest, best, etc......... I'm not saying that he is, cause we don't know that yet, but it won't mean that 4 yrs was fake! You seem give MW very credit for keeping SV honest.


I think you misunderstood my point.

Obviously I have taken that into considerarion, the fact is that option is not the best assumption. Can you get it?

You have a guy that is winning four years in a row, and many people think he is winning just because of the car ( Adrian has 10 titles, don't know if you know).

And so, we have in 2014 one new team mate for him (that is not LH, FA, or KR, all recognized top drivers), but a good driver: Ricciardo. If this guy beats him, you really think that the probability of him be the best ever super driver, is bigger than Vettel not being the driver that his 4 titles suggest?

21 drivers in the field, many recognized as one of the best from all F1 time, and the one that nobody knows yet if is "so" good, in a new team, new car, beats a 4times WDC in his house?

You are right, is simple. 😉


1- People knows Vettel is great, problem is he isn't great enough to deserve all he is achieving. Being beaten by any other driver (Alonso most likely) in equal or worse machinery would be the prove to show the ones that think he is the best that they are wrong.

2- Alonso is still "this, that...". Lewis is underperforming lately while Alonso keeps outscoring him with worse machinery (4 years in a row now) and securing 2nd place in the championship with the 3rd-4th best car with still a race to go.


Pole Position and a win in a Toro Rosso in the rain says Vettel really is as good as his current win rate suggests. I don't remember Alonso winning in the Minardi or Kimi winning in a Sauber. Just like people got over hating Schumacher once he retired, history will vindicate Vettel even if he drives the remainder of his career at Red Bull.


I would love to see a top team mate in RB for the fire works, but RB would rather just keep winning with minimal fuss.


What's your point - I don't remember anyone winning in Sauber or a Minardi not just the 2 drivers you mentioned. I do remember Kimi Raikkonen being only 000's of second off one of Muchael Scumachers fastest Ferraris in quali. Even finishing in points in his 1st race- no one does that.! Which tells you of his extraordinary talent..better than anyone today by a long shot. Why don't you try putting Seb in a Sauber even now and see if he comes even within 6/10 of sec of a red Bull. Hell I bet fans would pay to see just that.

Like others have told you the 2008 TR was a Newey designed chassis with a very handy Ferrari engine- the same one that had the title for about 8 seconds that same year.


You forget that the 2008 Toro Rosso was the same chassis as the sister teams Red Bull car of 2008. The only difference was the power plant.

In the event that you don't know, it was designed by a certain Mr Newey. Comparing a Minardi or Sauber to it is actually pointless


Pole and win in a rain-rocket Toro Rosso. Bourdais (Bourdais!) was 4th in Q3 and made the second fastest lap of the race. That car was one of the best that weekend, and with lewis having problems and massa npt beeing good in the wet, he had it quite easy.


I certainly never 'hated' MSC. And my view is the same as it always was: a great driver with outstanding ability whose record is flawed by his cynical determination to win at all costs, to the point where sportsmanship goes out of the window.

We Brits honour sportsmanship above all other qualities. F1 is not warfare.


"he isn’t great enough to deserve all he is achieving"

The logical fallacy there is that if Driver A has four WDC's and Driver B has one, this *should* mean that Diver A is four times better than Driver B. And if he's not four times better, then he doesn't "deserve" those four titles.

And that simply isn't the way F1 works. It's not the way ANY sport works. A tiny difference in skill (or, often, in luck) translates into a very large difference in results. Was Fangio five times better a driver than Mansell? Was Prost twice as good a driver as Jim Clark? Of course not. The underlying assumption is badly mistaken.


I would like to know this from the people who don't think SV is a worthy champion: On what do they base their theory? Just because he has the best car, that somehow means he can't be a great driver?


I absolutely agree. The thing is i think Alonso, lauda clark, senna, etc... are all better than seb, but he has more WDC, and from my point of view this is simply unfair.


James; I didn't know that.

That would be a great post: where would all the drivers be if they had all raced under the current points system? A 'points corrected' table would be a interesting read.


And don't forget changing points systems in F1

With the current points system in place throughout F1 history, Mansell would be a 3 x WDC


It must be a nightmare for the teams. Trying top plan the logistics for 22 races and then having them cut to 19. It must be even worse for the engine suppliers......what you mean you want one less engine, we have built the damm things now! I don't think I am alone but my sky sub gets binned and I will take BT's Moto coverage next season.


