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Brazilian Grand Prix – Who was your Driver of the Day?
Posted By: James Allen  |  25 Nov 2013   |  2:07 am GMT  |  126 comments

Red Bull’s world champion Sebastian Vettel brought the curtain down on the 2013 Formula 1 season with his record ninth successive victory in changeable conditions in the Brazilian Grand Prix at Interlagos.

His team-mate Mark Webber ended his F1 career with an impressive drive to second while Fernando Alonso took his first podium since Singapore with third.

McLaren’s Jenson Button scored the team’s best result of the season with fourth, while his team-mate Sergio Perez finished a strong sixth in his last race for the team.

But who was your Driver of the Day?

Sebastian Vettel

Took his ninth successive victory and 13th of the season. Lost the lead at the start but re-passed Nico Rosberg on the next lap to move back into the lead. Built a gap of around 10 seconds over the chasing pack. Lost time at his final pit stop, after the team made a late call to bring him in to protect against a safety car and as a result didn’t have everything ready in time. Had his lead cut to six seconds, but built the lead back up slowly despite light rain to take the chequered flag and equal Alberto Ascari’s record of nine straight wins, set over the 1952 and 1953 seasons.

Mark Webber

Took his 42nd career podium in his final race in Formula 1. Lost a place at the start, but battled back up the field to pass Lewis Hamilton, Nico Rosberg and Fernando Alonso to run second. Lost time during his first stop which meant he came out behind Alonso. Passed the Ferrari driver again and started closing on team-mate Vettel. Gained time at the final stops, as Vettel had a problem, but didn’t have the pace to catch the world champion and went on to finish second and take third place in the drivers’ championship for the third time in four years.

Fernando Alonso

Drove well to take his ninth podium of the season. Lost a place at the start to Hamilton, but regained it soon after and then passed Rosberg for second. Dropped back to third when Webber got through but showed good pace to hang on to the Red Bulls. Moved back up to second after the first stops, but lost a place to Webber. Comfortably held on to third for the remainder of the race to take his first podium since Singapore.

Jenson Button

Scored the team’s best result of the year. Qualified a disappointing 14th but made a brilliant start and soon worked his way up into the points to run eighth early on. Looked quicker than he’s been all season and a combination of good strategy and some punchy overtaking moves saw him continue to rise through the field to fourth. Scored his 14th points finish of the season to finish ninth in the championship.

Sergio Perez

Secured his fourth successive points finish with sixth. Started 19th, after taking a gearbox change following a crash in qualifying, but made a good start and made several good passes, including on Adrian Sutil and Esteban Gutierrez, to climb his way up into the points. Showed rival teams he has the raw speed as he searches for a seat on the grid next season.

Click here to vote for your Driver of the Day at Interlagos.

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Most lucky driver of the day: Button

-only car with dry setup except Per and the FIs

-no top cars to fight on the track, only FIs, Saubers and Torros.

-profited from two penalties and one engine failure...without these it would have been a 7th place no one would be talking about.


I concur with this.


Very well said sir. Whitmarsh has to go. He is clueless. He has ultimate responsibility for Mcl in F1. They will do njoithing with him in charge.

Tornillo Amarillo



It's maybe better to be out of this McLaren, agree Whitmarsh is the problem, I said it mil times...

PEREZ in P6 shows he is there and deserves a drive and of course he is WC material.


ps: I cannot feel the same for MALDONADO...


they didn't achieve much between 2000 to '07 under Ron Dennis. Whitmarsh is far from their big problems


Vodafone is pulling out of a great many sports sponsorships it appears. Hard to blame that on Whitmarsh, it is a corporate marketing decision.

Paddy Lowe and Lewis Hamilton are symptoms of a larger problem - the privateers can no longer pay the biggest salaries that Red Bull and the auto manufacturers can for star talent. For the right money, they would have stayed. But McLaren doesn't have that money, as it has to turn a profit, and the other top teams don't (they are a marketing expense for their brands).

Don't blame the team principle for the economics...that rests far higher than him, at the board level.


What about Sergio? coming from 19th and ending 6th. Gotta give credit to the Mexican. Had it been Vettel and everybody would be losing their minds.


Gotta vote for Crashtor Maldonado, going back to what he knows to do well. Also WDOTS


Cheers Mike. Nice to hear somebody likes my blend of sarcasm and negativity!! Haha.

