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Bottas and Maldonado – A tale of two camps at Williams
Posted By: James Allen  |  18 Nov 2013   |  5:29 pm GMT  |  170 comments

Williams endured a weekend of contrasting fortunes in Austin, with rookie Valtteri Bottas scoring his first Formula 1 points while team-mate Pastor Maldonado finished well off the pace after an outburst directed at the team post-qualifying.

Bottas looked quick throughout all segments of qualifying, as the Finn took advantage of an improve car which was no longer running its Coanda-effect exhausts, to line up ninth on the grid.

From there, he drove a very strong race, which included a brilliant pass on Esteban Gutierrez, to finish eighth and score his first points. He now has four times the number of points as team-mate Maldonado, 28, who is in his third season in the sport and won the 2012 Spanish Grand Prix. It also gives Williams a buffer of five points over Caterham and Marussia in the constructors’ championship ahead of the final race of the season in Brazil on Sunday.

Bottas, 24, said: “It’s a very big relief. It’s better late to get the points than never, so I’m very happy. I think that the whole weekend we’ve done the right directions with the car set-up and the changes we made in Abu Dhabi that help us a bit more here.

“Come Sunday we still performed really well, we had a good strategy, good pit stop, and good start so I’m very happy for us as a team. I think it’s very important to get at least some points.”

On a weekend where Bottas rewarded the team for their faith in re-signing him for next season alongside Felipe Massa, the relationship between Maldonado and the Grove-based outfit became from fractious after the Venezuelan launched an outburst at his team after a poor qualifying.

Maldonado was knocked out in Q1, when Bottas went fastest, and then hinted that the team had tampered with the tyre pressures ahead of the session. Williams rejected the claims.

After getting knocked out, when asked by BBC Radio 5 live whether the team were prioritising work on Bottas car over him, Maldonado said: “I don’t know and I don’t care to be honest. I am focusing on next season. It’s over.”

But after the weekend, Maldonado – who has yet to announce his plans for next year – moved to clarify his comments. He said: “Sometimes you get too stressed and you get stuck in the moment. But maybe there is something behind that after three years, and sometimes you can explode. I think I accumulated energy and exploded. It’s not that I’m crazy and I start to say many things like that.

“For sure it was wrong from my side, because I respected them for three years and they respected me for three years, but I was so stressed during the weekend and after the announcement that I am leaving the team. Maybe some people changed in approach and I was taking that personally.

“I think they were not all the team, so I cannot react against all of my people because of just one person. At the end of the day it’s a great relationship and I want to keep them as friends. I have some big friends here, maybe the only friends I have in Formula 1, and we’ve had maybe the best time of my career together, but maybe also the worst part of my career together.”

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PM showed his true colours with his outburst, emonstrating very clearly that he not only comes with money but 'attitude'. There's a real warning to Lotus if they were daft enough to take him. Commitment is a two way street and Williams are a far too professional an outfit to sabotage a chance of points. Go home PM and sulk as you decide whether to join Marussia!!


I think the outburst shows Pastor is under a fair bit of pressure. Pressure to prove he is a pay driver that is also quite fast, to persuade Lotus it's not all about the sponsorship money. Not a good weekend for Bottas to destroy him so he snapped.

He was way out of order saying that about Williams, shot himself in the foot, with a bazooka. Still it's more interesting to have this than 'I'm pushing and I'd like to thank the team, the engine supplier, the motor oil company' ...zzzzz.


I am not a fan of Maldonado but i dont mind drivers speaking their minds. He made a mistake and more important recognized it and apologized. Is it better to have the transcripted "robotic" answers you get from almost all drivers except Webber?


That's fine for (some) fans and journalists but it is not acceptable to behave that way towards your team. He is a liability.


+1 Absolutely


Some people never explode (in public), but they are not the majority of people whom I know.

Still working on my temper, though I have no money nor skills really to throw my "attitude" around. Just being human here. Sometimes it's easy to forget, those who are on TV are human too.


Agree. Look at GRO nowadays and compare to MAL.



If he is like this in public how awful must he be in private?

No other driver I can think of has such a bad record.


But he has also apologized for this behaviour and showed contrition to Williams. It was all over the news today.


Totally agree, this [mod] needs to be shown the door pronto. He was never up-there but when we saw what he did to Hamilton at Spa, a deliberate and petulant middles act of aggression that could have ended in a nasty mess, he should have been sent packing then. Williams clearly needed the cash and hence why they retained him, this has evidently been brewing for a while, good riddance. Who in their right mind would take this guy on?


Don't forget the swipe he took at Perez in Monaco. And that was in a practice session.

The guy is a lunatic, as seen with his ridiculous claim of sabotage as well as his absurd last lap forced overtake on his own team mate for a non-scoring position in Suzuka.

And if this kind of crap, the sabotage claims, the "I've given the team more than they've given me," and whatnot are what he says out in the open, I'd hate to think what he's like to work with behind closed doors.


Surely there is something in the contract which would provide Williams with the option to find a decent driver for the last GP and at the same time send a message that classless comments and failure to perform are not acceptable? Money can't buy everything and when all is considered it is still a team sport.


What do you mean? Pastor's sponsors keep Williams afloat and maybe you should remember that. In fact, it should be Williams apologizing to him and not the other way around.


I just realized there are fans for pay drivers too.


Every one is a paid driver in F1. Every driver has to be supported by sponsors to get a seat. I some cases the sponsor is the team (young pilots programme or similar). What did you think, an F1 seat is for free?


Groan! Not the old Alonso is a pay driver chestnut! Some drivers attract backing because of their high skill level, the companies sponsor them because they know they will get exposure from a winning driver. Some drivers attract backing purely because of their nationality or family connections. It's not a difficult difference to spot, just ask yourself "would this driver be in F1 without the backing?" In the case of Alonso definitely yes, someone like Sutill, maybe, and of course Maldonado, definitely no!


It took you some time though, because someone like Alonso have quite a lot of fans


Williams apologising to him?

What on Earth for?


2 Pastor’s sponsors keep Williams afloat" Perhaps that's why he felt that he could speak the way he did? He may have had some justification for being upset, but to do it publicly, no class, just childish.

PS:- PM would probably get a drive without his sponsors...if only he would change his attitude and be more professional.