Logistics for ALL teams is contracted out to FOM. The teams just have to have their crates packed and ready to go at a given time.


You think that Moto GP has less of this farcical stuff going on? Check out the race at Phillips Island with a mandatory bike swap half way through! No doubt getting a race calendar together for all involved is a logistical nightmare though.

However many races and wherever they happen to be, what I would really like is a single platform where I can watch my beloved motorsport - farces and all. I can't afford Sky, let alone Sky and BT. Who ever the head of sport is at BBC it is clear that they don't like motorsport.

For next season - what is the cheapest (legal) way of watching F1 and MotoGP in the UK?


Unfortunately the cheapest option for MotoGP is probably to cancel your existing broadband and switch to BT.

Leveraging their TV channels to make their broadband offering dominant in the market seems like the sort of thing competition regulators should be preventing, but apparently they are happy with it. has its own live streaming service, I think it was €100 for the season this year.


You could always move down under 😉


Lol Tim 🙂

Not sure how much a Sky subscription is - maybe in the long run emigrating might actually end up being cheaper. 🙂

On the down side he would have to get used to ads though, but you can't win them all 🙂


I would imagine a sky subscription would be cheaper than emigrating - or do they still do the £10 poms deal 🙂


Maybe, but it's much better than trying to plan the logistics for 19 races and then having them increased to 22 😉

I don't think it will be a problem. For one thing, this isn't the first time we've had revised calendars near the end of the season - the teams will be a bit used to it.

Second, the teams should have people who's job it is to make travel arrangements and manage the logistics so if anything this will give them something to do 🙂


I'm struggling to understand what the benefit is of a tyre test AFTER the final race of the season.

They'd basically be testing with 'last years' car - since the cars would never race again in that spec.

Wouldn't it make more sense to have tyre tests EARLY in the season instead?


Presumably, Pirelli could still react to any results from the test now. If the new tyres were found to fail right before the start of next season, they would be left with the choice of either racing a flawed and potentially unsafe tyre, or to race the 2012 tyre - with the result that some teams would benefit from one decision, while others would lose out. I don't think they want to repeat that situation.


"I’m struggling to understand what the benefit is of a tyre test AFTER the final race of the season."

I assume that's a test for the 2015 tyres and not for next years.


There you go...explains Perez and Slim money going bye bye.

Abu Dhabi to end the season? What a shame, what a shame, what a shame.


James, out of curiosity, what are those "commercial reasons"?

Also, is there a reason they dont have Malaysia and Singapore back to back and Abu Dhabi and Bahrain back to back? Surely it would be cheaper for the teams. Im sure there is a reason, just curious to know what it is.


The egos here in the Middle East wouldn't put up with having their GPs next to each other.


To do with an important sponsor that has major anniversary celebrations planned


Is it Petronas' 40th anniversary?


Surely not Petronas' 40th anniversary? Not really much of a number to celebrate if it really is Petronas...


Yeah, and their founding date was Aug 17th, 1974. So yeah, 40 years, but dunno why the certain week is significant.


Absolutely gutted that Abu Dhabi is the season finale 🙁 Whilst I'm sure the facilities are amazing, the track is not designed for competitive racing and the layout is the ultimate definition of mickey mouse. I can only hope we don't have another championship decider there.

Such a shame when we have Brazil, which is probably the most unpredictable circuit on the calendar which has hosted some incredible season finales.


No one will be hoping the championship goes to the wire next season - let's hope it gets settled in Brazil and the Yas Marina dustbowl is a non event.


Remember this is about MONEY not the fans not the racing....


I am glad I am not as cynical as you, oh wait, sorry my mistake, I have checked an I am 😉


It was too good to be true.


Which part?


The '22 races in a season' part.

Mind you, if one driver is to dominate the whole season, we might as well go back to 16 races. It worked OK for most of the 80s and 90s.


The minute you start having races every week. It will loose its prestige and teams have already too little time to make the changes to improve cars quickly ( unless your red bull)

I don't ever want to see more than say 22 or less than 18



On one hand more races would be better, even as much as 25-30 would be great even though it would be unrealistic to ever expect it to happen.