I'm still waiting for my man James Allen to leap off the fence and choose a WDOTD. He's just too nice I'd say. Not a problem for me..... Haha

Cheers anyway.


Guys, you've just watched the nth episode of the riveting Soap Opera "The adventures of Fred, the Herrroic Samurrrai" XD

I am beginning to wonder if when Monty told him at Monza if he was leaving for Marussia next year, he was just half-joking.

Maybe he though that, after all the horrors Fred had told him about the F138, the latter wouldn't notice much of a change teaming up with Bianchi in 2014... 😉


So right when you come to think of it 😀


Passions aside.... from pure performance aspect this was Sebastian Vettel's year.... Unashamedly dominant.... he was another level.

From Passion side of things without Kimi.... F1 was a different sport.


I think Perez was sacked more due his inability to adapt well to the team and environment rather that just his "speed gap" to Jenson or Kevin. I don't have every detail on his career but I feel he failed by:

- not having plenty of charisma. Sometime his attitude and body language tells you he is uncomfortable in interviews and dealing with the press.

- not having a good mentor. Maybe he should tried to hire Joe Ramirez so he can better understand mclaren environment. Sometime ago I readed a note in which the"team" wasn't fully comfortable with the way he communicate and with the help of mentor that can be mitigated.

- his lack of symphaty to english spoken audences. The first thing he need to do last year should he to improve his english so he can communicate better with the people supporting him (fans) and interacting with (media)

- his nul strategy in promoting his persona to get supporters in the media. Except a few die hard fans he lost a lot of respect before monaco and I can't remember a campaing in neither the media, the forums (like this one) to counter offer thar situation.

Anyway I think he is a very capable driver but IMO unfortunatley he is not working outside the track. Hope he can mature in the next years and become part of the next generation of F1stars.

Does anybody think that this knd of situations in which the young talents are rushed to provide inmediate results is a good strategy? Vettel is the exception..but I don't want to be in Kevin's shoes the next year...unless you have been promised to be in the team for at least 2 years.


Too bad about Lotus and Kovalainen, nothing to show for two races. I wonder if the team will consider the cost of swearing at Raikonen on the radio and also not paying him on time (or at all). May have cost $millions, the radio incident probably the dumbest team action of the year imo.


Safety car driver... he was the only one pushing the car...


Jenson Button without any doubt.

Give him the equipment and he delivers...hopefully McLaren get it right next season.

John in San Diego

All of the drivers mentioned in the article deserve credit: Vettel for winning and keeping cool under pressure with an uncharacteristic sloppy pit stop, Webber with a great 2nd place (all the best Mark and thanks for the memories), Alonso doing his best to help Ferrari in the WCC against Mercedes, Button storming to 4th and resisting the idiotic manoeuvre of Maldonado, and Perez proving McLaren wrong for dropping him.


Alonso, the only driver that could to keep pace with RedBull


Got to be Button. Fine race from him.


Hard to admit by us-fans but truth is: Vettel who has won both 2013 Championships alone.


#1 Heikki Kovalainen

Heikki Kovalainen showed some good stuff during practices. For the qualifying, there was, unfortunately not enough time for him to get fresher tyres and make a quick lap in the end of the 2nd qualifying session. Kovalainen did fantastic job by replacing Räikkönen for the last two races: he got well with the car and he was quick even though the car was almost unknown for him. Just think about Fisichella with Ferrari at the end of 2009 season: he had driven full season with Force India, but was all the time very weak with a better car. Kovalainen had only took six starts at the practice sessions for this year and was still sometimes quicker than Grosjean. Fantastic!

He had only one problem that prevented him to gain points in Brazil: he had not practiced race starts and probably had problems with clutch. That was the only area where he was bad with that car and his knowledge of it. Even Webber got similar problems, even though he was familiar with his car. But Kovalainen did the best he could: no crashes, no mistakes and fantastic overtakes: specially the movement he did by overtaking Vergne bravely for the 17th place. Kovalainen is still one of the top drivers in F1, but today's rules are what they are: no testing is allowed, too little time for practice... plus money talks.


Oh, the sweet taste of revange. McLaren has recruted a new partner with deep pockets to poke a finger in the eye back at Mercedes after they bought 1/2 of McLaren. 2014 may be satisfying at McLaren after the 2013 surrender. Now, time for Honda to start putting a cherry on the cake as they poach Mercedes staff.

Poetic Justice? Business as usual? Just pure fun?