Dimitar Kadrinski



I was commenting to my tablemates yesterday that it'd be awesome if Williams called Rubens Barrichello to drive in Maldo's place in Brazil.


Brilliant!! +100 - and it may even be possible for Rubens' sponsors to pick up the tab for that event. Willams owes no one an apology, that's for certain.


I know it's off topic, so sorry for that. But an Spanish TV did an interview to Martin Whitmarsh at Austin. They asked him why did they replace Sergio Perez, and if they expected Magnussen to be the next Hamilton. They also ask him about Alonso. I thought it was very interesting. Here it is:



I don't believe there's a single F1 fan, who likes or even respects this guy

How disgraceful will be if Lotus sign him instead of Hulkenberg.

If money is the issue, sign Perez, he's a good driver (although not as good as Hulk)

Please show him the nearest Exit Door, and never let him back

It will be a great day for me if this happens


I like him! Simply because he's more interesting than driver drones who never speak their mind.


Yeah, like Kimi, Alonso, Vettel, Webber, Hulkenberg and even Perez never speak their mind!!!

And like being negative, bully, disrespectful, arrogant and intolerable are great virtues.


That's all? I'm sure you mean you only like that part of him. Because I don't think that's enough to like him at all. He's dangerous and disrespectful.


I'm just not sure moving from Sauber to Lotus is a move up for Hulkenburg. Yes they have a faster car this season, but who knows what they will have in 2014 or if they will even be on the grid. They haven't been able to pay their driver this year have they been able to develop next year's car? What if the still won't pay Raikonnen is he going to just leave the money on the table or will he place a lien against the team?


One has to understand Lotus has been in a tight spot for a long time, and praise they've consistently got vey good results

I'm sure Raikonnen will be paid, as he was in the last race of the last season, and Hulkenberg's paycheck is a fraction of the Finn's

It's a roulette on who will get the best car next season, but odds are, Lotus will get a better one than Sauber


He only has himself to blame but I feel a little sad for him when he says "Maybe they are my only friends in F1"


And what's even sadder is that he just pushed his only friends away.


For those who didn't saw/hear, the comments were ...?



A bad workman always blames his tools. Pastor did a fine job demonstrating this. Throughout the year Bottas has kept him honest, and also beaten him several times.

He was only ever at Williams for the money, not for anything else. I honestly doubt anyone will miss him when he is gone, but at the same time they will appreciate the win in Spain last year.


How do you know why Maldonado was at Williams, let alone that it was only "for the money"???


Had they offered him a drive without the backing? Pastor has a talent level no better than any number of drivers in gp2, indycar, sportcars etc. It woulkdn't have been enough to get him into F1 via the Bottas/Magnusson route of being picked up early by a teams driver development programme. The government backing is the only reason Maldonado is an F1 driver, it's not pleasant but is true, if the backing was withdrawn, Pastor's career would be over.


I reckon Pastor think Williams owes him the win he got in Spain for them, but this is clearly more of an attitude than anything else, think himself as a 'Hot Shot' now and he must be in his native Columbia, I think he also took his frustration out on Sutil (told you not to get too close to me) or else...


Pastor is not Columbian.


Why is PM having this acrimonious relationship with Williams? As far as I know, he has no worry of payment (Raikkonen), no worry of being treated as #2 (Alonso in McLaren who did the same like PM prompting FIA's presence in McLaren garage as a supervisor). So what went wrong between PM and Williams which is not being seen in public domain?

Also we need another Finn to be competitive in F1: Mika in late 90s and then Kimi took over in 2000s and now and hopefully when Kimi will retire (which could be in 2 years or so), there will be another one ready. Kovi did not succeed, so hopefully Bottas will step up to fill the Finn-vaccuum in future.


May be someone on the team had been as condescending to him as many of the members of the forum here are.

I saw a story from one of the US public TV shows that a Yale law student quit because he felt that people looked at him as if the only reason he was there was because he was black and got an easy ride. He went to China for it was far and away from America where he knew no one, was given nothing, and did not even know the language. He became a TV host, speaking perfect Manderine, popular with the locals as the self-made man.

Last I checked, MP won a race in 2012, keeping Alonzo behind in Spain, giving Williams its first win since 2004 Brazilian GP.

I can almost hear someone scream - it was the team, PM had nothing to do with the win. He got lucky. He's only there because of the money he brought. I'd be furious if I were MP. It's sad that those who boo Vettel, those who condensed MP think they are the good, standing on the opposite side of evil...

By the way, I am not an PM fan.


Yes, he won a race, in Spain, partly on merit, partly because it is notoriously difficult to overtake.

I am sorry, talent alone doesn't make you a good sportsman.

His deliberate side swiping of competitors have made it abundantly clear that he has no place in F1. And I will not even delve into his antics in the lower racing formulae... Those read like a horror story.


I suppose a critical observer as yourself would have demanded the expulsion of Senna early on as well. Just saying. I don't think we all realize how much talent/skill is involved in getting an F1 car around at track at speed, especially amidst a grid of similarly fast cars all fighting for the front. I don't think any team would put an unskilled person in the driver's seat of one of their multi-million dollar technological marvels "just for the money" - as so many here insist. And I don't attempt to be an apologist here for PM, it's just that there's an overt bias towards this fellow because he doesn't fit the established "mold" for a contemporary F1 driver. Sure the guy isn't mister charming, and he's not European, but like it or not, the guys made his had up the formulas and did very well, and the fact that he was even put in the seat of an F1 car, not to mention that he was able to squarely beat some of our current aces, goes to show that this guy is a talented driver. And as others have stated here, it's good to have someone outspoken in F1. Perhaps if Button or another driver of his likes would have said the same, there would be at least a few here positing various conspiracy theories.


Yes, he won a race, in Spain, partly on merit, partly because it is notoriously difficult to overtake.

How does this make sense? he undercut a Ferrari driven by Alonso and Alonso never got anywhere near him in that race after that.


Didn't Webber need to loo? He was jiggling.

I thought he just gave an honest answer to question. Lewis had moaned at his engineer for giving him too much information, then moaning he wasn't getting enough. It's just Lewis being Lewis, that's not really an overly harsh comment.


That has been coming a while to be honest. I dont think Maldonado has driven as well this year as he did last year and I think that is down to a lack of motivation and disappointment in this years car. I think for 30 million quid he expected a reasonable something reasonable to peddle and equally Williams expected him to deliver more this season.