But as someone mentioned a little while back, having too many races detracts from the prestige a bit.

Way back in the day when there were only around ten races in a season (give or take) when someone won an F1 race it was a big deal.

Now with so many races when someone wins it's kind of "well done, ho hum, on to the next one".

That's not to take away from their achievement, but too much of a good thing can sometimes be a bad thing.

And if one driver is to dominate the whole season? Really, what are the chances of that happening? 😉


Well Korea, India Mexico and New Jersey all not happening? Thank god those bore fest tracks at unsociable times are canned, maybe the 5 engines will last as well, you read it here it'll be Vettel vs Alonso for the title... Again.


Please explain how you can call Mexico and New Jersey tracks bore fests when one hasn't been raced ever and the other hasn't been raced since 1992 when the cars a hundred light years behind today's specifications. Lazy comment.


Abu Dhabi is/has/always will be an extremely boring race....and they're deciding to finish it there??? (I know logistic reasons). Even so, Brazil was a way better season-ending Grand Prix


Quite right.

If the whole point was to save costs for testing, why not just tell teams to declare a three-day test, to take place in the track of their choice, at any time within two weeks of the season's end. They can all go to the track nearest to their factory.

The British-based teams (i.e. nearly all of them) can find a venue fairly easily, Ferrari even more so, Minard... erm, STR should have little trouble finding a venue in Italy, too, along with Sauber.

And if any of them want an alternative, they could stay in Interlagos for a few more days, although it seems that might have some security implications...


Abu Dhabi to be the last race of the year? Not to happy about that - Brazil has served that role brilliantly for a decade now, and makes sure to end the season on a high (and un-predictable) note.


"Brazil has served that role brilliantly for a decade now"

Except for 2009 & 2010 when the final race was Abu Dhabi.


Abu Dhabi as the last race very poor, it should be a classic circuit.


How did the FIA went around the rule of one race per country?

So we could have more races in the US even though they do not care about F1 and never will..


What rule is that?

In the past we've had races in Imola and Monza in the same season, so it would hardly be the first time.

Besides, if we ever actually have a race in NJ I'll eat my hat 🙂


There was also Barcelona and Valencia, not that long ago (i.e. last year). The first was the Spanish Grand Prix, the second was the European GP. It the Schumacher years, the 'European' race was held in Germany, so we had German races in Hockenheim and the Nurburgring... semantics, maybe, business, definitely.

In the US, the Austin race is the 'Race of the Americas' or something to that effect, while NJ would have been the 'Unites States GP'.

Just business... except that maybe it's not as desirable a business/commercial proposition as we all thought a second US race would be...


Also 40% of the Austin attendance is Mexican. The border region of Mexico is also the wealthiest part of the country and has the income to support a race.

New Jersey would be a huge celebrity fest at the level of Monaco (week after Cannes). The weird part would be putting it so close to Montreal where they would cannabalize each other.


Which country has more than one?


Abu Dhabi shouldn't be the last race. Brazil is a much more exciting race. If the season has been a walkover, then it's a great unpredictable race to entice people to watch the following season, or as a championship decider like last year, is so much more exciting than Yas Marina.


Get rid of Malaysia, Bahrain, China, Abu Dhabi.

V happy about Austria


Malaysia is not a bad race at all, it has been a very entertained race almost every year, it is a good track also used in MotoGP. I think China is ok also.


My problem with places like Malaysia (and I think China too) - is when the race is scheduled late in the day (obviously to accommodate Euro audiences - fair enough) and it starts raining so heavily that you get a red flag delayed race.

I wish the Melb race would start an hour earlier than is currently the case because it really starts getting quite dark for racing by the end of the race


In that way yo are right, in my case these races are about 3 am, so are difficult to watch, now I recorded them and because what has happened before, I record about 1:30 more. Some years ago I prefer go to sleep and then find in the news what has happened after the red flag.


Like you mentioned when referring to Australia, commercial concerns must trump logistics when it comes to scheduling. Globe trotting is one thing but this is more like globe hopping.


And doubling back in some instances.


I know many will disagree with me but I am overjoyed to see Austria back on the calendar. I know the Red Bull Ring/A1-Ring isn't exactly the old Osterreichring but close enough for me. Now if we could just get Imola and the French GP back on the calendar!