Tough choice. I will go with Sergio Perez. I predict - he will be back at Sauber.


It has to be Seb. He passed his way back to first and he lost all the time he built up with a horrible pit stop and still won easily. He also took pole in the rain which is supposed to be the great equalizer.


It was tough, as others have said, a very good case can be put forth for each.

I ended up choosing Perez, as that was a very good recovery from 19th.

Although Seb's drive yesterday seemed to be the standard fare as of late, his pole on Saturday was probably the performance of the weekend. I was shocked by the gap with which he blitzed the field (and Mark) so comprehensively.

Mark put in a perfect drive and ended his F1 career in a great way.

Button, similar to Perez, came up well through the field. It was a tought choice to pick just one of them.

Alonso, as is typical, did a committed drive the whole way through. The Ferrari was a pretty good car in Brazil, and he used it to its maximum, I think.



1. Button -

Good race, good overtakes from 14th to 4th. Needed it after his recent shockers. Seems to really enjoy the riskier overtaking round the outside to get the line for the next corner, giving the oooh is he ahead or is he about to be turfed off moments.

2. Alonso -

Entertaining to watch a fantastic performance, relentless lap times obviously pushing the car to the maximum throughout. Must have made more steering adjustments than anyone else this season to keep his dog (sorry Luca DM 😉 ) on track as fast as it'll go.

3. Webber -

Shame about the start, though is it really a surprise? Looked like he enjoyed the race and overtakes, particularly on Alonso. Showed the Bull dominance when track was dry. Shame Red Bull again compromised Mark's in his stop, queueing him behind Seb as the team dumped his tyres to one side and fished out Sebs in a panic. Looked like an unnecessary call, Bottas was way off track, that compromised Mark and delayed Seb, who probably would have taken the Senna S's before any safety car could have exited the winding pit lane to track.

4. di Resta -

Good drive and overtakes on poor F.I. strategy where everyone undercut him, plus he had to sit out FP1 and still beat Sutil in qually and race, again. Good enough for a drive alongside Hulk at F.I. next year if Vijay Mallya is a true racer who picks the best drivers available, like he says he is. See what the Force India board do, they may be too poor to not pick a poorer pay driver.

5. Vettel -

Nice lap in qually, can only compare to Webber in that car. Didn't even bother to look at passing Rosberg on lap 1 as he knew he could wait till the lap end, out traction him up the hill and just drive past for an overtake with minimal effort. Too easy, hope some other engineers step up to give them a race next year, something that would be good for Seb as well.


Bottas was disappointing, seemed to collapse after losing the place during his pit stop then many more soon after.

Rosberg also very disappointing after qually and after leading, car seemed set for the wet.

CMOTD: Craziest Moment of the Day:

An award usually dominated by Maldonado, this race it has to be RomGros oil engine blowup, giving blind racing onto the straight expecting a Days Of Thunder style accident which luckily didn't happen.

Vettel: "I am actually quite sad the season is coming to an end"

Me: "I'm not, bring on 2014, bring on Alonso v Kimi"


Has to be Perez for me, honourable mentions to Button and Webber. Perez beats Button because he started further back but finished quite closely behind, good performances by both the Mclarens.

Webbers drive was very good plenty of the hard / clean racing that everyone loves him for, and a fitting end to his career. I think he has made the right choice to bow out now rather than fade away into mediocrity, he was Vettels equal at the beginning and I dare say even had the upper hand on him in 2010 for pace but since then Vettel has transcended to another level that no one can yet match. Internal politics and Red Bulls handling of "Multi 21" I think finished Webbers appetite for F1. Pity he couldn't have beat Vettel one last time.

A lot of people saying, most notably Eddie Jordan that it would have been nice if Vettel let him through for the win. Indeed and it would have been good PR for him but I don't think Mark would have taken it. He is one of the old school where the manner in which you win something matters more than the win itself, he said that describing his first win which was against all odds. Different perhaps if he had let Vettel win once and they were on good terms so it was more of a repaying the debt, which it certainly wasn't.

I think Massa gets WDOTD, it would be interesting to get confirmation on how many times he had been warned about crossing the line. Would have been a nice gesture by Alonso to let him through onto the podium but he messed it up and cost Ferrari the runners up prize money.

Rosberg was a close 2nd for WDOTD, pretty woeful performance, he only finished where he did due to Hamilton and Massa's penalties. I was willing him to hold Vettel up at the start so he couldn't do his instantly pulling out a 2s lead thing whilst the others squabble and cost each other time in his wake, but no.