Question for Lotus now; is 30 million for development and Maldonado quicker than no extra cash and Hulk??


Even with that extra 30m in development Williams still produced a bad car - at least until they took the development bits off 😉 - so how much worse off could Lotus really be?

Please guys, for your own sakes, sign the Hulk. You might have to grit your teeth for a bit, but at by end of the year your faith (and wallet) will be rewarded 🙂


Imagine the advantage Red Bull has next year when they take their coanda exhausts off.



Lol 🙂


Not unexpected behaviour for Pa$tor Maldonation, although still not as bad the time(s) he purposefully used his car as a weapon.

After the lacklustre F1 season we've enjoyed the last thing the sport needs is a spoilt brat pay driver being able to buy himself into a decent team. There's no way that this guy should be driving a Lotus, Force India or Sauber on merit. Hopefully the availability of Perez on the driver market further reduces the chances of that happening.


Oh I see what you did there... #Clever.


Funny - I seem to recall Pastor winning a GP for Williams, whilst neither Force India nor Sauber drivers have done that for those teams, and Lotus only has tasted victory b/c of one driver - Raikkonen.


Maldonado is faster than Bottas for sure. It was wrong to expose the internal problems, but it is real that sometimes the teams are favorable to one driver instead the another that is leaving. As i know MAL has 2 months since he informed Williams about his decision to leave, does it casual that the car performance went down from that moment? NO. So he´s right. i think that the conduct that he showed is the reprochable thing.

He deserves to continue in F1 and try to give us a little bit different flavour, nocking down the Vettel´s hegemony.


Maldonado faster than Bottas for sure? What are you basing that on? It sure aint a stopwatch!


This is the problem with F1 fans 1 race Bottas finishes ahead and you say Bottas is faster?

Maldonaldo is a race winner the gravitas of that is undeniable.

8 winners last year and guess what Maldonaldo was one of them.

For clarity they were Button Alonso Rosberg Vetteel Maldonaldo Webber Hamilton Raikkonen, I hope you see the company he is in?


Pm lucked a race win, I wasnt on merit, it was in the middle of the tyre lottery we saw last year where they just happenned to get it right. If it was on merit, then where was he the rest of the year?

Its shameful that he is even being considered for any drive next year


He is, and you can check all the race timetables. Even Maldonado is the driver that most positions have won in the first lap this year, over Alonso.


Thats only because he regularly does such a bad job in qualifying! The positions gained stat is hardly fair on drivers who qualify well, I assume you think that Pastor is better than Alonso then? It's possible to find a statistic somewhere that flatters every driver if you look hard enough, but the facts are that Valterri has out qualified and outscored Pastor.


Does it specify if he had to pit at the end of the lap for a front wing? 😉


Other drivers have done and said worse.

But people will pretend like it's the worst thing they've ever heard.


Maldonado is the perfect example of what is wrong with F1 these days. It is a fact that when teams do the math they find that having a "maldonado" with big sponsorship in the car will be a faster package than having a great driver without the development millions. A great driver is worth .1s over a good driver, but millions in development is worth much more time. I would like to see F1 a bit more balanced toward a driver/engine formula and away from an aero/tire formula. Right now it is too far out of balance and the USGP was a very boring race (except for that Bottas pass which was very well done). Restrict the aero, fatten the tires, let the teams pick their compounds and let's go racing!


Put 18 inch rims on


I think Maldonado has every right to be frustrated w/ Williams, though of course it was boorish to rave at them in public. He's brought 10s of millions of dollars to the team and they haven't produced a competitive car for him...


A great post. The aero is a big problem. The cars are now so efficient that they simply cannot get even remotely close without losing all their grip. The problem is that the 'Formula' prevents innovation in any other area. If something clever is invented it is pretty much banned for the following season. Aero will always be a part of F1 but they should limit the effectiveness of the wings and say 'it has to be within this size and you can do whatever you want but you are only allowed one element in your wing'.


I consider myself a fan of the sport, and I don't root for any one driver or team, just for exciting racing.

But Maldonado really makes it hard to like him and root for Williams. I was thrilled seeing Bottas make it to Q3, as well as score some good points. But when I think of 2014 and Maldonado at Lotus, it makes me feel sad.


not that I care for Williams much seeing how they almost destroyed the Hulk's career, but PM is still an idiot. However Williams does not have much good karma when it comes to treating its drivers well


Cant help but think after his Williams cheating rant at the weekend that so teams will want to touch him now but maybe marussia or caterham


Caterham is not such a bad car, and with an extra $30 million to help development it could become a mid-field force ? and Maldonado may like being top dog in the team and actually start achieving something in his career.

It would be interesting - but I think his pride and ego would prevent him from driving for this team.


I'm surprised that you don't mention the contact between Maldanado and Adrian Sutil during the race, which apparently caused Sutil's crash. I haven't checked today, but last night I saw comments from Sutil which were absolutely scathing about Maldano, and not limited to this race.


And yet pretty much everyone in the know has said Sutil is at least 50% to blame, and he really got called out on SKY by AD for trying to shovel blame wholly onto Maldonado...


Maldonado should take his PDVSA-money and give it to some kind of charity (maybe to save some rain forests in South America) and leave F1.


Will twit PM about this suggestion Peter. it'll do lots of good to lots of people in his country than him driving in F1. 'For Sure'.


If Lotus was reading this....please please PLEASE...i BEG of you..do not hire this marshall injuring clown who has no sporting, moral, or humane regard for anybody on the track


+ infinity


I never liked Maldonado...he was probably the most arrogant driver that came to F1 in recent years. He was always crashing people...always blaming others and always behaved as if people owe him something. Zero humility and respect towards others. Now he is just showing his true self, his true personality and I am absolutely not surprised. Sadly he has money, so F1 will have to tolerate his presence, but I hope....that he will be out of racing rather sooner than later.


Showing his true self how? By apologizing for having spoken in anger right after quali when his emotions dictated his words rather than use his brain?


[mod] He has shown his true self enough by the way he drives (uses his car as a weapon).


You sound like George Bush


Shame on Maldonado, at least he's apologised but for sure it was a very poor and totally unprofessional way to behave.