Spot on about Imola and Magny Cours.- Awesome F1 tracks! I can't recall the A1 ring.. But I do recall it being very popular


A1-Ring was in use from 1997-2002. Basically a cut down version of the Osterreichring (1970-1987). Lots of the sweeping corners were eliminated but I thought the basic character of the track remained and the scenery was great.

As for France: either bring back Magny Cours (which I always liked) or do a top to bottom facelift on Paul Ricard (teams test there anyway still and Bernie owns it). I think it is a tragedy that F1 does not have a race in the country that held the original grand prix (1906) but we race in Korea, Malaysia, Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, Turkey, etc.


Its a fantastic track with amazing scenery!


Couldn't agree more. Been playing the newest F1 game a lot and Imola just had that special something. I can't understand why we don't still race there. Unreal really.


Don't know of a single F1 fan who would be happy with the season finale moving to Abu Dhabi. Brazil is the rightful venue for that spot and it should stay that way.

Also, ending the season a week earlier than this year isn't really satisfactory.


I like it that it's a week earlier ... the last race has happened on the same day as my company's for-the-kids Xmas party, and so I couldn't watch the race all the way through. Of course, if it's at Abu Dhabi, that would alleviate that problem.

I would like to see 20 races, I would like to see NJ on there, but we'll see what happens in 2 weeks time. That's also the day of the WC draw.


For a sport worried about cost, they have a real habit of not grouping races that are close together on the map...surely they should look at this, that would be one way of reducing their costs a bit.

I do realise you do not want them too close together, for fear of losing fans...


Actually cost is the reason to put Bahrain where it is considering the transport is partially subsidized by Qatar owned airlines.

Russia is the only one that is a difficult stretch but with the Airport facility built for the Olympics sitting unused that will be fairly cheap in general.

On a weather level you could never do Montreal and Austin in the same time period unless you like 46 degree track temps.


The danger of losing fans is of much greater financial concern than the difference between long-haul and short-haul flights. Having races close together not only puts travelling fans off, it also means that races in the same time zone are clustered together which affects live TV audiences.


Put travelling fans off? If we're going to fly all the way to the other side of the world, I'd rather have more than one race to watch when I get there! I recently did Japan and South Korea because they are so close (date wise and geographically).


Brazil is a no brainer as the finale. It ensures a primetime slot in Europe, is on a popular and exciting track in front of an extremely passionate audience.

Instead we get Abu Dullbi.


And there we were trying to figure out which was the one out of NJ, Mexico and Korea which would be dropped to fit a 20 race calender.

And the answer? All of them!

So who picked it? Own up 🙂


I was hoping none would get dropped. More races means more chances to enjoy Vettel domination. 🙂

Although according to pattern 2014 will be closer than this year.


Let's hope so.

There has something wrong with watching a race and hoping the leader has a mechanical failure of some kind just to shake things up.


Dear Fernando,

I wish you a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year. Try to do better than 8 out of 10 in 2014.



That's probably what the card will say after this quote. OUCH!


Asked to rank Alonso's season, president Montezemolo told CNN: "A good eight out of ten."


Oh how I would laugh if Ferrari DO build a good car and in his 1st year back Kimi does it again.

Honestly that would make my Motorsport Decade : )


While I have enormous respect for Alonso's talent, I would also very much enjoy that 🙂


Not sure about the hugs bit 😉


Pretty sure there is a gift-wrapped hunting knife somewhere...


Asked to rank Luca di Montezemolo, knowledgeable F1onJA fans told us:

(please reply with your comments)

(here's mine) for a team producing the 4th best car by season end behind "a barely surviving financially striken team" and a "soft drinks manufacturer" LdM is rated a "room to improve 5/10".


Maybe the worst thing is not that they are finishing with the 4th best car (I think actually is equal third with Mercedes), but that they started the season been the best or equal to Red Bull. But at least they are doing something to try to fix their problems, hiring new guys, fixing the wind tunnel and so on, for that efforts I will give him a 6/10 but if next year these problems continue, he will drop to 4/10.


No need to add more, you've covered it perfectly 🙂


+100 LMAO


PS: Still, remember you are the best driver Ferrari has ever had. I promise this year the "toy" will be good enough.


But... next year, the toy will have to be shared with the new sibling.


And that sibling is the last Ferrari WDC!