I still think Lewis was very harshly penalised, that was a nothing incident, a bit clumsy but he wasnt squeezing Botas, there was still plenty of room. Crawling back to the pits with a puncture was punishment enough.




Kimi Raikkonen because he had the good sense not even bother racing Seb in that pesky Bull and get his back sorted for next year! : )


NR, if not him Merc would loose 2nd place.


Obviously, Bernd Maylander for staying put and not spoiling the race.

Team Ferrari did a rain-dance in front of him but he kept his nerve.


Alonso for gambling for rain. If it had been rain, it would be a better show.


ALO seems to be just filler, he got past Mercedes and nothing more.

McLaren drivers had impressive results in terms of grid-to-finish position improvement.

VET was a raging bull having lost the start, and as usual then.

And WEB did it nice improving from his start position, even if RBR cars were superior to anyone.

So let it be Webber, for his off-helmet driving, his last DOTD.


Webber, for driving without helmet.


DOTD has to go to Webber, he did his trademark bad start but fought his way back up to second. He was looking really racey and was a fitting last race (although if he'd qualified/started better I believe he could have challenged for the win but second is probably appropriate) I am sure he enjoyed that race!

Special mention to the McLaren boys. To me it was obvious they sacrificed qualifying pace to concentrate on the race. As they had no dry weather running in practice/qualifying, (I believe it was PDR who said) the race depends on who's done the best work in the simulator. Well McLaren showed they still have the best simulator even if they don't have the best car! It's a shame there wasn't any rain in the last few laps for Button to show how he is the best in changeable conditions and get the McLaren on the podium!

How long till testing starts? I'm very excited for next season after this years one horse (or should I say bull?) race


I think all five of the nominees deserve it to some degree.

However, in my opinion it has to go to a McLaren driver, as the other three have the luxury of a decent car which has enabled them all to fight at the sharp end all season.

The McLaren boys have had to deal with something far inferior altogether.

I'm a Button fan, and he put in a great performance with some great overtaking (take note, nay-sayers) to finish 4th, but my DotD has to be Perez.

To start 19th and finish in 6th in a relative dog of a car is a fantastic achievement, and whilst I think he still has a lot to learn I'm sorry to see him leave McLaren. He deserves a place in F1 next year.


Button put his poor qualifying down to them running a low downforce setup, so impressive as it was their apparent speed in the race was only to be expected (in dry conditions, it could have been so easily Massa the way he was driving (and what a fantastic start he made) but in the end I give it to SV who is proving to be more consistently good than even Alonso. A worthy champion without doubt.

I hope Mercedes can get some larger mirrors for Hamilton next year, rookie mistake....forza Nico!!


DOTY has to be Vettel of course but as others have suggested, Webber takes Driver of the Day and Man of the Race. Especially liked the subtle body language on the podium, where he preferred to move and stand next to Alonso rather than his unloved team-mate! Webber, a man's man, will be missed. Spare a thought for those for whom this will also be a last GP, even if they don't 100% know it yet – di Resta sadly, Maldonado hopefully.


Had to be Alonso or Jenson



1. Webber

2. Button

3. Alonso

4. Ham




I'm sorry, but the choice is fairly easy

The Spanish Inquisitor

Alonso & Button

Very bad lucky for Massa...

Bad season for Lewis...

Lost opportunity for Kova, perhaps Flavio was rigth....

Niko, the most underrated driver of the grid...

Pastor overrated driver of the season...


Absolutely Button!

I am not tired repeating I still love McLaren despite Hamilton moving to Mercedes, and I am really glad they (McL) had such a great result after this awful year.

Brazilian GP is always full of surprises, and this one is amazing.

Can't wait for 2014 already =)

Antonio Palmiotto

Everyone of those, and everyone for good reasons.


In terms of performance, it was definitely Alonso. In any other imaginable criteria, it was Webber. Now that was an epic goodbye - what a beautiful image.


I'm thinking Perez or Button. Both put in great drives, although it maybe suggests that McLaren finally gave them a decent car, at least for race day. Still, the drivers had to make use of it and that they both did.