"Shame on [him]"? lol seriously? I agree w/ the rest of what you said but scolding him like my grandma sounds silly! Did you say the same thing about Valsecchi when he completely disrespected and humiliated Kovalainen w/ words last week??


I think Maldonado always was a bit of a loose cannon, bu when things do not go his way, and he get's questioned by the press, then perhaps he gets somewhat irritated. The question remains as to the reason why one driver was doing well, and the other poorly, but I do not think the Austin race a good barometer with conditions such as they were. I suspect it is purely down to set up! That said I warm to Bottas's character, and just maybe his engineers do as well.


This clearly shows one thing. It is not the problem with the car in any team, weather it is Williams, Ferrari, Mercedes or McLaren. The drivers are unable to get the maximum.

This is why I am always telling Ferrari is not a bad car but the drivers are not getting the maximum during qualifying and on race day.

The US GP weekend was a very good example. If Bottas had not got past Q1, then this wouldn't have come to light.

Massa, Rosberg, Button are some of the big names who messed up on Saturday and then paid the prize on Sunday.

People are blaming Red Bull for making F1 boring but they need ask why other drivers are not performing well.


It's the tires that dictate the setup. Some drivers hit the sweet spot and do better.


i'd only leave Williams for the lotus seat, despite their current form I think Williams have more potential than sauber or force indy. they won a race and made q3 regularly just last year, it seems massa agrees. if lotus chose hulk which I very much hope they do, pasta maybe worse off than had he stayed put.


Maybe on sporting merits he'd be worse off, like you suggest, but it sounds like the relationship is fundamentally broken (and we have NO idea what the real dynamic has been behind closed doors for 3 years) so it's doubtful they could function effectively together now.


What did RB say? Any chance of a video or transcript?


I think they were just comments that shouldn't be read into too much. It was a humorous situation and Ross just said ah well that's Lewis for you, in a joking way if you like.


Yeah, he must hate having a driver who scores the majority of the teams points. All of those very positive comments from Ross about Lewis throughout the season must have really killed him!


We've all said and done things in our lives that we regret later. For good or bad, sports personalities these days are expected to say only the right things and double-wash and bleach their every word to please their marketeers.

That said, Maldonado could have been wiser. He has been the better of the 2 Williams driver this season until this race, and 1.5s margin may have well been down to the unpredictable Texan winds. Using the word "sabotage" not just makes the fans difficult to take him seriously, but the seriousness of such a allegation is bound to have an impact on his career.

I have never disliked drivers who complain too much about their teams. Barichello, Di Riesta, Alonso etc. But Maldonado seems to have gone a step further. If he has indeed signed for Lotus, he better have the measure of Grosjean or be prepared to double the oil money if he wants to drive beyond 2014.


What Maldomoan-o said was beyond the pale.

It was entirely unacceptable behaviour

from a professional sportsman in a team


Now, about ME! James? I should like to

suggest that one encourage the IT boffins

to cause a subtle change to the forum or

'comments' part of this here site.

Please consider adding a 'like/dis-like',

'agree/bollucks' whathaveyou button to

the responses of the educated masses.

Should save me great swaths of time.

No need to comment then. Cheers!


We're happy with how it works, thanks. Although it takes some moderation when people get carried away!

Got to keep the standard high!


The reason I enjoy this blog so much is because that standard of responses are vey high. As a rule, I never normally read below the article as it normally makes me lose faith in humanity. If you are filtering out the bad responses I applaud the work you and your mods do.


And thankfully it's what makes your site so dry different to the others - a small price to pay.


James, do you know who Maldonado is referring to when he says one person changed their attitude?


I'd like to ignore the negative for the moment and focus on the positive...

I was very impressed by Bottas, on the track of course, but also in his BBC interview after the race. Someone can correct me but at the end of the interview Suzi congratulated Bottas on a great race and he just said something like 'thank you, but it wasn't just me it was a team effort'. That won me over.


Its hard to imagine any team would sign Pastor for next year after his post qualy outburst. It is always someone else at fault when things go wrong for him.

He blames other drivers for accidents or contacts he causes and now blames the team for his poor performance in qualy. I think all F1 teams should unanimously say him good bye.


I can think of 30 million reasons why a team would consider him. Unfortunately, that is the reality in F1.


I guess 29 million buys a lot of patience...


What I dislike about Maldonado's comments over the whole of the weekend is the sense that he is better than the team. His outburst was unnecessary even if it was in the heat if the moment, but it wasn't the only negative thing he said.

Granted, he won a race last year but he also lost quite a few points with a series of mistakes towards the end of races.

I think he has the potential to be a really good driver but I don't see his attitude this weekend enhancing his career.


I always found that true comments have no place in F1. How dare PM think that there is anyplace in this sport for emotion. The previous two posters can line up behind the other robots. PM is under no obligation to say anything other than what he feels. He's, through his sponsors, has provided Williams and based on the results I'd say Williams got more from Pastor than Pastor got from them.


Chuckle, you are so right!


He got a race winning car from them last year and put it in the wall or the side of another car all too often. He's fast but doesn't learn from his mistakes because he's too arrogant to admit them. Slanderous comments about your own team is not 'emotion' it's toys-out-of-the-pram stuff and, even worse, it's unprofessional.


So after giving €29m a year to Williams you feel they have delivered for him interesting.


It's got nothing to do with whether they delivered or not! If he wants to rant about having a crap car that's one thing but he didn't. He accused the team of cheating and that's why he's been furiously back-peddling on the comments all week. It seems incredible that some people are still defending his petulant outburst.

Also, PM has never given Williams a penny of his own. He's lucky he's Venezuelan and there's someone there to pay the bills or he'd have been gone long ago.


Did you say same when Alonso nearly brought Mclaren to its knees and said same thing?


I'd happily say that Alonso behaved unprofessionally, and much worse than Maldonado has. My problem isn't with him showing emotion, I agree that it makes it more interesting when they drop the corporate BS for a minute, but for turning on the team that have worked their arses off for him for three years. A childish hissy fit because he wanted to look good for Lotus and now he looks like what he is - a petulant brat crossing palms with silver to get a drive.


What did Ross Brawn say?


He said that's Lewis.." We are working out the best way to deal with Lewis" it may have been "manage".


When Martin & Crofty asked Ross Brawn about Lewis' demands to be left alone and then demanding feedback the next minute they suggested he was being quite contradictory and Ross just sighed and said, 'yes we're getting used to that now'.