P.P.S. ...and when I say best driver Ferrari ever had I am asking you to forget that guy who won 5 in a row, who's face you see all over the place including on your pasta plates, and after whom a whole bunch of stuff is named around here. Also, you should probably forget that other guy we re-hired who...well...would you believe it, is a Ferrari WDC. Cherio.


Err ... a driver who didn't win a championship for Ferrari ..?? ... Stefano recently said it was Schumi the best they ever had 🙂


I hate to be negative when looking forward to a new season of F1, but what a shame that Brazil has been replaced as the season finale by Abu Dhabi. Even though this year's championship is decided I'm still getting excited about watching the action at Interlagos on Sunday. I can't imagine having quite the same sense of anticipation if it was Abu Dhabi this weekend.

Having said that, I can't wait for the new regs and the Kimi / Fernando show, so bring it on!!!


The order of those last 6 races makes no sense whatsoever. Why not Russia, Abu Dhabi, Singapore, Japan, USA, Brazil? And while they're at it they can switch China and Bahrain too


I hate long breaks between races. Especially during the start of the season. But some teams will be happy because they can do some catch up by copying ... or should I say plagiarising?


Echoing the thoughts of others, very disappointed that Abu Dhabi is the final race. It is a terrible race to end the season with.

Lets hope this changes in one of the next half-dozen iterations of the calendar that are bound to be released between now and 2014.

This sport never ceases to amaze how late it can leave such seemingly important decisions.


Singapore is a waste of energy, not one interesting race in five years, Russia circuit looks dull and predictable, still they insist on Barcelona despite it being the dullest race of the year.every.single.year. And yet all people complain about is Abu Dhabi. Open your eyes to the bigger picture dullards.


Oh no, with Abu Dhabi being the last race of the season, the Championship fight won't be a lot of fun to watch if there is still a fight going by the end of the season. Whenever the Championship fight goes to Brazil anything can happen, Abu Dhabi whoever has track position will win's gonna suck!!!


Wow, the Abu Dhabi finale appears to have generated more consensus than any other issue on this site.

You can add my vote (for Brazil) to that lot too!


I haven't watched the last 3 races, probably won't bother with the next and can't muster a whole lot of enthusiasm for next season. This for a long-time fan who started watching in the Mansell/Prost/Senna/Piquet era.

One team or driver dominating the sport takes all the fun out of it, and the fragile tyres prevent the drivers showing what they're really capable of.


Thought they've been avoiding racing over Easter, which is April 20th.

Is Bahrain gonna be a night race next year? There was some talk of that.


Seeing as the season ends at the worst track, I hope the title is wrapped up at Brazil so we can all skip it.

Bbc highlights do just fine.


Is there anyone that is happy about Abu Dhabi being the final race?

It didn't work in 2010, I doubt it will work in 2014.

I know it's a slim chance, but please guys: Give us Brazil! 🙂


Abu Dhabi 2010 was a perfect race to end the season.

"Use the best of your talent. We know how big it is. Use it."

He did and ended up 7th. It was a joy to watch 😀


That was the best race for me. And how about the [I]waltz[/I] with Petrov on the slow down lap? That was a thriller!!


Agree, I wasn't even going to watch the race as I was sure Alonso was going to win the WDC, I turned the TV just to see what was happening and boom, Alonso stucked behind Petrov and making silly mistakes trying to pass. In that way it was really a very good season ending.


Good see A-1 ring (Red Bull ring) back on the calender


Austin's calendar will also have to be based around the Big XII gridiron calendar (Texas Longhorns, whose marching band performed on the grid in Austin) and starting in 2015, may need to be moved up earlier into October to run on the Charlotte NASCAR weekend since that is a Saturday night race and Austin F1 can have Sunday all to itself, which NBC, which will be in the third year of a four-year F1 deal and the first year of a ten-year NASCAR deal. NBC's television deal with NASCAR (starts 2015) requires seven of the ten playoff races to be FTA (the three weekends which they are on NBCSN, a subscription channel, will likely include the week of golf's FedEx Cup playoff deciders and the President's Cup), and NBC's four FTA F1 races are grouped as Monaco, Montreal, Austin, and Interlagos, though in 2015 we could see more FTA races.