Nice to see Webber sticking some nice overtakes to come home in 2nd. Vettel? Well, what can one say? He did what he had to early on in taking Rosberg (which already looked rather inevitable a corner or two after Rosberg had jumped in front) and built his gap. And for once, that gap proved to really come in handy. Alonso I don't think did anything particularly special, and both Ferraris looked fairly pacey. Was a shame Grosjean blew up so early on in the race. Aside from him simply not being able to race, it also meant we couldn't see if the Lotus was simply off the pace this race or if it was just Kovalainen (of course to be fair, he's been thrown in the deep end).

Maldonado once again, driving like an amateur.

Bonus points for Webber surviving the whole race without incident, running the cool down lap with no helmet... and then face-planting in spectacular fashion up on the podium platform.


Webber for the podium and not for not succumbing to the emotions of the last race. I take my helmet off to him.

Otherwise, all mentioned above drove a great race. Hard to choose from any of them today.


I have to say Sebastian was DOTD. For a man who had won 8 races in a row before this race, and lost a place at the start, it was all to easy for him not to want to fight for a place with Rosberg at the start. But he fought very hard and deserved to win. I still haven't warmed up to him, (and I see he won't be getting many votes), but we ignore this young man at our own peril. Yes he has the car, but he makes it count and that's what's more important.


IMO, Button did a fabulous job, seems to like Interlagos a fair bit


Webber. Button did great and Perez did well but d.Webber gave it his all in his final race and it really showed.


Great race by Sergio. Definitively I rate him the Driver of the Day in Brazil.


Gotta give it to Mark. Overtaking 2 Mercs and FA to secure podium in his farewell race.. what a way to end his F1 career!

Those who believe VET should have given him the win, I think WEB feels happy with 2nd. WEB definitely a guy who enjoys the process more that anything, and he knows he drove hard.

Looking forward to seeing WEB in Porsche next year!


The McLaren lads for their impressive advancements through the field.

Webber, runner up for driving so efficiently towards the end, one-handed, while the other is trying to disconnect the HANS(sp?) device, so he can get his helmet off for the end.


DOTD - I give it to Mark.

Ending his F1 career with a podium drive.

DOTY - Vettel.


All vettel critics now just shut up now and start saluting the champ. He has done it again even in rain. Yes many will cry again ..the fastest car! ! But it takes skill to drive the fastest car. And to lap 1 sec faster per lap. Awsome seb. .you are already a legend. Salute again.


BTW...I was hoping Ferrrari was going to get 2nd in WCC, so that Alonso would know he got 2nd in WDC in 2nd best package. Sooo close. Poor Massa...Brazil is unlucky for him. He should move. 🙂


Team McLaren as a whole. Both stormers. What might have been...


I'm hoping Perez has a drive, at any semi-competitive team on the grid.

I think he's WC material; I'll think he'll be back in a top drive, in a year.

Button's drive was good, but not as good as Perez'z.

Also hoping Hulkenberg has a drive.

Hoping Lotus don't get a bad driver with sackloads of dough; bad kharma.


In hindsight, Lotus should have given the ride to their reserve.

Sorry KOV, Flavio won't have to take his words back. KOV really didn't do much to raise his stock.

Webber gets driver of the day.


Driver of the day: Jenson Button

Driver of the season: Sebastian Vettel

Man of the day: Mark Webber


Based on where they started to where they finished, it has to be SP even through he was 45 seconds down the road.

MW for finishing second in his final F1 appearance.

SV for cruising to his 9th victory in a row which incidentally coincides with the # of wins MW had in his F1 career.


bottas went to pass hamilton so it was up to bottas to pass cleanly.


SP is not British. But will win.


Maldonado - this guy is dangerous. That was an idiotic move by him with the Vergne overtake that you expect to see from moronic bullying drivers in go karts, not formula one. He is the new DeCesaris, ie DeCrasheris. His mentality is obviously if you think you can pass me I'm just going to turn in on you so you better back off. He needs to learn from the front runners who give each other plenty of space when it comes to side by side racing. Lotus better watch out cause even if this guy brings 15 million dollars in sponsorship they will have 16 million dollars worth of car damage. He's a damn fool. Get lost and go to stock cars, mate!!!


Red Bull Pit Crew should be on the list with two significant mistakes.


I really enjoy to read your WDOTD. Nicely written and fun to read. Can't wait to see and hear more from you. Thanks!

Ooh and my vote goes to KOV. Nice fella but that he would under perform is no surprise to me. He is no present F1 material. Bar has been raised.

Worst driver of the season Jenson Button.


Hamilton for blowing up the race for Bottas and himself.