I would like to know as well, both of your points.


Bottas looks mean 😀


It's going to be really interesting to see how Bottas goes in Brazil, hope it's not just a one off, so their car gets more 'driveable' for next year.

His overtake was quality, I also liked his wife/girlfriends slow-mo fist pump celebration straight after the move.


And too lean for his frame.

I find it funny how many people are on the Maldonado hate train at the moment. He might have an explosive character, but so did Montoya, and after a while, it became very entertaining. I think Maldonado is great: he sometimes says what he thinks, even if it's a little cray cray.

Last year he was in the same league with Grosjean, this year not. It must make him frustrated.


This same people wanted Grosjean out of F1 last year its mob mentality PM has spoken out about a team people love, can you imagine the response had this come from Webber ?

It would have been praised to the heavens.


Webber said something about being too hot in the sun.

And Hamilton wasn't exactly easy going to his engineer was he? Ross Brawn is used to outbursts and he takes them very calmly. Lewis screaming to be left alone then demanding more feedback and information is not exactly atypical for him when he's in one of his moods. I think Ross is just saying they dont take it personally and just get on with it.


The perfect was earlier when Brawn told Nico to calm down. And Nico replied something like "You owe me one".


Screaming? Perhaps we define the word differently. It sounded to me as if LH was a mite p*ssed off to be running in 4th, managing his tyres, and was taking out hid bad temper on the team.


The guy is under real pressure and he only gets paid if he drives and I don't think the teams are biting for his money, not teams above Williams and I think he thought they would.

I think most teams have next year in place regarding cash, if it was a month ago then he would of been more desired, but I doubt teams will leave sponsorship deals so late and would of filled the space for their main sponsors even though they might not of got as much as pastor would bring. Something is better than nothing and I just don't think there is a team with space on the car for that kind of size sponsor. Its also known pastors sponsor (government) are finding it hard to justify, so if they can't be the main sponsor, maybe they won't bother.

Just a thought.


What is interesting in this saga, if we go back to the beginning of this season, and a few races in, Maldonado, is saying that he wants to stay with Williams for the 2014 year. One then sense that something was up with the sponsorship deal with PDVSA. It still had 2 years to run. You could think that Williams agreed to have Maldonado for the first 3 years of the deal, and if for any reason he didn’t perform, then they (Williams) could look to replace him with someone else and the Sponsorship would remain in place.

Then we start to read hear that Maldonado wants out of Williams. We also hear that he may be fast on a single lap, but his race craft, and feed back to the engineers isn’t up to an acceptable standard for F1. We also learn that he, Maldonado was the one to break the deal – contract. Even with 1 point in the bag for this year, Williams would get some sort of pay off for cutting the deal short.

There are major political troubles back in Venezuela, and spending money on glamour’s sport like F1, will not go down very well back home. There isn’t the problem of the money, as oil is traded worldwide in dollars, so nothing to do with exchange rates or that sort of thing. But can any political party right now afford to be seeing to spend millions on a sport, and have the army take over retailers because of high prices?

I believe, that Maldonado, will not have the promised millions to further enhance his racing career and any move will fail due to lack of funding appearing.

Changes are happening at Williams, and that old shark Pat Symonds is starting to get the engineering department kicked & licked into shape. Massa is quick over one lap, and if the racer Massa turns up at Williams, then we could be in for an interesting 2014. Bottas has got to finally step up to the plate and up his game in 2014. This will be his last year to prove himself to the F1 crowd, or he is out.


As fan of Williams and the same time Venezuelan, I have to say that I wish the best for them in 2014. Also it is very disappointed how our company invest in a team that cannot be able to know what was the problem. Maldonado always said that was the Coanda effect they so adamant didn´t take in consideration his opinion, until Pat Symond realize it. It was really disappointed.


You can have one of the best Wind tunnels in the business. Collect lots of CFD data, and track side data. In a nice clean virtual world, the car should perform and do this.....but one of the most vital ingredients to add to all the above is the feedback from the driver, as to why he isn’t performing according to what the engineers think the car should do.

It is his feed back to the engineers, and from what we have read about Maldonado, his development work on the car isn’t that great. In fact I think since Pat Symonds turned up and really doesn’t suffer fools or even rich ones that the truth started to come out about the limitation of Maldonado.

He didn’t like what he was been told, and the toys begin to be thrown out of the pram.

I do agree that somewhere along the road, over the last number of years, Williams has taken their eye off the ball, and lost the plot. Maybe it is the way that Williams pay their staff. He is well known for very low wages to his drivers, but does allow them to keep the winning from a race, where as McLaren doesn’t. Star – visionary designers do make a ton of money. What price for a James Allison one wonders, when Newey is rumoured to be on $12M a year?


So what you are saying is Maldonado got the wrong job at Williams

Sure, I understand he's probably a better car designer than a racing driver!!!


Grosjean has had more problems in the past than Maldonado has had, but Grosjean has matured and has honed his talent into a skill because someone was willing to take the time and a chance on him, and because he was humble. Maldonado obviously is talented or he would have been gone long ago. But it seems that, in my opinion the amount of money that is behind Maldanado is actually detrimental to him at this point. It certainly opens doors, and can get him a seat in a car; but it also gives him an authority and power that he shouldn't have as a driver. The tens of millions he brings to the table empowers him to be a prima donna and carry on as if he were Lewis or Alonso. Claiming sabotage is what happens when an employee thinks he is more important than he truly is. I hope Pastor will have a chance to grow up and develop into a great driver before he either burns all of his bridges in F-1, or gets seriously injured when the red mist gets to him.


Grosjean has freely admitted that he made mistakes, and has even employed a psychiatrist to aid him in his work. It takes a big man to admit that they are wrong, and to seek out help.

I don't think Maldonado has matured at all in his time in F1, and I vaguely recollect that he blames his crashes/misfortune on everyone else other than himself.


I think some of you are overreacting. Alonso accused Renault of the same in 2003 and 2006, and accused of it McLaren in 2007.

Yet many of you will speak glowingly about Alonso!

Strange double standards.


Over the years I recall quite a few foolish things that Alonso has said and done in the heat of the moment especially when he was at McLaren, but he is at Ferrari now, where even the prima-donna's are expected to tow the party line and be a part of the team.