NBC would love to have an Austin/Miami doubleheader with the F1 race starting at 12:30 PM CT (1:30 PM ET), with Miami starting at 4 PM, and their top-rated TV show starting at 7:45 PM ET in November starting in 2015, however.


Why can't it end like this year - Abu Dhabi, followed by US & Brazil. This is not nice.

Abudhabi must precede Brazil. Please ...


Dear James,

Any chance of the viewers choice of Brazil to be the last race being heard by the FIA?




None! Bernie makes the calendar, not the FIA. They rubber stamp it



Cruel blow to my plans to go for the Abu Dhabi race next year. [Sob]

Some one please restore to its original date.


How does he come up with the order?

"I like to go here first. Then there. I really like this place in November, since everybody already has moustaches."


In a way, switching off at Abu Dhabi does close the season.

Last one out, please remember to switch off the lights.



I thought they were based on €€€. Oh well. Abu Dhabi is pretty beautiful place though. Race ending in the dark and all.


The same way he makes most of his decisions all based on £££. I imagine Abu Dhabi are paying a massive premium to host the last race!


Disappointed Bahrain is staying on the 6th. I was planning to go this year but it clashes with the Grand National and my F1 buddy has to work that weekend. James, can you put a word in? 🙂

The calender will never be perfect, but at least this year there is not Glastonbury clash.


I hadn't noticed the no Glasto clash next year. It was very surreal leaving the Glastonbury bubble this year to discover that the F1 world had literally exploded, all over Silverstone! It was the only race I missed all year


We managed to find a 6 inch screen to watch the race on in the back of a campervan. The only consolation for having seen Lewis' win explode in front of us was seeing The XX close the Other stage and enjoying some very moreish flapjacks. 😉


Glad you have your priorities right 😉


Quite pleased with that, 22 is just too many, as is 20. When we had 17 - 18 per year that was fine.

Really happy to see Austria back, just need to get a French GP back now. A lot of people shouting for Imola, indeed it is a great track but I remember the racing there generally pretty dull with few passing places.

Wont be sad to see the back of Korea, soulless place and track, mind you so are China, India, Bahrain and Abu Dhabi. I think I echo everyone elses sentiments in saying Abu Dhabi is not a fitting place for the season finale.

They really should consider rotating these far eastern tracks if they insist on keeping them. Bahrain, China, Abu Dhabi, India, Korea and Malaysia are all basically the same track with Malaysia being the pick of the litter. Singapore too while I'm sure is a fantastic place to go is an absolute bore fest, just Valencia with lights.


I live an easy drive from magny cours

went to one GP ; never again ,dreadful place


Like everybody else, I think it's a shame that the calendar does not end in Brazil. I think it is one of the multiple things that prove that F1 is more of a business than a sport. I am looking forward to the post Bernie Ecclestone era. Hopefully he is prosecuted and declared guilty so the change comes earlier, because if he is declared innocent he will stay until he dies!


Abu Dhabi can host the "Camels by Candlelight" race after Brazil after the title is decided.Both drivers in each team ride a 2 humped camel with the lead driver up front and the 2nd driver having the whip - he gas the choice if whipping a) the camel or b) his team mate. ( pref a balance of both) If he whips the team mate and they loose the race he automatically gets dropped from the team in 2015. In the case of someone -retiring well we all know how that ends! : )


Will the camels have blown exhausts?


Hope not... Imagine the poor so & so in the following camel!


Is there any risk of the Russian race not happening? Is the circuit ready?


Wasn't 2010 Abu Dhabi at least exciting technically? Alonso and Webber choked and Vettel began his streak by being the one not to mess it up. It was at least riveting. 2012 Abu Dhabi was also interesting with Vettel storming through the crowd and Kimi winning. This year and 2011 had more to do with Vettel clinching so early and making Singapore on boring. 2009 was a weird year where Brawn dominated for the first half when Ross found the loophole for the double diffuser and by the time everyone caught up Button had a commanding lead that he had to just hold on to as they couldn't match development.

I don't really see the big problem with Abu Dhabi other than the fact that it isn't a classic race. Is there really ANY reason Monaco exists other than the fact that it is Monaco?

I want to see Mexico just to see how the cars are different at 2500 meters. Would it make Aero like less effective or more important? Would the turbos counteract the altitude enough where the current engines would lose at least 20% of their power.

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