I vote JEV


They had a woeful Saturday, according to JB, 'cos they were set up for the dry. So not surprising they were good in a dry race.


Do you really believe that?

Alonso gambling for rain? Like Hamilton to throw it away? Ros, Vet, Web, Hul are much better in the rain.


Button just profited from the dry setup McLaren gave him. Not more.

Without the two penalties he would have ended on 6th position...

And Perez was better...


"Alone" is a bit misguided, considering the hundreds of hard working people who are involved in the development, strategy, mechanical work, etc. Every race he crosses the line in 1st, Vettel himself says it.


Perez is nothing like as big a problem as Whitmarsh. Eighteen months has seen the departure of Vodafone, Paddy Lowe, Lewis Hamilton and the fracturing of almost two decades of Mercedes partnership. His flailing response was to hire Perez, a year later, Perez is the victim of Whitmarsh's flailing response to Mclaren's joint worst ever season.


Mclaren under Whitmarsh has been continuous disaster management, every year they somehow conspire to pull defeat from the jaws of victory, he's the one who's got to go.


Wow, Kimi is the man. Can't wait to see him against Alonso.


OK, so we see how KOV did and VAL wasn't up to it according to many.

So who? Who would have done better on short notice like this?

In all fairness, I have a feeling that KOV was a bit conservative and cautious on instruction. With Lotus on tight budgets perhaps he was likely told to not crash the car as there is no money to build new chassis/wings/etc.?


I agree with you that 2014 will still be a tough year at McLaren. They are still submitting to Mercedes in order to be a "good little customer", fall back behind the factory team to keep the engine for 2014.

I also won't be shocked if next year we may have some drama on that engine front regarding desing/copy/etc. Especially if it turns out to be a good power plant pacakge. I'm sure McLaren being the professional organization won't crack seals and peak inside engines. But Honday hiring a few people from Mercedes throughout 2014 would be fair game. And as I said, a bit of a McLaren revange.


Maybe Alonso had an agreement with Massa AND Webber to let them go ahead? It's his good mate after all.

But I did think that Ferrar was going to try harder for 2nd. Unless I get to read the Concorde agreement (fat chance of that) I will still believe that Ferrari's WCC standing makes no difference to their annual FOM payout. I think they get what they get each and every year, regardless of WCC standing due to special agreement.


Yep, I agree! Not just overtook FA, but twice! And 2 bad pit stops.


Honestly Simmo, when it works out like that you can just strut down the street with your collar up knowing all is right with the world.


As the points indicate, end result is Ferrari is 3rd best. But as those same points indicate there isn't much spread for 2nd. I wouldn't argue much with anyone who said Lotus, Mercedes or Ferrari were 2nd best package. There are points to support that view.

What is there to say about the SV RB bundle of joy? Whatever it is, the magic is there. Did you see James pointed out that 27-32 years of age is peak F1 carrier years? How old is Vettel? I'm quite certain the answer will require all of us to have a stiff drink.


"Maldonado once again, driving like an amateur"

Too right. I can't believe that the stewards punished Massa for his insignificant mistake, and yet called Maldonado's collision a racing incident.

John in San Diego

I can't think of anything good to say about Maldonado. I sincerely hope we've seen the back of him.


Kovalainen said that it might have been too big challenge for him. He said that only one to blame was himself. Rookie mistakes, he said.

Not fast but honest at least.


I'd go for the guy with the WCC.

Oh, they're the same person!

John in San Diego

Absolutely agree with Pramod and **Paul** re Vettel. It's been quite special to see Vettel's progress when you look back. From the first points for BMW-Sauber in 2007, the first win with STR in 2008, learning from early errors (e.g. crashes with Webber 2007 and 2010 and Button 2010). Then it was said he couldn't win unless he was on pole, but he beat Hulkenberg (admittedly in a Williams) in Brazil in 2010 and followed that with many other examples. And he proved he could salvage a good result from adversity (Abu Dhabi and Brazil in 2012) taking the title under immense pressure from Alonso and Ferrari. Today, he is pretty flawless at a higher level. He's thoroughly likeable, gracious with his crew and team, and indeed his teammate. All of his WDCs are thoroughly deserved. Hopefully, he'll have more competition next season!


Very much so, it was about time somebody stated it so clearly.

We are blessed to witness the best years of a future legend.