Alonso says pretty dumb things today also and sometimes has difficulties to accept blame. He hasn't deliberately harpooned anyone though. Maybe that's what tips some individuals off.


James I think there's a great subject for a story here. "What happens when a team and drivers marriage ends"

It's very easy for pundits to judge drivers when they are cast into a gossip hungry press. But what happens behind closed doors when one says "I don't love you anymore" and the sex(racing) has not been so great so I'm going elsewhere. The team management are pragmatic specialists that are very quick and clever to react and all of a sudden their greatest loves belongings are cast out the window for the guy - we cannot imagine how much favouritism happens in the garage and at the teams.-in the "garage next door". Just look at Raikkonen and Lotus. When you consider what Raikkonen brought to that team for not one cent-- It is unthinkable what transpired at Korea. Seems that F1 is just like a marriage and the teams with All the money Ferrari , Red Bull are like a wealthy woman- who would just take a driver for his performance/ status and the other is the suburban middle class who needs a driver with the money and the performance for her to brag about at tea parties in front of the wealthy- we all know happens after this. : )

I'm certainly No fan of Maldonado and his comments were totally uncalled for but for goodness sake people - give the guy a break- he's apologised and stated exactly what we all suspected - heat of the moment and a brain explosion.-like the many he's had on track .We all handle things differently and maybe just maybe he can use Grosjeans management and sports psychologist to help him out. : ) hint hint nudge nudge!!

As for Bottas- he let his driving do the talking and he is "bringing home the bacon" through his points. But we can only hope 2014 continues improvement for Williams otherwise Valtteri might attract one of those richer society types.


Grosjean's sports psychologist is going to be the next guy one of the big teams poach. He could probably make a lot of money right now.


[mod] I think he's in the same league as Grosjean, just a bit more fiery. With the right development, he'd be pretty good.

His comments were unfortunate, but Williams don't exactly have a glittering history of treating drivers well, so a lot of hot air over nothing really.


Aye, I recall Patrick Head telling the world's media that Damon Hill should have won at Hockenheim in 1995 and that he was an idiot for crashing before they'd even bothered to check his car for the rear differential failure that caused the accident.

But this is a highly-charged sport. People say foolish things and everyone moves on eventually.


Being a big Williams F1 fan I will admit that he has given Williams a lot, the decent performance of last years car may not have come without PM's funding from his sponsor and, let's face it, people did expect this years car to be a lot better, but they didn't get to grips with the exhaust like other teams have.

PM's is human and is allowed to say what he feels - doesn't mean we have to like him for it though.

From how I see it, Williams gave him a decent car last year, Ok he scored some points and a a Win in Spain, but Senna scored more points scoring positions that PM. It just seems that given a semi-decent car that he can't handle it, then when it's slow he moans. Don't get me wrong, he has raw speed (at times) but he isn't consistent and Williams need consistency to develop that there car.


82% of the poll on Sky F1 wanted him to leave F1.

Enough said to be honest when people don't like you, that much.


The sky pole is the biggest joke 13% didnt think SV would win more than 3 titles as at Singapore!


I'd like it if he didn't get the Lotus seat, or buy the Force India seat or buy the Sauber seat.

Nico H, Paul DR and even Perez deserve to stay in F1 based on their performances this year in relatively poor cars. Pastor shouldn't kick them out of F1.

That said, Pastor is taking a pounding here, I'd like to see his 30 million euros or so at either Marussia or Caterham just to see if they could move to the tail of the mid-field by the end of next year.


Byebye, Mr. Maldonado. And don't let the door hit your behind on the way out.


The amount of bandwagon jumping really annoys me at times. Trust Sky to run a poll on it lol. Anything for a bit of TV. They have a whole channel 24/7 to fill up. Hint: Run older races Sky!!! I am no Maldonaldo fan because I've never liked his attitude yet I've always respected his amazing pace. However, he is human. All humans have attitude at times.

Let's not forget that a certain England footballer has slept with prostitutes, cheated on his wife, throws around the F word every time he opens his mouth on the pitch yet all that is forgotten every 4 years when the media somehow manages to think we will win the World Cup. He kicks a football into a huge goal, is paid 200k a week for it and is the rudest foul-mouthed person on TV.

Who has not had a petulant moment in their life? Hands up please. I thought so. No one is perfect. Pastor does have an attitude problem but then so does my mate who is an only child with a chip on his shoulder and a feeling of entitlement that makes me moan at him when he goes on about it.

My old relatives have an attitude problem towards the younger generation. Rightful in some of their comments but not so in most of their generic swipes. I dare say none of us can look at ourselves, our parents or our children and say they have ALWAYS said the right thing. Humans will be humans. It is not even a trait kept just for humans. Anyone who has had a dog has been growled at for something. Anyone who has had a cat has been scratched.

So because Maldonaldo is rich, should he have his attitude fixed compared to us poor peasants of the world? Well no. How many times has Justin Beiber done something? How about in F1 itself? Whether you have Senna smashing his rivals off the track, Schumacher doing the same AND parking it on an apex of a corner, Lewis Hamilton putting telemetry on Twitter, Alonso trying to blackmail his team and blocking his team mates in the pits, Vettel defying team orders, Webber doing the exact same thing or many of the others saying rubbish about teams and drivers, it happens.

What about a professional attitude issue some drivers have? What about Mr Understeer Button? Talk about a full time moaner. Or Di Resta, he has a serious attitude issue and has criticised his team a lot this year yet Sky won't run a poll on their darling boy will they.

It is funny how people allow bias and selective memories to dictate their opinion of someone. If we just accept them all as human beings, we accept their mistakes as well as their greatness.


I agree there is a bias always towards your own countrymen. Imagine if Vettel was British, the whole press would be hailing him as the next Jesus!

The more genuine fans do not like Maldonado for other than attitude issues is that he is a pay driver occupying a seat that a genuine good driver should have got. Well anyway, F1 does not want to address the costs issue, so it will be stuck with mediocre drivers.


A genuine good driver, such as one who wins the next formula down and then goes on to win in F1? That sort of genuine good driver?


But is Maldonaldo not one of the fastest guys in F1? Aside Kubica who unfortunately is done with F1, who else outed in the past few years is as fast as Pastor?