You've got a very valid point. Vettel has won with a very competitive team mate who in many many instances was allowed to fight his team mate. Sure there were a few of occasions where Red Bull favoured Vettel, but that somewhat pales into insignificance compared to the assistance that many champions have had in the past, such as MSC, HAM & ALO. Red Bull have given new parts to both drivers equally since the front wing saga of 2010, those I mention above had developments sometimes 4 or 5 races ahead of their team mates in their title years. Do we say the legend of Alonso, Hamilton and Schumacher is tainted? Well Schumacher yes, the other two no - that's inconsistent isn't it.

The modern exception to the rule I guess is Jenson Button as you say, but even then Brawn screwed up his strategy one race (Barcelona perhaps?) to ensure JB won. But messing with strategy is small fry compared to what the likes of Rubens, Heikki and Fisi suffered in order to help their team mate win.

If Porsche deliver a good car, I expect to see Mark winning races in WEC, because he's still a real class act, I'm not sure that Rubens, Heikki or Fisi would be able to deliver what Mark is going to take to Porsche.


It didn't rain yesterday...


You can do what you like champ, but I'll make up my own mind thanks.


On a circuit only took around 76-78 seconds to finish a lap and he was 1 sec quicker, which is around 1.5%. Do you think this is normal?

Well, i don't wanna comment on this, just curious...


A tainted legend I'd say though.


The whole problem with letting Mark through for the win is that Mark needs to be right behind Vettel. Not 6 seconds behind with Fernando hot on his heels.

At one point before the last pit stop, it seemed Vettel was going slower than usual, letting cars unlap themselves. It's possible he was seeing if Mark could come back to be closer.

As it is, Jordan is basically criticizing Vettel for something that wasn't even an option - and EJ knows this. I like Eddie, but on this he's just taking a swipe at SV.


‘2014 may be satisfying at McLaren’ when Mercedes ‘forgets’ to supply them with the latest engine updates in case Honda takes an interest?

Suggest you focus on 2015 instead.


"I take my helmet off to him."

As did Mark on his cool down lap. Not quite donuts after winning the WDC in India, but definitely one of the unforgettable moments of 2013. I don't recall a driver ever doing something like.

Chapeau to Mark on his F1 career!


Maybe someone still think his speed is a product of Adrian Newey's ingenuity more than his driving skills, and that Vettel's and Webber's car are not the same (or how could they sound different if they are identical ?).

Nevertheless, I think SV should be on a list.


I dont count that car it has traction control hahaha

Nah i only care bout 2nd onward vet p1 is dull


Exactly. Thank you for objectivity. This is the difference between true fans of our beloved sport and [mod].


Who would you say had the second best package overall this year, I think ferrari were very competitive at the start of the season and overall I would say they had the second best package with Lotus a close 3rd, Merc never had good enough race pace throughout the year and while sauber had a couple of good races at the end of the year they wernt as fast as the others above.

While SV was 1 second faster than anyone at one or two races this year he certinly wasnt at Australia, Canada or China and MW in the same car certinly isnt as fast as him. The funny thing is Sebee didnt say anything about SV or RB but I guess you wouldnt let that stop you having a pop at the world champion.


Yes, certainly the guy who won the race should not be on a list of potential "driver of the day". That makes sense.


Actually it took Valsecchi 5 years and it was against one of the weakest GP2 grids so far. Like you I'm pretty certain that Divide wouldn't have done any better than Kovy.


D'ambrisio had no KERS for the entire grand prix. good luck with that in Monza...


That's exactly how Lotus felt and I agreed. But now that you've seen the decision deliver 0 points, with benefit of hindsight there was no net benefit delivered by KOV. And in that car Lotus were right to demand a result.


Honestly, what did Alonso do to justify DOTD?

In arguably the second or third best car, and comes third....compared to Jenson Button coming from a low 14th to come 4th in the fifth best car.


Kimi was the only driver that beat his teammate in every way and he didn't even race in the two final races!

Check here: http://i.imgur.com/9BAqaZ7.jpg

It's a nice comparison.


C'mon Sebee, everybody knows Ferrari was the worst car on the grid. Luckily they had the best driver on the grid so it evened out 😀


As a Vettel fan I must give credit where it's due, and if Ferrari got 2nd in the championship it's mainly BECAUSE Alonso is a fantastic driver. It wouldn't be because it has the second fastest car.

In the same way Red Bull could have fielded one car with Vettel driving this year and they still would have won the constructors, the great drivers make the difference.