I am not sure about any of the ex-Toro Rosso drivers no longer in F1. Pastor is that rapid he deserves a spot on the grid.

I'd say Maldondo is faster than Massa, Button, Verge, Chilton, Pic, Gutierrez, Sutil, Di Resta and van der Garde over one lap.

You can only really 100% say that Hamilton, Vettel, Alonso, Rosberg, Webber, Hulkenberg, Grosjean, Bottas and Bianchi would beat him over one lap in equal cars. Even then the latter two would be subject to debate.

I couldn't decide who is quicker out of Ricciardo, Perez and Maldonaldo.

I mean imagine Kimi vs Pastor. Kimi would pick up all the points but who actually would qualify ahead? Pastor is no slouch. He'd wipe the floor with Button in a pole position shoot out if they were both driving a rubbish car.


Please, never compare soccer with F1 ever again. In soccer, you are not in charge of a multi-million dollar prototype that can, and was unfortunately used by Maldonado, as a weapon that could have killed someone.

And to say that being rich entitles you to a crappy attitude is just very sad. By that reasoning, what, according to you, is Bill Gates allowed to get away with? Murder?

And, just because you have gripes with Di Resta, Senna and all the other drivers you mentioned, that does not exonerate Maldonado from his conduct. I hear a lot of people say that he apologized, so everything is ok now... well, that doesn't sit well with me, we all know why he apologized, his accusations were unfounded and by not apologizing, he could have inadvertently lost any chance of getting a seat next year.

I will never accept someone who's greatness may be a talent for driving, but who's biggest mistake is that he doesn't care if he hurts or kills someone through his thoughtless actions. But to you, he has money, therefore he is allowed to put marshals in hospital with broken backs...


Very very we'll put!


Please stop trying to put words in my mouth.

I never said the rich entitles a bad attitude at all. I said the rich are still human. He is human and will make mistakes. He will have a grumpy day. I don't like his attitude but every single human on the planet has a bad day and says the wrong stuff.

All I am saying is because he is rich doesn't make him suddenly immune to the bad days we have. The comparison with football is merely pertaining to the attitude of a celebrity --- which Pastor Maldonaldo is. That is the human factor aside.

His racecraft or lack thereof at times is a totally different subject. The guy is rapid but seriously dangerous at times. I NEVER once said it is ok to be dangerous. I never spoke of his on track actions. Let's not take things out of perspective.

What Senna did, what Schmacher did, what Maldondo did, what they all do at times is put the lives of spectators, marshals and fellow competitors at risk. For every dodgy weave across the track in the braking gone by Gutierrez, wheels could touch and someone can die.

The topic of Pastor on the track and topic of Pastor outside the track is totally different.


I have to agree, he is fast enough, but, I think a F1 driver also has to be a good sportsman, that means, to me in any case, being humble in victory and gracious in defeat. And a season not being in a good car usually shows you the true character of a driver. And Maldonado's character is anything but pretty... Which is a pity...

Here is to a great final race in Brazil. 🙂


I think he is just a young man who got spoiled. He won a race he would usually have had no chance of winning. A freakish result in a freaking season where wins were being shared out nicely.

Behind it all, he's just a human who under pressure says the wrong sort of stuff. Either way glad the point is understood.

I still don't like his attitude. He is fast enough to be in F1 though.


Ok, that's fair.

But, being in a position of a professional racing driver, there is a line of conduct that should under no circumstances be crossed. Regardless of wealth and status. And in this instance, Maldonado crossed that line, and that is not excusable, imho.

The point you made, as I understood it, was that he can be excused since he has money.

So I apologize if I may have misunderstood you there.

Peace out.


Can't reply to your comment Chapor as there is no reply link.

That is not what my words meant. Let me clarify.

Should be be any less human than us because he is rich? No. Should he be expected to be perfect 100% of the time because he is rich? No.

I am not saying it is ok to have an attitude. I am saying all humans have attitude irrespective of wealth. Do not forget the human factor.

All people rich or poor should be treated the same. No one person is perfect nor is any one person expected to be perfect.

I hope that clears it up for you.


"So because Maldonaldo is rich, should he have his attitude fixed compared to us poor peasants of the world? Well no."

That is not putting words in your mouth... Those are your words, and those words imply that he is allowed his in-digressions. Or what did I miss here?


Blocking teammates in the pits because team mates were breaking agreements within the team. Ask Anthony H., please.


Not sure I follow what you are talking about there. All I saw with my eyes on the screen was one McLaren driver refusing to drive on and thus costing his team mate a chance at pole position.


As an addition to what BigHaydo said above:

There was an agreement inside the team that the last opportunity to run the best lap in qualys was to be taken alternatively by Alonso and Hamilton one race each. That qualy was Alonso´s turn. Then Lewis broke the agreement, placing himself in the final queue after Alonso. On the other hand, the protest against the Alonso's blocking Lewis was not filled by McLaren but by Mr. Anthony Hamilton personally. Not a McLaren officer, but a pilot representative. Nonetheless, the protest was accepted and Alonso was punished.


Fair point BigHaydo I do recall that from watching it. I have however never watched a video review of any of the past few seasons. I suppose in the age of internet, I just simple check the news sites albeit sometimes naively because I seldom read all the comments on any of them but am glad I read yours 🙂


McLaren decreed that Lewis let Alonso through on the track in the previous run, but decided himself to continue on- this led Alonso to feel lime his run had been compromised. It's covered in the 2007 video review, and lends favour to the suggestion that Lewis was the protected species in the team that year... The fact you remember Alonso's actions and not Hamilton's goes some way to evidence this! 🙂


As hard as he is to like as a person I do feel a twinge of sympathy for PM. Almost every time he is interviewed he is referred to as a pay driver like he has no talent at all. He won GP2 and won a race fair and square in a middle of the grid car. His credentials at the start of this season were as good as any of the newer drivers. F1 is a business and if I am a team owner of a middle of the grid team and my options are Di Resta, Sutil, Massa or Hulkenburg all with little to no sponsorship it only makes sense to pick Pastor. It is not PM fault that F1 is run so badly.

Compare how PM is talked about on television to Max Chilton a man who has nowhere near the talent of PS. He brings a lot of cash to his team as well and that may keep that team alive so once again, not his fault. However, at the end of the last few Grand Prixs we are told how wonderful it is that he is about to break the record for rookie finishes like it is some sort of achievement not falling off the track. Give me one point and 18 DNF’s any day.