Driver of the day is Webber this was probably his best race all year. Impressed with Alonso to hang on to third in dry conditions too.


Ferrari 2nd best package.. lol, you are probably also deluding yourself that Vettel's 1 sec faster-than-anybody-else lap times has nothing to do with his car.

Subjectivity is a dangerous basis for claiming "The Truth".


2nd best car with Alonso behind the wheel.

You are right - the mans a genius


he wouldn't have been sacked if he was wc material


Valsecchi should just be happy that he wasn't given a shot. He would've finished outside points also. At least now he can claim otherwise and maybe get a seat someday.


Valescchi was too much of a risk given his inexperience. Look at the last twice the team has brought their reserve in mid-season (d'Ambrosio in 2012 struggled all weekend and ended up 11th at Monza, where he really ought to have done better, and Grosjean struggled even more in 2008, doing barely any better than Piquet would have done - indeed, Fisichella struggled in the Ferrari at the same time. Changing teams midseason can be pretty difficult these days, so cut Kovalainen some slack. He did all he could, and I doubt Valsecchi would have got anywhere near his performance. Remember, it took Valsecchi four years in GP2 to win the title, so he hardly set the world on fire in that category.


Sad but true, Kovalainen just wasn't up to it.

And, of course, Webber was Driver of the day!


I agree, I vote for Mclaren! They were able to turn around their woeful Saturday, that the other teams weren't able to.


Wouldn't the DOTY be the guy with the WDC? 🙂


You will be assimilated.

Resistance is futile.



Time for my WDOTD column.

Here are this weeks contenders;


He may have finished every race this season setting a record in the process, but it counts for nothing if you finish 45 seconds behind the second last driver and nearly 3 laps down on the winner. Consistent Max may be, but he is consistently last. Not quick enough for F1. Bianchi has had him in his pocket all year and Brazil was no different.


Tough for me to put Rosberg in given he did finsh 5th. However, he led into turn 1 and yet soon found himself back in the midfield, all before the first round of pitstops. Overtaken for fun, even his own team-mate breezed by and left him for dead. Drive through penalties for Massa and Hamilton towards the end elevated Nico to a higher position than he deserved.


Yet again Pastor makes the list. Disappointing qualifying was being compensated for with some good racing, even got past Bottas into turn 1 at one stage. However, left the door open for JEV a few laps later, only to shut the door due to a complete lack of awareness. Vergne did his best to avoid the contact but it was inevitable. Maldonado was left facing backwards, neatly summing up his season in general. If he does go to Lotus, he needs to pull up his socks.


I predicted a disappointing two races for Heikki and sadly, I was proved right. Simply didn't have the pace in a car that was well able for a podium in the right hands. Was running down with the minnows for much of the race. He was never going to match Romain or Kimi's pace but being lapped in that Lotus car was unacceptable. Shoulda woulda coulda for Lotus, they got no points from Kovy and now they still don't know if DV is worthy of a drive in F1. Davide must be fuming.


JEV gets the final spot on the list having gone backwards from the start. An excellent quali on Saturday saw him into Q3 and yet despite Grosjean's early exit ahead of him, JEV still wound up back in 15th place. A terrible way to cap off a miserable season for the Frenchman. Kvyat already looks like he could be a serious threat to him in 2014 and if so, Vergne could be saying goodbye to F1 at the end of next season. A tough winter of soul searching ahead.

So there you have it folks, my final WDOTD list of the season. Hope you enjoyed my cynical nature. Just a bit of fun really. Choose wisely.

I'm gonna get a list up for WDOTSeason soon. Keep an eye out for that one.



Does he crash 6 times with the same driver like Hamilton does. Did he crash with his own team mate deliberately to win WDC like senna did. .does he regularly belittles co drivers like alonso does. Does he moans like Hamilton to cover up for his own short comings and blame the car when things doesn't go well. He is humouous.he is talented and dominating driver and respects thowe who work for motor sports e.g paying tribute to professor sid wakins on podium when's none of the British drivers did that day. Did he win with a car built with technical data stolen from Rivel teams like Hamilton did with mclaren. ( Ferrari data theft case) he disobeyed team orders right ?? When Schumacher wins with team order that's bad when vettel disobeys to win that's also bad but when Webber does the same he becomes a NINJA ?? Vettel is one of the cleanest world champions along with jenson button. .pardon my punctuation because typing from mobile phone.

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