Pic, Van de Garde, Chilton, Sutil and Gutierrez all would not be on this grid if money did not come into play and there are drivers outside F1 like Frijns and Wickens who should be on the grid yet I have never once heard them being asked about are the teams only interested in their money.

If I was PM. I would act the same way in front of the cameras.


We see the mob in action here. I'm not condoning Maldonado's comments at the weekend, but he apologised for them and everyone seems to be moving on.

Apart from the frothing-at-the-mouth mob that is. Some of the comments I'm reading about him are little short of pathetic. The guy won the GP2 title, has won a race in F1 (superbly at that, despite idiots decrying "fluke") and has caused one accident all year. Otherwise he's quietly got on with driving a very difficult car.

"Pay driver". I see. Perhaps Pastor should have contacted PDVSA and asked them not to sponosor his career so as to appease bulletin board contributors the world over. Then we could have had Ernesto Viso or Johnny Cecotto Jr. in the Williams instead.

The outpuring of [mod] over recent days toward Maldonado really does the image of the F1 fanbase no favours at all.


+100 Well said John


I laughed out loud when I heard Pastor's little rant after qualifying, the idea that a team would spend millions designing a car to go as fast as possible, then deliberately make it go slower is just ridiculous. I guess Pastor's ego is as huge as his bank balance! I'm glad that Bottas has outpaced and outscored Maldonado this year, a quick young guy who has earned his place in F1 through raw talent showing a pay diver up gives me alot of pleasure, and maybe will send a message to the teams that you can't replace speed with dollars.

When I first heard that Lotus might be forced to take Pastor instead of Hulkenberg if the Quantum deal didn't pan out, I was really annoyed, but since Grosjean amazing turn of form this season, I hope they are team mates next year. The PDVSA money will help the team, and I can enjoy watching Pastor get destroyed by Romain. Hopefully the Hulk can stand another holding year before going to Ferrari or Mercedes in 2015.


They may not want one car to be slower, however I wouldn't be surprised if they had a preference to make one case slightly faster... James mentioned that there was a revision on Bottas' car that wasn't present on Maldonado's, but it shouldn't have explained the deficit in total. I wouldn't be surprised if this situation had worked in Maldonado's favour over the last few years given PDVSA's financial input. As a business, I wouldn't be impressed to invest so much in a team and have my guy be second best. This effect could even account for Maldonado's record against Senna and Barrichello, even though the latter made short work of Hulkenberg not even 12mths previous and made his team wonder why he hadn't been WDC


What would the gain be for Williams in doing that? Pastor is already going, and Valterri is already beating him. It's natural that a team will start to focus on one driver over the other if ones leaving and the other is staying, but thats not the same as sabotaging one car! Williams needs all the points it can get, there was a slim chance of overhauling Torro Rosso before Austin, and there is a slim chance of a wonder result from Caterham or Marussia if there is a chaotic race in Brazil.


"I laughed out loud when I heard Pastor’s little rant after qualifying, the idea that a team would spend millions designing a car to go as fast as possible, then deliberately make it go slower is just ridiculous."

But the conspiracy nuts have said that about Webber's car for the last four seasons! They said it about Barrichello's at Ferrari, I think Verstappen tried to say the same about his car at Benetton.

People will believe a conspiracy theory when it suits them. They won't believe Maldonado's conspiracy theory because he just doesn't have "the look" does he. He looks a bit like Lurch, comes off as a bit intense/angry even if he's not.

Button -- now there's a likable young man. You would like your daughter to marry him (not the old playboy on the yacht JB that is). I think that's why he has so many fans. A likable British chap, brings his young attractive bride everywhere, let's the old man follow him around the world. A good bloke!

Kimi -- another likable chap. Sure he's rude, verbally abuses people, unprofessional, wasted his potential in a way, but what a rebel! What a cool dude! You could party with this bloke.

Maldonado. Geez, not much going for him.


Not really sure what your point is, conspiracy nuts say all sorts of things and I don't listen to any of them. If your asking why people like Kimi and Jenson more than Pastor, I would say it's because they are former world champions who deserve their palce in F1, unlike Pastor.


Next year some of you will surprise with Pastor performance.

After all the issues in 2012, he has a maturity (just 1 this year). He has been delivered the feedback needed to the engineers (Xevi Puljolar said) and he has growth as driver.

if he got Lotus seat that driver lineup is going to be reference!

regaring HULK is a good driver, but I always wondering, how is that he is not taken for Ferrari, McLaren or RedBull, even is not consider, it is weird!


Hulk was considered for Ferrari, but just that Kimi in the last minute clinched the deal.


I agree that Pastor has considerable talent and needs the time to mature. But he will need to be with a team who has the patience to work with him and he will have to have the patience to work with them. Driver's who burn their bridges behind them start to lose opportunities, regardless of how much money they bring to the table. I doubt he will go to Lotus. Perhaps Sauber, but my guess is Marussia.


People are love to get outraged about Maldonado because they don't like him.

If it would have been Kimi everyone would probably be saying "That's so Kimi, he's so funny".

Maldonado has many faults but he's faster than people give him credit for, demonstrated several times in 2012.

I've also met him in person and he was thoroughly polite and a nice chap.


Well, I just rewatched a few of the post qualifying interviews and it seems to me that this whole thing with Maldo's comments has been WAY OVERBLOWN. Seems most of the reporters who were on hand did their best to spin Maldo's reaction to the qualifying results in a negative direction. Sure the guy was frustrated as all heck, but when you've got reporters nudging you for a reaction, it can slip or come out sounding wrong - or worse than it was meant to be. The Sky reporters at USGP were especially keen on fishing for some friction between Malso and the Williams team. You see it more so when they interview Claire Williams - she even denies that an "acrimonious" situation exists in the Maldo-Williams relationship. And she is very candid about it - you can see it and hear it in her reaction/responses. She goes out of her way to downplay the whole thing. Like she said, qualifying can be very frustrating for the drivers - of course - and especially when the driver is having a difficult time. So enough of all this - yes, drivers get frustrated and angry and sometimes say things in the heat of the moment. Some are better to sticking to their scripts than others, and others aren't good and containing or measuring their frustration.

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